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WinterThunderIronShield (Quick Fic)

I just want you to know, I hate you guys for doing this to me. But I love this so (ugh) I reluctantly welcome another ship into the shenanigans that is my blog.

Enjoy :)

“We need to have a talk.” Tony ripped his sunglasses off his face, tossing them onto the couch and folded his arms over his chest.

Bucky, Thor and Steve all looked at each other guiltily, then up at Tony as innocently as possible.

“What’s wrong, Tony?” Steve asked, dropping the recliner foot rest and leaning forward with a concerned look on his face. “Is everything alright?”

“Yeah, what’s wrong?” Bucky quit stuffing his face with a sandwich and wiped his hands on his jeans.

“Anthony, surely you know you can tell us anything.” Thor offered, sitting up from where hed been lying on the floor.

“Don’t act innocent with me!” Tony snapped. “The three of you have been… conspiring against me and I am done with it.”

“I have no idea what you are referring—”

“Can it Rogers!” Tony pointed a finger at him. “You, Big and Blond, have been taking my t shirts and replacing them with ones that smell like you. I am starting to look homeless wearing your huge ass shirts all the time. And you, Dark and Scary–” he jabbed his finger at Bucky. “Have been moving everything in the kitchen up to the top shelves so I have to ask you for help every damn time I want to eat something.”

“That is disgraceful.” Thor said, frowning, and Tony whirled on him.

“Oh no. No no no Thunderhead, don’t get me started on you. You have been leaving Mjolnir places where I have to be just so I have to call for you to move her. And then usually you don’t even move her, you just pick me up like a fucking cat and move me!”

“Like a cat?” Bucky muttered and Thor shrugged sheepishly.

“Not entirely like a cat, Anthony. I don’t pick you up by your neck, I simply scoop you into–”

“Stuff it!” Tony yelled. “Now I don’t know why you guys are making life difficult for me, but it stops NOW.”

“Tony.” Steve coughed. “We aren’t trying to make things difficult for you, we just want–”

“Um, we are trying to make it seem like—” Bucky hesitated. “I mean, we are only trying to–”

“You need us.” Thor said simply. “And if you need us, then the transition into a romantic relationship will be much easier on us all.”

Tony stared at him for a full minute, the muscle in his jaw jumping as he ground his teeth. “My brain just broke.” He said finally. “It’s broken. I can’t process this right now. You are telling me, that you three giant dummies have been messing with me for weeks because you want to… you want to…. I can’t even say it. I literally can’t say it. My brain is broken. I’m going to go get a drink. You three stay away from me.” He turned and stomped away.

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Welcome to the world of PR

So, I wanted to do this post because I know there’s a lot of fans who tend to be like “oh PR isn’t real it doesn’t happen” and that’s kinda naive of them. I’m gonna be kinda vague about my job because I need to protect my identity and who I work for… BUT I do work with a company that does deal with PR. I don’t do the stunts, my job is pretty much office work, but of course I witness shit go down. I won’t be making my blog about this because, tbh, this is my escape from the real world and I like being anon. But since I’ve seen a lot of people trying to foolishly deny that PR happens - especially with acts of today - I want to point out to you some PR stunts that have happened right before your very eyes and you may not have even known. I’m not asking you to believe me, you make your decision. I’m just letting you know what I know and maybe shed a little light.

Fandoms such as the 5SOSFam, Directioners, Harmonizers, Beliebers and Selenators can sometimes (but not all of them or all the time) be in denial of PR. So, I’m just gonna mention some PR stunts that have happened. I may link some sources for you or just let you Google it, I’m not gonna put too much work into this because… well I kinda have other shit to do lol but hopefully you’ll get the idea from here and if you want to dig deeper, then this is your starting point. 

