i need to rethink my whole life

The Feeling That Was Something But Definitely Not A Crush

[This is a sequel to Bus Stop, but it doesn’t really reference that fic so you can read it or not. Also this is just the first part of the sequel bc im lazy and i started from afar. So theres gonna be a third part of this AU that should come out before the weekend if i get my shit together. Hope you enjoy! ALSO SHOUT OUT TO THE WONDERFUL @anenbyendorphin FOR BEING AN AWRSOME BETA ILY]

Warnings: i think there’s nothing but tell me if you need something tagged

Pairing: prinxiety (Human/High School AU) (There’s no Ro here tho)

Summary: Logan and Patton love to make Virgil rethink his whole life. This is just a thousand words of bad friends and denial

WC: 1300


One thing Virgil wasn’t expecting out of that weird encounter at the bus stop, was that Roman and him had started texting every day, almost constantly.

If Virgil turned off his phone for an hour, he was sure that when he turned it on again to have at least two new messages from Roman waiting to be answered.

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This whole time I thought Byron had dark blue hair and clothes. I need to rethink my life. sERIOUSLY THEY'RE BLACK BUT I THOUGHT THEY WERE BLUE?? Must have been me seeing Ciel tbh lol

Oh my God, anon, I want to hug you so bad right now. Are you okay? You don’t seem okay.

Originally posted by thisridiculousbeautifulsitcom

Yeah, I can assure you, they’re black. It’s just the way they do the lighting on his sprite that makes it look like he’s got a blueish tint to him, but his clothes are actually black, as is his hair.

His eyes are apparently blue, but I just look at them like what? ‘Cause I’m pretty sure they’re steel blue if anything, but look more washed-out blue or even grey to me.

Cybird’s lying to us, anon… this is suspicious…

As for the comparison to Ciel, though, I only have one thing to say. Ciel is, without a shadow of a doubt, Byron’s child doppelganger, and Alois is Louis. Claude is Albert, and Giles is Sebastian. And now, I shall end this ask with the same thing I used the other day, when I was comparing Black Butler and MidCin:

Your Vagina is a Bigot; My Vagina is a Saint (Franzeska) | AO3
Bullying and the Co-opting of Social Justice Activism in Fandom: A discussion of bias in fannish meta, m/m vs. other pairings, shipping of POC, vidding characters of color, what it means to ship, and problems in Stormpilot fandom.

This really interesting meta is about shipping, gender, race, fandom dynamics, fandom data, and stompilot (so does this shorter stormpilot meta by the same author).  Also about the history of AO3 and the perceived femslash gap, and why writing non-white characters may often be harder than creating other fanworks for them (but also includes some useful examples from vidding).  And about how to effectively make changes in fandom. 

You will unfortunately need an AO3 account to read it.  A few quotes below the cut (bolding is mine), along with a few brief responses (more later, I hope) – quoted with the author’s permission.

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“I keep rethinking everything that was said and done. How am I stuck reliving the past and can’t even get out of bed while dying for him to even send a simple text. Did our whole relationship mean nothing to him? Everyone keeps saying I deserve better and I need to move on, but what if he’s the only guy that I truly wanted? I hate this feeling. I hate that I keep blaming myself, thinking maybe if I was better he would still want me. How do you pick up the pieces and just start over?”


Save Me From Myself - Part 5

Summary: Y/N was the leading medic on the team catering to the Winter Soldier under the watchful eye of Hydra against her patriotic will. Now Captain America and the Falcon needs her help to track down her ‘patient’.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier x Reader (Eventually…)

A/N: Guy, I just want to apologize first. I feel like the writing is a little off in this one and it’s pretty short. I’m so sorry! I’ll do better with Part 6 :(

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I woke up feeling like I was in a freaking sauna. I had no sense of time or place and I could feel my own heart racing like it would escape my chest.

The dreams.


