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  • Sarah: Uh, you know there isn't such a thing as hospital bar and I think it's a shame. This is probably why people hate hospitals.
  • Sarah: It has been god damn two weeks and I haven't even taken one sip!!!!!!!
Helpful Reminders for Paragraph-Based RPing

Hello friends! I’ve been RPing for at least 7 years with many different characters, and one thing that I find pretty common is nervousness/insecurity about para-based RPing. So I decided to make a quick guide of things to keep in mind and little bits of etiquette too, because even seasoned folks want some pointers now and then.

(I am by no means an authority on this! Obviously these rules aren’t universal, but they’re a good starting point!)

What to include in your post:

  • What your character says- This is generally the most important aspect of the RP. The dialogue between characters is important as it guides the flow of the thread. (Obviously not if your thread is more action-based, like a fight or sex, but this rule generally applies.) If you don’t have enough dialogue, it may be harder for your partner to think of a way to reply. But if you have too much dialogue, it may be difficult for your partner to get a word in edgewise where necessary. Instead of filling your whole post with dialogue, consider these other things to add..
  • What your character does- When you’re having a real conversation with someone, you don’t stand there motionless. You may be walking somewhere, you might move your hands, you’re almost always going to have a facial expression. Describe these things! It helps to make the thread more realistic, and it helps your partner to get an idea of what you were thinking when you wrote your post.
    • Icons and GIFs are really helpful tools for this! If you have some of your faceclaim, use them! Otherwise, make some or search Tumblr tags for reaction images. (never claim something as your own if it isn’t!) Most posts will limit the amount of icons to one or maybe two so as not to distract from the thread.
  • What your character feels- Important to give readers and partners an insight into why your character says/does what they do. This helps to discern voice tone, too- if your character is being sarcastic, you don’t want your partner to think they were being intentionally rude!
  • What your character thinks- This is similar to the above point. But take caution when using thoughts/inner monologue- since your partner will almost never be able to know exactly what your character is thinking, it is important to also give your partner something in the post that they are able to play off of and respond to.

It takes practice to find a good balance between these aspects, but I find it helpful to run through all of these and see what I can add if I find my response is too short.

Length! When writing a reply, it is helpful and considerate to try and match the length of your partner’s reply. They took the time to write it out, and it makes everyone feel good to see that you took just as much time. It also makes it easier for them to reply in return. Obviously it is sometimes difficult to match the length of your partner, but most RPers use the general rule that you try to at least match half of their length. 

  • If you still struggle with length, look at the above list of things to include in your post and see what you can add. Or consider…

Description! Describing your character’s surroundings is also a helpful tool. Your character is probably 99% of the time not going to be in an empty void. What do they interact with? What do they see? Think of the five senses. This is a great way to add length to your post if you are struggling.

  • When using description, one must still be careful. Try to avoid purple prose, and don’t spend so much time describing the environment that you neglect to move the plot along or give your partner something to respond to.
  • Also keep in mind that setting the scene is important when starting a thread.

Other guidelines/etiquette to keep in mind:

  • Godmodding- Most people are familiar with this. Basically, godmodding is when an RPer takes control of/decides the actions of another player without permission. It’s like the biggest faux pas in the RP community. So just be careful, ask your partner if you’re unsure of something, and don’t make too many assumptions about your partner’s character.
  • Threads with more than 2 characters- It happens sometimes and can be really fun! If you plan something out, make sure all players involved are aware of it. Also, it is Very Important to set a reply order to avoid accidentally skipping turns, or worse- people replying to different people and the thread splitting and nobody knowing who replies to what when. I can’t even explain how confusing and frustrating this is, so avoid it at All Costs if you can.
  • Don’t jump into someone else’s thread. This also can make things awkward. Two characters might even be talking about your character, but threads are closed and don’t involve you. If you want a part in the action, it is best to privately message the player(s) involved and discuss it with them then. They might just do a new separate thread with you.
  • If you have questions, ask. Confused about your partner’s reply? Want to plot? Wondering what to do next? Just message your partner. It’s always okay, honestly. So many people just Don’t Do This and I have no idea why.
  • Check out your partner’s about and rules page, if they have one. Do this BEFORE you start interacting with a new character. The player might have specific rules that apply to you, triggers you need to know Not to Use, or helpful headcanons that might make your replies a lot easier if you know them. I can’t stress enough: please do this. We all put a lot of time into these pages so that they can be a resource to our partners.

That’s honestly all I can think of right now, but I hope this is helpful to some people! Please feel free to reblog this, and if anyone has anything to add, don’t hesitate to do so!

anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm thinking of role playing. Is there anything I should know about before starting? And If I were to start rping where would I start?