Before I list the PR stunts I am aware of, I wanna say that celebs normally hate PR stunts. 9/10 times they wanna just do their job that they signed up for (singing, acting, whatever) and interact with fans. But to be able to sell and promote, they need to be in the media’s eye and it’s the dirty bit of the job nobody likes to do. I mean, glorifying a life that isn’t really yours? Yeah, it sucks, but the way the world works, your management and Public Relations team need to do what they can and if you wanna be famous, you gotta comply.

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What is the purpose of PR? 

Okay, so there’s lots of areas for PR, but the purpose of PR stunts (fake relationships, fake friendships, fake feuds, etc.) are mainly for entertainment purposes and for the media to feed off. It’s a story that tabloids can write about, teen mags can swoon over,etc. It promotes said celebrity and their work without even having to mention it. For example, maybe Michael Clifford from 5 Seconds of Summer is in a PR relationship. And maybe the PR stunts happen around the time that something is coming up for the band. A clear example is right now, his relationship is getting attention on socials and media outlets are now covering that (such as MTV putting them in their Valentine’s Snapchat Story). It gets you subconsciously thinking about them all the time. And oh, what are 5SOS doing right now? Well 1. they are in the studio with a single on the horizon (wait for it…) and 2. have a festival tour? Hmm. Anyway, I’m not going to get into Mystal because that’s another story, but check out @exposing-the-fakes for more info on that. She’s friends with 5SOS and has a lot of tea which she spills and sooner rather than later it comes true. 

A list of PR stunts

Here is a list of PR stunts. I don’t have time to go into detail, but you can Google it and something will more than likely come up. Also, I do not claim to work with any of these stunts. I will not mention stunts I have any connections with because TECHNICALLY I just tend to general office shit but I work for a company who do this kind of shit. 

  • Taylor Swift’s Squad (great article here)
  • Jelena (Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez)
  • Haylor (Harry Styles and Taylor Swift) 
  • Beyoncé and Jay Z split rumours (started by PR)
  • Selena and The Weeknd (another article)
  • Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson 
  • Kim Kardashian’s sex tape (leaked by PR) 
  • Bella Thorne and Tyler Posey / Charlie Puth (read here)
  • Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens (Zanessa)
  • Zigi (Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid) AND Gigi’s threat to contact Perrie (read here)
  • Hendall (Harry Styles and Kendall Jenner) 
  • Ariana Grande and Nathan Sykes (Read here)
  • Michael Clifford and Crystal Lauderdale 
  • Calum Hood and Nia Lovelis 
  • Selena Gomez and Niall Horan 
  • 5 Seconds of Summer and Hey Violet’s friendship
  • Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries
  • Niall Horan and Ellie Goulding

Of course, there are so many more than that, these are just some prime examples. There are other kind of PR stunts which aren’t fake, they’re just weird shit that happens such as the Gaga meat dress, Justin Timberlake’s Cry Me A River, Britney and Madonna’s kiss, Janet Jackson’s nip slip, the list goes on. 

I used @exposingsmg for most of my sources because they explain things in a way that’s pretty easy for anyone to understand and it’s all quite tightwrapped, meaning everything you need to know is in the posts. They are a great blog to get reading, but if you want to find other sources, you just need to do your research. A lot of people in the media enjoy reading their posts because most of us know it’s true and they do a great job in summaries. 

So, yeah, that’s a little insight for you. I don’t intend on posting anymore and the sole reason I shared this with you is because a lot of people just try and deny the fact that it exists. PR stunts exist, most of Hollywood is a PR stunt. Don’t believe it all. More often than not the celebrity hates doing it. But don’t comment on their socials saying it’s PR because 1. some companies will get your account suspended or delete your comments/mark you for spam 2. sometimes it isn’t PR 3. they know if it’s PR or not and don’t need you going “THIS IS PR OVER HERE!!!” just let it happen and discuss it elsewhere like a blog, forum, or whatever the fuck. Just let them do their job. 

