i need to recolor this lol



I love all of @blogsimplesimmer‘s hairs and I haven’t seen these recolored yet, so here they are ! I will admit that I got confused with these a lot because of the names lol while working on them but that’s over now. Thank you @wildlyminiaturesandwich for the actions ❤️


added as additional swatches

recolored in natutals, neutrals, and unnaturals

merged and separate packages for each hair

standard tou (don’t be a butthead)



How to convert CAS objects to Toddler

I was going to do a voice over but I chickened out and got too shy to do it :< sorry about that. anyway, a while ago, a few people messaged me and ask on how to convert it for toddlers, given that there isn’t much stuff for them yet. so I thought I’ll do a quick video on it. (a rather crappy one, i’m sorry, i was in a rush) BUT hopefully it helps. for personal conversion or something. I just want to point out that I’m no expert, I just figure out these stuff a while ago. and if you’re someone new that’s looking to do some cc, i encourage you to! and practice practice practice! <3 it can be a bit addicting lol, for me at least.

OKAY, instructions below. incase the video confused you guys. (or you can just ask me if you need more help)

STEP 1: getting the mesh you want to convert & the texture/specs etc

> mesh
open up your sims4studio click the cas button, search for what you want and go to the mesh tab and export LOD0.

> texture/specs etc
on the texture tab below, you can see that there’s diffuse, shadow, specular, normal etc etc. be sure to check all of it. if it’s empty you don’t have to export it. for my case, I’m doing the round glasses so I will need to export the diffuse & specular section since there’s an image on it. save with a name that you’ll know.

STEP 2: getting the toddler rig

> toddler rig
re-open your sims4studio or cancel the whole thing like i did, select clip pack > animation button then name your file, once done; go to the clips tab and you will see the export, import, rig and a dropdown bar. Click on the dropdown bar and select toddler, export and name it something you can easily identify it as.

STEP 3: appending object to rig in blender

Open your toddler rig on blender. on the top left bar; select file and click append. I’m gonna assume you guys picked the glasses as well, now look for the the child round glasses mesh, click on it and go into the object folder and select s4studio_mesh_1 & s4studio_mesh_2. then link/append to library (shown on top right)

STEP 4: mesh checking and stuff

okay so now you have the child glasses in your blender. as shown on my video, you can see that I’m checking which object belongs to which mesh by toggling on and off at the eyes in the right column section. if you want the round glass part you’ll need to keep it, but since I don’t need it, I just right click and delete it.

Also, I don’t know if anyone else does it, but I usually delete the rig01. click on the little triangle beside s4studio_mesh_1 then go to the tiny wrench section below and set the object to rig as shown on video.

STEP 5: adjusting the object to fit the rig

make sure you’re on edit mode! to check, you can select or look at the bottom part of the screen where it says edit mode. if it’s not, just click and select it.

okay, here’s some shortcuts for you to maneuver your object around.

A key: select/deselect all
R: rotate
G: moving it around
G+Z: moving objects vertically
G+X: moving objects horizontally
G+Y: moving objects back and forth
CTRL+ALT+Q: quad view
S: scaling/sizing objects
S+Z: scaling the object vertically
S+X: scaling the object horizontally (you can press x twice for another type, just try messing around and see which fits your liking)
Mouse>scroll wheel: to rotate the whole thing and view around blender

on the video, you can see me using G+Z to move the selected glasses down to the toddler’s level. (make sure you press the A button before doing the G+Z so the object is selected)

next you can see me using S+Z & S+X to try to scale it down a bit and adjust it around to fit the toddler. G+X and so on are used. basically the stuff on the shortcut section I just typed. once everything is done, click save as, name it and save as blender file.

