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Everything to me (Simon Request)

The tweets were endless. Mentions of you not being good enough for him. Tagging you in photos where Simon was without you. Saying he was happier then. Anything you tweeted yourself would get hate. If you even thought about replying to a tweet from your boyfriend, they’d all attack you with their words once again. It was easier to stay clear of all of it. But Simon claimed you shouldn’t have to do that.
Disabling his comments hadn’t helped. It only fuelled their hatred claiming that ‘you had made him do this’. They said that things were so different since you had been with him. And you were scared that now you were beginning to admit it might be true.
You looked at yourself in the mirror and couldn’t see anything good anymore. You hadn’t felt like this in a while. Not since you had Simon. He made you forget about all of your insecurities. But now that had changed. Those comments and those tweets had changed it.
You now saw how your stomach wasn’t completely flat. You didn’t have the shadows of ab muscles forming or a gap between your legs that was somehow aspirational. You had skin on your thighs that was definitely unwanted and you couldn’t fit into the size six like the models could. Your cheeks were chubby from never really losing your baby feature and you couldn’t wear a crop top comfortably in the summer.
Every time your eyes skimmed over your body you seemed to find more and more features that you didn’t like. That you despised.
You hadn’t mentioned anything to your boyfriend. He knew that their words had affected you but not this much. Not so much that you couldn’t even look at yourself in the mirror anymore. To the point where you had considered leaving him just because it would make him happier. You cared about him more than anything and if you were stopping him from being himself, you would be the one to change that. Of course, he had never said to you that you had done anything to make him feel like that but the millions of subscribers had pressured you into believing it.
“(Y/n)?” Simon calls when he evidently walks into the room and you jolt your head towards the bathroom door just to make sure it was closed.
There were tears in your eyes now and he couldn’t see you like this.
“I’m in here” You reply loud enough for him to hear even with a croak in your voice.
“Hey babe” He chirps and you can see the cute smile on his face, “Do you wanna film a video with me and the guys? We’re thinking of starting a new series”
“Umm hang on a second” You quickly respond, tugging down the material of your ‘Sugg Life’ jumper that hung oversized on your body, “What were you thinking of doing?” You ask, closing the door behind you and going to find a pair of jeans or joggers that didn’t necessarily hug your legs as much…
“Like random games or GTA or dead by daylight and stuff but with you in it. Basically just us teaching you how to play” He explains happily, “You in?”
“I don’t know Simon, I’m not feeling too great” You lie, grabbing a pair of joggers and pulling them over your legs.
“Were you sick?” He frowns with evident concern, the smile slipping from his lips.
“No no I just… I’m gonna go lie down for a while” You nod, “I’ll go in the spare room”
“Don’t be silly, you can stay in here” He assures you, “Everyone knows you live here anyway”
“Its okay” You force a smile onto your lips, leaning up to kiss his cheek, “Enjoy filming”
You don’t notice how worried Simon looks as you walk away. You just felt so enclosed that you had to get out.
~~~Simon’s POV~~~
I was concerned now. Something wasn’t right. And as my thumb clicked onto twitter, I could tell why. Her mentions were full of hate. And these were only the ones I had been tagged in. She must’ve seen so much more. Tweet after tweet pushing more and more negative thoughts into her mind. And none of them were true. I loved my viewers but did they really have to be like this? I could only imagine how upset she was. She was sensitive even if she didn’t admit it.
And with this, I couldn’t blame her.
‘Kill yourself you fat bitch’
‘Haven’t seen Simon look so fed up since I started watching him. It’s her’
‘She needs to start using those fat legs of hers and walk out’
‘Who the fuck even thinks Simon likes this girl?’
‘I feel bad for Simon. He must be desperate if he’s with that fat fuck’
The anger bubbled in my stomach until the controller I had been planning on using to use for filming goes flying across the room and crashes against the wall.
“I was gonna ask if you were gonna join the call but that can wait” Josh starts, leaning against the wall of my room, “What’s going on?”
“I need to talk to (y/n)” I sigh, getting up, “Record without me yeah?”
“Sure but, are you sure everything’s okay?”
“No, but I just need to speak to her,” I nod and head outside, going straight to the spare room.
~~~Your POV~~~
You were sat on the bed with your laptop on your legs, replying to some emails from work and generally just catching up on a few things when Simon came in.
“I thought you were filming” You frown.
“Nope” He shrugs, reaching out his hand, “Come here”
“What are you doing?” You question as he lifts you up to stand.
“You’re coming with me beautiful” He mentions simply, leading you out of the room and downstairs.
“Babe what’s wrong with you?” You chuckle slightly as he hands you a pair of shoes and slips on his own.
He leads you silently to the car and you climb inside without protest even if you didn’t feel up to it.
It was dark outside now. The clear sky forming a sheet of stars above the house and the moon reflecting the past light of the sun.
Simons hand doesn’t leave yours as he drives and you keep your eyes focused on his adorable face with his glasses perched on his nose. They were right. You didn’t deserve him.
He soon parks up and you notice he’s taken you to the top of a cliff where the pair of you had gone after a date before. It was the place of your first kiss.
“Why are we here?” You frown and he sits down on a large rock with you beside him.
“So I saw those tweets” He starts, fingers absentmindedly playing with yours.
“Si-” You start
“And I know they would’ve upset you” He comments with all too much truth, “And I don’t know where to start (y/n)”
“You don’t have to” You shake your head, feeling guilty now.
“They mean nothing babe” He states simply, “I don’t give a fuck about 140 characters on a tweet. I don’t give a fuck about your mentions. I don’t give a fuck if they say it every single day. I only care about it affecting you. Because it shouldn’t”
“Its endless Simon. Every single thing I do they seem to have something against” You look down, “I’m starting to think they’re telling the truth”
“Bullshit” He states simply, “They could say a thousand things and it wouldn’t matter. They could say a million times that you’re not good enough or whatever and I still wouldn’t care”
“Look at me Simon” You exclaim, “There’s Sarah and Freya and Katie and Kay and Emily and then there’s me. I’m not beautiful like them, I can’t take a selfie that I look good in. Hell, I don’t even take photos on my own. I don’t look good in tight clothes, I always just wear sweats. Im nothing compared to them”
“(Y/n), do you remember when we first met? Because I do. 3 years ago. You were at the restaurant and you served us. I remember you said something about JJ and it made all of us laugh. And we spent the night chatting to you because by the time we left, it was hours after you should’ve closed. And I remember every time you walked away I realised more and more how beautiful you were. You liked sport even if you did prefer rugby and you liked video games especially gta and you had this fascinating life outside of that small restaurant that I was mesmerised by the more and more you spoke. You were stunning in your simplicity. You didn’t need makeup or perfectly done hair. You were you and to me, that was everything. And that’s not going to change”
You have tears in your eyes now. Simon was never one to speak like that.
“Think of it this way” He nods, squeezing your hand, “I fell in love with you and that’s what should matter, don’t let my viewers stop you from remembering that”
“Thank you” You mutter, the tears threatening to slip from your eyes as they built up more and more.
“Don’t cry babygirl” He whispers, the pad of his thumb wiping under your eyes quickly, “We all have these days. Yours just aren’t necessary” He chuckles and you smile.
“We should probably get back. You have filming to do right?” You sigh, knowing moments like these never lasted long.
“YouTube can wait”

10 Is the Magic Number: The Top 10 Things I Want to Tell You Before You Enter the Bowl

I entered the bowl and quit. Then I entered and quit again. I’ve entered the bowl for the third time and I’m not leaving until I’ve accomplished my goalsI’ve had some successes. I’ve had a lot of failures. I’ve learned a ton about myself. And since you asked, I’d like to share some of the things I wish I had known and really want you to know before entering the bowl.

10. Laziness is not your friend. I was lazy and lacked perseverance. I believed that the bare minimum of effort would yield high results. I thought there was a man willing to give me everything I wanted while I amused myself by not giving him anything he wanted. I completely ignored the mutually in “mutually beneficial arrangement”

9. Don’t be a selective reader. Part of the reason why I thought my laziness was okay was because I was a selective reader and peruser of the SB tag. I read all of the success stories and liked the glam photos but ignored the few sugar babies that said this was really hard work  

8. Read the books. I didn’t read any of the suggested books. There are several reading lists floating around. It wasn’t until I’d quit the bowl for the second time that I took a moment to read any of the books on  them. The Art of Seduction by Robert Greene, How to Talk to Anyone by Leil Lowndes, and Simply Irresistible by Ellen T White are my personal favorites and I practically have them memorized I’ve read them so many times.

