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Awakened-Chapter 2

Summary: You are the sister of Charles Xavier. You are part of the Avengers and dating Bucky Barnes. Unbeknownst to you Bucky is having an affair with Natasha. When you catch them in the act, things go downhill from there. You are a Mutant with similar powers to Jean, only with Immortality thrown in.

Pairings: Bucky x Reader, Bucky X Natasha, Logan Howlett X Reader

Warnings: Angst, Violence, Cheating, Feelings of worthlessness, Depression.

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First kiss+solangelo amybe?

YUSSS!! Lol this turned like a lot more angsty than it needed to be i am very sorry I have a problem with angst okay someone pls stop me before I make myself die of the feels XD

As a doctor, WIll always had to remain calm. No matter what came through that door. It didn’t matter if it was a minor cold, or blood was gushing out from their side, the campers of Camp Half-Blood could always trust him to be cool and collected, the eye of the tornado.

But, alas, there are times when even the best of the best crumble away.

All of it was so sudden. Really, no one knew it was happening, except Nico di Angelo. Nobody expected him to come when he did. One moment Will was just sitting on his bed, reading some book called Carry On that Annabeth recommended to him, the next he was looking up as someone appeared out of nowhere, causing him to jump a foot in the air. He looked up to see a familiar pale face. 

“Gods Nico I thought I told you not to do that anymore,” Will says with a laugh, standing up. Nico looks like he wants to say something, and he tries to, but he’s interrupted as he falls against Will, unconscious. Will gasps, reaching his arms around him to support him. 

“Nico?” he says worriedly, his breathing starting to speed up. That’s when he notices Nico’s hands pressed firmly to his side, both of them coated in a thick layer of wet blood. 

“NO. No no no no no!!” he cries. A few of his siblings rush into the room to see what the commotion was about, and immediately stop. Will looks up at them, tears glimmering in his eyes. 

“We have to get him to the infirmary. We have to save him.” Nobody told Will that it was probably too late as they helped him with Nico’s lifeless body, taking him to the infirmary as quickly as they could. None of them mentioned that it was almost impossible for someone to lose this much blood as they opened the doors, causing campers to hoard around them. And they did not mention how cold Nico’s skin was as Will ordered everyone away that wasn’t a doctor. 

“I need stitches,” Will tells one of the Apollo kids that rushed to their aid as soon as the door bursted open.

“And bandages. Lots of bandages.” Another person nods, heading off. 

They set Nico down and the campers arrive with stitches, bandages, nectar, and ambrosia. Another camper removed Nico’s hands from his side. That was when his world came crashing down. That’s when, for the first time, the campers saw Will cry. 

“I-I-I can’t–” he says, his hands shaking. Someone puts a hand on his shoulder.

“It’s alright Will. We got this one.” They all knew Will and Nico where friends. In fact, they where almost inseparable. Some even wondered if their bond went deeper than friendship. Either way, they never left each other’s side. They where the sun and moon. Always. 

So, for the first time in forever, Will left the room, the thought of blood spilling onto the pristine white sheets making his stomach twist painfully as he gazed at Nico’s chalky while face in his mind’s eye, cold and unmoving. 

Nico isn’t going to die, he told himself as he clutched his head in his hands. Nico won’t die. He’s a fighter, he’s always been. He’s probably been through worse. Your siblings will save him. They always do. But, no matter what he told himself, he kept thinking about what would happen if his heart stopped, bringing the sun down with it. The world would stop spinning and there would be a hole in his heart, bigger than anything he’s ever experienced. He never even told Nico he loved him, and that would be the worst part of this whole situation. He would regret it till the day he died.

By the time his sister came out it could’ve been an hour or five, Will still wouldn’t have known.

“He’s stable. For now,” she says solemnly. Will nods his head. 

“I want to see him.”

“I’m not sure if that’s–”

“I’m going to go see him,” Will says firmly, ending the conversation. He stands up, brushing imaginary dust off his jeans in an attempt to keep his heart from racing a thousand miles an hour. It doesn’t work.

The hallway seems to grow longer than ever now. Every step seems to ring in his ears like a drum. Thump. Thump. Thump. He doesn’t know what he’s going to see when he walks up to Nico’s room, but it’s not going to be good. 

The door creaks open like something out of a horror movie. The air around Nico smells and feels like death, and that’s when Will realises that the ghosts have gathered around him, mourning.

The other doctors cut off his shirt, which is now deposited in a trash can, stained permanently with blood. His side looks like an animal attacked him, all of it marked with bright red scratches that go in every direction. It must’ve been a monster or something. 

Will then looked up at his face. It was paler than normal and his eyes were closed, but it didn’t look like he was sleeping. It was something more grotesque than that. It was someone’s awful version of sleep, something that showed more pain than peace. The worse part was always waiting for them to wake up. Even if it wasn’t someone Will got along with too well, because people where counting on him to save them, but the truth is, when you get to this point, there was nothing much you could do. You just had to wait by and hope that the gods think their life is worth saving. 

The machine beside him was beeping steadily. Good. There wasn’t anything to worry about. Not yet. Nico would be fine. He was always fine. Even when he had to get seven stitches in his head when a minotaur had a little too much fun with him. Even after he shadow traveled all the way from Greece. Even when he almost got his arm chopped off. He was constantly fighting battles, whether they where with inner demons, or the demons demigods faced everyday, and each time he was okay. Always okay. 

Will did something that he’s done to countless of patients as he stayed by their bedside late at night, hoping he wouldn’t fail someone else. He started to talk. He always hoped that his words would reach them, and that it would help them resurface. But this time, his voice came out choked up.

“Nico I… You can’t die on me, okay? You’re my friend, you’ve always been. Even when you tried to push me away, I still wanted to be with you. I know you try to be something dark, something that people want to stay away from, but to me you where the stars in the night sky. You where the moon guiding my way home. You where the brightest thing in my sky. Always. I need you, Nico. I–” Will can’t continue because tears are starting to stream down his face and weak sobs are escaping his throat. He presses his forehead against the scratchy sheets. 

“Gods I can’t do this. I can’t–” he groans and sits up. He grabs Nico’s lifeless hand, squeezing.

“Please keep fighting. For me?” Nico doesn’t answer. Will pulls up a chair so he can stay by his side. He grabs Nico’s hand again. 

“I’ll be right here. Always.” 

Will was woken up by the monitor beeping. At first it didn’t really worry him, but then he realised that something about it was off. He bolted awake to hear it beeping warningly and seeing others rushing in. Oh gods no no no no no.

“Is he breathing?” someone says. 

“I’m not sure. I don’t think so.”

“Check his pulse.”

“It’s faint but it’s still there. We need to get him an oxygen tank asap. Someone try to get him breathing at least a little bit,” a girl with frizzy black hair nods her head, pressing her hands to Nico’s chest, giving him CPR. 

