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Reasons To Live: Witch Edition

So, I’ve been struggling with depression lately (as I have been for a while) and my therapist suggests that when I am struggling, to make lists of why I should look forward to another day. I’ve decided to make a witch edition and share it with you guys.

Feel free to add to it!

  1. Learning more about your practice.
  2. Learning more about yourself as a witch.
  3. Watching your grimoire and your knowledge grow slowly but surely.
  4. If you have a crystal collection, watching your collection grow and become more apart of your every day life.
  5. Seeing hard spells work.
  6. Seeing curses work and people get their just desserts.
  7. Reading new witchy books.
  8. Rereading old witchy books and discovering new things you didn’t realize before.
  9. Making more friends who are witches.
  10. The chance to help another witch who may need knowledge that you have.
  11. New tarot decks!
  12. New pendulums!
  13. The holidays! (If you follow them.).
  14. Seeing the change of seasons and feeling your power fluctuate and grow as your season approaches.
  15. Perhaps communicating with a ghost that’s friendly (If you do that).
  16. Learning about types of divination you have yet to discover.
  17. Learning about others practices and seeing the witchy world through new sets of eyes.
  18. Feeling that feeling of connection when you start a spell and you know it’s gonna be a good one.
  19. The feeling when you wake up and your energy is just good and you feel extra witchy.
  21. Learning and realizing every day that you’re a unique witch. There’s no other witch exactly like you. You make an imprint on this Earth that no one else can make. You’re a witch and remembering you’re a great witch.
“Just play the damn game with me !” - Batmom x Damian

Damian is a brat, but I kinda want to hug him to death…Wait…Oh well, anyway, here’s a little story where Batmom (you) really wants to bond with the kid.

(My masterlist blog here : https://ella-ravenwood-archives.tumblr.com)


You had gotten it printed into your brain. It was too late now, you couldn’t forget your idea, no matter what. Bruce knew, and didn’t try to stop you from doing what you were gonna do anyway. Besides, he thought it was cute.

What was your idea ? Simple. Damian never had a normal childhood. He was still a kid, only eleven…So he still had a chance at having somewhat of a normal childhood (if you put his nightly activities on the side…and the fact that he had been raised to be a killer).

Against all odds, you and Damian clicked pretty fast. He warmed up to you the fastest…He felt like you were the only one of the bat family not judging him in any way.  Also, you told him off when he was going to far, and he found that he couldn’t speak badly to you, that you had an effect on him that made him want to be nicer. Better…In a word, you quickly became his mommy.

He never really had an actual mother. Talia wasn’t exactly loving with him, and she did try to kill him a few times, succeeding once (a memory you don’t like to remember). You were the first one, even before Bruce or Dick, to make him feel loved and to make him feel what love really was…How could he resist that ?

The first time he called you “mom”, not “mother”, “mom”, you cried, and the poor boy thought he did something wrong. You explained to him that it was “happy tears”, but you’re not sure he understood. He gave you an awkward hug, and you couldn’t stop but smile. It’s that exact moment that forged the idea of trying to show him what a normal childhood was. But, even though he considered you his mom, he wasn’t going to make things easy for you and your plans.

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anonymous asked:

ana bear, can i ask you something? can you write little quirks and mannerisms you love about our shining babes? like, a eprsonal trait, a habit, all things you think define them (like Taem's magic hands and stuff)

yes y e s  of course I can and I’ll be glad to - let’s start with:



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Tom Holland Imagine: Kimti

Summary: After begging Tom for months to adopt a kitten, he never gives in. So you take matters into your own hands. THIS IS VERY SHORT ITS MORE LIKE A BLURB OKAY

A/N: so I named the kitten in this Kimti because I did a little internship with my local Zoo earlier this year and the snow leopard there is named Kimti and he’s the sweetest and cutest thing you’ve ever seen and I’m absolutely obsessed with him and he has special needs and I just can’t I love that little guy so much

Warnings: None


Tom was laid sprawled out on the couch in your shared apartment when he felt a little ball of fur being dropped onto his lap.

He blinked at the little grey and white ball that was squirming around until he was met with two blue eyes peeping out from behind a fluffy tail.

“Y/N? What’s this?” He asked as he stared at the little kitten that was now kneading his leg.

“A kitten.”

“I see that it’s a kitten, but why is it in our home?”

“Well… I may or may not have adopted him…”

“You WHAT?!”

“Okay, Tom, before you get mad, I was just on my way home from work and I got off early so I decided to stop by the animal shelter and look at the kittens like I like to do every now and then and I was talking to this lady and she was telling me about how they were gonna have to put this little guy down if he wasn’t adopted by next week because they didn’t have room for him anymore and I just-I couldn’t leave him there! He was so cute and sweet and perfect and I caved, okay!? I caved!”

Tom stared at you blankly after your break down before his eyes were drawn back to the little kitten who had now worked his way up Tom’s chest and was face to face with him.

Tom wanted to be angry with you, but after that little pink nose touched his and purred, he knew that little kitten was not going back to the animal shelter.

“Well, I guess this is okay. But only because he was going to be put down! I don’t want you getting any ideas about trying this again, especially after you expressed your interest in buying a horse.”

You giggled at Tom’s response and watched as he scooped the small kitten up in his arms. Tom scratched the small animal behind his ears causing a loud purr to erupt from the kitten.

“So, what should we name him?”

“He came with a name. Kimti, and I like it.”

“Kimti it is then.”

The kitten rubbed up against Tom’s chest at the mention of his name.

“Babe, a kitten is a bigger responsibility than you think. Especially with me in the house. You’re going to have to vacuum a lot more because I’m allergic. Obviously it’s not a super serious allergy but I would like to not have to worry about sneezing constantly when in my own home.”

“Yes! Yes, of course! And I already bought him a litter box, litter, dishes, food, collar and toys!”

“Alright, darling. He can stay. But still, NO HORSE!”

Haz and Tom are into kinky shit?!

