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Always Molly Hooper, Never Just Molly
  • Mycroft: Brother mine, I'm an idiot.
  • Sherlock: *pause* I agree but what is the occasion?
  • Mycroft: *rolls his eyes* I knew she held feelings for you and yet it never occurred to me that you could - that you would ever return those feelings.
  • Sherlock: You're right. You are an idiot. She's the only one I can tolerate and can deal with all of me without wanting much in return.
  • Mycroft: Liar. She would obviously want your affection.
  • Sherlock: Not so obvious. The christmas gift I noted but everything else was a mystery. I liked her company.
  • Mycroft: Three kisses means romantic attachment. It was clear.
  • Sherlock: *hesitates* I didn't think I deserved it. I hurt her several times.
  • Mycroft: Yes, but this was the one thing you got right. Or you will...
  • Sherlock: You're being more overbearing than usual what's your play?
  • Mycroft: Delete it later but I do actually want you to be happy outside of your detective games. You need it or you'll be sitting with Eurus permanently.
  • Sherlock: It wouldn't hurt to spend time with her. On the opinion of Molly I have already begun to make amends.
  • Mycroft: And how is that going?
  • Sherlock: Slow but necessary. If I do this right Mummy will probably forget that you ruined their lives for several years.
  • Mycroft: *sighs heavily* Don't be too slow or I'll help you.
  • Sherlock: You're not to go near Molly Hooper.
  • Mycroft: That's your tell.
  • Sherlock: What?
  • Mycroft: You always use her full name when talking to people. Never just Molly.
  • Sherlock: She's more than just Molly.
  • Mycroft: I'm aware. Shall I get grandma's ring out or do you...
  • Sherlock: SLOW.
  • Mycroft: This will make Eurus happy.
  • Sherlock: *silence*

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Sounds weird but I hope you understand what I mean : how would bts reawaken their childhoods with their s/o? (taking you to the (play)park or things like that)

A/N I assume this means their childish side? If I’m wrong, send in another ask lmfao

Jin: Silly arguments over stupid things that you don’t mean. The two of you would be really childish when arguing, calling each other silly nicknames that would only make the two of you laugh. Of course, this wouldn’t apply to proper fights, but when messing around you’d both argue over stupid things like who actually won at a game.

“I WON, YOU NINCOMPOOP!” You shouted, snorting at the insult you just used, whilst Jin had to bend over to catch his breath whilst laughing. You took his silence as a defeat, claiming that you had officially won.

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Yoongi: Prank wars. Yoongi never really felt all that motivated to prank you himself, but when you pranked him into believing that the other members would be wearing pink and he had to match, he’d feel like he had to get some kind of revenge. The revenge wouldn’t happen for a while and he’d have it all carefully planned, but when it happened, you would not see it coming at all.

“W-What the hell, Yoongi?? Why are all my clothes dyed pink?”

“I don’t know, Princess, maybe someone made a mistake?” He’d reply with a gummy smile, clearly hinting at how he’d done it on purpose.

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Namjoon: Looking for animals together. On occasion, the two of you would go down to the beach and go rockpooling, looking for a variety of ocean creatures. Namjoon’s favourite one to find was always the baby crabs, that is until one decided to pinch at him with it’s claws.

“Ah! It pinched me!” He yelled out in surprise, dropping the crab back into the water, causing you to chuckle a little.

“This is why I said starfish are better!”

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Hoseok: Pillow fights. When you didn’t get your way because Hoseok was busy and too tense to deal with you, you always thought the best way to bring out his childish side was by throwing a pillow at him. The moment it hit him on the head, he glared at you, a playful light in his eyes.

“Is that a challenge?” He’d smirk, getting away from his computer with pillow in hand, ready to battle until feathers rained down upon the both of you.

“Don’t you two dare break another pillow or you’re paying!” Jin’s voice called from downstairs and you both stopped mid-action and instead slowed down your battle to prevent any pillow casualties.

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Jimin: Tickle fights. Jimin had a habit of sneaking up behind you when you least expected it and surprising you by tickling your sides. So, one day when you decided to get revenge and tickle him back, you were greeted by a pleasant surprise. He was ticklish too.

“Y/N, STA-STAHAAPPP!” He’d whine, his voice mingling with his giggles, whilst you continued to torture him.

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Taehyung: Games. You’d both play all manner of games. Be it computer, playstation, xbox or even simple card games, the two of you would battle it out and get highly into the game to the point of being at each other’s throats.

“I clearly won, Y/N.”

“Yeah, right, Tiger. You can’t beat me even if you tried.”

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Jungkook: Animals in general. The two of you would often go to dog cafes on dates and spend more time playing with the dogs than actually talking to each other.

