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electrostatic potential (25/?)

ten/rose. not quite teen but not quite adult this chapter?
surprise! a wee hours friday post! i thoroughly enjoyed writing this chap; hope you guys enjoy reading it. thanks to @goingtothetardis​ and @aroseofstone​ for their invaluable help!
summary: as the doctor and rose traverse time and space looking for adventure, they slowly fall victim to a mysterious energy that can manipulate their emotions. though confused and unnerved by the cerebral affliction, neither of them understands its cause, or realizes that it could jeopardize their friendship. what will it take for them to discover the truth?
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The Doctor remains mostly silent on their trek back to civilization. Hands in his pockets, chewing on his cheek, his eyes hidden behind his shades as he stares down at the sand. He kicks clouds of it up every now and then, an outlet for his frustration. Though Rose has basically coerced him to cease all attempts to hide his emotions, right now she’s tempted to ask him to make an exception. His internal panicking only amplifies her own.

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heeyyy so, dunno if this has been asked beforreee, but! do you script when you do your comics? or do you make up dialogue as you go? how do you plan your stories? a lot of questions, sorry, and if possible do you think you could show me an early script of hk, or something if you do those?

Here’s how I do it :> (disc. my handwriting is pretty bad. Sorry bout that :P)

1. Basic general plot progression thing

I don’t have any photo of that but it normally goes like: 

  • Ch. 00 - Prologue / Ren meets Yuu. Gets taken to rooftop. Falls off. Dundundun title!
  • Ch. 01 - Wakes up, meets the devil. Welcome to Hell! Intro: HK
  • Ch. 24 - New location: Golg. / new char intro. Ally??? or enemy?????
  • Ch. ?? - I want a scene where Ren gets*** maybe during the mid-rounds. LD’s gonna be real angry hah!

The aim’s not to be perfect but to help you not forget important scenes when you’re writing the actual chapters. 

2. Basic plot progression thing for the chapter thing

What you want to happen during the chapter. Is it important? Do you need that scene to trigger the next scenes? Does it contradict or support previous scenes? 

Something like this kinda..

3. Script writey/drawey thing (I do a combination of both)

can also be combined with step 4

4. Rough drafts (plus lots of sticky notes for panel changes and stuff)

can be combined with step 3

5. Draw each page on A4 paper + scan + edit on Photoshop

And that’s it, basically. That’s only my own method though. You can plan your comics anyway you want. 

Comic: Hell Kitchen

Medium: ballpoint pen, eno pilot mech pencil, Unipin pigment ink, photoshop cs4

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Prompt: I really loved that fic with Adrian. Could you write a fic of Maggie and Alex having him over for dinner or something?


Original Adrian fic here – http://archiveofourown.org/works/9122290/chapters/21448577

They’ve had people over for dinner before – Maggie’s work partner, M’gann, a defense attorney Maggie had worked a few cases with, and of course the Superfriends – but Maggie has never fussed like this before.

And Alex is beaming, because of all the people Maggie could fuss over coming to her apartment, it’s a teenage boy that sends her into a cleaning spree, that makes her wring her hands together and run through the menu four times and change even more than that.

“I’m one of the only gay adults he’s got in his life, and certainly the closest, and I just want him to get a good impression of what a happy, healthy queer family, home, looks like,” she explains off-handedly when she notices Alex’s bemused expression, and she’s so frenzied that she doesn’t notice the casual words rolling off her tongue, the casual way she’d called it their home, that she’d called them happy, healthy.

A family.

She’s so frenzied she doesn’t notice the way Alex freezes, the way Alex gasps softly, the way Alex melts. The way Alex wants to get down on one knee right then and there and propose, because Maggie is the one, the one, the one.

But all that will wait – and Alex smiles, because they have time, because Maggie is right: this is home, this is family – because there’s a musical knock on the door, and Maggie jumps up, and Maggie smooths down her flannel and checks that her fly is zipped and leans up on her tip toes to give Alex a quick kiss to the lips with a beaming smile, an excited smile, a smile full of love, a smile full of life. A smile full of all the reasons Alex loves her, is in love with her.