7. Don’t be conceited- especially if you don’t have a reason. I didn’t. I thought that I deserved a $10k allowance (well at least $5k) because I’d read a few posts about knowing your worth. But knowing your worth has nothing to do with the dollar amount you receive. And I didn’t know a damn thing. My experiences in the bowl got easier once I admitted I was clueless.

6. Money does not make a person better than you. I thought that because these men had money they were better than me. It made me accommodating. Once I remembered that money was common and was not an indication of character or intelligence, I remembered something else: this was sugar dating and dating wasn’t new to me. On a date, you’re simply a man and a woman. Being a woman having dinner with an interested man was much easier.

5. An SD can come from anywhere. There is a general consensus that most, if not all, of the sugar sites are trash and the men on them are salty but I still believed that was the only place to find an SD. Tinder proved me wrong. Twice.

4. Be clear on why you joined the bowl. I wasn’t clear on what I wanted to accomplish as a sugar baby. I had the pictures of pretty things planted in my mind but they didn’t sit right with me. They weren’t enough. Once I decided I wanted a business of my own, things began to fall into place.

3. You won’t win them all. I thought I could/had to convince every man to be my SD. I drove myself a little crazy trying to figure out ways to make myself universally pleasing.   That is impossible. For a brown sugar baby, the truth is you won’t please most men. So we have to change our mindsets. We aren’t going to please every man but we will please the right men. We will attract the right men. And that’s who we should focus on.

2. You can’t do this alone. I tried to do this without a support system of sugar babies. Ho friends are great but they still don’t get it the way a fellow sugar baby does. I know that having sugar babies reach out to me when I first started meant the world. Know that when I want to quit writing, reading your messages and anons have made me sit down and write. And knowing that @lustington and @brownstatuesquesugarbaby are just a message away? It’s one of the only reasons why we aren’t discussing my quitting the bowl for the third time. Please don’t do this alone. I’m not the best at messaging as poor @lustington is learning (thanks for being patient with me!) but I’ll be here to talk. No one understands the way we do. My family is supportive but still… Build your support system. You WILL need them.

1. Be yourself. I thought I had to be the sugar baby that Tumblr said I had to be. I thought I had to follow all of the rules Tumblr sugar babies told me to follow. But they weren’t me and I wasn’t good at not being myself. Once I became more selective about the advice I took and determined to be myself the only thing that changed was everything. Your safety is paramount. That advice should be followed. But don’t feel that you have to change your personality because of what you read on the internet. Trust yourself and your intuition.

*Bonus*You’ll never feel 100% ready. And you won’t be. You won’t learn until you do. Take as many safety precautions as you can. Get your life in as much order as you can and dive in.

*Bonus* Don’t ever be afraid to let a man go. If they’re leaving it’s to make room for something or someone else. If keeping them will compromise you or your happiness, let them go. It’s raining wealthy men. You just need to know where to find them.

What did I miss? Is there something you wish you had known when you entered the bowl?

not my division!// old man logan

Originally posted by hqrryhart

There are next to no Old Man Logan gifs that I haven’t used.. So I’m just going to start using ones of Logan both old and young. This prompt was so amusing to think about that I just wanted to start with this one! This is ¼ requests for the day, but bear with me.. I’m sick as a dog. Enjoy!

Requested by Anon: Would you mind doing an insert set during Logan, were the reader is on her monthly  and he’s so inexperienced with dealing with her human mood swings? He makes a fool out of himself buying her lady products, etc while Laura tags along? 

Warnings: mentions of blood, Logan being completely inexperienced with women and menstrual cycles / It’s really short compared to the other ones I’ve written. 

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ok dream sg episode pt. 2

ext. shot - somewhat dingy alleyway, evening

maggie is leaning against the alley wall in her cute too big police jacket. she’s looking at her phone & only puts it away when we hear a quiet thump. the shot pans out to include supergirl

maggie: “everything alright?”

kara: “shes in, well, quarantine? she’s fine though”

maggie: “i actually meant you. you sounded weird on the phone earlier and you don’t look so good.”

Kara: “im alright.”

maggie looks like she wants to question it but she switches over to a more professional demeanour when supergirl hands her a small bag & a folder.

maggie: “i can’t make any promises about the tests but I’ll go over the photos tonight.”

kara nods. she looks uncomfortable again.

maggie: “seriously, hey, are you alright?”

kara: “this may seem like a weird question but did alex mention anything about mon el?”

maggie: “sure some. said you seemed really happy with him. he’s the guy at the bar, right? was it just me or did he kinda say he’s not homophobic because he likes orgies?”

kara: “did he?”

maggie shrugs

kara: “well for what it’s worth im thrilled. alex is the happiest i have ever seen her.”

maggie: “except for being in quarantine. can i take her anything? clothes, food, vegan icecream?”

kara: “gross! sure, i’ll make sure she gets it.”

kara takes several steps away, looks like she’s about to fly away.

kara: “maggie? thank you for doing this. i know it doesn’t feel right doing it off the record but,”

maggie: “i trust you. we do it this way until you can figure out what’s going on. and if you need backup,”

maggie pats her side & Kara nods. she flies away.

maggie waits for a moment before leaving the alley. the screen flickers like static. the same buzzing noise from earlier can be heard & the shot exits the alley & flies in the direction supergirl went.


ext. shot - night
j'onn & supergirl are flying over the city

j'onn: “do you know where we are going?”

kara: “nope!”

j'onn: “do you know what we are looking for?”

kara, flying circles around him: “no!”

j'onn stops flying & hovers in the air. kara stops next to him.

j'onn: “what are you looking for? what are we doing out here?”

kara looks like she is listening for something. very faintly, a buzzing sound can be heard & she flies off faster than j'onn can follow. we focus on kara who looks determined & she crashes into an invisible machine & throws it down into the desert. she follows, j'onn in the distance follows them both.

kara yanks on something that reveals the machine. it is vaguely alien glowing shit & looks kryptonian but…menacing.

j'onn: “what is that?”

kara, angry: “a daxamite drone”

j'onn: “we need to get this back to the DEO. winn can-”

kara: “hes been exposed, remember?”

j'onn nods, crosses his arms. he looks thoughtful.

j'onn: “what do you recommend supergirl?”

kara: “we need to find the hive, & we need to destroy it.”

j'onn: “and mon el?”

kara, determined. “let me deal with him.”


int. shot - krypton.

a grand hall. alura stands at the podium & the hall is packed with aliens. when she raises her hands, they fall silent & turn to face her.

alura: “dignitaires, envoys, i welcome you once more to krypton. today marks a very special day, one that will change the our course forever. for the better.”

several kryptonians stand at her sides. they look concerned. alura clutches at the side of the podium. she does not look well.

alura: “some time ago i was approached to consider an alliance with our great brother planet of daxam. i have had the privilege of speaking with the king and queen and their council.”

the shot turns to a noble & rich couple toward the front of the hall. they look very smug & satisfied. the shot remains on them as alura continues.

alura: “i have been treated to their unique hospitality during my stay there. i have been convinced quite thoroughly to agree to the merge.”

the shot returns to alura & her kryptonian companions as sounds of distress & confusion move through the crowd.

alura seems to be sweating & her voice is strained.

alura: “their methods of persuasion are quite successful.”

daxam king: “the merit of the alliance is persuasion enough, is it not?”

he moves to stand closer to her. alura braces herself against the podium.

daxam king, sounding concerned: “you don’t look well at all. perhaps we should make this quick and save the revelry for another day?”

alura moves stiffly to pull up a alien device. the daxam king places his hand inside the homoimage that appears. he stares at alura who makes no gesture to do the same.

daxam king: “won’t you agree to the alliance?”

alura says nothing.

daxam king: “agree to it! what are you waiting for?”

alura: “for my guard to return with proof”

she sounds & looks very ill but also triumphant. the daxam king pulls his hand away from the holoimage & yanks one of her hands towards him. she is holding a small device that he recognises. he pretends he does not.

daxam king: “what kind of game are you playing, alura? we came in peace because you offered an alliance.”

he looks disappointed & hurt. he motions for his people to leave & they begin to exit the hall.

they are stopped when guards begin to march in. alura looks horrified when kara is with them. she is holding in her hands a small box & she carries it up the steps toward alura.

little kara: “father said this is what you were looking for. i found it in our rooms. did i help, mother?”

alura strokes kara’s hair out of her eyes & nods. she takes the box from Kara & opens it to show the same machine james had taken photos of.

she disables the machine & looks much better instantly. she stands taller & her voice is strong.

