i need to start meditating or something

How focusing (aka. not multi-tasking) changed my study life

I had heard it occasionally - that multi-tasking was actually not good for the quality of whatever task I was doing. It made sense, but I loved mult-tasking so much. It gave me the illusion of productivity

Until I actually tried focusing for a while, did I realise how much I was actually losing by multi-tasking -  educationally and emotionally. Scrolling through tumblr during boring parts of a lecture seemed fine, since there were notes and it probably wouldn’t be tested in such depth anyway. Eating, while scrolling through social media, while watching a tv show, while messaging someone on facebook seemed ‘productive’. 

It turns out it was the opposite. It may seem fine, and at times it may actually be okay, but what matters is the principle. Dedicating your whole being to one task, focusing on it, produces much better results. It’s a quality over quantity thing. It also helped to calm me down emotionally - I used to always feel rushed, like there was so many things to do but not enough time to do them. Focusing on one task at a time - though it was hard at first - helped slow me down because I did everything properly, and didn’t have the feeling like I needed to go back and do things over again. 

Focusing on one thing wholly is also a form of practising mindfulness. Mindfulness ‘meditation’ isn’t something that requires you to sit down and meditate - it can be applied to our daily life. 

Since I started practising this mindful skill of focus, I’ve become much calmer, it’s been so much easier to stay on top of my work load and meet deadlines, I don’t feel rushed, I don’t feel unprepared or unorganised, and I do more quality work than when I used to multi-task.

There are times for multi-tasking and times for focus. Find the right balance and enjoy the task in front of you.

Healing 101: Identifying Blockages

Disclaimer: Spiritual/Magickal Healing should NEVER replace mundane treatment. If you have a physical or mental illness or health issues see a professional. Always check mundane causes before jumping to spiritual conclusions.

Blockages are an icky thing that happen to everyone for a multitude of reasons: Stress, tension, repressed emotions, physical ailments, trauma, a lack of grounding, and more. Depending on the severity they can manifest in a way that has you feeling them in/on your physical body - especially if you’re energy sensitive.
They are an obstacle in your energy flow and thus bring it out of its normal flow when present. This creates an inbalance in your system and results in different issues including, but not limited to:

• Constant fatigue
• Being easily irritated
• Trouble focusing
• Negative feelings
• Trouble grounding, cleansing, or doing other types of energy work
• Being spiritually/magickally “closed off”
• Being unable to express yourself properly

Note that this isn’t a comprehensive and end-all be-all list. Also, again, be sure to check for mundane causes first.

So, how do you find a blockage? You could ask a healer or energy reader that can detect these things. If you want to do it yourself, there are multiple methods. I’m going to list two.

Method 1

• Sit down somewhere. It works standing as well, but I prefer sitting.
• Take your hand. If you have a specific technique to make it more energy sensitive, use it now.
• Go over your body with it. Whether you hover over it or touch it is down to preferance; I prefer to hover.
• Send out “sensers” that you glide into your energy system.
• Search through it, if you feel a resistance or an icky feeling somewhere, dig deeper. Maybe the energy is just a bit heavier or thicker there. Maybe it’s an energy point. Maybe it’s a blockage.
• Do that with your whole body. You DON’T have to be able to reach everywhere, just lengthen your energetic sensers for parts you can’t touch/reach, like between your shoulders.

Method 2

(This method requires astral traveling.)
• Lie or sit down.
• Get into a comfortable position. If you need to be in a trance or meditative state to Astral Travel, do that here.
• Now, reach one of your astral body’s hands out.
• Put it inside your energetic body. It doesn’t really matter where - personally, I like to start at the head or feet.
• Make sure to focus on your (Astral) hand and then start to go everywhere in your body with it. Feel it out. Any resistances? Icky feelings? How does the energy feel?
• Take note of any sensations you get. If something feels off, take a closer look.

Types of Blockages

@chaosjelly has a really good post about blockages and anomalies here. I will only extend on his list - read it if you haven’t before.

1. Messy Thread “Balls”. These are blockages that form when energies get cuddled up on their way through your system. These appear as bundles of, most often but not always, thin energy threads. They let energy through, though not as much as if there wasn’t a blockage, but not in its regular flow. The energy that comes through is more “confused” and disoriented, often not staying on its original path.

2. Walls. These are similar to the rocks Jelly mentioned. They can be tall, small, thin, thick, rectangular, oval, etc. but they’re all very stiff and strong. These let very little if any energy through and often create dams.

3. Dams. These mostly form in combination with other blockages as it’s rare that energy starts to accumulate in these amounts without something else being in the way. Dams are exactly that: Accumulations of so much energy at one point that it starts to get thicker and taller until it stays in its place, creating an obstacle for the rest of the energy. How much energy they let through depends on how thick and tall the dam blockage is.

4. Hard Energy. Not necessarily a blockage but still troublesome. Optimally, Energy flows with ease and is flexible in its way. Due to a bunch of different possible reasons it can harden and with that normally slows down. Not rarely it even stops. The rest has to make it’s way around it and the energy is more prone to catching unwanted properties.

