i need to read way more stuff with him


Ok but you know how many feelings I’m having about Bitty having taken Shitty’s role as the keeper of the traditions?

Like my son has grown so much, remember when he was just a scared tiny little frog findings his way around this crazy team?

Now look at him so confident and at ease, with a boyfriend and out to his friends.

Still I kind of want to read about Shitty and Bitty’s friendship, did Shitty put him aside and taught him everything he knew? Did he see Bitty’s potential and started mentoring him since year 1?

In conclusion, we need more Bitty and Shitty friendship fics.

anonymous asked:

OMG! Hello, it's Villain!Deku Anon again and I just want to thank you! I couldn't even imagine myself that you will illustrate this au with your wonderful art style! I can't even describe how grateful I am! ;-; Moreover, I want to tell you my thoughts about it! I love Dabi's and Deku's interplay really a lot, because, I dunno, Dabi behaves as if he was Izuku's aniki? I can see it that way tho. And Izuku's outfit is great! Simple but interesting and functional :) Anyway, I hope that one day -->

HAI AGAIN! TIME FOR ANOTHER LONG ASS POST I’m so sorry it took so so long for me to finally reply to this so I hope it’s worth the wait! I want to also thank YOU for sharing me this wonderful AU<3 I can’t thank you enough and everyone rly loves it! I just wish you can go off anon so we can chat more about this au but I respect your decisions u v u I’m glad you love it all ehehe///

YEs! I was so proud of how those two turned out! Dabi seems to be the mature one in the villain alliance and he always has this mysterious air to him so being the big brother role would fit perfectly! Aaaah// I’m glad you love the outfit! /)///v//(\ I wasn’t sure what to go for ahaha~

I’m definitely developing this! And no worries, all your questions will be answered, hopefully to your expectation ehehe Q w Q

Regarding Todo; HE’S SUCH A SAD PUPPY I ALMOST FEEL BAD BUT I ENDED UP MAKING IT WORST FOR HIM! i wanted to keep the element of him being a tragic character because that’s what everyone loves about him. He did nothing wrong XD Now, I decided that Deku actually DOES meet up with Todo randomly, like they don’t know each other and this is way before the USJ raid and deku ended up showing todo the light, motivating todo to go forward regardless of what his dad says because both deku and todo see the same view, how there are heroes who does things not for the sake of being a hero. so deku was able to save todo that way!

BUUUuut he finds out his saviour is a villain so now he’s conflicted;;; sorry Todo, you can’t catch a break even in this au //holds him

Moving on to bakugou…

Deku does disappear out of trace for awhile and maybe bakugo does notice but he rly doesn’t do anything about it, the ass…. but that’d be so cute is he does start to worry, I’m sure something like that does bug him in the back of his mind. I’m not so good with how to illustrate deconstruction so hopefully it’s done alright;; as long as you get the idea because that’s what deku will do to bakugou, he knows bakugou well enough to do so

After this whole thing, all might emerged victorious like in canon. Villains retreated and this was when All Might realized his mistake, since he recognized Deku during this raid. “PATHETIC” is what he’s say

Thats what I decided to go for! I totally agree with you on this! I don’t mind it at all precious! Thank you! It makes more sense and it’s the BEST THING EVER LIKE BAKUGOU VS DEKU WOW!! All might will see how much of a hero bakugou wants to be and the connection with Deku helps even more in order to save Deku from plunging further into darkness, so all might makes Bakugou his successor! ^^ it also can help bakugo grow as a hero so it’s a good opportunity for him!

All might FEELS SUPER GUILTY so that’s why he’s so focused on saving Deku.. deku’s mom also feels the guilt. All of this is on the news so eventually Deku’s mom find out about Deku and well… it doesn’t go well. deku still loves her as his mom even if she didn’t believe in him being a hero but he came home only to find her will.

Now, not only is bakugou going to be All might’s successor, but Deku will soon inherit AFO as well. When they find the villain’s hideout and all that crazy stuff going on, All Might faces off with AFO.

Deku is still honestly precious even now, he rly tries to bond with the villain alliance members and that eventually gained Dabi’s and Himiko’s trust! Even though he’s given the role of info gatherer/mastermind, he doesn’t take advantage of it and relies on his friends!

As for tomura, this is how it’s gonna play out

He’s now gonna be Shigaraki’s hero just like how Sensei did it. Both the death of  Sensei and his mother made deku feel that he wasn’t enough of a hero to save them but this will only pushed him even further to become a ‘true hero’, especially when sensei actually put faith in him, when no one else did

also cute deku making friends with everyone cause he’s a sweetie that way!

THANK YOU FOR READING! GOOD JOB FOR MAKING IT TO THE BOTTOM! I HOPE YOU ENJOYED IT! I honestly still have some more stuff regarding this au in mind but that needs to wait until it’d actually done pfft >//v//< I’m tired so ima sleep now;;;


→ Pairing: Jungkook x Reader / Namjoon x Reader
→ Genre: fluff, smut, angst, humor
→ Words: 3,182
→ Rated: NC-17
→ Warnings: none in this part
→ Summary: A text message sent to the wrong number turns into a long lasting affair between two people completely opposite one another.
→ Note: So, yeah… here’s the now official part 2! I’m really sorry for the delay, but I hope you’ll like it! :)

Parts: 01 : interim : 02 : coming soon


━ 12:03pm
It must be because I’m very tired
But ur still hilarious
Night lol

With a heavy sigh, you lean back in your seat, a blush creeping up your cheeks at the realization you probably crossed a line or something with those messages you sent to him on Saturday night. You’d prayed throughout the whole day after you’d get a reply, and when that didn’t happen you’d checked your phone every twenty minutes on Monday and today every time your phone buzzed. It’s kinda lame.

Really, you have no actual reason to be this upset about it.

“Joonie asked me about you today in class”, Jeongyeon says when your professor seems to still be too busy shuffling through his papers to give a damn about what’s going on in his class.

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Wedding in Hawaii || Part 1

hi. i got inspired these last couple of days bc as we all know harry freaking styles is spending his free time in hawaii at a wedding looking hella good and stuff. i guess the title already gave it away so i don’t need to explain anything further so just enjoy bc i absolutely loved writing this. oh and a part 2 is coming. and maybe more parts. i don’t know about them tho. part 2 is confirmed it is on the way it’s almost done actually. harry is feeding me so good y’all i can’t believe my man i love him so much and my love for him will be clearly shown throughout these little one shots. so if you don’t like too cute and sweet and lovey-dovey shit then i suggest you not reading these. they’ll be full of stuff like that. sorry for any spelling mistakes, once again i haven’t proof read it lmao i probably should start doing that again but o whale. lotta love, xoxo -b

Part 2 • Part 3

I couldn’t have imagined spending my time elsewhere as I was in Hawaii with Harry on my side in his lovely attire looking like the happiest person on this planet.

He was gorgeous. Like so fucking gorgeous.

There were no words that could’ve possibly described how I felt about him as I was watching him in his pale yellow suit and dress pants. Not to mention the blue Hawaiian shirt he wore under his blazer.

He found that funny. Nah, scratch that.

He found it hilarious. Absolutely hilarious.

Harry found it absolutely hilarious that he was wearing a Hawaiian printed shirt while he was in Hawaii.

“What you smiling at?” he asked me as he stepped next to me, his arms sneaking around my waist and pulling me closer to his body.

I sweetly kissed his chin then the corner of his mouth which caused him to grin widely and the pounding of my heart increased dramatically at the sight. He was so so pretty and I could barely breathe as he was right there in front of me.

“I love you,” I muttered as I stared up at him, my voice a tiny bit serious but oh so full of love. “You’re so gorgeous.”

“What’s gotten into you?” he chuckled as he put one of his hands on my cheek, the palm of his hand was warm and it fit perfectly on the side of my face. I leaned into his touch, closing my eyes and forgetting the fact that we were at his mate’s wedding.

“You before,” I blurted out a bit too bluntly which caused him to laugh out as loud as hell and I couldn’t help but chuckle too.

“Alright, my love,” he said as he hugged me and pressed a kiss on the top of my head. “You cannot drink anymore alcohol.”