Ok so I got this lovely idea from @harrison-osterfield-appreciation, who asked me What I think Harrison and Tom are into 😏😏
Ok so first tommo

- with all of the stunts that Tom does I believe he is like a big thrill seeker when it comes to sex
- he would always want to try different things and look for things online to spice up the sex in different ways
- for instance he would want to do things in weirder places, such as outside or in a pool
- however he would always make sure that no one could take pictures of you two the paparazzi does not need to know about that
- he loves to have sex all the time but it would be a thing between you two
- except ofc that haz knows basically everything
- those smol beans share all of the things
- you guys would have done some kinky shit like tying each other up, using wax and ice shit like that and the next day Harrison would know every single detail of the experience
- one thing that I believe that turns Tom on is like pain? I think he has a serious pain kink
- you would Discover this accidentally and you used it ever Since
- during your orgasm you scraped your nails along Toms back, leaving Some serious scratch marks
- What you did not notice is that your move helped Tom get over the edge and gave him the most intensive orgasm
- “fuck love do that again”
- “shit that felt out of this world babygirl”
- B A B Y G I R L
- Tom would be in to overstimulisation too
- it could be the case that you were not that satisfied with your love life before meeting Tom and that you have never been able to cum with a guy
- the only thing that Tom would hear was challenged accepted
- this would be gradually built up until you reached a place Where you could have 4 amazing orgasms in a short amount of time
- and Tom would be so proud every single time
- i am about to flipping burst

Next we have Harrison
- Ok so you guys might not agree with this… but…
- this would start off as a joke
- like most things in your relationship would start of as jokes to make fun of either Tom or somebody else
- Harrison has reached a level of pettiness I can only dream of
- but When you started calling him daddy more and more, he did not want you to stop
- When he told you this you kind of thought he was crazy but then he started calling you baby girl and kitten and you started seeing the fun in it
- I think Harrison would also be an absolute pro at dirty talking?
- he discovered How much you respond to his dirty talking and now it is his goal to make you cum by only using his voice
- and he came so far but you could not handle it anymore and you just had to help yourself
- “oh princess What did you do? We came so far”
- “I guess this means I have to punish you”
- S P A N K I N G
- he wasnt really a type of daddy that would ask you to bend over one knee and with every slap you had to count
- he is more the Guy that would be like if you make a noice I have to find another punishment
- I think Harrison would use his dirty talking skills in the most inapproptiate places
- you could be like at a family or friend event, or something work related
- and he just could not stop himself from telling you that he would want to take you right here and there
- sometimes Tom could hear you and he would just spritz you guys with water to clean your dirty minds
- these encounters also lead to quite Some under the table teasing and quickies is dirty bathrooms
- Where can I sign up for a haz?

- so kind of combined but I believe they would want to have a threesome as Well?
- I feel like they would not feel awkward at all and they just want to experience the feeling for once
- and Which girl would actually say No?! (I wouldnt)
- it would feel like they had done this before, or at least talked about it quite a lot
- they knew exactly What to do How to divide and share everything
- 10/10 threesome skills
- I do believe tho it would be a 1 or 2 time thing, depends on the girl

Ok so after this tour through my kinky brain I need to bathe in Holy water 💦💦💦

Feel free to leave any type of request!

daisy fresh girl – jeongguk

Originally posted by eolljjung

part two, part three

word count: 1.85k 

genre: fluff (won’t stay fluff forever though)

librarian jungkook x reader 

jungkook seems to admire the frequent customer at the library, you. however, he’s too shy to admit it, so with a push from his brother taehyung, he musters up.

aye lmao i suck at intros my bad

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Peter Parker being jealous would include...

Originally posted by hardyness

- Peter being jealous would be the absolute cutest thing

- He would sulk and complain to Ned, while he watches you share notes with a guy in your Spanish class.

-“They’re sitting too close. I don’t like it.”

-“Dude, are you jealous?”

- He would become an absolute sputtering mess whenever he was confronted by it.


- Asking to spend more and more time with you.

- Him not-so-nonchalantly asking who the guy from your Spanish class is.

- “He just needed help studying, that’s all. Why?”

- His face gets all red whenever you look at him, and his heart starts beating faster.

- “Just making sure he’s not an….axe murderer or anything.”

- After you spend too much time helping the guy in your class, Peter becomes distant and even more sulky than before

- If that was even possible

- Finally, on a day where you guys are hanging out, you confront him

- “Peter, what’s going on with you? You’ve been acting weird ever since I started studying with that guy.”

- He starts blushing again because man, he loves it when you look at him.

- “I’m fine!”

- “Are you–are you jealous of him?”

- “No!”

- Crossing his arms, clenching his jaw, fiddling with the hem of his sweatshirt, and looking everywhere but at you

- “You’re jealous!”

- “I just don’t like the way he looks at you!”

In the ISS (International Space Station)

America *Writing*: It’s just mostly me and Russia up here… We seem to do all the work. I don’t mind that. I’ve been hitching rides with the Russians for a while now. 

*Russia enters and passes America, who glances up briefly.*

America *Continues to write*: We’re trying to privatize the space companies to send more Americans up ourselves. Things are getting rocky with Russia again. They seem harder and harder to get along with….

Russia: Good morning, Al. Would you like anything to eat?

America *Outloud*: No thanks, big guy. *Back to writing* But we’ve always gotten along up here. I think we both know we need to, to survive. 

America: *Pauses, then finishes writing.* But maybe it’s more than that, sharing our passions, getting along. It’s… nice, anyways.  


Summary: you’ve been spending an awful lot of time with Tom’s family. And it seems as they prefer you, to him.
Warnings: none I might’ve put a swear in there so watch out for that
Word count: 1k+
Requested: nope


Tom had decided that in between breaks of filming for Chaos Walking he wanted to spend his time in London with his family. So you also decided to stay there because the Hollands as Nikki puts it, “adore you” and you absolutely love them too. And there’s nothing better than spending your days in such a wonderful place. Sure you do get homesick and your family and friends absolutely miss you, they also accept that you’re happy where you are.

And have you mentioned how much the holland brothers love you? As they like to put it you’re like the “coolest best friend that’s a girl they’ve never had”. So naturally they come to you when they want to have fun or need help on something. But with Tom being gone half the time he doesn’t realize how close you guys have gotten. He feels sort of ……………. replaced?


“Hey, can you come help me talk to this girl I’ve been liking for a while now?” Paddy asks popping his head into Tom’s old room you guys are lounging in, even though Tom’s flat is literally a five minute walk away.

