i need to quit blogging everything i do

So. I’ve been quite obsessed with Yuri!!!on Ice lately, and my blog is not even about yoi, but i really need to post this.
Maybe i’m overanalizing this scene, but hear me out.
I want you guys to look closely at Victor’s right arm.
At the end of this sequence, he is skating backwards. And his body follows him.
Everything but his right arm.
It just stay there, it doesn’t move as the rest of the body. And what does that mean?
In what situation does a body do that?
When you’re pulling someone towards you.
Plus, we can say that he’s looking at somethig (someone?) right in front of him. (and that little smile he makes? 💗)
I would like to add too that in a promo like eight months ago, you can also see Yuuri in an ice rink with the same lighting, skating. Idk guys, but to me it seems like something that would explode in our faces for having it but not noticing.
So yes, I firmly believe that he will skate “Stay close to me” with Yuuri, maybe in Hasetsu. We’ll see.
Again, maybe I’m overanalizing. But I wanted to share because I’m so hopeful for this to finally happen.
(is my grammar ok? hope it’s ok. I’m just a poor foreign fanboy with so much to share)

EDIT: I just fixed something. This scene was actually in ep 1. In the promo what you can see is Yuuri dancing, but not Victor. Still, they seem related because of the lighting and the perform they are making.

anonymous asked:

I personally wouldn't fault you if you deleted fic recs that are being submitted even though you send requests are off. They're completely ignoring your extremely polite reminders that requests are closed, and it's not fair to you or the other folks waiting patiently to submit requests (Speaking as someone who isn't waiting to submit a request). Not trying to sound too serious, i really appreciate your contribution to the fandom, but people need to learn to be patient! Thanks for everything!!!

Yeah, I have actually done this a couple times and I feel guilty for DAYS after I do it. It just gets super overwhelming when I get so many requests even though it says in my bio AND on the title of my askbox that requests are closed! I am in awe that so many people like the blog, but it does get quite intense!

I’m sorry if your request got deleted, just please try to see it from my point of view. I would appreciate it if you waited until my askbox is open again!

Thank you!

Day 1: Stress on the Rise

Day 1:

I’ve decided to start writing a journal of sorts. Why? I’m not sure really. Some days I need to vent but I don’t want to burden people with my problems. Some days, I want to talk without really talking. So I’ve decided to keep this journal thing. It will be posted to tumblr, but whatever.

Today was stressful, to say the least. I have a busy few weeks, and I’m worried about grades. (but when am I not) I don’t feel like I’m doing enough for my blog. In general, I just feel behind on everything. Whatever I do is never enough. I never feel quite successful. I know I did good, but it’s not as good as I want it to be.

Mainly stressed because I’m in journalism and I’m worried I won’t meet my quota for this six weeks, and I might not get the grades my parents want me to get. So yeah, stress is fun.

The only good thing is my friends and my girlfriend, who constantly support me even when I lash out and forget things. I feel too loud sometimes, and I don’t feel like I’m nice enough to any of my friends really. They deserve so much more, but until then, I’m giving them all I got.

Basically, I feel like shit. But everyone does, so I guess we’re all in this hell boat called life, huh? I’ll fake it till I make it.

Things to look forward to: Panic! At The Disco Concert, Trip to Seattle, Seeing Phantom Of The Opera

Things I’m stressed about: Grades, Applying for an editor position, Standardized tests

That’s all for today, I think. I’m keeping my head up. You should too. Never let yourself sink below the water. It’ll all work out, hopefully.

Signing off,


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Hey, i stumbled upon your page and was very intrigued by your description. By no mean do i mean any harm, but could you perhaps help me clear my ignorant confusion of what it may mean.


Unfortunately, Tumblr’s code is ridiculous and refuses to retain any of the links I put in my description. It is easiest to come to know me by my published work, which frames everything quite nicely within a few pages. If you don’t mind being ushered to that, I can direct you. I chose the publishing medium I did because it allows me to direct readers to content that is free, but accessible piecemeal. So that those from this site who wish to understand may, and if they don’t wish to continue reading, they do not have to, and do not need to spend any money.