“Hey, don’t be rude to me! I can drink whatever I wanted. It’s your fault you’re not used to me being blunt.”

“Trust me, I am,” he sighed with a smile on his lovely face. I couldn’t help myself when I just grabbed both sides of his face and pressed my lips against his.

His mouth was massaging mine as he was giving me one of his sweet kisses, his grin spreading across his face causing us to pull away from each other. His eyes were shining and his cheeks were pink, his hair fluffy because of the humidity and he was just having so much fun it got me to never end up being bored.

“You didn’t say I love you back to me,” I pouted and he leaned down and pecked my lips.

“I love you. I love you. I love you,” he said it three times and between each confession he kissed me. “Hey, baby?”


“I love you.”

I laughed before hugging him tightly around his waist.

“I love you.”


It was bright and early when I woke up to the sound of someone puking in the bathroom and that someone ended up being Harry when I didn’t find him next to me in bed. We only came back from wedding at four am so when I checked what time it was and ended up finding out it was just twenty past five in the morning I was not impressed.

Sighing, I got out of bed, throwing my hair in a bun before entering the bathroom. Harry was on the floor leaning against the bathtub which I used right when we arrived. It was lovely in case you wanted to know.

“How are you feeling?” I asked him as I made my way towards the sink, took his toothbrush out of the cup and filled it up with cold water. I also gave him a towel that was on the side then I flushed the toilet after closing the top of it.

“Like hell,” he answered lowly. He chucked the towel to the side then put his elbows on his knees that were propped up and laid his forehead on his arms. “What’s the time?”

“Around half past five,” I sighed. “Do you wanna come back to bed?” I yawned, putting my hand in front of my mouth naturally.

“Yeah give me like a decade to be able to stand up,” he told me sassily and I just rolled my eyes.

“Come on, sass pants, give me your hands,” I said as I put my hands out. “Don’t let yourself be like that, it’s only gonna make this worse.”

“Why did I even drink? Why did you let me drink?”

“Hey, don’t blame me! I let you have fun because you’ve been working your butt off.”

“True. It’s not your fault. Well, not entirely.”

“Go to hell, Harry Styles,” I laughed as I gave a little slap to his ass when he stood up. “Now come and brush your teeth.”

“Really?” he looked at me like he saw a ghost as I put some toothpaste on his toothbrush. “Why do I have to brush it?”

“You literally just been throwing up,” I told him with a little chuckle added at the end, my voice thickly laced with sleep. “Come on, please, don’t be a hassle,” I sighed. “I’ll brush your teeth for you, c’mere.”

And he did.

He actually let me brush his teeth.

I couldn’t believe how lazy he was. But then again I didn’t expect him not to take up on that chance. He always did when I offered to do something instead of him.

He was a lazy piece of ass and I found it funny how no one really knew that about him. Harry never showed that, only to the people he was really comfortable around and with and I felt really good that I could consider myself to be one of those people.

“Thank you, love you,” he murmured as he hugged me with one hand and kissed my temple.

I just nodded as I rinsed out his toothbrush then put it back in its place. Harry took my hand once I dried it and we went back to bed, both of us getting under the duvet since all the windows were open and the weather was a bit windy outside.

Moments later Harry curled up against me, his legs sneaking between mine as he hid his face in the crook of my neck. His right hand was slowly making its way on to my waist then it slid down on to my bum and he rested it there.

“D’you wanna come work out with me tomorrow?” he asked me after minutes had pass, his voice low and croaky.

I furrowed my eyebrows as I ran my fingers through his short hair, remembering back to that loose strand of hair that rested on his forehead all day and night. It was so blooming sexy I found it so much more attractive than I probably should have.

“Work out with you? Tomorrow?” I asked back with a light chuckle. His hand squeezed my bum a bit which I’m not gonna lie was a good feeling.

I loved his hands all over me I didn’t mind one bit when he did that as long as we were in private. I’d rather him not do stuff like that when we’re out and about with all the paparazzi and fans around.

God knows what would happen to me as soon as people would find out about it.

“Mhm, I saw the gym when we arrived. Wanna try it before we gotta leave.”

“Okay, we’ll see, bub,” I told him as I continued to play with his curls that were making a comeback and ensuring my happiness.

“Do you wanna get married in Hawaii?” he asked me which caught me off guard.

“I mean if I’ll be marrying you, I won’t mind where we’ll get married.”

“Good answer,” he laughed. “I think m’gonna sleep now.”

“You should and so should I,” I said yawning.

“Mmmm, yeah,” he agreed. “Sleep tight, pretty girl.”

“You too, gorgeous,” I kissed his head before scooting closer to him in hopes of not having to get up again for another round to the bathroom.

BTS reactions to finding their gf journal and reading that you want to try bdsm and wanting them to dominate you

Requested by anonymous


When he got home from a long stressful day of work he was expecting you to be up but unfortunately you fell asleep but left your journal out that contained things that you and you only knew. By the looks of it he already knew it was private but wanted to sneak a little reading.
All I want from him is to tell me how much of a naughty girl I have been, and tie me to the bed. I just want him to treat me like his fuck doll…
Looking at this he couldn’t believe a sweet little angel like you would want such a thing, but he’ll be more than happy to give it to you.


When you were taking a shower yoongi was in bed then saw at the bed side your journal, he of course being a nosey fuck looked through it.
Yoongi hasn’t really been doing the best job at keeping me contained. All of my thoughts have been getting out of hand and he isn’t really doing much. All I want is to be choked, tied, spanked, and have whispers of sin spoke into my ear…
Yoongi was a little offended or sad even that you said he hasn’t been doing the best job. He kept reading and got hard just by your fantasies. He walked into the shower with you and from there your dreams came true.


WE ALL KNOW THIS LITTLE SHIT IS GONNA READ YOUR SHIT AND PRETEND THAT HE DIDN’T SEE SHIT, and this was the case. You were out running errands and you left tae home, alone. He was looking through stuff and found your journal and like we stated before he is gonna read your shit.
My baby Taehyung has been acting too much of a baby. Which is fine but I just want more. I just need him in ways that make me itch every time. I need him to tell me who I belong to will i’m tied with chains and choked with hands and collars…
He stopped reading and was amazed at how well your writing is and how detailed it was, but most importantly he wanted to surprise you so that he won’t be baby tae for long.

Rap Monster:

Ok good luck with your vagina after he reads your passage. Your life would just pass by and you didn’t even see it coming. He was looking for his journal, but mistaken yours for his. While looking through it you definitely are gonna get it.
Having my hair pulled and him having to use his tie to tie my arms together makes me wetter every second, maybe if I try hard enough I can grasp his attention to give me the pleasure…
“Wait till this girl gets home, It’s gonna hurt in the morning”


Oh boi here we go. Jimin is a kinky little fuck especially when he is in that killer mood. When you and hime were cleaning up the dorm he saw the journal not knowing it was yours.
Jimin treats me like a kid, he is sweet, makes me smile, and takes me on amazing dates. These feeling that I have, I want to tell him but I’m scared that would not be into pulling me, spanking me, tying me although that is what I want everyday especially at his practices…
You saw him reading it and rushed over.
“Babe that is nothing, just give it back please Jimin”
He raises the book ad you try to get it
“Oh you really want that dirty stuff that bad huh baby, you naughty girl”


You cooking (you always cook you the momma) food and jungkook was siting on the couch and at the crack of the couch he saw your journal.
My baby kookie, all i need is him in me, gags and hand cuffs. Blind folds and his finger tips trailing through out my body while giving me painful pleasures using his hand he holds me with…
*slowly puts book back and crosses legs*


Jin doesn’t like when you don’t tell him whats on your mind, no matter what the situation is. When looking in the drawer he found your (spicy) journal.
Spanked, cuffed, and thrusted into was all I want from him and telling and showing it to him was always hard, but having him bang on the bed, being his sex slave was all to much for my body to handle…
After reading this he just scolds you and saying things like “why didn’t you tell me this before” after that just shoving you against the wall and give you the best ride of your life.