This is not an end-all-be-all guide, but I still hope it helps!
Here are my other healing posts so far (will be updated once new ones are made):

Healing 101: Different Types of Healing
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spontaneouslyobsessed  asked:

Would you be willing to share the astral weapon exercise? I do not know mine and I'm not sure how to access them

Sorry this took me so long! I was deciding how I wanted to share this. Normally this is a simple exercise that I walk people through, and eventually I may set up something where people can donate a small fee for that one on one time. For now though, I don’t see any problem with sharing the basics of what I do. This is specifically a low level astral traveling (or bilocating). It is also in that interesting space where astral travel and meditation tend to intersect. While you are within this exercise is it vital for you to understand that there are no right or wrong answers. Whatever you experience is valid.

Because this is bilocating, you will be experiencing an astral space and in your physical body at the same time. This adds some unique benefits. For one you can record you experiences as you go. I like pen and paper, but computer or even a voice recorder work as well.

Things you need for this exercise:


A quiet space

10-15 minutes

Notebook and Pen (optional)

1.So you’re going to want to start by grounding and protecting. Casting a circle works well too if that’s something you do.

2. Then you take a moment to get into a meditative state. However you usually meditate is fine.

3. After you’ve reached a peaceful and collected mental state, imagine yourself walking deeper inside of yourself (Remember, this time we aren’t going anywhere external. You want to stay within your own headspace. You can create a headspace, or allow one to form. Either is fine.) Start one step at a time. Allow a space to open up before you.

4. Take a moment to experience this space.

5. Then when you feel ready, call up your shield. Don’t worry about the details, rather observe as it forms before you. What does it feel like? What does it sound like? Is there a texture?

6. When you’re done exploring your shield, reach down and grab your weapon. Again don’t worry about details, just reach down and grab it. Allow it to form in your hand. Now observe it. What does it look like? What does it feel like? Is there a smell? A texture?

7. After you’ve taken a moment to observe, let it go and allow it to disintegrate back from wherever it came from.

8. To get back, just imagine walking back out and into your body.

9. Stretch. Drink some water. Relax. Then you can read what you’ve written, and see what you came up with.

Just remember. Your strongest form of defense will always be whatever you’ve practiced.

*If you use this exercise, reblog with your weapon! So far no weapon has been alike and I’m curious to see what all comes up!

Hope this helps!


anonymous asked:

How did you achieve your confidence/ self love/ happiness?

how did i achieve mine? detached myself from a relationship that made me forget who i was. isolated myself from people in highschool. started painting more. started reading again. started going on walks by myself. blocked a lot of people. eating different. meditation. Realized only the ugliest people have something to say about other people and they do it out of jealousy. Ignored what society said and starting doing what i felt in my heart i needed to do

...mental health

I’m going to be honest with you guys, even though this will certainly make me look weak. There’s a reason most people’s social media exhibits a distortion of their reality. We get to pick and choose what aspects of our identities is seen. To protect myself, I leave the bad out.

Being silent isn’t going to help anyone out. I’m going to break out of my safe little world I’ve created on here, and tell you a little about the reality of things lately. Well actually five months ago. Someone said “I’m so happy you’re sharing your mental health journey,” and I was embarrassed to admit that I’d already deleted it, hiding any sign of weakness. 

For the past 22 years of my life, I’ve been lucky my mental health didn’t impinge on my ability to achieve my ridiculous standards I’d set for myself. In fact, I saw a therapist for the first time in my life, and she immediately saw that I had created some sort of performance based esteem. No matter what I added to my resume, no matter how well I performed at soccer, the piano, molecular biology… nothing actually made me feel accomplished. When I graduated with my bachelors in cellular and molecular biology, I literally didn’t get even a jolt of feeling good about myself.

Now what led me to see a therapist for the first time in my life? I’m really not sure what the trigger was, but a few months after me and Ashley broke up, I started to get heart palpitations, my heart rate was consistently in the 130’s, shortness of breath, and this sharp chest pain. I thought I was stressed about my new job. But then days passed and I couldn’t get a break, I could not relax. People said, what’s on your mind, what’s wrong, Rach? I literally said there’s nothing on my damn mind. Nothing. I can’t point to something I “need to talk about, to get off my chest.” I just physiologically felt this way, and psychologically couldn’t find a cause. I eliminated caffeine from my diet. Stopped and did meditative breathing techniques. Exercised. Nothing helped. I am so lucky, so loved, so privileged, my life has been like a dream, and yet I was still completely shaken.

Regardless of the trigger, I recognized I was losing control, feeling like I was losing my mind, and, scared I might lose my job, I made a desperate attempt to stop this terrifying feeling. My only relief from the pain and heart palpitations was when I was asleep, and I was beginning to wish to be asleep more than be alive. The only time I felt any peace was when I was sleeping. But I got help. My primary care doctor saw me with only 24 hours notice, prescribed me an SSRI, selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor, a type of antidepressant that can treat anxiety, and Xanax for the acute instances of panic. It was plain as day to her that I had anxiety. She took care of me. I didn’t know it could be so debilitating.

I come from a blue collar, working class family that doesn’t really talk about feelings. They weren’t much help. But after battling the acute moments, and the SSRI kicking in after three weeks, my baseline returned to normal, and I felt myself again. I’m still not sure of the trigger. My insurance is terrible and didn’t cover therapy, and I was running out of money, especially with the medications not authorized, and 10x the price other people would spend.