“Alright lad, ready to hear some advice from the master of dating?” Tom says starting to sit up as you do too. Paddy’s cheeks turn pink as he started to remember that Tom got home yesterday, and it was no longer just you that sat in his room anymore.

“Uhhh this is awkward now. I was actually speaking to y/n.” Paddy says awkwardly looking at Tom with a sorrowful look. Your cheeks turning red caught in a weird moment with them.

“Oh uh that’s ………quite alright I guess. Y/n make sure my little guys pads gets the girl alright?” Tom says turning to you as you fully stand up walking over to Paddy to help him with his girl troubles. You nod a response to him and leave calling out a “bye babe” as you follow pads downstairs. Leaving Tom by himself, feeling a little lonely.


“Now why do you look so gutted?” Sam asks you finally looking up from his phone to see you sprawled against the couch. You were in a moment of despair as to seeing you were extremely bored.

“ I am at the maximum level of boredom you could ever reach.” You explained to him as Harry soon joined you both in the lounge. Harry just looks at you in confusion starting to wonder why you aren’t with Tom.

“Dare I ask why Tom isn’t latched at your hip at the moment?” Harry questions you. Still just staring blankly at the ceiling you respond to him.

“He has an interview at some London radio station till like 8.” Sam seems to take your state of boredom into consideration and offers you a nice idea of fun.

“Harry and I were going to check out this new pub in the center of town. Would you like to come with us?” Sam asks you. You quickly sit up letting out a small gasp being taken aback once again, by how amazingly nice they were being to you right now. But really you should start getting used to it since they always treat you this kindly. You squeal in excitement.

“WOULD I? OF COURSE I WOULD! THANK YOU!” You jump off the couch about to head to Tom’s apartment to get ready.the


You burst back into the house in a heap of laughter with Sam and Harry. The three of you a little tipsy from the night of fun you had. You guys go to the lounge in hopes to sit down and calm your swirling brains. But what you didn’t expect to find was Paddy and Tom sitting side by side their noses up in the air, and an expectant look on their faces.

“May I ask, where on god were you?” Tom starts off the interrogation.

“At a pub?” Harry answers looking a little squeamish under Tom’s and paddy’s stares.

“And what hours are these to get home?”

“Paddy’s still awake?”

“……… very well we’ll be on our way, goodnight.” Tom says taking your hand and dragging you out the house.


The short walk to Tom’s flat is quiet with Tom looking everywhere but you. Which is quite different to his usual self considering he can never take his eyes away from you.

You start to get worried seeing as how he’s been more so quiet than he really has ever been around you. He doesn’t look mad or anything of that sort he just looks rather sad. Taking this into notice you squeeze is hand in a way of reassurance to him. And just like always, he squeezes back.

You make your way into your shared room and decide to stop this unending quiet.

“Tom? Are you alright?”

“Yeah, I’m quite alright love. I’m just thinking stupid things.”

“No thoughts of your could ever be stupid. Come on just tell me what’s on your mind.”

“It’s just… ever since my family has been spending more time with you, and you more with them, and I’ve been gone the whole time. It makes me feel like you guys don’t even care? Or need me there?”

“I take it back. That might be the dumbest thing you’ve ever said.” He just groans in response to that. Knowing he shouldn’t have said anything.

“Tom, how on earth would that even make sense? I wouldn’t know any of your family if it weren’t for you. Of course I will always need you. And so will your family. I mean we were just bonding really if you think of it. I’ve been trying to create a relationship with them that I’ve made with you. I’m sorry you were feeling left out, that wasn’t our intention.” You finish talking now wrapping your arms around Tom.

“It’s fine love, I knew I was overreacting I just miss you all. But enough of my foolishness, let’s get bed, yes?” You nod and give him a sweet longing kiss.

“What was that for?”

“I just realized we haven’t kissed all day.”

Wanna Be Yours, 4/7 (Olicity, College AU, Explicit)

Summary: College AU. Felicity’s car breaks down in a major rainstorm, sending her walking to the closest house she can find. It just so happens to belong to Oliver Queen, and he’s having a ‘Skivvies Only’ party. (See AO3 for Author’s Notes.) 

My eternal gratitude to my amazing beta Margaret. She’s the best.

(read on AO3)

(read from the beginning)

Wanna Be Yours, Part 4

A thin slice of consciousness slowly woke her.

The bed was soft where it cradled her, conforming to her every inch. And it was warm, like it was made specifically to retain just the right amount of heat. Felicity hummed under her breath. It was perfect and she didn’t want to move. She shifted her feet, enjoying the soft sheets against her toes, reveling in her bed cocoon. She loved mornings like this, when she didn’t have to get up, when she could stay tucked in for as long as she wanted.

She was vaguely aware that she’d kicked her comforter off at some point, but she wasn’t cold in the least… although she was tangled in something. Her shirt. It was twisted around her in an awkward bunch right under her ribs, making it uncomfortably tight in the shoulders. Usually that bothered her so much she had to sit up and unwind it, but the idea of moving was just unacceptable. She was too lazy to do anything but scoot closer to him.


A bolt of awareness cut through her chest and with a sharp inhale, Felicity awoke. Her eyes were dry and sticky where her contacts stuck to her lids and she blinked rapidly, waiting for the world to right itself.

When it finally did, she stopped breathing.

She was pressed right up against a bare chest, a very warm, very naked chest. A chest she was currently drooling on.

The reality of where she was hit her and her heart jumped to life.

Oh…” Felicity breathed, a fine tremble lacing her voice, “my god.”

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Snowed in

Word count: 3,426

Warning: smut

Request: You and Kai get lost and get stuck in a cabin because of a storm

Getting asked to go on a trip to the mountains with Damon, Elena and the rest of them seemed extremelly fun. You could have used some time out in the opening and this one even included snow. It sounded like you would have the best time of your life, until you had found out that Malachai Parker was coming too. Malachai. Freaking. Parker. You have never liked him. He was always teasing you or making fun of you and when you were close to him, after only a few minutes and hearing him constantly talking about irrelevant stuff, made you want to punch him straight in the face. Even when he was eating, he couldn’t stop talking.

