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Feyre Makes the Bargain with Rhys (Rhys POV)

I hope you guys aren’t getting sick of these Rhys POVs because I can’t seem to stop writing them lol. This one’s taken from Chapter 37 of ACOTAR when Rhys heals Feyre’s arm and makes the bargain with her to visit him in the Night Court. As always, the dialogue and scenes belong to Sarah J. Maas and I take zero credit for them. Enjoy.

Piece of Me

Making Feyre wait in that cell for someone to come and save her life was perhaps the hardest moment I had yet faced Under the Mountain. She was in such immense pain to the point that she couldn’t move at all, not even the parts of her that were still well and whole. And she was getting worse. Every spare moment of my day was spent monitoring her condition and each time I returned to the darkening recesses of her mind, it was like watching my worst nights with Amarantha on repeat a thousand times over.

But I couldn’t go to her.

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Making Art

Request: Can you do a Robbie imagine where youre both art students and you have to trace eachother for a project and you guys do it at your house and when youre tracing eachother it turns into some smut, lots of fluff to please :)


Robbie and you had been friends for years, and when you received a particular assignment in your art class at UNI, you were quite excited.

Robbie was the type of friend where anything could happen. He was that best friend you have had forever and you’ve done everything together.

You were with each other through the best and the worst.

All the bad memories of high school and good ones.

Throughout your friendship there had always been a sexual tension.

So, when you were both old enough to realize it, you settled it.

You had basically become best friends with occasional benefits for the last three years.

Robbie and you could hang out one day and it would end in great sex, or it could simply end with you too eating burgers and watching a movie.

It was casual, and you enjoyed it that way. No strings attached, no rules.

“I’m here!” Robbie screamed, coming into your apartment.

You got up from the couch to greet him. He was carrying a large roll of white paper and a box of art supplies.

“Let me help you.” I laughed at his struggling arms.

“I got you.” I said, grabbing the paper from him.

“This is such a weird project.” He replied, putting down the box of supplies, out of breath.

“I don’t know why you brought all of your stuff? I have plenty here.” You joked, referring to the fact that you were too an art student, who had plenty of art supplies.

“Mine’s better.” He sneered, trying to dig. He loved making you annoyed with him, more than anything.

“Whatever you say Rob.” You rolled your eyes, laughing at him.

“You wanna go first?” I asked him, beginning to roll out the paper on the ground.

Your midterm assignment was to trace one of your classmates, and in the actual outline you must create a sketch that represented them on the inside, and reflected their personality, instead of their features.
Of course, Robbie and you choose each other, since you knew each other so well.

“Yeah sure.” He smiled, beginning to take off his shirt.

“What are you doing?” I questioned as he threw his shirt on my couch.

“This way you can get a much more precise outline.” He smirked deeply, lying on the paper, his bare abdomen in touching distance.

You placed a hand on his chest as you began to trace the outline of this head and shoulders, slowly making your way down, your eyes coming in contact with every inch of his body, making you distracted.

“Alright. All done.” You said, picking up your pencil and standing up.

“It’s my turn to trace!” He yelled, standing up, looking at your outline of him.

“Is my head really that big?” He asked like an idiot, crossing his arms.

“No, no. I messed up.” You replied.

“It’s much bigger.” You laughed, making fun of him back.

“Just lie down y/n and stop making fun of me.” He rolled him eyes, pushing you slightly.

You rolled down some more paper and laid down on the ground.

Robbie kneeled down beside you, picking up a freshly sharpened pencil.

He sat there, starring at you, pencil in his hand and his tongue sticking out of his mouth.

“Are you gonna trace me or not?” You said, sitting up slightly.

“No. It’s all wrong.” He sighed.

“And why is that?” You asked, rolling my eyes once again.

“Well you need to take your shirt off too.” He told me.

“You’re kidding? Right? I’m wearing a tank top.” You argued.

“No! I can’t get the exact shape right.” He said like a little kid.

“Have I ever told you that you’re really annoying?” You said, taking off your shirt.

“Many times. Thank you.” He gave you a cheesy smile and took your shirt from you, throwing it to the side.

“Okay, now lay back down.” He told you, pushing you backwards lightly, his hand lightly touching your chest.

“Okay! Okay.” You laughed, laying fully down.

To your surprise, Robbie straddled over you, leaning downwards with his right hand pressed next to your head. He started tracing you with his left.

His bare chest laid closely to your face, causing you to sweat and breathe heavily.

“Can you at least put your shirt back on.” I said, the temptations to strong.

“No. It’s a tad warm.” He joked back to you.

“I hate you.” You murmured.

“No you don’t.” He chuckled, sliding down your body, changing his position.

He slid his face right down between your breasts as he slid the pencil down your arm.

You moaned quietly, hoping Robbie didn’t hear.

“Oh y/n. You’re so obvious when you’re horny.” He laughed.

“I am not!” You defended.

“Prove it.” He whispered, throwing the pencil and laying his other hand beside your head to meet the other.

