i need to rewatch i love this show so much


I need help. Like seriously… I also need more voltron episodes, because I’ve already rewatched the 1st season like 4 times now.

I want this to be an Family AU series, I’ve got some more pages I’m working on, but I’ve got so much other life responsibilities to handle first.. so yeah, stay tuned? 

Fandom hell is when your favorite anime came out 20 years ago and was super popular and had an active fandom 10 years ago, but now the fandom basically consists of 2 people and a bunch of finished or abandoned fics


It was lonely at first. But you get used to it, the silence. Finally, you come to love it. By the loch, I can hear the water ripple at the wind, the clouds moving in the sky. I hear the world as it’s meant to be. Folks say, “Take the money, put thy feet up.” I know every inch of this land, every bird, every animal. They’re my family now.


“The first draft of my vows - which I wrote the day after we got engaged - clocked in at around seventy pages. But I don’t have them with me today… Here’s what I’ll say, then. The things you have done for me - to help me, support me, surprise me, to make me happy - go above and beyond what any person deserves. You’re all I need. I love you and I like you.” 
“I love you and I like you.” 

When antis were saying how Robb and Talisa’s sex scene was hotter than Jon and Dany’s I completely disregarded it because all I remembered was Robb and Talisa lying on a bed kissing, but during the rewatch, I forgot about their first sex scene.

They showed their first kiss. The tearing off the clothes. Them damn near destroying everything in the room. Them winding up on the floor despite the bed being next to them. Ugh. Guys I love Boatsex, but D&D could’ve made it so much hotter than what it was.

They should’ve shown the first kiss.

Jon’s hair should’ve been undone.

Dany’s braids should’ve been undone.

Jon should’ve kissed Dany on the way inside, showed them making out, then showed him shutting the doir behind himself.

Most people weren’t saying that they needed more because they were being haters. It’s true. This was the most anticipated sex scene in 7 years and it wasn’t even longer than 40 seconds but they gave Grey Worm and Missandei more depth. Ugh.

Hetalia people - I can’t believe I’ve never drawn something from Hetalia. This fandom needs more love ;-; 

Also I drew inspiration for the “colouring” from the Tokyo Ghoul manga, which is to use patterns to fill in a surface. And even though I use this method all the time when I’m doodling, it apparently never occured to me that I can use that digitally, what?? And it makes the picture look so alive omg

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I recently realized you can easily interpret Nano's desire to be seen as a normal girl as a trans metaphor and it suddenly made sense why I related to her so much before I even realized I was trans. I love Nano so much. I need to rewatch Nichijou now that I realized this.

yes!! absolutely!! ive always been super down w/ that interpretation (and this scene always makes me tear up).

i love this series, and i love nano, she’s always been one of my favourite anime characters ever, since the first time i watched the show.

“You Are Proof…” 

“…That emotions destroy you.” 

“Ya…I am.” 

I love this line reading so much. He’s so resigned about it all–he absolutely owns it, which further drives home the point that his pain is part of his power and part of what keeps him fighting. There’s such optimism in the way he says it, even though he’s admitting to having been destroyed emotionally. Something so poignant and human and Whovian about that–pain is what helps shape us, but it does not stop us or make us relinquish hope. 

“You Can Shut Up” 

Get the Doctor going on multi-dimensional physics and he can talk forever. But bring up affairs of the heart and he readily acknowledges he’s way out of his depth. I love the way he sort of salutes… “Right…I’m shutting up now…”

“I L…”

So much is made of 10 never finishing the phrase that begins “Rose Tyler…”, but I quite like that it takes Rose a moment to say those words too. It somehow shows us how much effort and energy she needs to say them out loud. I’m not the biggest of TenRose shippers personally, but I feel this scene is beautifully acted and appropriately crushing. Definite tears the first time I saw it. 

Doctor Who Revival Series Re-Watch

Series 2, Episode 13: “Doomsday”

Fleuve’s fave scenes/observations ☺️💙💙

Image credits to the lovely BBC.

Waverly was right. We need that gun. And I’m talking to my truck.
—  Wynonna Earp, S01E01

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do you think they'll renew Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. for Season 5?

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I’m going to be a broken record and recycle this post.   We’re on the bubble and I wish I could say 100% we are good and going to be renewed but I can’t.   All we can do is FIGHT for the show, cast, and crew we love so much.  We need to do this now because its incredibly hard to get a show back after its been cancelled.  

As we watch and tweet tag (using the @) ABC as well and add the #renewagentsofshield

WATCH LIVE!  I realize we have a large international fan base but everyone who can WATCH LIVE!

  • DVR it and watch/rewatch preferably in the first 3 Days but up to 7….I literally have all of Season 3 and Season 4 so far on mine.
  • Watch again or watch on ABC on Demand
  • Buy the episode on itunes and amazon.

TWEET! Make us trend as the episode airs.  And keep it going all night as we air in different time zones. 

  • Use the Hashtags ABC, Colo, Agents of Shield Feed, and the Cast are using.  #AgentsofShield, #LMD, #Philinda, #FItzsimmons, and anything else they put out.  You can tag ABC as well.   HERE is the Tweet Colo just put out with that lovely picture.  Let’s unite Tonight @Marvel #AgentsofSHIELD #LMD LIVE Tweet
  • Retweet things like the Sneak Peeks and Promos to help bring new people into the Fandom.
  • We can add a new hashtag like #renewagentsofshield
  • Interact with the cast on their live tweets during airing.
  • Spread positivity about the show.
  • Cast we know will be live tweeting tonight as of 4:00pm MST.  Interact with what she tweets out and retweet.  If anyone else sees another cast member live tweeting spread the word.  

