i need to see him in orlando

It’s a Date?

Braun Strowman/OC: MAY I PLEASE REQUEST A FLUFFY-ISH SMUTTY THING WITH YOUR GIANT TEDDY BEAR? BECAUSE YOU’RE THE STROWMAN QUEEN AND IT WAS INSPIRED BY THE FACT I LOVE YOUR BEAUTY & BEAST SERIES YEAH SO reader makes this giant man take her to see beauty and the beast after she can’t convince a single friend to ditch their plans. he’s not happy but cough he likes her so whatever cough does it and she insists to her friends who find out it’s not a date but… when the night comes… it’s so a date? and ends in 😉😘 - ANON

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Taylor suits you well

Have you ever wondered ehat it would be like to date a celebrity? Well I have the opportunity to date with a bunch of them. No, I don’t actually date them in person. I have a strange ability that let’s me turn people into the clothes that they wear in the moment. It first happened few months ago. I was with my friend in LA  and wanted to see someone famous. So we went to filing studios and waited for one. The first actor was Orlando Bloom. I wanted to meet him desperately, but he just went by waving at his fans.

Te next one was much better. It was Taylor Lautner. He came out of the studio and looked pretty sad. He greeted his fans and shouted. ,,Hey guys, I have a sad announcement. One of our actors who played a patient on Scream Queens has passed away. Well I would like to give some of you the oppurtunity to become famous. All I need is a tall young man willing to shave off his head.” O raised my hand and he saw it. Maybe bacuase there were only four other guys in the crowd. He said he will show me the studios, because he wasn’t shooting any scene at the moment. The last place he showed me was his locker. Then I felt sou horny that I practically throw myself at him. We fell on the floor and he screamed.

,,Please don’t scream, I love you. I want you to be with me.” 

I didn’t know what triggered the changes, if it were the words or the feelings, but I knew that there was no going back. I wasn’t laying on Taylor anymore. I was laying on his suit. Where had he gone? How is this possible? 

I looked at the empty suit that was lying under my heavy body. I didn’t hesitate and immediately put it on. It was too tight, I couldn’t even fit my hands in the sleeves. But then m hand went trhought like nothing, my pants fitted perfectly and shirt had more space then before. I looked into the mirror. 

,,No fucking way! I am Taylor!!!” 

Then I concetrated on his voice in my head. He screamed so much, he didn’t want to let me use his body. I teased him, because I was touching myself everywhere. ,,Wow, so long. This is gonna be fun”.

Then a woman came into the locker. ,,Sorry Mr. Lautner, it’s time.”

,,Hey can’t you knock?” I screamed at her ,,And what about that patient actor, have you found him already? No. Then go! I ain’t gonna wait.” 

i have been thinking??? about mercutio which is no surprise but i have also been thinking about kisses & now i really need a production where mercutio is super affectionate because we get

  • a kiss on the forehead for valentine (because he totally snuck off to the dance w merc even though the prince probably said he was too young)
  • a kiss on the cheek for romeo at “true i talk of dreams”
  • kisses blown to every person he sees @ the dance, accompanied by a flirtatious wink of course ;^) (tybalt is one of these and he gets. so. mad. but can’t do anything about it bc merc was technically invited soooooo)
  • maybe he dances w juliet and gives her a kiss on the hand???? v cute
  • (maybe a sleepy/drunken kiss when he & ben are looking for romeo???)
  • a sarcastic, exaggerated kiss on the hand for the nurse when she comes looking for romeo
  • a quick kiss to say “i’m just kidding” when he’s talking about ben’s “’’’’’’’anger issues”’’’’’ before the duel
  • angry kiss!!!!!!! angry taunting kiss in the middle of the duel w tybs because the orlando bloom r&j actually does that and it’s!! wonderful!!! merc would totally do it
  • (a less taunting, more desperate kiss when he gets ‘'””scratched”””’)
  • the “some house” that ben carries him off to being still onstage so as romeo is being romeo we get to see merc actually die & maybe ben tries to wake him up w tearful kisses (so sad so saaaad kngjdhsfgkuuqf)
  • mercutio’s ghost (because i can’t move on & need him in the rest of the play) giving jules a kiss on the forehead when she takes the potion (actually this one would work better with tybalt’s ghost bc jules thinks she sees him and I am 100% for protective older cousin tybs bUT merc could forehead-kiss paris when he dies maybe?? at the end when everyone is sad about r&j and paris is sort of forgotten. yeah)

aNYway this has been some thoughts about mercutio and kisses have a nice day

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It sounds like oj is backpedaling now. Maybe from some of the backlash. That he felt he needed to add that it's not real was strange. We never thought he knew anything one way or another anyway.

