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Broken  17

Broken 17:

Warning Domestic Violence

You let out a quiet groan. Everything hurt. The last thing you remembered was Brock meeting you on the stairs. From the way, your body felt you must have tumbled down them, and judging by the pounding in your head no wonder you had lost consciousness. Taking a deep breath, your stomach rolled and you had to bite down the nausea. You were on your back, so if you rolled over on your stomach you could push yourself up and judging by the chill on your skin and the small sliver of light to your left you were once again in the garage.  

You mentally braced yourself to roll over and when you started you let out another cry as you realized your hand was cuffed to Brocks work bench. “think y/n” you whispered to yourself as you looked around you. Brocks cruiser was sitting in the garage blocking you in-between it and the work bench. You couldn’t even see the door that lead to the kitchen from where you were laying, and you had no idea what time it was.

You curled in on yourself as much as you could when you heard the telltale sign of the kitchen door opening and heavy footfalls. “Glad your awake Sweetheart” Brock rasp as he bent down beside you and ran his hand down the right side of your face, “I wish you wouldn’t have made me do this” he told you with sincerity.

You tried to move away from him and he laughed, “Still not learned your lesson Sweetheart” He ask, “I am the boss in this household, and you will do what I say. If you don’t I can replace you” he whispered the last part as he bent back the wrist that wasn’t attached to his work bench. You couldn’t stop the scream as it bubbled from your throat when you heard a snap.

“Shut your damn mouth” Brock hissed at you as he placed his hand over it. Tears were leaking down your cheeks, and Brocks head was turned toward the garage door. “Do not utter a sound” Brock warned you as you heard another knock. He moved quickly from his kneeling position and headed toward the garage door opening it and stepping outside before shutting it again. You could hear a muffled voice, and then Brocks loud and clear. “Yeah, we were having a problem with the battery, I put in a new one this morning”

Clint, your mind supplied Nat said she was sending Clint to get your car.

“No, I took her to work” you heard Brock again and before your mind could even process what you were planning you screamed.

“Nah I got a horror movie playing on the TV in the garage” you heard Brock say, “But be my guest if you wanna tow her car to your shop. I will have to find where she put the keys and I can drop them off later, Yeah thanks man”

When the garage door opened and closed again you couldn’t help the cry that escaped you. If Brock was back that meant Clint had left. It took mere seconds for Brock to cross the garage, but for you it moved in slow motion as he came to stand next to you, his booted foot kicking you in the side causing another cry. “I told you to keep your mouth shut” He hissed bending down his face inches from yours, “You know I can’t let this go unpunished” he tutted squeezing the wrist you knew was broken. Tears were streaming down your face at this point.

He stood up and you could hear tools being shuffled around on his work bench, “This should do” he muttered to himself as he held a large wrench up. His smile made shivers run down your body. You let out relieved sigh as you heard his ringtone that he had set up for work He groaned in annoyance and dropped the wrench with a clang in landed inches from where your head was laying. He grabbed a rag from his work bench and bent down quickly, you tried to move your head as he stuffed it in your mouth. He tutted again as he quickly unlocked the cuff around the bottom of his work bench and slapped it tightly to your broken wrist so that both hands were above your head. “Can’t have you taking that out Sweetheart, you proved to me earlier you couldn’t be quiet”

Standing up he quickly pulled his phone out of the clip on his side and answered it “Rumlow”

You were glad for the short reprieve of the phone conversation. Your body was shaking, and the pain was almost unbearable. Not to mention you were terrified, you knew you messed up trying to get Clint’s attention. You had never seen Brock this angry. To make matters worse you were not sure how you would get back in his good graced.

“Looks like I am going to have to give you a little time to think about what you’ve done” he growled at you, “They need me at work.” Going back to his work bench he found a nylon strap and quickly wrapped it around your mouth as well. “Can’t have you blubbering” he smiled.  He stood up and made his way back into the house.

It didn’t take him long to come back dressed in his uniform, and he smiled down at you once again, “I want you to think long and hard on what got you into this mess Sweetheart, and don’t go anywhere while I am gone” He laughed at his own joke as he climbed in his cruiser opening the garage door just long enough to back out. You let out a muffled sob as the door closed back.

Pain was making your vision white, and it was almost a relief when he left. You knew you needed to stay awake find some way to break free and call Bucky or Nat have them pick you up. You needed to leave. You tried to change your position, get to a better angle and then everything was a fleeting thought as the blackness crept over you.


Natasha had finished grocery shopping, and was standing on the porch of her best friends’ childhood home. She had knocked once and so far, she didn’t hear any shuffling from the inside. Knocking again she yelled, “Hey Barnes” as she waited a few minutes. Still nothing. Growling to herself she stepped off the front porch and made her way to the back of the house, where Y/N bedroom was looking in she saw him asleep on the bed. She knocked on the window and he didn’t even stir. Growling again she looked around she needed something to boost her up to the window sill. She had climbed into this window enough as a teenager. Finding something she could use she dragged it over and hoisted herself up, she tried the window first and rolled her eyes to find locked. Fine then she liked a challenge every now and again. It took her less than three minutes to have the window up as she slipped in and shut the window back behind her “Morning Sunshine” she yelled loudly and laughed as Bucky let out a yell and moved back on the bed.

“What the hell Natasha” he asks his voice gravely from sleep, “The door was locked”

“didn’t use the door” she shrugged.

“You broke in” he just looked at her.

“Well if you would have answered the door, I wouldn’t have had to” she reasoned strolling out of the bedroom, toward the front door to unlock it and bring in the groceries she had left on the porch. A few minutes later she heard him ambling into the kitchen behind her.

“If I didn’t like you, I would report you for Breaking and Entering” he chuckled.

“And I would take these groceries back” she snarked back as she placed them on the counter as she turned and looked at him.

“You didn’t have to Natasha” Bucky told her honestly.

“Y/N ask me to” was all she said as she then cocked her head to the side, “Like your new arm Robocop” she smirked.

He laughed out loud then, leave it to Natasha to be blunt and not only compliment but insult him at the same time. Some things never changed. Steve had always muttered about how he didn’t understand the need for his best friend to argue with his sister’s best friend over everything.

“so no worries Barnes, now you will be fed. I’m going to head out let you get your beauty rest you need it”

“What not going to put them away for me” he smiled.

“Y/N as me to pick them up for you, not put them away. You have two good arms start using them”

Bucky stuck his tongue out at her as he moved to start putting the groceries away.

Natasha turned to leave when her phone rang. Pulling it out of her pocket she saw it was Clint. “Yes Dear” she chirped when she answered, “Glad you got it, now what’s wrong with it” she ask and Bucky stopped what he was doing to listen, “Uh huh” She nodded her head and Bucky felt his stomach tighten at the grim look that came over Natasha’s face. “I’ll call you back Clint” Natasha told him hitting the end key before she looked at Bucky.

“What was that about” Bucky ask.

“Clint picked up Y/N car this morning, said he ran into Brock when he was getting it. Brock told Clint he put in a new battery today, but Clint says the battery isn’t a new one” Natasha told him.

“Well maybe he had one laying around” Bucky was trying to give the benefit of the doubt.

“Clint installed the last battery that Y/N car needed, five years ago. Clint is pretty sure it is the same one. And Clint also mentioned Brock was rushing to get him to leave. Something doesn’t feel right Buck” Natasha told him as she bit her lip. “I’m calling Wanda, Brock told Clint he dropped Y/N off at work”

Natasha then opened her lock screen scrolling through her contacts hitting Wanda’s number. It took a couple rings before she answered. “Is Y/N at work” Natasha ask as soon as she answered. Bucky watched as Natasha nodded her head a couple times, “Ok call me back” she said as she moved the phone from her ear and sat it on the counter.

“Wanda took today off, she is spending it with Sam. She is going to call another co-worker and find out for me” was all Natasha said as she picked her phone back up and stuck it in her pocket. She turned and headed toward the front door.

“What are you going to do Natasha” Bucky ask

“I can’t sit here and just wait, I am heading over to Y/N house to see for myself”

“Natasha, I am sure everything is fine” Bucky tried but he had a heavy feeling in his gut.

“She’s been acting funny for months now, she said they were having some problems they were working through. I believed her she doesn’t lie to me Barnes, and I hope I am wrong but something is telling me I’m not”

“Well give me a minute, if we are going to barge in I’d at least like to be wearing pants’ Bucky told her as he headed back to his bedroom to throw on a pair of jeans.

“Put on a sleeveless shirt, makes your arm look dangerous” Natasha called after him.


