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Jughead Jones body language breakdown (with a bonus few Sabrinas) - mostly me tracing various images from the coimics, or extending them. A few of these are actually Buster Keaton since I noticed some body language similarities between the two. I wanted to simplify what I was looking at, trying to deconstruct and understand the form, and get my hand used to drawing the shapes.  The first few images are done without study, and when I started drawing Jug I realised I was struggling, which is why I moved on to the breakdowns. Dude, this just reminds me how badly I need to take Lifedrawing classes again. I have SO much to learn. Don’t let anyone ever tell you anatomy or perspective are easy. It’s not. Every time you learn something new you see more mistakes in your work. Always learning never stopping. Hopefully with a bit more practice I’ll get the hang of it.

what if

Bnha fic recs

(warning, lots of shipping alert)mostly for @everyday6

But you got to get up at least once more by simkjrs | Izuku never gets a quirk, but pulls a one punch man without losing any hair, but with a shit ton more anxiety.

By far one of my absolute favorite bnha fanfics. 10/10, half read one too many times as i wait in suffering for the next chapter. Such great characterization and development, and they are literally tearing apart Katsuki’s and Izuku’s relationship until it’s healthy

know what i’ve made by the marks on my hands by simkjrs | otherwise known as the My Spirit Academia AU, where Quirks are actually powers bestowed upon people by spirit guardians. No one but Izuku can see them, but then again, he’s apparently not even supposed to exist ???

If you can’t tell, this author is by far one of my favorites. There’s only two chapters, but it’s already taking a turn that has me investing my soul into it

One Life for Them All (If That’s What It Takes) by AthanatosOra | Izuku, 11 years old, and he’s already begun training himself, with a knowledge of what’s to come that no one else has. And he runs around making friends with all of class 1A before they’re supposed to even know each other

This … this fic. So pure. So good. I’m in desperate need for more.

Daymare by IntrospectiveInquisitor | Izuku was born with a quirk, but being born Quirkless would have been better than living a life of fear - of himself. But that isn’t gonna stop him from trying to be a hero, to stop being from being afraid … like him

I only just recently discovered this fic, and it’s definitely super SUPER dark, very psychological, but i love it. And i sit and wait for the next beautiful update. It’s definitely amazing, but it’s probably not for everybody.

Sound Of You (With Me) by linkami1379 | Speech impediment Izuku transfers into the class, and Katsuki can’t seem to control the words that come out of his mouth. [Katsudeku}

Short and sweet and makes me gush every time i read it

daisies bunches and heather branchesby halcyonwhispers | Tattoo artist/florist AU. Need I say more to draw you in? [Katsudeku]

It’s literally so pure and wholesome and how can you not love the dynamic of the soft hearted florist and the tsundere tattoo artist

On The Run by Justaperson1718 | AU where All Might loses to One for All and a world now ransacked with villains, Izuku and Katsuki have to more than survive while also working out their differences - along with Izuku learning to pick up where All Might left off, and Katsuki slowly growing beyond his bad habits. [Katsudeku]

incredible relationship development and extremely accurate characterization, it brings me to near tears with how beautifully it’s written. 

I feel you by soulstring | “I don’t always take questionable substances from strangers but when I do I end up getting a second hand boner from my childhood friend’s feelings” - Midoriya Izuku, most likely. [Katsudeku]

Words cannot describe how much i adore this fanfic. It confronts so many issues while also being incredibly entertaining and 10/10 ok

 Falling by soulstring | He knows that Katsuki is cruel, and for the sake of looking down on him he could do something like this. But even so, if it was just to mess with him, Katsuki of all people should know better than to expect years of punches and cruel taunts will make him say yes. [Katsudeku]

Just … just go read this. It’s so so beautiful. It follows our main story, but with a bit of a twist to it, and I just love it so much. 

a boy and his dog: a wolf’s tailby Ramabear (RyMagnatar), TheatricalPlacenta | Au where everyone is at least some sort of supernatural beings, and Izuku is still just human. And manages to capture the attention of an Alpha werewolf. [Katsudeku] [Also warning, super explicit]

I love this fic so much, but every time i read it i feel like i need to go to church cause my god.

In Which Bakugou Finds His One Tru Luv by Erina | Welcome to the Explodo-kill agency! We can destroy your buildings, crash your cars, and help you solve one of the seven mysteries in life: who is Bakugou Katsuki’s mysterious boyfriend?! [Katsudeku]

this is literally one of the funniest fics I think i’ve read, EVER. Super entertaining with a lot of shenanigans from other characters, with Deku entering in as a sun child later

Press 1 To Fall In Love by Erina | Happens along side “In Which Bakugou Finds His One Tru Luv”, but best read secondly.

Also ridiculously hilarious, I had to add it in.

[There is an entire series in this universe, go read all of their fics on their account]

May I take your order, dipshit? by supercrunch | So, like, maybe Bakugou wasn’t really the best choice for this whole pizza delivery shindig. (Midoriya in love, Bakugou in denial, and way, way too much cheese. A BakuDeku romance in thirty minutes or less. )

I’m a damn sucker for these kinds of things, and I just freaking love all the little details in this fic, and the characterizations and YESSSSSSSSS

scenery-moonlight  asked:

Your gym class au is so adorable!! I'm such a fan of it! Also I want to ask, how is Tuckers and Wash relationship goes when they talk a bit? About life ya know?

the same as it goes in canon basically

Tucker’s like ‘but wash I’m a piece of shit with no potential’ and Wash is like ‘Tucker what if I told you you actually have……lots of potential’ and Tucker is like ‘:O!!!!’

Throw a book at my head? We'll see who has the last laugh.

So this happens back in freshman year of high school for me, about twenty years ago. Little bit of a back story, I was born with Neurofibromatosis, a genetic condition that causes tumor growth on nerve endings and a large list of other problems like early onset puberty, blindness, epilepsy, death ect.

I had this teacher who if you called her an ancient old hag you’d be being polite. For whatever reason she had it out for me I can only pin it down to her being a bully. Now I had been sick because of my medical condition and had action plans with the school as to not fall behind, the teacher knew of my condition because of this.

So one day I come into the classroom and there’s a depiction of me on the whiteboard with the words “tumor boy” above it….the teacher just shrugged and laughed, she had disclosed my medical condition to the entire class. I tell the principal, nothing. The guidance counselor nothing, my parents? Nothing. Nobody believes me. It’s my word against hers, so for now I let it go. I’m very patient so I know I’ll get another opportunity.

