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A few quick re-draws from this post, because cuddles

Pretty Boy Morty 1/2

Allow me to introduce you to my own made up 100% USDA Organic Morty: Pretty Boy Morty

Like with all Morty’s it begins with a Rick. In the finite curve, he’s an average Rick, no more evil or good, not excessively brilliant or stupid in comparison. His Morty, however, is nothing like what he should be. Rick meets him for the first time after things go terribly wrong. He’s been avoiding meeting his own Morty for years. He knows what they look like and how they act and, frankly, he’s not really all that interested in the idea of lugging around a whiny brat.

But during a mission to exchange some illegal weaponry with a buyer, he slips up and gets in trouble. The heat’s coming down hard. And he could just slide into a new universe but, unfortunately for Rick, he’s actually kinda attached to the one he’s in. So with no other options, he does what every Rick eventually does. He goes to visit Beth. He figures he’ll stay there a week tops, avoid Morty as much as possible, and go on with his life.

But when he gets to Earth things don’t go as planned. Namely, because his Morty is not what he should be, and suddenly the average life of an average Rick is completely thrown off track.

Morty’s are supposed to be unpopular, whiny, idiots but this Morty… is an outlier. He’s got long eyelashes, bouncy hair he grows just a little longer than his copies and he has it styled to perfection. He takes care of his appearance, wears lip gloss, tight jeans, button up shirts, even jewelry. He’s the student council president, popular with the girls [and the guys]. Not even the football team at his school will dare lay a finger on him because he’s helped them with their studies [and he may or may not have blackmail material on the others].

The fact is that Rick’s Morty is a pretty boy. He’s got a perfect life and, frankly, he’s got the personality to match. He’s spoiled, selfish, and cocky, so when Rick shows up, Pretty Boy Morty he doesn’t give a damn about him.

Rick soon realizes the key feature that’s morphed his Morty this way is Beth. She finished school to be a doctor even through her pregnancies and then divorced Jerry not long after Morty was born. The constant competition between Beth and Jerry to be there children’s favorite led to Morty getting whatever. He learned quickly that all that really matters to people is appearances so he’s spent his life molding his appearance into one of perfection and beauty.

Pretty Boy Morty is constantly fixing his lip gloss, refusing to get out of the ship until his eyebrows are on fleek. He takes forever to apply and reapply lipstick when it gets fucked up. He refusing to be out at night because he needs his beauty sleep. He dressing scantily for adventures and draws all the wrong kind of attention, just for the fun of it, because at school he’s always prim and proper and it boring beyond belief.

And it doesn’t stop there. Pretty Boy Morty lectures Rick angrily at 4 am when he walks into his room, drunk, and wakes him up. Morty being a little brat and refusing to go on a mission because, “My homework isn’t done yet, Rick, and I won’t have my grade drop because of you.“ This leads to Rick doing the homework for Morty while the pretty little shit paints his nails. and Rick doesn’t even realize it until after he’s done all Morty’s equation work.

Because you can bet that Pretty Boy Morty is the single most manipulative little shit that Rick has ever encountered in his life. He knows he has to be, he knows that no one really cares about him that they only really care about the pouty lips and cute eyes he can flash them. They only care that he has the perfect grades, the perfect resume, and Morty knows that. Morty knows how to get exactly what he wants. He knows what to say, how to dress, what look to give, and it drives Rick absolutely insane.

And you can bet that Miami Morty and Pretty Boy Morty are best friends. You can’t convince me otherwise.

Just imagine: Pretty Boy Morty looking at Rick with scathing disgust when Rick wants to go get laid and suggests that he stay at the Morty Daycare for a few hours. Morty obviously fights tooth and nail, stating he’s not a child and he can’t just be brought to the dog hotel like some prized poodle while Rick goes off to let some alien fuck him.

But when he gets there and meets Miami Morty he figures he can stay a little while.

And they are most definitely the Mean Girls of the Daycare. They seem to sit above the rest, painting each other’s nail and gossiping, exchanging secrets on how they keep their hair bouncy and soft despite the hair gel and dye necessary to keep it in perfect style. And you know they talk shit about their Rick’s, and, honestly, PB Morty is slightly relieved to hear he’s not the only one who has to deal with leering glances from his own grandpa.

