i need to rewatch all of this omg


This whole storyline that started this season about Cam and Arastoo adopting has seriously warmed my heart, but in all honesty, the one thing that gets me about the whole thing is that at the end of the day, Cam went to Brennan of all people to discuss about their adoption plans (you can tell from her ‘you ready to tell them?’ remark earlier that Brennan knew about Cam and Arastoo’s plans all along - and it brings back memories of all those years ago, when Cam first started working at the Jeffersonian and both Brennan and Cam clashed so much, and it was that one conversation in the diner about Brennan being a foster child which led them to working out a plan to function better as a team and colleagues, and all that has led up to this moment now. That she can now confide in Brennan, and Brennan in turn, was there to offer her the advice and support required, is what makes this entire scene even better for me. Because it shows just how far these two have come after all these years, from colleagues who couldn’t get along, to becoming dear friends. And in all honesty, that is all I could have ever asked for with these two. ❤️

also, I know I sound like and asshole but I don’t like the general fanon for Bodhi as this  naive child-like delicate flower who is constantly on the verge of tears and needs Cassian to hold him and pat him on the head.

Bodhi Rook stutters and lives in constant state of anxiety and self-doubt and yet, and yet he gets all shit done. He defects, he gets the message, he goes to Scarif to fight, and when they leave him behind as “the only way out of here” he still takes command and orders and instructs the remaining soldiers before pulling an insane stunt and succeeding. And Bodhi Rook is really done with people underestimating him.

“I defected. I defected!”

“Are you sure [that’s where the lab is?]”


Bodhi is an amazing character. And I get that the fanon is perfectly well-meant but I can’t stand it because it kinda does to him what others in the movie tend to - underestimates his actual strength and character. And yes, Bodhi is very sweet, and Bodhi very much needs validation (which, heartbreakingly, is provided a lot by none other than K2) but he isn’t this limp, passive wide-eyed lamb that he seems to have been flanderized into. He is pure but he is not naive at all. And he is absolutely not infantile or child-like. If he’s a flower it’s carved in stone.

We need to protect Henrik at all costs
  • Henrik: You know, it was really important that Tarjei felt comfortable. But we had a natural connection from the start.
  • Me: (looking for an excuse to watch Skam again) Omg, I really HAVE to watch Skam again to pay more attention to their natural connection.

Collateral Damage

“Her name’s Martha. And she’s not collateral damage. Not for anyone. Have you got that, G.I. JANE?”

Donna Noble is having none of your indifferent attitudes towards human life, Jenny. Especially where her buddy Martha is concerned. 🙌

A Doctor’s Oath

“I am a doctor, and he is my patient. And I’m not leaving him.” 

You know that shared code of ethics the Doctor talks about later in this episode? Martha follows that code, too. 

“You’re Gonna Be Amazing”

Okay, so I just realized that this gets a major callback in “Let’s Kill Hitler.” When he says of River, “No, she won’t [be absolutely fine]…she will be…amazing,” it’s a massive indication that River, like Jenny, is unconditional family to him. (Also an oddly strange metaphysical parallel in that Georgia Moffett ended up becoming David Tennant’s actual wife, whereas River would be his fictitious wife…omg this is all too wibbly woblbly for me!) But anyone else need tissues for both of those moments? Cuz I do. 😭

Doctor Who Revival Series Re-Watch

Series 4, Episode 6: “The Doctor’s Daughter”

Fleuve’s fave scenes/observations ☺️💙💙

Image credits to the lovely BBC.


I’m having fun imagining an AU in which Jenny’s stepmom teaches her this trick for distracting guards. 

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Omg omg pls i need to discuss this with someone expert on sherlock. So im rewatching the series for the second time (im.fairly new to the fandom hehe) and i just noticed janine and sherlock never had sex! Ive always thought they did! And second of all, when she was leaving the hospital room she says "you shouldnt have lied to me, i know what kind of man you are, we could of been friends" what does she mean by what kind of man he is? Is she implying she knows hes gay or something? Pls

Im sorry maybe its all common knowledge for everyone who has been a fan longer but i rly rly need to know

Hi Lovely!

Yes, that is a common belief to “sort of paying attention” watch thrus – that Janine and Sherlock had sex – but that scene at the hospital absolutely proved that they did not. And she is ABSOLUTELY implying that Sherlock is gay – she knows he is; this is implied at the end of TSo3 when she says “whatever you are”. I personally think that they are using each other to get what they need – she to get out of Magnussen’s claws and he needs to get into the tower – so it’s a mutual agreement to “be in a relationship”, and what she says at the hospital is for the benefit of whoever may be watching Sherlock (possibly Mary, since she did return to threaten him). 

