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Pairing - Bucky x Reader

Summary - When you are certain no one notices what you’re going through your favorite supersoldier steps in to save the day.

Prompt: #31. “I love you so much, you saved my life.”

Warnings - wee bit of angst, but I make up for it with fluff

Word Count - 1776

Notes - For @bucky-plums-barnes 8,000 Followers Writing Challenge - congratulations on your milestone Gen! This fic idea has been rolling around in my head for awhile and I’m so glad you put all this together cause it gave me the push I needed to finish it and put it out there. I started this fic on one of my really down days (which coincidentally occur during my period go figure) and those are the emotions I’m channeling here. If only we all had a Bucky to be there for us like this…

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You couldn’t stop crying. And it didn’t make sense. You couldn’t really pinpoint why you felt the way you did, on a normal day you were a regular ray of sunshine, always with a kind word or encouragement for your teammates, quick to whip up someone’s favorite cookie or make an impromptu Starbucks run. But today, today you were the one out of sorts. You were the one who needed someone, anyone, to just notice that you hadn’t shown your face today. To notice that you hadn’t posted anything on social media. Just to notice you. At all.

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Angel baby~Part 1

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I have a serious problem with controlling myself these days so yeah I have another fic series coming up and this is the magnificent part one 

I am sorry I just couldn’t stop the urge of writing sugar daddy jimin 

I hope you guys are going to like it because DAMN I LOVE THE STORY LINE OF THIS ONE 

I’ll stop now, enjoy :) 

-4, 009    words 

mentions of smut 

Pairing: Female Reader x Park Jimin

Genre: Sugar baby/sugar daddy AU; multimillionaire!jimin

~Your new sugar daddy is anything but what you expected, and you’re not complaining.~

music rec list:  (just for the cozy bar vibe) 

all of them are alex aiono and william singe covers lmao oops :’) 

preview, part 1

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doctorshufflepuff  asked:

okay i am All About the fluff, can I has father/son Moxiety cuddles? baking? painting each others' nails? just little drabbles of happy times

Imma go with baking :)

also this got crazy stupid long because i have no self control but enjoy!

Warnings: none i know of, but let me know!

Basically: Patton and Virgil, against the odds, manage to make a decent batch of brownies

It was late one rainy Tuesday afternoon that found Virgil casually sitting in the kitchen of the common mindscape. Or, more accurately, sitting cross-legged on the kitchen counter by the open window, sipping a glass of milk as he listened to the rain. He found it relaxing, the light pattering, and allowed his head to tip back against the cabinets.

He hadn’t noticed he had started to doze off until he heard the gentle thudding of cabinets, accompanied by bowls and utensils clattering. When he opened his eyes, Virgil wasn’t surprised to see Patton prepping the kitchen for…?

“What are you making, Patton?” Virgil licked his lips, feeling how dry his mouth had gotten during his “nap”. He took a sip of his milk, room temperature.

“Oh! Hey there Virgil! Did I bother you there, son?” Patton’s cheerful face popped up from under the counter where he had been digging.

“Nah, you’re good. What are you making?” Virgil repeated, sitting forward now.

Patton bounced to his feet, grinning widely. “I’m gonna make chocolate chip brownies!”

Virgil smiled. He liked brownies, when they were fresh, at least. But baking was tedious, so it rarely ever happened if Patton was in charge; the sunny trait would get sidetracked and things would get disorganized or forgotten. “Nothing better to do?”

Patton shrugged. “It’s rainy out, which is perfect weather for indoor activities! And no one has made anything in a while so I figured, why not?” Patton continued buzzing around the kitchen as he spoke, pulling out flour and cocoa and other ingredients.

“I can’t deny that. And brownies are good.” Virgil conceded.

He leaned back against the cabinets once more to watch Patton flit around the kitchen, content for the moment, before he had to jump to his feet a moment later.

Patton had stretched up on tip-toes, reaching for a baking pan someone (probably Roman) had tossed up on top of the cabinets carelessly. He had just managed to get his fingers on it when it wobbled and decided to fall. He jerked his arms back to shield his face, but the pan never hit. Instead, it hovered a foot from his head, caught by Virgil who was now standing on the counter.

“You good, Pat?” Anxiety asked, lowering himself down off the counter.

Patton nodded, lowering his arms and taking the pan from his counterpart. “Yeah, thanks, son. We were on the Verge of a real disaster there, huh sport?” He was grinning again already as he playfully elbowed Virgil, who couldn’t hold back a chuckle at the pun on his name.

Still a little shaken over the near accident and the burst of adrenaline, Anxiety busied himself with washing out his milk glass. The rain had picked up again, and he felt the tension melt off his shoulders and go down the drain with the greywater. “So, is that everything you need to get started baking?”

“Yeppers! Now we gotta just put everything together.” Patton was already wrist deep in the flour bag with the measuring cup and Virgil couldn’t keep his eyebrows from shooting up to his hairline at the mess Patton had already managed to make. He also hadn’t missed that Patton had said “we”, obviously meaning Virgil was now part of this.

And so, Virgil pushed up his sleeves and joined the fray. Mostly he wound up passing things to Patton, who measured things out according to the recipe Virgil read off to him. As they worked Patton casually snacked on chocolate chips and Virgil tidied up as they went – to clear counter space and because spills are gross. They made a surprisingly good team as they crossed items off the list; at least until they got to the sugar.

“Patton, it only says 1 ¼ cups of sugar.” Virgil held out his hand uncertainly, stopping Patton from pouring a second whole cup of sugar into the mix.

“Well, yeah sure. But that doesn’t seem like nearly enough to me! And what’s wrong with making them sweeter?” Patton tried to move around Virgil’s hand, but the nervous trait moved and grabbed him by the wrist, lightly, keeping him from adding more sugar.

Anxiety chewed his lip as Patton gave him an annoyed stare at being retrained. After a moment’s hesitation he let go, and was relieved when Patton didn’t move to pour the sugar in. “Logan always says baking is a science, and normally I don’t care about that, but we’re gonna be eating these. What if adding too much sugar makes them fall apart or burn or something? I don’t want to ruin the whole batch.”

Patton pouted for a moment before sighing. “Fine, I guess you’re right. Can we at least add extra chocolate chips then? They’re just gooey and delicious!”

Virgil smirked at him. “Yeh, I guess, if you don’t eat them all first.”

Patton ducked his head sheepishly, but still popped another chip into his mouth.

From there, things continued smoothly. They fell back into their easy rhythm. Patton was doing a good job of staying on task with Virgil’s help, and he enjoyed watching the younger Side move easily around the kitchen; the rare sight of a relaxed smile on his face as he wiped the counter for the dozenth time since they’d started warmed his heart. The small sad voice in Patton’s head wished he could see him like this more often, but he simply shook it off, asserting that Virgil didn’t represent Anxiety without reason. If he wanted Virgil to relax around him more then he would just have to make sure he didn’t need to be stressed.

Finally, the time came to put the batter in the oven, which the younger trait insisted on doing. (“The baking pan has already attacked you once, we shouldn’t give it a second chance.”)

While they waited for the brownies to bake, they elected to watch Parks and Rec, which was about the length of the bake time, in the living room. Patton wound up stretched out on the sectional, with Anxiety perched on the arm of the couch, half his attention on the kitchen, just waiting for something to catch fire or, at least, the timer to go off.

He hated waiting. As Patton laughed along to the “Treat Yo’ Self!” episode, Anxiety quietly got up, again and again, double and triple checking. Did they shut the fridge? Were there any spills he missed? Did he accidently put the oven mitt IN THE OVEN-no ok. Eventually he elected to wash the dishes and watch the TV from the kitchen where he could keep an eye on everything. He could hear the rain in the kitchen.

He was ready when the timer went off, checking the brownies were done and pulling them out. He was already cutting them by the time Patton joined him. When he looked up at his counterpart, Patton was wearing a fond smile that broke into a wide grin when he spoke. “Thanks for your help today, Verge. It was fun, wasn’t it? We should team up more! Like a father-son team!”

Virgil felt his brain stutter at the praise and he averted his gaze and cleared his throat awkwardly. “Uhm, yeah. Thank-Thanks Pat. Yeah.”

“Now how about we dig into these brownies, huh? If they taste as good as they smell they aren’t gonna last the day!”

The two wound up finishing the batch while curled up on the couch together, Virgil dozing on Morality’s shoulder as the elder carded his fingers through his hair. 

Patton still thought the brownies could’ve used more sugar.

New Man (Part 4)

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Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 

His hand landed on your hip and he pinched at your skin. “I regret leaving you, Y/N. So I’m fixing my mistakes. I want this. I want you back in my life and I want my family back. Will you marry me?”  

     You felt exhausted and your body ached as you forced yourself out from bed. You had felt like this for about a week now. It seemed like each day you were feeling tired more than ever. You found yourself shuffling into the bathroom and let out a huff. The change had hit you slowly; the feeling of being exhausted and bloated wasn’t fun. It had gotten to the point where you were starting to wonder if you were becoming sick. You grabbed your toothbrush from its place and wet the bristles before spreading the toothpaste on it. You were finally off from work, but that didn’t mean you didn’t have stuff to do. With a toddler you were always at work. After Scott and Raine had met three weeks ago he had been spending more time at your home and even spending the night. It was part of your way to ease Raine into seeing Scott frequently. If he was going to be in your every day life then being around your daughter was a must. 

It hadn’t dawned on you that you had nearly slept the morning away. The minute your eyes landed on the clock you went into a frenzy. You and Luke had an appointment with a possible daycare center Raine would be attending. The meeting was at 12:30 and already it was 11:50. You still weren’t dressed and Raine was most likely asleep since you hadn’t woken her up or fed her at all. You swiped your phone from off the charger and dialed up Luke. You pressed the phone up to your ear and raced into Raine’s room. “Come on Raine Cloud we gotta go,” you cooed, running your finger over her cheek. It was a habit you had picked up from Luke, a method he used to wake her up. The sound of Luke’s voicemail filled the line and you let out a groan. Once Raine had stirred twice at your actions, you picked her up from the crib. At the same time you called Luke again this time putting the call on speaker as you went to change Raine.

“Hello?” Luke’s voice filled the air making you let out a sigh of relief. You began to take Raine’s pajamas off and grabbed the baby wipes.

“Hey so I woke up late and I’m just waking Raine up now,” you told him, “We might be like two minutes late, but just wait for us outside the daycare alright?” You grabbed a fresh diaper from a stack and grinned at Raine. “Good morning sleepy head,” you cooed at the child, lifting her legs up to slide the new diaper under her. You were never late for anything, so at the moment your whole day was at a setback.

“Why don’t I just pick you two up? I’m at Ashton’s right now so I’m literally down the street and that saves you time on trying to find a place to park,” Luke replied, you could hear shuffling and voices in the background. Your face scrunched up at his words and you began to chew on your bottom lip in thought. Somehow Luke could sense your hesitation and he spoke up before you could say anything. “Y/N you’re already running late just let me make it easier for you. I’ll be there in ten,” Luke said.

“Fine. Can you pick up breakfast too? I’ll give Raine a bottle for now, but I don’t have time to eat,” you agreed. Luke had muttered something you couldn’t quite hear, but you assumed it was that he was on his way. “Thanks I’ll see you soon,” you said, ending the call. “You ready to see daddy?” you asked, Raine, tickling her stomach and making her laugh. You placed her down and began to look in the closet for some clothes. Finally you had settled on dressing Raine in a polka dot dress Liz had gotten for her with a gold bow to match. By the time you had laid her down on the toy mat in the living room and made a bottle, Luke had arrived. 

“Why aren’t you dressed?” Luke questioned the minute he took a look at you. Your hand went up to grab your hair and you gave him a sheepish smile. You handed the bottle of formula over to him.