I’m outta here. Believe what you want. Not causing drama, just explaining. Don’t ask me to explain each PR stunt because I do not have the full details to hand but you can find it. I’m not able to confirm or deny anything else, I don’t want to cause drama, add fuel to the fire or make my blog an “expose” account. Just merely letting you use the info I can give you. And don’t assume that PR doesn’t happen because it does lol. 

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Hey first of all, love ya, your art, everything, i'm pretty much a quite or shy guy in the blog, so probably you didn't really notice me around. Secondly do you have steam profile? I would love to play tf2 with ya.

Thank you anon! Nah no need to be shy. I’m chill, no worries! About steam though, I don’t have one YET but when i do, I’ll add you ;3

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Hi!! This is my first request here and I hope it's not too much... How would GOM+Momoi react if they found out that their crush used to play in a basketball team and LOVED it but never told them bc they... Had a really bad time (like they were VERY self-conscious about how they played) and the single sight of a basketball made them remember all the, kind of, anxiety they've gone through (I've been through this myself and I needed a little bit of comfort) I love this blog!! Keep up the good work!

Kuroko: Sad that you would quit doing something you love, Kuroko would try his best to encourage you to try at it again. Even if it meant just playing basketball with him and nobody else around, he’d want to reintroduce you to the sport little by little in hopes of reigniting that love for it.

Kise: Never one to feel too anxious himself, Kise doesn’t understand at first that simply telling you to join a new team won’t fix everything. Still, he wants to see you enjoying yourself, especially with something you both love, so he keeps trying to get you back out on a court.

Aomine: His only solution would be to play a game, but is stunned when even the sight of a basketball gets you feeling anxious. There aren’t very many other options that Aomine can think of, so he just starts off slow, rolling the basketball toward your feet in hopes that you’d pick it up.

Midorima: Trauma isn’t something you force to go away, so Midorima is sure to go slowly with mentioning basketball around you, often allowing you to bring it up first. He doesn’t push getting you to play again, letting you decide whether you really wanted to quit or if you wanted to try again.

Murasakibara: If you were so anxious because of the way you played, then the solution was to just not care about how others thought of your style, right? Murasakibara’s answer was rather simple, but proved effective: if you enjoyed playing, then keep playing. Screw what other people say.

Akashi: Encouraging you to focus on him while the two of you played together, Akashi would make sure you paid no mind the the people who often walked by and stared. He didn’t want you to feel anxious, especially if it was doing something you normally loved.

Momoi: The day she figured it out you found yourself with a basketball in your arms. Knowing you were not quite ready to go back out on the courts, Momoi had the both of you just sit in her living room, simply rolling the ball around back and forth. See? Wasn’t this relaxing?

Additional help: therapy

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I’ve read a lot of stories of people with MD  who are hesitant to seek professional help because it is not yet a recognised condition or they’ve had bad experiences with trying to explain it. 

I’ve been extremely fortunate to be able to get therapy/counselling, thanks to the NHS, and it has been very helpful in getting over the worse of my depression and in just expressing myself, which is a huge part of MD recovery. 

You see, to get to the point where you can express your feelings in real life, you need to learn how to redirect them from your daydreaming world to your own self. 

Personally, it helped because explaining things gave me more confidence. I MD a lot about expressing my opinions, my feelings and my knowledge because it brings me confidence. As a result, I stutter much less than I used to, because it was caused by lack of self esteem. 

I had a first series of appointments (around ten I believe) where I talked about my depression, because I didn’t know that I had MD yet. I just knew something was wrong, I was always numb and zombie like and it was making me suicidal. 

Therapy helped me get rid of the “depression cloud” but not of MD per say. So I guess it was a temporary solution because I didn’t dig deep enough. 

At the same time, I was getting separate counselling to deal with “lighter” issues, like being anxious of going outside with a lot of people. Overall, this helped me to get out more often and not be so isolated and also improved my confidence by talking about my problems. 

I went back for a second round of therapy because I really was not going well, I had relapsed during the summer (even through I didn’t know/realise what a relapse was). 