Another incident, she hits my hand with a ruler when I ask her to stop taunting me in front of the other students my medical condition is nobody’s business but my own. She tells the class I have brain tumors which is why my head is so large. She also points out that I have the in my feet again disclosing private medical information just to be a vile person. I again go through everyone, again nobody believes me.

So then I get a mild case of the flu, and miss about a week of school so I ask if I can bring a recorder to school to tape lessons to catch up it’s immediately put in my file for whatever reason she missed this meeting, still it’s in my file so she should know about the agreement. So now I know if she acts like a rancid bitch again her ass is mine, all I need is bait which pretty much just takes me showing up.

The very next day at school I’m sitting in class with the recorder taping in my bag, and she starts with her daily routine of asking someone to draw a picture of “me and all my tumors” on the white board, I again ask her to stop and this is where the book is thrown at my head with a loud thud followed by a profanity filled tirade about how terrible of a child I am.

It’s at this point I stop the recorder, and tell her exactly what I think of her and am then physically removed from the class and taken to the principals office, and I’m expelled.

Once I got home is when I showed my parents the tape, within twenty minutes we are back at the school playing it for the principal and vice principal threatening legal action. Needless to say my expulsion is lifted and she is fired on the spot just before retirement, losing her retirement money.

She even called me after and asked “why are you doing this”? I simply told her she did it to herself and hung up.

Tech Support (Peter Parker x reader)

summary: when your computer crashes at four a.m., there’s only one person who can save you: the IT guy

warnings: none

prompt: “my computer crashed and you’re the student worker at the IT center” from this prompt list 

pairings: peter parker x reader

words: 1.8k

a/n: you KNOW peter would be the cutest IT guy at his college

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Doodles (kagehina) - Rated T


((For my dear @tolhinata who gave me this idea a couple weeks ago.))

Hinata likes to draw. Some people would call it doodling, maybe; he can draw people and trees and things (he’s gotten really good at shading apples and other fruits in still lifes), but he’d rather draw patterns.

Once he got to second year, coach informed him that he needed to work an art class into his curriculum before he reached third year or he’d have trouble meeting requirements to graduate. Yachi had suggested drawing when he’d told her, and once he started his first class he found he actually kinda liked it. He was surprised he could find something he could get excited about… at school.

What he really likes to do, though, is draw on Kageyama. 

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I love how every classmate is slightly different in this scene

Nino: *is confused*

Adrien: *writing love poem to Ladybug*

Chloe: *thinking about mean stuff probably*

Sabrina: *actually paying attention to the lesson*

Alya: *trying to get Marinette on track*

Marinette: *daydreaming about Adrien*

Mylene: *listening and enjoying the class lesson*

Alix: *about to die from boredom*

Ivan: *trying to concentrate*

Kim: *thinking about Chloe*

Max: *thinking about Kim*

Nath: *drawing probably*

Rose: *lovey dovey stuff*

Juleka: *thinking about Rose*

Zero Waste, Veganism, and Privilege

This post has been a long time coming. I’ve had a lot of conversations with friends on this topic lately, and I realize that these important conversations don’t happen very much in our online communities. There are three main things I’d like to address.

1. Environmentalism absolutely must do a better job of reflecting intersectionality.

I’m a member of the activist community at my school and in North Carolina in general. This means that I do everything I can to show up for black lives, trans lives, Muslim lives, native lives and more. I see intersectionality in everything I do and work hard to educate myself as a white, middle class person. I am part of the Divestment Student Network which cannot divorce these environmental issues from the social issues they impact. Environmental racism is real. The same systems of oppression that are creating environmental catastrophe are also hitting queer people, women, and poc the hardest. This cannot, must not, be forgotten. I believe that it is easy to talk about environmental issues in a way that centralizes narratives about landfills, marine life destruction, facts about carbon footprints, and endangered animals. Often times, the human side of things is left out, and those narratives must be just as important. We all suffer as a result of climate change, and certain populations suffer first and most. Our narratives should strive to be more inclusive.

2. The environmentalism movement absolutely must recognize that it takes enormous privilege to be zero waste, vegan, minimalist, etc.

I had a friend point out to me recently that they admired my lifestyle choices, but felt that certain things were exclusive to them because they lived with disability. They had a perspective that I had never considered and really appreciated hearing. I often see people in this community push back against these statements and argue about the ease of “simple swaps” or “lazy veganism” but this just silences and closes out those voices even more. This seriously needs to change. I love figures like the Vegan Bros because they don’t think purity should ever be the goal of veganism. The goal should be drawing people in to this community as much as possible, and listening to the very real challenges and barriers that people face. For example, buying high-quality, long-lasting clothing plainly is not an option for people of low income, and buying second-hand is nothing new or revolutionary when that’s what you’ve always done to get by. This needs to be acknowledged. Most importantly though, shutting down marginalized people when they express their struggles needs to stop, because we should be trying to draw a wider circle to grow as a movement.

3. I come from a place of privilege, which makes it my responsibility to be better and do everything I can to dismantle systems of oppression.

I am white, middle class, able-bodied, neurotypical and educated. I am “woke” to the deep problems in our current food system, and our fashion industry. I have enough financial independence and autonomy to chose to support better products and businesses. I live in a city where I can recycle and compost almost anything, so there’s no reason I should be sending much at all to the landfill. I have a job that allows me to push my university community to do better, and educate others. Because all of this is true, I choose to be vegan, to be zero waste, and to work for environmental and social justice as much as possible. As a friend of mine keeps reminding me “if you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor” (Desmond Tutu). I firmly believe that complacency is a privilege, and I choose to use my privilege for good whenever and wherever I can.

How You Met…….

… Peter

You went to the loft with Scott. He was looking for Derek’s uncle to talk to him. Derek was somehow become a teenager again and Scott thought Peter was the only one who knew him at that age.

He slid the door open you walked into the almost dark room. Scott looked nervous “what’s wrong you reek of anxiety?” you asked starting to feel nervous too. “he’s just bad at giving introductions” a voice came from a corner making you jump “especially when it’s a gorgeous lady like yourself” the voice carried on. “y/n this is Peter hale, Peter this is y/n y/l/n” Scott said as a dark shadow moved into the light.

You breath stopped as Peter came into view his eyes hypnotised you, he was beautifully handsome, voice like velvet that kept you attention. You held your breath until Peter grabbed your hand, bringing it to his lips placing a gentle kiss, deeply inhaling your sent. “pressure” was all he said looking right in your eyes, sending you into blushing giggles.

