i need to sit down for a minute

Aye more ooc great but wow

I’m glad I’m pumping out shitty doodles again? Like, for the past 6 months or so I convinced myself that art had to be a “sit down and dedicate 7 hours to drawing something perfectly only to hate it 10 minutes later” experience and I just??

I think it’s good and important that I’m getting back in the mindset that, yeah, it’s okay to just scribble sometimes and it doesn’t have to be pretty or serious or even nice to look at and it can be downright ridiculous if I really want to because it’s fun and it needs to be fun again before I make myself hate something important to me, y’know?

You can read a book that includes rape.

You can read a book that includes romance.

But the minute you mix the two and start romanizing rape is the minute you need to sit down and actually think about how bold the line is between those two things.

Lana was one of the first people I filmed with, and she is so great. We discussed what the dynamic might be between us. Her character, especially, has grown so much, and the Evil Queen has grown so much in the last year, I’d be really interested to see if there’s a… if she is going to go all the way to being angry and heart broken again or if there’s going to be a more sit down type scenario, or even a discussion about it.

I don’t feel like it is going to be, ‘off with her head!’

Don’t fall in love with the way I dress on a Saturday night date or with the way my hair looks after spending hours in the bathroom. Don’t fall in love with the way I don’t seem to care about what anyone thinks about me because you should know I do.

So fall in love with the tears from excitement that fall down my cheeks when someone talks about Disneyland. Fall in love with the way I need to calm myself down by sitting on the floor after I see beautiful lights. Fall in love with how impatient and stubborn I am. My touch of arrogance with so much humbleness in it. Fall in love with my terrible singing voice that doesn’t go quiet for a minute during our late night drives. Fall in love with the excitement of not knowing what I’m going to be like tomorrow. Fall in love with all my flaws, fall in love with them every day all over again or don’t fall in love with me at all.

thehairgel asked:

I have burning question I always wonder! What do actors do in the break? Do you have a break, or do you prepare things or is it like sort of the same as when you're not on stage, just a longer slot of time?

It all depends on the track the actor has! For instance, personally in my Eponine track, I need the time in the interval to get changed into a different costume! Eponine goes from wearing a skirt to wearing trousers and I also have to change my bra to a “bloody” version for when I get covered in blood later on in the show! Others have no changes so just go back to their room for a quick 10 minute sit down!