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Leia in Bloodlines is amazing and I need a whole series of books on her being pissed off and done with everything as she single handedly saves the galaxy while Han is off racing and Luke is growing his beard.

FOR REAL. God, I loved this book. And yes, when I read it I was like: OK, so just so we’re clear, Han is off zooming around racing for charity or for funsies (or whatever the story was), and Luke and Ben Solo are at some kind of Jedi Summer Camp at an Undisclosed Location that does not have regular cell phone service (and since it’s a Jedi Thing, let’s just all presume that at the very least it was also poorly-lit, AND since Ben was involved let’s all also assume things did not go well there,) and in the meantime Leia’s just, oh…doing ALL THE THINGS. Being a Senator. Giving speeches about Bail Organa. Getting into arguments with Imperial fanboys. Telling pompous snobs to piss off. Wearing a DARTH VADER INSPIRED OUTFIT JUST TO STICK IT TO PEOPLE. 

That book had so many feels. And there absolutely needed to be a series.

Tired of waiting for the MCU Black Widow movie? Mark Waid & Chris Samnee have made the comic you need to read.

Natasha Romanoff, Marvels premiere femme fatale has been delegated to the supporting cast of the mega-blockbuster MCU. She has shined in her appearances, especially in Cap 2, but even though the fans are crying for it she may never get a solo movie. If Kevin Feige and The Russo Brothers read the current ongoing series by Mark Waid, Chris Samnee, and Matthew Wilson that may be rectified.

This series is great. I have been reading comics since I could read. I probably learned to read from comics. Never in all my comic reading years have I been so drawn in to the story like I have with Black Widow. I would love to post more of the art but it would only spoil the amazing action that Chris Samnee has laid out so masterfully on the pages. The timing is incredible. Fight scenes move so fast and hard but every image is crisp and clear. My eye moves from panel to panel so fast that it plays like a film in my mind. I can feel every hit and hear the bones crack and break. Every shattered window, every explosive blast of force rolls over me like a THX. Samnee has laid some of his finest ink on paper here. Colorist Matthew Wilson sets the mood perfectly. The tones convey the twilight world of super-spies and espionage so well it completely immerses you in the story. The flashbacks are signified in a color shift that fits the cinematic feel extremely well. On a visual level alone, this book is worth your time. 

The plot is tight and the first four issues rolled on like a freight train. Then it settles in for some introspection just before it smacks you in the face with a rusty shovel of revelation. Why Mark Waid is not held in the same regard as Grant Morrison, Matt Fraction, and Kelly Sue DeConnick is a mystery. He’s been around the capes and tights for a long time and he knows what he’s doing. What’s more, he seems to have a genuine love for the characters he writes. Much in the same way the aforementioned Matt Fraction showed everybody why a non-powered super hero armed with “a weapon from the paleolithic era” belonged on a team of gods and monsters Waid has shown us why Black Widow is there too. Because she is scary as Hell.

I work in a comic shop and I hear some dude bros complaining that the art is “too cartoony”. If you are the sort of comic reader who needs a more realistic interpretation of Black Widow I don’t know what to tell you. I have a suspicion it may have more to do with the fact that Nat isn’t being portrayed in a more hyper-sexualized way. Sorry if a fully realized female character that doesn’t exist to provide you with punch meat isn’t your thing. There’s plenty of that stuff out there for you. This is a stylized, enthralling espionage story filled with thrills and a hard hitting, stone cold hero that could do some truly horrible things to you but chooses to be a good guy instead. I can’t recommend it enough. 

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Im pretty new to the 48G and i think takamina is an incredible person. But i still don't understand why shes such an important member of the group. Like, she tied the group together or the group wouldn't be the same if it wasn't for her. What exactly did she do when AKB was just starting.

I’d say it isn’t something that she did when AKB was just starting but the things she did over the past 9+ years that made her such an important member of the group. Back at the start of AKB when it’s struggling and definitely not as glamorous as it is now, it’s hard on all the 22 starting members, and it happens that Takamina is one of the handful that were still in the group when popularity picked up. When the older ones graduated, she picked up the baton to help lead Team A and it was a rough period because she wasn’t the eldest, yet she had to do all these, and it was all unfamiliar grounds for her but she excel in that. 

For the group, she’s a member who pays attention to people around her and cares for them even though she isn’t too close to them. She would check on her fellow members if they are ok, and can sense it even when they don’t say it. She leads by example, putting in extra efforts to get her dance right in order to help the others. She wasn’t one who’s strong with dance when they just started, but she threw in extra hours to assume the responsibility of a team player in order not to drag the team down. She doesn’t force people to listen to her. People listen to her because they see what she had done, and agrees with it so much that they didn’t mind following her and her ways. 

She’s one that’s respected by staff and members, and liked by these people. I’d say that if you can be someone that even the staff you’re working with respect you, your way of working, and your opinions, you’re pretty much a big deal. You are talking about someone, an idol in particular, getting respected by people in the entertainment industry that had been around for years longer, and liked by everyone who worked with you. It shows her professionalism, and basically, how a great person she is in general. This is important for me because the good image that a Takahashi Minami brings, will also reflects well for the whole of 48G. 

Aki-P said before that “AKB48 is Takahashi Minami”. She might not be the ace, or the face of the team. She never was really one that is the most popular, but yet people knows her and respects her. People knows Acchan and Yuko because they are the aces, Mayuyu as well, Mariko and Haruna and Tomochin because they are the fashionistas, but people knows Takahashi Minami because she’s the leader. There’re Japanese that I’ve known – friends of friends, people who are clueless about AKB – but they know Takamina because she’s the captain. 