Then, oh gods, no. There’s one final, long beat, and then nothing. Absolutely nothing. Dead silence. The room is suddenly a lot colder as the ghosts form again, crowding around Nico, their eyes sad. Tears stream down Will’s face as he forces himself right by Nico’s side, pressing his fingers to his stone cold face. He presses his face to Nico’s chest as the other’s quietly slip out and the ghosts disappear, letting him mourn in peace. 

“Nico…. You can’t die on me. Why did you die on me….” he starts to shake with grief. 

“Nico after everything you’ve been through…. it’s not fair for you to die. Not like this. Not after–” he pauses, deciding to choose his next words carefully. 

“Look. I wish I could’ve told you this when you where….. but oh gods Nico, I love you. I love you so much you can’t even begin to understand. I’ve always loved you, Nico. I wish you knew. Maybe…. maybe it could’ve ended different.” He puts both of his hands on Nico’s still cheeks. He wish he could see a smile crack on them. He wishes he could see blushes spread across them and he wishes he could’ve wiped curls out of his eyes as they gazed at each other. But now…. now…..

Will leans forward, his face inches from Nico’s.

“I’ve always wanted to do this, and I guess you’re not around to care,” he whispers, then he presses his lips to Nico’s cold ones. Softly. Gingerly. Then, to his surprise, he felt them move underneath his. For a moment, he wonders if he’s imagining it, if he wants it to happen, but then hands cup the back of his neck, pulling him closer. Will pulls away and looks at Nico, who’s brown eyes are wide open, his face full of innocent wonder. 

“That was my first kiss,” he whispers, sounding excited, and pretty shocked. 

“What the fri–” Will’s heart is beating faster than ever. Nico looks over at him, cocking his head. 

“Why are your cheeks wet?” Nico asks. Will lets out a cry of joy and wraps his arms around Nico, burring his face in his neck. Nico yelps.

“Oh right. The stitches. Nico how–”

“How what?”

“How are you alive?”

“Why wouldn’t I be?”

“You where dead, Nico. I heard your heart stop.”

“Well it’s working fine now….” he trails off, thinking for a second. Then–

“DAD!” he roars. The god Hades vaporises in front of them. 

“Okay look I had to. You know I’m a sucker for love stories,” Hades says, putting his hands up defensively. Nico crosses his arms and rolls his eyes.

“That doesn’t mean you can just raise people from the dead.”

“Yes I can.”

“No you can’t.”

“I just did.” Nico opens his mouth to say something, but then Hades disappears. Will shakes his head, chuckling. 

“I love your dad.”


Send me a word + a ship and I’ll make a fanfic out of it

EXO Reaction when you have a fight with them and storm out of your/their place, leaving them all worried

XOXO, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*Can’t stop thinking about what he said* “I’m an idiot… I hurt her…If she doesn’t come back in fifteen minutes I’m going out for her… I can’t leave her alone.. not like this”


*Stops you before you can even go* “Baobei please… I messed up and I’m sorry, I really am. But please don’t leave… no matter how angry you are.. it’s storming outside… Please stay here and we’ll sort this out”


*Completely broken* “What have I done… I made my girl runaway… I really don’t deserve her… but I love her… and I have to fix this somehow… where could she have gone to?” *Feels really guilty*


*Literally him running after you the moment you storm out* “Oh no no no girl don’t you dare leaving in this storm!!! Come back here or I’ll have to carry you back! Even if that’s the last thing I do, I’m not letting my girl catch a cold and definitely leave like this after a fight!”


*Calls everyone he know* “Have you seen her? Please… she hasn’t come back in a while.. I’m worried.. can you help me find her? I need to find her asap… She needs to know I love her..”


*Stays up late until you get home* “She won’t go back to my place so… she’ll come here.. but maybe I should go look again for her… it’s late and… she’s alone and… broken… yes I can’t stay here waiting, definitely not”


*It starts raining so he goes out to find you* “Jagi… no matter how bad we fight.. please don’t leave like that.. I don’t want anything to happened to you…” *Always worrying about you*




*Runs after you and follows you around all the city* “Jagi.. please don’t runaway from  me… I’m really sorry.. please come back, come back to my arms”


*Finds you in the park, alone* “What have I done to her… she looks so lonely… she was supposed to have me.. I wonder if she can forgive me… she’s the love of my life” *Gives you his coat as he sits on the bench next to you and hugs you tightly* 


*Can’t stop crying and worrying* “What if.. what if she doesn’t come back.. she said she needed some space but… maybe I should go after her… convince her to come back… my girl…”


*Takes his car and goes to find you, yet he can stop crying* “Please jagi get inside… it’s raining outside. Jagi please don’t ignore me… I can’t do this jagi, I need you… I’m sorry”

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My family is poor. really poor. BUT my best friend is flying up to visit me from Las Vegas. He’s staying with us for a week and with my weekly income and my moms total income. Its gonna be hard feeding us all + me and Gavin want to do things while hes here in wa state (Take him places, especially seattle and its pricey) ON TOP OF ALL OF THAT ITS MY BIRTHDAY AND I REALLY NEED MONEY for my party etc

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{ Part 1 of ??} The Bakusquad living together

Well, it’s more like everyone just moves into Katsuki’s apartment. But, at this point in his life, Katsuki just accepted he had mothered the biggest bunch of jerks straight after himself and rolls with that.

Katsuki invites Ochako over. Why? Because Ochako sold her old apartment after moving into the dorms of U.A. Because keeping it would be a waste of money. By the graduation time being, she’s struggling in finding a place nearby Tokyo. Katsuki already has an apartment, just because his parents had plotted the whole thing behind his back and gave it as gift to him.

The rest can be summarize in:

Katsuki: you can stay with me *shrugs* I’ve enough space.

Ochako: r-realy?! Ohmygod, thank you! I owe you one!

*the day she moves in*

Ochako: you said it was an apartment, NO A DAMN PENTHOUSE!

Katsuki: surprise. I fucking lied.

Ochako: I can’t stay here, you spoiled rich bastard!

Katsuki: yes, you can. And you will. Don’t make me repeat myself and put your shit in your room, Uraraka. It’s too damn early for this.

The next one is Kirishima.

Kirishima, unlike Uraraka, isn’t exactly in need at the moment. He just went back to his parents’ house. He lives with his parents and his siblings and that’s OK, but he’s looking for a place ASAP to fly out of the nest. Eijirou wants to stop being a burden to his parents because he thinks they’ve done enough for him and now is his turn to provide for his family.

Kirishima actually had saved money for his cause, which is the main reason behind all those jobs he took back in high school and middle school. Still, finding a place is a pain in the ass. At first he doesn’t find anything, then finally he gets some stuff to work through. The problem is, when he thinks he nailed it, the place it’s just too small for his stuff or it is practically crashing down in pieces beneath its weigh.