“Shit I’m like scattered brained today,” you sighed. Luke’s eyebrows furrowed at your words and he watched as you raced to your room to get ready. A thought entered his mind and he shook it away not wanting to believe what he was thinking was actually happening. Minutes later you emerged ready to go. “Do I look okay?” you asked Luke, turning around so that he could see your outfit at full. You wanted to make a good impression on the principal of the daycare. Luke’s eyes scanned over your body and he smiled to himself. Your eyebrows rose at him in question and he cleared his throat.

“Y-Yeah you look great,” he said, going back to getting Raine in her shoes and jacket. You collected your stuff and the three of you left out to catch your meeting. The car ride was abnormally quite and for some reason you felt nervous about being around Luke. Your dynamic with him had always been weird ever since you two split up. Co-parenting with someone you had once loved, possibly still loved was never easy. “Oh I got you some Dunkin’ Donuts it’s in the backseat,” Luke commented, eyes locked on the road as he hummed along to the music. You turned in your spot and reached for the brown paper bag. Silence filled the air once again and you opened the bag. Inside was about four donuts. Two of them being your favorite and the other two jelly filled. You grabbed the chocolate glazed donut and took a bite out of it. Your face scrunched up as you began to chew, the feeling of nausea hitting you. You tossed the donut back into the bag and grabbed the jelly filled one instead. “So uh how’s Steven?” Luke questioned, trying to make small talk. He glanced into the rear view mirror to take a look at Raine. She was busy watching some cartoon you had placed on and drinking the baby formula. 

“Scott,” you corrected through a mouth full of powdered jelly donut. Luke glanced over to you and did a double take.

“Hey! I grabbed the jelly filled for myself. Chocolate one is for you,” he commented. You took another bite of the donut and shook your head. “Scott I mean. How’s Scott?” Luke asked, turning the corner. The two of you had five minutes before the appointment started. You swallowed the food and let out a deep sigh.

“He’s good. How are the boys?” you muttered, trying to change the subject. You didn’t feel like talking about Scott mainly because recently the two of you had gotten into an argument which as a result you weren’t talking at the moment, and you didn’t want Luke to know about it. “I should really stop by and see them,” you said. You use to have a close relationship with Luke’s friends. Ever since the breakup you had distance yourself from them. Luke pulled into the parking lot of the daycare and stopped the car.

“They’re good. Crazy bunch like always,” he said, grabbing the bag from you and pulling out the second powdered jelly donut. “You didn’t even touch the ones I got you,” he sighed, still on the fact that you were eating his donut. 

“The taste of it makes me want to throw up,” you nonchalantly told him, unbuckling your seat belt. Your words had made Luke pause in action and the thought he had from earlier entered his mind. “Okay are you ready?” you said, lifting down the visor so you could look at your reflection. You wiped the powder off your lips and reapplied your lipstick. You got out the car and Luke went to unbuckle Raine from the car seat. The minute she had Luke’s attention she began to talk to him about the show she had just watched. He carried Raine as you both walked towards the entrance of the daycare. You had been looking around for a few daycare centers for about two months now. It was getting to a point where neither you or Luke wanted to pay for a sitter while you both worked. At least with the daycare Raine would be in one place with other children. If you and Luke needed a sitter over the weekend or at night then it’ll work out. After looking around and arguing with Luke about which daycare would be best, the two of you finally agreed on one. Now it was time for you to talk with the principal and get a tour of the place before you actually decided.

     “Now we do keep the children for just an hour after the daycare closes just in case the parents are running late,” the principal said, handing both you and Luke a pamphlet. “Of course we don’t want the parents to make a habit out of it so the limit stops at four,” he explained. You and Luke nodded at his words and you flipped through the pamphlet. 

“Some weekends Raine will be with her dad, so do I need to call you all in advance to let you know he’ll be picking her up?” you asked, pen poised in one hand as you looked up at the principal. 

“That wouldn’t be necessary because you’re both enrolling her into the daycare. If it was just you signing the papers and we haven’t really discussed her father then yes we would need to be notified. Now this is for anyone picking Raine up on your behalf.” You nodded at his words and began to scribble down some notes. Raine was sat in your lap, head rested on your chest and sucking at her thumb. She had been quiet throughout the whole meeting so far. “This daycare is focused on taking care of the child, so if you have any more questions please do ask,” he smiled.

“Do you all teach the children? I know once they get to kindergarten that they’ll start to learn the basics, but Raine is one years old and still learning to talk, so I was wondering if you all teach the children words and read to them,” Luke questioned, his eyebrows rose up at the end of his question. You found yourself smiling at what he said. Even though Luke didn’t seem to care much about anything he was always serious when it came to talking about his daughter. Wanting only the best for her at all times. 

“Yes we do teach the children,” the principal responded, “We don’t go as into teaching that an actual school would do, but we will help the children develop basic language skills and help them interact with other children their age.” Luke nodded seeming to be satisfied with the answer he received. His attention turned towards you. 

“Should we ask about discipline?” Luke muttered loud enough for you to hear. You perked up at his question and nodded. “We have a question on discipline. Uh Y/N and I don’t spank Raine. We both strictly agreed that physical punishment is something we just don’t do,” Luke said.

“We go for an alternative method when Raine does something wrong. A stern voice usually works, but we don’t yell at her. If she throws a tantrum we just calmly ask her what’s wrong and allow her to calm down when she’s ready to talk,” you finished off what Luke was going to say. “So we would like to keep it that way and make sure that no one physically hurts our child.” The principal leaned back in his chair and he let out a sigh. You gave him a sheepish smile and began to chew on your bottom lip. 

“We try and follow whatever the parents request us to do, so if that’s the way you handle Raine then we will respect your wishes and handle her in that exact manner. So are you ready for the tour?” You all stood up from your spots and Raine immediately began to whine, her semi nap being disturbed from your movements. She reached out for Luke and he pulled her out of your arms. The three of you left the office and began the tour around the daycare. “We care for various children from babies near seven months to six year olds,” the principal said. You all took a stop in front of a classroom. “We have a variety of activities for the children to do. This room being our art class with Ms.Cane,” he said, pushing open the door. You and Luke took a peek inside, catching the attention of a few children. The tour went on from there. Both you and Luke getting to take a look inside the classrooms and watching how the daycare providers interacted with the children.

“It looks nice and very clean,” you whispered in Luke’s ear. You felt him grab your hand as the two of you walked to the next room. The action took you by surprise and you looked at him with a glint in your eye. A small smile came across your face and you just squeezed his hand in response. It almost felt like old times. 

“What do you feed the children?” Luke asked, realizing you all were nearing the kitchen. 

“We do the balanced meal. All healthy and organic food of course. We can’t help but to give them a little sugary treat with their meals,” the principal chuckled, holding the door open for you and Luke to enter the kitchen. “It’s mealtime in about five minutes so let’s see what’s been made,” he smiled. The minute you entered the kitchen and the smell of spaghetti hit you, you were ready to throw up. Your hand flew up to cover over your mouth and you could feel the pressure of it in your throat. 

“W-Where’s the bathroom?” you quickly asked. 

“Down the hall. Third door on the right,” the principal responded. You didn’t even get a chance to thank him and made a dash out the kitchen. You couldn’t have ran fast enough, pushing the bathroom door open and entering one of the stalls. Your knees hit against the cold tile floor and you began to empty the contents of your stomach out into the toilet. Tears pricked at the corner of your eyes as your throat burned. After a few minutes you coughed and spit the after taste from your mouth. You grabbed the toilet paper and wiped your mouth before tossing it in the toilet and flushing. You let out a deep sigh and pinched at the bridge of your nose. “Dammit,” you muttered to yourself, mind racing back to figure out why you felt this way. Deep down you knew what was wrong. For weeks you had been avoiding the test that sat in your bathroom cabinet. You wanted to just chalk it down to you being sick. It was possible especially with it being the flu season. This wasn’t the case and you knew it. 

You stood up and left the bathroom stall. Turning on the faucet,  your washed your hands and then took some water in your mouth to rinse it. You weren’t sure how long you had been in the bathroom. Staring at your reflection and taking in your appearance. Your cheeks looked fuller and as you were taking in details you realized your breasts had swelled a bit too. Finally you left the bathroom, running into Luke as you did so. “Hey. Sorry about that I’m just not feeling well today,” you told Luke, “Where’s Raine?” He stared at you for a good minute and then exhaled loudly through his nose.

“She’s playing with a few of the kids. Just to see if she could handle it,” Luke responded. You shifted uncomfortably under his stare. His blue eyes trained on your every movement. 

“Why are you looking at me like that?” you chuckled, trying to shrug him off. Luke’s hand came up to rub at his facial hair and his eyes closed. You knew this action all too well. It was something Luke had done when he was contemplating asking a question that had been nagging at the back of his mind.

“Are you pregnant?” Luke finally asked after a moment of silence. You looked down at your feet when he asked the question. His hands stuffed into his jean pockets and Luke gave you a hard glare. “You’re suddenly nauseous at certain smells, you took one bite from your favorite donut and felt like you had to throw up. Waking up late and “scattered brained” Y/N you never get scattered brained,” Luke listed off. “Not to mention-” He had made a gesture at his chest in reference to your breasts.  

“I don’t know…maybe,” you said, the words barely audible. Luke’s jaw clenched at your words and he let out a scoff. “I haven’t taken the test yet, but I’m 80% sure that I am pregnant,” you told him, voice cracking at the end. 

“Let me guess it’s Scott’s right,” he bitterly chuckled. “Honestly that’s great, Y/N! You always said you wanted more children and now you got it. Just not with me of course, but that-that is totally fine,” he spat. Luke’s tone had grown in anger and your head lifted up fast at his words. You frowned in annoyance and your arms crossed over your chest.  

“We’re not discussing this now and I’m not sure if I even want to talk to you about it anyway,” you snapped back. “Besides whatever I choose it’s none of your business. It’s between me and Scott,” you said, walking off to head back the way you had came. Luke had some nerve blowing up on you like that especially after the stunt he had pulled three and a half months ago. You weren’t even sure if you were pregnant and if so whether you wanted to have Scott’s child or not. It was still early in your relationship with him. Not to mention Luke’s words had really struck a chord with you. He was clearly angry at the fact that you were possibly carrying another man’s child and it only made you question the relationship you two shared. 

Patater Week Day 3

This is laaaaaate.  But it’s also like hella long so I feel like it’s justified.

Day 3: Fake Dating/Secret Relationship

“Kenneth, have you found a nice young man yet?”  Kent’s Grandmother squinted at the camera on his mom’s ipad.  “You know the Priest at church has a nephew and he’s quite good looking.  He’s a Kindergarten teacher, and I think you would just love him.  He even likes your hockey!  He teaches a team for children at the rec center on weekends.  I see him there when I have my water aerobics.”  She nodded.

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Another Carter Pt. 6

Summary : You’re Peggy Carters grand daughter, living as much as a normal life as you can with a giant secret weighing on your shoulders. What happens when you ripped from your normal life, and thrown into the avengers hands?

Bucky Barnes x Reader , Steve Rogers x reader

Warnings: Swearing , fluff, angst .

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Another Carter MasterList     MasterList

  Maybe having your secret out wasn’t so bad after all. Over the time you’ve been at the tower youve managed to get close with the entire team, especially Steve and Bucky. After your very …. physical experience with Bucky on the couch you guys didn’t speak of it . But things didn’t get weird , it was just a silent understanding . Your friendship remained easy and fun , just as yours and Steves . The only difference is Bucky flirts with you constantly , while steve only sneaks in flirting a couple times but it’s never awkward.

 You promised yourself you’d never see steve as anything more than a friend , but sometimes you find that line blurring . He’s so sweet towards you, but he also a large ball of sass . He calls you out on your shit and when you give him attitude he gives it right back . You can see why him and Bucky are so close , they are both little shits .
You’ve tried to keep your feelings for Bucky at bay, but that man is relentless . He looks for any chance to touch you, when he walks by he’ll brush his hand against yours, or he’ll swipe a stray piece of hair behind your ear for you. He somehow manages to find a new, terribly cheesy pickup line every day to drop on you just to make you laugh .