“arrest the daxam dignitaries and their king and queen, for the crime of coercion against krypton.”


int. shot - DEO city headquarters

kara walks with mon el down the hallways. they are holding hands & she is listening to him discuss something new he has learned about earth. it’s almost correct in an amusing way & she laughs.

mon el: “so, you said you had something important to talk about?”

kara stops where she is next to a doorway & nods.

kara: “there’s something i have been meaning to talk to you about.”

mon el: “if this is about breaking up then i forgive you”

kara smiles but she doesn’t look happy.

kara: “thank you.”

mon el nods.

kara continues like the boss she is: “for making this so easy.”

she slams her hand on the button next to her & opens the cell door. in another second she absolutely fucking smashed mon el into the cell & closes it before he can recover. kara slaps a picture of the alien device against the glass.

kara: “where is it?”

mon el stands & crosses his arms.

kara looks like she wants to ask again but she crumples the photo in her hand & storms out instead.

mon el: “you could have just asked me.”

kara pauses in the doorway: “i already know you’re brainwashing my friends. my family. i don’t have to be nice to you just because you have information i want.”

kara stands in that fuckin boss supergirl stance yas girl!!!

kara: “i will find it, with or without your help. you should start thinking about how to make that easier for me.”

mon el: “why? so you’ll forgive me?”

kara: “no, i won’t. Ever. you want to make this easier so i don’t let my sister put lead in your leg again. and this time? my mothers on vacation so she can’t save you.”

kara exits the room.

she joins j'onn who is standing at the end of the hall.

j'onn: “my mothers on vacation?”

kara, crossing her arms, sighs. “I couldn’t think of a cool line. do you think it sounded enough like a threat?”

j'onn: “you should’ve left it at alex”

kara nods.

hey!! lately i’ve been seeing tons of resource masterposts and i decided that i’d be easier if all of these masterposts were combined into one mega masterpost!! i couldn’t possibly link them all but i also added tons of my own links, this took absolutely forever so please, enjoy! :~)


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  • how to reveal character
  • help with writer’s block
  • find the word that’s on the tip of your tongue
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  • how to survive college 
  • Scholarpedia (basically Wikipedia but with reliable sources)
  • solve any math problem
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  • teaches everything
  • An already typed essay at your fingertips(type the subject and press random stuff and an essay forms)
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  • sleep calculator (wake up feeling refreshed!)
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  • focus playlist (i use this to study all the time!)
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beauty (credit for most of these!)

  • how to improve your self-esteem (because you’re beautiful!)
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Photo Editing

  • punk edit tutorial
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  • photoshop brushes masterpost
  • this blog has a lot of ps resources
  • so does this one
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  • pretty much any photoshop tutorial you will ever need
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  • convert youtube to mp3
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  • Drawing expressions
  • Sai Brushes 
  • NGE colour palette 
  • 100+ colour palletes
  • Avoiding same face
  • Face contours/highlighting 
  • free art MyPaint
  • Body anatomy help
  • How to shift images using blur in PS
  • Drawing clothe folding
  • How to draw ice
  • Colour palette 
  • Colour palette 
  • SAI brush settings 
  • SAI/PS pixel brushes
  • Warm/Cool gray
  • Flower crown tutorial
  • Skin colour palette
  • Pink colour sheet
  • How to draw butts&thighs
  • The male torso
  • Drawing glowing stuff in SAI
  • Drawing horse/animal legs on humans
  • Drawing clouds
  • Muscular male with bow stock photos
  • Pastel colours
  • Drawing grass fields in SAI
  • Expressions&Legs
  • All about the human body
  • 20+ colour palettes 
  • Colour conversion
  • Kissing ref
  • Creature design 
  • Colour meanings
  • Creating expression
  • Tutorial masterpost (100+)
  • Lineart
  • Canine
  • How to colour
  • Pose studies
  • Feline comparisons
  • How to draw penis
  • Leaf pressing
  • 100+ anatomy references 
  • How to draw folds
  • SAI brushes 3
  • Sitting poses
  • Colour palette 4
  • Cloud painting
  • How to draw 3D rooms
  • Colour info
  • Colouring ref
  • Hair tutorial
  • Clothing ref
  • Bodies and poses
  • SAI brushes 5
  • Colour scheme designer
  • Folding ref
  • Heads&Angles 
  • Paint tool SAI masterpost
  • Drawing ref masterpost (10+)
  • Hair+Fur
  • How to draw faces
  • SAI brushes 4
  • Anatomy of mutant humans
  • What should I draw?
  • Free art software
  • pastel colour ref
  • Mass art ref
  • Soft SAI brushes
  • ways to draw stuff
  • SAI brush settings
  • baseball cap ref
  • Penis ref
  • Drawing human wings
  • Cool free art software
  • Huge art ref
  • Colour blender
  • 2 SAI brushes
  • Photoshop for free 
  • Colorwheel
  • How to accurately draw arms
  • anatomy and rotation of the head
  • human anatomy for artists
  • speed drawing studies
  • nude references
  • hands
  • arm and wing movement 
  • beer bellies
  • body types
  • noses
  • box and egg/run of the stroke
  • a trick for arm proportions
  • body diversity
  • anatomy of the waist
  • feet
  • hands and forearms


  • Boredom masterpost 
  • really interesting websites
  • cute videos
  • vines
  • free hugs
  • fun sites masterpost
  • useless websites
  • play some dumb games
  • color matching game
  • games you played back in the day
  • really cute online games
  • cards against humanity pdf (a must!!)
  • sushi cat 
  • takes you to a random location and you have to guess where you are
  • akinator, the web genie (like guess who!!)
  • create a fake tweet

Feeling down?

  • cutting
  • suicide
  • talk it out
  • venting
  • alternatives
  • the quiet place
  • need a hug?
  • just breathe.
  • cute yahoo answers
  • emergency compliment
  • draw a stickman
  • coping skills and distractions
  • calming gif
  • givesmehope (so adorable!!)
  • break something
  • cut something (blood) (trigger warning)
  • get a hug
  • play cute games
  • Receive Compliments
  • see something cute
  • how to love yourself 
  • Stuff to do if you’re having a bad day
  • Stuff you can do to help someone smile
  • Alternative to self harm 
  • Basic ED recovery help
  • Alternative to self harm (2)
  • Alternative to self harm (3)
  • Someone to talk to
  • How to deal/talk with bipolar and depressed people
  • If you’re having a bad night
  • Movies to watch when you’re down
  • Confidence


  • watch tons of tv/movies
  • movies for when you can’t sleep
  • movies by genre
  • disney movies (so good omg)
  • harry potter movies
  • johnny depp movies
  • zombie movies
  • movies on youtube!
  • A list of scary movies with recovery
  • A list of teen movies
  • Disney Channel Movies from 1998-2013
  • One of the best movie selections
  • tumblr dedicated to find finding movies
  • when to pee during a movie
  • Hannibal ( back-up link )
  • Adventure Time 
  • Bob’s Burgers (1-3)
  • How I Met Your Mother
  • Who’s Line Is It Anyway
  • Kitchen Nightmares
  • Teen Wolf
  • Bates Motel
  • Game Of Thrones
  • Misfits
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender
  • Ghost Adventures
  • Orphan Black
  • Orange Is The New Black
  • American Horror Story
  • Buffy The Vampire Slayer)
  • Criminal Minds
  • Supernatural (season 1) (season 2) (season 3) (season 4) (season 5) (season 6) (season 7) (season 8)
  • Freaks and Geeks
  • Dexter
  • Bad Girls Club
  • Game Of Thrones
  • Whose Line is It Anyway
  • Breaking Bad


