i need to prove it to her

All the Queen’s Men

The Running List of Sansa’s Exes, Creepers and other associated males that Jon has been or will be in the near future confronted with since they reunited.

This just starts to get really interesting. I’ve chosen to focus on the men associated with Sansa because of Jon’s actions. I’m not sure what exactly the take away is because I’m still really confused at where the canon story is going with Jon and Sansa. There is something more than platonic there, at the same time will it ever be realized…Either way, Jon is going around proving his alpha male-ness to every man associated with her at pretty much every opportunity.  Everything is under the cut. I try to stay away from leaks but it’s hard. There are probably spoilers! 

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Honestly she’s such a child. You’re supposed to be what 28 and you act like that? Lol. The fact that you need fillers to twist to bash Sakura just because you self insert as Hinata is pathetic.  Are you all aware what a filler is? Oh yeah I forgot because fillers gave you your ship and byakugan power ups. What kind of idiot would use filler to prove anything? Oh yeah NH wankers/Hinata wankers. That’s who. I just find it so odd that someone would post anime only screenshots and start bashing Sakura. We already saw Sakura and Sasuke in the original manga in Gaiden. Everyone knows that Sakura works and does household chores and takes care of her kid. 

Stay mad. Sakura is miles above your fav in everything; SS was canon in the manga and it’s probably the most popular Naruto ship only rivaled by SNS.

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I have a question. Why haven't they impeached Trump yet? I mean within his few months he the lowest approval rate of almost any president. He has phobia of anything that isn't a rich white man or some chick who likes to fuck. Oh but they could impeach Clinton for cheating on his wife. Ok America....ok

Okay kiddos welcome to my wheelhouse I have a degree in this shit

Trump has not been charged with a crime yet. In order for her to be removed from office he would need to be impeached by the Congress, which is currently entirely controlled by republicans. Director Mueller and/of the Intelligence committees would need to prove that the President was involved in high crimes, such as obstruction of justice, collusion, treason, etc. in order to move forward with impeachment.

Clinton was actually not impeached for his infidelity, the articles of impeachment were drawn up because he lied to Congress about his affair. It’s an oversimplification of what actually happened.

There is a question of whether or not the republicans have the appetite to cannibalize a president with an R after his name. They did it before in the 70s with Nixon, when Nixon was accused of obstruction of justice.

These kinds of things do not happen overnight, nor do we want them too. Yes, I agree, I believe that his campaign has colluded with a foreign power for help in the election, but it needs to be proven during an extensive and thorough investigation. Because that should be how our justice system works.

don’t come for me lmao ship who you want to, just my opinion

Jaia is one of my notps. Yall can ship whatever and i respect that (except morgencest like,,,,) and i’d be lying if i did’t say that scene wasn’t hella entertaining (by “entertaining” i mean hot as fuck). But Jace is just using my sweet dominant child Maia as a way to forget about Clary, and try to prove to himself that he doesn’t have feelings for her and I’m not chill with that for two reasons.


1) That’s not fair to Maia. She deserves SO much better.
2) That’s not fair to Jace. My sweet boy needs to be happy and for him happy is when Clary is happy. (At least to an extent)


So in conclusion, I’m happy that’s over even if i enjoyed it for a hot second there. I’m excited for Saia, so they can be cute for a little bit and then they eventually they end for the better. Then Maia can get with Jordan (even tho he kinda fuckin traumatized and abused her) and then Jordan can die (poor beeb) then she can get with Bat; and happily ever after. Same with Jace, were finally done with Climon and now they can all heal (especially simon, poor poor sweetums) for a little bit. Then Clace and (Saia) then Sizzy. (obvs malec) THen no more Pain, ever…. k bye

I just love how I make one comment on lady Gaga’s out of context use of her “PTSD” which she very clearly self prescribed, and all her fans just jump to her defense. But not to prove facts like

“Yeah this is the psychiatrist that diagnosed her.”

No. It’s more down the lines of


I…I cannot…I just cannot debate with people like this. You can’t just say that I’m wrong and that’s the end of the matter. I need evidence to do the following things:
1. Keep quiet about the matter
2. Be convinced otherwise of what I believed
3. Actually apologize for what I said for my lack of knowledge.

But if you insult me or make a stupid argument I will:
1. Make sure you see the stupidity of your argument
2. Potentially insult you back
3. Reinforce myself in my standpoint
4. Hate you.

She Never Stopped Smiling

by reddit user Pippinacious

Fly was an odd kid, even by odd kid standards. I met her in sixth grade, when our alphabetically ordered last names landed us in adjacent seats, and she turned to look at me with a cheerful, gap toothed smile.

“Hi!” She said.

“Hi.” I replied quietly.

I was shy and intimidated by my first day in middle school, but she wasn’t the least bit nervous.