STEP 6: putting everything together for the toddler

I’ve never typed anything this long for a very long time lol and if you actually read everything till the end, thank you for your time. seriously. anyway, final step.

open up your sims4studio or go back to it. make sure you select “create 3D mesh” then next. since I’m working on the glasses, I’m going to select one of the toddler’s glasses > click okay > name your file. if you’re working on other stuff like hat then I recommend you pick one of the items from the hat catalog. it’s easier that way. 

okay, go to your mesh tab and import your toddler glasses mesh that you just did. make sure you import it to all the LODs. which means all 0, 1, 2 and 3. NEXT, import the texture and specular that we exported earlier from the child version.

done? okay. so you probably see this blue thing on the toddler’s eyes. (remember in blender we deleted it because we don’t need it) so to fix it, go to the warehouse tab, and check on the geometry. zoom in and see which is which, and delete the glasses section (the inner part, NOT the outer rim)

now you can just go back to your mesh tab and like, click it and see if its gone or not. once done. SAVE AND HOLY CRAB I’M DONE TYPING MY HANDS HURT. i don’t have to do a recolor tutorial right?? i’m sure you guys know how.

ANYWAY, THATS IT. ENJOY, HAVE FUN, BLABLABLA QUACKQUACK. Thank you for taking the time to read my long list of instruction LOL. anything else, just ask, I’ll try to help.

NOTE: I forgot to add that you can just delete off the toddler rig package & child glasses package file. we don’t really need it since what we wanted was the meshes (you can see me deleting it somewhere in the video) but if you still want to keep it around then go ahead. ;>

well, now y’all know my name LOL. i forgot to change it <_< >_>

valoon1234  asked:

Do you have any WIP's ?

Do I have any?! I’m like the queen of unfinished WIPs. Bow down to me (just kidding).

On a serious note though, yes I have a lot. I’m a little all over the place with them though (more like a lot, which sadly makes me super slow at getting anything done done). I’m currently trying to update all my Summer Pigtails to fix texture issues (no, noooo it hasn’t taken me a year to work up the gumption to do it), updating the accessories that go with them (because I’ve added actual hat chops, so the old ones no longer work). I’m also converting a few things for toddlers (nothing big, basically previously released things… for now). I have a bunch of clothing WIPs - as in most of them are done, they just need recoloring (story of my cc creating life, I should become that person that releases the mesh with a white base for recoloring LOL). I have some new hairs, some of which have weight issues (I have a strong dislike for weight painting). It’s been on my mind to fix issues with my previously released custom content (but this has been on my mind for a long time and will probably stay there for a while longer). I’ve been obsessing over sandals and shorts this last week… the size of my WIP folder is overall… embarrassing lol.

Someone needs to come to my house NOW and stand over me with a ruler - ready to smack my knuckles with it if I even *think* of touching MilkShape or SimPE. Lord knows I’m not capable of stopping myself, lol. So, I’m making myself call this set done and dusted. What started out as a few meshes, a few mesh edits and recolors has ballooned into 14 (or more?) meshes along with those edits and even more recolors. Yes, I have a problem!

Most of the screenshots were already done before I decided I wasn’t done with this set yet, so I hope to be able to finally share it sometime today or tomorrow. :) All this because I’m obsessed with converted barns at the moment and didn’t have enough rustic stuff to put in them…. 

Fun-ish fact: I usually have a favorite mesh. This time I can’t pick just one. That mirror.. that hat/coat rack.. that plant stand..  as conceited and arrogant as it might sound, they’re gorgeous… at least in my game. (Maybe it’s because of Radiance lighting?!?)


Omg, just in few days i reached 400 followers! Thank you so much, i’m so happy :D

I know that i usually make recolors but this time i decided to experiment in blender with my first frankenmesh! And it wasn’t easy at all lol I want to specially thanks @habsims for their amazing tutorial, @snooder who gave me a very useful tip, @gunn13p and @juliettesims who helped me to test it :D

× I think is it BGC but i’m not 100% sure.
× Comes in 18 EA’s colors.
× It looks good with some hats but it isn’t completly hat compatible.
× It also comes in 24 crayolas naturals that add swatches to the original mesh, so you need to download that one too.
× Enabled for random.
× Teen to Elder.

Don’t reupload it to another pages.
Don’t say that you make this.
If you use it, please tag me so i can reblog it ♥ 


The link takes you to a folder in which you have the normal package ([MBG] Kira Hair) that has the EA colors and the other packages which is the recolor in crayola’s naturals.