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Soulmate (Crowley x Reader) Chapter 1

A/N:Could you do a story where the reader is the reincarnation of Crowley’s soul mate and she died not too long after Crowley has dragged too hell. Now the reader is working with the boy’s and Crowley is some what shocked and tries too win her over well dealing with the boy’s being over protective of her and at the end they end up together. Super fluffy ending, please and thank you.

He couldn’t believe he had found her. Someone that loved him. As much as he was hated around their small village she had loved him. He had heard her father yelling when she had told him they were to be together. “Not by my blessing. You will not marry that Fergus Macleod!” he yelled bringing the back of his hand across her face when she told him she didn’t care what he thought. When she came outside he had seen her crying with a dark red mark over her left cheek. Pulling her into a hug he led her away to his home. Within two weeks time they were married. No one had came, only the two of them were present as they said their vows and became husband and wife but they didn’t care. They were together and that was all that mattered. 

Unfortunately their happiness did not last long. Only six months after their vows Fergus had died, killed by some animal not far from their home. Y/n had been devastated by the news. She didn’t know what to do. Being six months pregnant she couldn’t very well find any work, not that anyone would give her any. She tried to continue Fergus’s tailoring business but no one seemed to like her work as much as her late husbands. Needing money for food Gavin, Fergus’s first son had decided to begin work on the ships going to America. He would send her money here and there but she still went to bed hungry some nights. One a cold winter night she had woken to a sharp pain in her stomach. It seemed to pass for a while until they kept coming over and over again. Screaming she begged for anyone to come to her aid. It took hours until the light of morning came through the windows of their small house. When she cried out as someone passed by their home they were quick to go get help. Minutes later a woman came rushing into the home. Y/n knew her well she was the local midwife. Going to her side she lifted the bloody sheets to see blood coating the hay beneath her. She gave her a worried look before examining her. “What’s happenin’?” y/n asked in a weak voice. “How long ave’ ya been like this?” she asked as she just sat beside her. Feeling her eyes growing heavy she tried to stay awake. “I don’t know… Is the babe comin’?” y/n asked worried by how early it was. When the woman took a deep breath y/n felt tears roll down her cheeks. “Aye deary… bu.. it won’t be alive. I’m so terribly sorry.” Letting out a sob y/n began to shake. “We must hurry and get the babe out of you Mrs. Macleod. When I say I need ya to push, alright?.” she said. Nodding y/n did as the midwife said. It seemed to take forever but finally she gave birth to a little boy. Wrapping the babe in a blanket she handed the quiet child to y/n. Looking down at the child y/n cried and stroked the side of his cheek. He looked like her Fergus. Thinking of him made her feel guilty. “I’m so sorry Fergus.”  she said in a whisper. Placing her lips on the stillborn’s forehead she closed her eyes. “Mrs. Macleod? Y/n?…” When she did not move the mid wife covered her mouth with her hand and tears fell from her eyes. 

Turning off the coffee pot y/n made her way towards the toaster. Grabbing her toast she took the cup in her other hand she went into the library to see Sam and Dean sitting at the table doing research. Sitting down the cup of in front of Dean she went to sit beside, “Thanks sweetheart.” the eldest Winchester said. Going back to research y/n read up on what monster could be behind all the recent deaths in a small town in Iowa. Hearing a strange voice all three of the hunters looked up. “Hello…Boys?” the accented voice said from what sounded like the kitchen. Sam and Dean gave a roll of their eyes and a a small groan. Standing Dean  went into the kitchen and started talking to the man who had just randomly popped up in the bunker kitchen. “Who is that exactly?” y/n asked Sam. “Crowley. He the king of hell and a pain in our ass…” “What’s wrong with your ass moose?” the voice interrupted making his way into the library. “Now who is this lovely creature?” he asked looking over her body but not yet being able to see her face. Not being able to stop herself she put down the book she had been reading an looked towards the demon. “Don’t even think about it Crowley.” Dean warned. Meeting each others eyes the king of the damned fell still. His breathing picked up and he didn’t say a word as he looked at the woman he had thought he lost forever. “Y/n?” he whispered making the brothers knot their brows. “Do you two know each other?” Sam asked. Snapping your head away from the man who seemed to draw you in you looked to your best friend and shook your head. “No I’ve never seen him before.” her words seemed to cut through the demon like a knife and before anyone could register he was gone.

Pacing over the tall grass of a lone hill Crowley rubbed his hands over his face. It wasn’t possible, it couldn’t be, Y/n had died in childbirth. He had read the words on her headstone over a thousand times in the last 300 years. She and their child had died not even two months after his own death. But that woman in the Winchester’s bunker today that was no doubt her. He would never mistake her, she was the only woman to ever love him truly. With a deep breath to calm himself he teleported back to the bunker, this time not letting himself be seen. It was now nighttime there and he walked around to find Dean sleeping on one of the chairs, his laptop in his lap. Sam was not far away still awake reading over an old book. Normally the demon would mess with the two but not tonight. Tonight he was set on something more important. Walking down the hall he saw one of the doors opened and peeked inside. There was a figure sleeping under the blankets on the bed and he slowly made his way inside. Quietly going over to the bed he stared at her. She was just as beautiful now as she was then. Running his knuckles over her cheek she whimpered softly before smiling and going back to sleep. “What are you doing?” a voice said snapping Crowley out of his thoughts. Looking towards the Angel Crowley saw Castiel to be glaring at him. “None of your business giraffe, go fly away.” He growled and soon the Angel was grabbing his arm. Going to yell they both stopped when they heard a mumbling. Looking over Crowley saw as y/n was being woken up by their commotion and snapped his fingers sending both of them away.

“…You know I’m telling the truth Castiel. She is my wife.” Crowley told the angel making him sigh. “She was your wife. When your were Fergus Macleod, not the king of hell.” Castiel replied and saw Crowley look down. “Her soul is pure Crowley. What do you think would happen to it if she was to fall back in love with a demon?… If you ever loved her, let her go.” he said before disappearing. Swallowing the lump in his throat Crowley knew the angel was right. Y/n deserved better than a eternity in hell. She deserved better than him. Reaching into his pocket he took out the small pocket watch and opened it. Looking down at the small drawing of Fergus Macleod and y/n Macleod he sighed before closing it once again. 

The weeks passed and Crowley went along with his life just like y/n did with hers. He managed Hell while she hunted with the boys not knowing the guardian demon that kept an eye on her. He would watch her from afar as she played pool and celebrated the good hunt with the boys. Crowley had been jealous at first seeing how close she was with them, even making them fall flat on their face on more than one occasion. Knowing his actions Castiel came and explained to him that in this life y/n was their cousin, that they were the only family she had left and that they had been taking care of her since her parents died years ago. After that it seemed things got easier for the Winchesters. It was after one of these hunts that had ended much sooner than normal that the three went out to celebrate. 

The place they had chosen to celebrate this time was nothing like the usual ones hey went to. “It’s pretty loud is’t it?” Y/n yelled over the thumping music and saw Dean just wave his hand, “Come on it’s the only place within fifty miles.” he said and y/n just sighed. Going to a booth they all ordered a few beers. After a couple rounds the boys had found themselves a girl to annoy for the night leaving y/n to go sit at the bar alone. The bartender gave her a large smile before pouring her a shot. Throwing back the clear liquid she blinked her eyes at how strong it was. With the new liquid courage she began flirting with the man that had came to sit beside her. He seemed like a nice guy. He made her laugh and soon was buying her a drink. Sipping the drink at first he lifted his own. “Bottoms up.” he smiled and both chugged down their drinks. “Do you want to dance?” he asked and she nodded. Letting him pull her to the dance floor they danced with each other to the upbeat music that normal she hatted. After a while y/n began to get dizzy and had to lean against the man for balance. Feeling him grab her hip he began leading her away. “Wher…er are we…goin’?” she asked in a dazed voice but he didn’t answer. Going down the hall he pushed her into what looked like an office of sorts. Moving her back he dropped her on a sofa and moved to grab something off the desk. Y/n looked around the room trying to find a way out but everything seemed to blur together. Seeing a bright flash see looked to see the man holding what she guessed was a camera. He took a few more pictures of her and then set the camera down. Going over to her he started pulling off her clothes. Y/n kicked and pushed at him as much as she could but it felt like her limbs weighted a thousand pounds. “You..you put some…thing in my drink.” she mumbled and he laughed, “Finally catch on sweetheart.” he mocked as he pulled her shirt over her head. When she was down to just her bra and panties he started taking picture of her again. By this point she was afraid and crying. “Help…someone.. please help.” she gasped making him laugh harder. “You think anyone is going to hear you over that music?!” he said moving to grope her breast. “I will.” a voice said making the man look towards it to see a man with bright red eyes standing there. 