I can also answer questions. I have done so in my main website and via my secondary blog for asks. So looking through those may answer some of the questions you might have.

You can also message me privately.

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So, I was thinking about writing a RQ fic following the lives of future MareCal kids.... do you think anyone would read it??? I would make a new blog for it (hence the anon cause I don't have a RQ blog quite yet) but it would follow them through the kids struggle of revolution. I have characters, plot, everything I just don't know if it would be worth putting into words.... I definitely need some advice... Can you help a fellow fangirl out?

yes, i’m positive people would read it! this plot sounds really cool. my advice is if you want to write it, write it. producing content that you are proud to have created is what matters most. be sure to tag me if you do make it!

My two cents...

So, Markiplier drama, eh?

Seems like this fandom really can’t go more than a month without drama of some sort and at this point it feels like Mark is fueling it more than he’s dissipating it.

I don’t get this one if I’m honest. I don’t understand why so many people took offense to him referring to specific parts of the fandom as ‘tumblrinas’, but, hey, maybe that’s just me. (I mean, heck, I made a jokey gifset of it so bleh)
Maybe Mark just shouldn’t have responded to it at all, but then again we don’t know how many asks he was getting about it. Could he have responded better/more politely? Well, yes. That’s the long and short of it. Were people on tumblr overreacting? Also yes, let’s be honest here.

I made this gif only yesterday. The video it was from was put up only yesterday. Do I still believe he means this? Well yes. I think he does care. I don’t know what goes on in his head and I don’t really care to, but I think he still believes in his message of spreading joy and doing good.

At the end of the day this is a man who makes a living being nerdy and playing video games on youtube. He is not the second coming of Christ and he doesn’t need to be placed on a pillar as an example of human perfection because lord knows he’s not that and if you put him on that sort of pedastal you are setting yourself up for a world of dissappointment.

As for me, well I’m just going to carry on as normal, giffing random parts of his videos because they make me laugh (and I may do more random edits because that was fun last time). I’m sad to see some blogs that I really enjoy going, but that’s their perogative and I’m not going to judge them for it.

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Hey dad, how are you? It's been a long time since I logged into my tumblr account, but your blog was definitely one of the first ones I needed to check. How's your top surgery coming along? Have you had it already, or are you still waiting? Either ways, I sincerely hope everything all is well!

Hey kiddo!!
I’m doing alright, how are you? I’ve had lots going on recently.
My top surgery is actually quite soon! I have scheduled it for May 3rd, and I am lucky enough that my insurance will cover almost all of it.

so uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…I was in my thoughts (what else is new LOL) & sorta came up with an idea.

now, I know tumblr lets us create more than one blog on our accounts & my account is #messcentral, so I decided to utilize that option for the sake of my blogging.

I’ve been on tumblr for about six years, this year makes seven, but I haven’t quite sorted out my blog since then. I wouldn’t mind posting everything I wanted to on my blog all at once, but the clutter does tend to bug me. also, I know I have followers who aren’t quite into the same interests as me (by this, I mean that some of my mutuals do not want to be spammed with random Korean idols they know nothing about at four in the morning). realizing that there are two sides to my blogging, I decided to move my KPop interests to a side blog.

now, some of you know I have a second Tumblr, but that is solely for something else (cough cough) & isn’t meant for my Kpop blogging. my side blog will be under the same E-Mail & I’ll be fairly active on it, but it depends on how much time I spend on my main blog. with this being said, xxxo-felicia is officially my personal blog for non-Kpop posts.

if you want to talk to me, you can still message me on either blog, but just know that my side blog will be where I post my Kpop stuff & anything personal will be here…on this blog. to ensure that you can find me, I’m gonna follow my mutuals on the new blog !