One day Katsuki is just, too tired, of watching his bro getting the shit out of him due to that trivial crap. Thus he just invites Eijirou over. And Kirishima is just, “BRO!” And cries like a real man.

The next one is Todoroki, which Katsuki swears to god is the worst of them all. At this point, Uraraka is working as Nejire’s sidekick (whom Katsuki just calls “L’Oréal girl” because he doesn’t remember her fucking name). And Nejire tells Uraraka that Mirio told her that Todoroki is living in the dorms from Mirio’s agency.

Katsuki’s mom instincts just kick in, and next thing the Bakuqsuad (minus Mina and Deku) know is that Katsuki is dragging Todoroki by the collar of his t-shirt and Uraraka and Kirishima are carrying all his stuff.

Todoroki: what’s the meaning of this?

Katsuki: It means you’re living with us from now on, moron!

And he doesn’t accept a fucking no as response.

Mina just came in a Mina-ish way.

She knocks at their door one day and says: “We broke up.”

Ochako y Eijirou don’t ask, they just hug their friend and help her to move her stuff in. Katsuki starts cooking something he knows Mina likes. And Shouto slightly freaks out before dialing Izuku and quickly makes him aware of the situation, also ask for his advice because the poor young man doesn’t know what to do.

Izuku: Just do that thing Toshinori taught you! I mean, he taught you a few things but you know what I mean!

Shouto: no, I don’t know. That’s why I am asking in first place, Izuku.

Izuku: the ice puns, man!

Shouto: how exactly that would be helpful?

Izuku: just trust me and do it, OK? I promise she will laugh.

And with that, Deku hangs up.

So, Todoroki thinks about the situation he’s struggling over, his mind doesn’t comes with anything better, so he gives it a shot and says: “How ice of you to dropping by, Ashido.” And, surprisingly enough, Mina laughs.

She never leaves since then.

And Deku, well…

“Kacchan, HELP!”

Of fucking course, Katsuki had shut the door in front Izuku’s face by reflex. It was just common sense. Yet in retrospective, it was his fault the asshole had knocked at his door at the fucking three in the morning– The blond just had ignored all his best friend’s incoming calls and texts for the sake of getting some decent sleep after a shitty day at work. Also he knew his karma is a bitch and that he would be obliged to make up for it later. So, Bakugou had it coming.

He would never admit it, though.

Anyways, even if Katsuki had shut the door in front his best friend’s face and made his way back to his bedroom, Deku was sitting in their table at the next morning, reading the newspaper. The blond was just too damn used to inviting the disaster in, that he just walked passing the young man yet with fluffy and green mess for hair, making his way straight to the coffee maker.

“Who the hell opened the door?” Katsuki wasn’t complaining, just asking due to curiosity and to kill some time while the coffee was getting ready.

Izuku didn’t even bothered in looking up, before nonchalantly say:


Katsuki wasn’t really surprised.

“I should’ve guessed.”

Then Katsuki ask what’s his deal is, and surprise! All Might and Inko are getting married and Izuku just freaked out last night because, he loves Toshinori and he’s cool with him being his stepfather, but Izuku would NEVER meet the man’s eyes again if he has to live seeing his ex-teacher and his mom being all lovey-dovey in his house.

Katsuki shudders and just fucking understands, and let the asshole move to their place.

They’ve been talking about inviting Deku over anyway.

Behind The Story – Pt. 4

Summary: The reader is Jensen’s girlfriend and also a cast member of the show. Just a typical day in set shooting Supernatural S10 while being pregnant.

Author: deanwinchester-af

Characters: Jensen, Reader, Jared and Cast Cameos.

Pairings: Single!Jensen x Actress!Reader

Words: 2.1k+

Warnings: Fluff and Smut (Sort Of)


A/N: This is my first time writing some sort of smut and I have to admit I’m nervous yet anxious to see y’all feedback on it. Is a new thing for me. Hope you guys like this part, it was fun to write. Feedback is always very much appreciated it. ♥

Beta: @lovin-ackles (thanks bby girl)

Behind The Story Masterlist


“You guys know the drill. ACTION!” Bob shouted.

“Kitty Kat?” Jensen shouted, out of frame.

“Library!” You shouted back, fake reading the book between your hands.

“Where’s Sam?” Jensen’s boot steps indicated to you he strolled into the Bunker’s library set, his voice deeper than usual as he portrayed his character.

You looked up into his eyes and closed the prop book you were supposed to be reading. The camera is about ten feet away from you guys, making this shot a profile and mid body length one.

You shrugged, “He went to next town watch a movie or something… Said he won’t be back until tomorrow.”

“That means we have the bunker all for ourselves…?” Jensen puckered up his pink lips, followed by his Dean smirk as he reached you.

You stood up slowly, Jensen clenched his jaw while he watched you move, his eyes on your loose buttoned up white shirt and went down to your long lengs. Smirking, you licked your lower lip, leaning against the wooden table. “Are you suggesting something, Winchester?”

Jensen stepped forward, “Oh. I have a thing or two to suggest.”

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Pairing: FakeAH!Michael x Reader

Word Count: 1,244

Warnings: Violence, swearing

Part Two (One) (Three)

You weren’t sure how much time had passed, it could’ve been days, or maybe only a few hours. Only one other person had come in since the medic left, and all he did was inject something into your upper arm, with little resistance due to your bound limbs. You’d been fading in and out of consciousness since then, barely able to process the thirst and hunger paining you as you fought to keep your eyes open. By the time the commotion started outside, you were barely able to process any of it.

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Prompt Request List

Hey! Here’s the list I promised. If you want one, please send the number and the Roman numeral (as there are multiple subsets), as well as the pairing you’d like. 

1) Coffee shop AU 

i) Barista and person who has a ridiculous coffee order 

ii) I’m worried about your coffee dependency 

iii) you accidentally poured boiling hot coffee over me so you’re responsible for taking me to A&E 

iv) you give me a different fake name every time you come into starbucks and I just want to know your real name bc ur cute but here I am scrawling “batman” onto your stupid cappuccino 

2) Flower shop AU

 i) You buy a weird amount of flowers and I’m concerned as to why

 ii) I’m allergic to flowers but I work in a flower shop – you’re a customer who’s very confused as to why I’d do that 

iii) flower meanings eg, buying certain colours/types for person to represent feelings etc. (please specify flower, color, and meaning!) 

