i need to start designing dresses


Allura and that ugly ass dress need too part and since she’s a princess who deserves so much I designed some for her!! Lmao this started as a colour pallet challenge from here by @plastic-knife ’s and it sorta snowballed from there!! But yeah! I’m really happy with how they all came out!  P.S theres a reward of a drawing in this style in it for the first person who can guess what the flowers are/mean and what order i did these in! one all round guess per person!
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✨ Rajkumari Zelda ✨

This is something I’ve been meaning to draw for almost two years now, but the reason it took me so long was because I am a huge Legend of Zelda fan so this had to be JUST RIGHT. When I was younger, I wanted to cosplay as Princess Zelda for a local anime convention, but I talked myself out of it because I figured I’d look silly as a brown girl dressed as a white princess. I definitely came to learn that I do not need to accept these dumb, invisible restrictions that I placed upon myself, but since I can’t sew to save my life, I decided to illustrate what my kind of Zelda would look like. I have started, erased, and re-started this illustration countless times so it’s so rewarding to have finally completed this! No aspect of her outfit is arbitrary; I carefully considered the “look” of Zelda’s outfits throughout the games, current Indian fashion trends (I’m definitely not a professional fashion designer!!), and a bit of my own personal touch.

I drew inspiration from Zelda’s outfits from Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess. The triangles in her jewelry are references to the Triforce and the blue stones (especially the one right at her chest) are meant to resemble the Zora Sapphire/Crest of Wisdom. The colour blue also correlates with Zelda’s own Triforce of Wisdom. Her pose is demure yet stern, kinda like a Sabyasachi model. The cape is connected to a large necklace which was inspired the upper body armour/harness she has worn in previous games.

I hope you enjoy viewing this as much as I did creating it!



This is part of the Trolls opening sequence. Concept art and fabrication by Me, AFX animation by Erik Tillmans and storyboards by Joel Crawford. Each asset was hand built with felt, paper and embroidery.

 My process started with presenting an animated gif to directors, Mike Mitchell and Walt Dorhn. Painting and working with the animation tool in Photoshop allowed me to design fluidly. I evaluated the story boards to plan out camera movement and work out character action. I knew the camera needed to push in through the dead Troll atop the cage, so I designed the town path to compliment this movement. Next, I focused on the buildings and set dressing. Bubbly poo shapes felt appropriate for Bergentown, while my colors needed variation within the muted palette. The real challenge of this piece was to find the exact materials that reflected the tonal range in grays and browns. I reserved my blacks for the cage and full saturation for the Troll Tree as it represents happiness. The result was three separate backgrounds, six hero buildings that could be flipped and duplicated in interesting ways, three Troll Trees, cages, and various set dressing assets. Each asset was photographed separately, edited and composited. For each scrapbook peice, I would deliver a psd packet to Erik to animate.

The full hand built set of the Bergentown transition.

All content is property of Dreamworks Animation.

Actor Louis

i’ll bring the bread because boy, you’re the jam by scagnetism (8k)

Just when he’s about to stop clicking the next button and claim defeat, maybe put some posters up around town, he’s met with a picture of white cardstock lying on a table, words written in black Sharpie with careful, deliberate strokes. “Hiiii,” it reads, “if you’re reading this, you’ve found my camera! I’d love it if you could contact me so I can get it back. It’d be the nice thing to do.”

Or the AU where Harry loses his camera. Louis finds it. They fall for each other via email.

walk my days on a wire by sunshiner (38k)

Harry hums, staring at his hands in his lap, and Louis can still feel their smoothness, how solid they were in between his own. “Do you think it’s the same for us? Are we here only because of the likeliness of our jobs? Of our lives?”
“We’re here because we have inventive managers,” Louis says, giving Harry’s leg a little nudge with his knee, but all that’s going around in his head is, I think I’d be in the same spot in every possible universe.

or, when actor Louis Tomlinson used to daydream about dating Harry Styles, this is not what he had in mind.

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SQUIP in original musical change his outfits a lot. Will your SQUIP have any extra clothes or he'll just stay in this hot costume? Btw you are cutie and your SQUIP is my new idol.

oh shush °///°
Anyway yes, the squip is going to change outfit mostly in the second act.
In upgrade he already starts taking off tie and jacket, at the halloween party I’ll make him wear those Matrix clothes because when I saw the photos I thought it was hilarious making him dress like Keanu Reeves, also in pitiful children and the play he’s going to wear something different but I still need to design those

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Hi Sam! I'm curious about your magical time management skills: you have a full-time job, are super active in fandom, answer countless asks, write fanfiction and books, and still have time for jogging and many other stuffs. How do you organize yourself? I feel super overwhelmed due to lack of time and end up not doing what I want do. Do you allot time to do stuff? How does your typical day looks like? And any useful tips for us slackers.

I dunno how helpful it’ll be – I mean, some of it is time management, and some of it is that I have spent a long time working on arranging my life so that I have as much free time to pursue my own interests as possible. This hasn’t consciously meant giving up things like close brickspace friends and romantic relationships but in some ways it has kind of worked out that way. (Not that I couldn’t have those things if I chose to work towards them, in other words, but they don’t come naturally to me and I don’t mind the lack.) 

So, I will give you a rundown of my average day, but before we begin, I will also give you some context! And this will be long so I’ll put it under a readmore. 

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If you get a chance,Am I allowed to request a Monsta X Jooheon Mafia AU where you're new to the city and he falls in love with you and your passion for life but have no clue what he does for a living so you're always wondering why everything goes so smoothly for you like finding a job, getting an apartment, people being nice to you, etc after you meet him. I'm not sure what sort of genre would be best for this so can you help decide that? Thanks! :)

Thanks for your request Anon! Jooheon is my bias from Monsta X and I’m totally excited to write this! I hope you like it <3 Also, I apologize it was so long… This was just a really good one I got totally invested in! ~ Gaishō

Reader x Jooheon Mafia!AU - “Precious Thorns”

Originally posted by kihqun

You have just moved to Chicago and finally settled into your new apartment. Peering out your window to look at the skyline you sigh and say,”wow, this is it! The Windy City! I may have spent most of my savings to move out here, but I think I can go for a few drinks. Mama needs to wind down.” You start to put on your outfit; a cute slim black dress that went down to mid-thigh, fishnets with a rose design, and black boots with studs. Last but not least, winged eyeliner, a little bit of mascara, and a maroon matte lipstick to top it off.

Walking down the street you’re in complete awe by the bustling streets and the beautiful lights. You stumble upon a night club and decide to go in and have a little fun. The music is loud and there must have been at least a couple hundred people in the building. You squeeze your way to the bar and order a drink, “vodka and cranberry with a lime please.” Taking a few sips here and there you start to people watch and enjoy the view.

“You’re not going to dance?” asks a young, handsome man in a black suit with a cherry red tie. “Oh, haha. I’m a terrible dancer. I prefer to people watch and enjoy the music,” your say nervously. ‘He’s really good looking. I don’t know how he can make dark brown messy hair look so sophisticated.’ “So, why aren’t you dancing? What’s your excuse?” You take a sip of your drink while keeping eye contact. He moves a little bit closer and you try not to show that your heart is ready to jump out of your chest. “Well, unfortunately the only girl I want to dance with is busy people watching,” he gives you a sly side smile. “Well played, sir, well played.” You reach your hand out for him to grab and guide you to the dance floor.