This isn’t proven canon, but it’s my best explanation for her. I do think she’s somehow involved in the whole Moriarty business (given that Sherlock has placed her with the Furies in his TAB Dream). I do think that Sherlock genuinely liked her though, since she was nice to him, and wanted to help her get out of Magnussen’s grasp. 

There’s also the theory that she and Mary are working together, one that I also support.


Okay, here are my thoughts on the 4th Digimon tri. movie Soushitsu.

- Great, great, great opening scene. I squealed through most of it like omg omg Original Chosen, omg omg Dark Masters, omfg HOLY BEASTS!!! I had to rewatch it several times after. I sympathise with Himekawa now.

- Pyocomon had a somewhat OOC reaction since she’s supposed to be a curious and friendly Digimon… but wtv, they needed it for the plot so I won’t be picky.

- Mimi stopping herself from crying was great.

- The bento scene was cute at all levels, and to see Koushiro redder than his hair was really funny.

- Motimon. ♥ “uuohhh what’s this slightly bitter drink?” ♥

- Patamon and Biyomon can fly high now? In Adventure they couldn’t keep it for much long.

- They don’t know their names when they digivolve? Eh???

- Taiorato scenes were a bit dull. I expected Taichi and Yamato to help Sora more. The movie poster doesn’t make complete sense now, I’d prefer Sora alone in it.

- Agumon drifting away was random and stupid. It annoyed me.

- Agumon being always hungry also annoys me. [is that a clue to something Toei?]

- Mugendramon was nice in the beginning.

- Tentomon. ♥ “auauauaw oh my goodness, oh my goodness!” ♥

- Himekawa and Nishijima scene in the library was cuuute.

- It was brutal seeing Biyomon being harsh to Sora and her reaction, but this scene was beautifully done and affected me terribly.

- I loved that Takeru, Jyou and Mimi went to meaningful places when they got separated. Mimi seems to still resent her actions in the palace.

- Tentomon. ♥ “Patamon, Koushiro-han! Agumon, Koushiro-han!” ♥

- Plotmon is the cutest.

- Hikari saying Plotmon’s happier now. ♥

- Koushiro + Gomamon (he’s loving it!) made me smile

- Meiko finally waking up and facing Meicoomon while she attacks her. Great scene and character development!

- Creepy Darth!Gennai pushing Sora down with Meicoomon. I laughed because of the WTF, sorry xD

- Creepy AF Darth!Gennai licking Sora: I was creeped out but loved it. What a great nemesis!

- Child level digimon affecting Mega levels is just……. sighs.

- Boring MetalSeadramon. Sad.

- “Yamato! kun.“ ♥

- Himekawa and Bakumon scene ;_; what were you expecting, Hime-chan?

- I literally spat out my tea laughing at this. What the hell happened here? Are they swimming, drowning, practicing a routine, drowning again?? Such a stupid scene, god! Didn’t like it at all ._. (the digimon rescuing them next was cute tho)

- Biyomon evolution trigger was okay. Not what I expected but it was cute.

- JYOU ♥

- JYOU again ♥

- mean grinning fish is the real mvp.

- I can’t believe I’m saying this but Darth!Gennai is sexy. Creepy - yes, but also sexy. He can corner me like that whenever he likes.  YOU’RE NOT BLUSHING NOW MEI MEI?

- Patamon and Tentomon digivolution was needed but the timing was wrong in my opinion. They should’ve let Hououmon battle Mugendramon by herself. If a Child level could inflict damage, there was no need for 3 Mega. And it was so time consuming I got annoyed and actually skipped those parts.

- Motimon. ♥  “~Koushiro-han~, am I heavy? ~Koushiro-han~?” ♥

- Darth!Gennai force-chocking people - star wars fan confirmed.

- I often think of Sora as a responsible and mature person, not being allowed to be childish or throwing a tantrum when she wants/needs. It’s nice to be reminded that she’s not made of steel and still has to mature a bit. She can throw a tantrum like when she was 11 (Bokura no Wō Gēmu) and that’s okay. ♥ “~Baka!~”


I just realised that every time I’ve watched Spies are Forever it’s been for a different reason (also slightly embarrassing bc all those reasons are that I’m trash)

-first time: omg hey Lauren Lopez is in this I need to watch it!!

