i need to put the pen down

unconventional study tips

- buy yourself new stationery: i get so excited about using new pens that i don’t mind writing that essay i’ve been putting off for days

- use a playlist as a study timer: have a selection of instrumentals and songs with lyrics. take a break everytime a song with lyrics comes on and work during the instrumentals

- make your study space smell fresh: mint and lemon tend to be good options

- write down how much time you spend studying for a test and then the grade you got: then you can figure out how time you really need to spend to get a good grade. this will help you use your time more effectively

- spend your study breaks showering or exercising for about 30 mins: then come back fresh and quickly review what you have learned. this will help the information sink in

- don’t always study in comfy clothes or pyjamas: do your hair or makeup if you want too. this will put you in ‘get shit done’ mode

- record yourself explaining topics you’ve just studied: explaining/teaching topics helps you learn so much better, and you also have a little video to review before tests

When Grantaire asks Enjolras out, he almost says no.

He doesn’t want to date Grantaire. Grantaire is antagonistic, apathetic, annoying, infuriatingly intelligent and nothing that Enjolras is romantically attracted to.

But Grantaire looked up at him with nervous eyes and Enjolras had wanted to go to that exhibit, and Courfeyrac had said he should try to fight with Grantaire less and it’s only one date, what’s the worst that could happen? It will be awkward then they’ll both forget about it.  

Then the date is wonderful. Awkward at first, but they begin to talk about art programs in underfunded schools and they talk and talk and end up at a cafe, eyes wide and bright, listening to each other, trying to understand that other not just dismiss what the other says out of habit. They don’t fight, and when Grantaire quietly asks for a second date at the end of the night Enjolras doesn’t even think about finding a reason to say no.

So it goes week after week, date after date, and at some point they end up holding hands every time they are together, lips pressed to cheeks in greeting and goodbye.

It’s not something Enjolras particularly wants or needs but it is nice, he doesn’t mind. When Grantaire calls him his boyfriend, Enjolras likes the title, even if he doesn’t feel like Grantaire’s boyfriend. Grantaire is still antagonistic, apathetic, annoying, infuriatingly intelligent and nothing that Enjolras is attracted to. He doesn’t want to write sonnets about Grantaire eyes, or that curl right behind his ear, or buy Grantaire flowers.

But Enjolras still wants to go places with Grantaire, and hold his hand, and hear what he has to say about the world. And that’s enough.

And then Grantaire has a dance recital– he comes to ABC meetings right after rehearsal, still in leggings and a loose shirt, smelling like stale sweat, a smile on his face; “today we finally perfected that last pass, it should be ready for Friday, I hope you all can come–”

and oh.

Enjolras goes home avoiding Combeferre, Jehan, Joly eyes filled with concern, “no I’m fine just a little tired.” Avoids Grantaire, “yes, of course, I’ll be there on Friday, I just need to go home right now.”

And then he’s alone at home and he thinks about the smile Grantaire had, the way the skin around his eyes crinkled, the way he almost hit Bosset showing how he lifts his partner and how his shirt rode up and


His first reaction is to call Combeferre, call Courfeyrac, but this is something that they can’t help with. This is him and Grantaire. He needs figure this out by himself.

Enjolras sits and he writes. He writes down every single thing about Grantaire, pinning him to paper, no detail left unnoticed, no virtue or vice dismissed. He sits and he writes for hours, turning over the man who had crept into his life without notice.

Finally, at two in the morning, he puts his pen down, leans back and thinks aloud ‘I have a crush on Grantaire’

and chaste, firm, upright, hard, candid, terrible Enjolras, blushes and—

‘I have a crush on Grantaire,’

He picks up the phone and calls him because Enjolras doesn’t waste time or emotion and—

—and Grantaire had, at some point, without him noticing, become the most contacted, most thought about, most important person in his life.

and Grantaire sounds so concerned fuck, Enjolras still hasn’t explained why he left the meeting like that, why he was acting so oddly and it can wait because right now the most important thing is

“Grantaire I have a crush on you”

“Enjolras our year anniversary is coming up in 2 weeks what do you mean you have a crush on me?”

hugealienpie  asked:

I see prompts are open yay! Please tell me all about Ford finding out about Bitty and Jack.