‘C'mon, it will be fun! We could hang out, play some games, we could totally, you know.. hook up, because it seems like you really dig me.’ Kai said and bit his lip and of course, couldn’t even stop himself from winking at you. You furrowed your brows and gagged on purpose, showing what your answer was.

'Ew, gross.’ You replied and swallowed hard, your heartbeat picking up it’s pace. The truth was, even though you hated Kai, there was such sexual tension between you and him and you couldn’t hide it. You wanted him more than anything and him teasing you has only added fuel to the fire. 'Also, who says 'dig me’ nowadays?’ He chuckled quietly and took a few steps towards you, his body almost touching yours.

'I know you want me.’ He whispered and brushed his lips against your ear, sending shivers down your spine. You took a deep breath and tried to calm down your breathing, but it seemed as if everyone in the room had noticed what was going on between you and Kai.

'So, I assume, you will change your mind now?’ Elena asked, showing you a mischevious smile and leaned on the door frame with her arms crossed.

'What do you mean?’ You asked, befuddledly.

'I know you like him. You don’t have to hide that from me. The sexual tension between you two is, whew, off the charts. I bet if there was no one in the room right now, you would rip his clothes off and-’

'Stop. Stop! Just, wow.’ Elena laughed as you turned around and walked out of the living room and straight to your room, closing the doors behind you. You leaned your back on them and sighed heavily, taking a big breath and exhaling slowly, making all the tension and thoughts go away.

'If you feel that frustrated, you should have just asked me to do something about it, I wouldn’t mind.’ Your eyes shot open and caught a glimpse of Kai’s tall figure standing only a few feet away from you, looking more sexy than ever. He bit his lip when your eyes met his and you couldn’t help but wonder what his lips would feel like on your body. What they could do to you and how good they could make you feel. You cleared your throat and cleared your mind from your thoughts, trying to focuse on getting ready for the trip. You walked over to the drawers, taking out some of your favourite warm and fuzzy socks, packing them in a medium black bag.

'What are you doing here, Kai? Shouldn’t you be packing for our trip? That reminds me, I can’t wait for us to be all alone together and braid each others hair, oh and maybe we could, you know.’ You walked over to him, tracing your fingers over his exposed biceps. 'hook up. What do you say?’

'Now that’s what I’m talking about.’

'I see you don’t understand sarcasm much?’ You rolled your eyes at him and stepped away from him, taking your underwear out of your drawers. Not even a second later, you felt his hands on your waist, his hot breath caressing your neck. You closed your eyes at the feeling as his fingers slowly traced your sweet spot and then pressed his lips on that same spot. You moaned quietly, his fingers finding your bare spot on your waist, his touch feeling like fire. You slowly turned around and found yourself way too close to him. Your noses brushed against one another, Kai’s hot breath flashing over your lips.

'When you’re around, it’s hard to understand anything.’ Kai whispered, his eyes piercing through yours, their blue colour making you go weak at the knees.

'Are you going to kiss me or not?’ You whispered, a chuckle escaping Kai’s body. You had no control of the words coming out of your mouth and you knew if he had kissed you right then, you wouldn’t be able to stop yourself and you would have ended going all the way with him. He slowly leaned in and just when he wanted to pressed his lips on yours, a knock echoed through your room.

'You ready?’ Elena asked behind the closed doors, making Kai step back.

'Um, yeah, I just, I’ll be down in 5.’ You shouted and at that moment you have finally snapped out of your thoughts. You pushed Kai away from you and walked over to your bag, putting other clothes in it, closing it and leaving the room withouth saying anything to Kai. You sighed heavily, your heartbeat slowing down. You would have lied if you said you didn’t like having Kai so close to you. His long fingers touching your body or how perfect his lips looked up close and how you couldn’t stop wondering if his lips were as soft as they looked. You wanted to kiss him more than anything and you weren’t trying to hide it anymore. You have been pushing him away all this time when in reality, you wanted him and him only and nothing would stop you from continuing what you and him had started in your room.

Ride from the Salvatore’s house to the mountains has been long and mostly quiet, that is, when the radio wasn’t blasting and Damon singing every freaking song that had played and that was going on for hours. You wanted to plug something into your ears and doze off and get lost in your small world without anyone interrupting you. Since you were sitting with Kai in the backseat all alone, you couldn’t help but look at him every now and then and admire how perfect he looked. His stubble, which you had wondered what it would feel like if you traced your tongue across his stuble or what it would feel like between your thighs. His fingers tapped his leg, following the song rhythm, but they also made you cross your legs. The thought of what they could do to you made you wet and made your heart beat a lot faster.

'Enjoying the view?’ Kai whispered, but his eyes were still focused on the road, as if he was avoiding to look you in the eyes.

'What? No, I was just looking how- amazing the- trees look.’ You blurted out and rolled your eyes at how stupid that must have sounded, but it was the first thing that had popped into your head.

'Sure, sure. I can’t wait to get in the shower when we arrive and wash all of this sweat off my body. With a nice hot soapy shower, sounds nice, doesn’t it?’ Damn. He finally looked at you and you got lost for words. His words got to you so easily and they made you feel like you were on fire. You wanted to kiss him right then and there, not caring that Elena and Damon were in the car with you. 'Perhaps you could join me.’

'Dream on, Parker.’ You trailed off and looked away, but deep down that’s exactly what you wanted.

After 4 hours, you have finally arrived and the place looked absolutely magical. You were staying at the cabin that had a full on view at the mountains that were slightly hiding behind the clouds of thick fog.

'So, I’m staying with Elena, Caroline with Stefan, Bon Bon and Jeremy and you, well you are with Kai.’ Damon trailed off, you eyes widening at his words. It couldn’t be.

'What? Can’t I just stay with Matt? How come he gets to be alone? Matt you wouldn’t mind sharing a room with me, would you?’ You turned around to face Matt, watching how he just shrugged his shoulder.

'Well, I-’

'No. You and Kai need to sort your things out. I don’t want you guys to ruin my trip because of your stupid arguments. Fix them and I’m telling you, being in the same room is a good thing. I guarantee you, by the end of this trip, you two will be best buddies.’

'More like fuck buddies.’ Kai blurted out, making you look at him wide eyed. You mouthed shut up to him and ready to protest again, but when you turned around, no one was there.