By the time their Ricks finally come to pick them up, the two are practically best friends, telling the Ricks to shut up as they got right back to talking. Just picture it. Pretty Boy and Miami exchange dimension numbers and like, when PB needs to be dropped off for a while, he demands to go to Miami’s house or back to their own house. No exceptions. To which Rick eventually concedes because he doesn’t want to deal with a pissy Morty and, either way, he’s getting what he wants by dropping the boy off, regardless of where he’s at.

Just imagine PB and Miami all holed up in Miami’s extravagant bedroom, giggling and laughing and gossiping and, after a while, Miami leans in and asks Morty if he’s fucked his Rick yet. And PB rears back. He definitely wasn’t expecting that and he’s grossed out and disgusted and like "Wtf no, why would you even ask that.” And Miami just blinks at him, all confused and tells Morty that he thought Rick was PB’s Sugar Daddy and that’s why he was so spoiled and so different from the other Morty’s.

Miami confiding in PB and admitting that Miami Rick is his Sugar Daddy and, standing up and pulling his shirt up in the back, showing PB the tramp stamp tattoo of Rick’s name and dimension number on his back.

And even though PB wants to be disgusted, and kind of is, he’s also intrigued.

PB Morty asking Miami what it’s like and Miami happily telling him that Rick’s are SKILLED in bed. Really skilled. You kind of have to be to fuck your way through all of space-time. Miami explaining how it happened and what it’s like. PB Morty admitting he’s still a virgin because looks are everything and the moment you start sleeping around rumors fly and he has devoted too much time to making his reputation untouchable and he can’t risk it not for anything, or anyone. and if he’s honest, he’s a little scared of sex he’s scared of what people will say. Miami assuring Pretty Boy Morty that people will talk anyway. PB actually opening up to someone for once. They’d be such tight knit friends after that.

I mean, they exchanged secrets and, no matter how prissy and uppity, they’re still Morty’s so they bond fairly quickly.

After a few months go by, PB tries to convince himself that he’s interested in the whole “fucking Rick” thing as a concept, like people who read sex stories about incest but have no interest in fucking their own fathers. Nothing more.

But.. as time goes on, he starts discovering that’s a lie. Because he’s slipping. He’s letting Rick get away with shit. He goes out later than he normally would just to spend time with Rick. He misses the occasional throwaway assignment and just flutters his eyelashes and gets full points because the teachers know he’s brilliant anyway. Morty can’t stop looking at Rick now. Whenever the older man isn’t looking, Morty is subtly glancing at him and wondering what it’d be like to fuck him. But, even after PB Morty finally comes to terms with wanting to fuck his own grandpa, he has a feeling that it won’t be that simple. He has a feeling Rick won’t immediately hop into bed with him if he asks and so, not willing to risk fucking up in any way, he goes to Miami for advice on how to seduce his grandpa.

Miami telling PB Morty that it’s basically a universal consistency for Rick’s to fuck their Morty’s so it shouldn’t be too hard. And PB Morty being partially relieved and horrified to hear that Ricks are universally perverted old men. Miami telling Pretty Boy what his own Rick likes, telling PB to maybe ditch the prim and proper Pretty Boy school clothes for something a little easier to tear off. When that doesn’t work Miami tell’s him to try getting unwanted attention from some aliens.

But imagine when none of that works. PB has dressed scantily, he’s subtly flirted, he’s danced and giggled with other aliens, he’s flirted with Miami in front of Rick, Hell, he’s flirted with a few Ricks that they’ve met at the Citadel but, literally, nothing is working. And, of course, Pretty Boy Morty feels kinda hurt. He knows he’s sexy but suddenly he doesn’t feel sexy enough for Rick and, before now, he didn’t realize that mattered to him.

But, apparently, it does.

Imagine PB becoming withdrawn, out of ideas, struggling to deal with his own desires, frustrated by his inability to get the idea out of his head and, in his anger and confusion, he even starts pushing Miami away. He blames Miami for making him feel that way about Rick. He never had those types of thoughts about Rick before Miami came into his life. He never even entertained the notion. Ever. And now it’s in his brain like a parasite that won’t go away.

He slowly dresses less and less sexy until he’s literally going to school in the t-shirt and jeans he wore the day before. He ignores Miami’s calls and texts. He goes with Rick without complaint, no matter what time of day it is. He barely gets through his homework. he doesn’t wear makeup, his roots start to show and de doesn’t re-dye them. He doesn’t style his hair.

