i need to re-read the giver

signs & their inner emotions

aries: I only confess my secrets from the hours of 2am-5am sorry

taurus: please be gentle I am fragile 

gemini: I’m sick of lying to everyone and saying I’m happy. I’m not

cancer: ever read edgar allen poe ? lol

leo: I am such a giver, why am I treated so poorly? :(

virgo: you’re going to need a toolbox for this 

libra: the opposite of fucking balanced

scorpio: do you want to take the red pill or the blue pill

sagittarius: you’re going to need a bottle to persuade me (:

capricorn: fall out boy lyrics 

aquarius: the closet in narnia 

pisces: pandora’s box 

that horrifying struggle of wanting to reread books from the library because they’re so awesome but you have to give them back and there’s no time because they’re due and you have too many other books you need to read