I believe all her captaincy and leadership was recognised when there’s a post created for her, the General Manager. For some fans, they might think it’s the mgmt way of making Takamina work more but I’d think otherwise. Roping her in for management stuffs showed that the management trusted her views and ideas for the 48G and of course, a huge acknowledgement to her leadership. She’s important because she’s one of the few that stayed till now, having gone through all the shitstorms over the years and that she had always been pro-active in helping out with the group, respected by staff and members and basically done more than what a member, or even a captain will need to do. Even now, when she has a solo career, solo varieties that can let her be independent from the group, she’s still very occupied with the group’s on-goings. That’s much more than what a captain needs to do imo. 

I had a campaign in 2014 to rally for some extra votes for Takamina and I did some posts about her here. There’s also a birthday post for her here. There’s also this edit series I’ve done where I’ll do captions here. If you want to read more, please do go ahead. ^^

Fic Authors Appreciation post

So, today is the day I blame you people because I’ve basically abandoned books and am reading fics like 24/7, huh? Well, ok, let’s discuss my favorites. This is going to take some time, y’all.

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So first up is @wrathofthestag, who is the reason I started writing fic in the first place (feel free to blame her whenever you see my cracky nonsense). She got me writing for fun again and I can’t thank her enough for that. She is also the most ridiculously talented writer, capable of combining humor with such genuine tender emotions, I’m constantly astounded by the depth of her pieces. If you haven’t read her Variations on Water I can only tell you that it’s utterly stunning. 

Next up is @chronicopheliac, who writes such incredibly sexy fics that you almost forget how emotionally nuanced they are. She is constantly coming up with the hottest fics ever, but writing them in a way that make Hannibal and Will believable and fun. If you haven’t read Spread ‘Em, do yourself a favor. 

@victorineb is already ahead of the pack because she has the best birthday ever. Also, she is one of the wittiest writers out there. I’m not typically an ABO person, but her Hannibal ABO remixes are hilarious. Also, if you’ve never read the Alana Finds Out series, you need to rectify that now, because it is one of the most hysterical fics I’ve ever read. 

@feyestwords is single-handedly responsible for me losing SO MUCH SLEEP. I came across Rolling Atlantic around 1am one morning, when I was about to go to bed. Guess who didn’t go to bed and instead read this masterpiece like 8 times in a row? Yeah, that would be me. Worth it.   

@magicaldestiny has given us one of the best Spacedogs AUs ever. Because Nigel/Han Solo mashup is basically what my heart needed. It’s gorgeously written, the characters are beautifully rendered, and it is some of the finest Spacedogs out there. Read The Speed of Light, DO IT NOW. 

@lecteronthelam I’m new to this train, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to yell about it. Lecter writes some of the best prose out there, with a lot of awesome emotional development and some super sexy hotness! Check out House on the End of the Street right now. 

@disraeligearsgoestumblin is semi-new to fic, but WOW what a first effort. Scylla and Charybdis is a masterpiece of pining, jealousy, and hilarity. Will and Hannibal are so realistic here, you’ll think you’re watching season 4. 

@desperatelyseekingcannibals is always a reliable source for great fic. Check out this fic, which is the sweetest, best Cuddle Fic ever. Tiger Prawn has some of the nicest prose out there. 

@taeaelin writes the best Spacedogs ever, check out her high school Adam/Nigel AU Don’t You Forget About Me. It’s filled with fantastic humor and so many feels! 

@samui-sakura88 is a ball of sunshine. Seriously, her fics are always delightful. Take some time to check out the Hannibabies and Spacepuppies series, where everyone is under the age of 10 and it’s the fluffiest fluff that ever fluffed. 

@proxy-1 writes the most awesome, sexy fics. Seriously, there’s always hot hot smut and really interesting plots. My new favorite of Proxy’s works is the Spinning in Daffodils series, which examines what would happen after the fall if Hannibal and Will were separated and told that the other was dead. 

@wraithsonwingsposts is on a roll with the Since the Fall series. Sexy, smart, and with some terrific prose, if you haven’t checked this series out, you totally should! 

@llewcie is an amazing writer, and has written some of the best Spacedogs ever - Llewcie even makes tentacle Spacedogs wonderful! But my favorite thing ever is still the Merrie series which is just the cutest damn Spacedogs medieval AU ever! 

@slashyrogue everyone already knows because Slashy rules the AUs. If you can think of an interesting AU, Slashy has probably written it. Such creativity and brilliant plots. My personal favorite is Tides of Fate because Pirate!Hanners is the hottest thing EVER.  

@emungere needs no introduction and you’ve probably read…oh everything she’s ever written, as you should. But OMG, the prose she creates is a daily inspiration and I strive to be able to write so beautifully. My personal favorite is Blackbird, but you can’t go wrong with anything. 

@damnslippyplanet another writer who crafts some absolutely lovely prose, Slippy has a hugely impressive body of work as well. If you’re looking for a recommendation, What We Talk About When We Talk About Blood is what made me fall in love with her writing. 

@lovecrimevariations is the queen of the short and smutty fic. Seriously, there’s a nothing better than reading one of her fics and knowing you’re in for a great plot, lots of humor and at least one super-hot sex scene. The Couperin Trilogy is an instant pick-me-up. 

I’m sure I’ve missed like 8,000 writers because this fandom is RIDICULOUSLY talented. So if you’re reading this and you’ve ever EVER written a piece of fic, thank you. Thank you so much!