 Today is the first day in a while where all three of you are free for a movie day, and you are beyond thrilled . It’s been too long since you’ve gotten to help catch them up on movies and shows . Today you’re planning to start supernatural, and parks&rec.

You throw on your pj shorts and tee and start on your way to meet the boys in the communal TV room . Stepping off the elevator you’re met with the boys voices arguing, what the hell could they be fighting about?

“ steve she made it clear she didn’t want anything more with you , don’t push her.”

“ I can’t help it , I just- I have this feeling Bucky. even if she wasn’t related to Peg I’d still be interested in her! There’s something-” shit.

“ what if I’m interested in her already?” I have to be dreaming right now , what the hell is happening?

“ buck-”
“ I’m serious steve , I was planning on asking her -”
“ and you weren’t even going to tell me?! ”

“ why on earth would I need to tell you? For approval? She’s not your girl Steve !”

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I am not coming between this friendship . Fucking fuck fuck . You clear your throat signaling tour presence .

“ am I interrupting something ?” You ask hesitantly .

“ n-no you’re not doll. What’re we we watching today ?” Steve ask, forcing a smile .

“ supernatural and parks & Rec. I think you guys will like both !”

The tension dies out when start supernatural , settling yourself between the boys and leaving equal distance between all of you. You don’t want to make either of them feel left out or angry our jealous .

  Within the first two episode of supernatural both boys scoot closer to you , both of their shoulder brushing against yours . Steves arm is around the top of the couch behind you, playing with your hair , while buckys hand is on your thigh under the blanket that is covering you. His hand squeezes a little at your thigh and you have to force yourself not to react Since you don’t know if Steves aware of where his friends hand is . Both of them look so engrossed in the show , but you can’t focus on shit , Steves hands in your hair are lulling you to sleep and buckys hand on you thigh is making you more hot than it should . It’s all too much now, their hands and the fact you eavesdropped & heard their feelings . What the hell am I suppose to do?

A few more episodes pass before you decide to call a break & switch shows .
“ it’s bathroom and phone break time boys , use it now because I’m not letting either of you leave once parks&rec starts!” You warn . Steve takes the chance and goes for the bathroom and grab his phone from his room ,but bucky stays .

“ you’re seriously going to hold it through atleast 5 episodes barnes if you don’t go now .”

“ don’t worry about me, i can handle it . ” once steve was out of ear shot buckys tone changed from normal to flirty real quick

“ hey doll, you know what I was thinking about earlier ?” Here we go

“ how to successfully put your hair in a man bun without looking like a doofus?”

He chuckles, then scoots closer until his face is barely 2 inches away from yours
“ I was thinking about how good it felt to have you in my lap that one day , the way you moved yourself on , the little noises you made . It’s a shame Sam came in before I got to kiss you.”
So much for not talking about it

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“ buck I don’t think- maybe now isn’t the best time for this . Steves going to be back-”

He’s so close his nose is nudging against yours now, and his lips are so close you can feel his breathe . Oh hell . You move forward , finally connecting your lips to his in a quick kiss. It didn’t last long , but it was long enough for you to become addicted to the way his lips dance with yours, how soft and full they are against yours .

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The second yours touch his it feels like fireworks going through your veins . His hands find your waist , tugging you into his lap but the minute your legs land over him you pull back from the kiss without saying a word . You lift yourself off his lap and go back to your spot , as your ass hits the cushion steve returns to the room and you sigh in relief at the perfect timing of it all.

“ you all good now Steve?” You ask

“ yes ma'am , didn’t you have to go?”

“ it’s one of the many skills of a binge watcher steve , I can hold me pee for much longer than i probably should . You’ll get to this level of expertise someday . ” both boys snort out at how proud you sound of yourself . You hit play on the show , and let the comedy begin .

You call it quits after 7 episodes , deciding to stretch a little and atleast try to get something accomplished before the late dinner tonight with everyone . Steve parts with a kiss to you cheek as he heads off to the gym , leaving you alone with Bucky.

“ buck -”
You don’t get to finish , bucky has you pressed against him, his lips crashing against yours . As much as you know you should push away , your body betrays you . You fist your hands in his shirt pulling him to you as you lips melt together . The sparks are magnified this time, making you crave his touch even more .You feel his tongue swipe against your lip and you instinctively part your lips to let him in . His tongue glides over yours , making you moan into him. You finally pull apart for air , as you do Bucky pulls your bottom lip between his teeth before he fully lets part from him.

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“Tell me you don’t feel it y/n.”
You know he’s referring to the sparks , but words don’t seem to be able to leave you right now . Your mind is still swirling from the feeling of his lips , and from the feeling of guilt .
“ I’ve never felt sparks like that from kissing someone doll. It’s-”

“ addicting.” You finish for him, when you lock eyes with him you can’t help but smile . As good as it feels with Bucky, there’s still guilt in you about steve . Because whether or not you want to have feelings for him, you do & and can’t control that. But you also feel things for Bucky. So many things .

“ say something , anything please .” His voice is a whisper , but you can hear the concern in it .

“ bucky that was - I - you - fuck . I loved it .” He smiles and ducks down for another kiss but you back up.

“ I- bucky I heard you and Steve talking before I came in today . I know you both have feelings for me .”

He sighs and steps away, rubbing his hand down his face .

“ I’m not saying I don’t want this.” You point between the two of you before continuing,“ because I do, fuck do I want you. But steve - I can’t help but feel something for him too . ” it was hard to say, but you know it’s better to be honest .

“ I see , does steve know ? ” he asks

“ no , I wasn’t going to pick. I don’t want to come between you two so I was just going to stay quiet but then you kissed me and that all went down the drain.”

“ I care for you , a lot y/n . You’re a a good person, that’s part of what’s so attractive about you . I know you don’t want to hurt either of us, but you need to figure out what you want ; and follow your heart . I can’t say it won’t hurt , but whatever your decision is I’ll support . Your happiness is what matters here.”
He completely throws you off guard with that, you didn’t expect him to be so- sweet about this. Holy- why the hell is he so sweet . Why does this have to be difficult? fucking hell.

He sends you a smile , it’s sincere but there was no hiding the sadness & worry behind it .

Originally posted by closer-to-the-edge-of-glory

“ bucky Barnes you are something else , you know that ? ” you lean up, giving him one last kiss before heading to the gym . You know you have to have the same conversation with steve , you just hope it goes as well.

Why the hell does Steve have to workout shirtless ? Hot damn. You watch from the doorway as steve lifts himself for pull-ups . When he drops back to his feet he turns to you , smiling when he notices you in the room

  “ see something you like ?” The cocky smile on his face makes you break into a blush .

  “ maybe I do .” The words slip out before you can stop them and you mentally face palm yourself . That is not what I was suppose to say.

  He raises his eyebrow , letting a new mischievous smirk bloom on his lips .you don’t register that he’s moving closer until he’s right I front of you, gently tilting your face up towards his . Before you can object , his lips on are on yours , slowly coaxing yours into it . It’s sweet& calm , and his plump lips fit perfectly against yours . Butterflies erupt in your stomach as the kiss deepens and Steve sneaks his tongue past your lips . He Keeps it sweet, but passionate . His hands are cradling your face , while yours are gently holding his wrists . Your mind goes white through the entire thing , until steve backs away . You’d be lying if you said you didn’t miss the warmth of his lips , but the second they leave yours you snap back into reality .


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It Started With A Storm

Hello! Cid here. I’ve never written fanfiction before or published any writing online, so I’m new to this. If there is anything I could do to improve this, please tell me! This will continue to be a series, but I’m not sure about the upload schedule. There are not a lot of warnings in this chapter but this will develop into to some deeper parts of Alexander’s past in the next chapter, so please be careful! If you have any questions, don’t be scared to ask them!

Ship: Jamilton

Words: 1320

Warnings: Minor swearing

It started with Alexander not checking the weather. The sky’s looked bad that afternoon but looked worse that evening. He wasn’t sure where John, Lafayette and Hercules were, because they were typically already by Alex’s side hours before thunder starts rolling. Alexander was currently sitting up in his bed, messy hair all over his face, tears brimming as he checks the weather on his phone. He decides that going to The Revolutionary Set Minus One’s dorm would be the best decision, seeing as the little do not disturb signal was next to the group chat. He didn’t really care though, so he sent the guys a quick ‘where are you didn’t you check the weather’ text and got out of bed.

Alexander picked up a black Twenty Øne Piløts T-shirt off the ground and put it on. It was a little big, going past his hips and ending about halfway down his red gym shorts. Alex picked up his phone and puts it in his shorts’ pocket, but doesn’t bother putting on shoes while he jog-runs down the hallway to Laf, John, and Herc’s dorm.

To Alexander’s horror, he arrives at the Revolutionary Set’s dorm and on the door, below a sign that reads ‘Revolutionary Set -Alex’, there’s a post it note that reads ‘Gone fishing for women’. That’s immensely ironic because John is gay as fuck and Lafayette and Hercules are practically married, even though they aren’t even dating….yet.  Alex considers heading to his sisters’ dorms, and it seems like a good idea until he realizes he would have to walk outside, into the storm, to get to his sisters’ dorms so that’s a definite no. A loud crack of thunder draws Alex out of his stance in front of Revolutionary Set’s dorm and brings him back to reality. Before he knows it tears are dangerously close to spilling from his eyes and he sprints back to his dorm in fear of having memories resurface.

He rushes into his dorm room with a flurry, slamming the door shut and leaning against it to support himself, with tears still threatening to from his eyes, and notices that Jefferson, his dorm mate, was at his desk observing Alexander’s’ erratic behavior. He wasn’t there when Alexander left. How long did Alex stand in front of the Revo Set’s dorm? Alexander was creeped out for a second, but remembered that Jefferson and Alexander were unfortunately assigned the same dorm. They were Columbia’s well known arch rivals. Some say they hated each other out of jealousy, some say for challenge, and rumors go round that its sexual tension. ‘If they weren’t enemies they’d be lovers’. What kind of disgustingly cliche crap is that? Jefferson coughs to catch Alex’s attention, because at the moment, random space had preoccupied him.  Before Alexander can explain himself for the commotion, Jefferson asks a very important question that  neither of them can answer.

“Why aren’t you with the rest of the gremlins?” Alexander stopped and thought for a second, realizing that out of the year and a half he’s known Jefferson, and 6 months he’s lived with him, Jefferson has come to notice he spends storm days with the Revolutionary set.

“I-I actually-y honestly don’t know actually. They left-t a note saying-g that they went to go 'fish for women’”. Alex’s voice shook a bit due to the buzz of emotions. Alex prayed to everything good and holy, like Doritos, that Thomas didn’t notice the unsteady quality in his voice. It would make him seem weak and vulnerable. That’s the last thing Alex wanted an enemy to witness. He still stood in the awkward position of leaning against the door as if he was trying to keep someone out. Alex refused to make eye contact with Jefferson, who was still sitting on his magenta velvet covered sheets across the room. Alex expected Jefferson to not speak again, seeing as he got his answer, but Jefferson said something that Alex took the wrong way.

“Those fuckers.”

Alex paused for a moment. Of course Jefferson wouldn’t want to be around a sniveling crying mess like Hamilton. Alexander turned and started reaching for the door handle.
“I g-get if you d-don’t want to deal with me. I-I’ll walk over to my sisters-”
Once again, Jefferson had surprised Alex. When Alex had turned the doorknob halfway, someone’s hand met his shoulder. Alexander jumped a little at the contact, and turned sharply to see Jefferson standing behind him.

“No no you don’t have to do that. I’m just a little annoyed that your support group went to go get shit faced when they knew you would need them tonight. And I am NOT letting you walk in the rain.“
Thomas was smiling sweetly by now, giving Alexander a warm, fluttering feeling in his chest. Like butterflies. But don’t you only get butterflies around people you like though? And Alex didn’t like his pompous pringle of a roommate, even if he did have a flattering figure and an amazing face- wait a second.