-second time: wow this totally punches spy clichés in the face I need to watch that again (also I fell in love with Joey during the first watch so that may have had something to do with it)

-third time: curtwen shipper for life I need to rewatch this and analyse the crap out of it. also Tatiana’s voice damn

-fourth time: *notices Mary Kate Wiles is a goddess on earth*

-every time since then: Mary Kate Wiles is in this I have to watch it

The first time I watched Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, I enjoyed it a lot.

Now, on my epic rewatch, I’m realising that in my eager rush to watch all of it as quickly as possible the first time to see what happens, I didn’t take the time to appreciate the masterpiece that it is.

The plotting is so tight and ridiculously well-structured with enough hints and tastes of things to come, without being overwhelming. The eventual final battle climax and one of the Big Bosses of the show are foreshadowed from episode one. The characters are layered and complex with so many tiny moments that didn’t need to be there, but that add so much to their personalities. And the animation. omg, the animation is so freaking gorgeous.

Also, Ed is a cinnamon roll. A slightly charred cinnamon roll, to be sure, but he gives up valuable research time to play with a lonely little girl and her dog and deliberately overpays a transcriber to cover her mother’s medical bills. Cinnamon. Roll.


we need to talk about the way matt removes that chair like it has personally offended his butt

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I just saw SpiderMan and omg I wanna see it a billion more times and wrap Peter in a blanket and never let him go. And all the nerd shirts and arhejsjciwiwhshcnen I blame you for my addictions but I love you none the less sweetheart

Originally posted by zgallagher

This is who you are now. Embrace it. HAHHAHAHAHAHHA It was such a beautiful movie, wasn’t it? The type where you need to rewatch it again and again in cinemas. Tbh no movie has ever made me feel that way aside from How To Train Your Dragon HAHAHHAHA! But this one is on a different level. All of Peter’s nerd shirts are goals. He lives every day just so show off the science puns. WHAT A HUGE DORK and I love him heaps. <3

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I'm rewatching 3x03. LMAO at Iris going "NO!". I didn't recall her being that loud. It was at this point that she surpassed Barry's thirst meter, and I didn't think it was possible at that time. Now they broke it. 😄


I’m going to have to address that in my 3x03 fic that I will hopefully someday write. Lol. Cuz I rly rly need Barry to tease her about that. We thought he was all desperate for her, but she was flat out:

“NO. We’ve waited so long to be together. We finally got our act together. I WANT you. I LOVE you (even if I don’t realize it yet lol). And you’re going to shut me down after one boring first date?! Uh-uh, I don’t think so.”

Lol. BLESS. That was just… that was awesome. 😂

I just finished my 3rd rewatch of Stargate SG-1 and honestly Samantha Carter is one of the best female character I’ve ever seen on television. Why? Let me explain:

She’s smart. VERY SMART and she litterally outsmart every men, everytime. It’s just delightful because they need her brain to fix all the intergalactic problems and are constantly baffled by her impressive scientific knowledge. I mean litterally baffled, the camera just zoom on their silly faces, it’s so funny omg. Her main “rival” on this field, is Rodney McKay who is also extremely smart but compared to Sam, he’s just so pretentious and he will never miss an occasion to remind you that you don’t have his magnificient brain. Sam will never try to make you feel worthless compared to her. NEVER.

Sam is also badass, OF COURSE. She will kick your ass if you mess with her or the rest of the team even if you’re a false terrifying God or any other powerful being who control the galaxy. She’s a skilled ranked member of the US Air Force, trust me you just don’t.mess.with.her. ok?

She’s HUMAN. She cares, she loves, she cries, she yells, she laughs and she makes mistakes. This character is not over sexualized and it feels so fucking good. It’s okay if Sam prefers to work very hard on a new alien device instead of going out on a date. It’s okay to feel awkward around people, it’s okay to be introverted, it’s okay to be a nerd. Well, there’s this thing with Jack, there’s Pete and other guys but it’s never too much or awfully cliché.

Her friendship with other women like Janet, Cassie and Vala is just so beautiful and SO precious.

She’s a role model since I was 8 years old. Every girl needs a Samantha Carter in her life.

8059 Ship Manifesto Part I || The KHR Manga Breakdown Through 8059 Perspective

cherry-blossom-wish replied to your post Please. There is not enough 8059 in my life. I need more.”


I’m still looking forward to your compilation of everything 8059 that’s happened in the manga! I just started rewatching the anime and trying to finish the manga and omg this ship is just too much for me!