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In a few “fan fiction” episodes, the show changes from the adventures of Finn and Jake to those of Fionna and Cake, where every character is a different gender. But it’s essentially just a cosmetic change. Every character retains their original personality, especially Fionna, who just like Finn is brave, strong, and a bit of a dork.

None of that went away when her balls migrated inwards because, and this is important, your genitals don’t have to dictate how you live your life. Except for Deathray-Dick Johnny but I like to think he’s the exception that proves the rule. Always in our hearts, Deathray-Dick.

Feminism started out as a fight for basic civil rights for women, then equal rights, and today, it’s essentially about the freedom of choice, and Fionna is the perfect example of that.

She wears dresses. When she wants. She doesn’t need a boyfriend now. But she’s open to the idea in the future. She kicks ass. But the show doesn’t call her a tomboy for that, nor does she make it a cornerstone of her whole personality. On its own, that wouldn’t mean all that much. But because Fionna exists solely as the female version of a male character, her non-stereotypical characterization becomes a powerful feminist message, namely: You do you, no matter what’s between your legs.

5 Fictional Characters That Should Be Studied In Schools

Writing is Hard, pt 8: Slow and Steady

Summary: Dean shows you his favorite kind of sex.

Read Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7

Warning: Smut, dirty talk

Word Count: 3100ish

A/N: This is all written with love for fan fic. I’m teasing, not putting it down in any way. Hope you enjoy! (Sorry, tag list is closed!) XOXO

The motel door opens quietly and you hear Dean shuffle in, his footsteps easy to recognize. You don’t move, body too exhausted to even roll over in bed and say hi.

Sam has to know that Dean comes to your room every night now. Actually, Dean just goes straight in with you now more often than not, leaving Sam to himself. You’ve never discussed it, but you suspect that Sam’s silence on the matter of you and Dean is his thank you for finally having some privacy on a regular basis.

Either way, you aren’t remotely surprised that Dean is here. You listen to boots being kicked off, a gun being placed on the night stand, and clothes being shuffled off. He’s down to his boxers when he slides beneath the covers.

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hey….. here’s a thought…. don’t harass questioning wlw who recently changed labels….. don’t say shit like “well you can’t identify with our identity, experiences, or culture because you haven’t been [x] or [y] long enough”…. god WHY do you demonic freaks treat people’s lives and identities as markers of radicalism? why is there a constant need for a wlw to prove her worth? we all start out as questioning wlw - all of us, without a fail. it’s the first stage of realizing that you aren’t straight. so if a lesbian previously identified as bi or a bi girl previously identified as a lesbian she isn’t “trying on labels like clothing sizes” for “convenience” lol….. everyone on here is so rude and harsh and awful and demeaning and i hate it so much, i really do 

PERSONALLY, the BEST part of Descendants 2 was showing Mal and Jay's friendship from the first book.

When Harry got all up in Mal’s face he was the one who moved closer to help of needed. It wasn’t BFF Evie who’s proved she can hold her own and has tricks up her sleeve or master fencer Lonnie who came to the isle to HELP, if was Jay. Jay was also the one who saw Mal was still upset after leaving the isle and OFFERED TO DRIVE HER BACK IF SHE STILL FELT SHE DIDN’T BELONG. He’s literally willing to bring her back AFTER JUST HAVING BROUGHT HER BACK.
This is the friendship I waited for the entirety of the first movie.

Someone to Watch Over Me

Title:  Someone to Watch Over Me (A Bodyguard AU)

Series Masterlist (coming soon)

Author:  Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Six months ago, everything changed. Widowed and alone, Dean Winchester is determined to pick himself up and move on, so he goes back to his job as a bodyguard for Singer Protective Services. His first assignment? An actress receiving death threats, an actress with an uncanny resemblance to his wife.

You don’t want protection, don’t need it. Especially from someone as cold and impersonal as Dean Winchester. You’re not afraid of a bunch of stupid death threats, you just want to be left alone to live your life.

Two people, two very different lives. Who will be the first to let the armor slip?

Characters:  Dean Winchester, Female reader, Bobby Singer, Tiny, Sam Winchester (mentioned), Georgia (OFC), Melissa (OFC-mentioned)

Word Count:  2936

Warnings: language, mentions stalking, death threats, mentions of blood

Author’s Notes: This was written for two challenges: @impala-dreamer One Prompt for All (had to be Dean x Reader, no more than 3,000 words, and the prompt: “If I didn’t know any better, I’d think you were trying to kill me.”) and @luci-in-trenchcoats AU & Things Challenge (I chose Bodyguard AU). I’m not gonna lie, a lot inspiration for this came from the Whitney Houston/Kevin Costner movie The Bodyguard.