Crowley had been at a meeting when he heard a call. Holding up his finger to stop the demon from talking he heard it again. “Help… please?” he knew that voice anywhere, it was his y/n. She was in trouble, before any of the demons could respond he was gone. Showing up in a dark room he saw a sight that made his eyes flash red and a low growl form in his throat. There stood a man with his shirt off and his pants undone with a camera in his hands. Looking at the sofa in front of him he saw his y/n laying on it crying with only her undergarments on. He watched as the man took pictures of y/n and began touching her. "You think anyone is going to hear you over that music?!“ he said. "I will.” Crowley growled. Before the man could say another word Crowley had his hand wrapped around his throat and throwing him to the floor. Again and again he punched the man in the face until the sound of his skull cracking filled the air. Calling for his hound he gave a nod and watched as Juliet began tearing the man to pieces. Looking back to y/n he knotted his brows when he saw her trying to curl herself into a ball. Shrugging off his jacket he placed it over her and lifted her into his arms. Her head rolled to his chest and he knew she had been drugged. Growling he looked down at the camera and snapped his fingers making the thing nothing more than a pile of ash before they were gone. Laying her on his bed he pulled the covers up over her semi-nude form. Going into the bathroom he washed the man’s blood from his hands and changed into a simple pair of burgundy pajama pants and a black t-shirt. Pulling up a chair he sat beside the bed and waited for his love to wake up.


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Pairing: Tim Drake X Reader

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A/N: I hope you guys like it!! There will be a Part 2 for this don’t worry guys!!

“TIM!” You cry as you felt tears falling from your cheeks. “NOOO!”

You watched as he took in his last breaths in your arms. He tried to speak but you didn’t let him. “Shh, Tim don’t speak just…Just stay with me,” You plead as he tried to place his hand on your cheek, you placed your hand on top of his. “Please.”

He gave you a little smirk, the smirk he used to always give you when you were feeling down and they always made you happy and smiley, now you were frightened to lose him. “I’m trying……” He spoke in a low tone, barely a whisper. “I’m trying to be with you.”

You pulled him closer as more tears fell. He gently pushed your hair from your face and placed it on your cheek, coughing after. “Tim, stay with me. Don’t..don’t go anywhere.”

You tried to have hope, although it was completely useless. He was dying and you knew it. You could hear his breathing becoming faint with each breath. “I’m sorry, [F/N].” He moved his hand away from you and on top of his chest.

“No, please,” You said. “Please..” You looked into his blue eyes, they were closing. “Don’t close your eyes, stay awake! Please!”

“I love you…..” Those were the last words ringing in your ears as he took in his last breath.

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anonymous asked:

Can you do a story with Newt returning back to England after the incident in New York involving Grindelwald and everyone at the ministry knows but ignore it and Newt feels the shit but at night Theseus sneaks into Newt's room after hearing him have a nightmare and cuddles with him and tries to get him to calm down like when they were kids. (Newt's like crashing at Theseus's place, cause Theseus basically kidnapped him right after getting off the boat)

Newt returns to England and Theseus is determined to keep him there where he can protect him.But then a month passes and Newt misses his friends in New York and one day Percival Graves appears on Theseus’ doorstep wanting to meet the man that was able to realize it was Grindelwald the whole time.So Graves meets Newt and suddenly the man, his old ‘friend’, wants to take his baby brother back to New York?No, Theseus won’t let that happen.The moment Newt steps out of the boat he misses his friends in New York. But he needs to finish his book and find someone interested in publishing it before returning to America.

He thinks about visiting Theseus and staying with him at their old house, but he doesn’t want to bother him, not after what happened with Grindelwald… His brother must know by now that he made quite a disaster back there, he probably doesn’t want to see Newt right now.

But he’s wrong.

He realises that when he tries to take a step and two strong arms wrap around him. He manages to look back and see the familiar face before said face buries itself in his neck.

“How did you know I was coming back today?” Newt asks, curious.

“Anything is possible when you are the head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement.” Theseus looks up again and winks.

Newt fights back the temptation of rolling his eyes because his brother is somehow right. He’s a senior auror at the Ministry and a war hero, which means that everyone respects him. Even though he looks like he’s joking, Newt knows he has a strong influence and power inside the Ministry.

“One letter, are you serious?” His brother protests then and although he steps back enough just to look at him, his arms are still firmly pressed around him. “Just one letter to explain everything that happened? I was worried.”

“I know,” Newt breathes. “I’m sorry… I-I just thought you’d be… You wouldn’t be happy with me. I didn’t want to disappoint you.”

But there’s no disappointment on Theseus’ face, there’s just that worried expression of his and a familiar sadness.

Then there are fingers brushing the curls on his forehead.

“Newt… I’m proud of you. I’m happy you have managed to be what you really wanted,” he explains and takes his face in his hands to make Newt look up at him. “Listen, I know our parents didn’t treat you fairly… They were traditionalists and they didn’t understand you as well as I do. And you must know… I’m not like them, okay? I love you and I’m proud of you.”

There are tears coming from his eyes, but his heart is warm and happy. Theseus smiles back and wipes off the tears on his cheeks.

“C'mon, let’s go home, little brother.”


Theseus not only welcomes him home, but he also helps him to feed and take care of his creatures.

He’s so tired by the end of the day he thinks he’d be able to avoid nightmares and bad memories. But the moment he closes his eyes there’s Grindelwald’s face trying to hurt him, trying to kill Tina and all his friends.

He wakes up with a jolt. For a terrifying moment he forgets where he is and jumps out of the bed in panic. He doesn’t manage to calm down till he sees the case under the bed and reminds himself he’s in Theseus’ house.

He rolls over the bed a couple of times, trying to sleep again, but he’s still afraid of looking at Grindelwald again. His eyes lay on his room’s door thinking that Theseus room is just across the hall. No, he’s not five anymore he can defeat his demons alone. He doesn’t need to bother Theseus.

But he’s so tired and even though he fights to stay awake his eyes close for a second. And a second is enough to make him gasp and shake in terror.

He must have screamed because suddenly Theseus is in the room, kneeling next to his bed.

“Newt, are you okay?”

He nods, but his body betrays him because he’s sobbing and his hands are trembling.

He doesn’t want to be weak.

“It’s alright to be afraid, you know…” Theseus says like he just heard Newt’s thoughts. “Tell me… What is it?”

“I-I had a nightmare,” he explains and feels ashamed just to say it. He bites his lip and looks down.

Theseus rises and for a moment Newt thinks he’s going to leave him, but then a hand reaches out to him.

Newt takes his hand and lets his brother pull him into his arms. They both reach Theseus’ room and he hesitates for a moment when he sees his brother laying on the bed.

“I don’t want to be a bother,” he whispers.

“You’re not,” Theseus assures and opens his arms to him. “Come, little bird.”

Newt giggles and crawls into bed next to Theseus and his brother puts his arms around him.

“You need to sleep,”

“I don’t want to,” Newt protests and he definitely doesn’t pout.

He feels Theseus’ body shake with laughter.

“Fine,” he kisses his forehead and Newt relaxes in his arms almost immediately. “You know I wouldn’t let anything happen to you, right?”

“I know,” Newt smiles back. He can’t see him and then he realises his eyes are closed so he opens them.

“I don’t want to sleep,” he mumbles.

“Then don’t,” Theseus tells him and Newt can hear the amusement in his voice.

Why is his brother amused? Is he singing a lullaby? He’s not sure because his eyelids are heavy and he can’t keep his eyes open.

Theseus mutters something, but he’s not sure what because that’s the moment he falls asleep.


Let’s say this is chapter 1 because I’m going to link this to another Scamander brothers prompt I have in my ask box and I’m probably gonna add some gramander because I have no shame. It’ll be on ao3 as well under the name of Where home is


here’s the summary:

Newt returns to England and Theseus is determined to keep him there where he can protect him.

But then a month passes and Newt misses his friends in New York and one day Percival Graves appears on Theseus’ doorstep wanting to meet the man that was able to realize it was Grindelwald the whole time.

So Graves meets Newt and suddenly the man, his old 'friend’, wants to take his baby brother back to New York?

No, Theseus won’t let that happen.

Preference #1 | "I'm in love with you."

(A/N: I’m going to be writing preferences for a lot of the prompts on this list! Hope you like them :))


Bellamy looked at you with intense eyes, the rest of the group waiting for him at the gate.