'Great. This was exactly what I needed. A guy who loves to take soapy showers and loves to tease the fuck out of me.’ You grunted, disappointment obvious in your voice as you picked up your bags and started walking towards your cabin you were supposed to share with Kai.

'I love how you’re totally different around them and when they leave, you’re literally tearing off my clothes with your eyes. I like that.’ He trailed off.

'Oh and, guys, we’re going skiing in 10 minutes, so be prepared!’ Elena shouted before closing the doors of her cabin again.

'Guess like you won’t have that shower after all. Too bad.’ You said and walked into the cabin while Kai was holding the doors for you, on purposely brushing your hip against his crotch, a mischevious smile flashing on your face. It was your time to tease Kai and this trip might have came in handy.

You have never skied before and falling on your ass a couple of times did nothing else but amuse Kai. Everytime you fell down, he was there. He picked you up but then his hand somehow always ended up on your ass, cleaning up the snow from your suit.

'You know that’s not really necessary. I can take care of myself.’ You said and tried to walk away, but the big skis you had attached to your feet haven’t exactly let you walk away from him that easily.

'Yeah, I know, but I just like how my hand fits so perfectly on your cute little butt.’ Kai muttered, his gaze falling down to your ass.

'I assume none of those girls were up for some action since you are that desperate to touch a female’s body?’ You asked him and showed him a small smile, taking off the skis off your feet.

'Ouch. You know, I know a lot of ways you could use that mouth of yours and none of them are you trashing me. Wanna try them out, sweet cheeks?’

'Sweet cheeks? Really?’ You asked and couldn’t help but laugh at his comment.

'I tell you what. Let’s race and if you win, I’ll leave you alone and if I win-’ he got closer to you and pressed his lips against your ear, biting your earlobe slightly. 'I get to do whatever I want with your cute little vampire body. It will be fun! Deal?’ He asked you as you swallowed hard, your walls clenching just at the sound of those words.

'Deal!’ You muttered and put your skis back on, ready to somehow try to beat Kai. The snow had started falling but that didn’t stop you from going. Of course, from the very begining, Kai was in the lead and somehow you had managed to get closer but just at the finish line, you fell down and tumbled, ending up losing both of your skis and losing to Kai which had meant only one thing.

'I win.’ Kai appeared out of nowhere and muttered, satisfaction in his voice.

'Great. Now, how are we supposed to get back up there, genius?’ You asked him and pointed up, but the cabin was nowhere to be seen.

'I saw a path not far from here. C'mon.’ Kai helped you up as you walked behind him, completely trusting him. When it seemed as if you were going in a right direction, you have figured it out that you have been walking in circles for at least half an hour. The weather was getting worse and your footprints that were in the snow, have disappeared completely. It was getting harder to see because of how hard the snow was falling and you were also freezing.

'Kai, we’re going in circles. This is not the right way!’ You shouted and looked around, hoping you would at least find a clue to lead you in the right direction. Kai stopped and placed his hands on his waist as he carefully looked around until his gaze stopped at one of the cabins in the distance.

'There. I think it’s empty. C'mon.’ He took you by your hand and led you in that direction. There was no light and it seemed as if no one was in there. You stepped inside, immediately feeling a bit warmer, but it was still really cold. You rubbed your hands together, hoping you would somehow get warmer and prevent your fingers from falling off because of the coldness. Kai found some wood next to the fireplace and lit them up, the warmth spreading through the cabin quickly. You took off your ski suit and remained in leggings and your favourite hoodie, your fuzzy socks keeping your feet warm. You wrapped your arms around yourself, rubbing them with your hands, warming yourself up. Kai looked at you and smiled. I didn’t take him long to get closer to you, his arms wrapping around your cold body.

'What are you doing?’ You asked him, you brows furrowing.

'Warming you up. It would be a lot faster if you took your clothes off.’ Kai muttered and chuckled, hoping to make you laugh and he did. For once, he looked at you with a sympathetic look and as if he wanted to apologize for getting you into this situation. You pressed your head against his chest and wrapped your arms around him, his heartbeat steady and calming.

'As much as stupid this idea was, I think it ended up pretty well.’ You looked up at him, admiring how beautiful he looked under the dimmed lights.

'As long as I get to be with you.’ He trailed off and locked his eyes with yours, his nose brushing against his. He looked down at your lips and not even a second after, he kissed you deeply and passionately, his hands desperately trying to get your body closer to his. You intertwined your fingers with his hair, kissing him like yoour life depended on it. He traced his hands down your body and over your ass as he picked you up and carried you to the bed not far away from the fire place, throwing you down and climbing on top of you. You tugged at his shirt and took it off, for the first time getting a good look at his toned torso. He pulled away from your lips and pulled your leggings down your body along with your underwear, your hear completely exposed to him. He spread your legs apart and traced his fingers through your folds, gathering your juices and brough them up to his mouth, devouring them as if it was his favourite thing. You propped yourself up on your elbows and got a perfect look at Kai’s face when he came close to your head and blew, his hot breath making your breath hitch. He licked your folds with his tongue and then started sucking on your clit, a loud moan escaping your mouth. You ripped your shirt open and unhooked your bra, grabbing your breasts and squeezed them as you played with your nipples while Kai kept sucking on your clit. He pushed three of his fingers into you, stretching you out, making you arch your back and moan his name out. His actions were so fast that you were starting to approach your orgasm a lot faster than you wanted. You grabbed onto the bed sheets and it took only Kai’s fingers to curl inside you as your walls started clenching and your body shaking under his touch, your eyes closing at the feeling. He swiftly pulled his fingers out of you and licked them clean as he stepped down from the bed, unbotting his pants and pushing them down along with his boxers, his hard lenght springing free. You bit your lip at the sight, imagining how good he would feel inside you. He climbed on the bed, but instead of climbing on top of you, he picked you up by your waist with ease and laid down on his back, placing your heat right above his face. You swallowed hard and before you could have even said anything, he pressed your hips down on his face, your clit laying perfectly above his tongue, circling around it. You spread your legs further apart and started grinding on Kai’s face, his tongue working magically on you.