I wiped my face with my palm and leaned over to check the time on my phone on the nightstand. It was a little before 4 o’clock in the morning. I could squeeze in a few more hours of sleep but right now, the way I was feeling, sleep was the furthest thing from my mind.

I found myself walking towards the kitchen through the barely lit apartment in a state in between sleep and wakefulness. I was peering through my fridge when I heard him.

“Couldn’t sleep?” he asked in a gruff voice that startled me out of my pants – no, not literally, but close enough.

“Shit!” I gasped out, holding a hand above my heart, trying to calm my breathing. “You shouldn’t sneak up on people like this!”

He was sitting right where I left him, on my sofa. His hair was disheveled and he looked tired, but he was very much awake. “I didn’t mean to,” he said softly, and I realized it was as close to an apology as I would get.

I grabbed some milk and poured two glasses. Then I sat down next to him, a little further away, and handed him a glass. He looked at me like I was offering him poison. “It’s just milk,” I told him and waited patiently. Glancing between me and the glass, he finally took it and began sipping it slowly.

“Why aren’t you asleep?” I asked him.

I didn’t expect an answer. He wasn’t much of a conversationalist anyway. Still, I did receive a reply. “I just can’t,” was all he said.

And yet, somehow I understood exactly what he meant. “The nightmares, huh?”

His eyes stared into mine, intense, blue and so tortured, that I could almost feel my heart breaking. He neither agreed nor disagreed but I knew this was the reason.

Hesitantly, I reached out to lay a hand on his. “It’s okay,” I whispered in a soothing voice, when he tensed up. “You can sleep. I’ll wake you up if it gets too bad. I promise.”

He pulled the hand away from underneath mine. “I can’t,” he muttered gruffly, without even looking my way.

“You need to. You can’t function like this. You look like you haven’t slept properly in a week.”

“Two. Two weeks,” he whispered, sneaking a glance at me, and my heart broke even more. Looking at me like that, he looked like a little lost child, and not the dangerous assassin I’d been trained to fear.

I made a move to the little comfortable chair in front of the sofa. “I’ll stay here with you. If it gets too bad, I’ll wake you.” I settled into the chair.

He watched me warily. He watched me for a couple of minutes, and then slowly, very slowly, he lied down as much as a man like he could on the sofa. His breathing didn’t slow to an even rhythm for almost another couple of minutes.

I watched him for a while. I couldn’t help myself. He looked at peace in sleep and yet, if you looked closely enough you could see the tension marring his brows. The way he held himself was rigid even then. How torturous must it be to never be at peace? To never rest and feel safe? I couldn’t even imagine it and yet this had probably been his life for almost forever.

With deep regret and trepidation, I stood up. I had a mission to accomplish. I was rethinking the whole plan right now but there was no way for me to turn back. I reached into the pocket of my pajama bottoms and armed myself.

I leaned over the Winter Soldier and waited. His breathing remained even and unchanged. I didn’t want to waste time thinking anymore. I needed it to be over. I plunged the syringe into his right arm of flesh and in that very instant, his metal fingers clamped around my neck.

He was awake and staring at me with the promise of death in his eyes. “What are you doing?” he bellowed, attempting to get up, and lifting me by the neck with him.

My feet were dangling above the ground and all I could whisper was a simple plea for him to not hurt me, which I doubt he even heard. The metal was tightening around me until it suddenly wasn’t. His grip went slack, and he looked at me with rage mixed with confusion.

“What did you do?” he asked, his voice sounding weaker. The dose was taking affect, and he involuntarily let me go. “What did you do to me?”

Gasping for air, and massaging my neck, I flurried away towards the door to get as far away as I could. The Winter Soldier collapsed unconscious on my sofa. I quickly texted Sam Wilson letting him know that  it was done.

And I prayed to God that Captain Rogers and Sam knew what in the world they were doing.