“I’m serious though, I really don’t know how to dance, I might even step on your nice expensive shoes,” you jokingly say, but being very honest. “Just follow my lead, sweetheart.” He twirls you around like you’re a beautiful princess in a ball gown. Suddenly he brings you closer and his hand sits at your lower back. “You know, I don’t think our dancing matches the upbeat club music.” He stops. “You’re right, but who wants to conform?” He winks at you and smiles. ‘This man is killing me. He is way too charming.’

After a few drinks and getting to know each other a little more you finally ask, “So, how does a man like you become interested in a girl like me?” You twirl your straw around. “What do you mean my dear?” He tilts his head. “Oh c’mon, I’m just another punk city girl and you’re clearly a big businessman. The suit, nice shoes, and you even have a Rolex watch.” You raise your eyebrow challenging him. “Even so, it doesn’t mean I don’t know when to appreciate a beautiful rose such as yourself.” He leans against the bar table like he just won. “And every rose has its thorn,” a snide comment only you would say. He claps and chuckles at you. His phone rings and he answers it. “Ah, I see, I’ll be there in five minutes.” He hangs up the phone. “Well, it looks like I’m needed for a late press conference.” He slides a business card to you. “I’ll leave it up to you to make the decision on whether or not our paths will cross again. Till then, Y/N.” He winks and walks away with his hands in his pockets. ‘He is TOO good.’ You look at the card and read: CEO Lee Jooheon. ‘Ugh, he even has a sexy name.’

Two Months Later…

“I’m home!” You come walking in to your apartment and immediately take off your work shoes. “My dogs are killing me! Babe, could you please give me a foot rub?” He motions for you to put your feet up on his lap. “Anything for my jagiya. Now, tell me how was work?” You had explained to him that waitressing is really taking a toll on you and you’re not sure how you’re going to make rent this month. He genuinely looked sympathetic for you, but you didn’t want him pitying you. “It’s okay. I make things work out.” You giggle and head off to the kitchen. He remained on the couch thinking to himself.

The Next Week…

“You did what!? How!? I-I don’t understand.” You start to pace back and forth. “Honey, baby, relax. I have contacts everywhere. I told them how much of a hard worker you were and besides, they owed me a favor. So, I got you a new job as an executive assistant for a major law firm.” He gives you a silly grin. “I’ve been a waitress ever since I can remember! How am I supposed to fit this new role!?” You start to freak out. He grabs you and kisses you. “You deserve more. Just please give it a chance?” He stares at you with his puppy dog eyes. You couldn’t resist.

Another Month Passes…

“The people at the law firm are so nice to me! I’m so used to customers complaining about their meals that it feels like I’m getting the special treatment. Do you have something to do with this?” You furrow your brows. “Me? Whaaat? No way. Don’t be silly.” His phone rings and he continues to sit there and look at you. You roll your eyes, “aren’t you going to answer that? You pretty much get a call every five minutes.” He let the call go. He quickly pulls you in close and grabs your hand to kiss it, “you’re more important.” His phone rings again. You let him answer it this time. “DAMNIT WHAT!?” He explodes leaving you suddenly anxious. “You fucking get the shit situated and I’ll be there as soon as possible. Do not let him go.” He slams the phone on the coffee table and lets out a long sigh. You were left completely speechless. 

I have never seen this side of him. He’s always been so sweet and full of charisma.’ You tug on his suit. His shoulders drop from being tense and he turns around to face you. “I’m sorry you had to see that. *Ahem* It seems we’re having trouble with a client so… I need to go to work and sort this out.” He kisses your forehead and heads for the door. “By the way, I have you scheduled to move into my condo tomorrow. I suggest you start packing.” He blows you a kiss and closes the door behind him. ‘He did not just…’

Several Months Pass…

You have never been happier. You have a wonderful job, you live with your handsome boyfriend in his massive condo located in on of the cities most expensive high rises, and he even bought you a new car. But, you start to wonder. ‘It’s… It’s way too good to be true.’ It was your day off and you were totally bored with yourself. You start to think even more. ‘To be honest, I have no idea what company he even works for or where he goes most of the time. He never bothered to show me.’ You go snooping into his belongings and stumble upon his laptop. You went to Google maps and decided to track his footsteps. ‘God I feel terrible doing this… But, I have a right to know my own boyfriend and his whereabouts. Right?’ Your fingers clicked away on the keyboard. You finally found a destination he’s been to almost every day since the day you met him. You printed up the directions and headed for the door.

It was late and Jooheon already texted you that he probably wouldn’t be home till tomorrow because of an emergency business meeting. You were just a few blocks away from the destination. Your heart was pounding and you felt so uneasy. ‘Why do I feel like I’m being a horrible person? Oh my god, I’m stalking my own boyfriend!’ You arrive to the location. You sat in your car for what seemed like hours, but was only a few minutes. Swallowing the lump in your throat you take a deep breath in and head out to the building before you.

The location was fairly secluded on the outskirts of the city. You walk towards one of the side entrances and try to take a peak into the windows. Unfortunately all the windows were covered by closed blinds so you had to look around. “Ah, jackpot!” You found a basement entrance. The door was surprisingly unlocked and you let yourself in. There was nobody around. It was an interesting room. The only things in the room were a wooden desk with one lamp and some scattered papers. 

You looked at a few papers and started to notice a pattern. Each one had a picture of a man or woman with a written profile of the person. All of them had an ‘X’ over their faces except for one. You read that one’s profile. “…Several fraudulent accounts… Millions of dollars stolen… Five accounts of… MURDER??? And… RECENT ASSOCIATE OF JOOHEON!?” Your head was spinning and you had to prop yourself up against the table. ‘I’m starting to think I know nothing about my boyfriend.’ You hear yelling in the adjacent room and a loud crash. You try to peak in through the cracked door. 

“I didn’t take you under my wing so you could eventually undermine me and my work. I came from nothing and built an empire of my own from the little amount that I had. Did you really think that this would slip past me so easily?” You see Jooheon pistol whip the fallen man. You cover your mouth with a shaky hand. Jooheon starts to circle the man. “Do you know what we do with people like you? People that steal from me and my mafia?” He crosses his arms and whistles to his men. A couple men in black suits start to drag the man away. 

“Also, will someone please bring in my beautiful jagiya. We are not monsters here. Please show her some manners.” Your heart stops and knees become weak. You try to bolt away, but a strong man drags you into the empty room and forces you to sit in a chair. “My dear, I’m sorry you had to see such a sight.” He caresses your face with the back of his hand. “W-what is the meaning of this? Joohoney? I d-don’t understand… Why -” He covers your mouth. Tears start to fall down your cheeks and onto his hand. He licks the tears from his hand. “Are you afraid my precious flower?” He lifts your chin up although you flinch. “I think you will get used to it. Just let daddy do his work…” Suddenly he pulls your hair back making you shriek and he’s face to face with you. “But, if I ever see you back here again meddling in my business, we’re going to have a problem.” He gives you a kiss on your cheek. 