||Part of this really happened, though I improvised a bit.||
  • Person who has only seen Durarara!! Anime and admits to being too lazy to read novels: Why would anybody like this guy? *posts gif where Izaya is saying*"People are my playthings."
  • Me: There are reasons I like Izaya: For one, he's intelligent, charming, cunning, has class, cares for and values his friendship with Shinra in his own way even though he has trouble with empathy(something I relate to), and despite everything, he's just a human even though he's able to bring down an entire organization like Amphisbaena. Not to mention I'm pretty sure he's jealous of practically everybody he comes into contact with. Shizuo, Mikado, Shinra, even Celty.
  • Me: He punches a telephone pole upon realizing he'd be betraying his only friend by normal human standards.
  • Me: And he was neglected by his parents emotionally. That's a very typical cause of personality disorders, just so you know. It's not entirely his fault that he is the way he is. Just saying. But I enjoyed watching him outsmart Amphisbaena. And I really like reading the novels for his philosophical views. Plus, he's kind of agnostic and fears death more than anything, something I can relate to.
  • Me: Haha his hand was literally swollen up because of slamming it into the telephone pole. But you know what happened when his sisters expressed concern for his hand?
  • This-
  • Mairu tilted her head and asked as she saw his right hand, “What happened, Iza-nii? Your right hand looks swollen.”
  • “...Health (Are you alright)?” Kururi looked at him with worried eyes.
  • Izaya stroked her head with his left hand and lied with a sigh, “Yeah, I got this when I was running away from Shizu-chan.”
  • “So you deserved it after all—”
  • “Keep yourselves away from muscle idiots like that one. Or you could die, you know.”
  • The siblings continued their conversation as they disappeared into the city night. The city, which took in everything it was offered, absorbed their talk into its nightly cacophony as it did any chit-chat within any normal family.
  • -
  • That was from the ninth Durarara!! Light novel.
  • But what was even sadder was the scene before that -
  • The twins flanked Izaya as he began walking, a bitter smile on his face. Mairu, who was on Izaya’s right, raised her face to look at him and said in a natural tone, “Say, Iza-nii. We know that you probably don’t treat us any differently as you treat other people, but keep in mind that we still think of you as family, OK?”
  • “All of a sudden you’re saying things that would actually make me happy. What happened?” Izaya felt that the line didn’t sound like Mairu, who usually told him to “Die!” and highkicked him when she saw him. He glanced at his sisters’ faces—and saw that they were smiling innocently back at him as they continued.
  • “So, if you get killed by Shizuo-san, Iza-nii, we’ll make sure to cry a little bit for you before we laugh about it.”
  • “Small (Just a little)...”
  • “...I was a fool to expect any family love from you.”
  • Izaya chuckled and walked faster.
  • - Also from LN 9, I have no clue why it wasn't in the novels. It really should have been. Especially the scene where he actually punched the telephone pole. But another reason I like Izaya is because not only is Izaya changing, but Narita himself said, "I have a feeling there was a scene where he cried, but he didn't let the readers see."
  • Somebody else: There are many reasons that make me like Izaya Orihara, like his fascinating personality, but that doesn't mean I think of him as a good man ¯\_(ツ)_/ ¯ I love it anyway
  • Person who has only seen the Durarara!! anime:
  • *throws in lame ass argument about what 'bad' things Izaya has done, without arguing, even though the argument could go both ways, considering he did take down Amphisbaena, and took Jinnai Yodogiri's corporation, giving Kasane Kujiragi back her freedom.*
  • Me: He's neither good nor bad. Most people can't be classified as either. We're all selfish in our own ways, and have a dark nature down deep that makes us want to test people at points. But without proper nurturing that can become harmful by nature, and it can consume us.
  • Somebody else number 2: The funny thing is that most people fail to recognize that they are of equal good/bad scale to Izaya without realizing it. It's only because Izaya is presented as an antagonist going against the common societal view that he is seen as a villain. Anyone that stands out against what is accepted is seen as bad because that is what we are taught at a young age to believe.
  • So saying that you hate Izaya because he is evil or bad is playing into those accepted, ingrained, and common beliefs.
  • Person who has only seen Durarara!! anime:
  • I don't have to like Izaya. I don't agree with you, and I don't want to argue about this. Izaya is pretty terrible. He started a whole war for fun, and told a girl to commit suicide. Any Shinra was just assuming when he said that Izaya has a fragile heart. Shinra is just some underground doctor(me: that doesn't know what he's talking about)?
  • Me: You don't have to like him, but you can't just deny canon. First off, he didn't want to start the war entirely for fun. He's an atheist/agnostic, and is terrified of death more than anything. The novels outright called Shinra, "his friend, the first person to see through Izaya to his true nature.". And Shinra described Izaya's 'true nature' as being more human and his heart more fragile than anybody else. Nextly, Shinra isn't 'just' some ignorant doctor. He has the potential to be the most manipulative character on the show if he really wanted to, and he's not ignorant. He's actually fairly insightful and observant, even when others aren't even though he ignores them because he only cares about Celty. Even Tom seemed weary of Shinra, implied by the novels.
  • Somebody else 4: Whether you like Izaya or not doesn't matter, because it's not just interpretation, it's canon, so in other words, you're just ignoring facts to justify your hatred for him.
  • Person who has only seen Durarara!! anime:
  • I mean he could made different choices and it could have turned out better.
  • Person who has only seen Durarara!! anime: I think Izaya's the worst one because he started the war.
  • Me: The same could be said for pretty much every single one of the characters, who all have done some pretty bad things, and crossed over things Izaya never would. *points out Shizuo's non justification for his hair trigger and how if it weren't for Simon, Shizuo could have killed somebody. Points out Ran's joking about raping both Saki and Mikage, as well as his abuse towards his brother, not to mention what he did and threatened to Saki(though he is jealous of the love Aoba receives from his parents, and the natural leader role Kyouhei has), points out Anri's hypocrisy in siding with Saika just because she saved her, points out Masaomi's cowardice(even though he has his really good moments), points out how Izaya saved Saki and multiple other girls from abusive situations, and especially Kuon's sister's experience with Izaya and how they can't properly seem to live without Izaya, points out the fact that, in reality, Mikado stabbed Aoba because he wanted to fulfill his ego, as well as the fact that he shot off a gun and caused a spark in the Awakusu-kai, points out some of the things Namie and Seiji did, not to mention Shinra's manipulative nature. Above all, points out all the trouble Nasujima caused and the terrible things he did(to Haruna and her family especially), as well as Jinnai Yadogiri sending Vorona(serial killer for fun at first, likely because of neglect) and Sloan to kidnap a child and do who knows what with her, considering all that Jinnai did to Ruri(also serial killer, but less for fun and more for revenge to get back at those who killed her parents)(not to mention Jinnai doing experimentation on her), though killing still starts to consume her because she feels freedom by doing so), Adabashi beating Shinra to a bloody pulp(though not apparently as bad as Shizuo has supposedly done to Shinra in the past, according to Shinra himself)(after which Izaya had Izumii break Adabashi's leg broke and kept him in his apartment for three days until he managed to escape.)* I'm not going to even go into Shizuo beating up a guy for simply questioning the purpose of life and telling him to go die, or the things Vorona, Shinra, Walker, Erika, Aoba, Rokujo, even Celty,(probably)Simon, and many others have done. Because every character has flaws and weaknesses that make them human. Minus Takashi and Jinnai Yadogiri, everybody has a least one person they have an attachment to of some sort and can feel a little closer to than others, even if they won't admit it, mostly everybody has unhealthy obsessions, Izaya nonetheless. But most everybody is changing, Izaya has even took the huge step of NOT calling Shizuo a monster, and instead admitting that Shizuo is just a man that distanced himself from humans. If that alone is not an improvement for him, I don't know what is.
  • Person who has only seen the Durarara!! anime: *obviously didn't read much of anything* Eh, Izaya's not good, and I just can't find it in myself to like him. If he were a real person, I might sympathize with him a little bit, because he could find help, but he's just a character, and there's no real justification for why he is the way he is.
  • Other person who has only seen the Durarara!! anime:
  • The anime is made for you to interpret Izaya however you want.
  • Somebody else number 4: This is why people need to read the novels. There is more to Izaya than what is portrayed in the anime.
  • Me: Plus, both the anime and manga is there to promote the original sources, so, naturally, they are going to leave out stuff, because they want you to read novels.
  • Somebody else number 5: Izaya isn't evil. He's not a sociopath. He's not a psychopath. He's not a troll. He is indeed only human and only wants a little more in his life than sitting on a bed and binge watch anime. There's so many reasons to like him <3
  • Me: While sociopath can be a generic term used for people with delayed or limited empathy(due to trauma)(unlike psychopaths, who are just born that way), as far as I know, sociopathy can still be detected in brain scans, because their brain still works and is wired very similarly to a psychopath. Either way, I honestly don't believe Izaya is either. I believe that he's just a human with a normal brain like both of his brain scans suggested.
  • Somebody else number 6: I honestly love hate him, but mostly I hate him, but I gotta admit he's a hot bastard.
  • Me: You're kind of missing the point, but whatever. He, just like anybody, has a side to him one can hate, but he also has a side to him that makes him a very complex character. The way he views things are so fascinating and he really opened my eyes to certain things. I can relate to his philosophy, I can empathize with his feelings about humans, and especially his hatred/jealous of Shizuo(having grown up with a brother that acts much like him, just to a less extreme, not mention I've experienced some domestic abuse, so I don't just like him for his looks alone(even if he is pretty good looking. Like I said, he's charming, cunning, shrewd but with class, is kind of funny at times, has views on society that I personally understand, is jealous of a lot of people for various reasons which I can also relate to. Despite being a mere human, he uses his wits to get out of dangerous situations, and to take down corporations like Amphisbaena and Jinnai Yadogiri. He has a an amazing ability to turn the tables when one least expects it, and wonderful flexibility as well. Unlike Shizuo, who has super strength, or Mikado who has close confidants he can truly rely on, or Celty, who can use her shadows and many others, Izaya is just a human(though he's jealous of every one of them, not forgetting Shinra, and doesn't actually want to be acknowledged as himself.)
  • He's an incredibly written character in the novels, but ultimately one I can relate to in certain aspects, including the feeling of loneliness, and feeling fear at the one he called his '(only)best friend' being mad at him. It honestly frustrates me when people bash him, or ignore the things that make him who he really is.
  • Izaya isn't a sadist, he just wants answers. And he's an emotional masochist at it's finest, possibly a chaotic neutral, and both an Anti-Villain and Anti-hero(though maybe a little more on the Anti-villain side at times). Also, lastly Izaya didn't "convince girls to commit suicide". In reality, he saved them in the novels(even if it wasn't really his intentions.) Ryo didn't happen. Izaya didn't cause the blood splatter. Because Manami and the other girl were the last two he messed with, and it clearly said that nobody he met up had actually went through with it in the end.
  • Person who has only seen Durarara!! anime:
  • *has already abandoned conversation*