Ah man, I know what you mean! This entire ship has destroyed my life! The compilation of everything 8059 is going to take a long time! There are, believe it or not, a lot of 8059 moments. And not just aw, look, they shared the same panel. No. It took some deep analysing, and a lot of time looking over it all with tastewithouttalent but we’ve broken down a lot of it, and have come to the conclusion that aside from KHR being a Shonen manga with lessons in friendship, that it really is meant to be read as an 8059 love story.

Let’s begin with the general introduction first. I’ll do a few chapters maybe now, and some more later. Prepare yourself folks, it’s gonna be a long post.

External image

The Daily Life Arc (Pt. 1)

Here is the very first chapter Gokudera and Yamamoto are introduced to each other. They’re both friends of Tsuna’s separately and apparently all in the same class, but there had been no sights of Yamamoto during Gokudera’s introduction (re. chapter “Gokudera Hayato”) or sightings of Gokudera during Yamamoto’s chapter (re. “Yamamoto Takeshi”).

Can we all pause to take a moment to look at the way Yamamoto’s looking at Gokudera? Tsuna’s in between them, and Gokudera isn’t looking in his direction but Yamamoto is looking at Gokudera only. His body is turned in his direction. His expression is soft and fond, perhaps a little worrisome. Like the usual Yamamoto-esque apologetic look. Almost like he’s saying, “I’m sorry I fell for you, so uh, please just love me back.” He wants Gokudera to notice him, to acknowledge him.

Let’s move on.

External image

Now, Kat and I were talking about this — and it makes perfectly logical sense. Fist you have to understand Gokudera and Tsuna’s relationship. He only sees Tsuna as his boss in the beginning. Not a friend or anything else. Perhaps, though, we can look at it this way.

Gokudera’s obsessiveness and attitude towards Tsuna has always been pointed out as totally “gay for Tsuna” by most of the fandom. And perhaps that’s the truth. Gokudera, as we’ve seen, has an aversion to women — generally all people, with the exception of Tsuna and he has mild tolerance for Reborn and Tsuna’s mother, and somewhat less tolerance for Shamal and Dino. However, that being said, let’s assume Gokudera is gay canoniacally (we all do, anyways) — and I use the “canon” term lightly. Let’s also say that, in saving Gokudera’s life, Tsuna has become the object of Gokudera’s infatuation (which he does). Here he’s shown he already knows Yamamoto, or of him, and he’s exteemely irate, some would say jealous, that Yamamoto is close and clingy with Tsuna. Now, some would argue it is jealousy, but it isn’t.

Gokudera takes a long time to warm up to anyone. He’s been the subject of a lot of psychological trauma and the perfect example of how KHR’s ‘mafia world’ can damage a child. He’s got major trust issues, he’s socially awkward, violent and rash and stubborn. His edgy ‘punk’ exterior and bad attitude are a defense mechanism to scare people away, so he doesn’t have to worry about people getting close to him and resulting in him getting hurt. We know this because he’s the exact opposite around Tsuna. Some call it love, I call it devotion. Some may call that love too. I’m not.

Here’s the deal. Where Gokudera comes from, loyalty is everything. The Vongola is also the largest, renowned Mafia families in all of Italy, and he’s just proclaimed himself as the right hand man to the tenth candidate to take position at the top of the Vongola. For Gokudera, coming from living on the streets to doing the dirty side jobs of the Vongola — a free agent; disposable and not trustworthy enough to be initiated into the actual family — he’s at the bottom of the trash barrel. This is a dream job. This means he’ll finally amount to something. This means his life will have some purpose, and he says it many times. His life belongs to the Tenth; he’s devoted to protecting him at the cost of his own life, meaning he doesn’t hold very much value to it. Conclusion? Gokudera needs to impress Tsuna. He needs to show Reborn and Tsuna and the rest of the Vongola that he is a trustworthy and reliable man that’s willing to do anything for the sake of his boss. This is the mafia, that is how a consigliere should be. That is the reason for Gokudera’s eagerness, that is the reason for his jealousy. He can’t let someone else take his place, and he can’t let Tsuna think that there might be someone more capable for the job than himself.

Let’s move on.