“Every rose has its thorn,” he says before he laughs maniacally and exits the room. You’re left in the chair, alone, and with an empty mind. You say to yourself with an insane look on your face, “and now I bleed from picking the rose with the most thorns.” 

Friends in Low Places

Word Count-1968

Characters-Carl(OMC), Reader, grandmother, Sam, Dean, Bobby(mentioned), readers parents(mentioned)

Paring-Sam x reader(eventually, if this goes on)

Warnings-Attempted rape, cannon level violence.

A/N-Loosely based on the Garth Brooks song.  The damn ting has been stuck in my mind for weeks and I finally sat down and wrote this.  Thanks to the wonderful @winchesterprincessbride for betaing this one.  Tags are below the cut. Send me an ask or message if you want on or off the list.


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Hi, do you have any teenaged-heros-and-their-scrappy-costumes prompts?

I was in a weird mood when I put these together but I hope they help anyway.

  1. 20 uses for bottle caps
  2. It looks like the character will need to learn to sew!
  3. Are you sure designing your costume after your pet hamster is a good idea?
  4. From your character’s recent purchases, it’s starting to look like they are a very serious cosplayer.
  5. Character repurposes their prom dress because hey, it’s not like they were going to go to prom anyway.
  6. Creative uses of Christmas/Halloween/other decorations.
  7. Ducktape won’t do… or maybe?
  8. Stealing Dad’s fishing hooks was probably a bad idea.
  9. Painting a cartoon skull on it won’t make anyone take you seriously.
  10. A bed sheet is essentially a cape, right?
  11. Boots stolen from an older sibling… nothing could go wrong.
  12. How can I utilize this old lampshade?
  13. Table cloth, rainbow flag, and a sewing machine. What else do you need?
  14. Trash can and garbage bags? Why? Why not?
  15. Accidentally using something from a family member’s valued collection spells trouble.
Benevolence 4

4/20 This chapter is pretty laid back just Y/N and Lisa working a few flashbacks and a phone call with Yixing. (I’m writing the next chapter right now) Next chapter will be much better than this. It’s only two chapters away from the real drama that’s going to go down.

Word Count: 2,800

I was alone I made sure of it, Baekhyun had took Taeyeon with him to the grocery store. As for me I faked being sick so I could make my escape, by know I had tried to leave three times. First two I stayed because he convinced me as for the third. “Y/N, you’re mine I need you here with me having just Taeyeon isn’t enough.” He basically shouted the same excuse at me before offering me an opportunity to become one of the head designers at SM. I tried to dedicated myself to just that so I could avoid him at all costs.

For a while it seemed to work I came home late at night so I didn’t have to see him or Taeyeon and woke up before either of them so I could go to work. Eventually, Baekhyun caught on, one night after coming back from SM he was sitting on the couch holding three of my newest pieces.

“What are you doing Baek?”, I asked trying to mask the small tint of fear in my voice. Of course, I wasn’t scared of him, I was scared that he’d finally caught on.

“You get off of work the same time my fourth round of practice ends. I know because you’d always come tell me you were leaving before you went home. It’s 1:32 AM, Jagi that’s four hours later.”, His voice was low and words came out slowly. He was exhausted you could hear it in each of his words.

“Go to sleep Baekhyun, you sound crazy.”, I muttered turning to head upstairs to take a shower.

“I haven’t been able to do that either.”, He blurted out stopping me from walking any further.


“I know you haven’t been sleeping in the bed lately it makes it harder for me to sleep. We don’t talk anymore Y/N. I’ve decided that you don’t need that head designer position at SM.” His hands gripped the items of clothing that I  designed in his fingers.

“Enough with the bullshit Baekhyun, you’re not going to have control over me.”, I snapped tired enough as it is. “You know how important this dream is to me. Why would you even consider thinking you could snatch it away from me?”

He stood on his feet letting the dress, coat, and bodysuit fall to the floor. Does he have no respect? I scoffed as he inched towards me an unfamiliar glint in his eyes. It made him seem uncontrollably desperate.

“Give me a kiss.” He demanded as his feet came in contact with my sock covered ones towering above me.

“Taeyeon is upstairs, go kiss her.”, I sighed going to turn around again but, a firm grip on my arm stopped.

“I miss my baby now give me a kiss.”

“I need to shower.”

“Then I’ll come with you.”, He insisted.

“What the hell do you want Baekhyun?”

“To know why you’re avoiding me.”, His arm now wrapping around my waist sneakily.

“I tried to break up with you psychopath but, you won’t leave me alone if I do leave. Then you threaten my job to get me to stay.”, I snapped at him desperately trying to get out of his grasp.

“Yes Y/N, I’m a psychopath wanting my girlfriend whom I’m deeply in love with to stay with me.”, He sarcastically muttered. “Now let’s go take a shower.”

I was tired physically and of his shit so, I went upstairs with him. Then once again I feel deeply into his trap, while Taeyeon was always there to remind me that none of this meant anything. Which brings us here, the two of them out of the house while I’m trying to leave unnoticed.

Carefully taking the rest of my designs off of the rack and folding them into my suitcase. I couldn’t deal with this anymore, I had enough talent to land another top notch designing job. Constantly being hurt by Baekhyun just wasn’t worth it anymore.

“What are you doing, Baby?”, A raspy voice interrupted my getaway. My back was towards him and I had no intentions of turning away. I was too soft on him for the longest of times, I accepted this relationship with Taeyeon to make him happy. Now that I’m in it I don’t even understand why I’m here, all of his attention is on her.

“Taking a trip, a get the fuck away from you trip.”, I mumbled sarcastically throwing some spare fabric in the trashcan.

“Get back in bed sweetheart you’re still sick.”, He ignored my last statement walking over to me trying to snatch the suitcase out of my hand.

“What’s going on?”, Taeyeon’s voice entered the room.

“Of course, you enter the room now.”, I deadpanned trying to snatch the suitcase away from Baekhyun.

“Enough with the bitchy comments Y/N.”, He snapped on me. 

“Enough with riding her dick Baekhyun.”, I threw back at him.

“Taeyeon go downstairs please.”, He spoke giving her a loving filled look. She glanced at me with a look I’ve never seen before. It wasn’t filled with hate or envy but disappointment, what the fuck was her problem? Her eyes never leaving my face as she walked out of the room, neither of us spoke until her foot steps had become silent.

“Let go I’m leaving and I don’t want to hear any of your excuses or bribes.”, I muttered finally getting him to let go of the suitcase. “I can build another career in fashion but you however, I’ll die if I have to stay with you and Taeyeon.”

I was finally leaving him it felt like nothing, because in truth no matter what he did a small piece of my heart stayed loyal. 

“What about the promise you made to us?”, He whispered lowly. The promise I made to myself and to him and to her. It was my pride I’d never forgive myself if I ended up like her but, was being in this situation really worth it? I felt his arms wrap themselves around my waist bringing me closer to his chest.