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In Regency I know you said Peter dislikes most 'omega' pastimes but would Tony still teach him the defense tactics his handmaids showed him? Would Peter feel any differently about say knitting when you can use the needles to kill a man (in self defense of course.... maybe) If he did I could only imagine Steve and Bucky finding out by stumbling in on Peters training and like "put me down as sacred and horny."

Anonymous said:In your regency (I’m on mobile and my spelling is horrible so if i misspell something im sorry) does Tony teach Peter things the handmaids showed him? I bet he would like knitting and stuff much more if he could stab someone with stuff 🤣

Unfortunately it never occurs to Tony to do that. He was taught those things to protect himself from Obadiah and his flunkies. Peter will never have to defend himself that way, and even if he did need defending, he can actually depend on the castle’s guards to protect him. Tony… hadn’t been able to depend on that. He’d actually  had to defend himself from them as well.

Of course, this doesn’t keep Peter from finding out about it when they’re sitting in the garden, Peter reading, Tony knitting away at something lacy and delicate. Harley is eating cookies at their feet (he also keeps shoving grass in his mouth. Tony decides there are worse things he could put in his mouth after trying to dig grass out of his mouth for a sixth time). And then a man steps out from behind one of the hedges, drawing a sword and pointing it at them. “Get up! You’re coming with me!”

“If you make me lose count of my stitches I’m going to strangle you with my yarn,” Tony tells him seriously, and the man falters a little. He’s nearly finished with the row, however, so he gathers up his knitting soon enough and directs Peter to grab Harley. “Go get your fathers,” Tony tells him calmly. “And send Bruce out here too, probably.” “No, he’s staying here!” the man snaps. “I’m taking all of you!” Tony puts his hand on Peter’s shoulder and leans down to look him in the eye. “Peter,” he says slowly. “Would you rather have this unknown man angry with you, or would you rather have me angry with you?” Peter looks back and forth between them before quietly saying, “The unknown man.” “Smart boy,” Tony coos proudly and pats his shoulder. “Go get your fathers.”

“What the fuck,” the man shouts as Peter obediently turns and runs, clutching Harley to his chest. He peeks over his shoulder just in time to see the man grab his mother’s arm, and he’s so afraid, he remembers when Tony was kidnapped–

And then Tony grips his empty needle tightly and stabs it clear through his assailant’s stomach.

(“I feel like the amount of times you stabbed him was gratuitous,” Bruce comments as Steve and Bucky pat Tony down for injuries. “I mean. He surely deserved the first few. But I’m counting a dozen stab wounds.” “Fifteen!” Tony corrects, offended. “And he only nicked me a little!” “…This,” Steve asks, running his thumb over a cut on the brunet’s arm. “This is the wound you got?” “That was so cool!” Peter shouts. “Mama, where did you learn that?!” Tony shrugs as his mates fuss over the cut. “My previous ladies-in-waiting taught me.” “NEAT!” Peter shouts. “Teach me!” “Peter, oh my God,” Tony says, laughing.)

((He does teach him how to defend himself with a knitting needle though.))

Drabble: Handsy in the Morning

So apparently my brain is really into smutty stuff in the morning when I wake up before my alarm… who knew?

On mobile so I can’t do a keep reading.

Title: Handsy in the Morning
Pairing: Chris Evans x reader
Rating: NC-17
Warning: graphic sex


You wake up to one of Chris’s large hands massaging one of your breasts. You whimper, in a good way, one he pulls on your already hard nipple. You roll back into his body, using him as support but also giving him access to your other breast. He doesn’t need more of an invitation than that.

“You’re very handsy this morning, Mr. Evans,” you comment as his fingers play with your other breast.

“The better to get you ready for my big cock, Mrs. Evans,” he responds as he presses his body back against yours to insure you can feel his very hard dick against your bare skin.

“Mmm,” you purr as your sleepy brain recalls last night’s fun after the two of you had made it to the hotel following the wedding where you’d become Mrs. Evans.

“We have two hours until we have to leave,” your husband tells you as his hand slides down to your stomach. “But it’s a private plane to a private island so if we’re late it won’t be too bad.”

“Are you sure we have enough time?” you tease.

He doesn’t answer you verbally. Instead, he slides his hand down to the apex of your legs and finds your clit with his middle finger. A cry escapes your lips and your legs part of their own accord.

Chris then proceeds to get your body completely primed and ready for him. At first, he does it from the front to back position you guys started in, but eventually, you end up on your back with him between your legs. He alternates between using his mouth and his fingers on every inch of your skin.

When you cum, it is with a lot of incoherent noises from your mouth. Chris helps you ride through the waves of your climax until your body relaxes.

“I think you’re ready for me now,” he says once you’ve opened your eyes. An excited shiver runs down your spine as you watch him palm his cock.

“How do you want me?” you ask. The two of you have had sex a couple times since your honeymoon started and each time it’s been in a different position, if for no reason but to try something new.

Chris takes a moment to think then responds, “Face down, ass up.” He wiggles his eyebrows and then helps you get into the position, putting pillows under your breasts so your face isn’t smashed against the mattress.