“Just be careful out there, okay?” You asked him, holding his hands in yours. You couldn’t dare to let yourself think this would be the last time you got to touch him, the last time you would see him alive. You had to believe, just like every time he left, that he would come back. “I don’t know what I’d do if you-”

“Hey,” he cut you off, shaking his head. “Don’t even think about that. I’ll be okay.”

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Three out of prompt of AbeMiha Home Series! So, who out of two that drinks all the coffee? 

I don’t know why but since I started to filling this meme, I’ve been positioning them with future settings…. and my headcanon for future!AbeMiha is always Abe trying to be athlete doctor (so in uni) and Miha is training in pro athlete team.

Both won’t drink coffee too much generally, but when it’s exam weeks and such Abe will finish all the coffee because he needs to stay awake with his nose buried between his med books’ pages!

Btw I realized that some of the comic I make is really…out of character… maybe you actually expect yelling Abe and sobbing Miha like usual………..gomen for that orz

Hit and Run (aka another depressing af Victuuri fic)

This is unbeta’d so please inform me if I forgot to remove any unintended grammar mistakes!

Thanks to @ppastelderpp, @gays-on-ice, and @such-sparkly-trash for encouraging me to write this fic and letting me discuss my ideas with them.

Chapter 1…

Victor knew the instant something was wrong.

Yuuri had been laughing and grinning with him just a moment prior, but as soon as his eyes flicked to the left, his face paled significantly.

It took a moment for Victor to process just what was happening, as Yuuri sprinted to him, arms outstretched. Victor knew that something was amiss from the pure horror on Yuuri’s face, so he glanced in the same direction that Yuuri had looked just seconds before.

A truck. It was a truck, barreling at speeds that should be illegal in this part of Hasetsu. And it was only four yards, no thre-

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FAMILY || Mafia!Soonyoung [Chp 7: Final]

BLURB: Family is more than just the people you’re born to; family is love, acceptance, and laughter, and the boy with the bright smile who vows never to leave your side.

GENRE: action, au!mafia, family, fluff

WORDS: 2122

PART: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 [Final]

A/N: If you’re a previous reader, I suggest you re-read the previous chapters because I did a lot of rewriting. ;) Enjoy!


“Y/N you’re awake!”

“Don’t close your eyes! Y/N whatever you do, DON’T CLOSE–”


“Get him out of here.”

“Y/N you have to wake up! Y/N DON’T LEAVE ME!”






A gasp.

“She’s conscious?”

“More morphine MOR–”

“Soonyoung, she’s going to be okay.”

“It’s been a week.”

“Her wound’s healing just fine–”

“EXACTLY! She should be awake by now!”

“She’s just in shock…”

Another voice: “She lost her brother, after all.”

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None Of Your Business-Part 14

You are a newly graduated MBA student trying to get a highly sought-after job at Wesson Technology.  You have spent your life proving to people that your more than your Omega status.  Will billionaire tech genius Alpha Sam Wesson take a chance on you?

Part 1 (all parts are linked)

Characters:: Alpha! Sam Wesson, Alpha! Dean Smith, Omega! Reader, Beta! Charlie Bradbury, Omega! Ruby, Beta! Cas Novak, Omega! Jo Harvelle, Beta! Kevin Tran, Mandy (OC, Sam’s daughter)

A/N: This is the end, guys! Thanks for sticking by me for this journey!  I appreciate all the feedback I have gotten about this series. I saved the biggest plot twist for the end, just because I can! ;)

Readers POV:

When we got to Ruby’s apartment, the door was unlocked, so we walked right in.  We found Ruby in her bedroom, blood everywhere, slumped in a chair with a bloody towel clutched in her lap.  She was ghostly pale and groaning with pain.

“Sam why don’t you go wait outside for the ambulance while I help Ruby get cleaned up?” I commented.

He nodded gratefully and practically ran out the door.

I started opening drawers until I found a complete outfit and then I got a clean towel from the linen closet.  Ruby was hunched over in pain.  “When did this all start?” I asked.

“About 15 minutes before I called you. I started having pain, and then the bleeding started.  I’m scared, Y/N.  It really hurts.”  She whispered.

We had just gotten Ruby changed when the paramedics came in with the gurney.  “She has lost a lot of blood.”  I told them.  They took Ruby outside and loaded her into the ambulance.

“We will meet you at the hospital.” Sam told the driver.  The ambulance sped off into the night, lights flashing and sirens blaring.

Ruby was immediately rushed into emergency surgery.  It seemed like forever before someone came to talk to us.

“Ruby just came out of surgery.  She suffered a placental rupture, which was the cause of the bleeding.  The baby is fine, but Ruby had massive hemorrhaging due to the placenta not completely detaching from the uterine wall.  We were forced to do a hysterectomy to stop the blood loss.  She is in recovery now.”

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Pressure (Jumin x MC)

You’re on your way to surprise Jumin at work when something goes horribly wrong.

Word Count: 1152

I had my favorite coffee, made some radical scrambled eggs, and got myself a heater blanket so of course, it’s time to write some sad stuff. However, if you’d like me to continue this and have it not be so sad let me know! Thank you so much and have a lovely day!


You slipped into the car, a wide smile on your face as you took one last glance at the desserts. 

Your husband would adore these. 

Driver Kim already knew, shooting you a small grin. “Are you wanting to give him a visit Miss?” 

“Yes please!” You nodded. “He’s been talking about being so stressed, so I thought these would help!” 

“I’m sure just you being there will be more than enough.” 

You dipped your head towards him thankfully as he began to drive, humming a small, quiet tune.

Your heart beat like a drum, your feet tapping anxiously on the floor. 

Would he like it? Would he smile? 

As long as it made his day just a bit better, you knew it’d be worth it. 

“You seem a little nervous?” Driver Kim eventually mentioned, chuckling as you swung your head rapidly at him.

“O-Oh, I guess I am.” You bit your lip. “Is it bothering you? I’m sorry!” 

He cocked his head back to you, giving you a reassuring smile. “You could never bother anyone.”

You would’ve been comforted but you couldn’t help but notice the growing form of a speeding vehicle in the wrong lane. 

Your lane.

It swerved awkwardly from your lane to the one it was meant to be in.

It had to just be your nerves getting to you.

But you had to mention it.

“What’s that..?” You pointed forward, giving an uneasy glance.

His eyes followed your finger, his body preparing to switch the car from harm’s way.

But it was too late. 

You were too late. 

It slammed into your headlights, hideous sounds of screeching, bending metal ringing in your ears. 

The entire front end of the car lurched backward, a horrifying crunch echoing as you felt a pressure smash one of your legs. 

You couldn’t even scream as you upper body lunged forward, you forehead ramming into the back of the front seat. 

Your vision was blurred, the dessert splattered against your clothes.

In the moments where, everything was still nonexistent, still setting in, you called to Driver Kim.

He was hunched over, his form pressing against the steering wheel, with limp arms dangling at his sides.

That’s when you began to feel immense pain.

It started with your chest as you sputtered coughs and cries, desperation filling every ounce of you.

Something warm was dribbling down your forehead, and drenching your leg.

As you reached your hand to you face, you figured it out instantly. 


You were bleeding.

You were bleeding a lot.

You screamed, tears entangling with crimson on your cheeks. 

And then you struggled.

It was a mistake. 

The bars and metals forcing your leg in place dug deeper, splitting your bone like a tree branch.

A broken leg.

It repeated in your head over and over. 

Until you heard a buzzing in your purse. 

Without thinking you threw your hands into your bag, pushing through each little item until you found your phone.

It was exactly who you were afraid it would be.


You don’t know why, but you nearly began crying like an infant the moment you saw his profile. 

But you couldn’t.

You couldn’t make him worry.

You gingerly raised the phone to your ear, trying to hide the way your words trembled.

“Hi honey…” 

He knew right away. “What’s the matter?” 

You never could hide anything from him.

“N-Nothing.” You scrunched up your nose, looking out the window to find clusters of people examining the wreck, many dialing emergency help.

You specifically noticed a messy, exhausted appearing woman. Her hair and clothing disheveled, as she began to shriek in horror.

You knew, it was her. 

You didn’t feel angry though.

You felt tired, and afraid.

You can’t remember the last time you were so frightened. 

“Love, what’s the matter?” 

You took a deep breath.

He needed to know.

“I-I’m really terrified right now.” You whimpered. “I-I’m in a lot of pain.” 

It was as though a waterfall of worry came over him. “What happened? What do you need? Did someone do something to you?” 

When he heard you erupt in furious coughs, he stopped for a moment. 

“Tell me slowly.” 

