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Small announcement

So as some of you may know, I’m currently in Uni doing pre med, in German, which isn’t my mother language (Spanish) (yes, I don’t know what I was thinking either), which means I need to get really good grades throughout these two semesters in order to get a place in med school. My partials start this week and end on April 7th, until then, there is a very very high chance that if you send me an anon / an ask in general I won’t reply and if I do, it’ll be sometime later. Same for private messages. I won’t deactivate them so you can still send them, but if I take a while to answer any of them (5 days to a week), then you know why. That’s all. Thank you. It’ll go to back normal once my exams are done.

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i had this one guy follow me and then not even within ten minutes of us being mutuals he messaged me like "i'm so glad i got to meet my daughter in this life i love you and you can call me dad if you want!" Like uh ... fml? and i havent really talked to him since its been like a month? but he replies to all my posts like "i'm here if you need me babygirl" and its horrifying

oh god oh god oh gd oh god oh god oh god 

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15. Ichika Abarai. I'm starting an indie RP blog for her, and I need something I can use as an avatar.

My favourite baby shinigami!!! Of course!!

I tried to draw some simple pose that could suit for an avatar but I am not sure if it’s good enough ;_; I am sorry if you imagined something different or if it’s not really useful, but I love to draw Ichika so you can message me again for something else if you want! 

Anyway, thanks for the request X3 I loved #15 for her, I really like her with yellow and purple ♥ Ichika does not work without plushies XD


I just finished my final exams which were the reason why i had to extend my hiatus bc my original hiatus was for my second round of midterms which i p much all failed so i needed two weeks to emotionally recover but then finals were upon me ANYWAYS i will… .now start the long process of refilling my queue and replying to messages YOU GUYS KNOW WHO YOU ARE I KNOW I KEEP SAYING THIS BUT IM SORRY!!! I SEE WHAT YOUVE SENT ME AND IM SORRY IM TERRIBLE AT TIME MANAGEMENT AND PARTITIONING ENERGY !!!!!

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Have you ever felt like your best friend doesn't care about you as much as you care about them? Like I'm always trying to keep in touch with them, always asking them to go out and do things that they like, always asking them to come over and watch a movie or just talk, but they're always come up with cheap excuses and it's very clear that they don't care about me anymore and find me annoying. It's come to the point where they don't even reply to my messages anymore, and we used to be so close

Oh anon, I’m so sorry you’re going through that :( I  feel very lucky that my best friend  now is one of the most supportive people I have in my life, but I have been in your situation way too many times in the past. What I have to say is… Stop running miles for people that wouldn’t even walk for you. People that actually care about how you are will be there for you when you need them, and you’ll be there for them too. I hate being the one to saypeople need to find new fiends but anon, you deserve better. 

The last time I cut my hair, I got a whole bunch of messages saying- “I liked you better with long hair”, to which I replied “I liked it better when you weren’t talking”

Moral of the story, my hair is even shorter this time and if you don’t like it that’s ok because it’s not your hair but I don’t need to hear about it.



College Help Desk (where my answers probably make 0.0001 sense im so sorry) ♥

Answered a few asks! If you need more info or tips just shoot me a message and I’ll do my best to make sense or something ahaha ;;

College me was the worst though – lazy && incompetent && sleep deprived HAHA im glad that’s over. i think. idk. lllloooollll

why are so many people hating on the moana x ariel stuff? Like it’s a sweet sapphic water couple, no need to send me angry messages and replies starting with ‘not to be homophobic or anything…’

Like chill, also I highly recommend never starting a sentence with ‘not to be homophobic or anything…’ It makes my gay ass stare into the void and wait for death.

Opening Texts in an LDR
  • Me: *Opens Skype with shaky hands* *sees 6 new messages from dominant*
  • Me: *Talking to stuffies* Okay guys, we can do this. I'm gonna read all these messages without getting worked up! *Opens chat*
  • Sir: Hi baby doll.
  • Me: *Shuts off phone screen* *Screeches happily, wiggling about* Gahhh he called me baby doll. *Grabs pillow and hugs it close* *Turns screen back on and continues to read*
  • Sir: I liked that outfit you showed me. You're so pretty.
  • Me: *Shuts screen off again* *Grabs every stuffie on my bed, heart pounding* Lord, I'm such a coward, but I'm gonna need all of you to read these messages. *Opens messages again*
  • Sir: I miss you like crazy.
  • Me: *Screams into my pillow*
  • Sir: I love you to the moon and back darling.
  • Me: *Falls onto bed exhausted and happy before replying with way too many emojis*

STONY! 💖“You look straight ahead; I’m going to give you a smooch.”😘

Hey guys! Sorry for being disappeared so long. I am very busy now because of many new jobs. However I still have drawn the fan art which I like the most in my spare time.

Does anyone ship Stony?

