i need to rethink my whole life

GDI now I’m literally rethinking my life and my thoughts about YOI. I need a Victor POV for every freakin’ episode now that Episode 10 happened.

Like, I need to know if, in Episode 7, Victor was screaming internally when Yuuri did the quad flip, when Victor kissed him, etc.

In Episode 9, I want to know if Yuuri’s proposal sounding statement made Victor squeal because it’s finally happening.

I need a whole new episode from Victor’s POV about the day he spent away from Yuuri, realizing that yes, this really is love if I cannot even bear to spend one day away from him.

I need to know what he’s thinking when he is being naked around Yuuri all the time.


Appreciate your woman

If she fights for you, fight for her. If she cries for you, cry for her. If she holds you tight, hold her tight. If she cares for you , care for her. If she appreciates you , appreciate her as well. If she is being honest with you , be honest with her , if she loyal to you , dont make her look stupid in the end and fuck her over .If she’s not going to leave, don’t leave her. The point is cherish a female like that. Not alot of girls are like that now a days so if you have one be lucky and never take her for granted. If YOU got one like that and youre mistreating her than you need to rethink your whole relationship either be good to her or let her be. So she can find the right one who will give her the same respect attention and values her. I’d love to have a female like that in my life. If I ever find her I wouldnt dare fuck her over.