Scott rolled his eyes “we need to talk to you about Derek it’s important” Scott said breaking your moment with Peter. “what’s my nephew done now” Peter asked still not taking his eyes from you. “Kate’s back she’s not dead she’s was turned by scratch, your scratch. Kidnapped Derek, turned him into a teenager” Peter’s eyes flicked to Scott confusion clear in his face “can’t nobody stay dead in this town” Peter growled. “I think they was hoping you would” you say.

Peter laughed “so they told you I’m the big bad wolf then” you walked closer to him, “I’ve heard stories but so far they are just stories, prove them wrong help me” you said full of attitude. Peter looked you up and down, “and what’s in it for me” he asked lifting his eyebrows. “you get to kill Kate properly this time, instead of the mess you created” you sassed stepping forward “and I’ll be very thankful” your voice now more flirty, as you ran your hand over his chest.

Peter chuckled, “what colour is Derek’s eyes?” he asked Scott, you heard Scott answer. Smiling at them he’d decided to help, maybe Peter wasn’t as bad as you’d been told he was. 

… Derek

You had been running though beacon hills reserve, your music playing through your headphones, in a world of your own thoughts. You stopped when you felt the air get colder. Turning to go back to your car you didn’t realise how far you’d ran, small drops of rain started to fall so you ran faster.

A loud rumble of thunder made you jump as the sky opened up with torrential rain you see a burnt out house in the distance running to it for shelter. Running up the steps standing on the porch, you started rubbing your arms getting warm wishing you had brought a jacket with you.

A deep voice behind you made you jump. “this is privet property” a dark haired man said. Holding your chest from the scare “you scared the hell out of me” you laughed looking at the man thinking he’s gorgeous who was he. “you shouldn’t be here it’s private property” he says again. “I’m sorry the rain I had no coat I didn’t know anyone lived here anymore and could wait until the rain died off before running back to my car.” you say. His face was hardened like he was looking to see if you was lying.

Feeling uneasy you start to walk backwards" look I shouldn’t be here your right I’ll go, ouch" you fell backwards down the few steps leading to the house. He ran to you helping you up, you ankle was sore you couldn’t put your weight on it. “are you okay” he asked his arms still round you “no my ankle” you wince. He took his leather jacket off putting round your shaking body.

The rain stopped almost as quickly as it started “where your car?” he asked his voice now softer then he was on the porch “by the entrance gates” you say pulling the warm jacket tighter round you. He helped you walk back to you car “what’s your name I’ve never seen you around here before?” you ask with a smile no feeling better on your foot walking normally now. “Derek hale” he said, “yours?” he asked. “I’m y/n” you say as he opens your car door “will you be okay to drive” he asked pointing at your foot. You nodded back yes, “okay well it was nice to meet you y/n” he said. “you too Derek maybe I’ll see you around more” it was a question more then a statement, he smiled saying “maybe” before walking back to the woods.

… Theo

The bell rang for your next lesion AP Biology. you hated this class well not the class, the teacher, but you needed to pass it to get a place in the college you wanted. You wanted to be a vet and with working for Deaton you already knew a lot about biology and had done a vast amount of studying during the holidays when the vets was quite.

Sitting at you desk you watched the class fill up and Mrs finch starts the class “this project will be done in pairs so pair up now” she said. Your class had an odd number of students in, so you sat still waiting for the class to find the pairs. You wanted to be the odd one at the end meaning you did the project yourself without waiting and relying on someone else.

“miss (y/l/n) will you please find a partner” Mrs finch shouted. “I can’t miss finch the is 19 students in this class and everyone has their partner, this isn’t maths but I think even you and everybody else here knows 19 can’t be put in equal pairs” you say back. “you need a partner, you need to learn to work with others and next time you speak” she was saying but was stop by a knock on the classroom door. 

You looked down and started doodling little pictures in your book as the class burst into their own little mumbles of conversation. “class we have a new student, this is Theo Raeken” she said everyone stopped talking to look at the new kid. You didn’t you kept drawing not even listening to what was being said until you heard your name “go and sit next to miss (y/n/n). Looks like you have a partner now y/n.” she said smugly.

Groaning to yourself you looked up as a boy sat in the chair next to you. The first thing you notice is he was gorgeous, “I’m Theo” he said smiling. “y/n” you say, biting the inside of your lip at how stunning his smile was. Mrs finch started her lesson again as you looked at Theo out the corner of your eye, maybe Mrs finch was right you needed to work with others and Theo looked like a good person to start with.

… Chris

You walked into the small hospital room “hello Mr Argent, I’m y/n and I’ll be looking after you” you say without looking up from the patient record you was reading “you have a broken arm and a few deep lacerations covering your…. Chest” you looked to see him laying in the bed his shirt off, almost forgetting to speak. Except for the cast on his wrist and the cuts he was perfect. His blue eyes, sweet smile, you was lost in him. 

“hi I’m Chris” he said, his voice bringing you back to reality. You took the try laid on the table and started to stitch his wounds up after you was finished. You looked for something to cover it with. “I didn’t know nurse’s was so beautiful” he said making you blush pink “maybe I should get hurt more often” he said groaning as he sat up. You pushed him back down ready to put a large square padded plaster on his stitches. He put his hand over yours laying back. You covered his stitches in silence.

Before telling him he could leave “oh and Mr Argent take it easy I don’t want you popping your stitches” you told him at the doorway. “maybe I will and have a chance to came back so you can redo them” he smirked “don’t you dare!” you told him his smirk dropped “although if you wanna see me again you could just ask me for a drink instead, once your off your painkillers” you said watching his amazing smile come back, “yes definitely sounds good” he said before walking out the door.


this is my first preference post i hope you like it :)

SPINNING creator Tillie Walden on Graphic Novels

The following is a guest post from graphic novelist Tillie Walden, creator of Spinning.

I read comics on and off as a kid, but it wasn’t until I was sixteen that I really discovered them. I liked manga, specifically manga by Osamu Tezuka and Yoshihiro Togashi, and I had grown up reading all the famous graphic memoirs like Blankets by Craig Thompson, Stitches by David Small, and Persepolis by Marjane Satrapi. Because I had always shown an interest in them and also happened to be an artsy kid, my dad signed me up for a two-day workshop with Scott McCloud around the time I had turned sixteen.

We lived in Texas and the workshop was in California. But in my dad’s mind, that barrier didn’t matter. We flew out together, and I showed up way too early at the class, full of nerves and anticipation. I was the youngest in the class. Everyone else there seemed impossibly old, though that’s probably just because anyone who wasn’t in high school seemed old to me at that time. 