These were the most helpful because I was directly tackling the root of the problem. There were not straightforward because my therapist did not know what MD was precisely but that helped because I was standing up for my myself by directing her in the right direction. 

The way I advise you to talk about MD to a therapist is by focusing on how debilitating it is, the many hours you lose by engaging in MD and also by focusing on how it’s a coping mechanism for deeper issues you may not be aware of. 

Even though I relapsed shortly after stopping that second round of sessions, I am now more determined that ever to keep going. 

I have good days and bad days and I’m proud to say that I haven’t relapsed in a bit more than 2 months. 

Therapy definitely encouraged me to keep going because I was accountable for my progress. This blog is another way to keep me accountable. 

Although I think that MD is a personal battle, getting help and reaching out is extremely beneficial because you need to let out everything that you’ve accumulated there. Talking to a stranger will be weird and will feel totally useless at first, but it gets better. It’s gonna take quite some time but you need to consistent and do your best x 

For miniwrecker’s bbs ghost au

I really love @miniwrecker‘s bbs ghost au so I wrote a quick little story for them after the latest update. Do yourself a favor and look on her blog under the “bbs ghost au” and read/look at all the other stuff if you haven’t already, it’s honestly great (and you might need some of the other backstories to understand everything in this.)

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Korrasami Week, Day 8: Appreciation

I’m making this in response to this post.

I’ve gotta say, I’ve always felt a little odd in this fandom. All around me I’ve been surrounded by incredibly talented people - writers who produce epic stories and artists who make the Avatar world breathe with life through their stunning art pieces. And then there’s me… 

I’m sorta your average joe (or Jane in my case…? IDK, anyways…). I’m by no means an author - I can barely produce engaging short stories or poems - I’ve cut back on my time/effort as an artist and I’ve always very much been a lone wolf. I barely have any friends, I’m a socially awkward person with a loud mind and a quiet mouth, I’ve never been a relationship of any kind and I’ve always been plagued with huge insecurities in self-esteem and confidence. I’ve just been that shadow that no one bats an eye to and in all honestly, I’ve been okay with that - I’ve lived a very comfortable life thus far.

However, despite all of this, I’ve never felt this connected to something in such long time - and by that, I mean the Korrasami fandom. My love and passion… our love and passion… for Korra, Asami, their relationship as well as the Avatar universe has made me feel so in-tune with the people involved in this community.

At face-value, it almost seems a little silly doesn’t? To be so invested in a couple of fictional characters intertwined within a beautiful relationship. Except… they’re not just a couple of fictional characters - at least not to me.

Korra and Asami have impacted my life in more ways than I thought was possible. They’ve helped me come to terms with personal aspects of my life, they’ve shown me to persevere through obstacles thrown my way, they’ve taught me to be ambitious, brave and kind and they’ve also taught me to cherish life, family and friends.

Since December 19th, 2014, not a day has gone where these two haven’t been on my mind and I’ve been fortunate enough to share my love for them with so many people on this site. Maybe I haven’t really formed any rock-solid, close friendships as of yet, but I’ve cherished each and every moment I’ve shared with bloggers I’ve chatted with in these past few years. 

* * * * *

Here are a few people I’ve had the honor of speaking with. Check them out if you have the chance:

@threehoursfromtroy– You were one of the first people I’ve really talked with in this fandom. I’ve always been a huge fan of your work and I was EXTREMELY shocked when I received my first message from you months and months ago. It’s not everyday that you get to chat it up with one of your favourite authors after all! We’ve talked about a boatload of things from story ideas to headcanons to some emotional/vulnerable topics and I’ve love every single moment of it! I’ve gotten to see you grow more and more in this fandom and it’s been a beautiful thing to witness! You hold a great place in the Korrasami community and have helped to keep us feeling rejuvenated with your content. Thank you for everything you’ve done and it’s been a pleasure getting to know you!