Since I haven’t roleplayed anywhere else, I’m only going to focus on roleplaying on tumblr.

Generally, there are three way to roleplay here: group roleplay, independent (indie) roleplay, and 1x1 roleplay. Each one of these have their own pros and cons, and it’s really up to you which one will suit you best.

1. Roleplay Groups


  • Other people in the group will follow you
  • You get to roleplay with everyone in the group 
  • Being part of a roleplay group gives off a sense of community


  • There are rules on how you should roleplay, which will cover aspects like the length of your writing, the content of your roleplay threads, and the time you commit to roleplaying
  • Sometimes you won’t get along with some of the group members

Misc and Links

2. Independent Roleplaying


  • You get to establish your own rules
  • You have the freedom to choose on how to roleplay and how often you go online


  • Due to the large amount of indie roleplayers, it can be hard to find a good roleplay partner for you
  • Also because of the number of indie roleplayers, it’s hard to get yourself out there and be noticed; dedication and patience is needed


3. 1x1 Roleplaying


  • You get to establish your own rules
  • Since it’s one-on-one, there’s a tendency to have a deeper discussion about plots and characters
  • The replies in 1x1 roleplays tend to be longer in length


  • With the large amount of 1x1 roleplayers, it can be hard to find a good roleplay partner for you
  • Also because of the number of 1x1 roleplayers, it’s hard to get yourself out there and be noticed; dedication and patience is needed
  • The replies in 1x1 roleplays tend to be longer in length


Other Things:

On an even more general level, there are several things to know before roleplaying. It’s best to know the terms frequently used in the roleplaying world (I added links below to help you out).

On tumblr, people roleplay either by script or para. Script-style consists mainly of dialogue with added action indicators (e.g. -laughs- Nah. I didn’t steal the cookie from the cookie jar); action indicators can be enclosed between dashes, brackets, slashes, or whatever your prefer as long as you’re consistent. Para-style is what you typically see in books (e.g. She laughed. “Nah. I didn’t steal the cookie from the cookie jar”). Unless you’re part of a roleplay group, the length is really up to you, but please make an effort to reply with more than a sentence when your partner writes a 500+ response. Gifs are another component you can add in roleplaying, though you will see that gifs are mostly seen in script-style threads.

Presentation and organization are important. If your font is too small or is difficult to read due to font color; your theme is hard to navigate; and links takes a while to find, it will discourage potential roleplay partners from contacting you. It’ll also be nice to have an about page for you and your character. For your about page, add information like activity level, your preferred roleplaying style and length, and topics you would like to avoid seeing. For your character’s about page, write a short biography or anything you feel that is important to know—this will help differentiate you from other roleplay blogs. Apart from that, tag your posts and have a page to keep these tags organized. Have a separate tag for threads, headcanons, interests, and ooc (out of character) things. Look here for an example—the top links are, in order, about the roleplayer, about the character, misc information, list of threads, link to answered asks, and link to open plot ideas. You want to attract someone’s attention, and a great way to do this is by presentation and organization.

One of the biggest pet peeves in the roleplaying world is godmodding. Don’t godmod. Godmodding can mean two things: when your character is ridiculously powerful and when you start controlling your partner’s character. I’m going to elaborate more on the latter. When roleplaying, you only get to decide your character’s actions, reactions, and thoughts. Thus, you cannot write anything about your partner’s character unless your character is assuming or hoping for something. An example is when Character A (yours) punches Character B (your partner’s). You cannot write “Character A punched Character B’s chin” because you’re taking away your partner’s decision on whether or not the attack will land. However, you can write “Character A aimed a blow for Character B’s chin” because nothing is certain, leaving your partner to decide on what Character B will do. Another thing: just because you, the writer, know something about your partner’s character doesn’t mean your character knows that information. 

Know that roleplaying is a hobby. If you’re really active, good. If you’re not very active, good. If something or someone makes you uncomfortable, politely excuse yourself by ending the thread or unfollowing someone. If you need a break, take one. 

I can go on, but there’s already a lot of guides on roleplaying that I’d just end up repeating what they said. 

Getting Started: 

Blogs With Roleplay Tips:

Searching for Partners (goes beyond tumblr roleplaying):


I hope that helps! Roleplaying is a fun hobby—it’ll help you with writing and characterization. And, hey, if you decide to make a roleplay blog, send me the link? I’ll be happy to roleplay with you~

@two-stomach I was going to write you fluff but then I thought of an au where Danny is on a colony on the moon and it just kinda went from there,,,,,, my bad?

