i need to read the booook

mira-jadeamethyst  asked:

[comes back with her eyes shining, 2 books, and less ever-present twitchy-ness] Booooks! [happy sigh] [digs out new-to-her copy of George Orwell's 1984] I've always wanted to read this. [pins Logic with a look] If you need me, *poke me.* I promise, you won't be bothering. I want you safe and happy far more than I want to read. [gets comfortable and flips to the first page]

*logic chuckles* okay will do.
*continues to talk to himself*
Morality is so pure even if by some miracle he likes me back, I might accidentally hurt him and I couldn’t live with that.

Need more Sea themed novels!

As you can see, I need more Mermaid novels. I’ve just been thinking about the sea a lot, and I keep on getting the feels about sea themed books. 

I’ve already read: 

On my TBR:

That’s all I think I have. If there are any other sea themed novels out there that you know of please let me know!!!