Ooh, this is interesting, because I don’t feel like it’d be an announcement, but just something Ford finds out when Jack visits or the like. I mean, it could go the other way, like Lardo could be, “heads up, Bitty’s dating our ex-captain” and Ford would be like, “okay? why are you telling me?” (She’s a theatre background, what is a Bad Bob to her?) I think she’d be pretty chill with it, and coming from theatre, like being gay is not an issue, esp in college (and even at the professional level) and esp if we go with the oft reblogged “Ford is gay” headcanon.

But here is a small fic that is only half based on the above…

Ford double checks the dozens of pages Lardo has given her for the upcoming roadie. She thought dealing with dressing room allocation was hard (and it is, one hundred percent) but figuring out room allocations is somehow worse, particularly when she’s new, and hockey players are more superstitious than the girl who played Johanna in Sweeney.

“So, who was it I’m meant to pair Oliver with?” Ford asks, grabbing for the red pen she’d stuck into her bun earlier. She comes out with a green one. It’ll do.

“Wicks. But really, he’d be fine with any of the guys in his year.”

Ford makes a note on one of the pages. “Okay, then I think I’m–Oh, shit.”

“What is it?” Lardo looks up from her sketchbook.

Ford double checks through all her sheets before she says anything. She’s not worrying, because there’s no time for that, she’s just already hating the amount of extra work she’ll need to do to fix things.

“I’ve left Eric, um, Bitty,” Ford corrects herself, still getting used to hockey nicknames, “off the rooming list.”

“Oh, that. Nah, you’re good.” Lardo goes back to her drawing. “He stays with his boyfriend when we’re playing up there.”

“Boyfriend?” Ford double-checks.

“Yeah. He’s in Providence. And he’ll drive Bitty to the games and practices and stuff. Should’ve emailed you that. My bad.”

“That’s fine.” Ford grabs another pen from her hair, forgetting she already has one in front of her. It’s red this time. “Just thought I was going to have to redo an entire afternoon’s worth of work.”

“Right,” Lardo says. “I can see why the minor freak out.”

“Excuse you, I did not freak out.” It’s half a lie. Ford has so many notes on these sheets, but she’s not freaking out, she’s managing. It’s all part of it.

Lardo looks up and smiles at her. “Knew you’d be fine at this.”

Ford takes the compliment with a gracious nod, and goes back to ticking off the rooming list against the team names. All accept Eric.

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Boys Like Him


A/N: Everything I write at the moment doesn’t turn out how I want, so I apologize in advance for this. 

Word count: 3,143

Originally posted by coupleloveblog

I had been on tour with Shawn for about a month now and though we’d been dating for almost a year, I had never tagged along his tours before nor had I ever really gone to one of his shows, so sitting on the floor of the hotel room and doing my homework was a rather big step for us. Bringing me along and sharing this part of him was a rather big step for us. 

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SCRIPT: How to make a doctor’s appointment

Here’s something quick for you, because this is something I just had to do myself – it’s my script for making a doctor’s appointment. I hate the doctors and I hate making appointments, but I can help to make it very quick and painless for you.

Before you even touch the phone, you’re gonna need a few details. Grab a notebook and pen and your calendar (app) of choice and get them in front of you. The receptionist might ask you to confirm your identity by asking you for your address or date of birth. Make sure that you have both on hand. Yes, I would recommend you write down your date of birth and put it in front of you – you have no idea how often someone’s asked me for it and my brain just blanked out, like I’d never been born at all.

If you’re anxious, take some deep breaths. Virgil the Vigilant from Thomas Sander’s videos has a great technique: breath in for four seconds, hold for seven, breathe out for eight. Then, dial the doctor’s office and wait for the line to pick up. Depending on the quality of your doctor’s office and the demand, you might be put in the queue for a while. 