  • thousands of quick and easy snack recipes
  • cheap & healthy snacks
  • quick and easy soup recipes
  • chocolate muffin in a mug tutorial
  • study snacks
  • 40 on-the-go breakfast recipes
  • macaroni cheese / mac&cheese in a cup
  • panera mac n cheese recipe
  • different salad recipes
  • fricking recipes
  • harry potter recipes
  • healthy recipes
  • brownie/cookie
  • s’mores pie
  • nutella hot chocolate
  • peanut butter nutella swirl cookies
  • cookie in a mug
  • starbucks holiday drinks
  • fruit leathers (like fruit roll-ups, only much better)
  • Yummy apple thing
  • Cookie in a cup
  • French bread pizza
  • Egg tacos
  • How to microwave more than one bowl at a time
  • How to make the perfect cup of tea
  • Peach cobbler
  • Healthy lunches
  • Tons of pies
  • Cookie dough you can eat
  • Why you should go vegan
  • Shelf life of food
  • How to make different looking cookies
  • Website for lack of ingredients 
  • Cheeseburger cupcakes
  • Deep-dish cookie for one


  • daily workout 
  • tone your arms without weights
  • pilates workout for a slimmer waist
  • abs all night challenge
  • bye bye muffin top 
  • 1-2-3 ab work out
  • get a flat stomach
  • What Makes You Bootyful Challenge
  • Call Me Maybe Squat Challenge
  • Your Best Butt
  • lean legs pyramid 
  • dancer’s legs workout
  • legs like eleanor calder
  • 8 minute morning work out
  • cardio/strength workout
  • fat blaster workout
  • Burning stomach fat
My Favorite Cosplay Resources

Starting from head to toe!

  • Wigs - Personally I prefer Ebay. Wigs are cheap, buuuut you have to accept there’s a certain risk of not getting what you paid minimal money for. Still usually if you are wary you can go about with minimal mishaps. I like Ebay because of the price but also the variety. I’m terrible with wigs, so the closer at the start the wig is to the style/color I need the easier it is for me. So Arda for me isn’t really a good fit. (Though sometimes if the wig is really particular there’s nothing else than going with Arda.)

  • Contacts - Pinky Paradise. Hands down. Reliable, safe, and decently priced. Offers most of their contacts in a wide variety of prescriptions with no extra cost (which for me is super nice). They sort the contacts out in easy to find ways (by color, enlargement, etc) and most the contacts have real life customer pictures of themselves wearing the contacts so you really know what you are getting, not just some shopped photo of a lens over a stock eye shot.

  • Makeup - Honestly, I get most my makeup from Walmart. Cheap, wide variety. It helps that I don’t have sensitive skin. I can wear whatever and maybe have some small breakouts the next day. I also stop by CVS or Walgreens a lot, ton of variety and again cheap. Plus they are everywhere so if you realize you are out of concealer at the con you can usually pick up some at the local pharmacy in five minutes. For advances make up, like prosthetics, try any costume stores near you, like Party City or Halloween related seasonal shops. And of course the internet when you can’t find that one thing just the way you want it.

  • Fabric - Generally I go to Jo Anns and sometimes Hancock. These are what are local to me, and tend to have decent prices, okay selection, and for Jo Anns tons of sales and coupons. When I lived in Hawaii there were some local chains with amazing selection I liked more than these chains. (If you are in Oahu check out Kaimuki’s Dry Goods, small local store I used to really like.) So yeah poke around to see what’s around you! For especially hard to find fabric you unfortunately have to go online. It sucks and can be expensive. I like Amazon or Fabric.com but I’ve only done a little online fabric shopping so not my forte.

  • Supplies - This is a varied topic. Cause like Worbla, only available online. Paint? All over. Unfortunately I don’t have just a list I can tell you. Home Depo, Hobby Lobby, Ben Franklin, Michaels, Lowes, just try a balance of hardware and craft stores. And for the specialty stuff, like thermoplastics of course it’s the internet you go.

  • Shoes - Thrift shops. I love thrift shops. Goodwill, Salvation Army, whatever you have locally. There’s no guarentees unfortunately about the style and size but you’ll never get shoes cheaper. And since often I tear apart these shoes, paint them up, and otherwise mutilate them I feel a bit better about using these shoes which are already a step before the trashcan. To make things comfier you can put in inserts. If you can’t find something then internet is your best bet for the variety and low price.


  • Clothes - going to be cosplaying Shizuo and don’t really want to make a pair of black slacks? Who can blame you! So for simple clothing items you can head to my favorite, the thrift shop! Not only are you getting clothes for cheap but often also helping out different humane efforts (Like CHKD is a chain near me which is connected to a children’s hospital.) If you can’t find it in the thrift store gamble the more sure fire source is going to be Ebay! Again, used, cheap clothes. And some cheap new mass produced clothes. A little pricier with shipping and such but you can usually find low prices on basic things. Also even if it’s not a perfect match, wherever you got the clothes, keep an open mind to ability to edit the clothes into what you need.

So this is just a look into my shopping stops, I generally focus on lowering that price while trying to maintain quality. So if you are looking to do things without spending big bucks check these places out! Also for some tips on finding things on the internet, try a variety of search words, go through your big sites like Ebay and Amazon, but also Google Shopping. Annnd if you really are having trouble try Google Images then back track to the image source to what is possibly an online store. Not always but more often than not I’ve been able to find things like that!

I’ll always love you. No matter what

This is part four in the Steve, marry her series. Part one, part two, and part three

Pairing: Pre-serum!Steve x Reader

Word Count: 2869

Category: Fluff, Angst

Warnings: Guys, not gonna lie, this gets kind of intense. There is non-con in this (not between Steve and reader or Buck and reader).  I do not describe the actual act, just the before and aftermath. IF THAT IS A TRIGGER, PLEASE DO NOT READ. YOU CAN SKIP THIS PART WITHOUT MISSING LARGE CHUNKS OF THE PLOT FOR LATER PARTS. There is also; internalized victim blaming, fluff, art show, probably unrealistic representation of art dealers buying art, 

Summary: When Steve’s art is chosen for a exhibit, you accompany him to it. When you leave early, you run into trouble. After you get home, Steve and Buck are there to pick up the pieces.

Your name: submit What is this?

You were already in Steve and Buck’s apartment. Since the other night, you had just been staying with them. It was easier for you, because you didn’t have to back and forth and also because it was easier to look out for your boys when you were there all day. You were standing at the stove, cooking chicken when you heard the door open behind you.

“How was your day Stevie?”

“I have amazing news,” he spun you around, “some of my art has been chosen to be in an exhibit at the school.”

“Oh Stevie that’s amazing!” You wrap your arms around him, “which ones were picked?”

“I’m not telling, you’ll have to come and see for yourself. Because I get to bring a guest, and I’m bringing you. It’s tomorrow night from seven to ten at the school,” he kissed the end of your nose.

“Oh, I’m so excited. You’re art in an exhibit.”

“And a beautiful girl on my arm.”

“Oh Stevie hush.”


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Wood and non PVC pipe/wire cube print vertical displays

Hey psynthesis! As with many of our answers - it depends! Factors include:

  • How big are your prints? How many prints do you have? What else are you displaying?
  • What kind of wood are you thinking? How custom/complex do you want to go, or can you go? What are your resources for creating the setup? (Budget, fabrication skills, etc.)
  • How modular is the display if you want to display more or less things, or if you end up getting bigger or smaller tables at an event?
  • How portable is the display?
  • How are you getting to and from an event? Do you have assistance for travelling and/or setup?

Here is an overview of other factors to consider: 

Our resident orange atorier uses wood displays and says:

I’m a big wood fan and most of my displays have been wood. Wooden dowels can make good overhangs. They are lightweight and easy to carry around. A thing to keep in mind though is that they are not as thick as PVC or metal pipes, so they have a greater tendency to get pulled in by the weight of your prints (and they can get really heavy). One way I’ve found to get around it is instead of a string for the middle part, is to use a thinner wood dowel so it’s more sturdy to hang your prints on.