He doesn’t do anything other than try and figure out how to stop wanting to fuck Rick…

[My lovely @the-clairvoyant-rick will be posting the other half of this on her own blog so make sure you follow her and stalk her and love her.]

OT4 Nonsense pt. 2

@hchano I kept going… make me stop… 

A follow up to this post: http://baneismydragon.tumblr.com/post/153805587621/ot4-nonsense

Because apparently now that I have started I just can’t stop adding to this idea… 

Nino tapped his pencil fretfully against the table as he desperately tried to focus on his homework. However, his attention kept falling on the two girls across the table. Well one of them in particular.

The repetitive rap of the pencil grew faster as guilt ate away at him.

“So what did you guys get for number 4? Cause I am drawing a blank,” Marinette asked.

“Where is Adrien when you need him? Isn’t it his job to handle all the math and science questions?” Alya groaned.

“He’s at a piano lesson.” Marinette responded automatically.  Because she had his schedule memorized. Because she was in love with Adrien.

And he had ruined everything.

She was such a nice girl too, she deserved so much better. He took a deep breath. 

It was better to just get it over with. Like pulling off a band-aid.

“Marinette I think we should talk.”


“I… god how do I say this? I think I might have screwed things up.”

“Sooo… we need to redo problem 3?”

“No, not the assignment, I mean with Adrien.”


Alya snorted, burying her face behind her textbook.

“Look I know how much you like Adrien, and I have been right on board with it, 100%. I totally was rooting for you guys to get together and make everything work.”


“But I… I think… I think you might have to let him go.”

Her face went a deathly shade of white, her normally cheerful smile dissolving into a worried frown.

“Did Adrien say something? Did he tell you that he isn’t interested in me? Oh god, did I scare him off? Was it the cookies? The cookies were too much weren’t they, he probably thinks I am trying to make him fat to ruin his career or something! Oh no! Did he find out about my phone theft? Is that what it is? Because I swear there was a perfectly logical explanation both times!”

The sound of desperately muffled laughter sounded from behind Alya’s textbook as Nino stared at the babbling mess in front of him.

“No, nothing like that! He loves the cookies, and what are you talking about phone… you know never mind that’s not important right now. It’s just… and I swear I didn’t do it on purpose, and I wasn’t trying to mess things up or anything but…”

“Oh god he’s gonna say it…” Alya squealed, but Nino chose to ignore her.

“I think it’s only fair to tell you that, through no fault of your own, that ship might have already sailed. And as a friend, I think that I should tell you myself and not have you find out through other means… well… Adrien and I are dating.”

Alya erupted into loud hysterical giggles while Marinette groaned and flattened her face against the table.

“Yes! I win! I SO called it!” Alya called out gleefully.

“What the hell?” Nino stared and his girlfriend who was doing a strange sort of victory dance from her seat.

“Less than 36 hours and you already are freaking out and overthinking it. Marinette you now owe me three nights of patrol stalking duty.”

“Alya… do we HAVE to go stalking after Ladybug and Chat Noir?” The smaller girl whined into the table.

“You were the one dumb enough to bet against me so yes, yes we do.”

“You guys were betting on me again?” Nino asked incredulously.

“I don’t know why you are surprised by this.”

“This isn’t funny!” He glowered at Alya, “We are dealing with a very serious issue! The happiness and stability of our group is at stake!”

“Are you planning on breaking up with me to go run off into the sunset with Adrien?”

“No, of course not!”

“Then I don’t see a problem.”

“But if Adrien and I are dating too, doesn’t that means he’s interested in me, like, romantically?”

“Yes. And?”

“So that’s going to make it a little harder for Marinette, seeing as how she isn’t Adrien’s type!”

“Emotional, neurotic and melodramatic? Sounds like Mari is exactly his type.”

“Hey!” twin voices echoed in the library. Alya just shrugged and rolled her eyes.

“But I’m a guy!”

“You’re still dating me.”


“Think it through honey.”


“Are you done freaking out over nothing?”