Alexander decided to speak up after a few seconds of silence. “So what are we g-gonna do about-t i-it?” And as if on cue, more thunder rumbled a little bit louder this time, making Alex submit to water in his eyes, letting out a small whimper as the tears rolled down his face.

“Well I’m going to do this.” Jefferson scooped Alexander into his arms, bridal style. Alexander yet out an embarrassing squeak, surprised by being picked up.

“You’re a lot lighter than I expected to be, Hamilton. You need to eat sometimes.”

Jefferson easily strode over to Alex’s bed, and set Hamilton down carefully.

Alexander was reminded of his self hate towards his body, something he developed when he was still with Lee. Alex mumbled something, thinking Jefferson wouldn’t hear him.

“Charles likes- liked me when I’m when I’m skinny.”

Thomas was confused about this ‘Charles’ character, so he just said the first thing that came in his mind.

“Well, Charles sounds like a real dick.” This got a giggle out of Alexander, a small, but real one.

Thomas walked over to his own bed and got an idea. He scooped up his computer and crossed the room, back to Alexander’s bed.

“Can I sit next to you?” Jefferson asked Alex in a soft voice. Alex nodded his head, sat up, and moved over a bit to give Jefferson some space to sit. Jefferson plopped down on Hamilton’s bed, sitting on top of the covers.

“What kinda stuff do you like to watch? You seem like a horror and science fiction documentary kinda guy if I’ve ever seen one.” Jefferson was practically on the dot with that assumption. Alex loved creepy shows, most of them in the form of documentaries like the X-Files and Making A Murder. He decided he didn’t want anything real or scary at the moment, so Thomas started playing a random episode of parks and rec. They were watching the show peacefully until a crack of lightning illuminated the room in a ghostly white, and then a shocking boom of thunder trailing it afterwards.

Alex jumped and a sob escaped his lips, letting more tears flow. Thomas moved closer to Alexander until Alexander was almost sitting on his lap. Thomas leaned over the side of Alex’s bed and picked up a green fleece blanket from off the floor, and wrapped it around Alexander and himself. Alexander leaned into Thomas, probably aiming for the shoulder, but the height difference had other plans so he ended up leaning on the side of Thomas’ chest. Alexander thought that Jefferson was going to push him off, but instead Jefferson leaned into Hamilton right back and wrapped an arm around his middle. They sat like this for a good thirty minutes, and Thomas was wondering if Alexander was getting sleepy of if he was already asleep. His unspoken question was answered.

Otayuri Fic Rec List

I came for the Victuuri, but several of my favorites had a side pairing I wasn’t expecting to enjoy so much: Otabek Altin and Yuri Plisetsky. I’ve seen some of the wank on the otayuri tag, so if you don’t like, don’t read.

I love long fics (>10,000 word count) and have this insane need to keep track of the ones I really enjoy. Here are both competed works and WIPs that I am following. 

UPDATED: May 19, 2017

For this list “canon” are typically set post S1, “au” is a completely different universe and "au - canon divergent” is an au where one or both are still competitive figure skaters. 

I. Completed works

A cat in a corner by AphroditeB00w [E, 82,800 word count, complete although not marked done yet)]

(au, mafia, violence, slow burn, assassin/enforcer!Yuri, Part 2 of Shadow People)
“You don’t own me.” Yuri spat at the stone-faced man across from him.
“No,” Altin agreed mildly, adjusting the cuff of his suit. “But you are owned."Yuri Plisetsky is a reluctant underling in Yaakov’s organization in mother Russia. But everything starts shifting and stirring up when he starts working with Otabek Altin, the informant for the criminal gods. His once slumbering sexuality is shocked awake, and the careful facade covering his hate for Yaakov is cracked when he learns that Viktor is not dead after all.

a silver splendour, a flame by thehandsingsweapon [M, 113,200 word count]*** Main pairing Yuuri/Viktor with Otabek/Yuri is a significant side pairing

(au, angst, mcd (with qualifiers), fantasy, slow burn, magic)
Fantasy AU. When a magic user’s craft fully matures it manifests in the form of a spirit guardian. Mages and elves bearing these familiars spend a year presenting them to each of the high courts throughout the year’s festivals. Both Viktor and Yuuri have their reasons for hiding the full extent of their gifts – Viktor’s been hurt before, when his own powers were used against him; Yuuri’s been warned that everyone will want his; what will happen when Yuri comes of age, and in doing so, makes two very bright stars finally cross?

A Stiller Doom by Tessa on Ice [E, 68,400 word count]***

(abo, angst, social justice, violence, abo, au-canon divergent)
“It is in vain ot say human beings out to be satisfied with traquility: they must have aciton and they will make it if they cannot find it. Millions are condemned to a stiller doom than mine, and millions are in silent revolt against their lot. Nobody knows how many rebellions ferment in the masses of life which people earth.” - Charlotte Bronte, Jane Eyre. 
NOTE: fic is currently unavailable due to an AO3 issue, but will hopefully be back. Really enjoyed this one. A lot of political drama. 

Adventures in Personal Growth (verse) by stutter [E, 23,700 word count for series)

(canon, pining, dom/sub elements, rough sex, read the tags)
"When Victor was his age - younger, even, Yuri thinks, shame blooming in his chest - he’d made the whole world fall in love with him already. The long hair, the soft smile, the way he moved like he had a secret in his skin and he couldn’t wait to share it with you. Yuri’s watched the tapes over and over. He could skate any of Victor’s early routines in his sleep. But he can’t - the thing Victor could do so easily, the casual, guileless charisma he threw like a shadow - Yuri can’t manage it on a single person, not even some moody Kazakh with a dumb haircut whose eyes are too far apart anyway - ”(In Park Guell, Yuri takes a hard fall. Otabek picks him up.)

All the Right Notes by pastelplisetsky [T, 42,800 word count]

(au, music, slow burn, fluff)
Yuri Plisetsky is an incredibly gifted piano player, known for his passionate and somewhat violent playing/compositions. But in order to compete in the famous Eurasia United competition (completely fictional), he needs a violin accompanist. Although he’s dreamed about this competition for years, he’s always worked better alone. Until a little-known, solemn, lovely violinist walks into his life.
Inspired by Yuri’s Allegro Appassionato in B Minor, his free skate song.

the birth of comets takes place on the tip of your lashes by apollothyme [T, 16,600 word count]***

(au - canon divergent, angst, hurt comfort, blindness, friends to lovers)
His second visit to an ophthalmologist occurs five months later.
Just like during his first consultation, he doesn’t understand any of the medical jargon coming from the doctor’s mouth. Only now, after he’s done explaining everything in complicated, convulsed words, the man turns to Yuri with a smile on his face and explains everything once more, this time using terms Yuri can understand.
Yuri listens. He bites down on his bottom lip and he does not cry.

Endurance and Peach Tea by chapstickaddict [T, 11,500 word count]

(canon, pining, slow burn, fluffy fluff)
Yuri hummed. His body didn’t uncurl, but instead of pressing his face into the fold of his legs, he rested it on his crossed forearms. Tilting his face towards Otabek, he looked for the bronze metal. The colorful ribbon snuck into the folds of his jacket, hiding his prize from view. Yuri reached out, and Otabek let him pull the ribbon to bring the metal into the light.It was beautiful. Heavy and ornate, with the front masterfully detailed. The perfect symbol of success. Yuri flipped it over, admiring Otabek’s name carved along the back.
Wait.“Did they spell your name wrong?” he demanded, straightening. Otabek made a noise beside him.

It takes three years for Yuri to figure himself out and get his head on right. He drags everyone along for the ride. Otabek is the only one to go willingly.

From Almaty, With Love by BoxWineConfessions [E, 115,900 word count]

(canon, pining, slow build, slice of life, part 1 of series)
It’s quiet here. Even if the car alarm on the neighbor’s goddamn BMW has been going off for the past twenty minutes. Quiet, even though the alarm’s got the neighbor’s dog howling like crazy, and the neighbor works second shift and isn’t there to comfort the dumb dog.
It’s quiet…They haven’t spoken to each other since that morning, when Yuri went off to go see his tutor, and Otabek went off to do whatever the hell it was he did in the mornings before he hit the rink. “You’re used to the noise?”“Yeah, but…I think I like the quiet too.”
Or: Yuri spends the summer with Otabek in Almaty.

Half a Chance by ratherunneccessary [M, 55,900 word count]

(canon, angst, fluff, slow burn)
Yuri has never cared about anything as much as he cares about skating. Until, one day, that changes. Or, Viktor falls in love with Yuuri, Yuuri falls in love with Viktor, Yuri falls in love with Yuuri, Otabek falls in love with Yuri, and somehow everything turns out okay.

I Will Not Break by kanekki [E, 39,000 word count] series Accuse Me Thus [E, 121,400 word count in 3 part series]

(canon, divergent after S1, DARK, rape/noncon, depression, anxiety, references self harm, references suicide, child abuse, part 1 of a series)
Yuri has been supporting his family with his skating since he was a teenager, but now they are barely making it. How long will he be able to hold it together before everything falls apart?
Series summary: After his gold medal win at the Grand Prix Finals, Yuri Plisetsky’s life completely falls apart. With the help of his boyfriend and skating friends, Yuri tries to pull himself back together.

in flesh and bone by csoru [M, 32,100 word count]

(canon, angst, long distance relationship, pining, hurt comfort)
After recovering from an injury that cut his previous season short, Yuri makes a comeback with a new coach, a new country of residence, and a relationship upgrade. Still: perfection takes effort.

Neon Pink Motorcycle by goldheart [M, 74,700 word count]

(au - canon divergent, angst, soulmate/soulmark, pining, slow burn, past child abuse)
There are certain moments in Yuri Plisetsky’s life that he likes to forget happened at all. The time they were chased from the apartment, the landlord angrily spitting and waving threateningly at them when his mother couldn’t produce enough money for rent. Babushka’s funeral. The first time he fell in competition.He cannot forget that, under the black band he wears around his wrist like a shield, his soulmark may as well be nonexistent.

You’ll Live Without It by HyperionHero [E, 24,400 word count]

(canon, angst, fluff, pining)
“Yuri smirks, thumbing the material of Otabek’s hoodie underneath his team Russia jacket. When he catches himself smiling he blushes and pulls his hand back to his phone. It’s fine, he tells himself. Friends totally wear each other’s clothes…"Yuri Plisetsky is surrounded by love. It’s like a sickness, claiming his friends, his rivals, the attention of everyone he knows. He avoids it at all costs… but what Yuri doesn’t know is that love has a knack of sneaking up on people. Sometimes it brews for years, right under your nose, and you don’t notice it until it’s staring you in the face - taking the form of a stoic Kazakhstani man bound in leather.

II. Updating WIPs

A Heart Beats At Night by magicalyoyo [T, 85K/last updated May 17]

(au, vampire!Yuri, werewolf!Otabek, elements of canon, angst, Victor/Yuuri side pairing)
A lone figure ran along the sidewalk. Otabek would have mistaken him for a motivated jogger, if not for the sinewy, fluid movements and familiar figure. He jerked his bike over, skidding to a halt in front of the runner.

Otabek’s heart was pounding a sickening, dizzying rhythm, but he schooled his face into stoicism as he pulled his helmet off to get a better look.

“Yuri Plisetsky died two years ago,” he growled. “What the hell are you?”

In spite of the world by Stone_Heart [E, 65K/last updated May 12]

(au, fairy!Yuri, soldier!Otabek, domestic, hurt/comfort, war, slow burn, bonded)
There was a shuffling from above him, loud banging noises as it came closer. Otabek braced himself. This person helped him. But…
A pale face peered over the stairs, looking at him. He blinked back. Those eyes… bright green and ferocious. Those eyes were what he looked for on a battlefield. Not the scared eyes of a peasant or the pudgy eyes of a spoiled king. No, those were the eyes of a soldier.