There was this one day where I was sitting listening to live music, on a date, good pie in front of me, hot chocolate. And my heart rate suddenly jumped to 160 and stayed that way for five hours. And I couldn’t enjoy the food. I couldn’t embrace the music. My body was in fight or flight mode for no apparent reason. And I was so horrified. I didn’t tell her. I just silently took it, let it beat me down. Counting down the minutes until I could escape, collapse into bed, sleep and get a minutes peace. Anxiety truly is debilitating, but I fought back, and I couldn’t do it alone. My primary care doctor saved my ass. I’m still on the SSRI, though I want to be off of it.

The bottom line: you aren’t alone. Even some of the strongest of us have been broken down. We all have our own battles. No one is perfect, and there’s nothing wrong with getting a helping hand.

PSG Roundtable #8: Altars & Shrines for Non-theistic Purposes

Want to make an altar or shrine to a principle, concept, or impersonal subject that isn’t a ‘conventional’ deity, complete with names and symbols and pre-defined rituals?

First, you need to know what its purpose is.  There’s no clear delineation and they often get combined in contemporary practice, but generally speaking, a shrine is a space for devotional offerings, meditation, and/or self-reflection whereas an altar tends to be more of a practical workspace.  Both shrines and altars act as a space in which you interact with the immaterial in some way.  They’re liminal.

Please note that everything I say here is opinion, and I invite you to accept or reject what you will according to your own beliefs, needs, and desires.  I’ll be using my devotion to Death as an example, but you should be able to extrapolate for the universe, moon, sun, nature, etc.  I’m going to stick to the word “altar” for simplicity’s sake.

  • What is your altar dedicated to?

Be as specific as possible.  This helps you know exactly what you’re wanting to deal with.

Ex: Death.  What part of death?  The whole cycle of life-death-rebirth?  Death as the ultimate symbol of transformation and impermanence?  For me, death is the greatest power, and I have an obsession with the concept of entropy.  (Asimov’s “The Last Question” and Arthur C. Clarke’s “The Nine Billion Names of God” are two of my favorite short stories.)  It is the concept by which we define our very nature and how we understand our existence, the source of our greatest fears and anxieties as a mortal species, and the one truly unifying experience for all humans.  And a lot more besides, but I could go on all day about death so I’ll stop here.

  • How do you want to engage with this concept/abstract?

Some common ideas:

  1. Reflection, meditation
  2. Devotionals, worship
  3. Spellcrafting and magic

How do you normally do your meditation or magic?  How can the materials, timing, and other components be adapted?

  • What associations and visuals do you have for this concept?

Consider all the senses: scents, tastes, textures, fabrics, sounds, colors, stones, herbs, numbers, symbols, words and phrases, music notes and songs, emotions, aspects of nature, etc.  Make lists.  Hell, make aesthetic posts.  These will help you choose what kinds of objects, tools, and materials to put on your altar to best facilitate the kind of meaningful experience you’re looking for. 

(Make sure you’re not appropriating anything from a closed or initiatory tradition.  There are usually about a hundred thousand alternatives for everything, so don’t go taking sacred things out of their proper context and using them in ways they weren’t intended to be used.)

Ex: my personal associations for death include black, white, and silver; camphor, menthol, the smell of wet dirt; quiet chill, both damp and dry; grief, dissociation, sarcasm and morbid humor, relief, freedom, truth, rebellion, empowerment, justice, existentialism; the numbers two, three, and seven; obsidian, jet; Southern Gothic folk rock (Jen Titus’ cover of the American folk classic “O Death,” anyone?); black mirrors, slim dark-handled knives, scalpels; images of space; “evanescent” (the SAT word, not the band), “fate,” “tradition,” “stories,” “power”; bleached bones, blood both old and fresh, winter, corvids, silhouettes of bare trees, white bedsheets, gauzy curtains, empty hospital beds, abandoned houses, sexuality, dried flowers, candles burning either singly or in the hundreds.  See, as silly as aesthetic posts can be, they really can be useful.

Now look at your own lists and see what underlying trends and themes there are.  For me, I see impermanence and unadorned realism.  (I left out the more graphic and triggering associations I have with death because I don’t want to distract from the purpose of this post.)  Someone making a list for the sun, on the other hand, may find ‘strength’ or ‘optimism’ is a common theme in their associations.  I find that understanding the themes in your associations helps you understand your own relationship with the concept itself and why you might feel drawn to it so strongly.  It may also help you choose in which direction you want to take your engagement with it.

  • Setting up the altar.

Do what you would do for a conventional altar: cleanse the space (or container, if you’re making your altar in a box, cupboard, drawer, or something similar) and everything you’ll be using on it.  If you don’t have a tradition that comes with a prescription for setting up an altar, you can look up how to cleanse and consecrate altar items in any number of ways and choose the method that’s most appropriate for you.  I do recommend using methods that reflect back to your concept.  For example, salt, as an agent for drying, preserving, and purifying, would be appropriate for death, as would frankincense, which in a multitude of cultures is a required component of funerals.  For something dedicated to the universe as a whole, I would probably incorporate sound into the cleansing, as sound is a wavelength and much of what we know about our universe (sound waves, radiation waves, gravitational fields, matter itself, etc) is based on those principles.