Maggie pads over to the door eagerly, and pulls it open without even checking who it is, because no one else would knock in that musical pattern. No one else but her little boy.

“My favorite college kid!” Maggie exclaims as she throws open the door and her arms.

“My favorite detective!” Adrian responds, pulling Maggie into a one-armed bear hug, rocking back and forth slightly as he holds her, as they laugh just at their closeness, just at finally seeing each other again after Adrian’s first four months away at school in Central City.

Alex watches them and Alex beams. Adrian catches her eye over Maggie’s shoulder and Alex didn’t think it was possible, but his smile broadens.

“Agent Danvers!” he nearly squeals, and Maggie laughs and pulls back to let him in the apartment.

Alex steps forward and opens her arms to the boy. “It’s Alex to you, kiddo,” she tells him, and he laughs as he hugs her.

He steps back and turns so he’s facing both women, and extends a bouquet of cream-colored roses toward Alex and a bouquet of dark pink roses to Maggie.

Adrian, thank you,” Maggie breathes, and draws him into another hard hug.

“First time I’ve got roses from a man that I actually appreciate,” Alex teases, and Adrian doubles over in laughter and Maggie leans up to kiss Alex on the mouth.

“Ohhh, you two are so precious.”

Maggie winks at him and Alex blushes, and Maggie nods Adrian into the kitchen to put both bouquets into water.

“So tell me everything, the texts and calls aren’t enough,” Maggie tells him, while Adrian sticks his fingers into the salad bowl to pick out some croutons and pop them into his mouth with a moan of appreciation.

Alex chuckles and follows suit, and Maggie huffs laughingly. “Adrian’s got an excuse, Danvers, he hasn’t had my homemade croutons in months, but you? You’re a bad influence on my woman, kid,” she nudges him, and Adrian snorts as Alex pffts and steals another crouton.

“Glad to help out,” he winks at Alex, and starts carrying the salad bowl to the table without being asked.

“So. Tell me all the things!” Maggie demands again, and Adrian bounces on the balls of his feet.

“I don’t even know, Maggie. College is so different. Central City is so different. But I like it. There’s this queer club at school, I told you, but it’s…” He glances at Alex apologetically.

“Super white?” she supplies, and he laughs with relief.

“Yeah. And super cis. A couple of the other brown trans kids and me – there’s more than just me, which I totally didn’t expect, you know? – we’re thinking of starting our own thing, you know, make sure the school gets us the resources we need, too.”

Maggie beams as she spoons salad onto his plate, doling him out extra croutons, doling him out extra tomatoes. He beams back, because she remembers what he likes best.

“I’m trying to figure out if the school’s insurance stuff can cover at least some of my top surgery, too, and if it doesn’t, the others said they’ll help me raise money for it.”

“If you need me to scan through any of the bureaucracy stuff for you, you know I got you,” Maggie tells him, and he raises his glass at Alex.

“You ever met anyone more helpful?” he asks, and she holds Maggie’s hand across the table.

“Haven’t been that lucky, no.”

“Yeah, me too. But…” Adrian squirms with a mischievous grin, and Maggie smacks his shoulder lightly.


“There’s um…. there’s this girl…”

Alex laughs and Maggie whoops.

“Start of every good story!”

“I can’t tell if she likes me, though! I don’t know what to do, she’s just so…”

“Pretty?” Alex guesses.

“Good in bed?” Maggie teases.

Perfect,” Adrian sighs as he hits out gently at Maggie, and Alex and Maggie exchange a warm glance.

“Yeah, that’s what I keep saying about this one,” Maggie says, and Adrian laughs.

“You know, Agent – uh, Alex – I’ve watched Maggie go through a bunch of girls – “

“Watch it there, kid.”

“I got you, Mags. I’ve never seen her gaga over anyone like this, though. I mean look at her, she’s all domestic and beamy!”


“Hey listen, they can’t teach me all the fancy words in just one term!”

The three laugh, and while they do, Adrian watches Alex, watches Maggie. Watches the way they meet eyes while they catch their breath, watch the way Maggie always makes sure Alex’s glass is full of water, the way Alex makes sure Maggie isn’t forgetting to eat in her excitement.