Unsteady by otayui_oh_nice [E, 110K/last updated May 19]***

(au, rockstar!Yuri, DJ!Otabek, abusive family, mostly fluff with some angst, Slow burn, tattoos)
Otabek was going to kill JJ. He was going to take the next flight to Canada, hunt him down and kick his ass.
Leo: I tried to stop him but he went and did it anyway, I’m sorry! (link)- Or: JJ uploads one of Otabek’s remixes of Yuri’s songs to YouTube and Otabek freaks out.- Or: what happens when you take episode 1, replace figure skaters with musicians and exchange Victuuri for Otayuri. Aka another strange AU no one asked for.

Wolves of the Wilderness by NinjaMatty [T (M for violence and themes), 147K/last updated May 17]*** see my post here

(au, angst, dystopian future, abusive childhood!both, violence, drugs)
Otabek didn’t have to ask. The young doctor’s face was eloquent enough. Viktor Nikiforov, the doctor, smiled wanly. He shrugged one shoulder, as if to say it couldn’t be helped. He would just falsify everything so Otabek wasn’t deemed a waste of breathing air and shot.
He had two years left to live.
The dystopian future alternate universe in which Otabek, a law-abiding citizen, is handed a wounded Yuri to take care of by Viktor. His whole life is turned upside down as he is dragged into something far bigger than himself.

Not Enough And Everything Pt. 2

A/N: Hello Everyone! Here it is part 2! There will be one more part after this. I’m not too sure if this is all that great but I hardly think anything I write is. Anyways I hope this okay and that you all enjoy this! Oh, and parts of Alex’s letter come from the song I Have Loved You Wrong by The Swell Season, it’s a good song in case you want to look it up. As always I wish you all the happiest of days and thank you for reading!
Part Two: Road to Recovery

You woke up to Peggy and Angelica, and for one blissful second you forgot all about what happened with Alex. As soon as you saw the worried, sad looks on your friends faces, it took all you had to not break down again. As soon as they saw the pain in your eyes they rushed to your side, not wanting you to feel alone.

Angelica spoke first, placing a hand on your arm. “(Y/N), sweetheart, I’m so sorry. We just want you to know that we love you and you’re welcome to stay as long as you want.” She moves her hand to brush some hair out of your face and gives you a caring smile and you nod try to give a small smile.

As you sit up you see Eliza and Maria, enter the living room from their bedroom. Eliza makes her way to you, sitting down next to you and wrapping an arm around your shoulder. You had always been close to all the Schuyler sisters, but you were always closest to Eliza. She was so maternal she always had a way of making people feel comfortable and welcome.

You lean into her, resting your head on her shoulder. “Do you want some coffee, hon?” she asks you, stroking your hair softly. “And maybe some French toast?” you look up at her and nod your head a small genuine smile gracing your lips for a second. She smiles back at you happy to see the slightest glimmer of happiness in you even if it was just a moment.

As Eliza gets up to make breakfast with Angelicas help, Peggy takes Eliza place. She wraps an arm around you and leans her head on yours, trying to be as comforting as Eliza. “So, it’s Saturday and we can either watch cartoons on tv, watch Disney movies, or binge watch a show on Netflix,” she suggests, you think for a moment.

“Hmm….let’s watch a Disney movie and then binge watch a show on Netflix,” you decide and she nods.

“Well, which movie is it gonna be?” she says as she goes over to the dvds waiting for your choice. You think it over and decide on Mary Poppins.

Peggy puts the movie on and takes her place by your side again, while Maria brings you some coffee and sits on your other side. You quietly thank her and she gives you smile and wink, patting your thigh and snuggling into the couch.

The three of you watch the movie silently, until Angelica calls you to the table to eat. Peggy pauses the movie and the three of you make your way to the table. Your stomach growls when you see the spread on the table, scrambled eggs, bacon, fresh cut fruit, and a stack of French toast. The girls laugh at your stomach growling once more and you give an embarrassed smile.

You all serve yourselves and start to eat, and it fills you with comfort despite your aching heart. You remembered this, Saturday breakfasts. Everyone talking about their night or happenings in the week, while laughter was shared. Before Maria lived here, you were roommates with the Schuylers. While the girls chatted around you, you found peace in just eating and listening. Eliza glanced over at you every few minutes to make sure you were eating, and everytime she was satisfied with your appetite.

Once you were all finished with breakfast Peggy picked up the plates and took them to the kitchen, while the rest of you make your way to the living room. You snuggle into the corner of the couch, this time Angie coming to sit by your side and offer you comfort. You felt like a child somewhat, but it was nice to be around people who cared so much about you.

Eliza resumes the movie and you all sing along to the catchy songs, and a smile comes to your face as you watch the animated penguins dance along the screen, it was always your favorite part. As the movie ended, Peggy looks at you a twinkle of excitement in her eyes. You furrow your brows, wondering what has her excited.

“We got you a present!” she exclaims, getting up from her seat to go to the front hall closet and pulling out a polka dot bag. She brings it to you placing it in your lap and sits on the coffee table. You look at the rest of the girls, and they all give you reassuring smiles.

You take out the tissue paper and the first thing you see is a stuffed bear, you hug it to your chest before looking into the bag again. You take out a pair of fuzzy slipper flip flops, a box of popcorn, your favorite candies, and a pair of incredibly soft pajamas. You look up at your friends again, giving a genuine smile.

“We thought we could have a pajama day and just relax all together today,” Eliza explains. You nod, “I’m sure you’re not super comfortable after sleeping in your jeans,” she frowns. “Why don’t you go take a nice shower and we’ll get everything ready,” she smiles sweetly at you.

You nod once more, “Thank you guys,” you say a small lump forming in your throat, “this means a lot to me, as simple as it may seem.” Angie hugs you into her side while Peggy snuggles on your other side, while Maria and Eliza join in. You give a small laugh, making the girls smile. “Okay I’ll take a shower and then we can start,” you say getting up from the couch and making your way to the bathroom.

As you step into the shower you try not think about Alex or anything that transpired last night, but you can’t help it. As the ache in your chest grows, tears stream down your face and wonder what you’re going to do now. As the reality sinks in your tears flow faster, mixing with the water falling on your face. Sobs start to escape you, you try to control your breathing, and calm yourself down.

Once your breathing is back to normal you finish your shower, dry off, and get dressed. You make your way into the living room and see nothing but a sea of pillows and blankets. Eliza notices your slightly puffy eyes and realizes you must have been crying, but doesn’t bring attention to it. She makes her way to you, wrapping an arm around your shoulder and leading you to the sea of blankets and pillows.

“You sit in the middle because you’re the guest,” she tells you with a smile. You sit down next to Peggy, while Eliza settles in next to you. Angelica sits on the other side of Peggy, while Maria sits on the other side of Eliza.

You all snuggle up together, “What are we watching ladies?” Maria asks.

“I vote Parks and Rec,” Angie suggests.

“Mmm….I vote Friends,” Peggy says.

“I’m for The Office all the way,” Maria throws in.

“What do you want to watch, hon?” Eliza asks you. “It doesn’t have to be a show, it could be a movie if you want.”

You purse your lips, “umm….can we have a Harry Potter marathon instead?” you ask looking at your friends, unsure. “I just feel like getting lost in another world.”

Eliza gives you a warm smile, “Of course, you know I can’t say no to Harry Potter.” She gets up to get all the dvds and puts on The Sorcerer’s Stone. Angelica brings a bowl of popcorn from the kitchen, and you all pass it around. You put your head on Eliza’s shoulder once more, getting lost in the wizarding world.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

Alex has a restless night. He wouldn’t have even gone to bed had his friends not forced him to, and even worse they took his phone. He tried to sleep, but it never came, so instead he laid in bed and thought of you all night. What he could do, how he could do it. What he would say. They may have taken his phone, but they couldn’t stop him from writing. He wrote letter after letter, throwing each one away until, he was satisfied with the words written on the page.

Before he knew it, morning had come and he couldn’t hear a peep from his friends. As he crept into the living room seeing their sleeping forms, he searched for his phone. He didn’t see it anywhere out in the open, and then he spotted it. It was in Hercules jean pocket. He cursed in his head, not wanting to wake the giant. He slowly creeps over and slides his phone out of Hercs pocket. Once he has his phone in his grasp he quickly and quietly runs to his room.
Once he’s alone he calls you again, only to receive your voice mail right away. He groans in frustration, he just wants to hear your voice, he needs to hear your voice. He tries to call Eliza the phone rings once and then goes straight to voicemail. He calls Peggy next and the same happens. He tries Angelica she picks up then hangs up right away.

Groaning again he throws his phone across the room. Fine, he thinks, if they want to ignore me, I’ll just go there myself. He puts his shoes on and walks quietly through the living room before exiting his apartment. As the door closed John started to stir and as he heard a car start, he sat up and went to Alexander’s room not seeing him there. He immediately wakes up Herc and Laf, they hastily get ready and try to catch up to Alex.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

You were all on Chamber of Secrets when you heard a knock on the door. Angelica gets up to answer it. As she opens the door she immediately tries to close it, but Alex pushes through. Eyes immediately finding yours. You sit paralyzed, Eliza’s arm around your shoulder, eyes wide and filling with tears. He looks as awful as you feel, and your heart aches for him. And then as if a freight train hit your heart, you become angry.

“Get out Alexander, you’re not welcome here,” Angie tells him standing in front of you to block his view. He narrows his eyes slightly.

“I came here to talk to (Y/N),” he says trying to keep his tone calm.

She scoffs, “Well she doesn’t want to speak to you, so leave.”

“Let her tell me that,” he says trying to walk around her. When she continues to block him with the help of Maria, he gives a frustrated sigh. “I just want to explain myself, I want to make things better, please,” he begs. He receives no sympathy from either woman.

“How are you going to make things better? Huh, Alexander?” Maria takes a step forward poking him in the chest. “You think saying ‘I’m sorry’ is going to fix anything? It doesn’t erase anything you did,” her voice becomes louder with each word.

“Don’t you think I know that?” he yells back. “I know I fucked up, but she’s everything to me and I can’t just leave it like this,” his eyes glisten with unshed tears and both women are slightly taken aback.

The boys arrive at this point standing in the door way. “Alex, come on man,” John says gently grabbing his arm. “Let’s go.”

“No, I’m not going until I get to talk to (Y/N),” he says yanking his arm away.

“Alex,” Herc says this time reaching for his friend. Alex shifts away.

“No!” He looks at his friends and then to Angie and Maria, “You all want me to be calm and quiet, while the love of my life slips through my fingers?” He scoffs, “well it’s not going to happen, she is everything to me-”

“You’re a liar,” you whisper eyes on the ground, as everyone turns to look at you.

“What?”, he says eyes glued to your form, a chill going up his spine at the cold tone in your voice.

“You’re a liar,” you repeat looking up at him, tears already rolling down your cheeks. “I am nothing to you.” He’s struck into silence he’d never seen you so livid or cold before. “If you loved me, really loved me, you never would have done this,” you pause as you stand so you could look him straight in the eye.

“Everyone told me to be careful, to watch out because you couldn’t be tied down. You loved the chase far too much to give it up for someone as simple as me.” He shakes his head, his eyes filling with tears.

“No, I love you. You’re the only one I want,” he says in a pleading tone. You stand from your place next to Eliza.

“Wanted,” you seethe, “its past tense Alexander because you obviously want someone else. Right? That’s why you decided to sleep with her, isn’t it?” You accuse him walking towards him. “You just couldn’t resist, could you?” You stand face to face with him, “you’re so selfish, you always think of your needs and wants before anyone else’s.”

You push against his chest, “you never think about the consequences to your actions!” You shove him again, “you ruined everything! We had everything, we were so happy and you ruined everything!” You shove him again and his back finally meets the wall, “and for what?! For what Alexander?!” You hit his chest once more, and he puts up no fight against you.

You look into his eyes seeing the tears falling down his cheeks. “Say something, where are all your words now?”

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry I never deserved you,” he raises a hand to your cheek and you lean into him for a second before pushing yourself away.