'Shit, Kai!’ You moaned out and threw your head back, your hands cupping your breasts, pinching on your nipples. He pushed his tongue inside you and kept it there for a split second as he starting pumping it in and out of you and hummed, the vibrations making your walls clench. You grabbed onto the headboard, your hips still gringing on Kai’s mouth as you felt yourself coming close to another orgasm. Just when you started feeling your high approaching, Kai stopped and removed you from his face. He threw you on the bed and spread your legs as much as he could and then in a swift motion, he pushed inside you, filling you up to the hilt, making you scream out loud. His thrusts were deep and rough and with every thrust, your breath hitched, his thich shaft hitting your spot every time he pushed in.

'You feel so tight around me, fuck.’ He cursed out, his hips relentlessly slamming into you. He reached down and started rubbing your clit harshly with his fingers, your orgasm approaching again.

'Fuck me, Kai.’ You moaned out loudly, arching your back as your orgasm tore through your body, making you dizzy. You already felt tired but you knew Kai was far from being done with you. He stopped thrusting and picked you up with his lenght still inside you and climbed off the bed. He walked towards the nearest wall and slammed your body against it, your legs instantly wrapping around him. He had a new angle to thrust in and it felt better than anything you have ever tried in your life. He placed his head in the crook of your neck as his hips kept sliding in and out of you at the same pace, his moans turning a lot louder than at the begining. You grabbed onto his biceps and dug your nails in them, but Kai didn’t care. He kept focusing on getting you to reach another orgasm and at that time, he was getting close too. He felt your walls clenching around him again.

'Fuck!.’ He groaned as you clenched around him and came for the third time, your whole body shaking and not long after that, he came inside you in hot short spurts, riding out your and his orgasm at the same time as his fangs sank into your neck, piercing your skin and your blood dropping down onto your body. He pulled out his lenght as both of you dropped down on the floor, his finger picking up a few drops of blood from your chest, licking them clean.

'I guess, getting lost with you wasn’t that bad.’ You said, your voice shaky, a drop of sweat rolling down your forehead. 'Can we do this again tomorrow?’ You asked, but he only looked at you wide eyed as his brows furrowed, but soon it was replaced with a cheeky smile.

'Oh, I’m far from being done today. Round two under the shower?’ He asked and winked at you as he picked you up swiftly and carried you into the bathroom and in the shower, his body already pressed against yours, ready to make you his again.

If You Were Sick

Turtles (2014/16) x Reader

Notes: I’m writing this at 12:25 am, so sorry if its shit babe xx

Prompt: “If this hasn’t already been asked, what would the turtles do if their S/O had a fever? Like how would they help them get better?”

  • Leonardo

You’d texted your mutant boyfriend that you couldn’t come to the lair that night because you were on fire. The poor turtle took it literally. He spam texted you that evening telling you he was coming over, but you took it as nothing. He was just being caring, but when he climbed through your open window with a fire extinguisher and a plastic cup of dirty New York City puddle water, you grinned. Typical Leo. He realised the miscommunication and left to make you a cup of tea and find some cake in your drawers. Seeing Leonardo in a frilly pink apron made you feel 10 times better though.

  • Raphael

Raphael insisted that you couldn’t go back to your apartment, because he wouldn’t be able to keep an eye on you all day everyday and be there 100% of the time. He busied himself getting you everything you would possibly need, blankets, soup, tea, pillows, a collection of his favourite comics. He even sat in the corner and knitted you a hat. By the time the night was almost over, you’d been swallowed by blankets and an oversized red hat.

“I look like a pumpkin, Raphie, and it’s not Halloween.”

  • Donatello

Looking up your symptoms online hadn’t been your best choice. Millions of articles came up, linking what you had to different illnesses and diseases. You’d narrowed it down though. Malaria. It had to be, so you texted your terrapin boyfriend the bad news, laying your head on your pillow as you waited for your fateful death. It never came, but what did was Donatello. Flying through your window, he began examining you instantly, offering you different medications and beverages. 

By the time he was done, however, he was certain you did not have malaria, and he finally calmed down. “A fever, angel. Nothing more. But you should take this medication-” Dr. Donnie to the rescue, once again.

  • Michelangelo

“I brought pizza babe, and orange soda, and twinkies, and those weird candy sucky things you like-” Mikey droned on and on about the different foods he had brought to his room for you guys to share. His angel-cakes was sick, and he needed to make it better. So he found every movie he’s ever owned, and every snack he could get his hands on and locked both you and him in his room. If you were sick, he’d get sick too. 

“Mikey, shut up, come over here and cuddle me. I’d rather be in your arms.” With that, he jumped and landed next to you, hitting play on your laptop. Your favourite movie played, obviously.

Hello all This is an update and somewhat a break regarding the tumblrs future and yes I am breaking away from the character description I started adding to each post.

As some of you who have followed the tumblr will know late last year I tried experimenting with a potential friendship problem adventure story that I had fun drawing with some of the scenariosI put book horse and apple horse in XD . But honestly since the beginning have struggled to come up with a humorous idea on how to warp it up. Not only that but in the recent months I have found myself losing interest or getting slightly stressed on what else I can do with Twi and AJ weekly This tumblr was inspired by Rarijack daily and I though Twijack would be a breeze but its not ,thats partly because I want to keep the images close to the cannon as possible and leave really shippy images to other twijack fans.

This is going to sound silly but I sort have lost my drive to make anything MLP at the moment, though considering I have been with the pony train since early 2011 you have to cut me some slack to essentially take a break from the world of Equestria and focus on other fandoms and personal projects which I have a lot of passion for right now )You can blame Anime for this ^^;). My new direction in my Life is to go in to Picture book / comics as a professional and I can not let side projects like Twijacky weekly eat up all my spare time then I desperately want to have something  unique original to do with jowybean. Now I am in no way shape or form saying I am leaving the fandom or going to become an antibrony I still find ideas popping in to my head for future  pony art and twijack images. I just find everything about MLP G4 kind of Meh at the moment.

Now regarding this information the tumblr is not stopping either its just not going to continue the friendship problem storyline or be updated weekly.  From now on it will be updated with cute sketches or illustrations of the duo only if I think they would make a great addition to the roster of Twijacky imagery I have previously made. I imagine when the new pony season and movie rolls around the inspiration will come rushing back to me and the enjoyment for the tumblr will be refilled :).