3) Library AU 

i) You’re overdue on this book and I want it so I’m tracking you down

 ii) I work in the library and I’m a little concerned for your health because you never stop studying 

iii) The library’s pretty empty save for you and me and OH that couple making out loudly in the shelves somewhere 

4) Awful first time meeting

 i) I accidentally punched you in the face when I was too overexcited about something

 ii) I thought you were my friend who’s just done something awful to me (read: cut my hair while I slept, dyed all of my clothes pink, etc. etc.) because you look similar from behind so I stormed up to you and shoved you from behind while calling you a crude name 

iii) Oooh when you told me your name I thought you were joking because it’s awful and I made a joke about it and things got awkward real fast 

5) Weird places to meet/awkward meetings in general

 i). “okay I know that being in the woods at 2am is a weird thing to be doing but my friend called me and- wait, why are you in the woods at 2am, I’m going to die aren’t I?”

 ii) We keep accidentally running into each other I’m not a stalker I swear iii) You live across from me in our apartments and we smile when we see each other but we don’t really know each other and (you fill in here) 

6) Friends to romance – pining and all (a personal favorite) 

i) You’ve got a date tonight and you asked for advice on what to wear but I’m so in love with you and you look good in the outfit I picked out for you 

ii) I really like you but you’re my best friend’s ex

 iii) You’ve liked me for ages and were really obvious about it and I didn’t like all the attention but now you’re over me I really miss it and I think I like you too? (Not a favorite, but eh it’s okay) 

iv) Somewhere along the way of getting into bar fights together, staying up all night with movie marathons, other friendship things, I’ve fallen in love with you but oh my gosh this could ruin EVERYTHING 

7) Fake Dating 

i) I told my sister I have a boyfriend so she’d stop trying to set me up with people but now she’s coming to visit and I’m in too deep I need a fake boyf ASAP 

8) Soulmate aus 

i) The first words your true love(s) will say to you are tattooed on you and why the are their first words something really (insert desired adjective here with word examples) 

ii) You get an ‘impression’ of your soulmate when you turn 18

Manhunt - KBTBB Fanfiction

Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7

Word count: 1′700

A/N: Alright, I’m kinda nervous about this since it’s my first fanfic that I wrote and I haven’t written stuff in a long time (about a year) so I guess I’m a bit rusty ^^. I was inspired to write again from reading  @rui-and-ry-blog@akechimitsuhidevevo and @talk2animals fic’s.

I’m sorry if the first few chapters are kind of boring but I wanted to leave some questions that may cross your minds open for now and also build it up slowly ;).

Constructive criticism is more than welcome and I’m sorry if I made any grammatical or spelling mistakes since English isn’t my first language. Anyway enough of me talking and I hope you enjoy the first chapter. :)


I was nervous as I stood in front of the most beautiful and also first casino-hotel in Tokyo the “Tres Spades”. The nervousness and excitement that were welling up inside of me came from a place in the depths of my heart. I knew they were inside, I just had that tingling, heavy feeling in my gut that I can’t quite explain.

As I set one foot in front of the other towards the majestic hotel I couldn’t help but grow even more anxious and nervous.

When I stepped through the beautiful clear glass doors I was sure my jaw just dropped to the floor and my mouth let out a big, unintentional gasp. It was even more stunning than you saw it in the pictures when I googled the hotel.

I placed my rather heavy luggage on the beautifully shiny, marble floor as a pretty hotel maid greeted me “Hello Miss! Welcome to hotel Tres Spades. We hope you enjoy your stay here!” Giving her a small smile and a friendly “Thank you” I made my way to the front desk.

I waited at the front desk for someone to give me my room key, when I saw a familiar figure stroll through the lobby. The rather tall figure walked up the stairs and coming to a halt in front of the elevator and stepping inside it as soon as it arrived.

When the man turned around in the elevator, I could have sworn my heart jumped up into my throat for a second, it was one of the men I was looking for. He had a flirtatious grin on his small lips and winked at a group of girls, that were standing on the opposite site of the lobby. Admiring him.

I could hear them squeak in different high pitched octaves and their big eyes form into hearts. I clicked my tongue, rolled my eyes and threw my head back a little. “He never changes” I thought. All of a sudden I felt someone firmly tap my shoulder.

“Excuse me miss, can you hear me?” I hear a friendly voice beside me. I turn towards the source of the voice and in front of me is standing a middle aged man with a rather stiff looking smile plastered on his face. “I’m sorry, I guess I spaced out there for a second.” I explained to him, bowing my head apologetically.

“That’s no problem. My name is Mr.Kenzaki and I’m the manager of this hotel. May I have your name?” he asked in a polite way and bowed his head a little. “My name is (Y/N) (Y/L/N). I have a reservation here.” I told him, my smile never leaving my face. He looked into a big, black book that had the word “RESERVATIONS” written in gold on it.

He flipped a few pages on the paper. “Ah, miss (Y/L/N). Is it correct that you are staying here for three weeks?” he asked me still looking at the paper. I answered with a simple “Yes, sir.”. He turned around where a lot of keys were hanging at the wall and took one. “Miss (Y/L/N), you will stay on the 21st floor in room 3103. Here are your keys.” he hands me a golden key with my room number on a leather dangler on it. He continued; “One of our maids will show you to your room.”

The same maid that greeted me earlier approached me and told me to follow her. I walked up the beautiful wide steps of the stairs and stepped into the elevator that was already waiting for us. The maid pushed to the 21st floor and the elevator doors closed.

“Oh, by the way my name is Kiyoko. If you ever need anything, I’ll be happy to help you!” she smiled gently and bowed. “I’m (Y/N)! Thank you so much!” I bow back and return her smile. I look at the floor numbers and the description. The floors at the top are labelled as the “Penthouse” and “VIP”. All of a sudden, I had an idea.

“Um, Kiyoko can I ask you something?” I hesitantly asked.

Kiyoko nodded firmly with curious eyes. “Who lives in the penthouse and is everybody allowed to go there?” Kiyokos brown eyes widened which me you she definitely didn’t expect that question to leave my tongue. The elevator doors opened with a loud ding sound and Kiyoko stepped out as I followed her catching up to meet her pace, walking next to her.
“The penthouse isn’t accessible for everyone there are only the penthouse guests that have a keycard and the maids that have the authorization to clean there.” Kiyoko paused for a second, looked behind us to make sure nobody hears us, inhaled deeply through her nose and exhaled through her mouth and continued in a voice that was barely over a whisper;

“As to who actually lives up there I only heard rumors, but I think the owner of the hotel lives in the very top penthouse. And I have heard that the "angelic artist” Ota Kisaki also lives there.“ I was actually surprised to hear the name "Ota Kisaki”, of course I knew who he was and I have seen some of his artwork. And honestly I always thought that there was something suspicious behind his smile, something twisted. But I couldn’t put my finger on it.

I still had one question flying through my mind and as soon as that question came to my mind I blurted it out. “What is the name of the hotel owner?”

We were now standing in front of my hotelroom. When I began unlocking my door, Kiyoko began talking again, answering the question I blurted out a few seconds ago. “The owners name is Eisuke Ichinomiya from the Ichinomiya group.”