  • When the receptionist answers the phone, start by saying: “Hello, my name is [INSERT NAME] and I’d like to make an appointment.”
  • If you need or want a specific doctor, add: “I’d like to make it with Dr. [INSERT NAME].” If not, don’t bother with this step. If the receptionist asks, just reply with “Any doctor is fine.”
  • You can also order blood tests on the phone the same way if a hospital or other service requests it – or, if you’re like me, if you need to take a regular or semi-regular test for monitoring purposes. Instead of saying you need a specific doctor, say: “I’d like a nurse’s appointment to take a blood test for [INSERT INSTITUTION/REASON HERE].”
  • The receptionist will then give you a date and time. Check then and there with your calendar (app) that you have free time to attend the appointment. If not, say: “I can’t make that time and date, is there any other time or date available?”
  • Repeat until you have a time that works for you. When you’ve settled on a date and time, write that thing down or put it on your calendar (app) so you won’t forget it. Then say: “[REPEAT THE TIME AND DATE] is fine, thank you.” You’re repeating the time and date so that both sides are clear on the day and no-one has misheard.
  • Make sure you say thank you, then hang up. Congratulations! You just made a doctor’s appointment. 
  • After difficult things, I like to reward myself for taking a leap of faith and having some courage. It’s a good habit to build and can take the sting out of doing something unpleasant. My chosen reward is usually an iced coffee from Starbucks or a milkshake, but feel free to choose something different.

EDIT: Thanks to learngeo for their contribution to this guide :)


Naruto Week 2017 | Last Words

Never go back on your word, never give up, no matter how bad it gets. I am supposed to be your teacher, I can’t go out like this. Never give up, that’s the choice I had to make. Naruto you are the destined child, I know it, the rest is up to you! […] There, that ending was a little better. The frog at the bottom of the well drifts off into the great ocean, yep, pretty damn honorable. I guess it’s time to put down my pen, I need a title for the next book, let’s see … ah got it “The Tale of Uzumaki Naruto”. Perfect 

BTS as things my friends have said in Maths...
  • Seokjin: It's a good job I'm pretty because I'm gonna need something to fall back on when I fail these exams
  • Yoongi: Easy. Everything is easy. Textbook - you've met your match
  • Hoseok: Maths can be fun sometimes! Come on, guys
  • Namjoon: My calculator works for everyone else but me - what is this? You're supposed to be mine.
  • Taehyung: *turns calculator upside down* It says 'hello', see?!
  • Jimin: Does anyone else need to borrow a pen? I have about fifty and only one good writing hand, so go ahead
  • Jungkook: *puts hand up and guesses the wrong answer* I demand a recount
a domestic drarry scene

for @hazyxthoughts

“Why do you even need a color coded planner?” Draco asked as walked past the kitchen table where Harry was sitting.  A planner laid out in front of the newly-appointed Head Auror, along with a smattering of pens, sharpies and highlighters in nearly every color imaginable.

“I don’t,” Harry replied as he picked up a highlighter and began inking lines on the calendar.

Draco paused, turned back around, a slight frown wrinkling his forehead, and walked back towards the table.  “You don’t.”

“No, I do not,” said Harry as he capped the highlighter, flipped a few pages in the calendar, flipped back, selected a new color and began highlighting again.

“Then explain to me,” Draco persisted as he picked up a sharpie and uncapped it, “why you are color coding a planner.”  He sniffed the felt tipped pen, jolted back, and threw the offending marker back on the table, causing Harry to chuckle.

“Because, Hermione insists that I do need one,” Harry said, head still down and ignoring the slight huff that came from his boyfriend “and I learned a long time ago that it’s always likely Hermione is right,” he put down his pen and looked up “and even if she’s not, it’s much easier to go along with her way of doing things than fighting about it.”

“So Granger’s always right, even if she’s not.”  Draco crossed his arms.  “I wonder what it would take to get you to think that way about me.”

Harry smirked, and slowly stood, the chair scraping against the kitchen floor.  He looked directly into Draco’s grey eyes as he put is hands down on the table and leaned forward.


Draco’s breath hitched just the slightest bit.  As the years went by, Harry’s confidence looked better and better on him and Draco was sure he’d always fall for it.  He caught Harry’s eyes flit down to his lips before he looked back in his eyes. 