“Baby, I’m fighting for you because I don’t want you to regret this later on in life. When you told me about our promise it broke my heart what happened and now you just want to throw it all away.”, He pecked the back of my head.

This was far deeper than any petty “I promise I’ll love you forever.” promise this was my life.

“Fine.”, I couldn’t let her win not this time. “I’ll stay but please give me some space I really need it.”

“I’m going downstairs call me when you’re ready to take a shower.”, He spoke ignoring my request of space. It didn’t really matter though he’d pay attention to me for three days until, he was back to walking past me to kiss Taeyeon. For now I’ll stay it’s not like I had anywhere to go at the moment anyways. I had plenty of money it’s just really important for me to be saving it right now. I just don’t know how much more I can handle being treated second best until I’m ready to leave.

I remember those days, they went through my head often when I was alone with nothing to do. It wasn’t worth thinking about now really, I was too deep in. A week and a half had past since my birthday, things haven’t really changed except for Baekhyun trying sweet talk me more often. Taeyeon tried to act like she mad at him for a few days until she was back to running around giggling and cuddling with him. I couldn’t do it, at least not anymore when I looked at him my heart wasn’t telling me to just forgive him and share him. It was telling me to just focus on my career.

In order to truly get away from him for the day I went over Lisa’s to finish the rest of the designs. These dresses needed to be perfect in order for the rest of the companies to take me seriously. I was already at Lisa’s dorm but, she seemed to be running late.

“20 inches of lace fabric and 30 feet of silk.”, I mumbled writing down the measurements of the second dress. “Client is 5 feet tall and weighs 123 pounds.”

“Wow you work fast.”, I heard a female voice giggle. Lifting my head up to see Lisa standing behind me with a dress in her hand. It was beautiful she must’ve worked very hard on it.

“When did you get here?”, I questioned snipping off three inches of fabric. 

“Sorry I was late I needed to finish the last dress. You really do take this seriously?”, She chuckled realizing I wasn’t really paying attention to what she was say. 

Giving her a small chuckle of my own I responded. “I know it may not look like it but, this is what truly makes me happy. Putting all of your hard work into something only to see the beautiful outcome.”

I didn’t see if her expression had faltered I was too focused on the project. I had 23 more inches of fabric to sew while adding the lace to the front of it.

“You seem like your almost finished do you need any help?”, She asked slipping the dress on the rack. I was getting ready to reject her offer when my cell phone started to ring. Lifting my foot off of the foot petal I,checked the number it was Yixing.

“Yeah can you take over for a couple of minutes I need to take this.”, I turned to Lisa watching her look at my graph design.

“Of course.”, She replied smiling widely slipping onto the stool while I got off. Walking off to a more private area to answer the phone.

“Hey what’s up?”, I tried to sound more enthusiastic than I was was.

“Hey what you doing in a couple of days?”, He asked me hope laced in his words.

“Not anything that I know of why?.”

“Come fishing with me and the guys, please Y/N.”, His voice begged.

“Why do you want me to come?” 

“Baekhyun been acting like a dickhead lately and SM just so happened to invite Taeyeon and the rest of us don’t think it’s right if you’re not here.” He confessed.

I almost forgot that they still think Taeyeon is Baekhyun’s ex girlfriend. Was Baekhyun even going to tell me that they were going fishing? I can’t be angry though, because I’m never home anymore so I guess even if he didn’t want to tell me I wasn’t around.

“I understand if you don’t want to come. I can tell you Baekhyun have been going through a patch ever since your birthday.” He muttered softly.

“I’ll come since you begged so nicely.”, I giggled into the phone.

“Thanks Y/N we’ll make sure you’ll a good time.”, Yixing promised.

“Yeah, I’ll talk to you later don’t forget to meet me at Parakiss tomorrow.”

‘Yeah, I won’t see you later.”

I hung up the phone and made my way back to Lisa’s room only to hear something I don’t think I was meant to.

“So that’s it you’ll just crawl back to her. You don’t love her because if you did you wouldn’t have came to me.”, She snapped  before ending the call. 

My eyes traveled towards the dress, she had finished it no problem, good now I could relax a little.

“How much did you hear?” She pitifully asked.

“All of it but, that’s not my business the dress is finished and that’s all the matters. I’ll drop them off at the gallery on my way home.”, I spoke grabbing the two dresses we worked on today. I felt kind of bad for not even attempting to comfort her however, by the sounds of things she was the other woman. I didn’t want to get caught in anyone’s relationship drama.

“Just a word of advice get out of that mess.”

Her head shot up and gave me a look of confusion. Before she say anything I beat her to it.

“It’s not worth it, he’s the one who doesn’t love you if he did why would he still be with her? Just leave him alone, believe me it’s better to leave now or else you’ll be in a position where you’ll be hurting yourself by leaving him.”, I spoke turning my back on her.

“It’s not worth it.”, I mutter one last time before walking out the door. “It’s not worth it.”

Walking back into the apartment I kicked off my shoes. I hope everything is okay with Lisa and whoever she’s dating she seemed kind of down about it. In all honestly I couldn’t bring myself to care too much, just thinking about ‘relationships’ make me sick. 

It makes me sad thinking about how quickly my affection for Baekhyun was fading. I can’t say whether or not he still cares about me or if he was even truly sorry for what happened that day because I’m never around to listen. I know he isn’t stupid enough to think I’m just accidentally busy, I’m doing everything on purpose. I don’t even have the urge to leave him anymore, this is just a place to stay. Obviously he still thinks we’re together and I guess we are yet, I have no desires to be in a relationship. Not only is an entirely different situation keeping me from leaving him but also his form affection for me.

I can never be too upset with him because I know somewhere within in him he loves the people in his life so much..I’m just not one of those people. 

“Long time no see.”, A chuckle brought me out of my thoughts. Looking up to see Taeyeon dressed in one of a Baekhyun’s shirts with some sweatpants. “You’ve been working a lot lately. I guess we both have actually haven’t been home much lately either.”

I didn’t give not one fuck about what she was doing.

“I made dinner we already ate but, I made sure to set you plate for when you got home.”, She spoke noticing my lack of response.

“Thanks I’ll eat it later.” I responded.

“No you’ll eat in now, I haven’t seen you eat in awhile.”

Did this bitch really just try and order me to eat?

“Taeyeon, you clearly heard what the fu-” I was cut off by Baekhyun entering the room adding an unbelievable amount tension, His eyes were focused on Taeyeon while hers were glaring at me slowly shifting over to him.

“Hi Baek.”, She smiled at him while he pecked her lips lovingly. His whole facial expression changed when his eyes landed on me.

“Y/N, Taeyeon is right you need to eat and what I have I told you about the disrespect towards her. She’s the oldest out of the three of us and she’s actually putting in efforts to be kind to you.”, He spoke harsh and firm.

“I really don’t have time to listen to you kiss her ass.”, I deadpanned walking in the kitchen to get something to drink. “Just because you haven’t seen me eat doesn’t mean I haven’t been eating” I always made sure I ate at least three meals a day. I’ve actually been  eating more ‘snacks’ while I worked on the dresses.