Watches the way they love each other.

Maggie’s told him stories – stories of Blue Springs, stories of being brown and queer in a white and straight world that he feels, feels so deeply, because he’s much darker than Maggie, because he started transitioning before he had support, before he had insurance – and he knows how far-fetched a dream this must have been for her, growing up with constant black eyes and scars on her arms, growing up without any lunch money and without any community.

But here she sits, right in front of him, across from a beautiful woman who looks at her like she’s staring at a piece of magnificent art, in a beautiful apartment with a beautiful meal she made just for him and just for the woman she loves, the woman she’s told him she wants to propose to.

He knows how far Maggie’s come, and he knows, he knows – because of her, because of her, because of this – that he can go just as far, too.

He knows, and his face is barely broad enough for his smile.

A collection of quick sketches of my character Rigby Conlan from DragonFable, and one of her baby dragon Enoch. Apologies for the terrible scanning but my printer hates me sooo…

What is anatomy? Where do I purchase this knowledge?

I also know that the hammer is too big but I refuse to fix it because giant hammers, that’s why. Enough said.

DragonFable is property of Artix Entertainment (and I’m pretty sure they own part of my soul now).

I really need to stop procrastinating like this, I’ve got school stuff and lab experiments to do…



I have been slacking on my sketchbook. 

This tends to happen when I have multiple projects that overlap, I stop getting out for my daily drawings or making time to sit down and do my gesture exercises. I’m still drawing every day for project related work of course, but i really need to find away to make the time to work on my own stuff as well as contract work.

Either way, here are some sketch pages from today (and one from a few weeks back I didn’t get around to uploading a full scan of). I have a few weeks before my next project is due to start so I’m really hoping to get a whole mess of stuff I can share done!

More to come soon!


Of pics and thorns...

Scanned nearly 100 pics and sketches I finally burned to keep my luggage light.

I’ll be keeping only the completed pics of my own OCs and the Dangan stuff in my notebooks.

All other pics will meet the fire. Not because I hate them, let’s be clear. I need to keep my luggage under 20 k.

I have some Togami things that I want to give away, in case anyone wants them send a msg.

Just getting out of a 14 hour work, was yelled at for basically not being able to check a global connectivity issue on my side that I was COMPLETELY unaware of. I’ll be happy to leave all of this behind. Never had a workplace with lesser means applied to help us work properly. 12-14 hours without a single bathroom break. And if applications drop, you have like o means of reconnecting with anyone. Like seriously.

I’m really hoping this is for the best. It really has to be. Hitting barrel’s bottom was a very harrowing experience.

So, my Boss chose me to be the piano coordinator for my office anniversary concert on August. My partner is super busy with his college stuffs so I need to do everything on my own.

That’s why, I’m gonna work on Haikyuu Kareshi only if I have free time. For now I’m done with Ennoshita’s part, and half of Asahi’s part but I haven’t scanned it yet :(

8 parts left and I’m done!

Preference #4: Valentine's Day

Did you really think I’d let a major holiday pass without posting a preference? ;)

Scott: You smile over at your boyfriend from across the couch. He was sitting on one side while you were leaning against the arm of the other end. Your feet are laid out and sitting on Scott’s lap. You two had already had your romantic, candlelit dinner, eaten the delicious chocolate cake that Scott had picked up from your bakery, and exchanged the gifts you’d bought for each other – a necklace for you and concert tickets for Scott. Now, you were just sitting and enjoying each other’s company.

“Valentine’s Day isn’t over yet!” Scott announces while standing up.

“What are you talking about?” You asks as you laugh at your boyfriend’s outburst.

Scott ignores your question while he walks away before coming back with his Bluetooth speaker. He turns it on and sets it down before reaching for his phone and finding the perfect song.

Scott sets his phone down and walks over to you, holding out his hand to you, while Ed Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud starts to play.

“I love this song.” You say under your breath while reaching out and taking Scott’s hand.

The boy pulls you up and wraps his arms around you. “So dance with me.”

As you wrap one hand around Scott’s neck and the other rests lightly in Scott’s over his heart, he wraps his open arm around your waist, holding you closely as you two sway slowly together. You rest your head against Scott’s chest and bite your bottom lip. Your lips are forming the biggest smile.