The door unlocked and at the exact same time my head shot up in surprise to hear the name I would always yell when I was in boarding school and he was mocking me again or pulling some mean prank.

Careful that I sounded as normal as possible I turned around, bowed to Kiyoko and said; “Thank you for answering my questions and showing me my room it was a pleasure to meet you” she chuckled lightly and bowed back “You’re welcome I hope you enjoy your stay here and if you need anything don’t hesitate to ask.”

I closed the wooden door, turned around and slid down to the floor sighing deeply and long. “Shit. This is going to be harder than I thought it would” I thought, while standing up and walking towards the big, fluffy bed with my luggage next to it.

I scrunched your nose at the musty smell that I was absorbing. No wonder after such a long, rough day I had to smell like that. “I need a shower ASAP, but first I’m going to unpack, can’t stand it if nothing’s in it’s place.” so I started unpacking. Putting my clothes in the closet, toiletries and makeup in the bathroom and so on.

After I’ve finished unpacking I took a nice, hot shower to clear my head a little. I decided to get ready, putting on makeup and a nice dress and go to a bar in the hotel.

I checked myself in the mirror applying one last layer of powder and straightened my burgundy dress that ended at my knees with my favorite pair of black pumps, soft, brownish makeup and my hair over both of my shoulders.

I found a bar pretty easily since everything in the hotel was described well. I walked into the dim lighted bar and decided to sit down at the counter, in the background was soft jazz music playing. Some men were sitting on a chesterfield couch, around a round wooden table drinking whiskey and smoking cigars.

I ordered a shochu on the rocks. I enjoyed the strong, almost numbing feeling the translucent liquid spread in my mouth. Exactly what I needed after a tiring day. Sitting there sipping on my drink, I occasionally glanced to the entrance hoping that maybe Eisuke or one of the other men would walk through it.

After ordering a second drink I heard the door open. I looked over to the door not having much hope for it to be someone special. And as if the universe just wanted to prove me wrong I saw the man from the lobby.

The man that would look after me and loved me like I was his own baby sister. The man my father trusted more than himself.

He still had his neck length soft brown hair with a black fedora on top of it head and a red blazer. “His style still hasn’t changed either. He’s still wearing that ridiculous fedora.” I thought, chuckling lightly.

I looked away since I didn’t want to be too conspicuous and took a big slug from my shochu.

As I were putting the glass to my lips, a deep, familiar voice rang in my left ear. “Hello pretty lady. Is this seat taken?”

That simple question almost made me spit out your drink all over the mahogany colored counter. I don’t know why, but I was surprised that the first thing he decided to do was walk over to me and flirt.

I shook my head, almost violently, and gestured him to sit down while I was wiping my mouth with a handkerchief, preventing the strong liquid from ruining my dress.

He ordered a beer and I noticed him stealing quick glances in my direction, but ignored them.

When he received his order he pointed out: “What is a young pretty lady like you doing here all alone? A jazz bar is not really a place someone as young as you would normally go.” I giggled. Feeling the heat rise to my cheeks probably from the alcohol. This was so like him, saying something like that.

I turned to my left so I was facing him. When he saw my face as a whole his smile dropped and his eyes widened in surprise. “Well you know Baba, I was never like the other "girls” right?“

It Must Be Mine

Pairing: Demon!Dean x Reader

Summary:  Dean somehow survived Metatron’s attack, but the Dean the reader knows and loves isn’t the one standing in front of her.

Word Count: 1,919

Warnings: Language, implied smut, Demon! Dean

A/N: This might turn out to be a series. I’m on a break from school for like a month, so I got the time. We’ll see. This also goes slightly off canon, but I guess that’s why it’s called a fanfiction.

(Gifs are not mine)

You thought Metatron had killed Dean. You watched him stab the man you loved into the heart. You held him as he was breathing for the last time whispering, begging over and over again for him to hold on, and you finally admitted to him that you loved him. You had been in love with Dean for years but were never able to admit it to his face.

You thought Dean was dead. You watched him die in your arms. You had passed out from crying so hard, still holding his dead body against your chest.

And when you woke up the next morning, you could still hear his voice.

“Y/N,” You heard Dean’s faint voice, from outside your room in the bunker.

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New Prompt Request List

I saw this on @newtynewtnewtimagines​‘s page and needed to add it to my list so the first 77 are theirs. Please request! I love getting them! It makes me so happy!