Any problems, please tell me!


Habsims Hair tutorial: [Link]
Bases Mesh - EA
Crayola Natural Colors - @colormysims

yinala  asked:

I'm sorry if you get this question a lot or if it's annoying but I thought I'll ask anyway just in case you're okay with it. How did you learn how to make CC? I really want to make ethnic CC and contribute to the community but I have no idea how to start. Can you give me a little check-list on tutorials to look up and what programs I need? I promise this is my only request, I won't bother you again. I'll teach myself how to make CC but I just really just need help on how to start, that's all. <3

Welp, I just kinda answered that in the previous ask. I mostly didn’t use tutorials. Just found out what kind of programs are needed and went with the flow lol. I’ve been using photoshop for almost 10 years or so so it was easier for me to start with retextures etc. I think recolors and retextures are the best way to start, actually. You just need photoshop for that (or gimp or any program like that) and sims 4 studio. There are lots of tutorials on modthesims - here so you can look it up. I hope that helps and good luck! <3


Hope you like it…..

This cap is a recolor of @missparaply Leona cap which you can find here (You need it)

This recolor was inspired by a post on  ( @aintnobodycooll) instagram. I have been seeing this cap a lot recently and fell in love with it. Credits to him for the top two photos.

Also this is my first time doing recolors and I will be doing a lot more so don’t be too hard on me lol.

  • 2 Swatches
  • Tag me if you use it

(If there is a problem with me doing this recolor or if it’s against TOU then feel free to message me.)

Download > Simsfileshare

The best kpop CC

So I think I make the best kpop recolors…sets…Lol. JK but anyway this post isn’t about me it’s about someone amazing. There is a person in the Kpop Simmer sphere that deserves huge recognition and that person is the amazing @mochachiii Her stuff is the shit and everyone need to take a big whiff because holy shit. I’m so jealous of her meshes and that fact that she can do something I’ve been trying for years to do and be nonchalant about it and make it seem easy. I messaged her the other day and told her this after freaking out. And she said that she thought about giving up. And I know for a fact that we in the Kpop simmers sphere would be deeply missing on the greatest original cc to date. So I want everyone to go check out her stuff. To tell her how amazing it is. BECAUSE IT IS! And to give her words of encouragement not words of rushing or hated. She doesn’t have to give us these amazing CC’s for our game yet she does. She takes the time to make this stuff for us. She needs to see how much we all appreciate her work. Especially kpop simmers since there isn’t a lot of us constantly making cc. Send her photos of her cc in game or make videos of room builds and share them with her just something so she knows people are using her stuff and not just blindly downloading and forgetting later. @mochachiii never give up and keep doing what you love. You have a real talent. Acknowledging that you may be older then me but here’s looking at you kid. {side note I seriously want to adopt her and @jiji-islame because her sims are amazing too okayyy}


Between this election, and waiting for news about my brother, I’ve been going crazy with the recolors just trying to keep myself busy. The good part is you guys get more stuff lol! 

These boots are from CL, and I’m sorry but the texture was so half assed. I did the best I could with it. I hope you guys like them!

You DO need City Living for these to show up in game.



*edited to add link. I’m spacey too, apparently lol!

So, here I was, at the tail end of a major recoloring project….annnnd, swatches. Everywhere.  Yep, my SimPE finally crashed on me. So, project put on hold. Schedules gone senile. Re-installation process has begun. Recoloring project now back-logged for a few more days (because I need to make sure that it was ONLY my SimPE that revolted). So yeah. Been a lovely week. LOL

Work schedule went from ‘whenever you get here is fine’, to, 'I need you in here 3 days ago last Tuesday, and for the love of Christ, bring food’. Ah yes, the end of the Summer schedule fest. Always a fun thing. The good news is that I managed to wake up, get coffee in me (instead of on me), and I put my own pants on today. So, I got that going for me. Which is nice. LOL

Don’t ya just love real-life? Then again, it’s probably better than not being able to go into work because someone left a plate in front of your bathroom door, so you’re going to starve to death, while your cat eats up the sofa.