“Commander, requesting permission to chase after the meteor to look for a fucking cool rock.”

Commander Para signed into her mic, before shifting her stance against the bulky space suit designed for doing EVAs on the rocky surface. “Request denied, Fenton. Orders from Houston to stop chasing the goddamn rocks.”

“They’re just mad that they can’t stop me.” Para rolled her eyes as Fenton transformed, his already lightweight spacesuit turning invisible as he flew off. The cloud of meteors could tear through his suit and his oxygen tank if he wasn’t careful.

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PSA on post length

When it comes to my replies, you do not have to match length.

But there is a difference between answering a multipara with a para, or a para with a few sentences, and answering a multipara with only one or two sentences. When you do that, your reply will inevitably lack either description of your muse’s mood, actions, or verbal reply.

So while you don’t have to match length, I need something to work with, or I may not know how to reply, and simply end up dropping the thread  

- Sincerely, the mun 

So,   I thought I would try something different  :
this is a    
STARTER CALL    (   length will vary from one-liners to single para    )    for the following muses  :   ANNA WILLIAMS,   CASSIE CAGE,   ELLIE,   EVIE FRYE,   JILL VALENTINE,   MAX CAULFIELD,   AND SHERRY BIRKIN.
Reply to this post if you have a specific choice in mind,   otherwise it’ll be random. :’)

Hi all. I want to apologise for those waiting on replies or starters from both JJ and Nara. I am going through a lot of personal and study things. I am barely holding myself together and I constantly fight with myself not to do anything harmful so I have not been in the right mind set to do any long replies and half of what I need to do is over a para long. I am sorry and please bare with me while I slowly get things done. I am also sorry for no read more but I’m using the app.

Hello babies, since I’m just about done with closed roles, I’m going to start making some open roles. I’m going to be working on plot twist characters at this time. So if you need/want a certain connection in the open roles to help with your development, then please either comment in the replies or IM me with the connection, name, and fc so I can start working on those roles. Also remember, if you’re keeping your page to clear out all your post except for your development and paras.

Hello everyone^^ 
You can call me Hanna, I’m 25 and I work with children with special needs. I really love my job and I should be able to be fairly active in this community :)
My timezone is GMT+2 and I’m more than ready to meet you all! :D So please don’t be shy^^

SOOO I’d love to plot with everyone! \o/
If any of you can take on another para~ please message me :D
Or if you just want to chat, you can message me too!

Right now I’m heading to bed though, because it’s past midnight here lol~ So I’ll be replying in the morning ^^

I hope you’ll all have a wonderful day!

Being a Member of a Long Running Roleplay: Helpful Tips and Gentle Warnings.

Tell me if this sounds familiar. You’ve recently joined (or worse, created) an incredible roleplay. Everything seems wonderful. Shall we even go so far as to say too good to be true. It has nice graphics, well done bios, friendly roleplayers - a good plot… and yet, suddenly, after sometimes as short as a week or as long as a month or two, activity drops off. Sometimes suddenly, sometimes less so. You feel stagnant, bored with your character and so either you leave or the RP itself dies out.

Now, I don’t know about you but I’ve had this happen to me quite a lot over the years. For some people, this is a good system. It means they get to create new characters every month or so, and try out new things. Which is awesome! Unfortunately, if you’re like me, when this ends up happening instead of feeling excited about moving to the next idea you can’t help but grumble ‘all that character development wasted’ or ‘great, time to make another email and tumblr account - like I don’t already have enough trouble remembering the 25 I already have’ or, probably most irritating of all ‘where the hell am I going to find someone now who writes that well for that one character I love, everything is ruined’.

The following guide will cover:

  • How to create and maintain a successful, long running running roleplay.
  • How to contribute as a member to keep an RP healthy, fun and active.

Now I know what you’re saying. ‘Why the heck should I listen to you Mr. Tommy? Where are your credentials? Do you have a doctorate in advanced roleplaying that we don’t know about?’  Well, I can’t really give a good answer to that I’m afraid besides the fact that while I’m sure very similar lists like this have been done in the past, when I went looking I couldn’t find any, so I decided to create my own. I am currently a member of a roleplay which has been active for over two years, which in tumblr terms is almost unheard of. I’ve also experienced the golden ‘two weeks of activity’ bellcurve, and let me tell you - not a fun experience, so I feel like I can offer some insight into what works and what doesn’t.

This guide will be split into three parts, for convenience sake.

PART ONE: what can you, as a roleplayer, do to keep a RP healthy?

PART TWO: what can you, as a mod, do when starting a RP with the goal of longevity in mind?