(Also, thank you for that little appreciation post you made about me. It was very sweet :) ).

@thewillowtree3 – I should hold a grudge against you for making me so emotional all the darn time with your posts, but I just can’t. Your poems, musings and stories are breathtaking and are very indicative of how invested you are in Korra and Asami as a whole. We haven’t chatted beyond a few reblogs and tags, but I’ve loved/cherished every encounter we’ve had thus far! Keep being awesome and stop (but don’t actually stop) making me feel things… <3

(And THANK YOU for the appreciation post as well! You’ve always been such a kind and genuine person :D ).

@guileheroine - Yet again, your another one of my favourite writers that I’ve gotten the chance to talk to (but it’s been hard to keep up with that stupid summer job I had). I think you already know how obsessed I am with your content and how I can’t go over how talented you are at writing these characters (especially within a modern AU type of setting) and I also can’t go over how sweet and kind you are! You’ve been such a joy in this community and I can’t thank you enough for all of your hard work and dedication!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@fyasamisato - We’ve only kinda indirectly talked with each other through reblogs on posts, but I’ve been a follower of yours for quite some time and I’ve always had a huge affinity for your blog! You always make my mornings after I wake up, pop on to Tumblr and see a whole spew of Korrasami art on my feed! Also, your stories have been an absolute pleasure to read and I appreciate all of the hard work you’ve put into this fandom <3

@girlkaito - Though we share our differences on pineapple pizza, you’ve made me laugh and smile so much through our encounters! You’re my Asami-esque protector with badass cosplays, awesome art and a huge heart! I absolutely love your blog and I’m so glad we’ve been able to be goofballs with one another!

@bttrys – You already know how much I love you and your art! You always put the biggest smile on my face whenever we chat to each other and I just want you to know that I’ll always be there for you if you need a friend to talk to! Keep rocking on! :D

@damcore568 - I’ve been more of a silent follower of yours for quite some time and I can’t get over how dedicated you’ve been to the Korrasami family! It’s amazing to have some like you on our side creating stories, making posts and reblogging content involving our two favourite girls. I really love your blog and everything you do for this community :D!

* * * * *

But most of all, I would like to send my utmost gratification out to every single person who decided to press the “follow” button on this blog. Whether or not you’re into Korrasami, whether or not you create stories or draw - none of that matters because you all are so important to me! After all, some of my favourite times on this site have been through chatting with you lovely people via anonymous inboxes and messages. 

Simple likes and reblogs always put a smile on my face as it shows how much you all love and care about the Avatar universe. Together, each and everyone of us have created a huge Team Avatar family through our love of ATLA and TLOK! 

I love all of you my friendos and I hope I get to the oppurtunity to know more of you in the future!

Stay awesome <3

So I got a message from a girl on tumblr last week, asking if I could answer some questions for an essays she’s doing on writers and how writing affects revision/editing techniques (focusing on fanfiction writers). I said yes and received an email from her with the questions plus a request for a first draft of my writing with a new, revised version. 

I just replied to the email with everything she needed and am sat in my room contemplating what just happened. Like, someone thought to ask me about all this. Me and my crappy little writing blog. I still can’t quite comprehend how and why someone would think of me but I’m also weirdly grateful - it feels so nicely heartwarming to be considered y’know? I can’t quite figure out how I got to this point in my life, but can I just say that I absolutely love it.

I love that this blog has led to me helping some girl with an essay, that it’s led to me becoming more active and engaged with my dream of becoming an author, that it’d led to me making some amazing friends ((will never forget kara buying and sending me jinyoung photocards bc i was sad i didn’t get him from the jjp album)). Just, tumblr has given me some amazing opportunities and I am so happy that I decided about a year and a half ago to do this. 