He stayed still, settling over your lips. He let the lower half of his body drop, his hard meeting your heat.

You closed your eyes tightly, trying to ignore the burning pleasure that you desired.


“Shhh!” He interrupted, grinding his hips slowly on yours now.

“You tease.” You told him.

“No I’m not. You’re just holding back. You don’t want to be wrong.” He laughed, grinding onto you harder this time.

“You honestly are the worst.” You said giving in, grabbing his head and pulling him down to kiss you.

Your lips engaged with delight, and the slow movement shortly sped up, becoming faster and sloppier. Your tongues intertwining, battling for dominance.

Robbie’s fingers traveled up your body, grabbing your bare waist.

He shifted you upwards, causing you to now be sitting up, straddling him.

Your lips grew apart as Robbie began to kiss down your neck, sucking on the first spot he made contact with.

He made his way down, kissing between your breasts before swiftly unclipping your bra.

His hands moved to your butt, which he tightly squeezed through your jeans.

“Off.” You whispered, and as if on demand Robbie unbuttoned them quickly, leaning you back down to pull off your pants.

He then took off his pants, revealing a very defined boner through his boxers, making you laugh.

“Don’t act like you haven’t seen it before.” He joked, pulling a condom out of his wallet and then exposed himself before putting it on.

Your underwear was off quicker than you could imagine, and Robbie’s hand cupped your heat, rubbing against you.

“Stop teasing!” You whined, growing eager and impatient.

“Fine princess.” He rolled his eyes for the hundredth time and pushed three of his fingers inside of you, causing you to yell.

“Robbie!” You screamed, causing him to a snicker.

“Not what I meant.” You replied, giving him a face.

“Oh! My bad love.” He joked, removing his fingers and switched positions so he laid on top of you again.

“Ready?” He asked, looking into your eyes genuinely for the first time.

You nodded your head and gave him a quick smile. He bent down, kissing your lips once more before placing his tip inside you, then filled you up completely.

“Ahh.” You moaned, earning a smirk from Robbie.

He continued his motions, moving faster with each thrust.

You both adjusted and found your pace, he quickly found your G spot.

“Right there.” You laughed as his face lit up, knowing he was pleasing you. He continued to focus on that one spot, going in and out.

After a few more in and out motions you were close to your finish.

“I’m- im about to-” you said.

“Me too. Just wait a few more minutes.” He moaned through gritted teeth, kissing your forehead quickly.

You came shortly after, him following.

You both laid on the floor, Robbie got up to throw away the condom, but shortly laid back next to you on the hard wood.

“Maybe next time we should go to my bed.” You laughed.

“Or the shower, or the kitchen table. Or round two here, it’s more kinky this way.” He smirked, making a funny face.

You couldn’t help but laugh at his ridiculousness.

Robbie turned around and loosely wrapped an arm around you.

“You are truly a dork Robbie Kay.” You smiled at him.

“I can say the same to you y/n.”

“And by the way. I’m gonna have to retrace you.” He laughed, sitting up and looking at the torn paper beneath you.

“I guess so…” You replied.

“But maybe later.” You added, leaning in and kissing him again.

anonymous asked:

Hello!! i wanna request a yakuza!aomine angst, where he's too caught up w work and just forgot an important event?? like birthday or anniversary maybe? thanks.

Oh man, I went overboard for this. But I had fun. Enjoy!

Aomine had always promised himself that he would never lose his values, that he’d always put his family first before all else. Being part of the yakuza held plenty of unexpected responsibilities. Wars breaking out out of the blue, members letting loose a bit too much. He has to ensure that everything is set in its order within the hierarchy that existed. And that meant long, long hours.

“Daiki,” you groaned for the nth time that morning and that began to get on his nerves.

He’s been so drained with the turf wars that had been happening these past few days because he has to handle all the cleanups and tie up loose ends. You knew what it meant to be married to a yakuza boss, how dangerous it was, how tiring it was. After a sleepless night, Aomine was supposed to meet the head of a rival organization to come to a compromise. Now, with your nagging, he was at the end of the line. He just needed a break and he didn’t need you screaming in his ear every five seconds.

“What?!” He snapped. “I’m busy right now.”


“Look, not now alright. This shit’s got to finish today so I have to go.” He sighed, frustrated, as he ran his fingers through his hair.

“You said—“

He gave you a look that shut you up quickly. “I’m tired and I need to get this shit done. I’ll be back later, maybe not at all. But I’ll try to give you a call if I don’t end up going home.” Pecking you quickly on the lips, he disappeared out the door.

Poof. Just like that. He was gone.

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You Must Know (Part 1)

Authorafreckledangel (Ann)

Warnings: Character death, blood

Original Imagine LinkImagine dying to save Dean’s life and getting sent to Hell. Dean finds a way to bring you back, but it comes at a cost: all your memories of him, Sam, and your hunting adventures.

Word Count: 1,212


This stupid hunt was cutting it dangerously close.

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