The class went by so quickly. The first day was full of long conversations about comics and little exercises. The fact that Scott McCloud (a complete celebrity in my mind) was just a few feet away from me, chatting and eating a doughnut, never ceased to be incredible. After the first day we were left with an assignment: draw your life story in 16 panels. The time after that first class is a blur in my memory. I remember running to an art store with my dad in a panic to get pens when the ones I had brought dried out. I remember the evening air and the store closing and running fast through the aisles to find my size 02 micron that I so desperately needed. I almost didn’t finish the comic in time; I was drawing right up until the start of the second day of class.

What I see now when I think about that class is that it was the first instance where I felt a real passion for comics. I had never felt so strongly about something until that moment. The fire I felt inside me screaming that I needed to find a pen so I could keep drawing was unlike anything I’d ever felt before. I cared about finishing that project, and I cared about doing a good job. As a teenager I often felt numb and distant from everything around me, so to feel so awake and connected was a revelation. I left that class and became a cartoonist. We got back to Texas, and I started drawing, and I haven’t stopped since.

I feel so lucky to have had that experience as a teenager. And since I started in comics, there has been a real renaissance of comics for teens. I remember in my class with Scott McCloud he recommended we all pick up Drama by Raina Telgemeier, and that recommendation still holds up. In fact, I recommend all her books. Anything with her name on it is worth buying. Some of my other favorite comics for teens are This One Summer by Mariko and Jillian Tamaki, Anya’s Ghost by Vera Brosgol, and Through the Woods by Emily Carroll.

Spinning by Tillie Walden hits shelves in a bookstore near your om September 12th!

I will embarrass myself showing this very old comic I made 8 years ago. It’s a comic about how Albus and Scorpius started to be friends (based on my headcanon that time. I didn’t have any anatomy knowledge in drawing but still I’ve always loved to draw fanarts and had so much fun doing it during a boring class. The panel where Albus hit Scorpius with the spell is so beautiful I can’t stop laughing so I have to share with 20k followers thanks

There’s a mixture of English and Portuguese here so good luck in reading it

“Are you ok there?”
“I don’t need help Potter. But finally someone who knows how to use magic in this school.”
“Good to know, Malfoy”

(Cursed Child didn’t exist)

Plus Sized


Request:Thank you for letting me doing a request! 💗 So… Could you do an imagine where Peter really likes this plus size girl. They are best friends and she knows about Peter’s secret, but she’s so insecure about herself that doesn’t believe that Peter Parker the sweet genius boy she loves, loves her back? And then lots of fluff and kisses in the end ? Tysm for your time! 😊💗

Warnings: Insecurities

Originally posted by underoosforspidey

  “So (Y/N), I need help with my art class and I was wondering if-”

  “If I could literally do the entire project for you and then you’d promise to pay me back in full?" 

  "Uh- yeah,” Peter chuckles, scratching at the back of his neck awkwardly. ’“I promise I’ll get the money soon (Y/N), I promise I really will-" 

  "Peter,” You chuckle,  stopping at the bus stop as you waited for the school busses to come pick you up. “Its okay, you don’t owe me anything, I love drawing and I love helping you keep that 4.0,”

   "You’re the best (Y/N),“ Peter gives you this mischievous smile, one you knew all too well, but before you could do anything Peter was hugging you tightly, your feet lifting off the ground as he did. 

  "Peter,” You chuckle as you swat at his back aimlessly. “Peter you’re gonna break my ribs,” It wasn’t entirely untrue, Peter was hugging you rather tightly but that wasn’t the main reason. The main reason was Peter had a tendency to give you the ‘completely wrap you up and grip you tightly’ kind of hugs, which you had no problem with other than the fact that when he did so he often ended up squishing all sorts of undesirable fat.

   It was no secret that you weren’t a size zero; You were a little on the chubbier side but you had accepted that long ago. You’d always been a bit of a chubby kid, but it became a problem when you reached high school and suddenly you found yourself in a school of stick skinny kids. Not only were the skinny but they were vicious too…More often than not you went home every day in tears, the words of some stupid teenager finally settling under your skin. Long story short you were bigger than most and you hated it. 

 "Bus is here,“ Peter pouts as he reluctantly let’s you go, letting you adjust everything before boarding the overcrowded bus, luckily no one dared to sit by you so there was always an empty spot somewhere. "Left side, back row,” Peter smiles at you, his lips twisting upwards in this cute, lopsided grin and goddamn you could melt there. 

  Peter had been your best friend since childhood, the two of you were as close as two human beings could be. Peter knew everything about you and you knew everything about Peter and that included his vigilante activities. In fact, it was always you he came to patch up at 3 in the morning, or take a warm bath, or even just eat ice cream and talk about his missions. 

  And while you loved the friendship the two of you had you wanted more. You didn’t want to be Peter Parker’s weird chubby friend, you wanted to be Peter Parker’s girlfriend. You wanted to be able to hold his hand and kiss his lips, you wanted to tell him how much you loved him but there was no way in hell he’d ever love you back. He was a genius, not to mentions adorable and absolutely sweet and you were- you were bland, boring, not to mention incredibly ugly. There was no absolutely no way Peter would ever like you more than just friends, much less love you. 

  You sigh softly as you take the window seat, setting your head against the cold window. Peter takes his place next to you, already jabbering away on some topic. 

  “Is that a new shirt?” Peter asks as he eats some cookie he found god knows where. “It looks really good on you, compliments your figure…” You chuckle, nearly snorting in disbelief. 

  “I have no figure Peter, I’m just this mass of flesh-”

   "Shut your mouth, you do to have a figure,“

  "Of a marshmallow,”

  “No you don’t,” Peter turns to look at you, his eyes raking over your body. 

  His eyes made you feel vulnerable, naked even. You felt like you had to cover up, hide yourself from his gaze. Perhaps you were afraid that if he looked to closely he’d realize just how monstrous you were. 

  “You’ve got this hourglass shape going on,” Peter smiles at you awkwardly, the same smile he uses when he tries to talk to people he doesn’t know or when he was nervous. “And its really pretty," 

  "So…do you just stare at my body all day trying to decide what body shape I have?” It was meant as a lighthearted joke but one look at Peters face made the entire situation unfunny.

   "Yeah, yeah I do,“ There was a slight blush to his cheeks but he kept his rather stoic expression up, his inquisitive gaze locked upon yours.  You gulp a bit, your mouth running dry at his statement.


