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Exo re action to you cursing at them in your mother tongue while being angry at them

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A/N I chose Spanish for all the reactions, because I can speak it and seriously nothing sounds better than someone cursing in Spanish.


“What the actual fuck Jongdae?! What is wrong with you?” You yell at him in Spanish, it is a common thing that your Spanish origin pushed through when you are angry , so Chen is pretty familiar with the bunch of Spanish curses you threw at him.

“Sorry what was that? I didn’t quite get the last part.” He responds casually, acting as if you to had a completely normal Korean conversation and knowing exactly that it makes your blood boil even more.



¿Cómo puedes ser tan estúpida?” You shout at him, before stomping out of the room, murmuring a bunch of insults that would make your grandmother swoon.

Immediately he pulls out out his phone and googles all the words you had called him. When you return to the living room you just stare at each other until he finally starts to talk.

“Damn y/n I think I need to wash out your mouth with soap! I didn’t even know that these kind of words existed. You’re lucky I like a girl with fire.”


“That is not funny” You snap at him in your mother tongue, but he doesn’t really care.

Estúpido.” You insult him angrily and the insult is followed by many other not so friendly words.

“You know y/n…You are extremely hot when you yell at me like that.” He tries to flirt himself out of the situation, giving you his brightest smile.

*when he doesn’t succeed*


All he can do is stand at the other side of room and watch you, while you were on the phone and yelled in your mother tongue. He just stares at you from afar, judging you, because he knows you talk about him and listens to everything you say, although he doesn’t understand any of it.

When you finish your call and hang up the phone he crosses his arms over his muscular chest, scolding you with his eyes.

“So Jagiya…Do you mind telling me what gilipollas means? Since you’ve seemed to grow very fond of that word during your conversation.”


He doesn’t even need to understand you because your body language tells him how angry you are. First he waits for you to finish your tirade but when he realizes that you won’t end it any time soon he tries to calm you, which he later realizes is a big mistake.

“Listen Jagiya-” He starts calmly, but you interrupt him and literally screamed at him to shut up. 

“ ¡Cállate! “ You point your finger at him angrily and although he doesn’t know the exact translation he completely understands what he has to do. 

*shocked mama bear* 


“You are unbelievable Park Chanyeol. I am so done with you, criajo.” You yell at him and all of the sudden his eyes were wide open, staring at you excitedly .

“Oh my god Jagiya I actually understood the last part! You called me a complete idiot, am I right?”

*completely overlooks the fact that you’ve insulted him due his happiness*


He just listens to your little tirade, patiently waiting for you to finish and when you do he just comes up to you hugs you tightly.

Lo siento, mi amor, te amo.” He simply whispers in your ear and your heart melts at the cutely spoken Spanish words that just came out of your boyfriends mouth.

Byun ‘the copying machine’ Baekhyun

He starts to provoke you even more, when he begins to imitate your wild gestures and words that are filled with temper.

Although you are incredibly mad at him, you can’t contain a little laugh when you here his weird interpretation of your mother language, giving him slight glimpse of satisfaction.


He doesn’t really know what to do, when you express all of you anger in foreign curse words and stands awkwardly in front of you having no idea what to respond.

After you’ve calmed down, he lets out a shocked huff.

“God Jagiya you got some temper on you.”


You send him in a state of shock with your angry spanish cursing, because nothing is more frightening for this manly man than your temper.

“Sorry, sorry, sorry. Can you please talk a language I understand now?” He begs desperately.


Because he has no idea what else to do he would just start to yell at you in Mandarin as a responds to your Spanish cursing.

You guys spent about half an hour with yelling at each other in a language that your significant other couldn’t understand in the slightest.


He just stares at the little bundle of anger and Spanish curse words in front of him - which happens to be you and uses his English skills to help him understand what exactly you are trying to tell him.

*starts to ignore you when he fails to translate it*