***My work is not to be posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

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Why Slowpphire matters

Note: the following theory is the brain child of an anon on /sug/. I do not claim responsibility for this theory, only for this explanation and a minor modification of its framing

I’m sure by now a lot of you have seen Slowpphire the adorable pink sapphire whose grasp of the future seems a few minutes out date. Between her quirky defect, her top-notch character design and her tentative shipping with Pink!Lars she’s taken the fandom by storm, and leaving a trail of destruction in her wake the FEMA seems disinterested in attending to.

Fans were hasty to catch on to Slowpphire’s defective future vision and nickname her based on the assumption that her sight is out of sync by a matter of minutes. But first glances can be deceiving, and Slowpphire’s ability may not be what it seems.

Seeing the future from a few minutes ago is a disability as far as Sapphires go, but if Sapphires were designed for short term prediction alone they would not be valuable enough to be considered Upper Crust. If this Sapphire is considered a defective outcast on par with pair of conjoined twins, a mixed-gem fusion containing a pearl and whatever that monstrous gem centipede is, it suggests that her defect is far more debilitating than a syncing issue. Slowpphire doesn’t have future vision, she has Past Vision!

As far as super powers go, postcognition generally stands on the power tier beneath such classics as talking to fish, detachable arms, and having giant sticky grapes for hair. The ability to see the past is useless to those of us who are confined to the present, and though homeworld has access to at least two forms Faster Than Light travel and a time machine it’s pretty clear from where I’m standing that gems try to avoid fucking with the timeline.

However, even useless superpowers can be handy if used correctly, and Slowpphire is no exception. You see, hindsight can’t tell you what comes next, but it can tell you what happened, and in all of Steven Universe the greatest remaining mystery to both the viewers and Steven is a question of what happened. Pink Sapphire can show us what happened to Pink Diamond!

Yes, I said show. Any old enough gem can tell Steven what happened, but words are limited, memories unreliable and the crystal gems have proved themselves deceitful when it comes to sheltering Steven. Slowpphire and Slowpphire alone can show Steven what happened that night, all she needs to do is pass her vision on to him, something we’ve seen Garnet do twice in the past, and he can open his eyes and watch as a diamond falls before him

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Can you post some gifs or photos that prove Camila is a top??

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Need I say more! Lets just say the proof is in the gifs and also because Lauren is the biggest bottom in the world for Karla Camila Cabello! 🌚

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(Lauren is so thirsty here she legit wants to jump on her there and then) 🌚🌚


The link to watch the episode HERE

  • BTS still can’t get that harmonization right so they blame it on our prodigee lead vocalists Jsinger and Vocal monster 
  • Rapmon choses Jungkook as the lucky guy. Yoongi Jimin as the luckiest guy and then RM picks Jin over Taehyung because they are married
  • Suga’s team’s name is Chica as they were in chicago lol
  • Rapmon’s team name is Go as they were also in chicago LMAO
  • Team Chica provokes Go and ofc it is the eldest mature hyung Jin that falls easily in the trap and makes his team lose
  • The chica team trying to pronounce “crocodile” is the cutest
  • Jungkook’s english. ATTA BOIII is studying hard to communicate with bieber sanbaenim?!
  • Jin screaming that jac and zipper are the same thing
  • Suga saying that in daegu they call it zipper (they don’t)
  • Jimin memorized well but Suga and Jhope have a memory a goldfish (How can they memorize all that hard rap tho?)
  • Jhope using his head “literally” to play a game and then Jungkook does too but contary to Hobi that golden maknae succeeds 
  • Rapmon tries being loud to disturb the other team, but It is Jin who is from HIS team that tells him to stay quiet then Jin screams when they won and it is rapmon who calls him loud this time (KARMA Beach)
  • V detroys everything his team has built
  • V also cheered for his soulmate’s team without knowing (friendship goals)
  • V doesn’t get the rules he just plays 
  • Suga is a construction expert too he knows “the floor area index” (you can find a link here if you want to get some of his knowledge HERE).
  • Thanks to Jin now we know how to spell “YEAH” (add that to Pizza and pasta. Army now feels so smart)
  • Jungkook telling Taehyung who do not seem to get the game to come to his room later (don’t jump to conclusions) to beat him up (Save that child)
  • V gets beaten up at uno by EVERYONE as he still doesn’t get the rules. he even calls “UNO” “One cadzeu” (MUST PROTECT) -The V hands’ stans are still crying-
  • AND Taehyung ended up getting 2nd place in UNO without even getting the rules (”All you need is luck and looks and you are set in life” said my grandma while I doubted her … maybe now I get it)
  • Jhope whispers to Jungkook to say Uno because he forgot and Mr I am the most EXTRA didn’t deceive
  • Jimin making Jin win by picking blue proving that he is the luckiest guy when it comes to losing and making people win (He just loves giving happiness)
  • Jimin and Suga are the only ones left, they decide to pick cards and the highest number wins. Jimin wins at first but as he is an angel he gives suga another chance just to lose shortly after (again) because he is the luckiest (Of course) 

This episode made me wanna play board games again. It was truly fun
By @mimibtsghost

lips of an angel

dedicated to the beauties of thehsquad  ❤: @harry-writings @hes-writings94 @lovingstyles87 @ever-since-kiwi @mizpahes @hes-a-rainbow @hcrrystvles @the2k17harry @gemmadorrego @harryxmac @druggedaiquiri @ihateharrystyles @harryslittlekiwis @hardliquorhaz @legandaryharry @17-blackaf @harryplease @hs-1dfan  @namelesspops @harrywavycurly @pvnkharrie @hotmessharry @roseonhissleeve

hope you all enjoy, all the love xx.