I’d like to take a moment to wax poetic about one of my favourite things, in the hopes that maybe, maybe, I’ll be allowed to keep it. I know I’m being dramatic, but please have patience with me; it’s just a really great show. 

I’m talking about Hannibal. This week, NBC confirmed that it wouldn’t be picking up Hannibal for season four, and I am quite upset about it. Hannibal is an artsy, bloody, decadent masterpiece that deserves to get at least the five seasons that Bryan Fuller has planned for it.  

I need to know Bryan’s design! We all need to know!

As anyone who follows this blog knows, I’m very critical about… everything. (I’m not sorry about it). I do, however, know sometimes I leave shows and movies in particular feeling like this… 

But I honestly don’t demand perfection, I know that it doesn’t exist. I just demand that artists put as much heart into making something as I do into watching/experiencing it. And the entire Hannibal team puts a ridiculous about of heart into their work (pun absolutely intended). 

The show has a coherence of design unlike any other. The art, the script, the acting, the direction, the score… everything about it all comes together to create something absolutely phenomenal; something that I want to see through to the end. 

The problem Hannibal is facing is that it is niche; it’s bizarre and abstract and gory… Not everyone is cut out to be a Fannibal. Every time I recommend the show to someone I feel a bit like this:

But holy hell is it fantastic. So. Damn. Fantastic. 

It’s darkly funny… 

(Seriously, the cannibalism puns are unreal) 

It includes a tangled and intriguing romantic (in a murder-y sort of way) subplot… 

…that is just getting off the ground in season three! Don’t cut me off now! I have to know if they become murder husbands! (this is the part where I start to sound insane to non-Fannibals… just trust me, I’m making perfect sense)

And, it’s just an all around well-made, well-executed, and well-done (pun still intended) piece of television. 

So please, please, someone pick this up: HBO, Netflix, the FREAKING FOOD NETWORK, I don’t care! Someone, take the opportunity! Don’t let it end! Not yet! It’s not time! If you don’t watch it yet, take this opportunity, before it’s too late, to catch up on Netflix and watch the rest of season three live to boost the ratings. Please, join us; Fannibals are, after all, always thrilled to invite new guests to the dinner table… 

I guarantee you that you will not be disappointed.  

So, come on everyone… 

i'm leaving

@my mutuals: please do me a favor and reblog this post, thank you.

hello, it’s Van.

it’s been quite awhile, how are you all doing? is everything okay? i hope you are doing fine.

now let’s get straight to the point of this post; i’m leaving tumblr.

you may have noticed that since october 2015 i kinda went MIA and not being active on this blog anymore.

the reason is NOT because i’ve drifted away from Dan and Phil or i’ve lost interests in them or things like that. i still adore them, very much so. yes.

recently, life is tough. i need time to settle down, emotionally. i need to balance everything because i’m having severe clinical depression and anxiety at the moment. and i really, really don’t want to continue being like this anymore.

therefore, i have decided to put my internet life (which is so very important to me) aside and try to get back on track with my real life first.

i’ll be leaving tumblr. i’m not sure when i’ll be back, or if i would come back at all, so feel free to unfollow me if you want, i really don’t mind. i will not delete this blog as it sure does mean a lot to me, but i will no longer be active on this blog from now on.

for a year of being on this amazing place, with 9k followers that i wholeheartedly think of as my friends, and all the best memories i’ve made with the phandom, thank you.

have a nice day :)

shipping real people isn’t the same as shipping fictional people

the latter often have little to no extensive background history, and anything and everything can be imagined. fandom can freely fill in all the gaps! also, they can’t react to us shipping them. and we kind of always know where and with whom they’ll end up, anyway.

REAL PEOPLE CAN REACT TO SHIPPING. SO ALWAYS BE AS DISCREET AS YOU CAN POSSIBLY BE. ALWAYS. And never forget that the real world doesn’t happen like fiction. Because they “look good” together or “compatible” to you, doesn’t mean they themselves see it or want this.