  1. “You’re really soft.”
  2. “You smell nice.”
  3. “You’re cute when you’re worried”
  4. “I think i’m in love with you, and that terrifies me.”
    “I would’ve had breakfast ready, but you were sleeping on my arm, and I didn’t want to wake you.”
  5. “I’m here for my daily fix of hugs and kisses.”
  6. “Is it possible to love too much?”
  7. “You’re the perfect height for me to rest my chin on your head.”
  8. “I don’t wanna get up– you’re comfy.”
  9. “I’m so in love with her/him, I don’t know what do do.”
  10. “I will always be there protect you.”
  11. "I’m cold. Come closer.”
  12. “You have something in your hair, umm… Do you want me to get it out?”
  13. "I love you a lot, but please stop trying to cook me dinner, you suck.”
  14. "I’ve never seen such gorgeous eyes before.”
  15. "I can’t stop thinking about you.”
  16. “You’re really hot, shame about the personality”
  17. "All I want is you.”
  18. “This movie is really scary, but you’re into it so I’m trying not to cover my face the whole time, but- WHAT IS THAT?”
  19. “You came to my room at 4am, to cuddle?”
  20. "I could never leave you, I love you too much!”
  21. "A fairytale with a happy ending always brings a smile to my face.”
  22. "I don’t think anyone could ever be as lovely as you.”
  23. “You look really cute in that sweater.”
  24. "You look incredible in that.”
  25. “Is that my shirt?”
  26. “You’re so clingy, i love it.”
  27. “No, like…. It’s just, I can’t believe you’re actually wearing my clothes.”
  28. “Do you ever shut the fuck up?”
  29. "He/She’s quite stunning, isn’t he/she?”
  30. “Are you sugar personified or something?”
  31. “I look forward to holding you close in bed soon.”
  32. "Sometimes I just can’t control myself when around you.”
  33. "Do you believe in love at first sight?”
  34. "I think I’m in love.”
  35. "I’d like it if you stayed.”
  36. “You made these cupcakes for me?”
  37. “Have you lost your mind?”
  38. “You’re so fucking adorable.”
  39. “You’re my best friend’s sister, we can’t do this..”
  40. "People are jerks, but not you.”
  41. “All these new feelings are scaring me.”
  42. "I’ll share the blankets with you.”
  43. “I know I’ve kissed you like, ten times, but just like another ten, please.”
  44. "I have never felt this way about anyone.”
  45. “How do you always manage to look so captivating?”
  46. "I want this to never end…”
  47. “I’m a big girl, i can handle it myself.”
  48. “I can’t believe I got the first date, let alone a year.”
  49. “Can I kiss you?”
    “Don’t give me that puppy dog face.  How am I supposed to say no to that?”
  50. “So, are you guys dating or?”
  51. “There’s no way in hell i could fall in love with someone like you”
  52. "I waxed the floors, grab your fluffy socks.”
  53. “Could you hold my hand?”
  54. “Have you seen my jacket?”
  55. “Who changed the thermostat settings? I’m freezing to death.”
  56. “Can we just watch a movie and fall asleep on the couch?”
  57. “You can put your cold feet on me.”
  58. “You make me so happy.”
  59. “I can’t get over how a few months ago I wanted to learn your name and now you’re having breakfast with me in my sweater.”
  60. “Your stray red item turned my whites pink.”
  61. “A thunderstorm is rolling through town and you’re scared of lightening/thunder so I’ll protect you.”
  62. “Did they hurt you?”
  63. “You’re hiding under the blanket because you’re blushing?
  64. “Your lips are really warm.”
  65. “I just came home to you crying while watching a movie, please tell me what’s going on.”
  66. “That pet name was so gushy, but it was also so cute.”
  67. “I really love holding you, darling.”
  68. “You found me crying on the kitchen floor in the middle of the night surrounded by a shattered jelly jar.”
  69. “My parents are coming over in 10 minutes so please put some clothes on”
  70. “You look so comfy, and cuddle-able.”
  71. “We’re repainting the apartment and going to the hardware store together to pick out color swatches.”
  73. “I want you to fight for me!”
  74. “Please don’t go.”
  75. “You can call me whenever you want… Even if you don’t have a reason to.”
  76. “It’s nice that your voice was the first thing I heard today.”
  77. “Quit smiling at me, I can’t stop messing up my sentences when you look at me like that.”
  78. Barista and person who has a ridiculous coffee order 
  79. I’m worried about your coffee dependency
  80. you accidentally poured boiling hot coffee over me so you’re responsible for taking me to A&E
  81. you give me a different fake name every time you come into starbucks and I just want to know your real name bc ur cute but here I am scrawling “batman” onto your stupid cappuccino
  82. You buy a weird amount of flowers and I’m concerned as to why
  83. I’m allergic to flowers but I work in a flower shop – you’re a customer who’s very confused as to why I’d do that 
  84. flower meanings eg, buying certain colours/types for person to represent feelings etc. (please specify flower, color, and meaning!)
  85. You’re overdue on this book and I want it so I’m tracking you down
  86. I work in the library and I’m a little concerned for your health because you never stop studying
  87. The library’s pretty empty save for you and me and OH that couple making out loudly in the shelves somewhere
  88. I accidentally punched you in the face when I was too overexcited about something
  89. I thought you were my friend who’s just done something awful to me (read: cut my hair while I slept, dyed all of my clothes pink, etc. etc.) because you look similar from behind so I stormed up to you and shoved you from behind while calling you a crude name
  90. Oooh when you told me your name I thought you were joking because it’s awful and I made a joke about it and things got awkward real fast
  91. “okay I know that being in the woods at 2am is a weird thing to be doing but my friend called me and- wait, why are you in the woods at 2am, I’m going to die aren’t I?”
  92. We keep accidentally running into each other I’m not a stalker I swear iii) You live across from me in our apartments and we smile when we see each other but we don’t really know each other and (you fill in here)
  93. You’ve got a date tonight and you asked for advice on what to wear but I’m so in love with you and you look good in the outfit I picked out for you
  94. I really like you but you’re my best friend’s ex
  95. You’ve liked me for ages and were really obvious about it and I didn’t like all the attention but now you’re over me I really miss it and I think I like you too? (Not a favorite, but eh it’s okay)
  96. Somewhere along the way of getting into bar fights together, staying up all night with movie marathons, other friendship things, I’ve fallen in love with you but oh my gosh this could ruin EVERYTHING
  97. I told my sister I have a boyfriend so she’d stop trying to set me up with people but now she’s coming to visit and I’m in too deep I need a fake boyf ASAP
  98. The first words your true love(s) will say to you are tattooed on you and why the are their first words something really (insert desired adjective here with word examples)
  99. You get an ‘impression’ of your soulmate when you turn 18

yumikire  asked:

Bucky and Clint are on a mission together, when their plane unexpectedly malfunctions/gets hit/w.e you want and they have to crash land in the arctic circle. Bucky will survive being frozen, Clint tho, Clint doesn't have the serum to help with that kind of thing. (Basically an excuse for a cuddling for warmth fic)

Okay, I really liked writing this. It’s like a good 50/50 on the fluff and angst! Thanks for prompting this, I hope you like it and I can only apologise for typos!

On a sidenote, for those who are on mobile and can’t read these prompt fills, you can find all them here. :)

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Doo Wop (That Thing)

Another Becommissar story based on the following tumblr prompt (which I slightly adapted):

“i meant to text the contact one above you in my phone’s contact list for a booty call but i didn’t realize i hit your name until i sent it so now i’m just sitting here feeling those little three dots hardcore judging me” au

Find the story on AO3 or fanfiction.net.

I’m also working on a (smutty) sequel to Tsunami, so stay tuned for that one.

I’m drunk and lonely and confused and you need to get here asap and have sex with me, thank you very much. Staying at the Radisson Blu, room 2008. Hurry!

It was about 4AM, Beca was finally back in her hotel room, and, also, still pretty drunk from the Worlds’ afterparty, where she’d spent her time downing about four beers within fifteen minutes to distract herself from the gorgeous specimen that was Das Sound Machine’s lead.

The other team had taken their defeat surprisingly well—Pieter had even congratulated them, before getting everyone a round of drinks, and Kommissar… well. The blonde had danced. First by herself, swinging her hips from right to left and running her hands all over her own body, and then together with Stacie, which had her grinding her ass against Stacie’s crotch, all the while giving Beca what could only be described as a sultry look every now and then.

It had gotten worse, though, because, at some point—Beca had turned away a good thirty minutes earlier because seeing the woman she was definitely not crushing on basically making out with Stacie on the dance floor wasn’t one of her favorite things to do—she’d felt a hand on each side of her hips, and a set of lips close to her ear.

“Congratulations, tiny Maus. You know what they say: the winner takes it all. So feel free to do so.”

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Agents of Shield finale reactions (Part 2)

Everything is a fucking mess and everyone I love will die


“Just you and me tremors.” I HAVE WAITED SO LONG FOR THIS BROTP

That exchange between Simmons and Cal. Cal that is your daughter in law!

Bobbi is going to do something stupid isn’t she? OF FUCKING COURSE SHE DID. DAMN YOU BOBBI. DAMN YOU AND YOUR BIG HEART. 