Wooden table racks are great, very customizable, especially if you or someone you know knows a bit of woodworking. I’ve gotten a few keychain and postcard racks custom made in the past by my dad and I was able to get it to exactly what I wanted. I’ve usually used big C clamps to secure it to the table if I need it to. They also don’t collapse on you as easily as paper and tape ones.

I’ve never found my wood displays to be that heavy … Neither have they warped on me for racks I’ve used over several years. It IS probably easier to make a GOOD PVC set up than it is for a wood one. The pipes are ready-made practically out of the store and come with their own joints. Making one out of wood dowels will need some thinking of how to put it together and have it stay together. But a well built wood display I find looks better, of course.

A few photos showing the display with string (so you can see how it droops), and then with a dowel in the centre:

phaena notes that depending on where you live and what your environment is like, wood may require more careful storage than other materials to prevent warping, etc. In Toronto, our temperature changes are (generally) not super humid, wet or extreme. Your experience might be different … and your materials (e.g., type and condition of wood) might be different.

Similar to PVC piles, wire cubes are popular because they are more readily available/ready made solutions and are modular. That said, wire racks can be pretty heavy and require quite a bit of setup and takedown time.

I’d suggest taking a look through our displays tag - there are the usual PVC setups, but also other ones involving boards and more. We haven’t tried all of them, but it’s a great place to start!

Here’s a discussion on PVC and wire cube setups, as well as an alternative with telescoping aluminum poles by omnomberries:

Here’s another solution we’ve seen using presentation boards (note that the artist has a caution about instability with this setup) by skimlines:

You can also experiment and come up with your own ideas! There are other ways to create some sort of overhang or flat panel to attach prints to. You could consider repurposing other household items. Of course, always test your contraptions first!

Long ago, atorier and maiji experimented with a backdrop display as follows:

We combined 2 laundry racks to create a single frame, and then covered it with a black fabric hood to create a backdrop panel we could attach prints to.

In theory it was great; in practical usage, issues included:

  • If you don’t have much space behind the table or have to keep everything on the table (which can be a requirement for some events), it won’t work.
  • The fabric itself is not rigid. Our original idea to tape prints to it wasn’t reliable, so we actually took to making little tape “tabs” on our prints and then using safety pins to pin them to the fabric.
  • It’s actually pretty lightweight and sometimes billowed about a bit more than expected with people smacking into it or even the air from traffic moving through the convention, almost like a fabric sail (though it never actually fell down).
  • Though the frame could be easily taken apart, after a while we just got tired of lugging around the poles and having to return the laundry racks to our moms. lol

atorier ended up gravitating to wood displays, and maiji ended up gravitating to not wanting to bother with large vertical setups.

Displays are an ongoing process, and you’ll always come up with better ideas to do things, that work for you, from your own experience!

Any other ideas/suggestions? We’d love to hear from other artists who use wood or other non-PVC pipes/wire cube overhang or backdrop-type large vertical displays!

‘Til Our Eyes Meet: Photograph (Final Part)

Loving can hurt, loving can hurt sometimes…
They’d only just found each other, only to be torn apart.
We keep this love in a photograph…
Will their love be able to survive the torments of war?
Holding me closer ‘til our eyes meet…
Together and apart
Loving can heal, loving can mend your soul
And it’s the only thing we take with us when we die…
Always waiting, always wanting.
Hearing you whisper through the phone,
“Wait for me to come home.”

Part One: Sing
Part Two: Everything Has Changed
Part Three: Kiss Me
Part Four: Touch and Go
Part Five: All of the Stars
Part Six: Autumn Leaves
Part Seven: U.N.I.
Part Eight: The City
Part Nine: Drunk
Part Ten: I’m a Mess
Part Eleven: Give Me Love
Part Twelve: Lay it All on Me
Part Thirteen: I Was Made for Loving You
Part Fourteen: I See Fire
Part Fifteen: Shirtsleeves
Part Sixteen: Afire Love
Part Seventeen: Thinking Out Loud
Part Eighteen: Photograph (Song Link)

Pairing: Solider!Sam x Reader

Warnings: Not any really warnings for this part, other than what’s become the normal amount of angst at this point.

A/N: Thank you to everyone who has been with me through this entire series. I’m sincerely sorry to see it end, but this is where it’s been headed since before I even started writing it.
I hope you have enjoyed the series as much as I have. It’s been a true labor of love.

@supernaturalismalife @thetardishasaquidditchpitch @animefanatic1728 @ohheyitsmik @autoblocked @growningupgeek @torn-and-frayed @sherlock44 @oriona75 @screeching-pterodactyl-fangirl @aprofoundbondwithdean @angelautumn09 @hellooo-tricksters @balthazars-muse @sharenaloveyoux @jodyri @busybee612 @juliakidx @poemwriter98 @castihelloboys @one-shots-supernatural @waiting4thedoctor @winchester-with-wings @winchesterenthusiast @waywardwinterfics @caitsymichelle13 @thedancingnerdmermaid @spnfanficpond

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anonymous asked:

Prompt; What would've happened if Sirius had been able to take care of Harry after James and Lily died, because we all just need a little more heartbreak in our lives.

also, i don’t have a lot of experience with babies, and i’m going off my little cousin, who is just under two years. 

At two years old, Harry is walking, and though his speech is far from perfect, he’s starting to string a few words together - small, simple sentences. His hair has grown, and Sirius can’t help but grin every time he sees it, because it’s starting to stick up in the back in a very familiar way. A second later, he feels a pang in his chest and has to look away. 

It’s early on a Saturday morning, and Harry has somehow waddled into his bedroom, and is tugging on the covers of his bed. Sirius raises his head groggily, and blinks down at him. 

“How did you get out of your cot?” he grumbles, and as Harry holds his arms up, he takes the toddler up on the bed. Harry giggles up at him, sitting in the middle of the enormous bed. 

Sirius sighs. He’s still so small. Sirius is relieved to see that he still smiles a lot, still laughs a lot, and plays a lot. But he can’t help but wonder. Does he think of his parents every day, in the way that Sirius does? Does he still remember their faces? Harry is fine. And while that’s a good thing, in a way it brings on such a deep sadness that Sirius is tempted to lock himself in his room for days, because it’s hardly bearable. 

But if he wasn’t fine, Sirius supposes, trapped in the clutches of paralyzing grief - it’s the only thing that would be worse. And Sirius can’t lock himself up in his room, because there is a two-year-old boy who needs him, and now that James is gone, it is all he can do, to take the very best care of the last remaining part of him. 

And of Lily, too. Harry reminds Sirius of them both so much - by his eyes, his ridiculous hair. But by smaller things too. By the way he wrinkles his nose, or the familiarity of his thoughtful expression, or the little twitch in the corner of his mouth when he smiles, one corner just a tad higher than the other. By the way he knows when to pat Sirius’ cheek and hug his neck, and it’s so kind and comforting, he feels as if it’s Lily patting his cheek and telling him it’ll be alright, even if it’s not in as many words. 

Sirius smiles down at the little boy - he’s still small for his age - and then leans over to his nightstand, taking something from the drawer. He takes Harry up to sit on his lap, his back to Sirius’ chest, and opens the photo album. 

“Look at this, Harry,” he says quietly, in that voice full of wonder that he reserves for Harry, and that he would have beat himself up for using not three years ago. 

He points to a picture, and Harry goes quiet, his tiny fingers reaching for the page. “That’s your dad. He was my best friend, he was,” Sirius tells him, and Harry blinks at the page, bouncing a little, obviously pleased. 

“Dada,” he exclaims, pointing at the picture suddenly. “Dada!" 

Sirius nods, wiping his nose hurriedly. “Yeah, that’s him,” he mutters. “You remember him?” 

Harry nods and giggles, staring at the picture in awe. Though it doesn’t come without pain, Sirius is happy that he remembers him. He hopes it lasts. 

He flips the page, sighing and breathing a little easier now. “And you know who that is, don’t you?” 

