i need to stay awake sob

15milbosses week!

Day 2 (3/21): how long have you been subscribed and when/how did you find the channel?!

I am subscribe until February 2016, one year and moth now! 

But I find channel in December 2015.

I was curious what other way Undertale ended and I found this crying bean.  I was just shocked how much emotions game can awake. 

So yeah, my first contact with our loud bean was when he was quiet sobbing green cute boy.

I decided to go back after few months because he just stay in my mind for so long, and I was sad and I just needed voice in background. To this day I remember when I was typing with friend and tell her how ridiculus it is to watch someone playing games, but the guy have really nice voice to listen. Haha. 

And that’s how Jack become my “friend”.