“Arguing with you will always be much too fun to ever admit that you’re right.”


Imagine: Being a watcher, a person who sees the future, and the Squad needing your help.

A knock at your door brings you out of another vision, one of several in the last hour. You put down the pen you were using for your sketchbook and head to the door. You don’t need to look, you know who it is. You open the door with a sigh, “I made you guys some food, I already know your full plan so spare me the details. Just tell me this, what’s in it for me?” 

Rick and the squad stared back at you in shock. Harley giggled, “You were right, Flag, she is good!”

anonymous asked:

How do you stay focused and motivated all the time?

Hey! I’ll start by saying I’m not focused or motivated all of the time. I have days where I procrastinate a lot or blatantly put off actual work. I’ll have times where I really don’t want to study and feel extremely unmotivated. Everyone does. Even people who run studyblrs. I think my main trick is being disciplined. I’ve run a studyblr since 2014 and in that time I’ve really worked on my discipline. I have learnt that things just have to be done - be it assignments, studying, or readings. I have to do it otherwise I’m letting myself down. I have always hated the feeling of regret so that in itself motivates me to try as best I can. I don’t want to let myself down or let my parents down. I like to achieve. Again, I think everyone does. I feel satisfied when I see ‘disctintion’ or ‘high distinction’ on my results and that really helps. Discipline really falls into staying focused and motivated. If you can improve your discipline, just little by little, you will get there. Try forcing yourself to do a bit every day. Even if it is something small. Reinforce something positive for completing it. Another motivation is having my studyblr. I like to document what I’m doing so I can share it on here or my Instagram. My blogs kind of become accountability partners in that sense. It is definitely worth trying if you don’t have one already! As I’ve said my motivation dips every now and then. You just have to try to push through. Obviously, having motivation makes it ten times easier to study but it is so important to learn to work without it. These few posts might help you gain some much-needed motivation:

As for focus, this is something that, again, does take time to master but you can certainly takes steps to improve. My biggest tip would be to remove all your distractions. This could be either your phone, computer, or things on your desk. Time management and productivity apps are so great for keeping you off your phone. I currently use an app called Forest. It gamifies and rewards my time with a little tree. If I use my phone, it will die! It really helps me to stay focused. I’ll see that I’ve got 5 minutes left of that study period and I’ll think “okay, it’s just another 5 minutes..keep going!”. If I don’t use Forest, I will sometimes timelapse myself. I find it so cool to be able to watch it back and see everything I’ve written or typed in a quick video. I love sharing them on my blogs too so it’s great! I don’t want to stop recording so I’ll just say off my phone! For your computer, there are apps that block websites. Forest as a Chrome and Mac extension but apps like RescueTime, StayFocusd can stop you going on Tumblr. I have a post on productivity apps here including paid and free for iOS, Android and Mac. Another thing I’ve found works best is having two accounts on my laptop. One is for university work and the other for blogging. I don’t have any social media logged in on my uni account so I can’t just check a site for a minute because I’m bored. Honestly, probably one of the smarter things I’ve done without intending too haha! I think most computers have the option to create a second account, so have a look. Like most people, I get distracted by stupid things like my pens! When they’re on my desk, I sometimes just end up looking at them or fiddling with them. If I catch myself doing that I will put it out of my reach so I’m not tempted again. Another thing I’ve been trying is externalising my thoughts. If I get distracted by something or have a “gosh, I need to remember that” moment, I will write it down. By getting it out my brain and onto a bit of paper, I no longer have to think about it and can continue. One final thing I sometimes do is listen to music. If I’m downstairs working it can get noisy if my family is around. I will usually play the ‘deep focus’ playlist of Spotify. Other suggestions are gaming or film soundtracks. Their intention is to be something in the background but distracting enough to pull your focus! YouTube has loads of compilations so check there!