SWEET SWEET IRONY. YES. I hope that cut ward deep.


Bobbi doesn’t die right? Isn’t she supposed to get her own spin off show? They can’t do it if she’s dead. She isn’t dying. 

Jemma in doctor mode is kinda hot not gonna lie.


Please. No. Please. I don’t mind Fitzsimmons I really don’t but really. Why can’t they just stay friends? Please no romantic Fitzsimmons.

MACK HAS BEEN HAVING SOME ON POINT ONE LINERS. They’re going to kill him aren’t they? Let’s go over the pre-requisites for being killed off any Marvel movie/tv show: must be a person of color(check). That’s it that’s the list.


May trained Skye so well. Skye is beating the shit out of this inhuman girl even when it’s four vs one.

FITZ. FUCKING FITZ WITH HIS LITTLE “Science Bi-atch” moment. You little beautiful shit head.






Skye’s new anonymous team:


So at least Bobbi and Mack are okay. Skye’s back with her dad Phil and all is kinda okay in the land of shield. There better be some Skye x Mack brotp fanfic. 

Ashton Series-you're pregnant and he leaves

This is going to be a series about Ashton and Y/N. Luke will play a big part of it,more of a part of it then Ashton for a while. Hope you like it guys,I’m trying,feedback welcome. Even if it’s saying I’m shit:))

Your/Y/Ns POV

“Babe?” Ashton called to me through the bathroom door. “What’s up?” I answered him as I unlocked the door and went over to the bed. His hands began pulling at my clothes,his lips pressed roughly against mine. “Ash-ash-Ashton stop.” I pushed his body away from mine,his eyes staring at me. “What’s up?” “Nothing,I’m just not in the mood right now..” He wrapped his arms tightly around me. “I’m sorry,I shouldn’t just spring myself on you like that..” “Yeah,you shouldn’t.” I walked away from him,towards my wardrobe. “Someone’s on their fucking period..” He mumbled,the anger bubbling inside of me. “Fuck you Ash.” “What? You only get like this when your on it! And you haven’t had one in ages,because I’d have remembered you being a massive bitch don’t you think?” I didn’t reply,knowing if I did I would end up screaming at him and I wasn’t in the mood for an argument. “Not gonna answer me then? Fine,I’ll check for myself.” He said,then walked out our room and to the kitchen,where our calendar was. I ran after him,praying he wouldn’t notice. “Ash please don’t..” I pleaded. His fingers wandered over the dates on our calendar until he found what he was looking for. I looked down at the tiled floor terrified Ashton would figure out what I was so scared about. His hand fell back to his side and he faced me. “You were meant to get it 11 days ago.” He stated. I nodded. “Why? Why haven’t you got your period Y/N?” I ran my foot over the tiled floor,staring at the patterns on the tiles.”Y/N answer me!” He shouted. I looked up at him and his face was a mixture of anger and worry. “I-I-dunno..” I stuttered. “Have you been to the doctors? What is it? Y/N stop lying,please!” Ashton shouted back at me. “I said I don’t know! I don’t want to know!” I retaliated. He frowned. “What do you mean?” “Maybe I’m scared of the possibilities..” I mumbled. He frowned again,but then his face dropped,his big green eyes staring at me. “Are-are you? Are you pregnant?” He asked me and my head spun. I shrugged. “Do you think you are?” He said. This time,I nodded. His large hands ran through his curls and he began to pace. “Is it mine?” He asked suddenly. “I hope you’re joking.” He glared over at me.“People are always telling me you’ve slept with other people,how am I meant to know?” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. “I would never cheat on you. Never. And I can’t believe you even would accuse me of it.” I walked away from him and back to my room. I heard the door slam,telling me he’d left.

Half an hour later,Ashton came back to the apartment, storming into our bedroom and handing me a package from the chemist. “There’s a test in there,take it.” He ordered. I went into the bathroom,forcing out some urine,trying to aim into the cup. I stuck the test in the cup and waited. And waited. How long had it been? The timer on Ashton’s phone beeped and my hand reached shakily for the test. 2 straight lines means…pregnant. My hand reached out for Ashton to grab the test,but he refused. “What are we gonna do Ash?” I whispered. “What you’re gonna do more like. This isn’t my problem.” He stated angrily. “How can you even say that? This is your fault too! You got me pregnant!” I screamed at him. I couldn’t believe how he was reacting,this was a big shock to me,but at least I was being responsible. “I doubt that.” We stood there for a few minutes,then Ashton finally said what I was dreading. “Get rid of it or we’re over. If so,I want you gone Y/N.” My heart plummeted and I held back the tears. “Fine,I’ll be gone in an hour.” Ashton went to leave and I grabbed his arm. “Oh,and fuck you Ashton. I’ll be a better parent than you’ll ever be.” I packed a suitcase of essentials that I needed and headed to the only place I could think of..The Hemmings.

My knuckles wrapped on the front door and soon Liz appeared. “Y/N,what a nice surprise! Come in!” She said cheerily,stepping back for me to go inside. Then she looked down at my bag and frowned. “Whats happened?” The tears began to well up in my eyes and I tried to stop my self from sobbing. “Come on,let’s go in the lounge so we can talk okay?” I nodded and let her lead me in to the lounge. I wiped at my eyes,annoyed at myself for crying. “God,why can’t I stop crying?” I mumbled and she put her arm around me. “Do you want to tell me what happened? Or-?” She was interrupted by my sudden sobs,the tears pouring out and my head drooped. Liz wrapped her arms around me and hug me tightly,swaying me slightly. “Shh,it’s okay sweetie,it’s okay..” She whispered,rocking me back and forth. I emerged from beneath her hug and sighed. “I’m sorry Liz,I’m sure you have better things to be doing right now-” “Y/N,don’t say another word. You’re like a daughter to me,I like knowing you know you can trust me..and you can,anything you tell me is in complete confidence I swear.” She stated. I nodded,not knowing where to begin. “I-I’m,I’m pregnant.” I stated. Her eyes widened in shock. “And Ashton told me to leave…I don’t know what to do!” I wailed. “Y/N,I’m so sorry. He should not have done that,I’ll tell you if that was Luke I’d be giving him a smack round the ear-sorry darling,anyway,what is your plan?” I shrugged,everything had overwhelmed me,so I hadn’t had time to really think about the situation properly. “I just know I want my baby,whether Ashton wants it or not..is that the right thing to do? I can’t think straight!” I sobbed. Liz wrapped one arm around my shoulder. “If you want to keep your baby,that is your decision okay? Not Ashton’s. But if you are serious about this,you need to sort some things out.” I nodded at her. “You need money,a place to stay,you need to go to the doctor asap..” “But I don’t really have a lot of money,most of it was Ashton’s..and I have no where to go,all my family are in Y/H/C. I don’t know what I’m gonna do!” I started crying again and Liz wiped at my eyes. “Y/N,you can stay here,with us. For as long as you need okay? And as for money we can give you any you need for the baby. It’ll all be okay,I know you’re scared.” I didn’t know what to say,so I just nodded wearily. “Thank you,thank you so much…” “Come on sweetie,we should get you upstairs for a bit,get some rest ey?” Liz led me out of the lounge and up the stairs to the spare room,my aching body falling onto the bed. She pulled the covers over me and kissed my forehead and I was gone.