  "Because you’re really beautiful (Y/N) to the point I can’t keep my eyes off you,”

   "Are you- are you being serious right now?“ 

  "Dead serious,” Peter nods, and although his expression was still stoic his voice gave away his true emotions. “You’re beautiful (Y/N) and smart and hilarious and artistic-” Peter sighs, his eyes holding a dreamy sort of look to them. “And you’re a really great person, okay?" 


   "I swear to god (Y/N) if your argue one more time I’m going to prove your ass wrong-“ 

  "How the hell are you going to-” You don’t even finish your sentence before Peter suddenly surges forward, his hands cupping your cheeks and his lips pressed to yours. 

  No…there was no way this was real, there was no way Peter Parker; boy genius and cutest kid alive, was kissing you. This had to be a dream, you knew it, you knew it but even after telling yourself that you felt as thought it were too real to be a dream. Peters lips felt so soft, so real, and the feeling of his hands on your skin was burning you, making it impossible for this to be a dream. Peter Parker was actually kissing you. It was soft and sweet and it left you wanting more, as though you were craving the touch of his lips. 

  Eventually, much to your dismay, Peter pulls away, leaving his lips still lingering against yours. 

  “Just like that,”

Sorry if I wasnt really active, I have my intensive class this week, meaning that I have to draw non stop for 6 hours with onlumy 2x 10 mins break ahaha. I took this class to improve the way I draw nature and I guess background in general?? so the entire class draw outside. But its like fucking hot in Paris right now so it makes it even more difficult ahah. And I have a lot of homework to do but I just finished it ;;; Now I’m going to bed since I only slept 3 hours last night ahah dont kill me Anyway I love you all a LOT! I will never stop to say this eheh. And also sorry to all the people that I hurted, idk who but really sorry. OK NIGHT NIGHT💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

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TEN; as your boyfriend

  • it was your first day at your new dance school
  • you notice him when he start dancing and he start being your #1 inspiration bro his dances skills are so amazing i can’t!
  • one day you was training after class and you was so involved in the beat that didn’t notice when someone open the door and start watch you dance

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I’ll Be There

Wanna One’s Bae Jinyoung X Reader [ fem ver ]

TW: mild violence, blood, explicit language

fluff ?? angst ?? maybe a bit of both

Word count: 4932

• vamp! au
• lately, trouble seems to be following you but so has been a mysterious hero
• he’s only there when you need him
• but now, you want him to be around you not just when he needs to save you

okay I have a confession, I, for one, love supernatural au so if anyone can link me great scenarios to read that be great
Never done a supernatural au even though I’m really interested in those lolololol but tysm @hamjji-kihyunnie , I’ll try my best :)

- admin L
PS: minhyun ver. coming soon ;)

It happened again.

You were attacked again.

And yet, you were saved by that same mysterious man again.

You fastened the double lock on your front door and sunk down, back leaning against the mahogany, knees pushed up to your chest. Your mind was clouded, thoughts fuzzy, everything felt like a jumbled mess.

What had happened? What happened to my life? Why is this happening to me, of all people?

It was the third attack of the month, over a span of three weeks. Two in the first week and the other one tonight. It confused you to no end. There was no logical explanation for it. At least nothing you could wrap your head around.

Your assailants weren’t human, but that wasn’t what surprised you. Heck, your best friends were supernatural too. One a werewolf and the other a banshee. Nowadays, supernatural creatures and humans coexisted. Of course, they faced many more threats but that didn’t stop them from heading out and making their mark. You weren’t one bit threatened by them, you were innocent, that aura radiated off you. You had done nothing wrong, nothing to harm them. The faces of those lower vampires who tried to kill you weren’t even familiar. Never had you seen them or anyone who looked remotely like them in your life. The more you pondered about it, the more illogical it began to seem.

“Sweetie?” Your mother’s voice snapped you out of your train of thought. “Come on. Go and shower and sleep, it’s so late,” she said. When she realised that your face was drained of colour and your lips trembling in fear, she panicked. “Did it happen again?” Her voice barely above a whisper.

You could only nod your head in reply.

Her warm arms embraced you and clutched you close to her chest. She rubbed your back before scanning you over for any injuries.

“I-I’m fine Mum. T-they…t-they couldn’t hurt me,” you stammered out and managed a weak smile.

Tears were brimming your mother’s eyes but she furiously brushed them away. “I won’t have this! I’m going to the authorities tomorrow!” She declared, fury evident in her tone. “Those creatures need to control themselves!”

You jumped in alarm and grabbed her wrist, pleading with her not to. “You can’t! Mum, please! Please don’t!”

She sighed and frowned. “And why not? Why can’t I report that these… creatures have been attacking my daughter!”

“Don’t you see? It’ll only make it worse! Once my name gets out, they will only know more about me! I-it’ll make it easier for them to find me! You know how they are,” you attempted to reason, begging your mother not to report anything.

She squeezed her eyes shut before opening them again and huffing. “I just don’t understand. You never get hurt. Not even the slightest scratch. You and I both know how they are….they could have killed you but they didn’t. Nothing ever touches you, not a strand of hair on your head is out of place. Do you know why?” She asked, appearing to be just as troubled as you were or if not, double.

You shook your head even though there was a reason.


The lie was effortless. There was no way your parents could know about your hero. They would flip. He had to be kept your little secret.

“Dear? Is everything okay? Oh! Y/N! You’re home,” your dad called and waved from his place halfway down the staircase. Your mother opened her mouth to say something but quickly shut it when you shot her a pleading look. You swore not to let your dad know about the scuffles, there was no way to stop him from marching to the authorities or killing the vampires himself. You couldn’t let that happen. You couldn’t have him unlock his case of weapons.

“It’s fine. Everything is okay. Y/N is just going to shower and sleep. Let’s head upstairs.” Was what she said instead. You let out a sigh of relief when your dad bought the fib and headed back up the staircase. Your mother turned to you, rubbing her temples. “One more time, and I’m calling the police if there is even the tiniest scrape on your knee.”

However, you knew there would never be. He always showed up in the nick of time. He never showed his face. He got hurt while you didn’t. He didn’t need to.

“That’ll never happen. He will be there,” you murmured when your mum was already out of earshot.

Just who was he? 

You travelled back to that exact date and time when the first attempt occurred. It was a strange attempt, really.

You were walking home from running errands, checking your receipts and whatnot when you felt a gush of peculiarly cold wind. You brushed it off even though goosebumps arose on your skin.