I apologise if this annoys/ disappoints you in anyway as i did the exact thing when I attempted luna comic in 2013-2014 and stopped that because well big fan projects for me are hard too keep on top of. I have been drawing way before G4 ponies was a thing guys and I have so many wonderful opportunities as a professional artist that I need to take advantage of before I regret missing them because of being a crony artist.

I feel more assured that I am sharing this with you now rather then letting it die slightly or press on and make it a chore that drains me. If i kept forcing the lacklustre twijack work guys, you would tell I was running dry on ideas soon enough. MLP just dose not have the same magic I felt for it in the early days and eventually it will in some way fade away for me. not ever die out just become another thing I enjoyed being a part of like any other geek thing in our life’s, trends come and go and its a natural response as time moves forward and we grow up in this crazy world.

Whatever happens with me and my love for MLP I applause the diehard fans that can enjoy everything pony to the fullest. And I am am very grateful for so many people taking the time and interest to follow this silly tumblr for two characters I really like.  

until next post which hopefully will not be too long Laters and bro hoof Jowybean


(adm: Here it is, the end of the countdown!! [Yes, those numbers were a countdown xD] Everyone, meet America’s counterpart, Daniel S. Middleton!! With this, the allied powers are complete. I didn’t plan on releasing any new characters other than Song Jin, but then I thought “hey, I could at least complete the squad!”, so there you go! 

I know, he doesn’t look nearly as flashy as the others, but I have put as much thought on his design as I have on every other character I created. I’m just praying he doesn’t disappoint anyone at first sight! Much like Song Jin, Daniel’s number also won’t be revealed. 

The countdown may have come to an end, but this is not the only thing I’ve been preparing for you guys. I’m also working on something else, but I need more time to finish it. I apologize for the wait, but I still hope everyone can look forward to it.

Here’s a bonus little thing: I actually made a skin for my laptop using the second picture! I thought it was pretty cool so I wanted to share it with you guys.

And that’s all I have for now. I’m still doing the best I can to deliver the result of all the effort I’ve been putting into this project as soon as possible. I swear, besides HetaOni, this is going to be my biggest contribution to a fandom ever. I sincerly hope it will be enjoyable and worthy of your time!

Everyone, once again, I thank you all so much for all of the support you’ve been giving me!! As I have become unable to answer all of you personally, I hope to show you my appreciation through what I do. You’re the best!)

as a lover of monsters and spooky things, October is the last month of the year i’d want to all-but-completely-vanish for, and i know i’ve been sparse for a few months now, but i will be even more sparse during it (and possibly the first half of November as well) due me making a significant IRL commitment during that timeframe that will be drawing most of my time and energy - once it’s done though, and i’m freed up again in november, that will also be when the family budget will loosen up and i won’t have to keep channeling myself entirely to commissions to ensure we still have comfortable wiggle room, so i’ll be able to draw for myself again, and i’ll be all the better for it.

aside from commission work, i’ve been dedicating my remaining “me time” to self-improvement and therapy - i still have my bad days, i still combat anxiety and depression, and the psychosis has not magically gone away. it’s not an easy undertaking, but it helps me feel better in spite of the difficulties. i want to do good, but also make no secret of what works against me to do so, so that others like me might feel inspired, like they can do it too.
or at least, i can help protect/take care of people who, for whatever reason, don’t have the option to just grit their teeth and power through it, or need help to do it - not everyone is gonna be able to do that on their own. we can all only ever try our best to stay safe and sane in this messed up world right now, and do what we can for others who have even more chips stacked against them than ourselves… sorry, i kinda started rambling all mushy-like by accident here.

anyway… i hope all you guys are hanging in there, and keep hanging in there. if you’re struggling, i do sincerely hope things improve for you soon, that you stay safe and can get what you need. i look forward to sharing goofy cartoons and spooky monsters with you all again soon.


Hi! As I’ve mentioned last week about upcoming great news, here’s what I want to share with you all^^ I sincerely thank you with all my heart for making this come true. With your support and contribution on MM keychain project and Comifuro 8, I’ve visited one of our local orphanage and donated some foods and daily needs for the orphans this morning. Above picture is the official letter from the orphanage. So, surprise! We’ve made it guys!!!! But this is just a first small step to greater things we can do in the future!

This might be personal but I need to let you know that I’m planning something more than just artbook or various merchandise. I want my artworks give direct contribution to people around us. Yes, it feels great when people appreciate my artworks, I feel happy, blessed, thankful, and all those positive feelings. But I don’t want to stop it just there, not just for me.

So, for my future projects I’ll continue to share and visit those people in needs with all hopes that we can contribute more to them, not just to orphans but to homeless, kids with disabilities, and those in needs.

I’ll not only draw MM fanarts but I hope you will still support me to make this dream come true. I’m sorry if I’ve been less active lately;; Now you know the reason why x’D Especially for my beloved friends here and also in IG sorry for not replying or doing it mega slow;; I’ll poke all of you again this week!! *huggies* And also for the ask box!! Please bear with my slow response;;

Last but not least, thank you again for all your support! I’m gonna share something good for this Valentine which also related to my upcoming MM artbook ;) Don’t worry I’m still in MM hell guys LOLOL Have a great day!<3

Seventeen Vocal Unit Lip Balm Reaction

Alright, the FINAL INSTALLMENT of the seventeen lip balm reaction is finally out! Sorry it took so long, I’ve been a tad busy these last couple of days with violin, errands and stuff. If you want me to do any other groups that I write for, just lemme know! btw, I will hopefully be adding Day6 to that list soonishly. So without further ado, here’s a thing!


Jeonghan: Vanilla Mint

Jeonghan stood to meet you as you walked into the café where you both were meeting for your date, and greeted you with a smile. Returning his smile, you walked over to him and wrapped your arms around his waste, which he reciprocated.

“Hey Jeonghan.”

“Hey angel.” After the hug, he leaned back to plant a peck on your lips, but took on a look of slight wonderment. He reached a hand up to your cheek to pull you in for another soft kiss. Once the kiss ended, he pulled away and continued to look at you with the same look.