I apologise this is a really long answer but hopefully it’s informative! Remember to take small steps! You’ll be able to control your focus in no time if you keep practising. It’s important to stay positive as well xx

I get a lot of questions about my travel journals, so I thought I’d make a post about my tips, tricks, and essentials for on-the-go journaling! Keep Reading if you’re interested~

(Disclaimer: a give in, but I thought it’d be worth saying- this is all up to personal preference! This is all of the stuff that is necessary for me, personally, when I’m journaling on the go, but it’s all customizable to whatever intentions you have in mind and what supplies you have. Please don’t think you need to spend money in order to record some great memories!)

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anonymous asked:

do you have any advice on how to draw bodies, hands,...

Hey! So I in no way think / claim i have the best skills or answers to give a really good tutorial - but i’m happy to share how i kinda go about drawing the body! ( The best answer though is just to keep practicing and drawing from references you find online or have in real life! ) 

But from what I know, I guess when I think about drawing the body I try and break it down into smaller general parts. Ie. Head, torso, hips, joint areas, and hands / feet. From there i draw circle-ish shapes to connect everything together and get a feeling for what pose i’m drawing. (I hope the doodles below kinda help show what I mean) 

Every artist has there own way to break down shapes, and some people need more or less guides when they draw, so if it helps try looking at a basic skeleton from google and finding what guides helps you the best! 

Once you know your break down points, a good practice you can do is find a photo online and try drawing mini quick versions of it on your computer, or with pen in a sketchbook (its okay if it looks super off at first so just keep going with it! ) Once you get the main idea out, you can start putting your lines together to get a base to draw on! ( When in doubt move your body to see where things might like up ie. the elbow kinda lines up with the belly button area, or the foot is almost the size of the forearm! It comes in time.) 

Once you get an idea on the body shape (or just general idea of where things go) you can start figuring out how to break down other points… ie hands!

For hands i draw out the main palm area then add circles to space out where the fingers will kinda go. After that i kinda make a feel for how the fingers will extend out. I find the top of my thumb tends to point away from my palm, and then drawing the little hand crack v thing helps add a little detail. Remember though looking at your own hand can really help when you are stuck trying to draw something 

Yeah I hope that helps! Again i dont claim to know anything haha! The best way to get better is practice, time, and the willpower to keep going! 

Clean Up Your Act: A Shower Self-Hex

For me, showers are one of my best times to reflect and get ready for the rest of the day. I leave energized and ready to conquer whatever else I have left.

 But some times I don’t feel like doing anything. This is fine, when I don’t have anything really pressing to do. But right now, when I’ve got less than three weeks before I’m heading to work and college and responsibilities- I need to be focused and self-disciplined. 

And while I’m a big fan of traditional positive magic, sometimes you need to light a fire under your own ass- and this is an easy spell for that. 

You Will Need: 

  1. A candle/incense/wax melter- Use something that pays tribute to the element of fire. I prefer spicy scents or ones that ground. Pick what works for your intent.
  2. Paper and pen. 
  3. A place to shower
  4. Something to write with in the shower. Shower gel obviously works or washable markers. 


  • A kick-ass playlist
  • Sigils to put in your shoes
  • A caffeinated beverage
  • A friend to hold you accountable 
  • Offerings to your deities for assistance. 

Step 1: 

Before you start, make sure your intent is clear. Write down exactly what it is you want to accomplish, and the steps you’re going to take to get there. Ex: If you need to meal plan for the week, step 1 might be figuring out what you already have in your kitchen. You can’t reach a goal if you don’t know how to get there. 

Step 2: 

Light your candle/incense/wax melter in the place where you need to get the most work done. Fire is energizing and propelling. Paying tribute to this element will help reignite the spark you need to get shit done. Be sure to practice proper fire safety. 

Step 3: 

While taking your shower, focus on distractions and excuses holding you back as you scrub, cleansing them from your mind and body. Use body wash or a marker to write a word of intent, a phrase, or a sigil on the walls. As the warm water hits it, the spell will charge and activate. 

Step 4: 

Get out of the shower and get moving. Other options for this spell include having a motivational playlist to blast, putting sigils for energy and motion inside your shoes, combining this hex with my Law of Inertia spell  or another energy boosting one, or leaving an offering to your deity in exchange for their help. The possibilities are endless. Try some non-magical means, by telling a friend that you have to do this thing, and ask them to check up on you. (My inbox is always open if you need to!)