If there was a consensus in this fandom, pro and non-Gillovny, it’s that Orlando Jones is professional troll. I find him funny, I know others find him disrespectful, but in the end, I think he’s just being silly and he says silly things in a way or another to see what kind of reactions he’ll get. And it works every time! I just think he’s been trolling one more time here, but he’s probably not Gillian or David‘s confidant anyway. 

But because he isn’t a random fan, because he’s part of this industry, because he has a louder voice and because he wouldn’t disrespect a well known screenwriter, I think he wouldn’t say such a thing knowing Gillian is with someone else. 

So it means 2 things : either he doesn’t know who she is with, and in this case he can’t know about Gillovny either, or he knows she’s not with PM.

Phanweek Day 1: Wait for Us

Title~ Wait for Us

Summary~ After five whole years of waiting Zachary Howell-Lester is ready to go to Playlist Live. Unfortunately airports are trickier than they seem. Zach may be ready but Dan and Phil maybe not so much.

Words~ 4.3K

Genre~ Fluff

Rating~ G

Beta’s Note~ Hey @phanweek a bit of a late entry for Day 1 SFW. I’m actually the beta posting for Jay (the author) who’s not close to a computer right now and we kind of forgot day 1 was right now, oops!

Author’s Note~ Hi everyone! Big thank you to @natskindacrisis for posting this for me! I’m a dork who forgets deadlines @_@


“Dad! Dad, wake up!!”

Phil groaned with exaggerated annoyance and cracked an eye open to mock glare at the boy bouncing on his hips. “Hasn’t anyone told you not to wake up a sleeping lion?” he growled playfully.

“But Daaaaaad, we’re going to America! You promised I could go this year,” Zach whined. “Besides, Daddy said I could.”

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Tauriel: There is no love in you. 

You see Thranduil’s face after Tauriel said that? He was hurt, he felt insulted, he was offended; but mostly he was sad.

Thranduil is just a misunderstood character. He’s lived for a long time. He fought dragons before, been scarred permanently and lost his wife. Events like that can change a person. Ever since his wife died, he had never loved someone. He cares about others, he is very cautious, but he is unable to love ever since the tragedy. When Tauriel remarked of him that way, he was probably thinking of his dead wife. He was thinking of his son, Legolas, who had never loved him as a father. 

He just needs more love. He wouldn’t have actually killed Tauriel, he was speaking of love in general. Tauriel was right. An elf like Thranduil who doesn’t experience love or compassion is nothing. Thranduil has lost too much in his past, and he sees Tauriel’s love for Kili is a threat for him; I could say he was angry someone he knew found love. He was sad that he couldn’t. 

Missing dog in Orlando, Florida - please signal boost!

Sorry for this post but this is urgent. If you live in Orlando, Florida, or even better, Winter Springs, I need your help. My brother’s pitbull was hit by a car this morning after he jumped the fence according to his neighbors, and now he’s missing. We’ve checked the pound, called the vet, even the police to investigate. He’s nowhere to be found.

His name is Sarge, and he’s super lovable and friendly. If you see him, call his name and he should come running. We don’t know if he’s still alive, but I’m desperate to get our doggy back. He’s only two. He’s gray with blue eyes and has a white chest and paws.

If you don’t live here, please signal boost. But please, if you see him, message me and I’ll give you contact details (I’m not comfortable with posting my phone number publicly). He’s so important to us and my brother and I don’t know what we’ll do without him.

“This is your fault.”

Nicole glares up at Orlando. “How is it my fault? Tom is an adult and he is responsible for his own health,” she says. “Besides, he just blacked out during the table read. Nothing major.”

Orlando shakes his head. “You turned cold while we waited for renewal,” he says. 

“Don’t do this,” Nicole warns. 

“I’m just sayin’.” Orlando holds up his hands. “It’s fairly obvious the boy needs some food. Did you see what he had for lunch?”

Nicole looks away with a shiver. “I think I saw an unseasoned, whole baked potato,” she whispers. “I had to look away it was painful.”

“No salt. No seasoning. Tom told me his wife thinks seasoning interferes with spiritual growth.”

Nicole bites her lips to keep her thoughts inside. “It’s worse than I thought,” she says. 

“Worse than everyone thought. Lyndie tried to give him a piece of pizza and the man swooned. I mean, I don’t use the term swoon lightly, but that’s the only word for it.” 

Nicole goes to retort but Tom emerges from his trailer with a noticeable wobble in his long-legged gait. He spots his costars and brightens as he comes closer. “Neecowl, Orlando, there you are. I must apologize for the delay I’ve caused. I have never lost consciousness during a table read before. Most unprofessional.”

“Tom, we just care about your health, that’s all,” Orlando says, glancing down at Nicole out the side of his eye. “Isn’t that…” He turns back to find Tom swatting at the empty air in front of his face. “Um… Tom?”

Tom blinks and struggles to focus on Orlando. “I’m fine. The wife says that seeing the Oatmeal Fae means you’re on your way to unburdening your soul. Perfectly normal.”