PART THREE: what can you do, as a mod, to maintain longevity in an RP?

Under the cut I will be making a make a bullet point list and then breaking each point down separately to show you potential things that can help with keeping a roleplay alive both initially and once it’s starting plot has hit the floor running as a member.

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The Other Carter - Part 9

Originally posted by imagine-my-universe

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Carter!Reader
Warnings: None except CA:WS spoilers, mentions of death and mental illness.
Summary: You’ve heard of Peggy Carter? Well this is the story of her sister Y/N Carter, and the love between her and Bucky.         
A/N: Part ­­9! Please give me feedback as this is the first series I have ever done. Love you all! I hope you like it! Message me if you want to get tagged!
Word Count: 1188

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7 | Part 8


Bucky’s POV

Okay. I don’t like the future. I really don’t. After the Chitauri attack in 2012 I’ve lost my left arm. Luckily a genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist called Tony Stark, made me a fully working prostatic, vibranium arm. He and I get along, I guess. I visit the Smithsonian museum with Steve a lot. More recently I have been going more. I love seeing Y/N’s area. It’s filled with memorabilia of her. Including small clips containing her and I. Just seeing her vibrant happy face once again brings a tear to my eye. Her body was never found, but she has a grave in London from what I know. Peggy is still alive. I feel bad for Steve, he’s lost his girl even though she’s right in front of him. At least I know Y/N’s in a better place. I go out for morning runs with Steve, whatever serum HYDRA put in me was similar to the super soldier serum Steve had. It gave me equal strength and speed to what Steve had. On this particular morning another man was running around the park. Steve and I agreed to mess with him, because why not?

Whenever we ran past him Steve would mutter on your left, and I would say on your right. We kept up with the friendly banter until we ran past him a final time and he was on the floor out of breath.

“Need a medic?” Steve asked. The man in questioned chuckled breathlessly. “I need a new set of lungs.” He joked.

“Dudes, you just ran a total of 13 miles in 30 minutes.”

“Guess we got a late start.” I replied.

“Really you should’ve been ashamed of yourselves. You should take another lap. Did you just take it? I assumed you did.” He looked over to me and eyed my arm. He didn’t seem scared, just intrigued. I noticed a symbol on his jumper.

“What unit are you in?” I asked.

“58th para rescue. But now I’m working down at the VA. Sam Wilson.” Steve helped him up.

“Steve Rogers. This is James Barnes.”

“People call me Bucky.”

“Ah. Would’ve put it together. Must’ve hurt after coming back from the de-frosting.”

“Takes some getting used to.” Steve agreed. “It’s good to meet you Sam.” Steve and I turned ready to leave.

“It’s your bed right?” Sam stated. “What’s that?” I asked turning around.

“Your bed it’s too soft. When I was over there I slept on the ground, used rocks for pillows, like a caveman. And now I’m home, in my bed and it’s like-“ “Lying on a marshmallow. Feels like I’m gonna sink to the floor.” Steve agreed. “How long?”

“Two tours. You must miss the good old days huh?” I nodded. “Anyone special?” He asked.

I nodded. “You ever heard of Y/N Carter?” Sam nodded. “Read about her in history books. She made history, her and Peggy. The book does describe your romance. And her death. I’m sorry dude.” He placed his hand on my flesh shoulder and looked at me sympathetically.

“It’s alright. I’ve learnt to deal.” I lied. “Things aren’t so bad ya know? Food’s a lot better. We had to boil everything, internet, so helpful, been reading that a lot, trying to catch up.”

“Marvin Gate, 1972, ‘Trouble Man’ soundtrack. Everything you missed jammed into one album.”

Steve pulled out a small notebook and I passed him a pencil. “I’ll put it on the list.” Steve said scribbling it down. Steve’s phone went off, he checked it, showing it to me. Mission.

“Alright Sam duty calls. Thanks for the run – if that’s what you wanna call running.” Sam scoffed.

“Oh that’s how it is?” He questioned jokingly. “Oh that’s how it is.” Steve repeated.

We shook hands again. Sam looked at me with sympathy. “How do you to put up with that?” I shrugged.

“I have been since he was a scrawny kid in Brooklyn.” I laughed.

“Anytime you wanna stop by at the VA and make me look awesome, for the girl at the front desk, just let me know.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.” We heard the rev of Natasha’s car behind us. She rolled down the window.

“Hey fellas. Either of you know where the Misonia is? I’m here to pick up a pair of fossils.” I chuckled hopping into the back seat.

“Hilarious” Steve chuckled sarcastically.