Ex: My altar is dedicated to death in the impersonal, entropic sense.  This means that anything personal goes to a different space set aside for my beloved dead and ancestors; this altar is for the vast, inhuman concept of “the end” that can be so oppressively terrifying or incredibly freeing.  The setup is based on a visual that came during a meditation: the altar cloth is black with a ring of alternating smooth and rough obsidian stones (which betrays my bias as an Irish polytheist) around a circular mirror in the center.  A small sphere of obsidian sits in the center of the mirror.  A black pillar candle stands tall behind it all.  The setup is designed to facilitate my journeyings by creating a symbolically liminal space represented by the ring, made of stones that naturally draw in power rather than reflect it.  The drawing in reflects my journeying technique as well as how I connect with the greater, impersonal energy of death and darkness and all those cheerful things, especially when I hold the obsidian sphere, so it works for me.  If I were doing ancestor or spiritwork I would probably use more white, which recalls a different aspect of “death” than black does to me.

The “nature worship” tag has additional commentary on non-theistic practices.

- mountain hound  

So, Hound covered more of the altar stuff. I’ll add my thoughts on shrines. for ease of reading, I’ll mimic the format starting with

  • What is your Shrine dedicated to?

I find a shrine is much more free form than an altar due to its fundamentally different nature. Whereas an altar is used for practice in spellcraft or meditation a shrine, in my opinion, is about devotion connection in a way that is different than an altar is used for. As such, while I see altars as something that needs to be more specific (as Hound mentioned above), I find shrines do not need to be so specific. For example, my shrine is to Nature, in all its forms. I do not emphasize more the harsh wilds or the tame fields but all its forms under the complete object. If you wish to emphasize one or the other, you can, I just do not find it as necessary to do as with an altar. 

My reasoning for such is (and feel free to disagree) an altar is used more in a practical sense for spellcraft and meditation and other uses that are generally to garner a result. As such being as specific as possible is advantageous as it leaves less room for error.  A shrine, however, is used for more abstract things such as offerings, self-reflection, etc. which are generally things that are not (though can be) used to garner some sort of result. For example, I will leave offerings at my shrine more as an act of devotion with no end goal as opposed to an offering I may give a spirit when requesting its services (which is a good example of an offering to garner some sort of result).

The rest of the points are very eloquently put and can be easily applied to both altars and shrines; the primary difference is the function of active vs passive respectively and how narrow and broad the scope respectively.


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i have so many feelings about adhd!lance ok let me just hug this space danger noodle in my heart

  • if he’s on meds well gl trying to find an alien equivalent of adderall or something up in space; he tries to save them for days he really needs to focus but it’s disheartening when his pills slowly dwindle; on the bright side his sleep quality improves, and his appetite starts coming back so he’s less of a noodle (except there’s only gross food goo to eat most of the time…)
  • on bad days he has trouble meditating and focusing on forming voltron bc dammit focus is hard when you’re homesick as heck, and he throws off the rest of the team with his rapidly switching thoughts; on good days, they have to call his name a few times to snap him out of it
  • he genuinely tries his hardest to follow instructions for missions and day-to-day tasks but it’s just so dang hard to remember a sequence of directions in the correct order, and he feels guilty that he’s holding everyone back
  • he’s got hella reflexes on his good days and lords it over keith that he can dodge better
  • imagine everybody learning he has adhd and helping him??? 
    • pidge makes him a little digital memo thing so he can remember what he’s supposed to be doing on missions
    • hunk quietly prompting lance on what he’s talking about whenever he forgets, bc they’ve known each other for years and he’s got lance’s back, man
    • shiro and allura repeat important instructions to make sure lance remembers, and try to keep all the paladins on a routine so he has some sort of daily structure to work with
    • coran tries to help him find a safe space alternative to meds, and chats with him about home when he’s homesick
    • keith is just there, competitive as always, and lance won’t admit it but it’s kinda nice to have someone more impulsive than he is (he never knew that was possible) that would make him slow down and think, and will actually take his dumb contests seriously
    • lance isn’t sure what to think about the space mice but hey they make good listeners when he wants to ramble and they’re cute
  • he can’t remember bookish info very easily but he picks up hands-on skills very quickly, like this danger noodle figured out how to fly the blue lion and dodge death lasers pretty fast
  • adjusting to life as a paladin is so hard? it’s stressful suddenly changing from a rigidly structured student life at the garrison, to being a magical space lion pilot universe defender with a schedule that can change at the drop of a dime, and sometimes he wonders how many ticks he has wasted without anybody dictating what he has to do
  • he is easily distracted (especially by pretty alien babes), but put him in a dangerous fight and he’s in The Zone
  • sure he holds some dumb grudges sometimes and remembers the weirdest details (like how to identify keith from a kilometre away by mullet alone, apparently), but more often than not he’ll forget stuff that upsets him, and he’s really forgiving, kindhearted, and easygoing

i just love this danger noodle help me

Simple New Moon Manifestation Ritual

The New Moon is a time of beginnings and a time to set and/or recharge goals. 

The only things you’ll need for this ritual is a pen and paper.

Center yourself in whatever way is appropriate for you (deep cleansing breaths, meditation, music, tea, etc)

Take a sheet of paper, date it, and start with the following (or something similar):
“I accept these things into my life now or something better for the highest good of myself and the highest good of all concerned” 

Now begin to write out what you want to manifest into your life. Nothing is too big or too small. Write your statements in the affirmative “I am” not “I want” or “I need.” 