Build the Hype!  Keep it up on here, twitter, and Facebook.  If people see us posting and getting excited about something they will want to check it out.  

  • Fitzsimmons has a moment…BLOW IT UP!
  • Philinda does something awesome….BLOW IT UP!
  • Plot twist….BLOW IT UP!
  • Badass moment….BLOW IT UP!
  • Cool Easter Egg…BLOW IT UP!
  • Share teaser articles (just not the click bait ones).
  • Share Promos, Sneak Peeks, and other videos they put out on Twitter and Facebook.  

I know some of you are lucky enough to have the Season 3 DVD on pre order now.  Buying the past seasons shows the interest.

Yes, the ABC president was Bullish about us and seemed pleased with how things were going.  But, we need to plan for the worst but fight for the best here guys.

Do any of you want to tell my adorable kiddo that her favorite show has been cancelled?   I don’t!

Its time to mobilize guys, its time to watch, its time to be vocal, its time to show them just how much love there is for this show, its cast and its crew.  Boost this post by reblogging, spread the word, and I’ll see you all Tuesday night!

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I’m rewatching an episode of Due South and I remember how great it is but also I’d forgotten how great it is.  It’s just?? so soft?? and good??  I was going through a list of the top-ranked episodes and I was like ‘Ah I love them all’ and now that I’m actually watching one it’s like… this show believes SO MUCH in people and their power to be good and the idea that everyone has value.  And I have a LOT of feelings about that.

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How do you stay motivated to keep making costumes? I need a costume in January and started it but I'm already stuck and things about it are bothering me.

If I start to drag on a cosplay, I go back and rewatch the movie, game, or show it’s from. That’s usually enough to remind me why I love the character so much that I wanna be them and I come out of it being HYPED again.

If a specific part of a cosplay is frustrating me, I’ll switch gears and go work on a different part of it for a while instead. It keeps me from laser focusing my panic onto one piece, keeps me productive, and I always have a clearer head when I then go back to work on the frustrating piece.

And I look at my favorite cosplayers’ work on Instagram! Seeing other people’s builds always brings back my love for the hobby because of how cool it is that there’s thousands of creative nerds all over the world building ridiculous costumes just because they love characters so much!

The Pacific Rim soundtrack is also amazing for pushing through work.

There’s also no shame in mistakes or remaking things if you’re not happy with them. I know it’s not a good feeling, but messing up means you’re actively learning and improving. If I’m repeatedly getting stuck or making mistakes, I’ll go back and look at other methods I could be using, study where I’m going wrong, or talk to other cosplayers for advice. Deliberately changing my thinking from “oh shit, I’m fucking up” to “it’s ok, I’m learning” helps me a lot.

Also also, for me a big part of getting through motivation slumps is recognizing whether I’m momentarily frustrated or if I’m full on burnt out. Cosplay burn out is real and sometimes you hit a point where you need a break. If you’re hitting burn out point where you feel like you’re suffering more than you’re having fun, it’s ok to walk away for a few days, weeks, or months. Sometimes you just need to recharge your creative batteries by taking a breather.

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This is totally random but your love for Jefferson always makes me so happy! He's my second favorite character that Seb has ever played (of course Bucky will always be first!) and he just doesn't get nearly enough love or recognition for how truly amazing he was in that role. :D

this ask just made my night!!! I agree, Jefferson should have been a bigger character on OUAT and should get more recognition in Sebs fandom. I just love Jefferson so much. I don’t know which one I love more between him and Bucky. Heck I even had a custom Funko made of Jefferson!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve rewatched his episodes on ouat. They are my go to shows!! I mean how can anyone NOT love this guy!!

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thank you so much for this ask. It made me smile so much!! and I got to show my love for Jefferson. 

I am rewatching Numb3rs and simultaneously revelling in how glorious it was and lamenting over how much I miss it.

Charlie Eppes was by far the floofiest most adorable floof in the history of mathematics - but DON……… I just…. Blimey. He made aggressively chewing gum and licking coffee stirrers far sexier than either of those actions ever needed to be!!!

It’s not just Supernatural fans who struggle over being in love with two brothers at once, y’ know…!!


GET TO KNOW ME MEME · 4/5 Completed TV Shows » Gilmore Girls (2000-2007) - “You know what I just realized? "Oy” is the funniest word in the entire world. I mean think about it, you never hear the word “oy” and not smile. Impossible. Funny, funny word. “Poodle” is another funny word. In fact if you put “oy” and “poodle” together in the same sentence, you’d have a great new catch phrase. You know like, “oy with the poodles already!”

volume 3 is so draining jfc. i need to read some fluff stat 

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I have this mermaid AU where Meta Knight is this sexy ass merman but his son Kirby looks like a ningyo. (Basically, Kirby looks like Ponyo in her original form) Meta Knight is so proud of his fish baby and loves to show him off.

First of all, I love this AU. The first thing I thought of when you said ‘show him off’ was Meta Knight just holding Kirby over his head and yelling “THIS IS MY SON!”