This is really important

So I’m a 19 year old black trans girl that needs to move out of my current living situation. I have endured all kinds of verbal and emotional abuse here as well as constant fear.i haven’t been able to start my transition yet due to fear of homelessness and extreme transphobia so if I moved in with you please keep that in mind. I have a part time job and I’m looking for more employment but I need to stay in the Raleigh-ish area of North Carolina since that’s where my job is. If you can help contact me by email nightburningice@hotmail.com or by Skype at absol.of.snowpoint please respond asap if you can help me fixed my skype thing I entered it wrong.

@pretty-bird-lee @lavenderchulanont
um,, seung? can- can you… i need you to come home from the store like- like asap. i think my heat’s starting half a week early and yuuri said i need you here and and please come home please

and phichit? i- yuuri says that you need to s-stay out of the room until seung gets here. i realized what was happening while you were in the bathroom and holed myself up in my room.

The 100 S02E09 Recap: Remember Me
  • <bloody hands>
  • Abby: daughter are you okay
  • Clarke: uh no
  • Clarke: I'm having a panic attack
  • Clarke: wait
  • Clarke: now I'm not
  • Clarke: cool
  • Lexa: I need your boyfriend's body
  • Kane: dude
  • Kane: that's not fair
  • Kane: we did so much for you
  • Kane: you know
  • Kane: after killing 18 of your people
  • Kane: but like
  • Kane: you know
  • Lexa: ...
  • Lexa: k so we'll expect the body in the morning
  • <squad exits>
  • Abby: ugh
  • Abby: they're being lead by a child
  • Abby: how disgusting
  • Kane: ...
  • Kane: you know you're useless right
  • <outside>
  • Clarke: so I know Finn just died
  • Clarke: but we need to kill him more
  • Clarke: sorry
  • Raven: ...... >:c
  • Finn: ..... >:c
  • Clarke: Finn don't look at me like that
  • <awesome theme song>
  • <mountain clubhouse>
  • Jasper: raising the music isn't suspicious at all
  • <horse road>
  • Clarke: Finn plz stop following me
  • Bellamy: babe are you okay
  • Clarke: no not really
  • Clarke: Finn won't stop following me
  • Bellamy: ...
  • Bellamy: okay well what if I spy on mount weather
  • Clarke: uh how about no
  • Clarke: I can't lose you too
  • Bellamy: pfft
  • Bellamy: I don't take orders from you
  • Bellamy: unless you're into that
  • Bellamy: wait what
  • <vampire layer>
  • Random vested man: We can monitor people in the fucking forest but don't notice people escaping our own base
  • <sleepover time>
  • Bellamy: come sleep with me?
  • Clarke: alright so
  • Clarke: I know I confessed my undying love to you
  • Clarke: but
  • Clarke: Finn just died
  • Bellamy: awh okay
  • <the 'adults'>
  • Kane: so what are we gonna do about my good friend Jaha?
  • Abby: ...
  • Abby: right
  • Abby: I forgot about him
  • Abby: can we just pretend he never left the Ark?
  • Kane: ...
  • Kane: um no
  • <Clarke wakes after a minute>
  • Finn: babe just the tip?
  • Clarke: omg Finn no
  • <meeting place>
  • Bellamy: nuu my gun :'c
  • <mountain's art museum>
  • Miller: Mount Weather has sledge hammers sitting around so
  • <grounder camp>
  • Lincoln: I am the Rosetta stone
  • <Lexa gives Clarke the torch>
  • Clarke: I don't think I can do this
  • Finn: c'mon babe
  • Finn: I'll help light me on fire
  • Clarke: oh in that case
  • <fwoosh>
  • <weather mount>
  • Jasper: the teensy bandaid on my neck helps whatever wound its covering
  • <camp>
  • Lexa: I had a girlfriend
  • Lexa: and she died
  • Lexa: love is scum
  • Clarke: ...
  • Clarke: I'm still upset
  • Clarke: but a little turned on
  • <Hogwart's grimier banquet room>
  • Kane: booze makes everyone happy
  • Kane: :D
  • Dying man: I am not happy
  • <Bellamy knocks Clarke's glass away>
  • Bellamy: man I'm cool
  • <mount weather>
  • Jasper: well this is a win-win situation
  • Jasper: FOR MY LIPS
  • <grounder dungeon>
  • Finn: girls plz stop fighting
  • Clarke: omfg
  • Clarke: stay out of this, Finn
  • Clarke: I don't need your flack right now
  • Octavia: Clarke
  • Octavia: I think you need to get those ten concussions checked out
  • Octavia: like asap
  • <still in the room>
  • Abby: what you're feeling is normal
  • Abby: it'll fade with time
  • Clarke: ...
  • Clarke: mom?
  • Abby: yeah?
  • Clarke: you know I'm hallucinating right
  • Abby: uhh
  • Abby: yeah
  • Abby: ...
  • Abby: k maybe that's not normal
  • <happy clubhouse>
  • Monty: security is so good here
  • Monty: I got a hazmat suit
  • Monty: and a canister
  • Monty: and a cart
  • Monty: and tricked a guard
  • Monty: all without suspicion
  • Monty: woo hoo
  • <grounder dungeon>
  • Grounders: sorry, alliance is off
  • Grounders: we don't like when people try to kill us
  • Everyone: :c
  • <central camp>
  • Abby: Clarke
  • Abby: stop talking to your hallucination and get your ass out here
  • <Clarke runs out>
  • Bellamy: baby be careful
  • <mount weather>
  • Monty: I'm so glad the guard took an hour long coffee break
  • <Gustus's funeral>
  • Raven: the radio works!
  • Raven: what now?
  • Clarke: Bellamy, you should go to the mountain
  • Bellamy: ...
  • Bellamy: but
  • Bellamy: I thought you were worried about me
  • Bellamy: y'know
  • Bellamy: about me dying
  • Clarke: sorry babe
  • Clarke: I was being weak
  • Clarke: it's worth the risk
  • Bellamy: ... :'c
  • Fandom: ... :'c
  • <later>
  • Abby: daughter
  • Abby: I got you Finn's ashes
  • Abby: cuz I'm helpful
  • Clarke: jfc mom
  • Clarke: just go back to the ark
  • <mount weather torture shack>
  • Monty: maybe that guard wasn't so stupid
  • Monty: where are my pants