When you are done with your list, put it away until the next two weeks, on the full moon, burn your list and scatter the ashes in the wind.


I think one of the most important thing in the angel kin community (or any kin community) is being able to admit when you were wrong about something.

I’ve had a really hard time with this in the past, but at some point I had to come to terms with the fact that I’m not always going to be spot on. This isn’t an exact science. I feel like there’s a lot of pressure in the community to have loads of memories or remember your name or remember other angels etc, and while those things are nice, they’re not something you can force.

I “awakened” in? 2014 i think? and since then I’ve been wrong A Lot. Big surprise? Most of my misconceptions were caused by trying too hard to gain memories instead of just letting it happen gradually. I was going through a rough time back then, and I felt like I needed to be a certain thing to be okay, so I made myself into that. Eventually, I had to completely get away from the community all together and start from scratch, decipher the true memories from the false ones.

Even after getting much healthier and gaining a better understanding of how meditation and incarnation works, I’m still wrong about things sometimes, and that’s okay. It’s okay to be wrong sometimes. Whether it’s confirming a kintype too quickly, or just misjudging your eye color a bit, it’s okay. It’s not something to stress yourself over. It doesn’t have to be a big deal; Just correct yourself and move on. Questioning and making mistakes is healthy. So is taking your time discovering yourself.

How to Communicate with Your Spirit Companion, Part 1

Over the past two months, I’ve gotten countless asks that all say many similar things.  How does one communicate with spirits when they’ve never tried it before?  Or, when you’ve tried it and had iffy or no results, how do you move forward?  Allow me to assist you!  This will be a multi-part post series, and I’ll update this post with links to the other parts as I make them.

Step 1: Believe In Yourself.

Seriously!  I know it sounds cheesy and kind of laughable, but you are never going to get anywhere if you don’t believe in your own ability to contact spirits. There is no straightforward way to tackle this, like simple mathematics or even like writing a well-structured sentence.  Many people have many different methods of how they communicate with spirits, and they only way they could do it is because they believed they could in the first place, and they proved themselves right.  Let me give you an example of an attitude I see commonly, and how we can approach it:

“I’ve never communicated with spirits before.  Pendulums can be vague and controlled by my subconscious, and I have no prior knowledge or experience with tarot or runes.  Telepathy sounds intimidating, and I don’t know if I’d be able to discern which voice is which in my head. I’m terrible at meditation and visualization, and I don’t have the patience or focus for scrying.  Things like shufflemancy and bibliomancy confuse me because I don’t know how to interpret them.  How can I communicate with my spirit companion?”

The number one problem this person has is a lack of belief in their own ability. Look at this: they have already discounted their ability to learn tarot, to try telepathy, to practice meditation or visualization, or to attempt to interpret songs or books that are close and familiar to them.  If you really have no prior experience, your best bet is not going to be handed to you on a silver platter! Most people who work with spirits have worked hard and practiced daily for a very long time to be able to use any of the communication methods they use.

Here is the attitude you should try to have instead:

“I’ve never communicated with spirits before.  I’m a bit skeptic, but I can try using one of my necklaces as a pendulum.  I can use free, enthusiastic online resources and communities to help myself learn tarot.  Telepathy sounds intimidating, but I think with practice I can learn to trust that what I’m thinking is not completely in my head.  I can use free, guided meditations on YouTube to assist me with focusing while meditating, and I can start visualization exercises slow and simple.  In time, I think I can master at least one of these methods for use in communicating with my spirit companion.”

The fact of the matter is, there are so many people who would love to help you learn how to do something!  Your spirit companion would also love to help and adapt to whatever method is most convenient for you, as they often adore helping you with whatever they can. But in order for all their help to work, you need to put in a fair amount of effort, too.  

When adopting a spirit companion, or entering the field of spirit work, you are making a choice to adopt a hobby, lifestyle, or commitment that requires determination, work, and effort.  Not everything is going to come to you easily and naturally.  You need to be able to accept that, and be positive about it! Only then can you move forward with spirit communication.

Part 2 - Tools of Communication

kohakuriverwitch  asked:

Hiya! i'm a newly practicing afro-puerto rican witch and I wanted some help kind of figuring out where to start? but all the biggest blogs are white so i'm really glad i found your blog.

Hey there! I totally get the issue with just finding white blogs! As people of color, the fact that our community is so run by white witchcraft can be so isolating.

I hardly find any big blogs that are eclectic and poc—which is what my blog is. So I’m glad you found me too 😊

Because witchcraft is so vast, and unique to every witch, starting is always a personal thing. but I can give you the basics, or a short outline of how I started.

So basically for me its:

Energy Work
Meditation (Various kinds)

Astral Projection
Spirit Guides

Above is a summary of my craft and how I started. I have energy work and meditation bolded because those are the fundamentals of the craft.  Energy manipulation is basically manipulating the I energy in your body, and around you. it’s how you do magik and spells, as magik is energy. So you’ll have to learn how to manipulate it in order to perform spells.

When you learn how to manipulate energy, you can do a lot.

Astral projection and Spirit guides aren’t necessarily something you have to do or need to do, again, those are just my preferences. That’s why they aren’t bolded.