ALSO, on a side note I am seeing the new Thor movie tomorrow and cannot bloody wait. Me and Alyce (one of my flatmates) watched a little clip that Chris Hemsworth posted on instagram and were just fangirling over how good it looks

Reality Check to table Outlander Fandom on Tmblr

I was going to post this yesterday. Thankfully, a couple of people I admire here let me rant to them instead so thank you @flocklander and @tvuckic for talking me off the ledge. It was a bad pain day for me so my temper got the better of me. With that as an intro., I’m going to blather a bit about Maturity in a fandom and life in general, so there will be typos galore and it will likely run long.

I know that people are tired of negativity here, and that many of us are tired in general, and I want to emphasize strongly that I am throwing shade at NO ONE IN PARTICULAR here. I am not writing at YOU, whomever you think you are. I am writing it because it helps me to condense my thoughts, and I enjoy it. 

So, maturity then. What is it? How do you acquire it? Keep it? Model it? Understanding that I am 53 years old might help you, lovely reader, to understand that I take my responsibility as an Elder in society seriously. I have no desire to be everyone’s buddy, friend, sibling or enabler. Not my job as Elder OR as a Human Being. As to the answers to the questions posed above, what do you think they are? Do you think about them? At all? Ever?

I believe that maturity is not predicated on age, but that aging certainly helps to understand it and the need for it better. Might I refer you all to the incredible book The Sibling Society by Robert Bly? I think there are quite a few women in this fandom who need to read it, badly. 

I honestly have never seen such a large group of women behave in the manner that I have since I rejoined Tumblr. If I didn’t know better, I would say the average age would be somewhere around 16. Seriously. Teenagers. Never my favorite group, even when I was one. Everything is so fucking emotional, over the top, and cliquish. Never have I seen such absurd finger pointing. Never, and I worked for the Government and the Police. I mean think about that. 

Do we need another “it’s my blog and I’ll post what I want” post? Or how about another “No I am the best fan because I worship at the altar of whosit and whatsit and they can do no wrong!’ Or say “He sucks, I love her, or She sucks, I love him.” I don’t know how about more Everyone sucks if you don’t agree with me, or let me throw some more shade at the people I agreed with last week, but don’t any more. ENOUGH WITH THE HOLIER THEN FUCKING THOU POSTS. 

You are better then this, no matter where you fall on the fan spectrum. Most of you have real lives, with real problems, real joys and really important things going on that have NOTHING to do with a show, a book, an actor or associated fuckery. Act like it. 

No matter how long the books go on, the show goes on, the actors continue in their careers, it really isn’t that important. Stop getting your feelings hurt over this stupidity. Donate or not, watch or not, promote or not, ship or not but FFS please stop believing that it is ok to attack ANYONE over this tripe. There will be posts you don’t agree with, humor you don’t like or get, people who get on your last nerve. That’s life. We are not all going to get in a circle jerk and sing Kumbaya. 

A Mature Fandom understands this and that critical thought is not bashing. Blind Devotion is stupid and dangerous. If someone tells you you cant squee like a 12 year old, they are wrong. If someone tells you you must squee like a 12 year old, they are wrong. Period. 

Alright, enough already from me. Just know that I am going to continue to like posts across the spectrum and side eye when ever I feel like it. I earned the right to do so. Next.

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what are about favourite b99 blogs? i need recs please i love your layout also btw so pretty

i apologise i have had this in my inbox for over a month? i’m the worst but thank you so much!!

i’m pretty sure there are quite a few blog recs out there but i thought i should still answer your question considering its taken me a whole month to answer :/ 

 @bisexualinetti @youngsamberg @silentcause @juliadorable @phil-the-stone @elsaclack and @smolsamberg are all wonderful and create incredible things and give sO much to the fandom! gifs, art, fanfic, headcanons and just seeming like wonderful people they can do anything and everything!? honestly so talented and amazing i pretty much check their blogs every day

 @tall-butt and @fourdrink-amy were the first b99 blogs i ever followed on my old account when i was just casually watching the show so i have this need to thank them for being there

++@smolperalta @nolookfive @andydsamberg @andrewsambags @detjperalta @jamy-peralta @b99 @peraltiagoisland ARE SOME MORE BECAUSE I TRULY LOVE SO MANY BLOGS I JUST LOVE THIS FANDOM and yeah im sure i missed so many but if any come to me i will add them in!! :) 

My two cents...