Instead of giggling and yelping, Harry is quiet. “Mama…” he murmurs, his fingers brushing over the photo carefully. When Sirius looks down at him, the toddler looks a bit confused. He blinks around, like he’s expecting Lily to walk through the door any second. And when she doesn’t come, he looks down at the picture again, tears filling his eyes. Though strangely, for a two-year-old, he doesn’t let them fall. He picks his head up, and sniffles, but maybe he knows that somehow, somewhere, Lily and James don’t want to see their son cry. 

Sirius shows him every last picture of his parents that he has, and when it comes to the last couple, Harry’s there too. Harry picks out one, in which both his parents have his arms around him, and are smiling down at him, and clutches it to his chest. He won’t give it back to Sirius, and Sirius doesn’t even try. 

He just takes Harry up and goes to his room with him so he can put it carefully in his cot - and Sirius checks to see how he got out, and finds nothing - before he hauls Harry up in his arms, throwing him in the air and watching him giggle. 

"Come on then, sport, let’s get some breakfast. Your parents would haunt me to my grave if they thought I wasn’t feeding you.”  They go downstairs, and if anything, Harry seems even happier than usual after seeing his parents. 

Sirius smiles a little easier as he feeds him and gets him dressed. Remus is coming soon to take Harry for a walk, and Sirius is thinking of tagging along, maybe bringing the toy Quaffle Harry had received for Christmas, and has loved ever since. Sirius is sure that’s his father in him, shining through. 

Harry gurgles and bounces excitedly as Sirius fixes a hat on his head, and when Harry smiles, green eyes twinkling and his mouth twitching up at the corner just like his parents, Sirius knows that one day, this little boy is going to make Lily and James Potter very, very proud. 

colourmeastonished  asked:

First off, I want to say that I absolutely adore your artwork, there's just something incredibly charming about it! I was wondering if you could possibly give a girl a few tips on digital art. I want to try it but it's really daunting to me (1/2)

And I just don’t know where to start. For example, what program do you use? What size of brushes would you recommend? Basically if you have any tips for a newbie that’d be wonderful :) I understand if you don’t have time though! (2/2)

Hey there! First of all thank you so much! <3

I have a tag for my art tips in general, but I’m going to answer your questions here as well, because even though I’ve talked about it before, I have some new pictures to use as examples!

-My two programs are Photoshop and Sai. The process usually goes like this:

Photoshop’s strength is manipulation. There are a lot of tools for moving around parts of the picture, warping, liquifying, and transforming. Sai’s strength is the smooth brushstrokes it can create, much more gracefully than photoshop. That is why I incorporate Sai into my mostly Photoshop workflow, because I much prefer having an easier time with lineart. However, I will keep both programs open while inking in Sai and, if I look at the eyes and think they’re too big, I’ll go into Photoshop and transform them around before saving it and reopening it in Sai and continuing the drawing. Not to say that Sai can’t do some of the transforming, but I think Photoshop handles it with more finesse and has more options for manipulation. Also, many artists prefer to use Sai completely for coloring as well, but I have spent most of my years in Photoshop and am just happier using Photoshop’s layer options and adjustments. It is really up to the artist what they are comfortable doing.

-For brush size, it really depends on the look you’re going for, the size of your canvas, and how you like to draw. I’m someone that tends to draw thick ‘Disney’ lines but for example with the dog walking piece I tried out a thinner brush than usual for me. It helped that my sketch for it was very non descript so I could feel more spontaneous in my inking. Remember that your sketch does not have to have every line planned out before you move onto the final stage. I usually never finish hands and feet until I have to during the lineart phase, haha.

-Also, be careful that your inking does not kill the energy of the sketch, so to speak. Different parts of the brain handle drawing versus tracing, and because of this the sketch can often look more appealing looking than when you trace over it to make lineart. Turn your lineart on and off as you do your lineart to make sure you’re not losing the spontaneity and life of the sketch below it.

-Whenever I go to start a major illustration, or a portrait of someone I’ve never drawn before, I make sure I bring any photo refs I need for the piece onto the canvas with me. For example, here’s a commission where my commissioner gave me some references. I placed them all around my drawing area (along with the companion commission I did to make sure they were matching up) so I could see them at all times while I was working:

-My main tip for digital art though is this: experiment. Every artist has their own workflow and comfort zone, and you just have to find what works for you. You play with different brushes until you find the one that feels like you. Try brushes that look like different medias, try painting with no lineart, try being simple and using the default options, try anything you want. You’ll get on your feet once you find out what you like to do! 

Know It All || Klaroline

She’s proud of all she’s learned working in the museum, and Caroline just wants to show off a little bit for the hot guy asking questions. How was she supposed to know he’s the visiting artist featured in the next room?

“Pardon me, miss. Do you happen to know the theme tying these works together?”

Caroline twirled around to find the source of the luscious British accent, only to find that the cute guy with sandy curls was talking to her. “O-oh,” she stuttered, caught off guard. “Um, these works?”

“I’m sorry,” the man apologized. His sheepish expression didn’t seem entirely sincere, though, as it was ruined by a mischievous smirk. “I saw the name tag and figured you were a tour guide. I was just curious about the connections in this room, because I can’t quite figure it.”

Caroline glanced down to her chest, where her Whitmore Historical Society name tag was pinned. She took a moment to appreciate her choice of dress, as the cleavage was flattering, yet not completely obvious. The guy was hot, and her boobs never hurt her flirting game. The only thing working against her was that she wasn’t a tour guide, she just worked at the gift shop. “Actually-”

Assuming her flustered state meant ignorance, the man chuckled. “Never mind, sweetheart,” he said. “I’ll just ask someone else.”

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(1 of 2). Dex doesn't talk about his home life much. He wears thrift store clothes (not for fashion), has a 2nd-3rd hand computer that he has to rebuild, and is at Samwell on a scholarship. He gets uptight/grumpy with wasted time because between work/hockey/school and maintaining his GPA, he has to FOCUS. Everyone thinks he's got this big family that he's trying to make proud. But, he really just doesn't want to go back home. His mom has been gone for years (dead or left), and his older sister


Okay, there’s two more parts to the prompt, but I’m gonna say here.  Warning for abuse, specifically parental abuse.  Also, minor character death (parental death).  Sorry if I miss any tw or cw tags that people have blacklisted!



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Hello Gorgeous- Pietro Maximoff x Reader PT 13

Part 12, Part 14

Part 13 is here! Sorry for no post last night, I was out most of the day. :/

Description: Reader is hurt in a fight, and she is taken into S.H.I.E.L.D for her injuries, and ends up being there longer than expected, gaining new friends and falling for a certain speedster.

Warnings: Swearing, Violence.

Widow tosses a packed file onto the table. “There has been over 200 missing children in the area these past 4 months.”

You gasp. “How come this hasn’t been in the news?” You say urgently.

“It seems someone is stopping it from getting there.” She crosses her arms.

“What? 200 children means 200 families, and you’re telling me that none one of them has contacted the press?”

“Well, they’ve tried, but each one that does, has been,… terminated.” She prompts you to open the file. Upon doing so, you find tons and tons of missing persons reports on each child, as well as the notes on various murders of family connected to them.

“This is…” You trail off, shaking your head at the photos of each victim.

“It’s terrifying. But we finally know who’s been doing it.” She tells you.

“Who?” You look up at the redhead.

“A group known as Rampage. Don’t even get me started on the ridiculous name.” Nat rolls her eyes.

“Do we know why?”

“It’s been presumed that they are doing experiments on them.”

“For what?” You ask.

“They want to create what Baron Von Strucker created.” She answered.

“So they want to make them, like the twins?”

“Exactly. Which is why they will be tagging along, since they are highly familiar with what the children are going through, they can help those who are dealing with side effects.” Tasha explains.

“So what will we be doing?”

Widow lays out the attack, even handing you a building plan of Rampage’s base, being an old abandoned warehouse.“Well (Y/N), you will be fighting off Rampage, while Pietro and Wanda sneak into their base and keep those kids safe and away from any of their employees, until you have taken everyone down, making it easier for you all to lead the children out.”

“Sounds good to me.” You smirk.