Scott rests his chin on top of your head as hums along to the song. He’d never admit it, but you knew that he liked the song just as much as you did. He may act like a tough guy who only loved Blink 182 and music like that, but you knew Scott had a soft side, too.

As the song starts coming to an end, you look up towards Scott’s face and look into his eyes. “I love you.”

“I love you, too.” Scott leans down and slowly kisses your lips.

You’re both so caught up in the moment that you don’t even realize when the song changes. Not until you hear Big Sean rapping in I Don’t F**k With You. You pull away from the kiss laughing, while Scott’s eyes go big and wide. He immediately turns and turns off the music. When Scott looks back at you, you’re still laughing. “I’m so sorry!” He says before realizing just how hard you’re laughing. Then, he joins you.

When you’ve both settled down, you lean back into Scott who wraps his arms around your waist again. “Happy Valentine’s Day, Scott.” You kiss his lips sweetly.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Y/N.” He leans down and kisses the tip of your nose while pulling you in and holding you a little tighter, feeling completely happy and content.

Stiles: Nothing was going right. Stiles had planned the perfect Valentine’s Day date for you, but everything was going wrong. First, he burned the cake he had been baking you. Then, he had dropped the chicken he was going to cook on the floor. You were okay with it all though. It had made you laugh, and you suggested ordering a pizza for dinner. All you really cared about was spending the evening with your boyfriend.

“At least let me go get your present.” Stiles pouts while looking at you. He had just wanted this one day to go right for you since every other day was filled with alpha werewolves, kanimas, deadpools, and who knew what was coming next.

You shake your head. “You didn’t have to get me anything.” You tell him sweetly.

“Of course I got you something.” Stiles stands up and runs up the stairs and to his bedroom. You hear him above your head, and it sounds like he’s rummaging around.

After he’s been gone for over ten minutes, you make your way upstairs slowly. When you reach his open doorway, you see that his room has been completely destroyed. “Everything okay in here?” You ask Stiles, your eyes wide as you look around at the mess surrounding your boyfriend.

“I lost it.” Stiles keeps looking around him, flipping things over and shoving papers out of his way. “I hid it so you wouldn’t find it… And so I wouldn’t be tempted to give it to you early… And, now I can’t find it.” Stiles lets his body fall back on the ground, his butt hitting the floor softly. He slumps his shoulders down and starts shaking his head. “All I wanted to give you was one perfect day, and I can’t even do that right.” He sloppily sets his elbows on his legs and sets his chin on the palms of his hands.

“Stiles…” You gush before walking into the room and crouching down in front of him. “I don’t need a nice dinner or cake or a present to have the perfect day. All I need is you. You’re my Valentine, none of that other stuff.” You wave your hand in front of your body.

Stiles leans forward and tenderly covers your lips with his own. “I will find your present though.” He looks around at the mess he created. “It just might take a while…”

“We have all night.” You chuckle before leaning over and kissing his cheek.

Derek: Your eyes scan the loft for the hundredth time that night. There were candles lit all over the place, and twinkly lights hung from the huge wall of windows. Derek had laid white and red rose petals around the blanket he had laid out for you two to have your picnic on.

You couldn’t believe that Derek had done this for you. Derek Hale was the least sentimental man you had ever met in your entire life, but ever since you began dating him, he had made sure to make you feel like the most important person in his life. You appreciated all of his efforts, and you appreciated that he always put himself outside of his comfort zone for you.

As you lean forward and kiss Derek’s lips sweetly, you reach for the glass of wine Derek had poured you, and smile at him. “Who knew you were such a romantic?” You tease him sweetly.

Derek shrugs his shoulders. “I figured that you’d want something like this. It is Valentine’s Day after all.” He looks directly into your eyes, sending a chill down your spine.

“Didn’t you just tell me that this is a made up holiday created to make money off of sappy girls and whipped men?” You look at him with one lifted eyebrow and a smirk on your face.

Derek nods his head. “Yeah, but I knew that you wanted to celebrate…” Derek shrugs his broad shoulders.