So, Markiplier drama, eh?

Seems like this fandom really can’t go more than a month without drama of some sort and at this point it feels like Mark is fueling it more than he’s dissipating it.

I don’t get this one if I’m honest. I don’t understand why so many people took offense to him referring to specific parts of the fandom as ‘tumblrinas’, but, hey, maybe that’s just me. (I mean, heck, I made a jokey gifset of it so bleh)
Maybe Mark just shouldn’t have responded to it at all, but then again we don’t know how many asks he was getting about it. Could he have responded better/more politely? Well, yes. That’s the long and short of it. Were people on tumblr overreacting? Also yes, let’s be honest here.

I made this gif only yesterday. The video it was from was put up only yesterday. Do I still believe he means this? Well yes. I think he does care. I don’t know what goes on in his head and I don’t really care to, but I think he still believes in his message of spreading joy and doing good.

At the end of the day this is a man who makes a living being nerdy and playing video games on youtube. He is not the second coming of Christ and he doesn’t need to be placed on a pillar as an example of human perfection because lord knows he’s not that and if you put him on that sort of pedastal you are setting yourself up for a world of dissappointment.

As for me, well I’m just going to carry on as normal, giffing random parts of his videos because they make me laugh (and I may do more random edits because that was fun last time). I’m sad to see some blogs that I really enjoy going, but that’s their perogative and I’m not going to judge them for it.

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Moooood!!!!! Thank you for inspiring me to create an ask blog! I was so nervous at first since I'm drawing everything out but I decided to do it and now I'm almost 2 months in and my blog is still quite small but there are people who regularly like my posts and stuff and ask questions and I'm so happy! Thank you!!!! So!!! Much!!! For this blog!!!

Originally posted by glaice66

You’re far too nice aaaaaah!

I don’t think I deserve all this thanks but you’re welcome! And keep going! As long as it makes you happy then the size of the blog doesn’t matter at all!!

If you ever need help with promo or something like that don’t hesistate to ask me!!

-mod lili)

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Hii, 2 things, I think you are still doing that question thingy so 2, 24 and 36. And then on a serious note, do you know any like blogs or something where I can just like talk someone? If that makes sense, I don’t really have anyone I’m that close with to talk to and I have points where I just need to. Thank you so much, also thanks for everything you do love <3

There wasn’t really any participation in this ask game, soo I didn’t draw it out, haha. But of course I’ll still answer your questions!

2. A picture of me:

Here I am! I’m really considering chopping my hair short, what do you think?? It’s already quite a bit longer than in the pic now, that was in… June? July? I really wanted to post a pic from my holiday in Rome, but there are my friends on all of them too and I really can’t post them on here without their permission, obviously. :)

24. Do you smoke, drink, or take any drugs?

Nope! I mean, I had a literal sip of prosecco yesterday at a party, but that’s literally all. 

36. Have you ever had a crush?

Oh God, of course. 🙈I’ve only fallen really hard once yet, but I’ve had a lot of more fleeting crushes. 