It’s okay, Bora’s house is within running distance, you had told yourself. Your werewolf bestie was fiercely loyal and you were lucky to be so close to her and her family. They would stop at nothing to protect you. You had reassured yourself that you were safe, that you could run. Who would have wanted to attack you anyway? You were just an innocent face in the crowd.

As soon as you broke out of the busy shopping zone, it became clear that two lower vampires had begun following you. They shielded themselves as best as they could, from the sun and surveillance cameras dotted around the area but you could see them out of the corner of your eye. That was when you ran, legs carrying you as far as they could but you were no match for those that belonged to the supernatural. Their legs probably stretched double the length of your own, their speed possibly three times faster than yours. They were vampires, albeit low-class ones but possessed similar abilities nonetheless. You never wanted to encounter an imperial vampire.

One of them had caught up to you faster than the other, he had taken a swipe at you which you managed to dodge and he knocked your plastic bag of items out of your hands instead. The low growl he let out was unforgettable, it haunted your dreams.

You knew they were toying with you, just to see how long you would keep trying to escape. It was a common tactic adopted to intimidate opponents. They were holding back. If they really wanted you dead, one of them would have launched his fangs into you by now. Eventually, their patience ran thin. They dove at you, fangs flashing, claws gleaming in the sun. You could almost feel the slash on your arm when suddenly, an incredible force yanked them away. The blow was so strong, it tossed you to the side.

At least you had not gotten hurt.

You had watched carefully as a stranger, covered from head to toe, sparred it out with the aggressors. His face was shielded by a black cloth mask, the kind that was secured by loops over your ears.

Whoever he was, he was strong and he liked to showcase his strength. It seemed like fighting off two vampires was an everyday thing, like an easy task, like it was part of his homework. Once they had been subdued, he took a single, fleeting glance at you before speeding off. You had taken that opportunity to flee to Bora’s mansion.

Theories couldn’t leave you ever since then and you found yourself frequently laying in bed, captured in your own world. Tonight was one of those nights. You desperately wanted to know who your saviour was, especially since it kept happening multiple times. You also wanted to know who was behind all these strikes.

To summarise, you just craved for answers but it didn’t seem like you deserved any. 

The only time you were fully concentrated on the period’s class was when Jisoo decided she had enough of your bullshit and tugged your sketchbook out of your hands, causing a ton of markers to clatter to the ground. Red-faced, you apologised to the teacher as you picked up your stationery. You wondered why you actually carried all your Sharpies to school when you barely used them in class, they were a pain to pick up. Your head nearly bumped into your desk partner’s table leg.

How can I concentrate on school now? I must solve this mystery! I need to get to the bottom of this before it happens again! I can’t let this continue any longer.

The bell for lunch rang just as you finished retrieving all of your fancy calligraphy markers. Jisoo was kind enough to wait for you at the door before heading to the canteen. You two stopped by your lockers to drop off and collect class materials. Jisoo flipped through your notepad of sketches while you struggled to open your locker.

“I don’t get it,” she muttered, examining your drawings of whatever details you could recall. “Based on your descriptions, this dude would be left with a broken right arm and a twisted ankle. Right? This is so strange. It’s an abomination, really.”

“Says the supernatural banshee.” You rolled your eyes, finally getting your locker to cooperate with you. A bunch of curses fell from your mouth when multiple forces slammed into you all at once. That also caused things from your locker to fall out. “Hey! Can you watch it?” You yelled in annoyance, creasing your brow. Those girls had no reason to be in such a rush, and it wasn’t the girl who owned the neighbouring locker.

The locker a few doors from yours was swamped with ‘get well soon’ cards, gifts and balloons. Majority of those were from admirers and it appeared that another group of them was gathering outside the locker. Those girls quickly stuffed an unholy amount of gifts and cards through the small slot at the top. You weren’t even sure if the items could fit. The locker’s door was about to burst off its hinges, it was swollen like a balloon. Curiosity sparked within you, you wondered whose locker it was. Come to think of it, you had never actually seen who opened its doors.

“It’s the Wanna One’s sasaengs,” Jisoo spat. “They’re terribly irritating and behave preposterously. Believe me, Jaewhan told me all about them.”

Wanna One. The group consisted of eleven imperial supernatural boys. People hardly caught a glimpse of them but you would know if you did. They had such a strong and dominant aura emitting off them, people tended to veer away from them even though they weren’t particularly scary. Jisoo’s distant cousin belonged to those elites and though you had never met him, you knew about him from Jisoo’s constant rambling. She complained about how he always arrived home in a fancy car, driven by a man who looked to be in college. It must have been one of the college elitists.

The Wanna One members were very secretive, no one knew much about them. They were rich, handsome and of course, not human.

Jisoo grabbed your arm before you could reach the locker, she pulled you back. “Don’t. It’s better not to get involved with Wanna One,” she cautioned. Her words sank in and you nodded, but there was this mysterious pull that attracted you closer.

Rain began to fall the second you stepped out of the school gates. You groaned, wishing you had accepted Bora’s offer to catch a taxi together. She had persisted in persuading you, especially with all that had happened recently but you were adamant on walking. The only reason why she gave up was because she was already late for her chemistry tuition. As much as Jisoo would have loved to walk you home, she ended school a tiny bit later and you weren’t one to wait. Your assurance had been enough for both of them to get off your back for awhile. Truthfully, you were making a detour to the local library to find books about the supernatural. The internet was shady, you can never trust it. ( life advice from yours truly™ ). If you wanted answers, you were going to find them instead of waiting for them to come to you.

Thunder broke out across the sky which made you shiver even under the protection of your umbrella.

Why are you afraid? Your neck nearly got severed by a vampire’s claws and your jumping in fright because of thunder.

So far, no cold stares bore into you, no gust of cold winds had taken you by surprise. Then again, it was impossible to tell if anyone had been following you in this weather. Rain now pelted down heavily, a storm was rising. The winds seemed to be controlling your steps, in whichever direction they blew, you seemed to get swept along. Tears filled your eyes due to the dryness of the wind and by the time you had blinked them away, your path was unrecognisable.

You definitely didn’t belong on this side of town.

The library definitely did not belong here.

Startled, you ducked under what seemed to be a cafe’s awning for shelter. It was dark and dreary. Upon closer inspection, you realised it was actually a vampire exclusive cafe, as in, they only served blood. You stumbled away from it, the thought of the dark liquid making you feel uneasy. You didn’t plan to become a blood bag.