Unable to see him, you aren’t sure when he’ll slide into you, so it comes somewhat as a surprise when he slides his dick into your pussy. He starts slow, but you don’t expect that to last, not with his cock being hard for so long.

Just as you suspected, he begins to speed up almost immediately. Soon, your fingers are clutching the bed sheets as he slams into you repeatedly, his balls slapping your clit with each thrust.

His fingers dig into your hips so tightly that you’re certain he’s going to leave bruises there. Guess it’s a good thing the two of you are going to a friend’s private island where the limited staff only comes at certain times of day and is paid extra not to be seen.

You can tell when Chris is about to cum and when he does, it is with a mighty roar as he fills your womb with his cum. He then helps you reach your climax with continued thrusts and a couple, well-placed fingers against your clit.

The two of you lay spent on the bed for several minutes until the alarm on his phone goes off, alerting you that you have an hour before you have to be at the small airfield for your flight.

“You should get up first,” you tell him, thinking he would shower the quickest.

“Damn woman,” he says. “I’m not the energizer bunny, I need time to recover.”

“That’s not what I meant!” you exclaim while giggling. You then clarify what you were thinking and he joins you in your laugher.

An hour and thirty minutes later, the two of you are sitting on a private plane on your way to the private island. He has been busy filming, but he had planned ahead to take a month off for the final wedding prep, the wedding and two weeks together for your honeymoon. Then, you’ll go with him to the next filming location. You’ve been there before, but it will be the first time you’ve been there as Mrs. Evans.

It’s Wednesday, which means it’s Crying About STAR WARS Time and I love that apparently it’s a never-ending font of things to cry about in the GFFA. But, hey, at least sometimes it’s crying in a good way? So, here, come cry some more with me about these space monks with their laser swords.

House of Cards by Smitty, obi-wan & anakin & oc, 23.8k
   Just when Obi-Wan thinks he has life figured out, a shadowy bounty hunter proves him wrong.
The Exchange by MissLearn, obi-wan & anakin & ahsoka & qui-gon & mace & rex & cast, 31.2k wip
   The Daughter has a bad day and it irrevocably changes the fate of the galaxy, twice over. Or; ROTS Obi-Wan and Anakin are swapped with their younger, TPM, selves. It changes things, in both parallels.
Obikin Ficlet: Exotic Dancer AU by writegowrite, obi-wan/anakin, imperial!obi-wan, 1k
   Prompt: “Exotic dancer!Anakin giving a private dance to sith lord!imperial general!Obi-Wan and they haven’t seen each other in 6 months. They missed each other and Obi-Wan just wants to touch Anakin but Anakin won’t let him.”
Clarity by anecdotalist, obi-wan/anakin & anakin/padme & ahsoka & cast,
   Anakin’s jealousy leads to the start of something new between him and Obi-Wan and a lot of frank discussions about things they should have talked about but didn’t in canon.
Do Not Go Gentle by Glare, obi-wan/anakin, a/b/o, 4.8k wip
   Anakin Skywalker is only six months into his Jedi training when he goes missing on a mission, bringing his Master’s life crashing down.
untitled by gaealynn, obi-wan/anakin, mild bondage, 1.9k
   I propose – an Obi-Wan who indulges one of Anakin’s tantrums and is startled to find that he, ah, doesn’t quite mind letting Anakin tie him up and dote on him; and an Anakin who is over the moon at being allowed to do so.
Tano and Kenobi by FireflyFish, obi-wan & ahsoka & cast, 54.3k wip
   Master Skywalker always said “The Force works in mysterious ways” and Ahsoka Tano has to admit, getting thrown backwards in time by about forty years was very mysterious. Now she just needs to figure how to get back home and how to get Master Qui-Gon Jinn to take Senior Initiate Obi-Wan Kenobi as a Padawan before the young boy is shipped off to Bandomeer to take up the quiet life of a farmer. Of course, that’s assuming she doesn’t take him as her Padawan first…
Choices by writegowrite, obi-wan & krell, sith!obi-wan, ~1k
   The path to the dark was easier than Obi-Wan had ever thought it could be.
Reunion by writegowrite, obi-wan/anakin, ~1k
   It has been nine minutes since Darth Vader arrived on the Rebel reconnaissance ship.
Lights Will Guide You Home by darlingargents, obi-wan/padme & potential obi-wan/anakin/padme & luke/ezra & leia & ahsoka & cast, 27.3k wip
   Obi-Wan knew that if he didn’t leave now, Padmé would die. And so he made his decision.
untitled by silvergryphon, leia & mace, 1.7k
   Everyone expected Leia to follow in her mother’s footsteps.
untitled by stonefreeak, padme & background anakin/padme, 1.2k
   Padmé stares at the clock on her bedside table. She knows it’s time to get up and get ready to face the day, but she… She doesn’t want to.
untitled by lurkingcrow, obi-wan & luke, 1.2k
   Obi-Wan braces against the bulkhead as yet another refugee pushes past him, attention focused upon the growing food line rather than the bedraggled figure hunched over his precious cargo.
untitled by fireflyfish, obi-wan/anakin & cast, pirate!obi-wan, 1.9k
   All things considered, Darth Vader was taking the news of growing pirate fleet surprisingly well, thought Lieutenant Piett as he followed after the towering, black-suited menace.

full details + recs under the cut!

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Wait Shinichi's gonna act like Conan in the new chapter? 10/10 best arc ever. I absolutely love the concept of Shinichi being so used to his Conan persona and being a little kid in general that when he's in his normal teenage body he'll just instinctively start doing things he would as Conan. I'd laugh if there's a moment one day where Shinichi is deducting and accidentally pulls the "Shinichi-niichan told me" card only for everyone to be like "WTF are you talking about YOU'RE Shinichi".

Oh man, this arc is sure a mine of gold. I’m always a slut for Shinichi acting like Conan by accident. But… 

Now let me tell you about my feelings on the slip up in THIS file. When I first read it I laughed. Specially given Shinichi and Ran’s reactions to it (the dot eyes) and more than that… Heiji’s lack of reaction (Like: Yeah. No biggie). Then I realised that when this episode gets animated we’re going to HEAR shinichi saying “a-le-le” and I died, Kappei better start practicing because I want that scene to be perfect lmao. 

But finally I started to feel sorry for him. Don’t get me wrong, I know that this scene is possibly JUST for comedic relief, and I’m probably reading way too much into it? but it kinda feels wrong in this context? Wrong in the sense that if it doesn’t have consequences (a ran suspicion arc for example, which could happen because there’s just SO MUCH STUFF GOING ON) it’s stupid; but it could have consequences… and it’s just making Sera the more insufferable? Don’t get me wrong. I like Sera. But I just don’t understand her reasoning and need to put Shinichi in a compromising position with all of those comments. And the more slip ups shinichi does, the more confident she gets. And I’M SORRY AGAIN but man. Sera. Please. Chill. 

And if we add that Shinichi is certainly not having the time of his life (except that he gets to be with Ran and with his friends for a while): He has to deal with the pains of the transformations (So far it is confirmed that he transforms 4 times in this arc, could become more but we don’t know yet), with the fear of being discovered, with Sera being a jerk, the serial murder case,… and so on. I just feel so much for him in this arc. He deserves a break. So yeah, I enjoyed it and it was fun… until it wasn’t. 

Jehanparnasse Week 2017 - Day 7 - Forgiveness 
What is all this sweet work worth / If thou kiss not me

Montparnasse: so I read that Wordsworth guy’s book you gave me..

Jehan: !!!!! What did you think?

Montparnasse: ….

Montparnasse: Honestly? Boring as fuck.

Jehan: Okay.

Jehan: How so?

Montparnasse: It’s all Sunshine and Rainbows. There’s one poem that is literally like ‘I saw a rainbow and it made me happy’. This guy is famous??

Jehan: His main thing was the glorification of nature.

Montparnasse: “A tree. Nice.”

Montparnasse: Your stuff is way more interesting. I’ve seen a daffodil before. I don’t need someone else’s description of one.

Montparnasse: Jehan?

Montparnasse: Hey I’m sorry.

Montparnasse: Shit, Jehan, I’m sorry.

