i need to pull my head out of the gutter

feralstriike  asked:

Fran placed her hand on her forehead, while she shook her head slowly. "I had faith you would help me but I did not think your mind would go straight to the gutter." She said placing a warm blanket around the egg. "It's only a few hours. It's going to hatch soon and I need to pick up a few things before it does." Her hand reached inter her bag pulling out money to Amon. "Your the only one I can count on.. please.."

     PLEASE FORGIVE MY SHAMEFUL behavior.❞ Or thoughts were closer, but what was he to think? The situation itself was so—ah, he didn’t even want to mull over this anymore. Amon was just going to wind up working himself up to the point he’d want to go lie down on the ground just to calm his pounding heart. ❝I had not meant to insult your character, Fran.❞ Clearing his throat, he gently helped fix the blanket around the egg to ensure maximum warmth. He was surprised by the money she held out for him, Amon staring at it for just a second before he glanced back up at Fran and smiled. 

     ❝There’s no need to pay me. I’m doing this for a friend after all.❞ Gently he rested his hand against hers, carefully closing it. ❝I’ll do this for free. After all, it’s not as if I have anything else to do right now. Looking after an egg and ensuring it stays a nice and healthy temperature is more than enough for me. This egg will be well taken care of in my temporary care.❞