I kept replaying that moment the soldier had realized I had betrayed him. I remembered the fury in his eyes, all directed at me. I did not want to be anywhere around him ever again. I didn’t ever want the opportunity to find out what form his fury would take because I knew it would not end well for me. Nope. Just nope.

I just needed all this to be over. I need to go back to my normal life.

But little did I know that it was all just only beginning…

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Appreciate your woman

If she fights for you, fight for her. If she cries for you, cry for her. If she holds you tight, hold her tight. If she cares for you , care for her. If she appreciates you , appreciate her as well. If she is being honest with you , be honest with her , if she loyal to you , dont make her look stupid in the end and fuck her over .If she’s not going to leave, don’t leave her. The point is cherish a female like that. Not alot of girls are like that now a days so if you have one be lucky and never take her for granted. If YOU got one like that and youre mistreating her than you need to rethink your whole relationship either be good to her or let her be. So she can find the right one who will give her the same respect attention and values her. I’d love to have a female like that in my life. If I ever find her I wouldnt dare fuck her over.

GDI now I’m literally rethinking my life and my thoughts about YOI. I need a Victor POV for every freakin’ episode now that Episode 10 happened.

Like, I need to know if, in Episode 7, Victor was screaming internally when Yuuri did the quad flip, when Victor kissed him, etc.

In Episode 9, I want to know if Yuuri’s proposal sounding statement made Victor squeal because it’s finally happening.

I need a whole new episode from Victor’s POV about the day he spent away from Yuuri, realizing that yes, this really is love if I cannot even bear to spend one day away from him.

I need to know what he’s thinking when he is being naked around Yuuri all the time.


Marauders + Sleep Headcanons

James: sleeps sprawled out with the blankets all a mess. Has vivid dreams and sometimes talks in his sleep (like son like father). Doesn’t like sleeping alone very much, was happy to go to Hogwarts and have roommates. Hates waking up before everyone else because then he has to wait for them. Wakes up at almost any noise, though. Doesn’t have a hard time falling back asleep. Can rest in any position, on any surface, for long hours with no trouble. Cuddly, but drool-y. Often wakes up in the middle of the night hungry, will go find food and then fall asleep in bed eating it. Friends have lots of funny stories about him telling jokes in his sleep, or dozing off with his head resting on a plate of chips. When married, he’d wake up Lily all the time with his sleep-babble, and then she’d wake him up by laughing. Stress turns him into an insomniac. Has the rare ability to be nice and alert even when he’s really tired. Always waking up in weird positions. Falls off the bed a lot.

Sirius: Sirius’s mum was really strict about bedtime so he actually is conditioned to be out cold every night at 8 o'clock on the dot. Slept like a snoring rock for exactly eight hours each night. Hates being kept awake when he’s tired. Borderline impossible to wake up before he’s ready. Sleeps all neat and tidy, tucks himself in and everything. Sleeps flat on his back with hands folded behind his head or at his sides. Is extremely picky about what kind of sheets and the squishiness of the mattress. Needs to be comfy 24/7. Can never remember his dreams but sometimes he makes some up just so he can match James’s crazy dream stories. If he’s really tired he’ll act like a dick and be a bit rude, but if he passes ‘tired’ and reaches 'comatose exhausted dead’ he just gets really confused and needs to be carefully tucked in because he keeps knocking things over and saying odd things like a drunk. Sleep schedule became permanently ruined after Azkaban, because it was never comfy, cold, gross, you couldn’t tell what time it was ever and there were fucking dementors everywhere. Perpetually exhausted in his older years. Nightmares, all the time, whenever he fell into a deep enough sleep. Often got up in the middle of the night to have a drink while living in Grimmauld Place again.

