i need to spend more time actually playing the game

My thoughts on Ouma's character&lies&pranks

I was writing about how I felt about all the characters in NDRV3, but Ouma’s bit became really large so I separated his bit into a different article. This, of course contains complete spoilers to the whole game and you need to know what happened in chapter 4, 5 in order to understand this.

Put under readmore because it’s very long. Please proceed with caution.

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How they play the sims

Noctis makes sims based on his favorite video game/anime characters. His OTP might not be canon, but they’re happily married in his game. He won’t stop using cheat codes.

Gladio makes one sim and gets every woman in town pregnant. He plays for nine hours at a time. Then he forgets about it for six months and the cycle starts over.

Ignis spends a lot of time creating the families. Then he builds entire towns from scratch. He does this more than he actually plays with them. It makes Noctis angry.

Prompto always bases his sims on people he hates. Then he tortures them (sets them on fire, removes all the doors, etc.) to see who lasts the longest. He brings whoever that is back from the dead to torture again, like some bizarre version of The Hunger Games. Noctis is really concerned.

Luna also kills off her sims, but only because she likes the aesthetic of having all those gravestones in her yard. She spent all that time building a creepy looking mansion, so she needs the graveyard to bring everything together.

Ravus kills off his sims as well, but only because he wants to befriend the Grim Reaper. He wants to invite him to his wedding.

Bad and naughty sims get sent to Aranea’s torture basement. No windows, no doors, no food, no toilets, no showers. There is an isolation room for particularly horrible sims. She puts them on treadmills until they’re exhausted. It’s a little worrying.

Iris is the only one who plays like a normal person. She has a family, keeps them happy, accomplishes their goals. She thinks the others need help.

Cindy doesn’t know what a sim is but when she hears the others talking about it she gets really afraid.