About blogs where you can just talk, I really don’t know, I’m so sorry! If anybody knows a blog like that, maybe you could reply to this? Thank you!! :3

So. I’ve been quite obsessed with Yuri!!!on Ice lately, and my blog is not even about yoi, but i really need to post this.
Maybe i’m overanalizing this scene, but hear me out.
I want you guys to look closely at Victor’s right arm.
At the end of this sequence, he is skating backwards. And his body follows him.
Everything but his right arm.
It just stays there, it doesn’t move as the rest of the body. And what does that mean?
In what situation does a body do that?
When you’re pulling someone towards you.
Plus, we can say that he’s looking at somethig (someone?) right in front of him. (and that little smile he makes? 💗)
I would like to add too that in a promo like eight months ago, you can also see Yuuri in an ice rink with the same lighting, skating. Idk guys, but to me it seems like something that would explode in our faces for having it but not noticing.
So yes, I firmly believe that he will skate “Stay close to me” with Yuuri, maybe in Hasetsu. We’ll see.
Again, maybe I’m overanalizing. But I wanted to share because I’m so hopeful for this to finally happen.
(is my grammar ok? hope it’s ok. I’m just a poor foreign fanboy with so much to share)

EDIT: I just fixed something. This scene was actually in ep 1. In the promo what you can see is Yuuri dancing, but not Victor. Still, they seem related because of the lighting and the perform they are making.

“Hello, it’s me. I’ve been wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet. To go over everything, they say that time’s supposed to heal you, but I haven’t done much healing,” you sang, closing you eyes as the warm water ran over your body. You reached for the conditioner, squeezing some into your palm before you carefully worked it through your hair. While you focused on your hair, you didn’t hear Bruce making his way into the bathroom, across the cold floor before opening the glass door. You didn’t notice his presence until his cold arms wrapped around your waist from behind. You gasped initially at his skin touching yours, feeling like a stick of ice compared to the burning hot water you were under. When you looked down and grabbed the arm you relaxed, turning around to face Bruce before pulling him under the water with you.

“Good morning,” Bruce smiled as you directed him under the spray, trying to warm him up as he ducked his head, gently pressing his lips against your cheek as you ran your hands up his arms and around his neck.

“Hello Bruce, how did you sleep?” you asked, feeling the conditioner being washed from your hair despite knowing it was too early to take it out. 

“Well, until I woke up to find you gone,” Bruce confessed, letting his lips press against your jaw before slowly working down your throat.

“I have work, needed to get up earlier,” you replied, running your fingers through Bruce’s thick hair before curling your fingers around the strands and pulling on them gently, making Bruce let out a low groan.

“When do you have to go?” he asked, grabbing your hips and pulling you flush against his body as he slowly walked you towards the wall, pressing your back against the cold tile.

“Like 10,” you gasped, the cold sending a shiver down your spine. But right after, Bruce’s now warm hands reached around to press against your flesh, taking the chill right out of your skin. 

“Then that means we have time,” Bruce whispered, his lips barely moving away from your neck as his hands grabbed your thighs, lifting them to wrap around his waist as you pulled his mouth away from your neck and instead pressing your own lips against his slightly puffy ones. With his hands running over your body, your hands moving form his hair to his toned back, palms flat against rippling muscles as your ankles crossed tight behind his back. 

“They always make shower sex sound so appealing, but honestly it seems quite dangerous,” you pulled away for a moment, almost panting as you spoke, Bruce staring down at you, the hunger in his dark eyes growing as he looked you over, watching the water run down your body. 

“Well let’s see about that, shall we?”

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anonymous asked:

What does anti cotton ceiling mean? Ive never heard that term on lesbian blogs before

Hi anon!

I don’t know how familiar you are with anti-lesbian discourse on this site, but there is this idea going around that lesbians need to be open to being in relationships with people with dicks (if those individuals identify as women or women aligned). This idea is called cotton ceiling. And me being anti cotton ceiling quite predictably means that I am strongly against it.

There are other lesbian blogs that are anti cotton ceiling and very clearly state that and even more that are against this kind of rhetoric but don’t say it in the same words I do. This is most likely because the term cotton ceiling is not really that wildly known outside certain corners of tumblr, but to those who know that term, putting anti cotton-ceiling in my description is a quick way to show that I’m not going to tolerate any kind of homophobia (even the kind that is dressed in queer theory).

If you have any more questions, or want me to explain something better, my ask box is open.