“I just wanted to be with you tonight.” You scoot your body a few inches closer to Derek, who immediately reaches out and runs his thumb over your cheek gently before letting his hand softly cradle your head, his thumb making its way to your pulse point. He could hear your heart, but there was something about feeling the blood pulse through your body that made him feel at ease.

“Well, here I am.” Derek grins over at you. “What are you going to do with me now?”

“Get your mind out of the gutter.” You smile cheekily over at Derek. “I want to give you something.”

“And I want whatever that is.” Derek flirts back with you.

“Stop making this conversation dirty.” You point at him before reaching back behind you and finding your purse. You dig inside until you pull out a wide, flat gift-wrapped box. You hold it out to Derek. “It’s your present.”

“I didn’t expect you to get me anything.” Derek moves closer to you and slowly takes the box from you. He holds it in his hands, not really being used to getting gifts from anyone for anything, not even his birthday or Christmas (which happened to be the same day).

“Open it.” You urge Derek. You were so nervous for him to see it. You had worked so hard on it.

Derek lifts the top of the box, and is shocked by what he sees inside. It was just a single page, but you’d had it framed. Derek lifts the drawing. He just continues to look at it, speechless. “How did you do this?” He looks up at you from the portrait.

“I asked Malia to find any pictures that you might have, but she couldn’t find any.” You start explaining. “Stiles ended up hearing about it, and he remembered seeing a photo in one of his dad’s evidence boxes from the station. Apparently it was from the fire…” You bite your lip, nervous about bringing up the fire. “It was a little damaged so I did my best to fill in the blanks.” You look down at the portrait you’d drawn of Derek’s whole family, his parents and all of his siblings.

Derek looks back down at the paper, blown away. For the first time ever, you see tears at the brims of Derek’s eyes. “Thank you.” He looks back up at you.

You shrug your shoulders while trying not to cry yourself. Seeing Derek get emotional made you feel emotional, too. “I know it’s not exactly a romantic present, but I thought it might make this place feel a little homier.” You look at the loft. “I never feel at home without pictures of my family.”

Derek leans forward and captures your lips in a passionate kiss. “The bracelet I got you sucks compared to this.”

You breath out a short laugh. “I’m sure it’s beautiful.” You lean back in and kiss Derek’s lips again.

Isaac: You let out a deep huff as you exit the restaurant and pull your iPhone out of your purse. You roughly tap the phone, unlocking it and opening the internet. You needed a cab, and you needed one now!

“Um…” You turn your head sharply when you hear a voice speaking to your right. “Excuse me, do you need help of some sort?” The tall, shaggy blonde haired boy, who has mesmerizing blue eyes, asks you.

“Just a cab.” You turn back to your phone, hoping this stranger, albeit cute stranger, will just leave you alone. You were not in the mood to deal with anything else at the moment. You let out a groan when your phone dies. You knew you should have charged it earlier! “Piece of crap!” You exclaim under your breath as you throw the phone back in your bag. When you cross your arms and start looking around, you notice that the boy is still standing there. “Do you need something?” You asks him with all sorts of attitude.

“Um, I was going to ask you the same thing.” He slowly lifts one hand and holds it out. “I’m Isaac, by the way.”

“Y/N.” You reply back quickly. “And, if you have a phone, I’d love a cab. I just want to go home.” You let your hands fall and slap at your sides. This night was supposed to perfect and romantic. Instead, your asshat of a boyfriend had just broken up with you… on Valentine’s Day of all days.

“Want to talk about whatever just happened in there?” Isaac points to the restaurant you’d just stormed out of.

You roll your eyes as you start shaking your head to yourself. “My boyfriend just broke up with me…” You scoff under your breath. “I’m so pathetic. It’s Valentine’s Day!” You exclaim. “Who does that?” You look over at Isaac after waving your arms around.

“Well, he’s an idiot.” Isaac looks at you with a small smile on his face. “You’re obviously too good for him, and he doesn’t know what kind of mistake he just made.” He shakes his head while trying to comfort you.

“How do you know that?” You ask Isaac.

“You’re gorgeous, and you obviously wanted to look nice for him tonight… Not that that’s difficult for you, I’m guessing.” Isaac smirks at you. “Just forget about him. It’s his loss, right?”