“I am really new to this ok!”


cerealmonster15 replied to your post “need to find a way to nonviolently take out my anger so i thought hm…”

eat… eat the journal…………………. but like i Feel U w/the parental and friend issues life is Hard and coping is HhhHhhhhha r d…….. i sometimes do mindless doodles or play video games to try and distract but when i dont have energy or focus for that sometimes i just like venting to a pal ? and sometimes that doesnt feel right either so like, watching a fun show is nice. ngl but rvb is like my Go To Cheer Up show sometimes. rewatching a handful of episodes

cerealmonster15 replied to your post “need to find a way to nonviolently take out my anger so i thought hm…”

and laughing at the dumb jokes i forgot about can help just a little sometimes :“)

cerealmonster15 replied to your post “need to find a way to nonviolently take out my anger so i thought hm…”

OH and running is really nice for me ever since i started college. i like to run and jog and walk around campus for sometimes Hours at a time, or at night [which i cant do when im home off campus wehhh] but i find the movement and light easy physical activity helps me think or get rid of some of that excess stress

thanks dude! i would eat my journal but like the paper is thicker than i would like also some pages are like this weird semi transparent (translucent?) paper and im not super into that 

but that runnin thing is something i’ll prob try out like i used to run/go on walks but for different reasons so i might do that !!! thanks fer bein a friend :DD

it’s almost 4 am someone stop me please

In other words, I’m going through a Harry Potter Obsession (again) and decided to draw this precious boy here!

anonymous asked:

I just finished reading Winglets 4: Runaway and HOLY SHIT SNOWFLAKE X FOX IS SO CUTE and I really need to have more of it in my life. So, um, if you don't mind, could ya draw/write something about it? P.S. You're freaking awesome P.P.S. Senpaiiii

I’ve been wanting to draw them for a while now, i’m glad I got the chance to do so.

Oh my gosh no stop I don’t know how to handle your compliments! Thank you so much??? I feel like that’s really mild and a lame response??? God, I am just so bad with expressing emotions and thankfulness, sorry

unrequited love

i hate phone calls but if it’s you, i can talk for hours or just listen to your stories  about someone else. and this is not okay at all. but what can i do? i am always weak when it comes to you. everytime i make rules so i can stop loving you, i can always find ways to change them so i can beg the universe to draw me closer to you, once again. i tell myself, “i’m sorry” all the time, but in the end i just make the same mistakes enough for the world to call me stupid and the gods to stop accepting my apologies. if it’s 4 in the morning and you need to see love through hugs & exclamation marks, call me. i want my hands through your hair, my arms around your neck, yours around my waist but you only love me when the sun is gone and it’s time to talk about how someone out there is wasting all your love, dummy. look here. it is warmer right here, with me. whoever is pulling your strings away from where i am, i hope they’re pushing you closer to someone who will love you in ways you want to be loved. i’ll try to write shitty poems about you while waiting. & i don’t know how long but it seems like i have a lot of things to write about.

—  1836 / mc
I finished a short Kamen Rider Ex Aid Fan Fic

Hi! So, I’m pumped and also a little distressed that we don’t have too many episodes of Ex Aid left. I loved the newest episode (but also worried about Parado because I love him, seriously, he needs to end up being okay) and ever since episode 39, I’ve been drawing and writing non-stop. I started a Parado drawing and two fan fics, one of which I started and finished tonight. Once I edit it and just check it for misspelled words I’ll have it posted on FF and AO3.

Stay posted! I’ll be sure to post links for each site once they’re up later today.

Time - 4:00 AM

AH GOSH OH GOSH THATS WAY TOO SWEET JESUS Q///___///Q Thank you so so much!! I’m not as great as you say I am really, I just adore seeing other people’s art, and fanart is even more wonderful for me, it’s absolutely amazing to think that people would spend their time drawing my characters, like it’s insane 8//m//8;;

And yeah I agree though, sometimes AUs or art styles really look like their creators!! Theres this amazing post where everyone kept reblogging a picture of themselves and one drawing they made, and you could only notice how similar they were *//__//* It was a fantastic post!! (Almost added mine, but… I changed my mind at the last minute. I’m too shy haha //nervous sweating)


Aww… Thank you so so much. See, turning off asks and submissions is already a huge HUGE relief. I was very very afraid that it would cut the link I have with you guys, but look at all the adorable messages I got?? I mean, I’M AMAZED BY HOW SWEET YOU GUYS ARE???? You’re so supportive and nice and absolute cutie pies, and gaaaah I always have a wonderful (now ordered) time <333

Your support is sooo appreciated dear, really. Thank you deeply, you understand so perfectly!! q//v//q ALSO YEAH OH GOSH MY FOLLOWERS ARE WAY TOO CUTE I JUST SAID IT ABOVE BUT I LOVE YOU GUYS ITS NOT EVEN FUNNY.