“I really don’t want to fight with you Baby, I haven’t seen you in awhile.”, He spoke walking towards the island Taeyeon following behind.

“I’ve been busy.”

“Yixing told me you agreed to come on the fishing trip.” He suddenly blurted out.

“Yeah is that a problem if I go?”, I asked with attitude laced with every word.

“No I was going to ask you to come myself, I’m a little upset that he asked before I did.” He spoke clenching his jaw. “Anyways I have some exciting news to tell on the trip so get ready.”

“Whatever.”, I twisted the cap off of my Sprite bringing it to my lips. In the corner of my eyes I could see  Taeyeon eyeing me up and down.

 What was with her today?

“Since we’re all home why don’t we watch a movie?”, Baekhyun suggested already heading towards the couch.

“I’ll pass I have kink in my back so I’m heading to bed early.”, I spoke heading towards the stairs. If I started watching a ‘movie’ with Baekhyun it always ended in sex. I didn’t want to have sex with him at least not tonight. I’m not sure what his response was because I was already upstairs. Laying on the bed in the guest bedroom I started planning out things I could do tomorrow to stay away from them. I need to talk to Yixing tomorrow about Baekhyun he clearly has a problem with him lately. That’s what I hate about him he’s so over protective when I’m around other guys and yet, I’m supposed to be okay with Taeyeon.

Soon afterwards I drifted off to sleep only to be woken up by arms wrapping around my waist. I didn’t bother turning around it was obviously Baekhyun climbing into bed with me. It didn’t matter honestly because when I went to sleep I just kept having the same bad dream over and over again.

Why did this all have to happen?

Am I in too deep to ever even imagine getting out?


Constalate national costume.
in the summer I started to draw references of inhabitants and the landscapes of his planet the fandom lolirock.But unfortunately I never finished the national dress. Now I only have ideas. So,i need to implement them. Here are the designs for 6 of the 12 kingdoms.

idevon  asked:

"In all fairness, you said I *couldn't* do it, not that I shouldn't, therefore I was simply disproving your hypothesis."

“In all fairness, you said I couldn’t do it, not that I shouldn’t, therefore I was simply disproving your hypothesis.”

Adrien snatched Marinette’s coffee mug out of her hands and pulled her desk chair away from her workstation. “Okay, we are stopping all caffeine consumption and all designing, and we’re putting you to bed, okay?”

“Nooooooo,” Marinette whined, “I just started dress number twelve and if I stop now, it’ll be a show of weakness and I am Ladybug, and Ladybug is not weak!”

“Marinette, there was no reason for you to try and design ten dresses in one sitting, let alone twelve,” Adrien scolded, “so you are going to bed.”

He picked her up bridal style and carried her over to their bed while Marinette rested her head in the crook of his neck and mumbled tiredly against his skin, “But heroes never sleep, Adrien, my dresses need me….”

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Well Tailored Part 8

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Title: Well Tailored

Pairing: I.M/Changkyun x Reader

Genre: Fluff & Angst

Warning: Swearing & Mentions of Abuse.

A/N: So I swear these parts just keep getting longer and longer, this one is barely over 4K which isn’t normal for me, but trust me it’s a good one and you all are gonna hate me when it’s done. Sorry, not sorry. Hehe. Enjoy! 

Part 7 | Part 9

Coffee in hand you walked into the studio the next morning, expecting to see Changkyun in the same outfit, still hunched over the sketch he was working on the night before. Opening the door you were surprised to see the room dark and empty, a slight sigh of relief left your lips knowing he had actually listened to you for once. Despite that, you worried about him, the conversation from the previous evening still on your mind.

As you set your coffee and bag down at your work table you remember him talking about his sister and why he was doing this, because it was not just his passion, it was also hers.

Taking another quick sip of coffee you began to unload your bag, fiddling with your pin cushion as you turned to look at what you had started on last night, realising how little you got done and huffed slightly.

Looking back into your bag you dug through it looking for your sketchbook only to find it missing, you began the search around your work table and then the rest of the studio, baffled as to where it could have possibly gone. Shrugging you decided to go check your apartment and see maybe if it fell out of your bag last night when you got home.

Making your way back to the elevator you hit the 4th floor and waited patiently as it reached your level, quickly stepping out you walked past Changkyuns door and paused, wanting to knock and make sure he was okay, but you shook your head and quickly opened your apartment door and started searching your bare apartment for the sketchbook, only to find it not there as well.

Huffing in defeat you walked back out to the hallway, deciding to just go back down to the studio and wait for Changkyun to show up and ask if he had seen it.

As if he knew you were thinking about him he opened his door as you passed. “Ah! Y/n good morning, I am sorry I slept in a little late today.”

You smiled at him as sweetly as you could as you stopped and waited for him to lock his door. “You are just fine Changkyun, you had a long night last night I am sure, how much longer after I left did you stay?”

The both of you began to walk to the elevator as he spoke. “Only an hour or so, I gave up and decided that me sitting over a paper wasn’t going to solve my problem, but sleep might,” he said as he smirked and glanced over at you.

Chuckling you nodded, “Ah, speaking of which did you see my sketchbook last night after I left? It seems to have gone missing and I have looked everywhere.”

His eyes went wide as the elevator door opened, he nodded. “Yea, I saw it sitting at your workstation and I was going to bring it to you last night but I realised you would probably be asleep,” he said as he shuffled through his own bag and pulled it out, handing it to you.

You took it as you both made your way into the studio. “You were probably correct, I passed out as soon as I got home last night,” you say with a slight chuckle.

“You are acting awfully strange with me today sweetheart. I am surprised, was it because of last night?” Changkyun said as you began flipping through the pages only to notice a few pages were missing.

“Uh, yeah,” you mumble as you think through the pages missing, realising that they are your personal sketches that you hadn’t shown Changkyun because you didn’t think they would work.

He chuckled, “Wow, not even a snarky remark, I am surprised,” he said as he put down his own bag looking at you slightly amused, clearly aware you weren’t paying attention to him.

“Hmmm?” you said as you looked up at him suddenly aware he was talking to you again.

He simply chuckled and waved his hand, “You are trying to work I won’t bother you, keep going, sweetheart.”

That damn nickname. Would he ever stop using it? You looked back down at your missing sketches, biting your lip as you glanced over at him as he started to pull papers out of his bag.

“Changkyun?” you whispered, half hoping he wouldn’t hear you. Only to be disappointed when he looked up at you, giving you a small hum in reply. “Uh, some of my sketches are uh, missing. Did they happen to fall out and into your bag by chance?” you say embarrassed, hoping he wouldn’t see how bad they were.

“Oh, you mean your sketches? I actually wanted to ask you about that, I hope you don’t mind. When I saw you left your sketchbook last night I went through it and found them. They could all really work for the last outfit actually. I wanted to ask your permission but I didn’t know how,” he said as he slightly blushed, rubbing the back of his neck nervously. “I was going to ask if I could use this one,” he said has he pulled it out and put it on the table.

You walk over and look, only to see it was the one you hated the most, the lines were shaky and you threw it together in five minutes tops when you were waiting for your coffee to heat up.  The sketch was a tight black pencil skirt made out of velvet, a matching blazer,  and an emerald green satin button-down.
“Uh, I mean if you really want to, I just kind of threw that one together it isn’t that great.”