“Harry!” She screamed, racing down the stairs trying to create distance between her and the curly headed dork that was hot on her heels. Allowing Harry to raid her lipstick collection was a bad idea, now here she was paying the price for it.

 "Y/N stop! I just wanna give you a kiss!“ He smirked with an evil laugh while she took refuge behind the couch, keeping away from his tinted lips. “This is payback for all the lipstick stains you’ve given me.“ 

 Y/N backed up and, before she knew it, her back collided with the wall as she was trapped in the corner. Harry’s face held a shit eating grin as he approached her slowly. "Every award show.”


 "Every interview." 

 "This is your shirt-" 

 "Every performance." 

 "Harry it’s fucking Gucci!-” She was cut off by his lips attacking hers, moving down to pepper sloppy kisses down her neck. He continued as she squealed, her hands pinned above her head while he worked his way towards the exposed skin of her chest uncovered by the v-neck. Harry managed to get the pink gloss on the white fabric but he couldn’t care less, her child-like giggles were music to his ears. She was so angelic. 

 "Say mercy.“ He commanded, continuing to tickle her with his soft lips. She remained stubborn, thrashing as she tried to loosen herself from his hold but to no avail. Between her giggles she cried out for mercy, panting heavy as he halted his actions and looked up at her with a smile. 

 "You look like a masterpiece baby.” He spoke, turning her around and pulling the t-shirt down her arm to expose her shoulder. There he planted a warm kiss, causing her body to erupt in goosebumps and a shiver to wave down her spine. That was a weak spot on her body that always reacted to his touch. The feeling of his soft lips against the smooth skin of her shoulder blade was inevitably one of her favorite places his lips have met. 

 She never wanted the mark of his lips to disappear from her skin. She’s always wanted an addition, something to that meant something, something that made her feel something. She thinks of it every night before her eyes shut and mind falls into its dark state. She wanted something permanent, something of him she could forever have on her body, specifically in that area. And now was the perfect opportunity to get a start on that. 

 She turned to face him, stroking his lightly stubbled jaw while holding his soft stare that held all the love and reassurance she needed. “C'mon babe, let’s get this lipstick off.” He nodded and took her hand, leading them up to their shared bedroom. Harry sat on the bed while Y/N grabbed a roll of napkins, taking a sheet before slapping it on his lips causing him to groan.

 "For fucks sake Y/N, aren’t you suppose to rub it off?“ He pouted, watching the smirk on her face grow while she folded the paper and slyly put it in her back pocket. 

 "Just wanted to see your lip mark,” She shrugged away her lie, grabbing another sheet and removing the pigment from his mouth. 

 "Baby, if you really want to see my marks, look in the mirror.“ He gripped her hipbone before standing and walking them both to the full length mirror. Before her was her painted reflection, his lip stains all over her neck and chest. He smirked as he watched her in the mirror, smiling at what he’s done to her body.

 He took his thumb and smoothed over her bottom lip before it dipped down her chin and along her jawline. She closed her eyes at the lustful moment they shared. His large hand traced her neck, his pointer finger and thumb enclosing as it went in between her breasts.

 "God, you’re breathtaking like this baby.” He whispered in her ear, soon placing a small kiss in the spot behind it. She moaned softly as she threw her head back against his shoulder. He shook his head in disapproval. “No pet, I want you to look at yourself.” She whined but obeyed, looking back at the their reflection.

 Harry continued to explore- no- retrace the skin that no one but him was familiar with. Eventually he made his way to scrape over her hipbone, and dip down into her shorts. He gripped her core which was covered by red lace panties that were already soaked. Her breath only increased watching his intense gaze while his fingers haunted over the place she wanted him. 

 "Daddy- please.“ She panted, not wanting to be teased any longer. 

 "Hmm, please what baby girl?” He hummed, wanting to hear how much his girl wanted him. How bad she ached for him. 

 "Touch me, please- fuck.“ She gasped as he applied pressure to her covered clit. He rubbed her through the cloth and watched her expression. Mouth slightly agape while a soft ‘yes’ slipped past, her eyes fluttered at the sensation. His lips attacked her neck, his tongue lapped over a spot sure to leave a trademark. Not to show that she was his property, he never had that mindset. But to show that she has someone who loves and appreciates her, and there was no room for anyone else. 