Montparnasse threw down his phone again. It had been over an hour since Jehan had last answered him. If they would only just respond - even just to tell him they were mad - then maybe he would be able to kill the restless uncertainty.

He glared down at the book he had managed to wade through only because Jehan’s face stayed in his mind’s eye as he read.

“This is your fault,” he said to it. Stupid English bastard and his stupid daffodils.

He was about to pick up his phone again for the millionth time to make sure Jehan hadn’t texted back when a knock came at his door, startling him. Suddenly on high alert, he moved soundlessly to it, and peered out the peephole. A large stack of books greeted him, framed with red hair. Montparnasse threw off the chain and pulled open the door, an apology on his lips, but he was cut off when the pile of books was shoved into his arms.

“Christ, these are heavy,” he huffed as Jehan stepped into the apartment, rubbing their own arms.

“I’m the one who just carted them up four storeys,” Jehan replied, and Montparnasse watched as they let themself into the kitchen and began filling the kettle. “I hope you didn’t have plans this evening.”

Montparnasse managed to set the pile down on the kitchen table. “Nothing important,” he said.

“Good. We’re going to do some reading.” Jehan’s tone was all business.

“Jehan - I’m sorry I insulted your poet. You know I’m not smart enough to appreciate him properly.”

“Bullshit,” they said, turning to face him. “You’re smart enough to know what’s interesting to you and what’s not. You don’t have to like someone’s work just because I do. And really, I should have known Wordsworth wouldn’t have been your cup of tea. Which is why I brought tea and also some more suitable Romantics. Have you read The Rime of the Ancient Mariner?”

Montparnasse shook his head.

“Good. It’s dark as fuck and I can’t wait for you to hear it. That’s Coleridge. I also have Shelley, Keats, Blake, and of course, Lord ‘Mad, Bad, and Dangerous to Know’ Byron.”

Montparnasse couldn’t help but smile. “Sounds familiar.”

Jehan whipped around, and faster than Montparnasse could register, they kissed him full on the mouth. He could feel the excitement in their touch and on their lips, and he responded in kind.

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Speaking of Tom Swift. I don't think Alan Moore thinks too highly of him. I just finished Nemo: Heart Of Ice (which is a spinoff of League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen) and Swift (spelt Swyfte to avoid copyright infringement) is a thoroughly unlikable character.

Jean Luc Godard once said that the only way to critique a movie is by making another movie.

That said, I have a hard time seeing how Alan Moore got the idea that Tom Swift was an arrogant egotist. I have no idea where this characterization came from. In the stories I’ve read, Tom Swift, if anything, seemed downright underconfident. He deferred a lot to older authority figures like his parents or Wakefield Damon, he often hesitated before taking certain actions. In fact, the number one thing I remember from these stories is that there were just endless scenes of Tom Swift getting pep talks about courage from a wise Dad. I spent the majority of my time reading Tom Swift stories waiting for him to cowboy up, and do the big boy stuff he’s gotta do.

If you wanted to make Tom Swift unsavory or vaguely villainous, a more logical “in character” way to do it is to make him a dupe of smarter, more Machiavellian evil people who are exploiting Tom for his genius, and who manipulate him by flattering his need for a wise father figure to listen to.

Alan Moore has a tendency to do commentary on a character that never existed. For example, I have absolutely no idea what his Supergirl commentary character Suprema is making fun of, because Supergirl never had a prudish, snotty, catty personality (hell, she had tons of boyfriends), Supergirl was always tough and strong-willed and smart and was never a Gidget-esque ditz who chased after teen idols and used words like “dreamy,” and heck, while we’re at it, she was never even a teenager for all that long: she was enrolled in college as early as 1964. Supergirl was a grown woman in her 20s with a career for the majority of her existence. The worst part is that because of Suprema, this became the canon interpretation of classic Supergirl for close to a decade (for instance, witness Peter David’s revival of Kara Zor-El, where she lived in Disneyland and said “golly”).

It’s interesting, one of the text stories in League of Extraordinary Gentlemen featured John Carter of Mars as a Gaston-esque alpha dog who had disdain for his descendant Randolph Carter for failing at his standards of masculinity. I remember being incredibly disturbed by this, because this characterization didn’t ring false! Everyone is an asshole or if you catch us on the right day. Still, I do vastly prefer the take in L. Sprague de Camp’s Sir Harold of Zodanga stories where they said that John Carter’s greatest skill wasn’t in swordfighting but in diplomacy and politics, getting sworn enemies to make peace and fight alongside each other.

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I'm willing to bet that the same people calling you anti-semitic are the people that conveniently forget that Marvel Made Cap and Magneto into Nazis but sure call stan out for his bullshit that the real injustice here

lmao exactly!! antisemitism is a real issue in the world right now, nazis are on the rise again and are marching around all over the world rn trying to recruit more people. and in the wake of all of this marvel is handling it horribly. magento, a jewish character who’s family was killed by nazis, was recently turned into a nazi which is just…. disgusting. captain america, a character created by jewish men SPECIFICALLY to punch adolf hitler in the face was written to be a nazi. and nick spencer, the nazi-sympathizer who did this, went one step further and has made fun of the people who were outraged and separately said that it is wrong to punch nazis like COME ON. and on top of all of this marvel is still selling hydra merchandise which i’m sorry, i don’t care if they’re fictional nazis they’re still representing nazis and selling stuff with their logo on it is tasteless at best. it should also be mentioned that the CEO of marvel is a friend to donald trump and donated lots of money to his campaign so like… read between the lines there.

so yeah, antisemitism needs to be called out and it needs to be called out in marvel way more than it is. but sorry, me calling out stan lee for being biphobic isn’t antisemitic. yeah, he’s jewish, but that seriously has nothing to do with him being biphobic. and just because he is part of a minority doesn’t mean he isn’t capable of being bigoted towards another, and it doesn’t give him a hall pass. that’s like if i were to spew racist shit and then said “well you can’t call me racist because i’m transgender” like??? they have nothing to do with each other?? and i’m not jewish, so i may be overstepping my boundaries and if i am pls call me out, but it seems to almost trivialize the discrimination jewish people face by throwing around accusations of antisemitism at anyone who even opposes a jewish person based on separate and unrelated beliefs when there are actual very real and horrifying cases of antisemitism happening right now.

Preference #12: Crush

Harry: “I know babe, I know.” Harry’s pleading voice echoed through his house. You glanced up at the clock hanging on the wall, Five o’clock exactly. The usual time when Harry and his current girlfriend Vanessa, or the spawn of satan as you called her, had their regular old fight. You flicked through your magazine slowly as you tried to block out the sounds of Harry pleading and the screech of the cellphone as Vanessa screamed out insults and accusations. You hated seeing him trapped in a toxic relationship like this, especially when in your heart you knew that you could be the one to make him happy. The unrequited crush was the worst type of crush, and it only made it worse that you and Harry were best friends …  just best friends. 

“Babe, you’re the one I want to be with, okay? Not Y/N, she’s just a friend.” You felt a pang in your heart at those words. It was the worst feeling in the world to fall for someone you have zero chance with, but so far you had successfully put on a brave face and kept your infatuation a complete secret. 

“Vanessa I love you okay! You know this, Y/N means nothing to me in that way.” You felt tears begin to well up in your eyes and blinked rapidly. He was only speaking the truth, and you could not blame him for that. You heard Harry say goodbye and slowly walk back to your room, so you stared at the magazine, willing yourself to hold your tongue. 

“Sorry about that, she’s just going through a lot right now.” You nodded in response, knowing if you opened your mouth all your thoughts and emotions would come tumbling out. He sighed and lay down on the bed next to you. You felt your skin heat up just by being close to him. 

“I wish she was like you, our relationship would be way less complicated.” He chuckled and nudged you with his hip. You bit your lip, trying hard to focus on the article you were reading. A single tear rolled down your cheek and you quickly brushed it away.

“Y/N, are you okay?” Harry sat up, turning to face you, his face full of concern. You felt yourself fall for him even more just by that and you let out a shaky breath that you didn’t even know you had been holding. 