He shook his head, “No it’s better than great it’s the final piece to the puzzle,” he said as he took it and hung it up with the rest of the finished looks.

The both of you took a step back, both of your eyes wandering all over the board. A smile formed across Changkyun’s face as he slowly covered his mouth with his hand, biting his lip and closing his eyes. “Yes, this is it. This is exactly the design I needed, it’s perfect. Just like-,” He stopped and opened his eyes, looking at you before he quickly coughed and nodded “We better get started on the construction, it’s going to take a while.”

You tilted your head to the side but nodded in agreement as you walked back over to your work table and started pinning the fabric to the dress you started on last night, still confused as to what he meant.

Perfect just like what? What was he talking about?

“Ow, shit,” you mumble as you suck on your finger as it began to bleed. Irritated by even having to deal with the last few days of getting the last of the outfits constructed so they could be fitted on the models.

You would rather be hiding under a rock right now, you were not in the mood for anything.

As if on queue to be annoyed Changkyun walked up and watched you as you stopped sucking your thumb and continued to sew the little lines on the fabric in front of you.

Changkyun leant his chin on your shoulder watching you messily try to fix the last few stitches you had done. “Are you okay? Your stitching is messier than usual.”

You winced and tried to lean away from his touch, causing him to quickly step away and look at you worried.

“Just fine, please go away,” you mumble as you look back down at the stitching. “I hate this time of year,” you whisper as you squint trying to ignore him as he continued to stand there, partially confused and partially worried about you.

He opened his mouth to ask only to have you hold up your hand with the needle in it. “Don’t even bother asking. Just leave me alone okay,” you continue to mumble, not even looking up at him.

Nodding he quickly walked back over to his workstation but his eyes lingered on you, his confusion turning to deep worry as his brow line creased.

Biting your lip you closed your eyes and began to think about things, about how you ended up here, how your parents would probably lose their minds, how he would probably be furious with you.

A hiccup left your mouth and you opened your eyes to see Changkyun place a hand on your cheek, wiping away a few tears that had rolled down your face unknowingly.

“I-I am fine, please just let me get back to work!” you protested as you tried to focus back down on your work.

He shook his head and grabbed the outfit you were working on, along with your needle and placed it on your work table, turning you on your stool to face him as he sat down on the stool next to you. “I have a hard time believing that you are fine, you never cry. Ever. What’s going on? Are you hurt. Please tell me what’s wrong and I can help you fix it. Please, I just can’t stand to see you crying,“ he begs, his eyes looking over your face for any more tears.

“Uh, I-,” you start, but stop and close your eyes taking a deep breath. Keeping your eyes closed you began to speak. “You told me about how you got to where you are, I guess it’s my turn.

Opening your eyes you glanced up at him. “My family runs a very well known tailoring company and I was raised in the business, that’s why I am such a good tailor, but even with my tailoring skills the business was tanking, we were losing money faster than we were making it.”

Fidgeting you played with your fingers as you finally looked up at him head on. “My parents wanted me to marry a rich man, saying it could help business if we got a famous name to back up the company. I, of course, was very much opposed to this idea, but they made me do it anyway. Back then I was quite the pushover, just wanting to please my parents so they were happy. In reality, they are some of the most, money hungry, people I have ever met. They didn’t care about me at all, just how much money they could make off me and my skills and looks.”

“They made me go out to fancy dinners and parties in hopes that a man would want to take my hand in marriage,” you cringed and he smiled a little, knowing all too well your opinions on dating none the less marrying those types of men.

“One night I was attending a gala when this older man wouldn’t stop flirting with me, even after I told him I wasn’t interested. Apparently, he knew that my parents were desperate for money and he said he was willing to offer them money in exchange for me. To which I quickly declined but he was persistent. That’s when he- Uh I mean Devon stepped in.” you said as you looked off past Changkyun, your face falling into a blank space as you thought about him.

“Devon?” Changkyun asked, tapping your arm and bringing you out of your thoughts.

“Uh, yeah. Devon,” you nodded and bit your lip before continuing. “He stayed with me for the rest of the night so that the guy would leave me alone. We connected quickly and I really enjoyed his company. Of course though, after the gala word spread quickly that he seemed interested and so my parents found out.”

“They set us up on dates and small hangouts, trying to get us to connect which I didn’t mind because I actually enjoyed being around him. He wasn’t like the rest of the rich jerkoffs that only cared about women and money. It was a refreshing change and I pretty much fell into his arms willingly agreeing to be his girlfriend very early on into us knowing each other. Which in turn caused my parents to push me into getting him to pop the question, something I was not ready for yet. So they went to him,” you wrinkled your nose and closed your eyes taking a deep breath.

“He asked me a few weeks later to marry him, to which I rejected him. He and my family were shocked that I said no, my parents were angry with me. They blamed me for the business tanking and told me I was a failure for not helping out the family, but I just couldn’t as much as I didn’t want to let the business fail, I didn’t want to marry a man I had just met. That’s when things got bad,” you said as you hunched over slightly and crossed your arms around yourself, refusing to look up at Changkyun.

Changkyun frowned deeply and reached out to touch your knee, but you moved it away. He nodded and waited for you to continue.

“I am sorry, it’s just after I said no he got more aggressive in the relationship. He started pushing me to do things I didn’t want to do. At first, I fought back and put him in his place, but he persisted and started to belittle me when I stood up to him. Over time it started to eat away at me and I started to question myself and what I was doing. I wanted out but I didn’t want to disappoint my family any more than I already had. So I stayed, but belittling turned to fighting and-and..”

Hugging yourself you paused, and looked up at him for a moment, you felt so weak so small next to him. Something you had suppressed for years, you always tried to come off as strong and independent but truly you were scared, upset and alone. You looked down at your feet, feeling too intimidated to look at him any longer.

Shaking your thoughts you continued to speak, your speech shaky as you finally managed to say the words. “The fighting turned into hitting. He said I was stupid for not listening to my parents and that I was worthless. After he hit me I lost all my faith in him, I couldn’t love him anymore. How could somebody hit someone they care so much about. So I left him before he could do it again. My parents were furious when they found out and they tried to set me back up with him. It was then that I found out why he had gotten so angry with me. My parents had promised that he could have half the money the company made if he could get me to marry him. He turned out to be just as bad as the rest. Even worse is my parents helped him. They agreed to pay him to marry me. When I found out I felt sick.”

Changkyun’s fist was balled, his jaw clenched as you paused, watching his response as he nodded, not trusting his words to answer out of fear he would hurt you.

“After I found out what both my ex-boyfriend and parents had plotted behind my back, I left. I grabbed as little as I could and ran, lucky for me Fawn had worked with my parents years ago and she was a close friend to me, she practically raised me when my parents weren’t around.  When I told her what happened she took me in for the first few years, keeping me hidden from my parents and raging ex-boyfriend.

She got me the job at the shop and I started to work there. I put on a strong face for the first few years, but after so long it became who I was. I stopped letting my clients walk over me because I wasn’t about to have what happened to me happen again. No way in hell.”