Sigils are an easy kind of spell that beginner witches can achieve, which is why I have it highlighted. If you’d like the specifics just let me know, but at the moment I am making an informative post with links.

Essentially, in your craft, you’ll find out the type of witch you are, and you may start centering your craft around that. for example, there are kitchen witches, green witches, storm witches, fire witches, etc., sometimes you’ll find yourself as a combination of them all, that means you’re eclectic.

And that’s basically all. meditation, sigils, and energy manipulation are the beginner steps, next would be finding out the type of witch you are. From there your craft will take a form of its own 😊

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Spiritual Energy Scanning

This technique will be incredibly useful on the rest of your magickal path, because of the various situations you can use it in. This technique will allow you to feel the energy of any person, place, or thing, and will allow you to gain information based upon the sensations that you are feeling, and how the energy interacts with your own allowing you to truly interact with the spiritual world on a level that you might not have done up until this point. This energy is going to feel very similar to the energy that you felt when you make a ki ball, but every energy is going to have its own subtle differences that you will be able to feel and get information from. Depending upon how well versed you are in this practice, and how sensitive you are to feeling energy will determine what type of information you get, and how much of it you will receive. This energy message can be translated by you into usable information that we can understand on this plane of existence. this information can be given to you in many different ways from you simply just knowing what the construct is about, seeing things in your mind’s eye that have to do with the construct, receiving feelings from your emotions that will portray information from the construct, or just how the subtle energy feels particularly, along with many others that may be very personal to the practitioner who practices the act of spiritual energy scanning.

How To Spiritual Energy Scan:

1) The first thing you are going to need to do in order to scan the energy of something, is to find a construct in which you would like to feel the energy of. this can be anything that exists physically, spiritually, or even mentally. The only requirement is it has to be able to interact with your energy. I recommend that you start with something in your physical vicinity that has a high energy vibrational frequency such as crystals, magickal tools, or anything else that is connected to spirituality, or religion.

2) Next you’re going to need to get into a semi meditative state, and center, and ground, so that you are ready to start working with the energies of the spiritual world.

3)  Now that you have what you are going to be feeling the energy of you need to take your hand, or hands, and  touch, or point your palms towards the construct or entity that you are going to feel into.

4) Now you want to push your energy out towards the construct, so that it can interact with it and bring you information. To do this push up energy from your solar plexus up to your shoulder and down your arm, and into your hands, so that you can then push that energy into, or at the construct, or entity. You can do this simply by visualizing the energy traveling through that path. This will act just like making the ki ball but inside of another object, or towards the presence of another object. By pushing your energy, and  allowing it to mix, and interact with other energies you will be able to feel information from the other energy allowing you to read into it.

5) Now that your energy and the constructs energy is mix, and interacting with each other you can focus your mind, and try to feel into what the energies are trying to tell you. Pay attention to every sensation in your body, and look for any signs of change, as you feel the energy. This information can show itself in many different ways, so be ready to receive any type of sign that may be explaining some type of information to you.

6) Once you are done feeling into the construct all you have to do in order to stop is to cut off the flow of energy that you are pushing at it, then center, and ground. Then you will be able to go along with your day.

Papa Don’t Preach

Hey! So the idea for this little ficlet came to me a few weeks ago when I heard the Madonna song of the same name on the radio and immediately thought of our dear Papa Stilinski (henceforth known as John in this fic because he just is) and this little scenario was born. And just in time to celebrate the birthday of my good friend @mylittleshipgoestoot who encouraged me to write this, little suspecting it would end up being my birthday surprise to her. It’s not much, Millie, but it’s yours. I hope you enjoy it. I’m sorry it’ll arrive after your birthday, due to the time difference and the fact tumblr wasn’t cooperating when I tried to post it earlier! Hope it was a good one. Love, Dee. 😘😘😘

Papa Don’t Preach

“You’re what??”

“Pregnant, Dad. You know. Preggers. Preggo. Expecting. With child. Knocked up. In the family way. Got a bun in the oven. Eating for two. In the pudding club. Up the duff. Come down with a case of Irish toothache. Got a bat in the cave. Which is apparently a real thing people say. According to Google, anyways. It was a new one on me, I gotta say. But my personal favourite, and you’re gonna like it too, I just know you are, is a little phrase from the old country, that taken from the Polish literally translates as ‘I am with hope.’ That’s a sweet way of putting it, you gotta admit, Daddio. Or Granddaddio, I guess, from now on.”

Stiles finally stopped long enough to draw breath and it didn’t take werewolf senses or a lifetime in law enforcement to tell he was nervous. His breathing was ragged and the sheriff suspected his heart was about ready to beat out of his chest. His fingers were drumming a twitchy beat against his leg and his eyes all but pleaded for understanding. His father wished he could give it to him, but there were a few things he needed to get straight in his own head before that could happen. The first being …

“But … you’re a boy!”

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And I think my thing, or one of my gifts really is intuition, or foresight. I know when something is going to happen, I know when someone is going to come around the corner. In all honesty I’ve had so many instances where I have a feeling that I’m going to see something and I do, that I need to start keeping track of them.