First Day On the Job

Night had already fallen, when Widow told you it was time to strike. “Okay guys, the warehouse is somewhere between 11th and 12th. (Y/N), you are going to provide as a distraction while the twins get inside.” Nat as the two of you, plus the twins, stand on a building a couple of blocks away from Rampage’s base. “I’ll be right in your ear if you need any back up, so don’t be shy.” The other three of you nod to Natasha, then going off to achieve your mission.

You skip across to the next building. Wanda seems cautious, but Pietro urges her to trek on. He guides her for the first couple of businesses, until she quickly picks up, barely touching the roof of each structure before leaping off to the next. You three reach a street across from where you were sent to attack, then simply looking down at it, searching for any signs of guards.

“All I see are the two in front and the one up top. I’ll grab the one on the roof first, then swoop down and catch the two blocking the door.” You narrow your eyes at the men in all black keeping watch of the warehouse. “You guys wait until my command to go in, okay?”

“Last time I checked, this was your first mission, not ours.” Pietro teases you.

“She’s right, Maximoff. Give her some space for a bit, maybe a chance to test the waters, then head in after her.” Widow says in all of your earpieces.

“Alright, fine. You will be okay, no?” He asks you.

You let out a sigh. “Yeah, I’ll be fine. That’s my specialty, beating up guys at night.”

Pietro collects you into a hug, planting a kiss to your forehead before advising you to stay safe.

“Hey, what about me?” Wanda says defensively.

“At least with you, I will be there to keep you from getting into trouble.” He ruffles her hair, which prompts her to slug him in the arm.

“Okay kids, I’m off. See you on the inside.” You salute to them, slipping into invisibility and taking a dive off of the building you stood on. You flip in the air, guiding yourself to fly over to the roof of the warehouse. You may have been completely invisible, but you did not acquire a very light landing. Your feet hit the ground hard, scaring the guard shitless. He swings around, firing his gun aimlessly, not aware it was in your vicinity. You swipe up a force field, deflecting his bullets, which sprung off in different directions. Throwing up your hood, you forget being invisible. You jump, kicking both of your feet at him, sending the man to collapse onto his back. You deem him unconscious, due to slamming his head on the concrete. Then you proceed to soar downwards from the backside of the building. You walk along side the base, looking carefully over at the men stood in front.

“Hey kid! You can’t be here!” One of them spots you, running towards you. You swing a fist at him, letting out a grunt as it hits his face. He falls to the ground, and his buddy stares at you in awe. His walkie talkie spews out a message, but his eyes stay glued on your hooded face.

“Jerrod, come in. Do you guys need any back up? We heard some fighting out there a couple minutes ago.” ‘Jerrod’ slowly reaches down to his device, triggering you to pull it right off of his belt without even touching him.

“No, we’re all good here.” You say into it, then reaching your foot to his face to kick him straight in the jaw. He tumbles downwards, sprawled out on the sidewalk. “Find a window in back to squeeze in through. I just bought myself a ticket straight inside.” You tell the twins in your ear. Six or seven new guards charge out. You defend yourself from them a bit, getting 4 of them down to the ground. You basically hand yourself to the rest of them. They bring you in wearing cuffs, throwing you down in an old wooden chair, inside an empty room, besides the single dimly lit light bulb sat on the ceiling, and the men leading you in.

“Blue Jay, is it?” One stands in front of you.

“Right you are, Sherlock. What gave it away? The hood, the blue suit, or the fact that I can fly?” You smirk.

“You seem awfully cocky for someone who just got captured. I guess it’s no mystery now who the weakest avenger is.” He chuckles to himself.

“Yeah, well I guess I just know who I am in this world.” You say, from the confines of your baggy hood.

“Then why don’t you share that with the rest of us, darling?” He reaches towards your face, laying a few cold fingers onto your cheek. Your jaw tightens, and you shiver under his touch. His fingertips only glide across the fabric of your hood before your feet collide with his stomach. He smacks against the back wall, and all of his men circle around you, guns raised. You panic, but then remembering the weapon Tony had made for you the day you received your uniform, The Feather of a Blue Jay. You slip one of your cuffed hands into your pocket, triggering the explosive before you toss it away from you. The very second before it blew, you threw up a bubble around yourself, hearing only the muffled sound of bursting flames. You zip out of the room, dodging patches of fire building on the floor. Turning back, you see 3 more men dashing at you. You whip around, grabbing one by the arm and swinging him to the ground. Another approaches, and you send him flying backwards through the wall back into the room. The last one storms over, and you take him out quickly with a swift kick where the sun does not shine. You catch a glimpse of Wanda helping a few little girls out of a window, handing them over to Pietro. Another worker sees them as well. He runs at them, fist aimed at Wanda. She turns around from the window, mercilessly striking him with a bolt of energy straight in the chest. Without another glance, she whirls back around, assisting more children into the arms of Pietro. 

Returning to business, you zoom in the opposite direction of them, clotheslining an upcoming foe on the way. A few more chase after you, so you lead them to the end of the hallway, where it had seemed they had you beat.

“Give it up, thug. You’re stuck.” One of them taunts.

“I’m afraid not everything is quite as it seems.” You smile. Your hand reaches out to them, and you send them rocketing at the high strung ceiling of the hall. They crash down onto the floor, groaning in pain. Stepping over them, you book back to Wanda and Pietro’s previous location. “Twins, where are you? I’ve got this part of the building cover-” You began to speak into your earpiece, before a fist slammed into your side as you passed a corner. You lay on the floor, clutching your side. Jumping back up, you face your opponent. There stands the man you had kicked in the stomach earlier.

“Ah, Blue Jay! You’re back!” He says theatrically, hitting you again in your abdomen. You growl, swiping your foot out to hit his jaw, but, beforehand, getting caught in his grasp, and swung to the floor. You fume, reaching to grab his own foot and drag him down. He falls and you stand, bending down to bash your fist into his nose. Pulling your hand back, you see it drips with the blood also found leaking from his nose. He wipes it on his sleeve, getting up to grab your arm. You try to pull away, but his nails dig into your skin. He pulls a taser-esque weapon from his jacket, jabbing it into your side. You drop, shaking intensely and haphazardly. 

Another man approaches. He does’t hit you, though. He kicks your attacker down from behind. Although he rises again, the other man has fatal technique, better than your attacker could ever dream. The other man has feet like fire, and punches like a mad man. Your attacker tried to fight back, but only crashed to the ground ten times harder with every time he bothered to strike a punch, until he eventually gave up. The man who fought for you stands over you, offering you a hand. You weakly throw back your hood.

“Well if it isn’t my old pal Matthew Murdock.” You smirk.


Dun dun duuuuuun! Short, I know. I’ll try and get something out later tonight. Do you guys like the show Dare Devil? Would you mind if he was included? I totally appreciate feedback! :D

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I recently moved in with my mother for the first time in all my life. Before I lived with my grandparents. My father doesn't exist. I'm two classes away from graduating with my Associates degree. I have no real job experience. I don't drive (it was everyone's way of keeping me at home) & on top of that I have torn ligaments in my right leg that require surgery. I don't know what to do, my grandparents are verbally abusive. So is mom & stepdad. I don't know what to do. More to say not enough room

I’m sorry that you’re stuck in this shitty situation. You have some options, but I will warn you now that they will all be hard. You’re going to have to make a lot of uncomfortable and difficult decisions that center on: which is worse.

  • Which is worse: living in a homeless shelter or living with abusive family members?
  • Which is worse: getting a meaningless job or being financially dependent on abusive family members?
  • Which is worse: uncomfortable conversations with police and social services, or continuing to suffer at the hand of abusive family members?

Since you grew up in unhealthy, abusive homes, you think very little of yourself. (No judgment. This is normal in abuse survivors.) Your message is full of negative things that your family has told you to make you feel worthless: you lived under their control, people were absent from your life, you aren’t done with school, you have no job, you have health issues… all of these are excuses your family has given you to keep you from becoming independent.

Learn how to counteract those thoughts. You are more than your family’s abuse.

And you can escape their abuse and start healing.

You will have to think long and hard about what you are willing to put up with, how much patience you have, and how driven you can be. You will have to leverage really hard choices: some of those choices may mean choosing between physical health (surgery) and mental health (escape), or choosing between financial security (staying with them) and having shitty jobs on your own (independence).