A word of advice: 

I call this a hex because sometimes you have to channel negative energy towards something to get things done. For me, I have to be really strict with myself on occasion, but the important thing is to not be too harsh. You know yourself best, your own limitations and abilities. Sometimes you know are being lazy and could be doing more, and other times you are facing complications due to depression, chronic fatigue, or other issues you have no control over. Know when you need to push yourself and when you need to let yourself relax a little. It’s different for everyone, which is why I recommend really taking stock of the entire situation and circumstances before committing to a spell. 

I hope this helps you get moving and get everything done that you need to. Many blessings! - Kate


If y’all are not reading the wonderful Prompto’s Adventures with Celebrity Dating featuring @destatree​ amazing writing, then y’all are not living! Best. Promptis fic. ever. 

It started out as a joke idea between us, with a bunch of messages and texts back and forth on how ridiculous it can get, to something the that’s grown into one of my prides and joys! I’m going to be going back on he chapters to illustrate small parts of it once more to fit the aesthetic that I’ve draw as shown above! 

I’m serious when I saw you guys NEED to read this fic! She’s put so much time and effort into it, not just for me, but for her small community too! 

       So show her some love and enjoy the ridiculous story along side me!

Panels illustrate part one that can be read here and on AO3 here! 

This is the last time I will write about you. I could write endless pages about you but at the end of the day you couldn’t even write a single sentence about me. So I’m putting my pen down because the ink seems to know your name all too well and I cannot keep torturing myself, I cannot keep pining after you. I have to accept reality, as harsh as it may be, that you do not want a future with me and nothing that I can write will ever change that. I do not need to be with you to be happy, I do not need to be with anyone to be happy because I am happy all on my own. So goodbye, I’m closing the book on us just like you did without any hesitation, it may have taken me longer and I may cut my finger on the corner of the pages but I’m doing it, I’m getting over you.
—  25/12/16
Are You Watching? [m]

Genre : smut

Summary : Your boyfriend has discovered the joke book you thought you’d thrown away, and along with that he’s also found the page in which you circled the words, mirror kink.

In the mirror, which stood at the foot of the bed, you could see his face buried in your neck as he scattered soft kisses down the length of it.

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SO  a couple people had been asking me if I could do a hair coloring guides- I ended up recording a drawing of this, but the file was saved incorrectly so I’m just posting this for now!!

Some basics: 

  • I typically only use 3-5 colors for hair- here, I’m only using three. 
  • When drawing very curly/coiled hair, I make small dashes or tight squiggles so get the texture across, versus light smooth curves and harsh shapes! I’ll also usually use less contrasting lights/shadows than I would for smooth hair.
  • Light hair usually has more contrast than dark hair; hair is shiny, but I don’t like making it look EXTREMELY shiny.
  • I put down the middle color using a hard edged brush/pen tool, then go over it and erase where needed with a softer/less opaque/marker tool. I preserve opacity (usually) and then add in the light and shadows with the second, softer tool, making strokes in the direction/texture of the hair to imply it rather than draw every little strand. 

I’m sorry this isn’t much of a guide, but I might be making some more in depth examples later!


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Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Genre: HarelyQuinn!Au / Angst

Rated T for mentions of violence, blood, death, brain-washing and mature themes

Word count: 4.4k

Synopsis: The government hired you to cure Kim Taehyung from his madness, yet, every time you see him in that damn white room you lose sanity and yourself a bit more.

Author’s note: I should really really thank my lil Rosie and the sweet Mari for supporting me so much! This is dedicated to both of them <3 and of course feedback is always appreciated!  

part 1 // part 2 // drabble

                                                                       “He whispers things into my brain,

                                                                               assuring me that I’m insane.”


First session

The room smells like disinfectant, medicines and something ferrous you can’t quite define. Everything is white – almost blinding, you think –  the walls, the floor, the table you are sitting behind, the chair in front of you and also the sole window on the left. A window equipped with bars, of course.