A few customers exiting the shop gave you sharp and curious stares but otherwise, ignored your presence. You didn’t resemble the supernatural kind at all. Naturally, you stuck out like a sore thumb in the village full of them.

People had warned you about this side of town and you had only been here once, accompanied by your banshee and werewolf. No one dared to even speak about your lack of supernatural genetics.

This instance was a totally different one.

It had become clear that you weren’t one of them. They stared you down, nearly pushed you into the rain and acted as if you weren’t there when you pleaded for directions. It was useless. The rain drowned out your yelps anyway. It wasn’t like anyone was going to care. You yelled at the rain, it was the sole reason you ended up here and also why your phone had no signal. All you could do was slump down at a corner next to the vampiric bar. You were a sitting duck, almost literally. A perfect pocket-sized snack for any hungry vamp. It irked you.

“You really shouldn’t be here,” a low voice tore through the rain before someone’s strangely cold hand enclosed your wrist and tugged you to stand. You couldn’t yank your arm out of their iron grip but stopped trying when you saw who it was.

It was him.

Tall, lanky but muscled at the same time. His small face was concealed by a huge black mask like it usually was but this time, he had pulled a black cap over his head, preventing you from getting a look at his hair. All you saw were a pair of cold yet good-natured eyes.

Eyes never lie, especially when it came to a supernatural being. Their eyes were a hard part to control.

“It’s you,” you breathed, not quite believing who it was. His eyes went larger when you actually gripped his stone cold hand tighter, he tried to escape but you weren’t having it. “Who are you? Why-why does it keep-”

He growled, a hand clamping over your mouth. “Listen,” he hissed. “if you want to live, I suggest you follow me without opening your mouth.”

In any other case, you would have defied his orders immediately.

Just who does he think he is? His voice is sexy though.

But this concerned your life. Whether you would make it to Harvard or not. If you would live to eat another ice cream. So, you gladly shut up and clung onto his hand. Shockingly, instead of feeling disgusted or vexed by the temperature or form of his hand, you found it oddly comforting. Bittersweet almost. It felt as if two jigsaw puzzles had been finally joined and fitted perfectly. You were on the brink of saying you enjoyed clutching his hand.

Though your heart threatened to burst free from your ribcage, you found it…calmer than before. It was like he was a suppressant, or better, a painkiller. ( quite literally ) It was as if he was a magnet and you were an iron block, he kept attracting you closer and closer until you both stuck. The space between the two of you closed until your elbows were practically brushing. The mysterious vampire lead you through a series of complicated roads and past damp alleys. At last, he finally reached a place you recognised.

Slowly, he started to untangle his hand from yours, reluctantly, if you were bold enough to say so. In the process, the sleeve of his dark button-down hitched up to reveal a black inked 'W1’ on his wrist. You pretended not to notice.

“Will I see you again?” you asked meekly, half afraid of his response.

He shrugged uncertainly but you were sure that you would.

“Thank you…I’m thankful you got me out of there. I guess I stick out like a sore thumb.”

An eyebrow was raised in amusement, basically a sarcastic 'yes, of course’. He still wasn’t going to talk.

“What’s your name?” You prodded, desperate for at least that. His hand clasped a few strands of stray hair, he tucked it behind your ear and seemed to be deep in thought. You began to ready your umbrella, stepping out from the sheltered pavement into the drizzle.

He isn’t going to answer….

Still, you spun around and shot him a sad smile, hoping against hope for a name. A word fell from his lips, you barely caught it but you were glad you did.


The thin day curtains that adorned your bedroom window fluttered in the wind, the window wide open.

Fatigue overcame your figure and you lay in bed, still in your school uniform, eyelids half closed. Brain still active with non-academic related thoughts

It had been two weeks since you last saw JY.( p ) No vampire had come to flip your life upside down after that, much to you and your family’s relief. The entire fiasco had been well banished to the back of your head. You had other and better things to concentrate on for now. Midterms were up and coming, fast. There were late nights spent studying in the school library, taking shady lanes back home but nothing happened. All was eerily still, too quiet like someone had put your life on mute.

A part of you was grateful. A part of you was paranoid. It was tough trying to psych yourself into believing you would be left alone. Somewhere in your mind, you knew you would never be sound after those incidents. It was only recently that you were partially convinced all was going well.

That is until you heard some sort of commotion happening in your parent’s room. A vase was tossed across the room and it smashed with a loud clatter. You weren’t given a chance to react before the door of to your bedroom was flung open, jolting you out of whatever dreamland you were in.

A scream tore out of your throat before you could stop it. Suddenly, a sharp force jerked your shoulder and you felt a spiny pain shoot through your shoulder. Yet, another burst of an unfamiliar energy shot through you. Your supernatural assailant gasped, face paling but you weren’t sure why.

But you could feel why.

Strength had been lent to your arms, it wasn’t natural, it certainly wasn’t human. Even though most of the drug was already pumping in your bloodstream, you ripped the syringe out of your shoulder and stabbed it into the bulging neck vein of one of the vampires. It shocked you how easily you had done so.

This isn’t me…..It can’t be.

The lower vampire melted to the ground, overpowered by the strong drug. You too could feel it settling in. It made you woozy, vision blurring, hands trembling. If it knocked a supernatural out cold, what more a mere human? Your head hit the edge of your mattress the second the splitting sound of glass shattering filled the atmosphere. A darkly clothed figure leapt through your window, growling at the other vampire.

He wasn’t human.

The red orbs you assumed were his eyes glowed a deep blood red held an angered tempest beneath them, the innocence and warmth you witnessed gone. The sharpest edge of his gleaming fangs reflected the moonlight of them, highlighting their ability to cut throats ten times more.

There was nothing you could do, the drug had taken effect but you already knew that JY had come for you. 

Beep. Beep. Beep.

You groaned a plea for that irritating sound to cut off. All you had on your mind was sleep, sleep and more sleep. Why were you even so exhausted? There was no answer.

It was only when you forced your eyelids to flutter open, only to be greeted by a blinding light.

“What? What?” You muttered, annoyed.

Numerous gasps broke out and there was a scramble to rush to your bedside. Your parent’s and best friend’s worried faces filled your vision. Then, realisation sank in and they burst out of the room yelling for a nurse. You heard the telltale pit-pats of their feet thudding down the hallway and smiled in amusement.

The hospital.

Heart monitor.

Fluid bag.

The smell of disinfectant.