“How ya’ doin’?” Sam flirted with Nat.

“Hey.” I rolled my eyes. “Let’s go!” I said.

“Can’t run anywhere.”

“No you can’t.”

Steve and I decided to visit the Smithsonian museum, like we do every month, just to remind ourselves of the friends we have. I just go there to see Y/N’s face again. I miss her. I can’t sleep sometimes. The scene of her falling replays in my head, like a broken record. It’s as though it’s laughing at me. Degrading me into something I’m not, blaming me for what happened.

We wore our disguises (which was literally a hat and jacket – though Steve says it works every time) and listened to the narrator in the background. I noticed a kid wearing Steve’s shield on the front. I motioned for him to stay quiet and he just nodded, bless him.

I went over to Y/N’s section, like I always do and look at clips of her and Peggy. She looked so happy.

‘Sargent Y/N Carter. Born 1920, London, England. Brought up by her grandmother, an orphan, along with her sister Agent Peggy Carter. First woman soldier. Only member of the Howling Commandos to die in action. It is said that she and Sargent James Barnes were lovers of war.’

I looked over to see footage of Y/N and I’s first kiss. I smiled at the memory. A stray tear drop fell down my face, and I wiped it away quickly. I felt a hand on my shoulder and saw Steve.

“I miss her too ya’ know.” I nodded.

“Have you visited Peggy recently?” Steve shook his head.

We walked into a room, which aired Peggy’s documentary about Steve.

He pulled out the compass that contained the photo Y/N had given him. Peggy was old, frail, like Steve and I should be. She’s forgetting things. I guess that’s the problem with Alzheimer’s. Sometimes she would forget Steve was in the room with her.

“Let’s go visit her then? Yeah?”

A/N Sorry for the long wait! Technical difficulties. I hope you guys are liking the story so far! It’s only half way completed, so it’s practically a book. I’m finishing it after the events of CA:CW. So a long time to go yet! Feedback is always welcomed! Love you all!

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Parachutes - Landing with a Thud

This AU sees Claire working for the Special Operations Executive (SOE) during World War II.  She is on her way to France for a special assignment with two Scottish paratroopers in tow…

This is a collab fic with the fantastic @mybeautifuldecay, hope you enjoy.

The sky was dark.  The clouds were swirling overhead, clear enough to fly, enough for some safe cover. The wind threw my hair around and I cursed myself for not restraining my wayward curls. I should have know better but after three days of waiting we were finally ready to go and the urge to just start my operation had meant I had missed some of the finer aspects of my preparation.  

My goodbyes had already been taken care of. I needed a clear head. Throughout my body, I could feel a hint of rain in the air gathering a pace and silently prayed that there wasn’t any over the drop site. Being flung out of a plane was one thing, to do it in pelting rain was quite another. Ahead loomed my transport, in the darkness all I could see were wings and propellers.  

I gulped.  

While I was used to the drop, it never seemed to get any easier and while I wouldn’t admit it to anyone, I was hoping that this mission would go so well I had no need of going again.  

I steeled myself for the task ahead. A quick in and out job to look for something top secret that the Germans had been working on.  I had gone in a few times for quick missions and despite reservations from the scientists on account of my female persuasion, it was decided that it, coupled with my skills and knowledge in botany would make me the ideal candidate.

Frank had been reticent to the post but I was determined to do this mission once it was presented to me, as if I alone could complete it.

As I approached the plane, I could see that there was a small group of men huddled about laughing, all at ease with one another.  When they saw me, all straightened up and the tone shifted.  Seriousness descended.

‘OK chaps, are we all here?  Shall we get going?’ I said, craning my neck around to see if this was everyone.  I had been told there would be some other people with me on the flight.  I wasn’t entirely sure whether I was glad about that.  But the person I sought was easy to find.  

My commanding officer, Major Wakefield, looked at me with a large smile on his face, I was glad of the reassurance.  Despite being a friend of my husband’s, he had been a champion of me and had stuck his neck out to get me this work. Frank had been livid, but Reg had insisted.  A philosophical man, Reg had been a Presbyterian minister but had been persuaded to be a part of Frank’s team in the SOE.  His ability to grasp the bigger picture had been invaluable and he keen eyes saw everything.

I turned towards my companions to be met with two men that seemed so unlike it was hilarious.  The small, bushy eyed man, with a moustache to match the top looked at me with steely blue and penetrating eyes replied with what sounded like a ‘hmmph’. And he turned towards the plane.  The man beside him was towering in size and I wondered how on earth they had a suit big enough to fit him. He glanced at me, smiled, nodded and followed his erstwhile companion.  

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