“No! No! You don’t get to comfort me, when you caused all this pain!” you yell at him. He steps closer to you grabbing your arm and pulling you into him. You try to fight him, but he just holds you close placing soft kisses on your forehead. You cry helplessly, and try to push him away, your fists hitting his chest. You didn’t want to find solace in him, but you couldn’t fight it anymore and finally give in, a sob ripping through you as you fist his shirt in your hands.

Your friends all watch you breakdown and feel their own hearts break. Maria holds Eliza close as tears spill from her eyes. Angie has an arm around Peggy, and the boys stand side by side holding back their own tears.

He shushes you, as you both gradually fall to the ground. You sit in his lap, his arms wrapped around you, as you cry into his neck. Your sobs continue and he rocks you back and forth, whispering ‘I’m sorry my love’ over and over as you slightly shake your head at his words. Your friends all share a tearful look before leaving you alone in the house.

As your breathing calmed, and your sobs subsided into silent tears, you finally spoke. “I hate you,” you breathe out.

His hold on you tightens for a second, “I know, I don’t blame you.”

“I might hate you for the rest of my life,” you say.

“I hope you don’t, but I deserve that,” he replies not deterred by your words. “I wrote you a letter.”

“Of course you did,” you sigh, writing was what he did best. He chuckles slightly.

“Do you want to read it?” he asks tentatively. You shake your head against his chest.

“Not really,“ his heart drops and his breathing halts, "but you can read it to me. I’m curious as to what you’ve eloquently written,” he let’s out a sigh of relief.

Keeping one arm wrapped around you, he takes the letter out his pocket with his free hand. It’s all folded up, so it takes him a while to open it up.

He clears his throat before he starts:
“My only love, my darling love,
Forgive me for the sins I have committed against you, forgive me the wrong I have done. I have hurt you beyond repair, and this is something I will regret until my dying breath. You have given me nothing but love, support, and happiness since the day we met. My darling sunshine girl,”
he pauses at the lump in his throat, and you swallow against one as well as tears begin to fall, remembering the nickname he gave you years ago. He hadn’t called you that for so long. “Forgive me my selfish nature, forgive me for not thinking of you and only you. I have loved you wrong, and taken for granted the rare love we have. I know that I have made a mess of the life we share and that you hate me now,” you slightly nod against his chest, and he gives a breathless laugh, “but this estranged organ in my chest beats only for you and it will for the rest of my life. If I’m lucky enough to keep you, if by some miracle you choose to have me around, let me show you how I can love you right. Let me give you all you deserve and more. If, my dearest, love of my life, you allow me to stay by your side, I will spend everyday proving my love for you. My heart, mind, and soul are eternally yours.

Always yours,

As he finishes you both have tears streaming down your faces. You look up at him and grab his face in your hands. You rest your forehead against his, “I hate you for what you did,” you pause waiting for him to look at you, “but my love for you outweighs everything else.” His worried gaze becomes hopeful, “We have a lot of work to do before we’ll be okay,” you warn him. “But I want to try, I want to work things out, so you better mean every word in that letter because so help me God, Alex”-

He cuts you off with a kiss, “I meant every single word,” he says before pressing another kiss to your lips. “I promise you, I will spend the rest of my life making sure you never doubt my love for you.” He pulls you impossibly closer and kisses you fervently, pouring all his love for you into the kiss.

You kiss him back with just as much passion before pulling away to take a breath. “I love you, you stupid, stupid man,” you say into his neck.

“I love you, my beautiful sunshine girl,” he replies placing a kiss to your temple. And as you sat in his lap on the floor, his arms wrapped around you and his words in your heart, you knew you weren’t completely healed, but you were starting to recover…

If You’re Lucky-Part 2

Heeeeeeyyyyyy guys! How you doing? Hope this chapter finds you well!

Okay so apparently a lot of you guys like this? Like it’s the second chapter and I’ve already got 4 people for the tag list? That honestly blows my mind a bit because I don’t think I’m that good with Stiles but like y’all are telling me otherwise lol.

Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3

Chapter 2: Accidental Coincidences

Song rec: Breathe by Pluto

Word count: 1,800 words

Warnings: Swearing (because duh), slight accidental injury.

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Things I learned during my first year of medical school

I cannot believe I’ve finished my first year of medical school already! Wow! 

Warning: long Parks and Rec gif-filled post ahead (90% of these are cheesy but I am pizza levels of cheesy when I’m reflecting):

Originally posted by gifsboom

1. Do your thing

The first semester of med school was a weird time of looking and seeing what other people were doing to study and wondering if I needed to do that too. 

I wondered, should I get a bunch of colored highlighters? Make a million flashcards? Am I behind because I haven’t studied that lecture yet? Should I stream instead of go to class because that’s what other people are doing?

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My advice? Try new things out but once you figure out what works for you, don’t be afraid to stick to it. Some people found out that they study best in groups. I found out I study best by myself. I don’t like highlighting but I do like writing down things I need to know in a spiral so I can review/remember them better. I also like doing as many practice questions as I can get my hands on. I like going to class and taking notes on my computer. 

I didn’t know any of that until I got here. And that’s okay. But don’t stress about what other people are doing - you’ll find what works for you. 

2. Don’t try to study 24/7 

Seriously. Don’t. It’s not worth it. You’ll burn out and realize you could have been more relaxed and focused if you took a break. I try to take a couple minutes of break every hour and a bigger break every few hours whenever I’m studying. I also try to take at least one day off per weekend and do something fun (even if it’s small). I also know I study best during the day so I usually take the evenings off as well unless it’s like crunch time. 

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3. Investing in dress clothes is a good idea

Inevitably, you’ll forget that you have yet another clinical skills class that requires white coat attire (aka business casual) and only remember last minute, without time to do laundry. It’s way less stressful if you have a few possible outfits. Even easier? If you wear dresses, get some nice professional dresses. Nothing better than only picking a single thing out of your closet to wear! Also, along with that, make sure you have dress shoes that fit and are comfortable. I learned that I need to break in new flats sometimes before I wear them or I will get really bad blisters. 

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4. Laughter is the best medicine

As cliche as it sounds, I could not have gotten through this year without laughing. Laughing with new friends, laughing at ridiculous situations, laughing at silly gifs posted in our med school’s FB group specifically created for that purpose (it’s the best, highly recommend. Our class has 3 facebook groups - one for class announcements/club things, one for study materials, and one for laughing. The silly one was started by an MS2 (now MS3 I suppose!)). Laughing is seriously therapeutic for stress. Also some of my classmates just happen to be hysterically funny. Also A+ to tumblr for keeping me giggling. Also, Broad City (put it on your list of shows to watch!) 

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5. The days are long but the weeks/months are short

I still cannot believe it is May and I’m already done. I’m grateful that I’ve been able to reflect on my experiences on my tumblr so I can remember them (because sometimes it feels like my memories are getting squeezed out to make room for new knowledge). Journaling here allowed me to process this year in a way that I wouldn’t have otherwise. I would highly recommend it to anyone about to start school (of any kind!). 

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6. Make new friends but keep the old

Yes, I am quoting a Girl Scouts song. Because it’s true. I am so very thankful for the technology that has allowed me to (try to) keep up with my college friends. Life is busy for all of us but it’s always nice to chat with old friends (and hang out, location permitting!) Also my med school class is filled with the most amazing people and it’s been so fun getting to know them :) I love my girls so much, they truly are my ride or dies. Med school is quite a bonding experience.

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7. You’ll do things you never imagined you could

For me, that was anatomy and clinical skills. I was a bit nervous about dissecting and the whole experience but I was pleasantly surprised. It was not as weird as I thought it would be. In clinical skills, I was terrifyingly nervous about standardized patients and being filmed and getting feedback and learning how to do all the exams. We all got through it and now I feel much more comfortable. There are still hard days (like a couple of weeks ago) but I am not as nervous. I also learned how to do the male GU exam and it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be. 

Originally posted by island-delver-go

 I also can’t believe that I went from knowing nothing to taking a history and doing a physical on a real patient all by myself AND presenting them to my preceptor. I still have a ton to learn and say stupid stuff sometimes but it feels like I’m on the right track. 

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8. While sometimes first year feels like this:

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Originally posted by superkevinthellama

You’ll have moments where you feel like

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And one last bonus lesson:

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Can that be the medblr motto? Also shoutout to medblr for being such an amazing and supportive community. Could not have gotten through this year without y’all!!!! 

Congratulations to all the other first years who are finishing up school or already done :) And welcome medblr class of 2020!!! So excited for y’all. 

of course he cheated pt. 2 (c.h)

requested : PART TWO 

this part is going to be in separate parts, this one and an alternative one where the relationship doesn’t work out. so you can read this one or the other one if you’re into sadness, whatever floats your boat :))  

a few weeks later…

I walked down the sidewalk and looked through the windows of the small shops on the side. It’s been three weeks since the incident and I couldn’t get over the sight I saw. MY Calum screwing some girl, ignoring me to screw that girl. I sniffled at the thought. The past couple of weeks I sat in my bed and just binge watched Parks and Rec and American Horror Story and ate at least ten buckets of ice cream. I just decided today was the day I would go out and explore this dead beat world. Why not enjoy it by taking a walk to my favorite coffee shop. I gripped my leather bag and walked towards my destination. This was the coffee shop me and Cal went to everyday before he went on tour. Whatever. I still went in and the workers there instantly recognized me.

“Y/N!” The small and favorite barista exclaimed. “It’s been so long.” She said, going up to the cash register and typing in my usual order. I smile and began to take out my member’s card.

“Where’s your boyfriend?” I look up from my hands and she was looking at me worried. I give her a sad smile and gave her my card.

“My ex boyfriend.” She gave this little sympathy look and looked down at my card.

“It’s on the house.” She said, smiling.

“No, Jenny, I couldn’t do that. Really, I’m fine, please don’t do that for me.”

“Just take the offer, Y/N.” She said, giving back my card. I smile and give her a quick thank you and a ten dollar tip.

“Fuck you, Y/N.” She laughs. I smile and walk towards a seat, not knowing that was where me and Cal sat. I realized what I was doing and instantly get up, getting a few look from the people around me. I walk to another seat that was near the back but it had a really nice window view of the square. I sat down, letting out a huge sigh and taking out my book, “Pretty Dirty Things”, to just read. That’s all I needed. I needed to get away and read my thoughts away. Jenny gave me my coffee in a white mug and I thanked her, continuing to read.


I was already 50 pages into my book and I only finished half of my coffee. I couldn’t really focus. All I could think about was Cal. I just couldn’t get him out of my head.

“Y/N?” I hear someone say.  I could recognize that deep Australian voice anywhere. I sigh and turn around to see a very puffy eyed Calum. I turn back around but he just sat in the seat across from me.

“Please talk to me.” He said, looking at me with his red eyes and he was starting to tear up.

“Talk about what?” I said, putting my book down. “Talk about how the first thing you do after being away for three months is to stick your penis into a girl as small as my arm?” I said quietly so the old couple behind us couldn’t hear. He shut his eyes and dipped his head low. He wiped some tears away.

“Can I talk now?” He said after breaking the awkward silence. I look down at my hands and slightly nod my head. He let out a big sigh.

“I don’t blame you if you don’t want to be with me again. Let alone, be in the same place with me. I don’t know what was going through my head. I really needed release and I really needed you and I just did the most stupid thing and grabbed the first girl I saw. I don’t know how many sorries it’s gonna take to take back your forgiveness but I really am. But Y/N, my life is absolutely nothing without you. You’re the one who picked me up. I really need in you in my life. Either as my girlfriend or even a friend, I just need you.” He grabbed my hands and I could feel how warm they were beaus he was so nervous. I sniffled and looked away from his eyes.

“So I’m supposed to forgive you?” That was all I could say. Calum was the only one I ever loved and I have no idea if I should take him back or not.