And then my intuition will even wake me up, because it bleeds into my dreams. I just hope I get skilled enough to be able to control what I see, and when I see it, and with whom I’m seeing it about. And in al honesty, I have to thank meditation for getting me this far, because while I’ve always been ‘kinda’ like this, meditation has honed my intuition.

f e b r u a r y  2 0 1 7 : r e f l e c t i o n s

i . so this month another quote struck me… “the truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. you just got to find the ones worth suffering for” said bob marley. well, i struggle a lot when i get hurt by anybody, but reflecting on this quote helped me: a. caring less when the hurt was sent from someone i don’t care about and b. understanding that even in friendship sometimes you’re going to get hurt. but if between you and your friend the bond is strong, you can be sure love is going to win. and you’ll be rewarded for your patience. i guarantee you.

ii . uhm i learned that you should always carry with yourself a smol notebook + a pen because inspiration can hit you at anytime! and you should be prepared!! also, a notebook is great for doodling. plus, some chapstick and a bottle of water should always stay in your backpack <3

iii . ok so this has been a big one for me this month. change is tough. and mood swings don’t make it easier. i’m not good at changing. usually when i enter a new period of my life i start settling down and like building my emotional nest of feelings, music, whatever. those feelings become normality, i feel fine. then something unexpected happens and i find myself completely confused and sad and it’s like my little world is crashing in pieces. i know going with the flow is hard, but it’s the best thing to do. try writing or meditating, try connecting to the present moment instead of analyzing the big picture which makes change seem so scary. in a few days it will be gone and you’ll be stronger than before.

iv . this kinda goes with number three but i discovered that there’s a major benefit in keeping a daily journal when you have frequent mood swings: when you are in one of your lowest phases where everything feels wrong, it’s magical to open your journal and find out that a couple of days before you where completely fine and happy and excited for life. i had never experienced that but oh it felt soso good. i instantly knew that my happier self existed… and that she would have came back. 

v . this month i’ve watched two films that… oh my god. i don’t know if i would have came to the end of february without them. so i think you have probably guessed the first one… la la land. when the credits started playing i was immobilized in my chair. while people started waking up and chatting i was. just. happy. i had this smile on my face. and it stayed there until i fell asleep that night. i’m not going to say anything more… it deeply changed me. (and i’ve been playing the soundtrack on repeat…) some days later i went to see capitain fantastic… and i think this is like one of the best films i’ve watched in the last five years or something?? it represented so well my dream life as a child, i love that pure way of living, i love how well those children were brought up, i love how intelligent they were… i cried so much oh god… it was like my vision made into an actual film. you should go watch both!!

vi . the best way to actually practice self care is writing yourself a step by step guide to getting the most comfortable and keeping it in an easily accessible place. it’s amazing because every time i read it i feel like a small child and i become my own caregiver i guess?? and i just feel like i have to do what’s written there because it’s written!! and i wrote it, so it’s proof that it will instantly make me feel better. it should be like the really basic things, which are the ones i forget more easily. and it should be personalized!! it’s fine to follow suggestions you find on tumblr but you know what works best for yourself! also, every time i follow it it’s like a little ritual or a well-being spell which is even more great!

vii . there are some human beings that are just… amazing. and that make you wanna go and hug them and thank them so much. well, adriene from the youtube channel yoga with adriene is one of those people. in january she uploaded a video a day, but i started watching them in february. every afternoon those twenty minutes of yoga became my little calm, mindful space. adriene’s voice is so calming…

viii . this is something i started realizing only in the past week but well… your vibes and your intention most of the times are. the most. important. thing. i don’t even notice how much anxiety and negative self talk goes on in my mind. the result is me getting panic attacks or not being able to breath in the middle of nowhere. it became such a normal thing and that’s why i need to extirpate it. meditation helped me a lot learning to connect with my feelings and control my thoughts, and the results of three or four days of attention and positivity are amazing. i’m so so so so happy… this month wasn’t easy at all, but i hope this will change things up…

i hope this gave you some ideas and motivation <3 it’s so great that my january reflections actually got notes?? like?? i pretty much made them to track my progress, i didn’t expect it! have an amazing day…

january reflections : http://smilingcacti.tumblr.com/post/156936337543/j-a-n-u-a-r-y-2-0-1-7-r-e-f-l-e-c-t-i-o-n-s-i


anonymous asked:

I'm a terribly indecisive writer to the point where it's crippling to my writing skills. I'm so frustrated I'm in tears. Can you lend me some brutally honest and not sugar coated advice???

your use of “indecisive” makes me think this isn’t really a writer’s block problem but more so a “i have too many thoughts/ideas/options and i can’t choose” kinda problem right? so what you need to do is list out your options, all of them, every single detail that interests you, just write them all out. seeing them laid out like that will actualize them and make them easier to sift through and compare and eventually decide what you want to go with. it’s exactly how i started planning santi’s story (although i didn’t really have to deal with this specific problem, but the outcomes are similar)

this is totally unhelpful but i’m a big believer in gut feelings. lmao. i kinda feeeel pretty much everything in life, i vibe with everything and gain a sense of intuition, most of all with my creative channels. it sounds like you need to get to that point, and, again, there’s no way to say this without sounding completely unhelpful but you just need to take some time and ruminate on all the possible ideas you have and all the questions you might be asking. it takes a looong time to get those answers, and since you know your writing best, you need to come up with them on your own. the only way to do that is to be patient and just…meditate on everything. 

