i need to rewatch this series


not only did Yuuri have a billion posters of Viktor on his room, he also kept a picture of Viktor FRAMED ON HIS DESK RIGHT WHERE HE COULD ALWAYS SEE IT

and unless it’s merely an animation error not only did he keep a framed picture of Viktor, he also took the time to swap said picture from time to time


however it’s impossible to tell EXACTLY WHAT is in the frame right now so maybe it’s not Viktor anymore, but instead Vicchan (my poor heart if that’s the case) bUT WHO KNOWS maybe he did keep one picture 

please protect this pure boy at all cost he makes my heart melt he’s so adorable and loved Viktor for so long 

Me: I should watch other anime, you know, broaden my horizons

Me to me: Rewatch Yuri!!! On Ice. Nothing else deserves to be watched.


I need help. Like seriously… I also need more voltron episodes, because I’ve already rewatched the 1st season like 4 times now.

I want this to be an Family AU series, I’ve got some more pages I’m working on, but I’ve got so much other life responsibilities to handle first.. so yeah, stay tuned? 

Victor never meant to retire

It’s been a little over a month since episode 12 of Yuri!!! On Ice aired and every time I rewatch the whole series, I find new things worth talking about. I know many people in the YOI fandom were upset because they considered that Victor making a comeback to competitive figure skating was against the narrative. However, I think the series was heading that way since the very beginning. Victor never wanted to retire, and those who think that way completely misunderstood Victor’s character. I’m sure this is going to get really long, so I’ll put it under the cut.

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I recently realized you can easily interpret Nano's desire to be seen as a normal girl as a trans metaphor and it suddenly made sense why I related to her so much before I even realized I was trans. I love Nano so much. I need to rewatch Nichijou now that I realized this.

yes!! absolutely!! ive always been super down w/ that interpretation (and this scene always makes me tear up).

i love this series, and i love nano, she’s always been one of my favourite anime characters ever, since the first time i watched the show.

David's unreliable narration (is everything a delusion?)

OK so I decided to make this because it’s been bothering me every since Legion premiered (and ‘cause this series got me obsessed and I have rewatched both episodes several times). And we need to cheer up this fandom more!

Episode 1 

Weird thing #1

Ok, so is that toy next to the pink Rabbit (I think its a rabbit) the devil with yellow eyes??? It looks like… more so if you compare it with this next image. 

Weird thing #2

So in this scene we see the Devil with yellow eyes (again) on the back, while David was committing suicide. You see, here that thing is tall, and wearing a long shirt, similar to the toy from the first image. I think this Devil is someone David its trying to block. 

Weird thing #3

Sooo…. is there a relation between the screaming people at David in his memories (which probably are some split identities of his? or just everyone’s thoughts?) and that frankly weird-ass picture of a blurry man screaming in Doctor Kissinger’s office?  

Weird thing #4 

A Dog Statue??? Next to CWPH… is that the same Dog the Eye used to threaten David… and the one they have locked up in a small-ass cage?

Weird thing #5

During this scene we can see David’s bloody hands (from hitting Dr. Poole) and him eating the recordings of his sessions. What happened to David here? Is he the Devil with Yellow Eyes? Another personality… or is it Fiend? (a coverup of a traumatic experience of his father’s death).

Weird thing #6 

Syd’s not really there?? 

In the scene were Syd go to David’s room at night to say she’s gonna be released… we can see the door opening and immediately after it closes…. nobody enters (nobody) and suddenly Syd is there… so she is not really there. I think Syd is one of David’s personalities, the one that made him escape from Clockworks. The talk they had was David’s consciousness saying he was going to escape the next day. 

Weird thing #7

The technology?? 

Isn’t it supposed to be the 70s? 80s maybe… everything indicates so, but the technology is so advance… like this paper-thin screens and the ever changing clip-board of the interrogator? Is this and x-men universe thing maybe? 

And I will make part two later! There is still so much to say about this two episodes! It’s so exciting! Can’t wait for tomorrow’s episode, it’s gonna be dope for sure. 


9x01 ”I Think I’m Going To Like It Here” // 9x23 “Do You Believe in Miracles
Welcoming Death Like An Old Friend

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A Carver Era Rewatch Hiatus Meta-Series

There really isn’t a lot to say here as I think the gifs make the parallels pretty clear, but I just need to express how well done and heartbreakingly the events of the first episode of S9 are revisited in the last episode of S9. Especially the way the dialogue is shot between Sam and Dean. From the holding on to each other, right to the pat on the cheek for the final goodbye - it’s all there. Only with the roles reversed…

Reason’s why Samurai Jack is a perfect role-model for anyone;

1.) always polite, even to those that don’t deserve it

2.) realizes when his anger and hate is a detriment and controls it

3.) when he unintentionally offends someone, he IMMEDIATELY apologizes instead of making excuses

4.) he never destroys/kills needlessly, in fact he will refuse to fight if he sees no point in it

5.) always understanding to others’ misery when it comes to Aku and does not blame them for deeds done out of desperation

6.) always willing to “find another way”

7.) never gives up

8.) sacrifices own desires for the needs of others if they are in immediate danger or if their life could be impacted negatively forever

9.) always willing to learn about people and their cultures without prejudice

10.) does make mistakes, and (usually) learns from them

11.) does feel sorry for himself sometimes, but pulls himself up and #6 and #7

12.) despite having experienced great evil does not hold anyone accountable for that experience other than Aku

13.) does not allow himself to be bullied, maligned or harassed by anyone, and conducts himself appropriately for each scenario

14.) has a sense of humor

15.) can be vindictive (in the harmless, cheeky kind of way)

16.) is often solving problems that require deep concentration or inner mediation to solve them

17.) is highly adaptable

18.) feels remorse for all victims of Aku, even those who try to kill him and who he has had to kill in self-defense

19.) is not perfect by any means

20.) can jump good