“Look, Y/N! They all love me!” He’d laugh, surrounded by several dogs, two of which saat on his lap.

“Well, I have the cutest dog, so I don’t need as many as you.” You’d pout, cuddling with the tiny Pomeranian that was wriggling in your arms.

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Request: Hey ❤️ Could you please write a prompt where it’s Evie’s birthday and Dizzy and Harry plan something in surprise?? Thank you xx

Requested By: Anonymous

“All right kiddo, hurry along. We gotta keep moving if we don’t wanna get caught, ye?” Harry ushered the young VK along. Dizzy’s colorful pigtails bounced in excitement as she carried balloons and streamers in her hands. Harry trailed along nearby. A large box in his hand that he couldn’t quite carry with his hook.

“Awe c’mon! The only reason we’re not moving is because we you’re carrying that stupid hook around and dropping the box.” Dizzy bounced around him. It was the dead of night and nobody could hear or see them. Dressed in all black, Harry and Dizzy were sneaking out to plan a surprise party for Evie. Her birthday was coming up and they wanted it to be something to remember.

Harry dropped the box in front of his dirty boots and waved his hook in her face. “My hook is not stupid! It’s pointy! Doesn’t that at least interest ye?”

“Toothpicks are pointy.” Dizzy placed her hands on her hips and raised her brow. “Anything else that makes it cool?”

Harry scowled and picked up the box. “Whatever, Tiny, let’s just go.”

Dizzy snickered and lead him to the room they had reserved for the party. So far, they had decorated the walls blue with slight silver glitter. A large fountain full on apples was in the middle. Tables lined the back walls and the food was on the way. The dance floor was large and the lights were ready to go. It would be perfect.

“Harry! Your phone! It’s Evie!” Dizzy waved the phone across his face. A picture of him and Evie on their first date popped up. He blushed slightly before grabbing the phone from her hand.

“Princess, what can I do for you.” Harry pressed the phone towards his ear.

“Hey! Where are you?”

“Just ridin’ the waves.” Harry cackled. “Princess, don’t worry. If I’m lost, ye can have my hook.”

“Actually, I want that hat. The hook can drown with you.” Evie replied from the other end of the phone. “But have you seen Dizzy? She’s supposed to be with Chad to play games.”

“Actually, I got her. She needs to spend some time with her much cooler friend. WIth a cool hook.” Harry turned around and snapped his jaws at her. Dizzy giggled in response as she finished setting up the table cloths. “I’ve got to run. Tiny wants to play with me hook. See ya, love you.”

“Love you too.” She said and ended the call.

“You know, it’s not realistic for someone to love that hook more than food.” Dizzy hollered from across the room. “Seriously, you stayed home instead of going out for ice cream.”

“Not all of us like their brains frozen.”

“Whatever, you’re missing out.”

“Harry! Wake up!” Dizzy screamed in the former pirates ear. “We have to finish!”

Harry groaned and ruffled his hair. His vision was blurry, but he could clearly see Dizzy’s bouncing figure. “What time is it?”

“9 am. You fell asleep after you fell off that ladder.” She crossed her arms. “I got Mal to come help me.”

“So what you’re sayin is you left me on the bloody floor?” Harry yawned and looked around. The room was perfect. Evie would love it.

“That is exactly what she’s saying.” Mal called out. Harry whipped his head around to face the purple haired girl. She didn’t look so tired, so she must not have had a lot of duties for the kingdom.

“A pillow would have been nice.” Harry grumbled. “Alright, I’m gonna take off. I got a present to buy and my Princess wouldn’t expect anything but the best so I’ll catch ye later.”

“You won’t beat my gift!” Mal screamed as he left. She laughed and finished laying the streamers along the walls.

To be honest, Harry already had his gift for Evie, he just needed to get out of that stuffy room. Whistling around Auradon’s dorms was kind of something he did, odly enough he was walking around Evie’s dorm. The former pirate walked through the hallways, people already walking past him ready to start their day.

He knocked gently at Evie’s dorm. “E, it’s me, Harry.”

“Just a second.” Camer her reply through the door. He waited a moment before he heard the door open. He smiled when he was greeted by her beautiful face. He leaned down and places a kiss on her lips and wrapped her tightly in a hug.

“Ye know, something special is tomorrow.” Harry strutted into the room and sat down on her bed.

“Really? What is it?” She placed herself on his lap and placed her hand on his.

“C’mon, it’s ye birthday. Don’t tell me ya forgot?” He placed a gentle kiss on her cheek. “I wanna take ya out tonight, just the two of us. At 11 my treat.”

“Harry, you really don’t have too.” Evie ran a hand through his hair. Her dark brown eyes said differently.