Peter: sleeps for as long as possible whenever he manages to doze off. Not happy unless he gets at least twelve hours. Likes to burrow into the sheets and create a nest. Curls into a ball. Has a few neck problems from years of sleeping in the fetal position. Sometimes gets the hiccups in the middle of night, it doesn’t even wake him up, it just makes others laugh. They’ll wake him and tell him to go get a glass of water. Has a really hard time actually falling asleep – has that 'I need to rethink my whole life and remember every embarrassing moment ever and contemplate my existence thoroughly before I can sleep’ problem. Spends a surprising amount of time thinking about his regrets when he’s trying to doze off. Always has pleasant but forgettable dreams. Really really hard to wake up. Would rather sleep than live. This was part of the reason he could handle years as a rat.

Remus: Anywhere. Anytime. All hours. Well known for sleeping in class or in the library. Once caught snoozing outside, in the snow, much to Sirius’s shock. Would get a little territorial over certain spots in the library or the common room where the chairs were the comfiest. One of the only privileged few in the entire wizarding world that can actually sleep on the Knight Bus. Has trouble fully relaxing in the nights that lead up to the full moon though, and often suffers disrupted sleep in times of stress. Always kicks the covers off immediately, or just sleeps on top of them. Never ever makes his bed in the morning, gets a little annoyed when the house elves make it up for him because he likes it messy. Aggressively beats up his pillow each night before lying down. Has extremely vivid, active dreams, sometimes sleepwalks, flings out arms randomly, waking up occasionally in an almost sitting up position with his Gryffindor tie and one sock on because he’d had a dream that he was getting ready for school or something. He got the best sleep when he was married, though he did accidentally whap Dora in the face a few times, she wound up constructing a pillow barrier to avoid his sleep induced violence. He was always prone to wolf-related nightmares, obviously. Sort of got used to them. Well, as used to werewolf nightmares as one can get.

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Those pics of Liam with ~Soph~... I'm not even throwing shade when I say that's the same body language when I'm alone with people I don't know. It's so awkward and you would think he wanted to sit beside his 'gf' and not do the whole 'staring into the distance while rethinking life' thing. But you know #relationshipGoals and #mumAndDad and all that. Pff! I really hope the end is near because he's been through enough. My heart shrinks seeing him so miserable! :( #freeLiam2k15 #free1D2k15

Yeah, it’s approaching Elounor levels of done. That looking directly at the camera thing he’s doing is a dead giveaway. 

It was theorized that Louis had the cigarette to discourage media outlets from using the pix. Wasn’t quite enough though. So maybe Liam needs to bring a bong on his next beard excursion. LOL

But seriously, I do think the countdown is on. I think he’ll be free by 2016, if not sooner.

At the end of the season it will probably like this....
  • CSer 1 : WOW i really love that cs kiss in s4 , it's so beautiful....
  • CSer 2 : You mean the one in the street after Emma said 'i can't lose you too'? yeah i love that too!!
  • CSer 3 : No you mean the one after their first date right? Wow it's really perfect!
  • CSer 4 : I think she meant the one in the forest before Emma said 'be patient'. it's sweet and short but also hot.
  • CSer 5 : You guys got it all wrong, of course it's the true love's kiss when Killian almost died!! like come on, it's beautiful and it's everything we've ever wanted!
  • CSer 6 : Lol no of course it's the one after they defeated Maleficent! that kiss makes me emotional oh my god....
  • CSer 1 : Uh.....actually i mean that one in the morning after they made tacos the first time. But DAMN those kisses are great too omg....OK i need a moment to re-think about my most favorite kiss and my whole life now.
  • (we'll get so many kisses and one gifset isn't enough and cs gif makers need template to fit all of them in one post)

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I know you said you don't want to take nicole to court, but seriously you need to rethink that for the sake of your daughter. you don't have to answer this, but think about it a lot, if you let her go then she might go her whole life without her father, not knowing why. or she could go with some other guy she thinks is her father

Don’t worry, the SECOND Nicole tries to shove another man into Charlie’s life to replace her father is the day she gets a letter from the court. I love my daughter, and God knows I love Nicole more than anything on this earth, but I WILL be the father of my daughter.