I can’t give you an easy answer for those choices because I don’t know your whole story. I believe in getting out of bad families, but ultimately you have to decide which is the most pressing issue to deal with today.

I know that even thinking about being on your own is hard, and scary, and it feels impossible. It is definitely those first two things–I can’t lie to you and tell you that it’s easy and fun–but it doesn’t have to be impossible.

A lot of people stay with their abusers because they feel dependent on them or think that maybe one day things will be better… or even that staying is easier than figuring out how to live differently. You probably won’t feel safe or secure in getting out until you reach a breaking point or get a good support network that makes escape more feasible.

But know that you are strong. You have survived this so far, and that should mean a lot more than the negative things they’ve said and done to you. You have the power to decide whether to do something scary and hard (getting away) or go with what you already know how to manage (staying in an abusive environment).

For now, I suspect your most important issue is the surgery. You might need to stick it out and put up with the things they say and do in order to get that surgery and make a quick physical recovery because short of a viral GoFundMe campaign, you probably won’t be able to get that surgery outside of your parents’ insurance and pocketbooks. 

So you might need to hang in there with them for a little while longer, even though it’s soul-crushing and damaging. You might need to agree to the things they want you to do, or stay silent when they tell you you’re worthless until you’re fully recovered from surgery. Focus on self-care and reminding yourself that you are not defined by their abuse. They are unlikely to change, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t. 

You may be stuck depending on them for the surgery right now, and it sounds like you’re probably depending on them for money, but you can make money on your own (without them even knowing or seeing it) and start taking steps to create a better future for yourself.

(Side note: before you say, “I have no job experience and can’t get a job with my health problems,” search for Work At Home Mom blogs. Without a full degree, you have roughly the same experience and skills as a SAHM. You obviously have access to the internet, and I’ve previously written about how to make money working online or using Swagbucks to earn PayPal cash. Check out my money tag for more info on internet money.)

While you’re waiting and dealing with them, take five or ten minutes a day to work on your plan to get out.


Find a safe space (or several safe spaces) and gather the essentials for your Go Bag. 

Good places to hide stuff: 

  • between mattress and box spring
  • underwear drawer
  • coat/pants pockets
  • bottom of a clothes hamper or trash can
  • an air vent
  • friends’ houses
  • sticks of deodorant
  • old pill bottles
  • book/binder safe
  • potted plants
  • battery compartments

What do you need in your Go Bag? Anything that you might need or want if you had to get out of the house in less than five minutes.

  • Important paperwork like your birth certificate, driver’s license, social security card, degrees/diplomas
  • Documentation for your health and abuse: police reports, doctor’s records, social services reports
  • Money: you want to have some money for transportation or food, and shelter if possible. You also want to have documentation of any bank accounts that are in your name so that you can make sure your family never gets their hands on them again.
  • Sentimental items: photos, jewelry, notes.
  • Clothes: have a couple of days’ worth of clothes ready to go.
  • Toiletries: trust me, you’ll want to brush your teeth and put on some deodorant sometimes.
  • Misc: in this day and age you probably feel dependent on your phone or computer, so keep them close.
  • Information: keep a list of contact numbers and websites for the people and organizations who can support you once you’re out.


What kind of things do you need on your Go Bag info list? Think about what you’ll need once you’re on your own. Money, food, housing, medical care, emotional support… Keep a list of all of the people and places that can give you that so you know where to go in the middle of the night. These can be:

  • friends
  • friends’ family members
  • your own sympathetic family members
  • social services/child protective services
  • the police
  • hotlines
  • domestic violence centers
  • shelters
  • food banks
  • employment offices
  • clinics
  • college financial aid offices
  • the library, which can put you in touch with all of the above


What should you plan? How do you even get started?

Having the things listed above will go a long way in helping you figure out where you can go and what kind of help you can get. The most important things you’ll need to know how to find are housing and money. 

If you had to get out of the house in two minutes, where would you go? How would you get there? What would you do the next day? How would you get food? How will you keep your parents from dragging you back into their abuse?

Come up with a concrete plan that covers those things. If nothing else, know where a homeless shelter and food bank are.

Part of your planning should involve reaching out to support systems like shelters or crisis hotlines to find out what all they can do for you in an emergency. They are bound by confidentiality rules, so your parents will not find out that you talked to them, and they can be very helpful in pointing you in the right direction and telling you what your actual realistic options are. 

Shelters and crisis centers won’t sugarcoat the situation or get your hopes up like friends would–but if you have supportive friends, those are always a good option to keep on the back burner. They may not know how to deal with things or really help you, but they can make you feel less alone.

Final Thoughts

Things will be hard, and you will hurt for a long time. But you can get through it. There are resources out there for you to get help, and people who have been through the same thing you have.

If you need to feel validated and supported, or you just want hope for your future, head to Raised by Narcissists and Parentless By Choice. These subs are full of people who have been in similar situations to yours, who either learned how to manage their families or escaped them altogether. They also have a great list of resources for domestic violence and therapy that I really recommend checking out.

And here, we have a guide on how to 1x1. I’ve been 1x1-ing for a few months now, and will share the basics seeing as my friend wants to break into the community. Please note that this does not cover how to get a theme or set up the pages. For that, please refer to part 02 of this guide.

LAST UPDATED: 6 September 2014 + updated links & more resources!

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gta au where by the time Jeremy is 11, he’s gotten his first job

his dad has borrowed money at some point, and so they’re deep in debt, his dad  and mom each work two jobs, and jeremy earns as much as he can. his parents love him, adore him, but it’s hard to convey that when they work 20 hours and dont have the money to show it. Jeremy only has a photo on the mantle to remind himself of what they look like.

when he’s 15 the debt is paid off, and when the man comes to collect his money, he charges interest in the form of two bullets, one for each parent. jeremy finds out when a note is delivered to his door step. He gives himself one day to grieve, before he puts his name out there, a bodyguard for hire

when jeremy’s 17 he kills his first man and throws up almost immediately. after wiping the vomit from his mouth he takes out a second, and a third. he needs practice after all.

when he’s 19 he travels to South Carolina in a small beat up car, with a duffel bag full of money, a carton of cigarettes, and a loaded pistol. He pulls up to a mansion, and parks about a km away. He grabs the gun, but in the woods when he’s deciding his best plan of action, he knocks someone to the ground.

The someone looks him up and down, raises an eyebrow and asks “Are you here to kill my dad?” Jeremy nods. “Good, I’m Matt Bragg, lemme help.”

The job is much easier after Matt introduces his ‘friend’ to his father, and Jeremy puts a bullet between his eyes when Mr. Bragg smiles at him.

Matt ends up tagging along with Jeremy to Vice City, and they buy a small one bedroom shitty apartment. Jeremy expects Matt to complain, coming from a rich family. Matt only complains about how it smells like ass, but doesn’t say anything otherwise.

Matt makes more than double the money Jeremy does from his petty crime and bodyguard work, which baffles Jeremy to no extent. It’s only when Jeremy catches Matt coming home with hickeys on his neck and shame in his eyes that Jeremy realizes Matt is a prostitute.

Jeremy asks Matt that evening and all Matt has to say is “My dad got money any way he could. I was one of them.”

That night they exchange shitty childhood stories and cry until they’re red in the face. 

Jeremy is 24 when they pack up and move to Los Santos, Matt unable to escape the clients and the small faction Jeremy had joined splitting at the seams. They get a nicer apartment this time, still one bedroom so Jeremy can rub Matt’s back when he cries, and Matt can wake Jeremy up from the nightmares.

They aren’t dating. They’ve tried, but it feels weird. Matt’s a brother to Jeremy and nothing more, but they still cuddle and lie on each other and are the only thing in each other’s life that is stable, solid.

They accidentally make a name for themselves when they hit up the small jewelry store on 17th, and empty it of all the money it has. At the same time, Matt exposes the owner’s child pornography website, sending the city into chaos.

Jeremy turns 25 on the day when he opens the door and comes face to face with Geoff Ramsey. Matt turns the corner and freezes.

Geoff grins. “You kiddos wanna hit it big?”

Jeremy is 25 when he has a proper family for the first time in 14 years. 

((this started out as a headcanon and then it escalated whoops))