 He slipped his fingers into her panties and rubbed her hard. She felt hot as his fingers then moved inside her folds. Her walls clenched around his long digits and the sound of her wetness echoed throughout the room. He pumped in and out of her pussy, fingering her hard trying to find her g-spot. When he heard her cry out, he knew he’d found it. 

 "P-please darling, I can’t take it anymore.” She begged, moans escaping the plump lips he was dying to devour. “I need your cock in me, now. I need it hard.”

 That flipped a switch in him. He turned her over and smashed their lips together. His hands fiddled with the v-neck of the t-shirt she was wearing, gripping both sides before splitting the shirt in half, ripping it off her body. She gasped, her eyes widened at his eagerness. He was so fucking sexy and she couldn’t get enough. His eyes trailed down her chest that was covered in a red lace bralette, tits sticking out as an invitation for his palms.

 Her lips attached themselves to his swallow tattoos, tongue outlining the ink. His head tilted up towards the ceiling as he continued to let her work her magic. She continued to trail her tongue down south, her nose pressed against his hard stomach. Her hands fumbled with his zipper, pulling it down and popping the button of his pants open. He helped her pull them down and off his legs then threw his black tee off and into the corner. She wanted so desperately to tease him like he had her, but she couldn’t help it. Not taking him in her mouth now was like finally receiving the candy you’ve been craving for, but not taking a bite.

 Her hands pull the elastic of his boxers down, allowing his thick member to spring out and against his stomach. She moaned at the sight, taking it within her hand and giving it a few pumps before enclosing her mouth around the tip. Harry’s hand held the back of her head, fingers tangling in her hair as she moved further up his cock. He twitched in her mouth, lips forming an ‘O’ shape as Y/N worked him in her mouth. He hit the back of her throat and she gagged, but continued to work him through until he orgasmed. 

 "Fuck, that’s it baby. Y/N- oh God, I’m coming.“ He moaned loudly, fucking her mouth until he came. His cock pulled out of her mouth as she released it with a ‘pop’ sound from her lips. She swallowed what he released in her mouth, a bit trickling down her chin. Harry brought his thumb, wiping it up and to her lips where she licked the last drop. He smirked down at her before she stood up. 

 He gripped her ass tightly, attacking her lips not bothered in the least that she had just gave him head. His hands slide down until they were on her upper thighs. "Jump,” he commanded and she did so, her wet core pressed up against his navel. Harry walked over to the bed, placing her onto it and placing himself in between her legs. 

 He looked down at the most beautiful girl he’s ever seen, and that sexy smile on her face encouraged him to pound into her, not wasting a second. Her back arched and a loud moan left her lips. She was so wet around him that he was already hard again. 

 "Fuck princess, I forget how tight you are,“ he groans, rocking their hips together. She wraps her legs around his waist, digging her heels into his back to encourage him.

 "Harder, fuck me harder. I want you to ruin me daddy.” She cooed, gripping his hair tightly while he growled at her, she truly was his vixen. 

 He pulled out of her, and as she was about to whine at the loss of contact, there he was again; slamming into her harder and his pace increasing. She threw her head back, his lips nipping her skin while he continued to fuck her the way she wanted. 

 "You want it harder baby? You want me to tear this pussy up?“ His voice was so seductive and movements so euphoric she couldn’t piece together a coherent sentence. All she could do was let out a long moan, focusing on her clenching walls and his thick, long cock that was fucking her senseless.

 He slapped her ass harshly, needing to hear her speak. "Answer daddy, princess. Do you want me to stop?” He proved his point by slowing down, watching her face skew up and a frown form on her lips. “Or, would you rather me not allow you to come? Huh princess?” She cried, gripping onto his biceps tightly and shaking her head. 

 "No please- daddy I need you so bad. Let me come around you, I want you to feel me come around your cock.“ Satisfied with her response, Harry held her down tightly and fucked her hard until she came undone, releasing around him as he followed suit.

 They both took a moment to relax, allowing them to catch their breaths and for their pulses to return to a normal pace. With a lazy grin on his face, Harry pulled Y/N to his chest, kissing her shoulder blade tenderly and spooning her in his arms. She sighed contently at the soft gesture, closing her eyes in need of a good nights rest after such steamy sex. 

 "I wish I could just stay home with you all day tomorrow.” He pouted, hating the fact that he couldn’t stay home to take care of his girl who probably wouldn’t be able to walk straight tomorrow.

 "You’re going to the studio to meet with Jeff?“ He nodded. She was upset about this, but then realized that it was her opportunity to get what she desperately wanted done. If Harry wasn’t home it would run all the more smoothly.