Looking out the window you saw the sun starting to set as you smiled slightly thinking of how much you owe Fawn for helping you out. “The reason I have been off the last few days is because this is around the time it all happened, It’s the one time of year I usually take off from work and I hide so no one can see me be weak…..” you mumble as you look at Changkyun once more before you turned away, ashamed of how stupid you must look, how weak you must look to him.

You blew it, your strong side was gone, and now he saw how weak of a person you really were how scared you were to get close to anyone how you worried it would happen again. He must think you are pathetic.

“It all makes scenes now, the reason why you were always so strong. Why you didn’t put up with the bullshit the clients threw at you. It’s because you saw first hand what happened if you let them do what they wanted to you…..” Changkyun mumbled as he rubs his chin, taking in everything you had told him.

“Yes, that’s also the reason I treated you that way when you first came in, I thought you were like all the other asshole guys that had plenty of money to throw around and plenty of women swooning over them. I mean you clearly have the looks, so I just figured,” you said, too embarrassed to look over at him.

Changkyun raised his eyebrow, “You thought? What’s changed your mind?”

“You are passionate, you showed me that you care about designing just as much as I care about tailoring, it’s what keeps you going, what drives you. I respect that even though you have money you don’t flaunt it because what matters more to you is your craft. It makes me happy to see someone with as much passion as you do what they dream of doing,” you say as you glance over your shoulder and look at him. “Also, even though you irritated the hell out of me when we first met, I don’t dislike or hate you. It’s quite the opposite, I like you…” you mumble the last part quietly, not wanting to boost his ego too much.

Changkyun leant back for a moment and watches the woman in front of him, at her weakest moment, hunched over, peeking at him over her shoulder, her eyes looking directly at him. There it was again, that look. The look that made him believe that maybe, just maybe she felt the same way as him. Her words hitting him even hard. Making him speechless for a moment as he processed what to do.

Suddenly Changkyun stood up, spinning her around to face him, raising her chin to look at him as he searched her face for any type of resistance before he began to speak.

He leant in so their noses were touching, as he closed his eyes and sighed before opening them again. “You like me? How much do you like me, because you shouldn’t say such things if you don’t mean them? Do you know how fast my heart is beating to hear you say such things.”

Opening your mouth to speak, all that comes out is your voice cracking, but before you can speak he continues.

“Do you know how angry it makes me knowing that someone could have done such horrible things to you. To hurt you like that. Do you know how much it hurts me knowing that I couldn’t protect you, even though I never knew you? I could have kept you safe I could have stopped that from happening. You say that my passion is designing, it’s only half true. My other passion is You, Y/n. You are just as my passion as much as my designs.”

Your face flushed red as you continued to stare into his eyes, his eyes clearly backing up his statement as they looked into yours.

“I can’t keep myself away anymore, I can’t keep hiding my feelings from you, now that I know you actually like me, I-I don’t think I can stop myself.” He smirks a little and leans away, biting his lip. “Do you remember what I said to you on the first day?”

You thought back to the first day you met him and nodded slowly. “Yes, you said don’t think I will let you go that easy, I-I” you stopped as you realised what was happening.

“I will be back for you.” he finished as you started to realise he kept his promise.

He had always kept you close by, he always kept an eye on you, and then when the time was right, he took you with him. He kept his word and you hadn’t even realised it.

All his actions, his annoying affections, his teasing words. The look of pure happiness that he gave you when he saw you across a room, how he locked himself up in a room for months and avoided you. It was because he had feelings for you because he really did want you to be his.

You gulped as you felt your heart race. Did you feel the same way, have you been hiding these feelings that threatened to leap out of your throat? Have you been ignoring the butterflies that always made your stomach ache when he was around? But worse of all did you not realise how happy he made you when he was around, how even though he annoyed you, you couldn’t help but smile with him around.

But why did he act like all the rest of the guys that first day, this confused you. You could see he wasn’t like them but why did he act like it. You squinted at him and bit your lip “Why did you act like such a dick the first day if you liked me so much?”

This time he blushed and chuckled awkwardly, leaning away from you as he tried to compose himself. “Hard to believe, because I spend so much time designing and running my business I have never really had a lot of experience with women, or flirting. My friend told me that is how you pick up chicks” he used air quotes as he said it, rolling his eyes slightly before continuing. “And when I saw you, I got nervous and kinda became a cocky asshole…”

You snickered and covered your face. “Seriously, no. Please don’t ever do that again. It’s horrible,” you managed to get out in between quiet giggles. “I like the real Changkyun much better than the ladies man Changkyun.”

Changkyun chuckled and nodded. “Yeah sorry about that, I still feel bad about it.”

“You are fine,” you say as you let your hand drop and smile up at him.

He pauses as you smile up at him, admiring your beautiful smile before he leans in again. “I won’t give up, I hope you know that. I will keep fighting whether it takes a week or the rest of my life, I won’t give up on you. I want you and you alone. I lov-” Changkyun stops and pulls away and turns. Biting his lip to stop his words.

“I am sorry if you want me to stop please just tell me to fuck off right now. I shouldn’t say those things,” he mumbles as he closes his eyes. “I went too far I am sorry.”

You pause as you watch him slump slightly, a small smile spreads across your face for some reason.

“No, it’s okay,” you paused realising what you were saying, but for some reason, you couldn’t stop your words.

“You don’t have to stop.”


mad love | | [ savitar ] pt. 2

a/n: I have decided to write a part two of mad love and @staringatademigod​ wanted it as well so after some idea bouncing, sammie and i have finally come up with this. Nothing major happens in this part like in the previous where reader breaks savitar out. Remember this is an au where Barry was never a good person and became Savitar when he was struck by lighting, also other characters have different roles in this such as Captain Cold is actually a hero rather than villain/anti-hero of sorts and Ronnie is alive and the police captain rather than Singh. Savitar and Reader have a similar story to Harley and Joker but rather much more healthier I think since Savitar isn’t as abusive as Joker would be. AH/N is your anti-hero name and YN/N is your nickname in case you forgot. Read part 1 here [ LINK ] first to understand what’s going on. Ships are closed for the time being and as always requests are open unless stated otherwise by me!

Originally posted by winchestheart

            Relationship(s): Savitar/Reader, Leonard Snart & Savitar (rivals)


You lazily lounge on the deep red couch with your legs dangling off the arm as you flipped through the magazine before tossing to the side before hearing the door, you almost instantly perked up. Hoping that it was Savitar coming back after he said he had to take care of some things as the footsteps came closer, it sounded like his boots walking as you slide in a upright position, keeping your pistol that you made into your own in case you ever need to fire at someone. Your E/C eyes widen with glee as you ran when you saw that it was indeed Savitar with his usual grin as you both put your arms around each other before pressing a kiss on his lips. You, well as Dr. Y/N L/N would’ve never fall in love with someone such as Savitar but YN/N did while she was becoming known as AH/N after being spotted helping Savtiar a few months back.

