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I’m the same way! Like I can’t believe I’m empathising with a Nazi but then you know he’s not sure anymore and he only joined to protect his family and look what he did to save his son. IT’S ALL FOR HIS FAMILY!

I know right?? It’s like he’s kinda accepted his role, because it’s what he needs to do to stay alive, to keep his family alive and it puts him in the best position to look after his country in whatever capacity he feels he can do best - and Smith is willing to do pretty much anything in order to do what he believes is right. Kido is sort of in the same position on the other side of the country - he’s committed unspeakable things towards others, but cares deeply for his own family and cares for his country. He and Smith have that in common, and ofc through their partnership they help stop an impending nuclear attack.

It’s weird, you can never really get behind a character in tmithc xD No one is ever really portrayed as heroic, they behave like real people put in desperate situations. They panic, they’re selfish, impulsive, they don’t have any sort of plan etc. Like Frank for example, who is ruled by his emotions most of the time and never thinks of consequences before he acts. It’s almost detrimental to the show in this way because all the characters are in some way at some point unlikable people. It’s the same for the three main groups we know of, between the Nazis, the Japanese and the Resistance they all get up to some pretty shady and morally dubious stuff. (Sorry going off on a tangent).

What I find fascinating about some of the NY well-to-do is seeing how they react to certain situations. 

Helen and her friends have this sort of blase attitude towards the more extreme measures of the Nazi regime, they’ve sort of accepted that this is how things are done now. Until it happens to them. We see a side of Helen who is horrified at the prospect of having Thomas taken away, at hearing her friends talk about ‘defective’ people, someone who wants to protect her son at all costs - like Smith. 

Lucy is all smiles on the outside but inside she is terrified of finding out that she is infertile, because this will mean a divorce, her husband losing his job etc.

And Thomas is the worst, it is truly heartbreaking to watch. Here is a boy who has known nothing but the Nazi regime he lives in, he has been born and raised to believe the crap that they spout. So when he finds out he has a degenerative illness, he hates himself, he believes he is worth nothing and that his life is not worth living. ‘I am defective’ he cries at Juliana. Breaks my gorramn heart.

Ugh, these three were adorable. I don’t even need any world saving or battling the First Order, just let them zip around the galaxy together in the Falcon hitting up country fairs or solving space mysteries or whatever.

Really enjoyed Force Awakens! And though the film had its flaws, Rey absolutely makes up for it. I’m just so damn happy about Rey.