 "Don’t worry about me baby, I’ll be fine.” Y/N reassured him with a yawn and a subtle smirk on her lips.

 "Bye baby, I’ll see you later on tonight.“ Harry said before kissing her temple and walking out the door. Y/N smiled, quickly grabbing her phone to make a much needed phone call. 

 "Hello… hey Mark! I need you to make me an appointment for 3 o'clock, I wanna get something done… no Harry doesn’t know, it’ll be a surprise… alrighty, see you then!” As the call ended she squealed to herself, not being able to hold back her excitement. She only prayed that Harry would be just as happy about it as she was.    

 "Y/N!“ Mark smiled, taking her into a big hug. Mark was one of Harry’s mates and not to mention one of the only people who Harry ever let put a needle on his skin. If Harry trusted him, she could too. "So what’s the design, got anything in mind or do you want me to pick something?” He joked, getting out the necessary equipment in order to get the job done. 

 She pulled out the napkin from her back pocket, hoping she didn’t look like a fool as she handed it over to Mark. He simply smiled, taking the napkin out of her hand and looking at her with raised eyebrow. “You want every detail to be the exact as the print on this napkin?” He questioned not in a sarcastic way, more of in an questionable manner. 

 "I-I mean, if it’s possible? I really want it to be-“ 

 "I know Y/N, no worries, it’ll be exactly how you want it.” The tatted man walked over to a machine and sat down. He took the napkin and placed it under a glass panel before flicking a light on, then beginning to trace the design. 

 After about 15 minutes, Mark had gotten the design to an identical. Although within the details, Y/N spotted something Mark had added, and it made her love the design even more. He turned off the tracing projector and turned back to the anxious girl. “You ready Y/N?" 

 With a deep breath Y/N nodded, walking over to the chair surrounded by machines and needles. She was nervous, but she had a mild resistance to pain, so she thought it wouldn’t be too bad. 

 Y/N wore an off the shoulder top to make things easier and less awkward for both of their sake. Mark sanitized the area of her shoulder blade before checking the fluids. He stamped the design on the clean area and peeled the paper off, throwing it in the bin. After dipping his needle into the black ink, the fun part began.

 Mark had given her a list of things to do in order to prevent the tat from getting infected. If she had any questions, she quotes directly from Mark, "don’t fucking ask that wanker for tips, he’s careless.” 

 Y/N has had the bandage on for about 4 hours now. She was going to wait for Harry to get home before unfolding. It felt like the best decision of her life, and she was over the moon about finally being able to show the person who inspired it. 

 While Y/N sat on the couch watching reruns of Friends, the front door opened and closed. The familiar sound of Harry effortlessly taking his shoes off echoed throughout the house before he stalked over to the couch and crashed on top of her. She giggled, running her fingers through his hair that rested in her lap.

 "Hello darling,“ she smiled, pressing a soft kiss to the tip of his nose. Harry groaned, turning his body and wrapping his arms around her waist while he nuzzled his face into her stomach. 

 "I missed you pet. What’d ya do while I was gone?” He asked cluelessly, wondering how her day went. She tried to hold back her smile but failed, she was a shit liar. 

 "Uhm- just got something done.“ Harry turned his face to look up at her, his eyebrows furrowing as he examined her face. 

 "Did you get like, lip injections or something? I mean if you did that’s cool- but no matter what you’re still beautiful to me and-” She cut him off by putting her hand over his mouth, laughing lightly. 

 "No Harry, bloody hell my lips look the same as always!“ She pointed out his dumb accusation with light humor. He pouted, giving her a confused look. 

 "What do you mean by got something done then, princess?" 

 "Well-” She was cut off her phone that dinged with a notification. Harry reached over on the table to hand it to her but, before he did, his eyes caught a glimpse at the message she received. 

 'Hi Y/N, it should be time to take that bandage off. Make sure you clean it well and apply ointment to the area. Hope you like your new tat x.’

 "New tat?“ Harry choked out before sitting up right, his eyes widening at this message he just read. He looked back at his girlfriend, a shy smile rested on her lips. 

 "I wasn’t lying a few months back when I said I wanted one on my shoulder.” Y/N admitted, looking down at her hands. “But I wanted something that had a piece of you in it. You know my weakness is when you kiss my shoulder, the feeling of your lips on that spot always soothes me.” She turned around, moving her hair to the side, exposing the ink that was wrapped up. 

 His mouth was slightly opened, not believing that the only other ornament to her body was something he inspired. He didn’t know what to say, so he remained silent, taking the bandage off and tracing the design with his eyes.

 "The napkin with your lip mark, I gave that fucking napkin to Mark with no regrets and told him to make it happen. And he did.“ 

 Harry was speechless, it was like what he was hearing wasn’t real. He didn’t think anyone like her was real, she was too precious, too innocent. As he examined that tattoo his eyes caught something he knew wasn’t a simple coincidence. 