“I was planning on dropping by your workplace with some d-desserts because I knew you were having such a h-hard time. E-Everything was fine until we were turning and there was this messy driver and,” You held your breath. “I-I can’t move, a-and Driver Kim w-won’t wake up.” 

“What do you mean you can’t move?” His voice was shaking.

“T-The front seat came backward and n-now my leg is stuck. I think i-it’s broken.” A sob broke. “Jumin, it hurts so much.” 

“Are you b-bleeding?” 


“Where are you? I-I’m coming right now.” 

“Please don’t-” 

He yelled, fear laced with every word.

“You are my top priority. I don’t care how much work I miss right now, I am coming whether you like it or not.” 

You heard a sniffle on the other line, his tone was shattering.

“J-Just a few blocks from your usual route to work.” 

Distant, furious shouts boomed from him as he exclaimed his sudden leave. 

You looked down at your leg, gasping as you saw the puddle of red surrounding your foot. 

Dizziness was rocking you like a hammock. 

“Stay on the phone with me, please. Just keep talking to me. I need to know you’re awake.” 

“I don’t know…” You murmured. “There’s so much.” 

“So much of what?” 

You heard a door thrashing open, hurried steps going down a concrete staircase. 

You were still able to make out his sounds, but it was fading.


You heard a stumble and a crash.

He fell, cursing as he scrambled to his feet. 

“Y-You’re going to be okay. You will be okay.” His breath hitched, a sob slipping from his clenched teeth. “I n-need you to be okay.” 

You wanted to tell him you would be.

But you couldn’t. 

You were losing consciousness, your fingertips brushing your torn and battered skin as though it’d disappear with your touch.

Your lids felt heavier than cinderblocks. 

And as though he understood your silence he spoke once more. 

“Please don’t leave me.” 

WARNINGS: reader hurt, description of fight, mentions of abusive relationship

You aimed your gun at him “Simon I know what she did to you but you don’t have to die over this, three people are already dead because of it, don’t make it a fourth” you had Simon trapped on a rooftop of his apartment building

“No, stay there!” He held the knife to his throat

“Simon!” You jumped towards him to grab the knife but he wrapped his arm around your throat “Simon, she killed those other women not you ”

“I’ll go to prison if I let you go” he started pulling the knife along your neck, you grabbed his hand and pushed it away from you and twisted his arm

“We’re going to get you help” you tried to keep a hold of his arms

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okay so imagine that a few years go by

Summer and Jessica are well out of school. and Summer is tired of being consumed by the opinions of everyone around her; she’s had enough of her own personal hell. so she’s doing what she wants, she enrolls into college to take programs where she can study technology, she stops pretending that she doesn’t want a girlfriend.

and not just any girlfriend. she wants Jessica. and it turns out, after throwing all of the fucks she had left to the wind, that Jessica wants her too. Morty is crushed at first, but he’s okay. Jessica is a lesbian; he didn’t stand a real chance, and he’s glad Summer gets to have her instead. Summer deserves it.

and they melt into each other. neither has worked up the courage to be with a woman, and it’s everything. Summer is taken with the way Jessica’s hair smells, her full lips, the softness of her body. Jessica watches Summer when she’s not aware; she can’t believe Summer was hiding under her nose the entire time.

and their relationship progresses. they grow together and Summer starts a career while Jessica works odd jobs. they have a home and a couple dogs. Jessica proposes to Summer out by a cluster of stars that glow Summer’s favorite color. they wed the following winter. Jessica and Summer decide they want to have a baby.

but they can’t.

Summer is infertile and the expensive in-vitro treatments with donor sperm won’t take. Jessica is inconsolable. they try for years until they just can’t. it’s too hard. Summer cannot take another doctor’s visit. she can’t take watching Jessica’s face fall every time the tests turn up negative, the way she cries after the start of each period, sobs that wrack her body until she falls asleep that night, and Jessica stays awake to stare at her wife’s body and will it to work, her beautiful, exhausted body; how could they both fail at this? how can the universes be so cruel?

and then Rick calls out of the blue. “I-I need to show you something. I can’t promise anything, it - it’s experimental, but, Summer, if you trust me, let me show you.”

he does. he shows her. Summer nods and shoots him questions. she keeps herself reigned in, because she can’t afford to get her hopes up. Rick knows that. Rick touches her face for what might be the first time in her life, and his tenderness is alien and alarming. “Summer, I’m no good at this. I just want you to know… y-you know… you deserve this. More than anyone. Happiness, I mean. I love you and I’m proud of you.”

it’s surreal. and it doesn’t stop being surreal, through Rick harvesting her cells and when he asks for her to bring Jessica. it’s surreal and compartmentalized away until about two weeks after the last visit with Rick. because the moment she comes home from work, Jessica is sobbing again, and this time, the test is positive. Rick has fine-tuned a way to impregnate Jessica, and with Summer’s own cells. Jessica and Summer are having a baby. it sticks. Summer is so used to Jessica’s harrowing sadness that it feels euphoric when Jessica smiles. she works overtime and tells her wife to buy everything she wants, buy anything for the baby. and they do.

and Rick and Summer aren’t super emotional people. Rick ducks out of praise for this one. he doesn’t want the focus on his kindness. and Summer doesn’t know how to thank him until they find out their beautiful baby will be a son. and they give him the middle and surnames Ricardo Sanchez. and when Jessica holds their newborn, surrounded by family and friends and the buzz of excitement, Summer watches Rick smile and wipe his wet eyes as they announce the name

"Is He Really That Bad?" Chapter 2: The Escape.

For my biggest fans neb-is-here and onebuttscratcher. I love you both and I hope you enjoy. Thank you for your ideas!
Rushing into the glass prison cell you grabbed Khan’s arm and pulled. “Come NOW, I’ll explain on the way!” Holding his hand tightly and rushing out of the cell with him following behind you. Khan was in shock and confused at what was going on. His eyes were narrow as he tried to process what was occurring, his brows drew together but soon thought slipped away and he ran close by your side now. Alarms were sounding off and officers were heading out of their posts to prevent the escape.

Three weeks earlier:

“I hate having to see you like this.” You said as Khan sat on the floor of his prison cell, facing out towards you, his hand pressed to the thick glass. You sat on the opposite side with your hand pressed to meet his, the glass keeping you separated.

The last five weeks have been hell for the both of you. A lot has happened in the past year since falling in love with Khan. You knew if he was brought back to Starfleet Headquarters he would be thrown in prison for his crimes and you would never be able to see him again. His crimes were horrendous but he was a changed man now, it didn’t make his actions right but just thinking of never being able to see him again was awful. It couldn’t happen, you had to have a plan to get Khan someplace where you two would never be found. It took a careful and elaborate plan.

Five weeks ago, Kirk, your new husband, caught you with Khan in his cell holding hands and cuddling. You had married Kirk to get secrets and higher power over the officers on the Enterprise. Sure the marriage was a bit unethical but you and Khan both agreed it had to be done in order to get off the Enterprise together. After three months of being married to Kirk you struck up a wager between him and Khan, give up the 72 torpedoes. It was a simple wager but one that Khan couldn’t accept, the 72 torpedoes held his family and he wasn’t giving them up so easily.

Your visits to him became later and later in the night as you couldn’t be seen by other officers. One night when gathering laundry from the prisoners you tucked Khan’s shirt away to keep to yourself, if you couldn’t be with him you could at least have his scent, you could hold his shirt close and breathe him in.

Quiet moments together came less and less over the passing months and being separated from Khan was torturous. Just sitting by his cell wasn’t cutting it anymore and it was time to set a plan in motion.
“Come on, come on! Quickly.” You pulled Khan who now was running beside you as you rushed through the corridors.

“Explain.” Khan said, never faltering from his long strides.

“The torpedoes, I sent them off the ship an hour ago to a secret location.” You breathed heavily, skidding to a stop at a intersection of two halls and bearing a hard right still with Khan by your side.

“How did you manage that? Where are they? Who are you?!?” He asked, somehow still not out of breath.

“A little island, no one will ever find us. They are safe there until we can get there.” Another hall came up to your left and you ran towards it.

“STOP!” A group of security officers was heard and you looked back briefly but continued to run for the the shuttle bay to grab the shuttle you had prepared for the journey, earlier in the day.

“Run, no matter what happens just run. It’s the first shuttle at the bay, it’s ready to go. This is for us, please just go. I’ve disabled the rest of the shuttles and the Enterprise, they won’t come after us.” You urged him, fearing you might not be able to outrun the officers that were closing in.