He chuckled. “Oh, darling, I want too. No where too fancy. Just wear my favorite blue dress and it will be perfect.”

The door giggled and in burst Mal and Ben, hand in hand. “Actually, we’re going on a double date. Incase Harry failed to mention that.”

“I forgot.” .

“I don’t know how you do it, man.” Ben pulled Mal closer to him. “Because I can never forget, Mal.”

“So cute.” Evie whispered.

“We’ll be here at 11 to take you guys out.” Ben said and lead Mal out of the dorm room.

Harry couldn’t contain his excitement. Evie would love it.

Sitting for twenty minutes outside Mal and Evie’s dorm was not a part of the plan. Both boys had arrived at exactly 11, but were told to wait. So that’s how Harry and Ben ended up sitting outside they’re dorm room.

“So, what did you get her?” Ben whispered. He wore a dark blue blazer over a white t shirt. Dark blue skinny jeans and black boots with a black beanie completed his outfit.

Harry wore a red long sleeve under a short black pea coat with black jeans and black combat boots. “It’s a surprise, mate.”

“Ok! We’re done.” Evie called out. The door swung open and both boys were on their feet.

Harry was blown away. Evie wore a blue sleeveless party dress. The design obviously was made by her.

“Mal, you’re gorgeous.” Ben whispered. His girlfriend was dressed in a dark purple skater dress with black boots. She kissed his cheek in thanks.

Harry smiled at Evie and kissed her. “Beautiful.”

“C’mon, let’s go.”

The room was dark from the outside and Evie was slightly nervous. She had no idea where Harry was taking her. “Harry, is this it?”

“Yep.” He tugged at the door and looked back at the three of them. “Princess you first.”

Evie walked ahead of him and she jumped. “Happy Birthday!!”

She spotted Lonnie, Dizzy, Jane, Carlos, and Jay among the crowd of people who yelled. Evie smiled and turned to Harry. “Did you do this?”

“Actually, he fell off a ladder.” Mal responded and hugged her best friend. “But he helped.”

“Guys I love it.”

Dizzy ran up and hugged her from behind. “Evie! Let’s go dance.”

It was almost the end of the night and they party was a success. The food was very good and came from Auradon’s best cooks, Gil and Audrey. The decorations were spot on. Everyone was enjoying themselves. Harry leaned against the dj booth and stared at Evie, who was dancing with Dizzy, Mal, and Ben. Her smile was wide and she was having fun.

Harry turned to the dj and slipped him a cd. “Play this, I have a surprise for her.”

The song changed. It was a slow song. Harry stepped off the dj booth and headed towards Evie. He offered his hand and she took it. They moved slowly to the beat of the music.

“Ye know, I would never be here without ye help.” he leaned and placed his lips against her ear. “I love ye so much. You make me a better man not because you changed me, but you made me want to change. To be good. I want that forever.”

He let go of her hand and dropped to one knee. Harry pulled a ring from his pocket. Evie gasped. “Evie, I want to be with you for all eternity. I want everyday with you. Evie, will you marry me?”

Evie nodded. “Yes!”

Harry stood up and hugged her, spinning her around. She kissed him as he slipped the ring on her finger. “Eternity is a long time, Harry.”

“No measure of time is long enough with you.” He pulled her closer to him. “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

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hey, mog! what's your favorite rpgmaker game(s)? like yume nikki, .flow, OFF, space funeral, gingiva, middens, sluggish morss, both lisa games, etc.

I actually haven’t played that many, since I don’t have as much time or focus to spend on games, plus I tend to be very picky, but of those I have played, the winner is probably predictable

I still want/need to play the fan/spiritual successor games 2kki and .flow, since atm I have no idea how they hold up compared to the original YN.
Space Funeral gets recommended to me a lot but I keep procrastinating on that one.

Let’s talk about Metal Gear Solid

If you haven’t heard, I’m finally playing these games

I already knew a lot about this series thanks to reviews, retrospectives, parodies, analyses, memes, and gifs of Ocelot twirling his stupid fucking gun. But I hadn’t played any of these games for longer than an hour. Metal Gear Solid 1 in particular felt like a game I knew everything about before even touching it. I mainly just played it instead of watching the cutscenes on YouTube as a refresher and skipping to its sequels because, hey, I already own it

But I realize now that all of that analysis I’ve seen is from people who’ve been playing Metal Gear games a long time. People who’ve gotten used to some of the games’ weird design choices and who overlook some of the touches I really appreciated. So I’m gonna talk about that stuff, rather than being the millionth person to say it’s cool that Psycho Mantis reads your memory card

People enjoyed my Broken Age review way back when, and I feel like I should do more writing like that. So that’s why I’m here to tell you all about this old-ass game everyone’s already played

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