 The letter H was carved as a lip line on the bottom lip, not so much that you would catch it with a simple glance but enough that you could tell it was definitely there. 

 "Do you like it Haz?” Y/N finally turned back to look at the love of her life. The most heart warming smile rested on his pink lips and his eyes were glossy with tears. He felt as though his heart may burst from all the love he held for her at that very moment. His lips attacked hers, hands cupping her soft cheeks while tears ran down his own and he smiled into the kiss. 

 He pulled away and looked back at her. The love of his life, his guardian angel, his future wife. “Like it? I fucking love it. And I love you, with all my heart Y/N- fuck I wish I could explain this feeling to you. It compliments you so well, baby.” Harry grinned, the light shining into his eyes brightening them to a pale green shade. They sparkled as he stared back at her. 

 ”You compliment me so well.“ She confessed softly while looking back into the eyes of her world. Now she would forever have a kiss from her guardian angel to accompany the spot where the other angel would rest.

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My mom thinks pigeons are gross and stinky and stupid. How do I prove her wrong? How do I tell her that these animals are beautiful creatures in need of help?

Aesthetic appeal varies widely between individuals and misinformation is rampant, but here are some photos of different breeds of healthy pigeons and just a SHIT TON of links about pigeon intelligence and service to humanity.

This is my Feral service pigeon, Ankhou. 

I have severe ADD and social anxiety, am on the autism spectrum, and struggle with depression. 

When stressed or overstimulated, I shut down and lose time. I can go for hours with out moving, eating, or drinking, but am not asleep, and if responsive, may be nonverbal.

My husband prevents me from shutting down when he’s home, but when I’m home alone, I may just be stuck like that.

Ankhou doesn’t like it when that happens to me, and taught himself to prevent it or snap me out of it if preventing it wasn’t possible through escalating cuddles and harassment. 

He starts by cuddling up against me and grunting to get my attention, then preens my hand or ducks his head under it for petting. If that doesn’t work, he escalates to pinching until something makes me respond and then snuggles with me until I relax and am able to start moving and doing the normal Dani things.

This is Gastby, one of our rescues who has since gone to his new home. ^v^ Best guess, he’s a homer x roller cross.

Grayson and Spirit are Racing Homers, both found crashed out after their bodies had burned their own muscle in the mad dash home.

The impulse to stop and eat during a long flight home has been bred out of racers, so they fly nonstop and once they run out of food in their crops and bellies, their body burns their muscle for fuel until they either get back home or drop out of the sky, too thin and exhausted to move.

Spirit was a funeral bird, blown off course in a storm. The funeral was in Atlanta. She ended up three hours away in Augusta, crashed out in a parking lot and mistaken for a dove. 

Sylver and Apollo are Burmingham Rollers, bred to perform areal acrobatics in sight of their loft. They can home, but not very well, and occasionally get lost.

As they are rarely banded, it is hell to trace them back to their breeders. 

They are bred to start backflipping mid flight and roll, pulling up as close to the ground as possible with out actually striking it.

Man, Pugsly wouldn’t station to save his life. XD

He’s a Portuguese Tumbler, another (tiny!) performance breed that does brief, exheuberant little flippies in midair.

These are non standard color Archangels. Bred for a specific color and pattern, being miscolored and mismarked is a SEREOUS show fault. for these!

I stopped breeding them because they are a very high strung, flighty breed that does better in a spacious loft than indoors.

Friar Tuck is a Black Nun. 

LOVE the look of this breed, but they absolutely refuse to brood eggs, often laying them on the floor and wandering off.

One of the least intelligent breeds of pigeon, they are, however, EXCEPTIONALLY docile and friendly, and would make wonderful pets for any one uninterested in breeding.

Orel is a Luscerne Gold Collar. 

OH these broke my heart! These were my DREAM pigeons! Just as sweet tempered and easily handled as they are beautiful!

But their squeakers are SO quiet and docile that the parent’s feeding response is never triggered!

Young pairs have to be primed using a baby of a different breed with a longer beak that yells louder, which puts them at a firm NO on my list of potential breeds to perpetuate.

Like the Nun, they are WONDERFUL pets, if you don’t want to breed! SWEETEST temperament! Even if they don’t like you, they will still let you pick them up and pet them.

Loaf is a Frillback I fostered for another breeder, shown as a peep and in her breeder’s loft as an adult.

Frillbacks are HUGE! Over a pound! And their fluff and muffs can need trimming for successful copulation. I… may reconsider these if I end up with enough space to comfortably house a pair…

They are a SUPER mellow breed!

This is one of my Old Dutch Capuchine hens at the vet. 

One of the first breeds I ever researched, they are famously sweet tempered, tight setters, devoted to their chicks.

Their mane is glorious, but not SO exagerated that it impedes their vision or feeding their young.