You smile back at Isaac. “Thank you for that.” You tell him. “You made this Valentine’s Day just a little less sucky.” You hold your thumb and finger up with a little space between them.

“Will going for ice cream with a stranger make it anymore less sucky?” He asks, his smirk growing.

You bite your lip while looking up at him. He really was cute, and he was obviously flirting with you. You look back at the restaurant and think of your now ex-boyfriend. You’d only been dating a couple of months, and if you really thought about it, you always knew it wasn’t going to last. He was too pushy, too lazy, and just plain annoying. He always had to have things his way, and he never seemed to care about your feelings.

“Yeah, that would be great. Let’s go.” You smile up at Isaac. Maybe this could be a new beginning, and at the very least, it’d give you a happy Valentine’s Day.

Brett: You look at yourself in the full length mirror and let out a deep sigh. “Nope.” You shake your head as you turn back to your closet and pull out your favorite pair of dark wash jeggings along with a white crop top and your black leather moto jacket. To add a bit of color, you grab your red flats. Brett had told you to dress comfortably and casual since you’d be outside.

Normally, you didn’t fret so much about your clothes, but this was kind of a big deal. It was your first official date with Brett, and it was on Valentine’s Day. You were feeling pressure to live up to the big day, but on the other hand, you were feeling pressure to just let it be another first date. “Who asks somebody out on a first date on Valentine’s Day?” You ask yourself as you look at your new outfit on you in the mirror.

Just then the doorbell rings. “This is going to have to be good enough.” You sigh to yourself as you fluff your hair quickly while turning and grabbing your purse. You bounce down the stairs before either of your parents can reach it and smile when you see Brett on the other side. “Hey You.” You bite your bottom lip.

Brett holds one red rose out to you. “I know it’s our first date, but Happy Valentine’s Day.” Brett smirks back at you. “You look so amazing.” He lets his eyes run over your body quickly.

“Thank you.” You take the rose and duck your head down, feeling your cheeks start to get red. “So, what do you have planned for us?” You ask Brett while stepping outside and closing the door behind you. The last thing you wanted was for either of your parents to start interrogating Brett about his intentions and what not.

“It’s a surprise.” Brett lifts his eyebrows quickly before reaching out and grabbing your hand. He intertwines his fingers through yours while leading you towards the driveway.

Parrish: Parrish had gotten the odd day off of work at the station, and he was planning something extra special for you… You just didn’t know it yet.

“I wish you didn’t have to work.” You pout into the phone. “It would have been nice to spend the day together.”

“I know. You’d think all the criminals in Beacon Hills would take a day off to celebrate with their own significant others.” Jordan tells your sarcastically.

You let out a sigh. “I’m sure they’re all stealing their gifts.” You try to joke out.

“I’m sorry Baby, but I’ve got to go.” Jordan’s eyes light up as he sees the flower delivery truck pulling up in your driveway. “I’ll come by after work with some takeout and movies.” Jordan’s face breaks out into a giant smile as his hard work and planning start to come to life. This was it. “I love you.”

“I’ll see you then. Love you, too.” You tell Jordan just as you hear your doorbell ring. You quickly set your phone down on the counter before make your way to the front door and open it. You smile grows when you see the flower delivery person on the other side.

“I’ve got a delivery for Y/N Y/L/N.” He man smiles at you.

“That’s me.” You beam happily. Jordan always spoiled you, and you felt so special every time you thought of the fact that you were the girl he chose to give all this happiness to.

As you take the flowers from the man and start reaching for the card, you’re interrupted. “What’s going on?” You look up to see the flower delivery man walking around Jordan, who looks upset.

“I’m just getting your surprise. They’re gorgeous, Jordan.” You gush while looking at the flowers. He had chosen an arrangement of red roses and white calla lilies. Then, you realize that Jordan should be at work. “What are you doing here?” You ask him.

“This is my surprise.” Jordan holds out a single red rose while using his free hand to point to himself. “I didn’t have to work. I just wanted to surprise you and take you out for the day.” Jordan looks at the flowers in your hands. “Who sent those to you?” He points to the flowers.