Nicole’s eyes are wide. “The Oatmeal Fae?” she asks. 

“Indeed. What are they called in the states?” Tom asks.

“It might be too late,” Orlando whispers.

“Hell no. We just got renewed. Hey, Tom, you’re coming to dinner with me okay? We’re going to my Mom’s house. She’s going to get you set right, okay?” Nicole grabs Tom by the forearm and leads him toward craft services. In the mean time at least she can do is get him something more substantial than those water chestnut flavored toast points he keeps trying to make people eat.

why is Liam posting about being in Disney when he knows he's gunna get mobbed by fans???

I live in Florida, he’s literally a two hour drive away from me, it’s not like he’s posting this stuff hours after he’s done it like any celebrity normally would.

he posted that first picture with Sophia and everyone knows he’s there right now, every fan currently in Disney world is getting in magic kingdom just to find him.

he/someone wants people to know Liam is in Disney world which is in Orlando with Sophia who is his lover who is a girl and fans need to see that they’re together and in heterosexual love aka relationship goalz!!💗


URGENT CRY FOR HELP: So this is my kitten Chip. He a 6-month old male domestic shorthair and a rescue from PetSmart. He needs a home and fast. My dad is a jerk and has kicked him out of our house only because he walked into his room (which is forbidden). He is currently in a kennel (shown in the last pic). And he urgently needs a good home. I hope my good friends from CCA will see this and help. But I’m also reaching out to anyone else in or around Orlando. Even if you don’t live near Orlando signal-boost the crap out of this so that someone near Orlando can see this. Please help. He’s a good cat. He loves boxes and playing with string and cuddling at night. Please reblog and spread the word I’m afraid my dad might find out where Chip is and do something bad. It’s only a matter time so please help. So if you are interested (or want more info on him) please message me so I can give you my cell or email. PLEASE HELP. I don’t know what to do anymore.


taylorswift I need your help….this is my sister,Claudie. She’s a huge fan of yours(we’re both going to see you on Halloween) and a HUGE fan of Ed Sheeran. She’s going to see him this Tuesday in Orlando. I was wondering if you could ask your friend,Ed, if he could somehow meet her. It would make her the happiest girl and it would make me happy too. taylorswift i really hope you see this because i want my sister to be happy ❤

Wishlist for Sleepy Hollow

Orlando Jones comes back: If he would be willing I think this would boost ratings through the roof. Period. I would like to see him come back with something essential to the witnesses needs and called in by Joenny. I would also like to see Macy back.

Solid hints on Ichabbie, even if she is with Reynolds and he is with Zoe.

Zoe to not just interact with Crane. 

Sick Crane, the snark from before was hilarious.

Abbie and Jenny having a sleepover with Joe and talking about what they all learned on Corbin’s birthday. 

Joe to actually call the sisters the Mills Militia 

Heartfelt, detailed apology from Crane. Preferably after my next wish..

A talk between Crane and Reynolds with a lot of guarded explanation  and plenty to read into. Not a fight, but a talk, after which Reynolds is brought into the witness fold.

Big Ash to return 

Solid undeniable pining for Abbie done by Crane, 


I have some kick ass photos of Lynn on my camera but meeting them holy shit okay, so I was at my session with Alex (learning guitar) and he asked me if I had just recently moved to Orlando because my accent was still strong and I told him I traveled to see them and he flipped out and hugged me and told me he was so so grateful then at the signing Alex saw me and jumped out of his seat and hugged me again and Lynn asked what was going on and he told her and Brian how I traveled and Lynn flipped her shit and hugged me and stopped the signing and told everyone that we needed a group photo despite not actually being allowed to take photos at the signing so we did that and she hugged me again and told me that I was beautiful and that she can’t wait to see me again in Glasgow and told me to tweet her when I got back to Scotland safe and oh lord none of it feels real they are my actual Angels

Okay, under the cut is a very long story that I posted in multiple segments on facebook about my awesome (and definitely flirtatious whoops) experience with Mark Sheppard at CONjure

For some background, CONjure was the smallest and least-advertised of three conventions happening in central Florida this past weekend.
The biggest name was Mark Sheppard. The attendance of the first two days was so bad that they stopped charging admission on the third day as the con rushed to get any patrons

This is obviously from my pov and is solely my experience, not anyone else’s
I wrote it all down so I wouldn’t forget it and I’m making it public in case someone else was curious how that weekend went


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I’ve been playing The Niflheim for a while now and I REALLY love Orlando.  I mean, to be honest they are all adorable and I might even get around to King Jean but Dolly Orlando has been whirling about in my head for ages so before I do anymore drawing and while I’m dying from the cold, feeling sorry for myself I felt the need to indulge myself.

Hopefully, I’ll actually get around to making him  I see actual feathers on his hat and roses sewn on to his legs and much swearing over the gold details