External image

Just a few pages before this, Gokudera is given permission to kill Yamamoto on Reborn’s orders. Of course, being Gokudera he overdoes it and nearly kills Tsuna. Luckily, Yamamoto is agile and manages to save Tsuna from the blast. Here he is, actually paying Yamamoto a compliment. Now, we all know Gokudera. He doesn’t give out credit, he’s not the type to let — especially his competition — know they’ve done something worth appreciation. But please, notice the fact that Gokudera has to get in Yamamoto’s personal space, despite being such a huge preacher about people in his own personal space. And it’s not just that. He has to put his hands on Yamamoto too, while complimenting him for saving Tsuna’s life. Remember. Yamamoto is supposed to be his rival, there was absolutely no reason for Gokudera to say anything at all other than the fact that he’s a tsundere little shit.

Edit tastewithouttalent just pointed out — FOLLOW THE DIRECTION OF YAMAMOTO’S EYES. This isn’t the only time where Gokudera gets up in Yamamoto’s face and Yamamoto is instead looking at Gokudera’s mouth, his own either soft or subconsciously open or parted in expectancy. I’ll have to do a separate post of all the times Yamamoto does this. See, I told you me and Kat are fucking ship wrecked trash.

External image

Here, Yamamoto just slings an arm around him like it’s no trouble at all, and Gokudera is shocked to shit that someone would even come close to him after he had just tried to kill them; on top of that Yamamoto is already complimenting him, without even knowing him. “I thought so from before, but you’re a pretty funny guy!” Gokudera isn’t funny, it’s not how he portrays himself to be, and he’s immediately shocked that Yamamoto is being nice to him. Yamamoto on the other hand, rather than thinking Gokudera is strange and keeping his distance, decides it’d be fun to rile Gokudera up by pretending to keep up this rivalry scheme just as an excuse to continue talking to him that he’s not really interested in, because he doesn’t mention it at all after, like Gokudera does, unless he’s trying to ruffle the other for fun.

External image

Please take note that Yamamoto’s leg is threaded through Gokudera’s legs to rest on his chair. This is offical manga art.

External image

Here there are plans being made to do homework together; Gokudera’s no where in sight.

External image

Just read the panel. Yamamoto announces their arrival as “we’re here!”, indicating they’ve arrived together on purpose. That it was premeditated. And as you can see, Yamamoto says he thought about Gokudera helping out, as they’d have the skills of 100 people with that guy around. And please note the way Gokudera is blushing like the little tsun tsun he is. But please, Tsuna knows above all else that Gokudera is brilliant, but it’s Yamamoto that thinks to call him. And there’s no point to it really, other than it being a flimsy excuse to spend time with Gokudera because after that Yamamoto does all the work without needing Gokudera’s help, because he isn’t stupid when it comes to academics. He just never studies because of his club activities.

External image

Here is Hibari Kyoya. Note the boyfriend Yamamoto telling Gokudera to stay back.

We have yet to see Yamamoto get visibly angry over anything, even when Gokudera tried to kill him and despite Gokudera insulting him every which way he can. Here is case # 1.

External image

Keep in mind that this isn’t the last time Yamamoto gets visibly angry that someone points it out, nor is it the last time he protects Gokudera. But we’ll get to that later. KHR is a long manga and I’m already hella tired. So, I’ll wrap this up for now… there isn’t much going on since it’s the beginning, but there’s already been some moments that make you think twice (I hope) and I’m doing this based off the manga only, since the anime has left out a lot of manga moments.

So, what have we learned thus far? Gokudera is a major tsundere with trust issues and Yamamoto is a ball of sunshine who has it bad for Gokudera. If you can’t look at all the panels they share and see the way Yamamoto is always standing next to or touching Gokudera, then you aren’t looking hard enough. We’ve learned that despite Gokudera having some sort of Tsuna-complex, he is not “gay” for Tsuna, though he just might be “gay” and eventually he will become “gay” for Yamamoto, who is entirely Gokudera-sexual.

Alright folks, seriously, I’m done. I’ve been at this for three hours now and I need a break. I might do more over the weekend, but no promises! Look forward to Part II, sometime in the future…

— Ru

Like 99% sure I’m going to rewatch Sense8 again, because those babies are amazing and I love them and I need more of Capheus’ optimism and Sun being a badass and Will looking cute and confused and Nomi and Amanita being all hacker babes and Wolfgang just being NAKED and Kala being so sweet and gorgeous but then she just makes a bomb out of nowhere and Lito and Hernando and Dani being all happy and sexy and gay porn and last but not least Riley being beautiful and musical and the “What’s Up” scene because she picked the song and everyone singing and omg I’m such Sense8 trash and season 2 needs to come out like tomorrow I’m going through withdrawals.