“Didn’t you?” You ask while looking completely confused. If the flowers weren’t from your boyfriend, you didn’t know who they could be from.

“No. Why would I have this rose if I sent you those?” Jordan takes a small step back. “Who the hell is sending my girlfriend flowers on Valentine’s Day?”

You can see that Jordan is getting visibly upset. “I… I don’t know.” You shake your head. “Come inside, and I’ll read the card.” You turn around and walk towards your kitchen where you set the flowers on the counter and pull the card from the flowers. You open the small envelope and pull out the paper. You gasp when you see that there’s a diamond ring attached to the card. You read the card as tears start filling your eyes. Turn around. With the card, and subsequently the diamond ring, still in your hand, you turn around to face Jordan, who is down on one knee, a nervous grin on his face.

“I know we’ve only been together for like seven months, but I love you, Y/N. I love the way you talk in your sleep, and the way you bite your lip and scrunch your eyebrows when you’re really focused. I love the smile you get one your face when you think something is funny, and I love the different smile you use when you see me for the first time that day. I love how passionate you are about your job, although I’ll never understand volunteering to spend eight hours a day with 7-year-olds.” Jordan pauses as he reaches up and takes the card from your hand and un-attaches the ring. He then holds it up while taking your left hand in his. “I love everything about you, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?” Jordan asks you, small tears in his eyes.

“Yes!” You vehemently nod your head over and over again as Jordan slips the ring on your finger. “I love you so much.” You tell Jordan while pulling him up on his feet and kissing him.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Baby.” Jordan whispers in your ear while wrapping his strong arms around your waist and pulling you in, closely hugging your body to his.

anonymous asked:

Shoot prompt- Root and Shaw receive a number and have to surveil her at a fancy restaurant. When they get there, they have a reservation for the both of them and the number isn't there. It turns out to be a trick by the Machine to set them up on a date.

Root was sitting at the computer inside the house that she and Shaw broke into. She opened the email client and started flipping through the emails of their number.

“This is weird,” Shaw walked around the living room, “All of this stuff is brand new. I don’t even think anyone has ever sat on this couch.”

Root scanned the email, “It is brand new. All of the receipts are here. Paid for with a credit card, all ordered online.”

“She has good taste,” Shaw moved to the kitchen and looked in the cupboards, “All of this stuff looks brand new too. No dirty dishes.”

“Dear Stephen,” Root started reading an email, “I understand that you may want an explanation for my sudden departure. I assure you it was nothing you that did. I need to figure out who I am on my own.”

“Gross,” Shaw moved to the bedroom. “I can smell the mattress. It’s new too. Our girl must be really going through a complete cleanse.”

“She’s meeting Stephen at a five star restaurant to talk about the end of their relationship tonight,” Root called to Shaw. “I’m going to hack into the restaurant reservation database and get us a table close by. Sorry Mr. Ambassador. You’re going to have to find other dinner plans.”

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Happy to say my scanner arrived today and was quick and easy to set up. I can now officially do my  own scan and work comfortably at my own pace. Rather then depending on school or going to some printing shop to scan my work only to realize when I get home the scan is kinda blurry in some spot.

Here are just a few random stuff from my sketchbooks and loose watercolor sheet. Been making pattern swatches for fun to test out colors and line stuff, which was good timing because it sets up a good test template to see how well the scanner picks up the details and color. So far its satisfying my needs very well.

Everything else is chicken scratch stuff that I do  in my sketchbook during train rides, brainstorming and writing down ideas etc. Like the office space critters and such.

Overall, I wont need to instagram my pics anymore for the most part, since now I can just scan my stuff now.


Inktober 13-18! I need to properly scan them each on their own day… But piloting my secondary scanner is quite a chore, and my primary, prized one is busted =/

Anyways, those guys are from another history, actually two of them. “Wasteland” (first four guys) and “Action Story” (the other two. Silly names but the story is in Portuguese so it´s alright). The catch is that the stories collide at one point. Each is the hero of their story, but the villain in the other. Quite tricky stuff i was into. I even got to do some pages! It´s old, but let me know if you´d like to see them.


