i need to sleep actually

ok but this is actually me taking in and absorbing what bts feeds us

Sleep headcannons

Black Hat doesn’t need to sleep, but he can. He normally uses it as a time waster for slow days (and long nights) or simply a stress remover. He can fall asleep as will, as in one moment he’ll be sitting on the couch, the next he’ll be asleep (head on Flug’s lap)

Black Hat has never forced Flug to stay up all night, as he can reach his weekly quota for inventions in a day or twos time with regular sleep. No, it’s not being over worked that keeps Flug awake. It was nightmares at first, but he’s more or less grown desensitized of them. Most nights, Flug stays up late out of just pure excitement. After all, most nights the only one’s awake are him and Black Hat, so it’s a perfect time to get ideas out. He’ll spend hours and hours on one invention, not even noticing the flow of time. He uses the excuse “I’m to busy to sleep” but  he never means Black Hat over works him, just that he has too many ideas to rest.

Dementia sleeps an impressive 12 hours almost every day. She wasn’t always like this, she use to stay up late watching anime, trolling the internet, listening to music, ect. But now, she finds to fuel her exponential amount of energy she must be in bed by 10 pm.

505 doesn’t hibernate, he’s too domesticated for that. He gets the healthy 6-ish hours of sleep, and wakes up at 6 or 7 am every morning to make breakfast. Though he does take occasional naps throughout the day, they’re normally shot 15-20 minute naps during moments where he has nothing to do.


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I am a professional artist. I draw things, and I teach others how to draw things, for a living. And this is how I decided to spend my free art time

Drawing Egg-grab.


My Brother, My Brother, and Me (dir. J.D. Amato, 2017)




Gosh. They really did love the blanket!

Maxine Alderton at the Emmerdale: Anatomy of a Hit event tonight, talking about the moment she realised and discovered there was an entire active fandom for robron out there during the abuse reveal scene she wrote back in January 2016.



The hype is so real, and thank god you guys understand.. I can’t stop drawing… Ive been up all night its now 8:15am… I’m now going to bed.


TID Appreciation Week: Day One (Favorite Character)

William Owen Herondale

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