“What?” You furrowed your eyebrows and pouted in confusion. He smiled at you, and gave you one last peck on your lips.

“You taste like ice cream, Jagi. Were you on an ice cream date with someone else before you came to meet me?” He teased with a laugh before handing you your vanilla latte.

Woozi: Coconut Milk

You sat with your legs crossed in front of your boyfriend Woozi, who was sitting in the same fashion writing lyrics. He’d hit a bit of a wall, and you could tell by the expression on his face. So, you decided to give him a much-needed break.

“I’m gonna go grab some snacks and we’re gonna watch one more episode of that drama before you’re writing any more lyrics.” You inform him matter of factly. He smiles gratefully and leans in to give you a kiss as thanks. His lips move against yours slowly and smoothly with his hand resting on your jawline. When he pulls back, he’s sucking on his lips a little, and he blushes, smiling down at his lap.

“What?” You inquire, noting how cute he looks flustered.

“…I like your lip balm.”

Seungkwan: Lemonade

You took another bite of your chicken sandwich as you watched a golden retriever pad along a distant path with its owner. It got you to thinking.

“If you were a dog, you would be a poodle because you’re such a diva.” You stated suddenly, looking at your boyfriend as if examining to determine the truth of your own statement as you pulled out your new lip balm and spread a layer of it on your lips. He looks at you suspiciously for a moment, unsure of whether that’s a good thing or not.

“Well, I think I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that that was a compliment.” He states with his chin up and a sassy look in his eyes, eliciting a smirk from you.

“What’s that?”

“It’s my new lip balm, it’s fantastic.”

“Um, excuse me, the diva will be the judge of that.” He leans in to kiss you on the lips.

“I agree. It is fabulous.”

Joshua: Raspberry

You and Joshua sat on the couch of your apartment, him with his guitar in hand. While he worked on a chord progression to a new song he was learning, you leaned on his strumming arm. It probably made it a little more difficult for him, but he didn’t seem to mind so you kept doing it. Once noon hit, you decided to get some lunch ready, so you headed to the kitchen to make some pasta. While you were stirring the pot, you became aware that Joshua was no longer playing, and you were soon greeted by his hand on your waste.

“Whatcha making?” He asked in his sweet voice.

“Pasta, and we can have a salad with it if you get the stuff from the fridge.” You direct him, and before he does, he turns your face towards him for a kiss. However, when he pulls away, he looks at you, smiles, and then kisses you once more, this time a little longer, licking his lips as he pulls away.

“Hmm” He hums happily. “Alright.” He complies happily, smiling the whole time.

Seokmin: Passionfruit

“Hi Jagi” Seokmin greeted you with a big smile and a bear hug when you arrived at the dorms for lunch before you went to the park.

“I’ve got strawberries to go with lunch” He walks you into the dining room, where the two of you start eating and talking about anything and everything. Once you’re both finally done, he breaks out the fabled strawberries, picking up one, reaching to feed it to you, but suddenly pulling it back at the last second. You pout cutely in protest.

“I require a kiss as payment.” He grins, clearly proud of his scheme. You smile.

“Well that isn’t so bad.” You tease, leaning in to give him the requested kiss. His eyes shoot open in surprise.

“Did you steal one somehow before now?”

“No, why?”

“Because you already taste like fruit.” You laugh in realization.

“Honey, no. strawberry and passionfruit are two different things.”

“Well then your lips have just been blessed by the goddess of sugar and exotic fruits.”

“Then your welcome for sharing this blessing with you.”

“By the way, my tribute has just been raised from one kiss overall to one kiss per strawberry.”


Hope you guys like it! Also, have you guys ever tried the coconut milk Eos? I didn’t for a while just because I thought it sounded kind of boring, but then I did one time and it was FANTASTIC. It was soothing and really sweet and creamy and I need me some more. Do it. Your welcome.

Knowing what our boys are going through right now, I can’t listen to a single Nu'est song without wanting to cry (ESPECIALLY ‘GIVE ME A SHOULDER’ AND ‘THANK YOU’ I actually cried….) but I will continue to listen regardless because they need our support now more than ever… Please guys go support Nu'est on Produce 101 and spread the news about them around/share/listen/like their music like crazy and videos please please please! Our lovely boys are in trouble of disbanding and it’s heartbreaking… PLEASE REBLOG NOT JUST LIKE THIS POST OR THINGS ABOUT THEM IN GENERAL because that doesn’t help them at all or get the word around except maybe if you have your likes to where people can see them but even then people don’t usually check others likes. So please again spread news about them like crazy and help these magnificently talented and unique boys even if you don’t like them that much or even know them because EVERYONE deserves a fighting chance EVERYONE!!

An Original Quick Watercolor Work. #378

I find this word meaningful because I feel like everyone is pretty much a work in progress. This reminds me that outcomes need not be perfect, or that I shouldn’t worry too much about getting things right. —That I should always give myself some credit for a sincere effort done, even when things don’t go my way. This year, I want to worry less about the qty of works published and instead focus on sharing meaningful words that mean a lot to me, and hopefully you. So I hope you guys stick along in this journey and thank you for the 72K views!! <3

Check out THE ARTIC SOUL for more original artworks.

trans!Keith wearing Lance’s sweatpants for @skyxis that I will post on Instagram later. Because everyone needs some trans au Keith/implied-Klance in their life.

(& Keith has more curves than me in canon. I’m torn between jealousy and being glad that I have 1 less thing to worry about when I try to pass as a guy.)

[The galaxy print is a bit more pink/purple irl. The lighting made it look all dark and violet. I might make this a 2-part thing and draw a chibi Keith with his hair pulled back, since that’s what he’s doing here.]

LePen 0.03 & 0.05 black outlining pens, Copic Sketch & Ciao markers, white 0.7 gel pen, and Crescent RENDR paper.

Took 4 hrs, & I listened to Natewantstobattle’s song To The Ends of the Earth on repeat, b/c it’s a very Voltron-y song.

I rarely draw non-chibi things, much less almost full-body. I need to practice more b/c all I see are flaws when I look at this, & 98% of my art. 0-0’

Please don’t repost without asking for permission and giving full and proper credit. I worked for about 4 hours on this, and I’d appreciate not having my art stolen when I choose to share it with you guys. <3