“No, I need to go… I’m sorry.” You gathered your stuff and practically sprinted out of his bedroom. 

Liam: “Y/N you don’t even like football, why are we here?” Your best friend whined as you trudged along the football field outside your school. It was the middle of winter and it was absolutely freezing, thunder rumbled in the sky.

“I know but Liam is playing and I want to show my support.” You sat down on the ice-cold bleachers, shivering as you watched the football team warm up. You heard your best friend scoff and nudge you with her arm.

“Show your support? You are dressed to the nines girl, you want him to notice how hot you look.” You felt your cheeks flush with embarrassment and you shook your head quickly, avoiding eye contact.

“No way, we are just friends Y/BF/N”. You caught Liam’s eye and your heart fluttered as he waved to you. Even you had to admit, that feeling was not a platonic one. 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

The game ended with the school’s team winning, Liam kicking the final goal. As per school tradition, everyone would now go back to someones house and party until the early hours of the night. 

“I am so so so excited. I heard Nick’s got the house completely to himself and you know Nick’s parties are always the best ones.” Your best friend chattered on as you walked to your car amidst a crowd of loud fans. You listened slightly, mainly trying to spot Liam. You hated to admit it, but this crush you had on him was deepening every single day. 

“Y/N!” You turned around at the sound of Liam’s voice and saw him jogging towards you, a sweet smile plastered on his face. He looked so damn good in that Football uniform.

“Hey Liam! Good game today.” He scratched the back of his head and smiled sheepishly. 

“Thanks, I was just wondering if you were going to Nick’s party tonight?” Your cheeks flushed as your best friend smiled knowingly. You nodded in response, your stomach in complete knots.

“Sweet, I’d love to see you there.”

Zayn: “Another one? Y/N that’s the third one this week.” You smiled to yourself as you admired the neatly-folded piece of paper that fell out of your textbook. For the past two weeks you had been receiving little love notes from an anonymous person. They were incredibly sweet and well written and they made your stomach fill with butterflies. 

“I just want to know who it is.” You sighed to your friends, scanning over the note. You knew in your heart who you wanted it to be, but it was highly unlikely it would ever be him. You glanced around the classroom and your gaze fell to him, like it usually did. He was perfection, exactly why he didn’t even know you existed. 

“What’s on the back Y/N?” You flipped over the note and read the sentences scrawled on the back. 

I need to see you. Meet me at the Nick’s party tonight, on the balcony overlooking the garden. I’ll be waiting. 

Holy shit. You felt the butterflies in your stomach remerge. Tonight, finally, you would know who had been writing to you so beautifully. It had only been two weeks but it felt so much longer. 

“He wants me to meet him tonight at Nick’s party.” As your friends chattered excitedly around you, your gaze drifted to Zayn who was starting intensely at you. His brown eyes bore into yours, making your heart flutter. Although it was highly unlikely, you really hoped Zayn would be the one waiting on the balcony. 

Niall: “See the second Avengers was not even slightly as good as the first one” You gestured to the television where the screen showed a fighting action sequence. You were currently in Niall’s living room having a movie day with all the boys. It was a tradition, watch a bunch of movies and argue over how good/bad it is. 

“No way Y/N, we get two new loveable characters and we didn’t get any in the first one.” Niall retorted, ruffling your hair from his spot next to you. You scowled and swatted his hand away before leaning back against his shoulder. You and Niall had been best friends since you first met back in grade school. Gradually as he met the rest of the lads, you had begun to be friends with all of them. Now you were one big inseparable group. 

“Anyway we need a popcorn refill, anyone want anything while I’m up?” Everyone shook their heads no so you grabbed the bowl and walked to the kitchen. As soon as you left the room you heard muttering break out between them all. Curious, you listened in slightly. You could only make out the words Niall, her and crush. 

“What the hell…” You whispered to yourself. Niall had a crush? Niall hardly ever got crushes on girls and every time he did it killed you. You had developed feelings for Niall since you first met him, but of course you kept it to yourself. Why risk ruining an amazing friendship when you know he doesn’t feel the same way? You sighed and grabbed the popcorn, all your happiness drained out of your body, and walked back to the boys. Of course he didn’t feel the same way, you were nobody and he was somebody. 

Louis: “He totally likes you Y/N, he told me himself.” You and your best friend were getting ready for Nick’s party tonight, dressing yourself up to the nines and having some pre-drinks. Right now your best friend was telling you about the conversation she had with Louis, encouraging you to make a move on him.

“Y/BF/N how can I be sure? I need to talk to him, I’m too shy to go up and just kiss him.” You laughed, putting on your classic little black dress and looking at yourself in the mirror. A definite improvement, hopefully one Louis would notice.

“Oh please, he said so himself. I dare you to just do it, whats the worse that could happen?” You thought about it for a moment, she had a point. Life was short, taking risks was something everyone had to do at one point. Your stomach somersaulted at the thought.

“Fine, I’ll do it.” 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The music was pounding, empty cups were strewn across the lawn and there was a girl practically dry humping a guy on the porch. The stench of tequila and beer was overwhelming. 

“I’m so freaking excited!” Your best friend squealed and practically dragged you inside. The whole house was filled with every single senior at school, majority of them were way too drunk to function normally. 

“Now you go find Louis, I’m going dancing.” You laughed as your best friend flounced away. You glanced around the room, Louis was nowhere in sight. It left two main places, the kitchen or outside near the hot tub. Your guess was the latter. You manoeuvred around everyone, making your way outside. The backyard was in an even worse state than the front yard, it seemed like it had become the designated place for hook ups. Couples were everywhere and you were extremely uncomfortable. You scanned the area and felt your heart drop as you noticed one of the ‘couples’ in the hot tub was Louis and a random, gorgeous girl. So much for having a crush on you…

Hey guys! I hope you enjoy this, message me if you want a part 2 and I’ll oblige!  xx

so listen how about this headcanon I got that Serizawa has read a billion stories because did you even see that bookshelf in his room and it was the only way for him to explore the world and Reigen picks up on this so to get Seri more confident at talking to strangers and out loud in general he gets Seri to come over to his place and read him stories and Reigen hasn’t had time to read in years so he ends up getting really into them and then it’s just like

a thing they do

so anyway

Keep What Remains, Part II [Gladiolus Amicitia/Reader]

“What do you think about holding onto something when you’ve lost everything else?” 

Remember how Gladio mentioned getting a girlfriend during all those years of darkness? Here’s how that happened. Spoilers up to Chapter 13 of the game, so proceed with caution!

Part I

Parallels had the odd tendency of creeping up in your life. And it was never like you actively asked them to. They were crazy random happenstances that never really hit you until days or weeks or months later. Like they were made specifically for you to look back on, completely unintentionally, on a run to the drugstore or in the middle of a shower. Like the Six had already penned down the book of your life before you had a chance to live it, and you were living as they’d written you. Like free will was known to everyone but the people who had it.

That was exactly what happened with those first two nights you’d met Gladio. And you were sure it was going to happen again when you ran into him a few days later. Still perched on the bench near that steaming white truck. Still reading the same book—you didn’t even have to bend over to look at the cover this time. Still giving you that Can I help you smile when he looked up to meet your eyes. But it melted into something knowing as soon as he recognized you, and he scooted over to make room for you to sit.

“Hi, stranger,” he said.

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The Director- Chris Evans One Shot

Pairing: Chris Evans X Reader

Prompt: You are a best-selling author and Chris wants to direct the film adaptation of your book.

Word Count: 1690

A/N: I know this is similar to my other Chris one shot “Never Been Kissed”, but I really liked this idea. I wrote all of this is about a hour, so I’m sorry if it is terrible.


Heels clicked outside of your office, signaling you that someone was on an urgent mission. You glanced up from the paper in front of you to see your assistant gently closing your glass door behind her. You raised your eyebrows at her as she came to a halt in front of your desk.

“Is there anything I can help you with?” You asked as she stayed quiet for a moment-attempting to compose herself after basically running down the halls in her high shoes.

“Oh, yes. I’m sorry to interrupt, but a man has requested to meet with you tomorrow. He says he is a director and wishes to adapt your book into a movie.” She explained, moving a loose piece of hair out of her face and behind her ear.