“Sorry that it took me so long, it seems some people just can’t see my point of view on. .certain things. But don’t worry, I took care of them.” Savitar says while he grins, “I hope my goddess can forgive me by going to a party with me that is happening tonight,” He says before looking down to where your height was on him, “It seems Central City loves their little hero who calls himself Captain Cold and didn’t invite me, his biggest fan.” The brown-haired male says with a fake hurt tone to his voice while raising one hand to his heart while trying to also look hurt with his voice, “Are you thinking what I’m thinking YN/N?” He asks while he smirks at you, he loved you truly. Savitar never thought of love before he met you but you both lost each parent and he felt something that he couldn’t put his finger on that he also liked about you.

You listened with content as he talked before realizing what he meant, you heard of this on the news while flipping through channels on the tv. Captain Cold was a celebrated hero in Central City and everyone adored him because he put ends to Savitar’s plans of becoming god and other such things. Because of him, Savitar never got his way and that in way made the speedster rather angry at it. “That we go crashing the party as VIP’s since you are his biggest fan?” You suggest if it was Savitar thoughts of doing at the party as you seemed to have the right answer as he nodded his head.

He started to pull you along with him, “I think we need to get dressed up, after all we want to look our best when we are making our entrance. Oh, how I can’t wait to see his expression when we come to celebrate the momentous occasion with you on my side doll.” Savitar says as he turns to you, “Now let us go get ready.”


You twirled around as Savitar smiled at you while you looked simply stunning in F/C high neckline dress that had silver designs on your upper body. Your heels clicked while you walked as you soon stop so you could link arms with him, your hair was done in a simple matter, nothing too fancy as you pursed your lipstick lips into a smile as you followed Savitar into the building as it was done up fancy for the occasion. “Oh, I bet the Captain will be so surprised when you announce that you came here.” You giggle as you ooh and ahh at things while Savitar grinned at your excitement.

The proclaimed god wore a simple suit even wearing a tie just to put it all together, oh he was excited to play cat and mouse once again with his rival. He grabbed two drinks from a waiter as he handed one to you, “Now. Remember to be quiet until I say otherwise YN/N because it won’t be a surprise if we yell out that I’m here, okay?” Savitar purrs in your ear when he pulled you close for a moment as he looks at you while you nod to understand him before both of your eyes focus on the police captain of the CCPD or better known as Ronnie Raymond went up to do a small speech about the hero of Central City. His fiance, Dr. Caitlin Snow dressed in a strapless periwinkle mermaid dress with her hair up in braid bun so you could see her diamond earrings clearly from her ears with a matching necklace around her neck as she stood right beside him.

“Welcome ladies and gentleman, it brings me joy to see you all well this evening. Tonight we are here to celebrate our beloved hero who has saved this city countless times from the speedster called Savitar. This is our thank you Captain Cold,” Ronnie says as he speaks at the podium, “I don’t know what would’ve happen to any of us or to our beloved city without you.” He carries on more to his speech for a little while as Savitar himself was getting tense from the negativity spoken about him. “Now without further or do, please give a warm welcome to our man of the hour.” The police captain says as he finishes before stepping aside with Caitlin so the other could start doing his talk.

You could see how upset the brown-haired was beside you a reach to rub his shoulder affectionately as he turned his head to you while you gave a smile. You leaned over to give a peck, “Go, go tell him.” You assure him before the male nods and walks away in the crowd, pushing people if he couldn’t get through. That, of course caused commotion as everyone soon back away when they realize it the speedster as he formed a smirk on his face.

Savitar chuckled a little, “Aw. No need to be scared everyone, I’m just your friendly neighborhood Savitar. Don’t you miss me?” He turns to see people’s faces before gazing up at the cold themed hero, “And you, Captain Cold. My old friend, it’s so nice to see you but where was my invite? I was so heartbroken when you chose not to let me come to your celebration party, do I not matter? Is it because I’m Savitar?” His smirk fell flat while his face turn to a scowl, “How touching, everyone here other than my beloved YN/N loves you. You made everyone turn against me, Captain Cold! And now, you are going to pay the price for every single worthless person in this room other than my goddess.” Savitar says in disgust, “Everyone says I’m a monster, let’s see how much they are right shall we?” He remarks before chaos erupts and screams could be heard.


hello! hi! salutations! i am jen (or ivo) and i am here to provide to you my services in design commissions! ooh.  aah.  basically if you have an original character just dying to come to life with some super cool outfit, or you have NO IDEA what kind of clothes you’d put on them, i’m here to help!  all you gotta do is drop me some Sweet Cash and i’ll hook you up.

now, im completely new to this ballgame, so i will open only about 3 slots for now.  this is mostly a test run for me, to see where i should price these when i do open formal, full commissions.

that being said, let’s talk about how this works! read under the cut for some of that cool commission info, and how we can get started!

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Back when the Meet Your Match update came out and it was such a horrendous shitshow that you wonder if Valve’s employees are even capable of wiping their own asses let alone design video games, I started to draw this incredibly salty picture of a special needs Scout dressed as a discount Tracer but eventually forgot about it. Now after over a year of sitting on my desktop, here it is finished in all its glory. 

anonymous asked:

Hey! I was wondering if you will show us your Black Lion dress when you cosplay it at your next con? I saw that you drew the lion's dress but will you make it the same/similar to that? I really like your cosplays and i love your art!

oo, I really need to revamp that design. I’m going to be wearing that at Katsucon with a mutual as the blue lion. I’ll make sure to put up a few in progress shots, I’ve yet to get started on it 

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Kuya japh, may assignment ako for art class - we need to design a superhero costume - I was thinking of incorporating the flag and dress but... I suck t designing clothes huhuhu may advice ka ba Kuya? Help pls

whenever I feel bad at designing a certain thing I usually try to come up with questions about the character before hitting Google Images and/or Pinterest~

- start with really basic character/background questions! try thinking about your character’s intentions and motivations- will they have a strong stance? will they be generally more triangular for them to exude maximum confidence? maybe you could incorporate the huge puffy sleeves to create strong posture? stuff like that which may affect the design and silhouette

-once you’ve compiled all of these, go check out stuff online! not just the traditional outfits, mind you- extend searches to superhero outfits, and even to peripheral things like the aesthetic sensibilities you think your character would have! those are gonna end up lodging themselves into your subconscious and putting themselves together into a Eureka Moment

- (though it’s good to note that you will probably have many Eureka moments but you probably won’t be able to use all of them and that’s okay!)

- maybe try thinking of the colors in a different way? (like, what if subtle pastel hues instead of bright red/blue, or red/blue highlights on black, etc etc)

- don’t be afraid to try out ideas that seem wacky at first glance b/c who knows they might end up actually working~

Mmm potato chips, spinach, roasted carrots (new obsession) drizzled with coconut mustard dressing #vegan 🍴
SO, I’ve been thinking about starting an E-BOOK… And finally putting my graphic design skills to use 😸
However I will be studying full time plus working part time, and I am a bit of a perfectionist and therefore it will take a VERY long time but are you guys interested?! I NEED to hear opinions👇🏼 Yay or nay?💫
If yes, would you want just recipes or recipes AND a little section on positive living - since I’ve been getting a lot of questions on tumblr regarding that 😊

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