“STOP!” They called again and Khan picked up pace, now pulling you along. A shot rang out in the tight hallway, hitting the rounded stark white wall before another shot rang out. Sudden pain hit you in the calf of the right leg and you went down to the floor. Khan stopped and scooped you up on his arms, he was seething and rage grew in his eyes.

“Go, run…please. I’ll be fine, get us to the shuttle.” You begged him to stay focused. Khan ran towards the bay faster now, his pace was much faster than the officers who were in pursuit. You cried hard into his chest from the pain. “Just please, let’s get out of here. We will never be found, just please, we don’t need revenge, just go.” You cried harder. Khan held you closer and a tear trickled down his cheek, his face still ridged in anger but softening with fear.

Getting to the bay Khan climbed into the first shuttle which you directed him to. He sat you down gently in a chair and closed the shuttle door before securing your belts and getting into the pilots seat.

“The coordinates are beside you, type them in and fly quickly. Open the bay door now.” You said with tremendous pain in your voice. Khan did as instructed and within a moment he was out of the Enterprise and into space heading towards the small island in the South Pacific. A place so small no one would ever find it.

“I’ll get revenge on them for doing this to you.” Khan set the shuttle on autopilot and rushed back to lay you down. He kneeled beside you and wrapped your leg with a bandage he grabbed from a cabinet.

“Owwww!!!!” You screamed and cried as he wrapped the wound. The bullet had gone clean through the calf so at least it hadn’t remained in your leg. “Stop! Please…” You begged him between sobs. His tears had started falling down his cheeks now.

“I know, I’m sorry darling but I need you to remain with me until we reach the island. I can do a blood transfusion there. My blood has regenerative platelets, you will heal quickly. Stay with me please. Stay awake for me.” Khan finished wrapping your leg and now clung to your hand and wiped your tears away with his thumb. “They will all pay for what they’ve done to you.” Rage was coming back to him now. His eyes grew dark and his teeth clenched.

“Promise me…Khan, you can’t hurt them. Focus on getting to our new home. Murdering them all would solve nothing…” You pleaded.

“But…they hurt you.” Khan growled, tears still streaming down your face.

“No, some of them helped me, I wouldn’t have been able to do it all on my own. You can’t kill them, it solves nothing. Promise me, just get us home.” You gazed through tear filled eyes into his.

“I promise. I’ll make this right, we will be fine at home. I’ll get you home.” Khan cried harder, leans down and kissed your forehead, his tears dripping over your hair.

“I love…” You tried to say but things became clouded and faded to black.
Opening your eyes again you had to squint from the bright light that filled the room.

“(Y/N).” Khan smiled, a little tear trickled down his cheek. This time it was a tear of joy.

“Khan? Where am I?” You asked groggily and raising your free hand up to rub at your eyes.

“We are home, darling. The home you secured for us. We are safe and free now.” Khan ran his thumb over the back of your hand and then raised it to kiss it lightly.

“What happened?” You couldn’t quite remember how or if you got to the island.

“You were shot, dear. I got you here and did a transfusion. I stitched you up and the regenerative platelets in my blood did the rest of the work. You have been out of it for two weeks while the platelets worked. It takes a toll on your energy as they help you heal but you are better now. Awake again, I’ve missed your beautiful eyes.” Khan leaned down and kissed your lips tenderly and rested his forehead against yours. “I missed you.” Khan leaned back up and got in the bed beside you, pulling the covers over you both. You snuggled into his side and nuzzled your head to his neck. Khan pressed a kiss to the top of your head and ran a hand over your hair.

“I love you.” You said, almost asleep again, feeling comfortable and safe in Khan’s arms.

“I love you more.” Khan mumbled against the top of your head and kissed it once again before closing his eyes and falling asleep with you.

What Did You Say

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“Derek do we have to train today? We trained yesterday, and the day before that, and the day before that. ” I whine.

“Yes, Y/N. Listen, after what happened to Boyde and Eric, I can’t afford to lose another pack member. Especially you. And now that I’m losing my powers, you’ll need to be able to protect yourself more.” He responded.

“Fine. But do I have to fight you?” I ask.

“What’s wrong with fighting me?”

“It’s just that I know all of your moves. You’re easy to beat because I have fought you so many times. I need a challenge.”

“Okay. I’ll call Scott.” He says. Before I can say anything, he has already picked up the phone and started calling him.

Scott was standing in front of me, looking a little worried.

“I don’t know if I can do this. Y/N, I don’t have a reason to fight you.” He says, trying to get of fighting me.

“Come on Scott! Hit me! I can handle it!” I reassure him.

“Like I said. I don’t have a reason to fight you.”


Derek knew that Scott wouldn’t want to fight, so he had come up with a plan. While Scott wasn’t looking, Derek switched out his phone with a fake. So, going along with the plan, I picked up the fake phone and threw it at the wall. It instantly shattered into pieces.

“Oh. Oops. I’m sure Stiles can send you another picture of the map of Eichen House right?” I say.

Scott’s eyes flashed red. That did it. He lunged, almost tackling me. Almost. I dodged his strike at the last second. Before he could turn around again, I kicked him behind his knee. He went down, but came up again. When he turned around to face me, I realized that he had changed into his wolf form. I changed into my wolf form and try to punch him. He blocks it and twists my arm. I scream in pain. This is going to be a long fight.

Even after ten minutes, Scott and I are still going at it. Derek is off to the side watching us. I half hoped he would come in and stop Scott if he was about to kill me, but then again, Derek is Derek so I never know what he’s gonna do.

I finally had gotten in a good hit, and I thought that I was going to win. But I thought that too soon. Right after I punched Scott, he turned and knocked me in the head with so much force I was surprised I hadn’t gone unconscious instantly. My knees buckled, and the world around me went quiet. My vision was getting darker but I knew I had to stay awake.

I saw Derek run over to me, talking to Scott telling him- wait I don’t know what he was telling him. I couldn’t hear anything. I couldn’t hear. I couldn’t hear! I looked up at Derek, he obviously didn’t know that I couldn’t hear because he was trying to talk to me.

I moved my lips, trying to form words, but I don’t know if they came out correctly. Apparently they did, because Derek’s eyes started to get glossy.

I couldn’t hold on any longer. I had to let the darkness take me.

When I awoke, I was in a hospital room. The tv was on, and there was food on the tray next to my bed. Reaching my arm to grab the tray, I realized that I wasn’t alone. Derek was lying on the couch, sleeping. I could tell he had been here a while because his hair was all messed up, and his shirt was wrinkled. He had bags under his eyes. This must have been his first time sleeping since I have been here. I really hate to wake him, but I need to know what was going on.

I tried calling for him, and I realized that I still couldn’t hear, so I don’t know if it came out correctly. When he didn’t do anything, I tried calling out again, and again, and again. Getting annoyed, I grab the pillow that was behind my head and throw it at him. The uncomfortable pillow hits him straight in the head, and he shoots up. His eyes flash yellow, looking around the room for any sign of danger. Then those yellow eyes land on me.

Derek was next to me in an instant. He placed the pillow behind my head again. I tried talking but he put his finger to his lips, telling me not to. He picked up a note pad and pen that I hadn’t noticed and started writing.

You’ve been out for two days. They had to give you surgery because Scott hit something that caused you to lose your hearing. Doctors said that you should be able to hear again within a week.

I nod. He smiles, and leans up and presses his lips to my forehead.

We were interrupted when the door opened. Scott came in, looking even worse than Derek. The bags under his eyes were darker, and he looked like he had been crying. His eyes were puffy, and his nose was red.

He saw me and he looked worried. Worried for what, I couldn’t tell. But Derek got up and exchanged a few words with Scott, then left the room.

Scott took a seat where Derek had just been. He grabbed the note pad and started writing. It took him a long time, and I was starting to get impatient, but he finally showed me what he had written.

Y/N, I’m so so so sorry. I knew that the phone you threw was fake, you would never do that. I was just trying to give you a challenge. I never meant for you to end up like this. I will never ever be able to forgive myself if you’re not able to hear again. It would have been all of my fault. I understand if you are mad at me.

My eyes shoot up to his. I smile and touch his cheek. He must’ve gotten the message because the biggest smile I had ever seen appeared on his face. He started writing again.

So you forgive me.

I nod.

Two weeks later, I was starting to think that I wouldn’t be able to hear for the rest of my life. My recovery was taking longer than expected.

I had been staying with Derek for the past two weeks, and we had a pack meeting this morning. I really didn’t feel like showing up on time because I wouldn’t have been able to hear what they were saying anyways. So naturally, I decide to take a really long shower. Why take a shower? So that way I won’t have to explain why my face was wet after I cried. Yes, I didn’t want the pack to know that I cried because of this hearing loss. That would only make Scott feel worse than he already does, it would make Derek more worried about me, and the pack would give me more attention. And I didn’t want any of that.