“You don’t have too. You could hate me if you wanted too. I hate myself right now.” He says, his voice breaking. “But I am nothing without you.” HIs grip tightens around my hands. I look him in his eyes and stared into them as if it were an eternity. I could really see the sorrow and love he had in his eyes. I pulled his hands and pulled him into a hug and cried into his shoulder. His big arms wrapped around me and he tightened it, crying into my hair.

“Oh my god, I missed you so much.” He let out. I cried even harder into his neck, inhaling his aroma. I pulled away and wiped away my tears with my sleeve.

“One more chance.” I said, looking at my feet.

“I’m going to take that chance and make it last forever.” He said pulling me up to my feet and pulling me into a full frontal hug. “I am so sorry and I love you so much Y/N.” I sniffled into his shirt and I could feel the old couples eyes staring at us and I turned around to see them smiling at us.

lol i know this is pretty short but, if you wanna read the alternative part to this, i should post it up later or so :))))

George Washington X Reader: Unforgettable

hellsbells1921asked: Could you do 76 and 189 with George Washington?

Note: This WILL be a multi-part series! The first prompt doesn’t come into play until later! (Sorry ‘bout that.)

Thank you to the wonderful @meowbeastmusica, who is my new beta reader! They really saved my ass, lol.

Part 1 / Part 2

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I Think We Need to Talk

Pairing: Calum & Y/N

Word Count: 3,051

Requsted: vogue-luke and a few others for a part two to THIS blurb.

Summary: Calum tells you he wants to break up with you, and then realizes his mistake.

A/N: I added the blurb into the beginning of this imagine for those who might not have read the blurb! I hope you guys enjoy this! Feedback is always appreciated!

Request // Masterlist

“I think we need to talk.”

Those six little words were like a bullet to your chest. You feel your throat tighten a bit,  and as you gently close the door behind you you see Calum sitting on your living room couch. He looks beaten down with his wrinkled clothes, his face scruffy, hair a disheveled mess as if he has been running his hands through it, and his eyes have deep purple bags underneath them, a large difference to the normally bubbly man child you’ve grown to fall in love with.

“W-what about?” You stutter before sitting beside him on the couch.

You can’t help but notice how he scoots away from you slightly, causing you to wince as you feel your heart break a little more.

“Us.” He mutters avoiding your gaze.

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Hair Color - Pt. 9 (Soulmate!Michael)

Requested: The idea came from this amazing genius.

Words: 1590

Pairing: Michael x Reader


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Summary: Everybody has a soulmate. And whenever you or your soulmate would dye your hair, the other half would get the same hair color. Which makes it kind of hard for some people.


“Okay, let me get this straight,” You said, trying to slow down the tempo of Calum and Ashton, “Luke, a 20-year-old man who tour the world for a living, is lost in LA, because he went out for food.”

“It’s not our fault that you guys didn’t order pizza for us!” Calum accused you and Michael , turning his head. You didn’t know if he was angry or worried, but there were some emotions in the late night.

“He’s gonna be fine!” Michael yelled, walking as the last person in line. Ashton was looking around as if he had magical spy-eyes and knew exactly where Luke was while Calum was obviously trying not to have a mental breakdown.

Michael, on the other hand, wasn’t anything like that. He walked slowly with his hands in his pockets, kicking a few rocks off the sidewalk. You observed him and his reaction clearly, and you couldn’t help but get a little mad. One of his best friends were gone. Like the wind. And all Michael did was walking with his hands in his pocket?

“Okay, this is not working. Maybe we need to split?” Calum shook his head disagreeing with Ashton. You all stopped walking and got together in a small circle.
Maybe it was an instinct that Ashton took the lead when everything panicked or maybe it just because he was the oldest. It wasn’t like you would love to take the lead, but at this point, Ashton was getting on your nerves, too. The only one who wasn’t annoying was Calum, but that was mainly because his big eyes were filled with fear, and you couldn’t stop throwing pity glances at him.

“Me and Y/N is gonna take the park,” Michael said, almost dragging you out on the busy road before Ashton caught Michael’s sleeve and pulled him back on the sidewalk.

“No, you are not,” Ashton stated as Michael rolled his eyes at him. You stayed out of the small fighting that was going on between the friends, “We’re all gonna go through the park, then we’ll split up. Deal?”

Ashton made sure that every word was emphasized. Michael grouted and turned his head. A huge, lighted up park lied on the other side of the road. You assumed that was the one the guys were talking about. You were generally surprised about the traffic. There were barely any cars on the road, but then again, none of you had any idea about where you were.

The four of you walked across the road, making sure nobody got killed by the few cars. The great gate to the park was closed, but it wasn’t locked. So walking in wasn’t a problem.

There wasn’t a living soul on the path you walked on, only the four of you. Ashton and Calum walked first as you and Michael were the rear party. Even though it was a park with lights hovering up beside you, it was scary. The lamps only lighted the path, making the tall trees almost humanlike, as the rest of the park seemed unknown. You saw no other solution that to grab Michael’s hand. He quickly stared at you, but you ignored him with a visible smirk plastered on your face. Michael coughed but only gave your hand a little squeeze.

Then the park became romantic. Well, expect for the two dumbasses walking confused in front of you, discussing every single turn. Otherwise, the simple touch of another human being changed the mood completely. Suddenly the trees weren’t dark people, now they’re were swaying in the warm wind. The normally annoying sound of cars outside the park sounded almost like music. The dark seemed beautiful as you walked with Michael’s warm hand in yours. A simple touch changed everything.

“Ashton! Calum!” You looked at the two guys in front of you and saw them running towards a bench. You instantly let go of Michael’s hand as soon as you saw Luke’s smirk forming. Holy shit, Luke were sitting on the bench with a Golden Retriever dog.

“What the fu…” you heard Michael mumble before he ran towards Luke and the strange dog. As you came closer, you could hear the happy yelling and the hurried words.

“Hi.” Nobody noticed you. Ashton sat beside the dog and quietly patted it as if he was in awe of Luke being alive. Calum just smiled all over his face, nothing to worry about there. Michael tried to hold back the small chuckles from Luke’s storytelling.

“I was very confused. Then I decided to try to find a way out of this place because this park is big! Instead of the exit, I found this fuckin’ cute dog. So I’ve been sitting here for about fifteen minutes.”

“It’s a very cute dog.” You mumbled and squatted down in front of it. Luke nodded in agreement.

“We’ve been looking for you in two hours,” Ashton remarked, even though that probably wasn’t true, “You could have called, Luke.”

“I don’t have my phone, asshole. Otherwise, I probably would have found a way home.” Luke responded cocky and looked Ashton in the eye.

“Do any of us have our phones?” Calum questioned, now standing behind the bench.

Silence. You stared at Michael as soon as you realized what that mean: it would be hard to find the way back. Michael’s eyes widened.

“Oh for God’s sake!” Michael yelled, “It’s 2016, people! We’re supposed to be addicted to our phones!”

“Fuck. Which path did we come from?” Calum then asked while Luke and Ashton pointed in one direction and you and Michael pointed in the opposite. Calum mumbled sarcastically, “Great.”

Somehow, the five of you found the exit. Fortunately, the park had more than just one gate. Problem was that none of you knew where you were. Luke and Calum begged about bringing that damn dog with you, and then Ashton allowed it. And it was a cute pain in the ass. At first, it wanted to run away, so Luke picked the enormous dog up and carried it around for a while, before handing it over to Calum. So Calum had Luke had to carry it around all the way. The dog didn’t complain, actually, it seemed like it was enjoying not having to walk.

The wind became colder as you walked along small, closed shops in dark valleys. You wrapped your own arms around you, trying to catch some warmth.

“What time is it?” You asked, yawning. You had no idea how long you had been walking or when you even left the house to look after Luke. You just knew that you were cold and tired and that you wanted to go to bed immediately.

“Almost four now,” Luke answered, looking up in the sky. You observed his weird action but understood why as soon as a single raindrop hit your shoulder. That drop changed everything in a second. Suddenly, more panic hit the group as you were already looking for some kind of shelter. Now, it couldn’t get any worse. Soon the drops were getting harder and bigger, until the rain poured down on you, ruining your already ruined hair. The dog squealed as the water hit the soft, yellow fur and Calum looked absolutely terrified on the dog’s behalf.

Luke started running with Ashton right behind him while yelling, “Gotta find a place for the dog.”

You, Luke, Ashton and Michael ran around the buildings while Calum was trying to shush the dog.

“Over here, guys!” You heard Ashton roar a couple meters away from you. You hurried towards him as the others did the same while standing in front of a minor, black building with some unrecognizable letters above it. “It’s open,” Ashton mumbled while pulling down the doorknob and opening the door slightly. Not enough so you could see inside, though. He didn’t know whether to just barge in or knock. But he didn’t have time to think.

“Let’s go in then!” Luke yelled and stormed inside with the rest of you following after. You all stopped to look around the small space. It was one, huge room. At the end of the room, there was a bar with every possible alcoholic beverage you could think of and around the sides were placed wooden chairs and tables. Oh yeah, and in the middle, there was a tall platform. And on that platform were a pole. As in; a stripper pole.

Calum closed the door behind him, being the last one to realize where you were. He quickly put down the dog and let it run around the strip club. You all stood with mouths wide open as you watched a woman with high boots and very little clothing, picking up dollars from the platform. You estimated that she was about your age when she looked up from the money.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” A rather large man walked in behind the bar as he quickly hurried towards the five of you. His face was pulled in confusion and anger, as he hassled across the room. He stopped, looking directly in the face of a dripping wet Calum.

“Well, sir, it was raining and the dog needed shelter and…” Calum’s words were flustered as he pointed to the Golden Retriever running around the room. But he didn’t get to finish before the man’s fist hit him hard, making a plump-like sound. The woman screamed, “Carlos” but it was too late. Calum’s words faded out as he fell to the ground.

A/N: Wow. Plot twist. And hurray, Luke’s not dead! ;) What did you think?

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Love On A Wire

Jumping on that sweet, sweet bandwagon. This was supposed to be a brief Pearl/Mystery Girl episode tag ficlet for Last One Out of Beach City, but it really got away from me. So now it also features Amethyst, Garnet, Greg, and a bit of Steven.

Or: a fic about Pearl generally being in a pretty good place, both when it comes to herself and others. Also about fixing things and figuring out phone calls and flirting with cute girls. ~4000 words. With thanks to @projectormom and @joan–of–bark for endless cheerleading.

Love On A Wire

The note was a strange, important weight in her hand. Pearl crinkled her nose at the crinkled paper and smudged ink, straightened it out, and folded it neatly, writing carefully kept on the inside. She could have stored it safely away in her gem, of course, but a niggling not-thought kept her from doing so. It felt better, somehow, to keep worrying at it between finger and thumb during their night-time walk to the nearest warp pad, leaving it rather more real and tangible than if it were tucked away in an elusive pocket dimension, floating somewhere along with the discarded pants and jacket.

The number was illegible without some illumination from her gem, but by now Pearl had memorised it anyway - she’d always had a good head for numbers of all kinds. If she tried, she could almost hear the digits recited in that surprisingly soft, low voice, still managing to carry over the sounds of the concert:

five, five, five-

Which, upon further thought, seemed like a silly thing to imagine and focus on - after all, she’d never actually heard her say the number. She’d never actually heard the girl say much of anything, and this was the best her mind could come up with?

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This is a commission for manorabrucelee, who wanted biker gang leader Steve fearing nothing and nobody but his tiny boyfriend Tony. This comes with a side order of Clint as Steve’s brother being kidnapped by a rival gang, and a whole lot of angst. It rolls in at 6k. 

The sun was just beginning to shine through the cracks in their curtains when Steve woke up that morning. Tony’s warm, solid weight was pressed up against his back, his arms wrapped loosely around him as he slept, and Steve smiled, rolling on the spot to face him.

“Tony?” he murmured, leaning forwards to kiss his pouty, sleep-warmed lips. “Come on, honey, it’s time to get up.”

Tony made a soft whining noise at the back of his throat and tugged Steve a little closer. Without opening his eyes, he grumbled, “Jus’ five more minutes.”