Great pet. Good breed for beginners that want to raise some pretty pidge.

Brunhilde, may she rest in peace, was an Old German Owl, another of the first breeds I researched when I got into pigeons.

The Owl family of domestic pigeon breeds are named for their round faces, short beaks, and great big eyes.

And let me tell you, that sweet expression is no lie! The owl breeds are renowned for their tractability. 

Antonio was a Valencian Figurita, the world’s smallest breed of pigeon.

These little pixies among pidge are also considered an Owl breed. Jaunty, bouncy, energetic, and curious, these are friendly little birds about the size of a Ringneck dove, and about the closest you really get to a cage bird among the purebred pigeons.

Aaand saving the best for last, the Classic Old Frill is not only my favorite among the Owl breeds, but my favorite breed of pigeon PERIOD!

There will NEVER come a time where I do not want to raise this breed!

They are the total pidge package! Sweet, friendly, mellow, tractable, EXCELLENT parents! and the icing on this perfect little treat of a bird is its breath taking beauty!

Look at it!

That breed is a work of living art and they KNOW! Oh, I could gush for ever about them!

As for why the stray Ferals need help, I’ll let Ankhou tell you.

Ankhou was NOT pretty when he got here. 

He was about four weeks old.

For reference, this is what a four week old pigeon SHOULD look like.

This baby is one of my COFs, but she is the same age as that sad naked skeleton above her.

Ankhou was found in a parking lot, running in circles around the base of a lamp, crying or his parents, who were present, but not able to anything to get him to safety.

Here is Ankhou again, doing his job at my Sister in Law’s house and preventing me from going into shut down.

And once more, here he is so that you can see that his lack of feathers is not genetic. With regular feeding and a good diet, he grew feathers in. It took six months, which should really tell you what bad shape he was in when he got here!

So what happened? His parents had clearly not abandoned him.

The process of domestication changed pigeons in some pretty fundamental ways. 

Pretty much all wild birds have a breeding season, where hens are triggered to produce egg making hormones by the length of the day or change in the weather.

That’s been bred out of domestic (and thus also feral) pigeons. If they aren’t literally starving to immediate death, they are biologically wired to produce peepers NON STOP!

Ankhou was so emaciated that his body lacked the fuel to grow feathers.

Pigeons are more devoted to raising their squeakers than they are to keeping themselves fed.

Even with more than enough food to go around, in the loft of a breeder that cares for them so they don’t have to go anywhere to forage, four week old baby pigeons OUTWEIGH their parents at weaning time! 

Think about that, and look at that pitiful living skeleton again.

In order for him to be so thin that HIS BODY HAD TO PRIORITIZE GROWING MUSCLE OVER GROWING FEATHERS, BECAUSE IT COULD NOT DO BOTH!!!, his parents must have just not been able to find enough food.

Not surprising, since it’s pretty hard to find grain and seed mix in a city. 

Feral pigeons are as domesticated as show birds. They are not wild animals, and deserve the same concern you would show a lost or stray puppy, because that is what they are.

There are not enough homes to take in all the stray pigeons, and being trapped would do the adults way more harm than good.

But if you see a pigeon that is visibly injured, has visibly tied up feet, or lets you get really close to it with out trying to get away or tries but has trouble keeping its balance or getting airborn, THAT bird needs immediate help and will not be ok if left alone.

Here are some links that may help prove that pigeons aren’t stupid. Some of these I’ve posted before, but here they are all together.

The stupid reason people hate pigeons.


Pigeons natural pattern recognition abilities can be used to help diagnose breast cancer



Pigeon hearts are helping us understand human heart disease.


Pigeons are an accurate enough model of human brain function to be used to understand the way our brains work.


Pigeons are capable of higher level cognition on par with baboons.


Pigeons are more self aware than toddlers.


Pigeons learn to categorize the same way as toddlers.



Pigeons can learn to READ IN ENGLISH and KNOW WHEN A WORD IS NOT REAL!!!


Homing pigeon flocks are genuinely democratic, choosing whether or not to follow based on their assessment of the leader’s competence. 



Pigeons have a genuinely democratic society.


They have been utilized to monitor air pollution.


They recognize faces exactly the same way we do.


Because their brains are wired like ours.


Pigeons have the cognitive capacity to appreciate art.


Pigeons understand and make regular use of public transit.


Their understanding of risk vs reward is alarmingly similar to ours.


In conclusion, it is a FACT that pigeons are intelligent domestic animals.

Be kind to them. 

Best thing about the film was that love didn't make them weak. Both Diana and Steve proved that their love for each other made them stronger.

It gave Diana the strength she needed to face her Uncle (brother?) and gave Steve the strength to sacrifice himself for the greater good.

“I’ll save today. You save the world.”

Greatest ‘I love you’ of any superhero film 😭