After my shower, aka my time to sob, I felt refreshed. That was exactly what I needed. But of course things had to go downhill.

I was putting up my towel, when I slipped. My head hit the edge of the bathtub, and the world around me started to go dark. No. I knew I had to stay awake. I got up, having to grab the toilet seat to help me when the world surrounding me started to spin. It took a while, but I finally made it downstairs, where the pack was. Well. They obviously didn’t hear me almost fall to my death.

“-yeah but Y/N would be a target. They would take her as an advantage since she can’t hear.” Stiles said.

“Stiles is right.” Lydia agreed.

Stiles was right. I couldn’t hear an- wait. I heard him talk. I heard him!

Stopping dead in my tracks I turned and faced towards the pack. I opened my mouth to say something, but at the last second I decided to have some fun. The pack looked at me when I stood next to Stiles.

I made a hand motion telling them to continue talking.

“We need Y/N though. She’s a great fighter.” Liam says.

“No. I can’t risk it.” Scott says. “Look, it’s my fault she can’t hear. I don’t want it to be my fault if she dies.”

“But it wouldn’t be your fault if she wants to go.” Liam says.

“How would she want to go if she doesn’t even know where we’re going?” Kira asked.

“Well. Where are you going?” I ask.

“To Mexico.” Stiles says.

“Okay. I’m in.” I say.

That’s when it hits them hard. Their heads whip into my direction and smiles are laced on their lips.

“You can talk Y/N! You can talk! You heard us!” Scott exclaims.

“I know!” I exclaim.

Derek comes over and picks me up, and spins me around.

“Okay. Okay.” I laugh. “I really do love all of the celebration. But we’ve got business to attend to.”

Waking him up because he’s going to be late for his schedule~ pt.1

Pogi’s Faves Edition


[Y/N] Dae… dae you need to get up

[DS] wait what? what year is it? what is life? *groans*

[DS] is that breakfast i can smell?

[Y/N] oh now you’re awake *laughing*

[DS] good morning my love <3 *smooches*

[Y/N] You do realise you were meant to be at the YG building 15 minutes ago, right?

[DS] wait…i overslept how long? I’M GOING TO BE KILLED… *run*


[Y/N] rise and shine sleeping beauty*gentle pats*

[TL] can’t I just stay in bed? *sobbing* it hurts to be awake

[TL] I’m so sleepy *groans cutely*

[Y/N] I know baby but you need to wash up… *pats his precious head*

[TL] I’m pretty sure this is boyfriend abuse… *cuddles you whilst yawning*

[Y/N] what? making you get up for work?

*10 minutes later*

[TL] okay… i’m good to go… Jagi am I cute?

[Y/N] so cute that I could die… have a nice day pabo <3

[TL] see you after work Jagi… can I have a kiss… right here?

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anonymous asked:

Could you do a Fred x Reader one in which the reader is having a nightmare (re-living her family's death she saw 3 years ago), suddenly thrashing about in her sleep, causing Fred to awaken and worry, attempting to wake her up. Then the reader wakes up in a scream, with tears running down her cheeks. A little bit of comforting, cuddles and a few kisses until The Reader falls back asleep :3 (Btw I LOVE your imagines! They give me life tbh x)

Sorry this one is so short but I love the request and thank you hahah that means a lot!! xx Enjoy reading eeeek x

Nightmare cures // Fred x Reader

Heavy breathing was what made Fred open his eyes slowly. Normally, he wouldn’t care too much for most sounds, for he needed any hour of sleep he could get so badly, but as he saw that (Y/N) was panting in her sleep, something rushed through his veins that made him straighten up immediately. They had fallen asleep with their arms around each other, but now her body was slightly twitching along with her breathes, making her detach from Fred’s arms. “(Y/N)!” he gasped, putting his hand on her shoulder. “(Y/N), darling” he repeated once more, his voice steady and calm, but she did not react, but started mumbling words instead. “No” she repeated over and over again, sounding more desperate each time. Her head jerkily turned to the side, whereupon Fred could see her eyelids moving rapidly – he felt slightly scared at the sight of her obviously experiencing something terrible in her sleep, so he gently shook her and repeated her name. “(Y/N), wake up, come on” he said determinedly, but her dreams had caught her completely. “Don’t-“ she gasped. A moment later, sweat was pouring down her temples and she looked pale; her breathing got harder and she did a full turn to the side. “Leave them alone, please, I beg you” she panted, whereupon Fred slipped forward and put his hands on her waist, pulling her to him. “(Y/N), wake up!” he said loudly, but she was still twitching in his grip. “NO, NO- N-NO, PLEASE!” she said and a second later, she opened up her eyes and let out a scream of fright. “N-No” she gasped when tears started to roll down her face onto the sheets. “(Y/N), shh, (Y/N), look at me!” Fred said, trying to keep his voice steady. His hands cupped her face and he looked at her. “It’s okay, it was only a dream, do you understand?” he mumbled softly. (Y/N) couldn’t keep herself from sobbing; it was now that she realized how badly she had sweated and moved. “They t-took my f-family from me, what if they will take y-you-” she wept, but Fred put his hand on her forehead and gently brushed back her hair. “It was only a dream, (Y/N). Look, it’s still dark outside. It was only a dream. I’m here to watch over you, okay?” Fred said calmly, but he couldn’t conceal his worry for her. She was absolutely terrified, dreadfully confused, and Fred knew what she had dreamt about. “Sit up, darling” he mumbled and pulled her upper body so she would be sitting up straight. “You need a bit of water, I’d say. Always helps” he smiled carefully and made a cup zoom toward him, whereupon he grabbed his wand from the nightstand and muttered „Aguamenti“ and the cup filled with water. 

He softly passed it to (Y/N) and watched her taking a sip. “Take a few more, (Y/N)” he advised. Fred smiled at her, his hand still brushing through her slightly tousled hair. “Better?” – (Y/N) nodded, but her eyes were still reddish from the tears and fright. “Do you want to talk about it?” Fred asked, whereupon she shook her head. “Good” – Fred gently put his arms around her waist and pulled her onto his lap, whereupon she buried her face in his neck, sobbing lightly. “I was s-standing right next to them, I watched th-them-” she started mumbling in despair, but Fred hushed her softly. “I though we had agreed not to talk about it now? It was only a dream. What you need now is sleep to recover a bit” - He placed a tender kiss on her forehead and waited for her to catch his glimpse. “But I don’t want to sleep, what if I dream the same dream again-” - “But you can’t stay awake either, (Y/N). You can snuggle up to me and I’ll watch out for you, okay? It’s alright” - Fred smiled when she gave him a nod and softly lifted her from his lap again before getting up and grabbing a towel from the desk in the bedroom. With another “Aguamenti” charm, he moistened it and very gently put in on her forehead. “You’re a bit hot up there” he commented. (Y/N) smiled at him, but he wasn’t done yet. “What about you change your shirt? A bit of freshness after a nightmare will guarantee a decent sleep” - Fred chuckled slightly and handed her a shirt of his that she absolutely adored on him. She slowly changed, Fred helping her here and there. “Looks and does good” he said when he saw (Y/N) in his shirt (which was obviously oversized to her). It was true, she felt somehow refreshed, especially when his scent filled her nostrils. “A bit better already?” - (Y/N) nodded and smiled shyly, whereupon Fred drew nearer, placed a soft kiss on her cheek and let her put her hands around his neck. With a light swing, he lifted her up; he could feel her legs wrapping around his waist for a moment before he softly turned her around to lay her down on the bed. As a matter of fact, she felt way more secure when he carefully put the sheets over her body and finally placed himself next to her. Fred’s hands slid down to her back; he caressed it softly before he leaned forward and pressed his lips on hers. There was something so comforting about the way he looked at her; and now, with the kisses, (Y/N) took his hand in response. He carefully pulled her closer to him while kissing her over and over again. “Always a good cure” he mumbled when he let go of her, a smirk tracing his lips. “I approve” (Y/N) replied softly. Fred began to run his fingers through her hair again while placing little, soft kisses on her cheeks and neck. When she sighed, he let her rest her head on his chest to calm her down so she would fall asleep again. His thumb traced the edge of her waist in soft movements; and after a few minutes, he felt delighted to see that she had peacefully fallen asleep again. His grip around her tightened and when he woke up the next morning to go to work, he found her laying in the same position she had been in when he had gently guided her to sleep.