Steve smiled and then kissed him again, but ultimately had to pull away despite Tony’s whining. “You’re going to be late.”

“It’s my business,” Tony mumbled, cocooning himself in blankets as Steve rolled away and got out of bed. “I can open whenever I want.”

“Mrs. Finnigan has an appointment with you for a tire change at 9am,” Steve reminded him as he padded across the room to grab his towel from the dresser. That, at least, seemed to stir Tony a little more, because he slowly dragged himself into a sitting position, whining the whole time.

“How is it that you know my schedule better than I do?” he grunted, rubbing a gentle fist against his eyes. Steve paused for a moment to watch him, charmed by the sight.

“Because I love you,” he replied eventually, forcing himself towards the door. “It’s my job to make sure you keep your job.”

“Again, I own the business!” Tony yelled after him as he padded across the tiny landing to the bathroom across the way.

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One Time Too Many, One Step Too Far, finished

in re plots, which are my favorite thing, and in re the classic line


#torigates #this is for you #and for everyone i know #who’s like #i don’t know maybe they have engine trouble or something?? #of course they have engine trouble #sid knew all along that this was a dangerous area of pittsburgh #marc-andre swears he can fix it #meanwhile there’s a very good chance that the cops are onto geno #one time too many and one step too far means he has to abandon the vanquish outside of the #gaping maw of a burned-out warehouse #he needs a car and he needs it fast #walking is a great way to get shot #and a three-piece suit isn’t exactly inconspicuous in this kind of a place #‘car problem?’ geno asks #and sid freezes #there’s nothing wise about this and he knows it #but he’s just betting that the man in a silk vest and rolled-up sleeves fixing his timing belt #is a safer chance to take than staying out here alone #'get in’ geno says roughly when marc-andre gets the engine to turn over #and sid’s not a fool #he notices the tension in his voice and the muscles in his neck #but a debt is a debt #though he may suffer greatly in the paying of it

and then I… got distracted by it and wrote some actual fic? Story of my story-life.

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do you ever wonder [if the stars shine for you?]
jikook || 1.9k || warning for language || ao3

Jungkook usually just thirsts over Jimin from a distance- now he did it in front of him. Or, quite literally, on top of him.

did this for the @jiguknetwork bingo, my prompt was slide and while i could’ve gone with the ‘slide at the pool’ prompt i went a slight different direction but hey, i used the word slide, so all is well. this is straight up crack i wrote it in two hours. enjoy. 

One more minute.

One more minute and Jungkook was finally, finally done with this hellish thing called a job.

Jungkook was currently sitting in the bathroom, waiting for his shift to finally end so that he could return to his dorm and while being with Taehyung, his roommate, was always mentally exhausting (Jungkook loved Taehyung, but he could be so extra at times) it was better than working a five hour shift at a restaurant.

The alarm on Jungkook’s watch beeped, telling him that it was in fact time for him to head home, head into freedom and Jungkook had never left the bathroom faster. He almost, almost went head first into the door in his excitement but he told himself to stay calm, no one saw it and he didn’t hit the iron door so all was okay.

A few steps out of the bathroom and into the chattering place, he could already see Yoongi putting on his uniform, a not so happy look on his face as he was meant to follow up Jungkook’s shift after he left. A smiling Seokjin was right next to him, probably left his spot in the kitchen to cheer him up or ask how his day went just like he did to everyone. Jungkook wasn’t sure whether Yoongi liked being questioned this much though, but Seokjin looked unaffected by the glares shot at him so he guessed it was alright.

Jungkook made his way over to his squad (Yoongi would skin him alive if he knew Jungkook called him a part of his squad just because he worked here too) with a grin on his face because nothing, absolutely nothing could beat the fact that he was done with work. Goodbye serving people, hello endless hours of call of duty and junkfood.

“Shut up.” Yoongi said as soon as Jungkook arrived, but a small smile made it’s way onto Yoongi’s face anyways.

Jungkook thought it was because of him, but he soon realized that Yoongi would never and something terrible was about to happen.

“Hoseok drove me here.” Yoongi’s smile seemed a little smug and Jungkook squinted his eyes at him, “why would I want to know what your boyfriend is up to?”

“That means he’s eating here, you brat. I suggest you look over to section three. I bet you a thousand won you won’t regret it.” Yoongi said and Jungkook turned around, his eyes scanning the area where only a few tables were taken, but he spotted Hoseok way sooner than he expected, just because a mop of orange hair sparked his interest first.

Park Jimin.

Jungkook should’ve known today was too good to be true. Life didn’t like him like this.

And lord, did he look good too. Hair fluffed up, no gel added and wait, was that eyeliner he was wearing, and holy fucking shit. Jimin was wearing a muscle shirt and while he was wearing a jacket over it, Jungkook had a radio for these kind of things, he could just feel it. Jungkook was ready to die right there, because jesus christ, Jimin looked good and he was just sitting here, sitting with Hoseok and Namjoon and he realized, this was his shot.

Jimin didn’t know Jungkook, and he’d been waiting for the perfect moment to introduce himself to the orange haired angel. Sure, his looks caught Jungkook’s attention first, but then as he saw him more often, his smile made Jungkook’s heart cry and his voice was just about perfect, and then there were the stories Yoongi and Hoseok told him about Jimin, and Jungkook was too deep in.

He didn’t know how fast to turn around, and he immediately clutched onto Yoongi’s shirt, making the older boy yelp and protest.

“Hyung, hyung, you have to let me serve their table. This is my chance, hyung.” Jungkook begged Yoongi, and he didn’t look like he was enjoying it but Jungkook knew, he fucking knew he loved everything about this.

“Well, I would actually like to serve my boyfri-” Yoongi started off, but Jungkook interrupted him. “Hyung, please. I’ll do anything, please, just let me be their waiter. I’ll buy you lamb skewers, even… Hyung, just…” Jungkook was not about to give up, hell, he’d bring out fake tears if it’d mean he got to serve that table.

“Alright, okay, jesus, kid. You get to serve their table. Just buy me the new Kanye album, and we’re good. Now go, I don’t wanna keep them waiting.” Yoongi pushed him into the direction of section three and Jungkook nodded, trying to wrap his head around the fact that it was happening. After a year of admiring Jimin from afar, he was going for it now.

Jungkook tried to think of a plan, what was he going to do, was he going to play his natural charms, go for the whole hot waiter package and pour some water over his white shirt, be ‘a cute bunny’ (Seokjin’s words, not his) or would he go for the walking meme that was him and play out his pick-up line cards?

Jungkook was still thinking about a way to steal over Park Jimin’s heart that he didn’t notice the toddler that just spilled some of his milk onto the floor and before he knew it, he was sliding over the floor, an 'oh man holy shit’ leaving his mouth before finally coming to a halt because fuck, he just fell into a booth and the worst thing was that this booth was Park Jimin’s booth, and when he said falling into a booth he meant face-forward into Park Jimin’s crotch. So much for making a good first impression.

He didn’t know how fast to scramble up from Jimin’s lap and apologies were spilling from his mouth, trying to look everywhere but at Jimin and he could hear Namjoon & Hoseok dying of laughter, while he couldn’t hear the beautiful sound of angels singing (also known as Park Jimin’s laugh) and Jungkook wanted to die. He wanted the floor to swallow him and never spit him out, because god fucking dammit, he just ruined all possible chances he could’ve had with Jimin.

So Jungkook did the only thing he knew to do, turning around and running straight back to Yoongi and Seokjin. He saw Yoongi almost dying because of laughter while Seokjin had a concerned frown on his face.

“Jungkook, oh my god, you… You just- you just went head first for his dick, couldn’t wait another second, or something? Oh my fucking god, Jeon Jungkook. Professional at giving head. I’m, I’m-” Yoongi choked on his sentence and he hiccuped, while Jungkook considered killing him before he managed to choke because fuck you, Min Yoongi.

“I’m going to hop off a cliff, fling myself out of the window, Seokjin hyung, frypan me, just do it, boil me alive, I don’t care, I need to die” Jungkook’s face was heating up because he couldn’t handle this, he couldn’t deal, and every fucking one just saw that. Everyone.

He felt a hand on his shoulder, and he looked up to find Yoongi pointing back at the table, “you still need to go serve them, you know.” and if Jungkook wanted to kill Yoongi before, he now wanted to skin him alive in front of his boyfriend’s eyes.

Jungkook shot Yoongi a sarcastic smile, “like hell I’m going to fucking serve-” “hey, language.” Seokjin interrupted him and Jungkook faced the eldest, “Yoongi just cursed his ass off to me, what do you mean I can’t-” “you’re only twenty, Jungkookie, you need to remain innocent for as long as you possibly can-” Seokjin started blabbing and Yoongi snorted loudly, “like he can remain innocent after the little trick he just pulled off. Look, Jungkook, you wanted it, you got it, no take backs. Go serve them before I personally drag you over there myself.”

The only reason Jungkook planted a plastic smile on his face and returned to section three again was because of the fact that if he stayed with the two of those for any longer, he was afraid that he’d grab the knives from the kitchen and planted some of them in their hearts.

As he made his way over to the table of hell, he kept that smile on his face but he was pretty sure it looked more pained than friendly. This time he did actually manage to not slip over any kind of liquid things on the floor and he let out a small breath of air when he arrived at the table.

“Hello, I’m Jungkook and I’ll be your waiter for tonight. I’m, uh, very sorry for what happened earlier. That usually doesn’t happen. I apologize.” Jungkook muttered as his eyes flashed between Hoseok’s face and the floor. He didn’t dare look at Namjoon, let alone Jimin, knowing that he was too embarrassed to face them.

“It’s alright. You did look a little.. distracted, there.” Hoseok coughed and Namjoon smirked, “distracted with staring at Jimin, that is-” but Hoseok cut him off by hitting his side, “shut the fuck up, Namjoon.”

“Jungkook, look at me,” Jimin suddenly spoke up, and Jungkook shuddered hearing his name from his lips. Sweet baby jesus, have mercy on him, do not get a boner right now, control yourself, Jeon Jungkook. Apart from that, he was curious because holy fucking shit, Jimin knew his name, what the fuck was air, christ on a stick.

So he did look up, quite curiously, “how do you know my name?” and Jimin laughed. He just laughed, holy fucking shit, help him, someone help Jungkook, he was going to die at the age of twenty.

“You literally just introduced yourself to us, waiter, remember?” Jimin grinned, and Jungkook had just embarrassed himself again. Surely this was payback for that one time he watched straight porn, it just had to be.

“Speaking about waiter, I should take your drinks. What’d you like to have?” Jungkook rushed into it, because the sooner he was gone, the less embarrassment he’d have to go through. Jimin seemed confused for a second as due why he changed the subject, but he adjusted himself.

“Coke for me will do.” Namjoon spoke up, and Hoseok followed suit, “give me that special drink Yoongi hyung brought last time. He’ll know when you ask it.” a smile on his face, and Jungkook wanted to puke because these two were so extra, dear lord.

Jungkook looked at Jimin, who seemed to be thinking about his answer and he watched as the boy looked up and smiled a sinful smile at him. “You can pick a drink for me, I’m sure you’ll think of something good.” and Jungkook nodded, his heart beating loudly in his chest because that smile should be illegal, the eyes he was getting should be illegal and- “also, Jungkook?”

Jungkook gulped, and nodded at Jimin, who seemed to notice the effect he had on Jungkook and wow, it was getting hot in here, did Seokjin turn on the heater or something, because surely this was getting ridiculous.

“Put your number with my drink too, so next time you want to actually give me head, I can call you for it.” Jimin spoke, in a drop sexy voice and then the fucker proceeded to wink at him and- did he just lick his lips too?


Jungkook was going to die.

10 Pinky Promises


genre: angsty and fluffy

song rec: My Love by Hyorin and Basick

warning: HINT of abuse, pretty much it!!

A/N: hold onto ur pants bois this gonna be a ride 

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