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Blood Purity

Request:  I NEED THIS OMG OKAY SO it’s George or Fred (I love George but either is fine) where you’re muggleborn and George flirts with you a lot in class cause he has a crush but umbrigde is not having it nah fam so she gives him detention for one of his many mini crimes and makes him write lines of “I will practice blood purity” and Reader is pisssedddddd when she finds out

Originally posted by mikeys-bitchh


You sit in your normal spot in DADA, at the table beside the Weasley twins’. Umbridge carries herself into the classroom and stops at her board. “Today we will be reading from the book. Pages 243-263. There will be no need to talk.” 
“Are we really doing this again, Professor? Miss (your last name) is more interesting and she’s dull as a rock,” George says with a small smirk. 
“These books are so predictable I can’t tell it apart from the Weasley twins,” you add, smirking slightly in George’s direction. 
“Brutal,” Fred mutters. 

“Quiet! If I hear another word from any of you, there will be consequences!” Umbridge squeaks. You roll your eyes and return to your reading. 
You feel a tap on your shoulder and look down to see a note slipped under your book. You quietly open the note and read. “Maybe you do have more personality than a rock.” 
“Sadly, you’re still predictable,” you write back, passing the note back to George. 

His mouth fell in fake shock and he placed his hand on his chest. 

“George Weasley!” Umbridge screeched. “Detention after class!” 

“Oh no,” George whispered sarcastically. Class was dismissed and everyone left except for George, who had to stay for detention. 

You were curled up in an armchair when George returned from detention. “That foul git!” he yelled. 
“George!” you yelled, getting his attention. You motioned him over and he sat on the arm of your chair. “What happened - wait, what’s on your hand?” You looked down to see a phrase etched into his hand. “I will practice blood purity.” 

You gasped. “Did she carve your skin?”
“She made me write that over and over and the pen did it to me,” he whispered. 
“She did fucking not,” you seethe. 
“She did.”  
You storm out of the room and find McGonagall. “What the hell? Do you know what Umbridge is doing in her detention?” you scream. 
“Miss (your last name), I suggest you calm down before I put you into detention myself.” 
“She makes you write lines and the pen etches into your skin. You write with your own blood,” you say as calmly as you can. 
“That is unacceptable. Thank you, (y/n), you may return to your common room.” 

You leave her office and make your way back to the Gryffindor common room. George is laying down on a couch, clutching his hand. “Hey, let’s get that cleaned up.” 
You help George up and to his bathroom after grabbing a first aid kit from your room. You mum knew you’d need it. “This is going to hurt,” you say, washing his hand out with alcohol. He flinched and squeezed his eyes shut. “I know it hurts,” you whisper. 

You wrap his hand up and close your case. “I’m so sorry she did that.” 
“It was worth it, actually.” 
“You’re an actual idiot.” 
“You like an idiot. What will your parents say?” George gasps. 
“I do not,” you say, crossing your arms. 
“Guess I’m not an idiot then.” 
You blush. “Would you like to join me in Hogsmeade next trip?” you ask. 
“Absolutely,” George replies. 

I’m A Chef

Pairing: Dean x Reader (kind of)

Summary: Sam and Dean find a new place for breakfast.

Word Count: 761

Warnings: none, just Dean being a cutie.

A/N: Written for @revwinchester‘s birthday challenge but I suck so it’s like a week late :) The job I chose was chef (if you know me, you’re probably sitting there like ‘well, duh’).

You watched as two men walked through the glass door, the chime echoing and rattling you out of your daze. These men weren’t two you could miss - one of them towering over 6 feet tall, the other absolutely gorgeous with piercing green eyes that met yours almost immediately as they sank down onto the stools at the counter.

“What can I do for you, gentlemen?” You straightened yourself and reached for a pot of coffee.

“Two coffees, black. And a couple’a menus if you don’t mind.” The green-eyed beauty smiled at you.

You swore your heart stopped in that moment. He was already perfect, and that smile… 

Passing them two menus, you watched as they flipped to the breakfast page. 

“Aw, Sammy. Waffles!” Green eyes grinned and slapped his tall compadre on the shoulder.

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