“Thank you for informing me, but please tell him I am not interested. I do not want my work to become a film-or at least not at this time.” You stated and she nodded.

“Yes, ma'am.” She replied.

“Call me, Y/N, please.” You said.

“Right. Yes, Y/N.” She smiled shyly at you, which you returned with a warm grin she scurried out of the small office and headed back down the long hallway to her desk.

You worked as a magazine editor in Los Angeles and as an author. About a year ago, you published your first book. It became was added to the list of The New York Times’ Best-Sellers. You had received numerous contract opportunities to develop your book into a movie; but you declined each of them. None of them offered what you wanted-a say in the production. If you were going to change your book into a movie, you were going to have a say in its screenplay and development.

The day went on as normal as usual. Nothing excited ever happened and it did not help that you so desperately wanted to write a sequel to your story, but could not find the time to do so. You were busy helping your co-workers with their articles, doing press here and there for the book, and writing your own editorials. You had no time to write freely.

The clock struck three and there was a buzz from your office phone. You answered it, knowing it would be your assistant. She was brand new to the system and very starry-eyed. She wanted to be a writer-you could see the ambitious spark in her eyes. She was bright, but allowed the nerves to overcome her. You saw a lot of yourself in her; therefore, you never attempted to harm her with meaningless coffee runs and what-nots.

“Hello, Y/N. I’m so sorry to interrupt you again. The director is here and he is very persistent about seeing you.” She explained in a shaky voice. You sighed quietly, hoping not to frighten her with your distress.

“Did you inform him I am not meeting with anyone about a movie adaptation?” You questioned.

“Yes. I’m afraid he will not go away. Would you like me to call security?” She asked.

“No, that will not be necessary. I will come down there as soon as I can. Thank you for notifying me.” You replied.

“You’re welcome.” She said and you hung up the phone. You stood up and straightened out your pantsuit. You had a plan-go down there, tell the man to his face that you will not accept the offer, and call security if he tries anything. You exited your office and stalked down the hall to the lobby.

You turned the corner and were met with your assistant, typing away at her computer. There was a man wearing a gray baseball cap and casual clothing sitting in one of the hard lobby chairs. Your assistant and the mysterious director both looked at you upon hearing your shoes snap against the pristine, white tile.

“You must be Ms. Y/L/N.” The man stood up and made his way over to you. He held out his hand to you as he approached. As he stood in front of you, you recognized which director he was. He had only directed one film, but that didn’t stop you from remembering his face.

“And you must be the man who does not know what ‘no’ means.” You replied, shaking his outstretched hand.

“Look, I just want to talk. I read your book and I love-” Chris Evans began to say as you dropped his hand.

“How many siblings does the main character have?” You cut him off with a question. He scrunched his eyebrows together in confusion and you simply raised yours, awaiting his response.

“I don’t think you specified exactly how many, but Chloe did have a cousin named Marcus. He was the one that taught her the constellations.” He replied. You turned to your assistant, who looked pretty impressed by the actor and director.

“It appears that I now have a meeting to attend to. Mr. Evans, if you will follow me.” You said, rotating on your heel to walk back to your office. You heard Chris scuttle along after you.

“Does this mean I can film it?” He asked, entering your office space.

“This means you get a chance.” You sat behind your desk and he sat across from you, “I was surprised by you. The other directors I have met with have fed me the same line of 'I read the book and it was my favorite’. They couldn’t answer any question that you could not read the answer to on the back cover, but you-you could. Pitch me your deal and I will tell you if I agree or not, after some consideration of course.”

“Well, there’s not much to pitch. I’m not a big-time Hollywood director. The film will be an independent one, if I were to actually direct it. I would leave the screenplay up to you, if you want. You could have the final say in the actors and actresses we use-as well as a final say in the whole production. You could also be on set, if you would like to see how everything is running.” He explained.

“Are you serious?” You asked in confusion, “You would allow me to hold that power? I could control the writing portion and what goes into it?”

“It is your story, isn’t it? It would be wrong if I changed it from what you pictured it as while you wrote it.” Chris said, “Am I also the first to consider your interests in this project?”

“Yes.” You nodded. “I do appreciate the control I would hold if I was to accept this offer; however, I will need to discuss this all with my agent before I can make any official decisions.”

“That is perfectly okay with me. I just really enjoyed the story and I want to see it transform onto the big screen, whether or not I direct it.” He explained.

“I will consider it. I will have my assistant contact you with any information.” You pulled out a sticky note from your drawer and wrote on it, “Excuse the sticky note, I do not have business cards. You can use this to contact me directly; but, please, only if absolutely necessary-at least until I give you an answer.” You handed him the small piece of paper.

“Thank you for your time.” Chris smiled at you, standing up. You stood up as well and met him at your door.

“Thank you for considering my interests.” You shook his hand with a kind smile. He left your office and you returned to your seat.

A complete twenty seconds later, you cell-phone lit up, alarming you that an unknown caller was trying to reach you. Chris’ smiling face flashed across your mind as you reached to answer it.

“Hello?” You said.

“Hi, Y/N. It’s Chris.” He replied, causing you to laugh lightly, “I know you are probably busy, but would you like to get coffee tomorrow? Outside of work.”

“That sounds lovely.”


*Eight Months Later*

“Cut!” Chris yelled in his 'director’ voice. A frown was displayed on his face as he looked at the male lead for the movie, “Five minute break, everyone. What the hell was that? This part is one of the most important scenes in the whole book and you can’t even get your lines right! Get it together, Sebastian!”

“Chris.” You scolded, turning his attention away from his friend to you.

“Yes, dear?” He asked.

“Stop being the mean director. Please.” You replied. Sebastian came over to you two and sat in his own chair, “You did great, Sebastian. You make a great Louis.”

“Tell that to your boyfriend.” Sebastian laughed.

“Hey! I could fire you.” Chris threatened, making you and Sebastian roll your eyes at him.

“You are never going to direct another one of my books again.” You stated, teasingly “The next one is going to be Clint Eastwood.”

“Why didn’t you offer this role to Scott Eastwood?” Sebastian asked.

“Louis has dark hair and blue eyes. He looks more like you than Scott.” You replied.

“How is the sequel coming by the way?” He asked, casually-the two of you ignoring Chris as he mumbled stuff about directing and filming.

“It is almost completed. I just need to send it into my editor after I finish the last chapter.” You explained.

“Well, I’m excited to read another one of your works.” He stated.

“You can do that by reading my magazine.” You laughed.

“Sebastian, go get ready to reshoot your scene. And remember your lines!” Chris said, pulling him out of the chair. Sebastian pouted like a child, but went off to rehearse before they filmed again.

“I am glad you were so persistent on directing this.” You informed Chris.

“I saw a book with the face of cute girl as the author and I just couldn’t resist.” He replied, leaning down to kiss you.

“I hope you do not do that to every book you read.”

“Only the best ones.” He smiled.

@battlemaiden13 HIYA okay so i super duper love HND and have been wanting to draw stuff from it foreeeverrrr (especially everything with syrup in it bc you’ve made me love him SO much) so i drew something from the latest chapter! your fic is absolutely incredible and the way you write all the characters is honestly one of my top faves and i can just NEVER GET ENOUGH OF READING IT!!! so thanks for your beautiful fic and your wonderful imagines! i can’t wait for the next chapter and hope you have a fantastic rest of your day/night!

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crazy idea but smaurent not being a nudist but h a t i n g putting on his clothes bc veretian clothes are just so extra and it would take his poor servants like 30 minutes to put on his clothes bc he wiggled too much and would try to take it off and auguste would try to "help" them by distracting him while they clothed him but it never worked he was too happy to see auguste and be MORE impatient (if laurent had it his way he would only wear his undershirt and pants tied loose but ROYAL STUFF)


him just reading a book while the servants are trying to slip his hands in the sleeves, not even REMOTELY acknowledging their efforts and then when auguste walks in he’s just like “auguste!!” and runs to him in only a loose shirt with his pudgy feet slapping against the marble floor omg :’)