And aaaah, oh mi gooooosh of course!! Please design as much as you want, the guy wears anything!! <333 (also nice icon o//^//o)


Aaaah thank you I’m glad you like it! <3 I honestly really really enjoy working on this comic. It makes me practise, I’ve never done comics so detailed before, or I stopped afer like 4 or 5 pages because it didn’t interest me anymore. (Gotta say, thanks to CQ who is my main inspiration to keep going right now! It’s really pleasant :D)

I am never going to give specific dates about the Ink comics updates, because I’m a student and work is more important than anything <3 Besides, I owe art and also want to draw my OCs more, I got a personal project started >//v//< <3 For now Update 3 has its storyboard done! Now I need to write the text in details. I gotta say it didn’t progress much for now, sorry! D: But hey, one more month and I’ll be free to work on it without any problem >://3c

(We’ll see if Ink makes it… oops did I say that loud)


Mi god you brought so many memories to me just by saying the name of this song. Now I have it in my head. ;____;

ZT!Gaster is the ultimate goop manta. He is the Golden Goopster yes



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I love my babies alothhhhah… I’m so glad you like them too!!! 8//m//87

//wiggles// Mweeeh

My main OCs for now are Meke (the jellyfish girl), Soar (the muscled creepy guy who’s missing an eye and is a total sadist/masochist/cannibal but I love him anyway) and Aherän, the Angel, the cute the pure cinnamon roll WHO WILL GET FCKING DESTROYED.



WELL FUNNY YOU SAY THAT Because I just got a hair cut, my hair is short and curly again now!! :DD It was starting to get way too long and I really didn’t like having it. I’m sooo happy now it’s all beautiful and shiny ^////__////^<33

I’m small with brown eyes and brown hair (I’m original ye). I’m

very small. //sobbing



Aww I took a random theme and fucked up the code. ._.


I’m not an expert at coding but I know the very very basics concerning it’s visual aspects, and coding is reaaaally relaxing to do. That’s why I change my dA page design from time to time. (actually I should change it again when I have the time, it’s getting a bit old D:)

Aaaah je suis ravie que tu aimes mon fiston <333 Et je t’en prie viens squatter, y’a encore de la place :DDD //pointe une des 9500 chaises (déjà bientôt les 10k AAAAAAAAAAAA)


Awwww thank you so so much I just had to put this question in it was too cute <333 Thank you a lot, I hope the arting is going well!! >//w//<9



//sobbs on the floor caressing a drawing of him


HAHAHA HUEEEEE IM SO GLAD YOU AND YOUR FRIEND LIKE THEM! ////v//// Yeah Holiday seems to have alot of success <3 Just take him he’s yours //hands him over and keeps Heats close

I’m very happy you guys like the Uwa!!trio, I love them too alot <333

(i cant find them a specific tag though… Q//___//Q i guess uwa!!sanses or uwa!!trio but I’m not sure…)



I wanna see more ideas like that so yeah <3333 IM VERY HAPPY YOU LIKE THEMMM SQUEEEE

OH MY GOSH REALLY??? I’m so happy you like my blog, that’s so sweet of you!! Q///v///Q <333 YOURE THE SWEET PERSON HERE JESUS

And nooo ah, I don’t have a Wattpad sorry!! 8//m//8 For now I’m only active on deviantART and tumblr!!

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Befriending and drawing tumblr famous people just to get famous yourself. I am disappointed to say the least. Your art is good and you dont need to draw these people to get recognized. Stop showing off.

Ok lemme just get this straight

1. I can draw whatever and whoever i want

2. didnt u read the caption? It was a late valentines gift

3. Drawing is my way of expressing my shit. So if you’re my friend and I hella love you to bits, you can expect a drawing of yourself from me.

4. im glad you think my art is good but you’re still fuckin rude

5. Artists aren’t trying show off when we decide to share our art with people.

Ok now STFU.