You have sent me very many messages. Thank you so much. But I can’t reply to every single one now. For anyone who needs my authorization to share my pictures in the other websites, here’s my answer:

Everyone is welcomed to repost of these pictures but please indicate the source and author.

Thank you and have a great day! : )

Hail Stony! 💕


My twitter:https://twitter.com/RDJlock

do you ever just think about how the australian govt hates you and just. cry. because that’s what i’m doing right now, because i can’t fucking get married if i want to and every time i log into facebook it’s there, and i can’t get away from it at uni because it’s a ‘topical discussion’ and like

sometimes i just want to forget that the govt hates me but i can’t because same-sex attraction is inherently part of me and bigotry is an inherent part of the liberal party and just i’m so fucking tired of it

check out my salt lamp and little faux succulents. i got the lamp for christmas and so far i haven’t really noticed any changes but it’s pretty at least, like a giant crystal. i just turned it off for this pic, it’s on a lot. anyways.. i’m feeling kinda? better lately? only low key wanna die instead of high key loL. maybe the lamp works after all :P but the problem of my energy levels being sooo low is still here. doing simple tasks exhausts me and i feel the need to nap constantly ;~; but i’m trying to draw more. and also i wanna say thank you sooo much to everyone who sent me such kind supportive sweet messages about my mental issues and art ;w; i’ve read all of them and i feel so lucky to have such wonderful followers! i’d like to reply individually but there are a few months worth of messages, it’s too daunting for my low energy levels.. from now on i’ll try to reply to messages more promptly so they don’t pile up so much and become overwhelming. i hope to have more new art to post soon, and also get my shirt store going again!


How to Draw : Hairstyles Pt. 2

Finally sat down and completed part 2 of the hair tutorial. Here I discuss how to draw hairstyles for female characters, although I think it can be applied for male characters as well. I mean..hair is hair xD

I didn’t cover how to draw hairstyles that are tied or braided or styled in a special way as I thought the post would be way too long. So I’ll be saving that for another day. If you have any questions just drop me a message or leave a reply and I’ll do my best to get back to you. Hope everyone has fun learning to draw hair as much as I did putting this together :D

And I just want to say a big thank you to all of those who checked out part 1. I’ll leave a link in case anyone needs it

How to Draw : Hairstyles Pt. 1

!!! How is this possible asdfjkgjdh ;;0;; It’s only been a month since I became active here and became MM trash

Thank you for all your support!! I’m so happy because I honestly never thought I’d get this far ♥ Also – we definitely have to do that art giveaway hhh this is such a milestone for me :D I’ll continue planning about it lololol *v*

Please give me a bit more time to reply to messages! As I’ve said before, please state so in your ask if you need a quick reply and don’t go on anon ;;v;;

Thank you so much!!! I hope to continue making more art for you ♥ Your support makes my hobbies a million times infinitely better ✨ I loveee youuu all – you’re all so special to me!!!


ok yikes i made these the other day and i wish i drew them better but i still love them so LMFAO WHILE my bestie and I are chatting I wanted to see if anyone had some Klance or just Lance or Keith ideas or requests??

I wanna start drawing the two more and I really need practice (the sketches above are my first real attempt at themkelrej) but im not really sure what to do with them?? We’re gonna try and throw some HCs around but i’d love to hear from you guys! Just message me in my ask box or reply if it lets you??

letting y’all know because i know some people get a lot of anxiety over this, if i ever message you using the new IM feature i do not expect an immediate response, even if you are online.

i often IM people because it’s convenient and quick and i might use it now rather than asks so it won’t get eaten like the ask box likes to do, and when people IM me i often times take a while to reply because of my own anxiety and introversion. you do not have to respond to me as soon as you’re free. you can take all the time in the world you need.

feel free to reblog this if you’re the same way.

Even after the time I’ve spent forgetting about you, even after the time I’ve spent without you, even after the memories made my tears this much more real, even after the crying and the sun splashes into my eyes, even after winter’s cruel judgement, even after a year of self discovery about a person that I used to be, even after of my wishes not being replied, even after the text messages run stale, even after fixing the things I’ve broken, even after replaying everything you’ve said in the back of my mind, even after realizing you’d never be mine again, even after the words rang true, even after a past that I can’t get over, even after this little life of mine has dwindled, even after kissing the stars back into the night, even after waking up from a whole day of rest, but only going back to bed because I need more sleep, damn it & even after that I still try to fit the pieces of difference puzzle sets to call my own, I’m made from people who said that love was something brailled into my bones… if you touched my skin, you can still feel every name that has kissed where leaving would’ve been better, you can still taste the salt from seas I’ve come to accept, you can still read about the letters I’ll never send & after that, it’s still–
—  P.S. I still love you

My grandma collects thimbles, because she is 87 and adorable, and my dad just brought one back for her from his recent holiday to Poland, and it’s a really bizarre thimble which is metal and shaped like an owl, and I said to my grandma ‘that’ll stick out in your collection like a sore thumb’ and none of them appreciated my very very good joke