i’d been planning santi’s story for a year and it literally took me like half of that time, when i was already well into the story, to figure out the exact events of molly’s fate, the timeline, everything. and that was like…THE biggest part of the story. so if what’s holding you back is just uncertainty about something huge like that, honestly just go for it. start whatever it is and it’ll figure itself out on its own, i promise. a lot of the beginning stages of writing something will involve anxiety and intimidation from all of your plans, but don’t let it discourage you. that held me back for a long time, but really just sometimes you have to say “fuck it” and just dive in headfirst. you might feel the need to inhibit yourself because you’re already in that final draft mentality, but trust me, you need to go through that overly excited, overzealous phase of early drafting in order to reach the point of satisfaction with your writing. and i think a lot of my own personal success came from the fact that i wasn’t focused on my audience at all, i didn’t expect anyone to care, so i did what i personally wanted to see, and one of the positive side effects of that was that it somehow also sparked others’ interest. so what i’m trying to say is don’t worry about anyone else, just do this for YOU, that’s the most important thing.

here’s a good thread you might want to take a look at. good luck and let me know if any of this has helped, because honestly i’m re-reading it and half of this is just Wut but *shrugs* i tried. ily ok <3

anonymous asked:

In your experience, whats the best way to be consistent with mediation and not getting the urge to go do something else like playing games or something?

Have a Set time every single day and do it. Guided if you need to. You dont have to start off 30 minutes every single day. Just 10, then bump it up to 15 and then bump it up to 20 

I do it in the morning before i get my day started so I cant put it off and it sets the basis of my day

Also read this post

It answers this exact question in depth.

Hope that helps :)

Meditation Post 

claireplusjasper  asked:

Any tips on how to stay healthy after writing an exam? I'm in between my second and third years of med, just wrote my comp and have a virus to end all viruses. Ok, maybe not but it's not nice. I didn't go out and party, slept a lot, ate healthy. This isn't the first (but I'd love it to be the last) time this has happened after an exam. I'm afraid step 1 will literally be the death of me haha.

The best way to stay healthy after a test is to stay healthy going into the test. 

It’s well known that stress increases your susceptibility to illness. Something something cortisol, blah blah. You know. You studied it. 

Unfortunately, telling a medical student to not be stressed out is like telling a cat to quit sitting in boxes or a white girl to stop drinking PSLs. It’s impossible. A non-stressed med student isn’t a med student. 

So you have to work on managing stress. Give yourself time for things you enjoy. Don’t avoid parties or fun stuff out of a feeling of obligation to study. Yes, sleep like you need to and eat well, but don’t get so wrapped up in wellness that doing the healthy thing starts stressing you out. Go to the party every once in a while. You need those happy chemicals in your brain. Consider it preventive medicine. 

Find something relaxing that you can do regularly during school to help de-stress yourself. Massage, meditation, pedicures, yoga, coloring, gardening, whatever. Do something slow and calm that leaves you energized at the finish.

And personally, I tried really hard to not go into a test stressed out. My roommate and I would stop studying at like 6 and eat pizza and watch a movie the night before an exam (ours were every 6 weeks - if yours are weekly this isn’t really feasible). I wouldn’t study the morning of the test before I went in. I’d just listen to music that pumped me up or relaxed me. I truly don’t think that those few hours of study we gave up made much of a difference on our grades, but it definitely kept us sane. A big group of folks went out to lunch after tests too. The only rule was no discussing the test. It really helps. Give it a shot. 

Take care of yourself friend!

treasuregal21  asked:

Ok I really love your blog a lot!! I just started Nanbaka(sadly I got five dudes I love from the show main two are Jyugo and Samon). So can I get a headcannon sfw and nsfw for Mitsuru, Samon and Hajime working out with S/O? I workout a lot and like to know how that would play out

((This was very fun to write 👌 sorry for the really long wait!))



•He’s more of a motivator than an actual workout buddy.

•Mitsuru would definitely use his megaphone and be your own personal cheerleader, even making up cheers along the way.

•Holds your feet when you’re doing sit-ups and gives you kisses when you come up.

•One of the perfect workout buddies. He’s really helpful and never pushes you more than what you can handle.

•He makes working out super fun. Well, he wants it to be serious but sometimes you catch him staring and the teasing begins.

•One of his favorite things to do is meditate with you.


•Strict workout partner, but doesn’t push you too hard. He lets you stop whenever you want to.

•He takes a smoke break often so if you don’t like it, I suggest going to get water or something because he’s still smoking.

•Holds your waist when you do pull-ups.



•Those sit-up kisses start getting heated quickly and Mitsuru doesn’t really feel like taking you back to the surveillance room.

•So he just pushes you down on the mat and gives you a real workout.

•Let’s just say you might need some new workout pants, boy got a little too impatient.


•After workout showers are Samon’s favorite thing. There’s something about getting to wash the sweat off of you that just gets his blood pumping.

•Would take his time, going from your hair to your shoulders and then down between your legs.

•You two are gonna need another shower after that wild monkey’s done with you.


•Lowkey admires your body when you two are working out, especially your back. Don’t question him, he’s a back man.

•The last straw was when you were pushing your limit and started breathing heavily and making noises. His mind went to the gutter and the tent in his pants did not help his frustration.

•He isn’t much for public sex but taking you against the wall at the gym was definitely exciting.