It added up but didn’t at the same time. You were confused as to why you were here. However, your visitors arrived sooner than your answers. A doctor rushing behind.

She smiled at you. “Hello, Y/N. How do you feel?”

You sipped from a cup of water before replying, “I’ve been better.”

She chuckled and flipped a few pages of paper on her clipboard before briefly explaining the incident.

Whatever the doctor said, you couldn’t comprehend. She exited the room soon after to allow you to rest and your parents followed suit, shooting question after question.

“Where is he?” You fired at your friends, tone pleading and desperate.

“He said that he would be here,” Bora blabbered out. She leaned forward to stroke your head, smiling sympathetically. “Whatever happened must have been traumatic.”

Jisoo snickered and sighed. “Of course. It won’t happen again. We will and… he will definitely make sure of it.” Her hands ran along the edges of your bed, as if afraid to touch you, as if you would break into fragments should her hands brush your skin.

Your hand seized her own, you pulled your best friends in for a silent embrace.  "I’m glad to be back.”

Bae Jinyoung had no idea why he had lied to himself, yet, at the same time, he didn’t know why he was so bothered by it. He cared enough about you to dress up, drink a couple of potions to reduce sun damage and get his chauffeur to drive him to the hospital. That was how much he cared. Jinyoung shielded his face as he entered and explored the hospital’s walls. He already knew which ward you occupied, your scent oozed out too strongly from him to miss it. He would never miss it, he craved it, he was intoxicated by it. To some, this behaviour was strange or worse, psychotic but to him, it was only the nature of how things worked. 

Jinyoung was a young vampire, - only a 118 - so it was surprising how quickly he had found his eternal love, his soulmate. He caught sight of you in calculus class and nearly fainted on the spot, you were that desirable. Unfortunately, his family was facing difficult times and only creating more enemies than friends. He couldn’t endanger you like that and swore to keep his distance until the spitfire cooled down. As much as he tried to rein in his instincts, there was no holding back when he felt your panic and fear rise. He ran without hesitation. Guanlin joked if he ran like that for his physical test, he would have actually scored an A and not cried about his B+ for two days straight.

To him, you were his everything. He just wanted to keep you out of harm’s way. Jinyoung struggled to keep his fangs at bay whenever he was around you, thus, he delayed his visit as much as possible, wanting your true first impression of him to be a positive one. Not some intimidating, blood-thirsty, imperial vampire. Luckily for him, you were well into your slumber when he entered the room. It was a rare opening where the room was free of your friends or parents presence. Jinyoung had met them before and explained the situation. He remembered the hotness of his face when your mother cried of happiness into his shoulder. 

Your friends didn’t hold back on greetings either, they enveloped him in bone-crushing hugs thanks to Bora’s superior strength. He smiled fondly at that memory.

Baejin felt his instincts acting up again, being in such close proximity to you affected him beyond his control. He had to leave to find a plasma fruit juice box.

You were awake when he returned. For the first time in his teenaged life, Jinyoung was fretful.

Get it together, Bae Jinyoung! Yah! Don’t you want to impress her.

He tried to seem nonchalant about it, lounging in the awkwardly small visitor’s chair and sipping from his plasma juice box. He cleared his throat before starting. “Hello, my name is Bae Jinyoung,” he introduced, changing the way his legs were crossed and switching the hand holding his juice box.

You were silent and it frightened him. “I know who you are,” you finally echoed. “You’re Jinyoung. My JY.”

His heart skipped several beats when you said that. For once, he wanted a label, he wanted the title ’in a relationship’. He wanted to be yours. A little boy grin graced his gorgeous face, he also couldn’t stop the tiny chuckles from escaping his lips.

“You… aren’t human,” you pointed out, or rather, sought confirmation.

Jinyoung nodded, he wasn’t ashamed of what he was. “Yes, of course.” He supposed it was obvious regardless if he tried to hide it. His hands reacted on their own, self-consciously covering his mouth. It was a bad habit he couldn’t break after facing backlash for what he was. No matter how much he grew, he was scarred forever.

Since he was sitting so close to your hospital bed, you reached as far as your drip tubes would allow you too and lifted his drooping head. “Don’t be afraid, I’m not. You’re too handsome to be human anyway.” You felt like slapping yourself after that, face turning red. “Uh, I mean it in a good way.”

Goodness! You probably offended him big time. Well done, Y/N. Don’t you think you deserve a Grammy?

Instead of recoiling in disgust, Jinyoung entwined your hand with his own. His grip on yours tightened, afraid of your reaction after you came to know. “Y/N, I’m sure you have questions and there are some things you deserve to know.”

Jinyoung spent the next hour or two explaining things in detail, answering your questions if you had any. Through that hour, you emotions were a jumbled mess. It was such a roller coaster that Jinyoung couldn’t even place his finger on one emotion at a time.

“Wait? So you can drink from me? Like right now?” You asked out of curiosity. “Tell me if I taste good.”

Jinyoung chuckled and shook his head, grinning. “No, you’re still recovering. I would only drain you as I’m not good at controlling myself…around you. I’m sure you’ll taste wonderful, full offence but you smell very… delightful,” he confessed and internally cringed.

Such romantic!

“Do you travel really fast everywhere?”

“Only if it’s an emergency.” He furrowed his thick brows. “Why?”

A smug grin was slapped on your face. “Hmm, so I matter to you?”

Jinyoung has no shame when it comes to professing his love for you. “Of course.”

You didn’t know what urged you or how it happened but the next second, you found yourself pressing your lips on his. Sparks ignited and danced over your skin, his touch made your skin burn in the best way.

Jinyoung nipped at your bottom lip and prayed his fangs didn’t affect you. He hoped how apparent his differences were didn’t affect your opinion of him. He would hate for things to end before they even started. He pulled away when your heart monitor began whirring to life, bleating uncontrollably. Baejin chortled at your bright red face and awed at your adorable whines.

A sense of déjà vu washed over you when he tucked a lock of hair back in its place. The instances the same action appeared in were very different.

“I dreamed of you, is that why you ran to me?” you said. Your lips felt swollen from all the kissing but now, you yearned for more.

Jinyoung hummed in reply, resting his head on in his hands, elbows digging into the bed’s mattress. He smiled cheekily, flashing trophy worthy fangs. “If you call me, I’ll be there.”

“Wait, I don’t even have your number. Give it to me." 

so basically, at the last attack scene, Baejin knew he wasn’t going to arrive on time so he leant her his strength through the soulmate bond thing…hope that clarifies some things