Putting the Organs in Organization

So in case y'all haven’t noticed by now, I never actually have titles that make sense with my posts. But at least today is actually about organization! (I can’t promise any actual organs, but I’ll try an extended metaphor.)

First off is a disclaimer: this is just how I organize myself, and it may or may not work for you. I change my organizing style from year to year, too, so it can be a very specific and individual sort of thing. This is what works for me, and if it sounds logical, then maybe you can try it out~

The Heart: Planner

All right, so the thing I spent the most money on in that picture above (other than the laptop) is that blue planner. I mean, it was only $15, because I’m still cheap, but the point is that I made a point to look for a good one which I liked and had a format I was happy with. My planner is the heart of my organization system–it is where I write down everything due in the next two weeks, and any club or school events that might occur, and anything that might consume time which I happen to know about before it actually happens. I don’t only write down things for school, here, I write down concerts I’ll go to and stuff like that too. Therefore, it is the heart. If nothing else worked, a good planner would help me keep my life sort of together when it would otherwise fall apart. 

Spinal Cord: Notebooks 

I didn’t want to say “the brain” because that would be too mainstream. However, I am in school, and so I presumably have to get some actual learning done over the next four years. That learning happens in my notebooks! I take notes and do practice problems here. However, I also learned after freshman year of high school that it’s a really bad idea to have a notebook or binder for every subject, unless you have a) the back muscles of Captain America and/or b) a way to make an enormous lumpy backpack become a hawt fashion statement. At the same time, it’s really important to make sure you know where all those notes actually are so you can go back to them. 

This year, I ended up using two notebooks for five classes, and color coding my notes with little post-it tabs, as shown above. When I start notes, I put a colored tab on it for whatever class it is, and use as many pages as I need. Then, when I start again, I put another tab for the next class. This actually worked really well for me, because I can also flip right to where my math notes are without having to sift through the whole notebook, and I could even start dating the tabs if I wanted to. Usually the order they are in the notebook is enough to tell about when I learned something is in my notes though. When I have questions, I tab it to the side rather than at the top, so I can cover my questions in recitation. Those tabs are analogous to lymphatic fluid or something….I don’t know ^^“


So if we’re using an organ analogy, there are some people at mit who are cyborg robots. THERE’S PEOPLE HERE WHO ARE COMPLETELY PAPERLESS. They take notes on their tablet and do their homework on their tablet, and then when they need to turn stuff in they print it out

This amazes me and I admire them so much, but I just have to have actual paper…particularly for my planner. 

However, I’m a huge advocate of using electronics in your organization system. For example, my planner cannot beep me to remind me to turn in my physics problem sets when I’m super tired, but my phone certainly can! 

Google calendar is the best thing ever. Legit though. I sync my phone with my computer, and it’s all on my google account, so even if one of my devices were to get wiped, all my data is safe~

I love google. It’s the best. As a kid with divorced parents who always had to move from house to house, place to place, and without my own laptop, the cloud basically saved my life in high school. I never had worry about losing a flash drive or whatever. I still keep everything important on the cloud~

I want to experiment with using Evernote, but I haven’t gotten around to that yet. Some people, although not completely paperless, scan their notes to their computer so they’ll never lose them, and that sounds like a good idea. 

And of course, you also need to worry about keeping your stuff organized.

My laptop is my soulmate, so I take very good care of it–I run virus scans periodically, clear out old files and downloads, and uninstall extraneous programs. It’s a good idea to clear out old junk on your computer (which can pile up pretty quickly) and I do the same with my email. I try to always keep my inbox under 30 emails. If there are things I need to keep, I put them in other folders or archive them. Again, google <3 because gmail has great tools for that. And as for my phone, I also try to delete apps I don’t use anymore and random files I’ve downloaded to keep it going smoothly. Hooray~

This wasn’t a very organized post, actually….I kind of just spouted random tips x) But, despite that irony, I hope this was somewhat helpful, or at least fun to read! 

GOOD LUCK! Especially to the high school class of 2015, you can do it guys. Application season’s tough right now, but on the other side of all this pressure, you will become an incredible diamond :) and take time to chill out once in a while. 

Just breathe!