Misconduct, Ch. 7 [Soldier 76/Reader]

You have an extremely inappropriate crush on your commanding officer. Maybe if you work hard enough, you’ll stop having feelings.

[ AO3 Link ]

Author’s Notes: Collaboration with @antiloquist. Follow the blog @ http://miss-conduct.tumblr.com/

Chapter Notes: merry christmas!! before you continue, we strongly recommend going back to the previous chapter and rereading the last scene, just to put you back in the mindset of what was going on.

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Griever Girl

Request: Can you do an imagine where the reader is newts sister who he doesn’t really care about and sees as a burden until you die saving him and he regrets ignoring and abusing you? Thanks and sorry for it being so long😁

Warnings: sad, ooc Newt, death

Notes: I didn’t make Newt abusive, and kind of just made this more of a typical sibling relationship.

You followed your brother around, asking him what you could do. You finished your tasks today in the Glade, and now you had nothing to do. So the only thing you could think of was going to your big brother and asking him.

“Newt, what can I do?”

“I don’t know, Y/N,” he groaned in annoyance.

“There has to be something!” You pressed. 

Newt whipped around. You’d been bugging him for only ten minutes, but it was enough to annoy the hell out of him. 

“Listen, I don’t buggin’ know what there is for you to. I’ve been telling you that for the past ten minutes, so piss off!”

Your facial expression faltered. You didn’t like making your brother upset. You hated it. But you so badly wanted to impress him, and be by his side. You wanted your brother to treat you like he treated everyone else in the Glade. He treated them all like he cared. You felt like he didn’t care at all.

“I just… I wanted to know if you needed any help. You know, we’re getting closer to escaping the Maze. I keep hearing talk that it’s going to be tonight…” Your voice was soft. You didn’t look Newt in the eyes. He rolled his, sighing.

“Go kill a bloody Griever,” he muttered sarcastically. He shook his head then. “No. Nothing for little you.”

A groan left your throat. “But Chuck is helping out and we’re around the same age!”

“Y/N!” Newt snapped again, yelling. “I told you no. Bug off! You’re so annoying, Jesus.”

He stormed away then. You stood there, feeling distraught. You just wanted him to be proud of you. And that got you thinking…

You walked to the Homestead. You headed over to the little room made specially for you. You pulled out some paper and pencil. You began drawing away, sketching a weapon. It was a shovel, but attached to it were shards of glass and barbed wire. Everyone was making some kind of weapon with the tools provided. You wanted to make your own and kill a Griever. Newt may have muttered it, but you heard him. Your mind was stuck on killing a Griever because then he’d be proud of you.

Once drawing out your weapon, you examined it. It was possible to make, so you instantly ran out of the Homestead, rushing over to where the shovels were. You grabbed one, ignoring all the Gladers questions about what you were doing. You began to get duct tape, the barbed wire, glass shards, and wire cutters. You started making your weapon.

“Y/N, what’re you doing?” Newt limped over to you. He didn’t seem happy like usual.

“I’m making a weapon so I can ki–”

“You sure as hell are not. They’re too dangerous.” He tried to yank away the stuff. You jerked it back.

“Why would you care?” You barked. “You don’t care at all about me anyways, so let me do my own thing! I’m a big girl.”

“I care,” Newt argued. “You’re my sister, I have to–” You cut him off.

“That’s a pile of klunk. You care about everyone else, and treat them with kindness. I always get the cold bloody shoulder from you. You’re such an arse to me all the time, and all I’m trying to do is make you proud of me so maybe then you’ll treat me better!” You exploded, breathing through your nose. You could feel your face hear up from trying to hold in angry tears.

Newt grimaced. “Fine. Do whatever you want. But just for your information, I do care.”

“Yeah, right. Whatever you say,” you spat out bitterly. You waved him off, and he just stalked off. For sure, you were going to kill a Griever. All on your own, too. If Thomas could do it, so could you. 

The time came for the grand Griever War. Tonight, most of the Glade was going to escape the Maze. Thomas and Minho had found a way out, and now it was time to leave. Everyone was prepared, weapons ready. Grievers would be out, ready to attack. You were going to kill one of them. You were so dead-set on it.

When it was time to start running, you kept up with Minho, Thomas, and Newt. You were a good runner, keeping up. Then it was time to fight Grievers. It happened all so fast. Chuck, Thomas, and Teresa went inside the Griever Hole to punch in a code while everyone else stalled the Grievers. You readied your weapon.

People began fighting. It was a brawl. You tried your best to help Gladers who needed. And you actually did it. You and Winston managed to push a Griever off this ledge, letting it plummet to its death. You actually killed a Griever. 

You looked around for Newt, praying that by chance he saw. He didn’t. He was fighting off another Griever with a group of boys.

“Newt, watch out!” Frypan shouted. You turned around, seeing a Griever behind Newt.  You broke into a sprint, pushing your brother out of the way. The monster’s robotic arm came swinging down, grabbing you. A blood curdling scream erupted from you. You squirmed and flailed your limbs. The things crushed you, and you could feel your body breaking. You squeezed out air, trying to breathe.

A few Gladers jabbed the Griever with multiple knives and other sharp tools in the moist, skin-like part of it. The monster screeched, dropping you. You collapsed to the ground, not feeling a single thing anymore. You lungs begged for air, but it was impossible.

“Y/N?!” Newt got to you. “Hey, you’re okay. You’re okay, please. Be okay.”

“I did it…” you mumbled, looking up at the fake sky.

“Did what?” He asked you, voice shaking.

“I did what you said…. I killed a Griever… Aren’t you proud of me?” You were weak, and you were fading fast.

“I’ve always been proud of you,” he cried, his tears landing on your torn and bloodied shirt. “I’m sorry for being harsh. I don’t have a reason. I’m just… I’m sorry. I regret it. Please, stay awake. We’ll get help.”

You blinked slowly, not looking at him. “No.” You whispered. “You have to keep going. I’ve done my part.”

“N-No,” Newt sobbed. “No! I need a second chance. I need a second chance at treating you better. You’re not done!”

“Newt, we need to go,” someone called him. He shook his head profusely. He was a blubbering mess.

“Not without Y/N. Not without my sister.”

You lay there, falling deeper into sleep. It was calling for you, and you were giving in. The sweet bliss of sleep. Everything hurt so much that you were numb. But you had done your part. You had killed a Griever with Winston, and Newt told you he was proud of you. That was all you needed.

“Go, Newt.”

“Not without you.”

“I can’t… move. I’ve done my part.” You repeated. 

Frypan and Winston ended up dragging Newt away. You told them to leave you, and although it hurt them, they followed your orders. Newt wailed and struggled to get out of their grasps, but it was no use. He last saw you laying on the cold Maze floor, taking your last breath.

At that moment, Newt regretted every single moment he didn’t treat you right. He treated you poorly, and all you ever did in return was love him as a brother. Hell, you protected him, when he never did such a thing for you in the Maze. He had no excuse why he didn’t treat you with kindness. He just did. You got on his nerves like any other sibling would. But you died, and he never once told you that he loved you, and that he was happy you were his sister. He regretted everything, and wish he could take it all back.

Burnt Brownies (Part 22)

Title: Burnt Brownies

 Summary: Sometimes a horrible moment can be a blessing in disguise.  You learn this first hand when you manage to start a fire from a burnt pan of brownies. Firefighter AU.

 Warnings: Angst. Talk of Injury.  

 Burnt Brownies Master Post

Masterlist of Fan Fiction 

Originally posted by lunasdeath

 Chapter 22 

Beep. Beep.  Your brow squeezed together as the sound invaded your ears.  It was a constant tempo, rhythmic almost.  You shifted a bit and tightened the hold on Cas’ hand. You had drifted off to sleep in your chair.  For a glorious moment, you had forgotten all that had happened, but then it came painfully crashing down on you, sending your eyes flying open and you bolting up in your chair.  

It took a moment, a few deep breaths, and a critical look at Cas before you were able to calm your pounding heart.  He was safe, he was healing, he would be fine.  That was your mantra.  You repeated it over and over and over again until your body responded to the calming words. You shifted and glanced over, noticing that Gabriel was passed out, his head tilted back on his chair as a slight snore drifted from him.  

You couldn’t help but laugh a little at the sight.  Hopefully you looked better while you were sleeping, you jokingly thought to yourself.  You shifted and looked down at Cas’ hand.  The bruises seemed darker today, but that was expected.  They would look worse before they looked better.  You focused on a little patch on the back of his hand that was unmarred.  You rubbed a soothing circle on it with your thumb as you gave a sad smile.  

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