i need to print this on a t shirt

lesbian travel packing list

All these ‘pack light for women!’ packing lists say things like, “Bring a couple of skirts or dresses! Matching your lipstick with your skirt immediately makes everything look dressier, and lipstick takes no room! Add some sparkle to your night with ballet flats instead of heels!!” and I’m like

okay I need a lesbian packing list, for non-femme lesbians like

  • 4 x different coloured flannels (you’ll only end up wearing Your Favourite, though)
  • 1 x pair enormous super cool boots that you will wear everywhere
  • 1 x pair converse sneakers because your cool boots will give you fucking blisters
  • 1 x that old pair of jeans you’ve been wearing for 3 years and your mum hates
  • a leather jacket
  • 3 x varied t-shirts to wear under the flannels
  • 4 x pairs the comfiest fucking socks in the world
  • 5 x androgynous-looking underwear
  • 2 x pretty cotton underwear with a cutesy print that you really like even though it doesn’t fit your aesthetic
  • 1 x ugly greying sports bra that is really comfy
  • 1 x nice bra just in case you ever get laid (it’s never been used, because on the odd occasion you get laid, it’s while you’re wearing your embarrassingly old sports bra)
  • a guitar. this is imperative. real lesbians play fire-side guitar. the lesbian in you will give you natural accoustic guitar aptitude. learn some tegan and sara, this is important,
  • 1 x skateboard. idk man, all the cool lesbians seem to always have these, I guess just carry one around for a bit, maybe one of the lesbians will teach you how to use it and you’ll finally get some use out of your Nice Bra
  • congratulations, you’re ready to Europe

Heyo everyone!

I’m turning eighteen very soon, so that means I’ll be able to open a paypal, and that I’ll be able to open an online shop! 

If any of you have any suggestions on what art you’d want to see, and on what product (phone case, t shirt, print, etc) please let me know in the comments!

Noodle: “I simply cannot keep letting you walk outside like that anymore.”

2D: “Hm.”

Noodle: “You don’t know how to dress yourself, 2D! But me? I can help.”

2D: “Hmm.”

Noodle: “Why, I’m the fashion-forward one around these parts, I should be dressing all three of you! But you especially need my help.”

2D: “Right…”

Noodle: “My innovations in the world of fashion would do wonders for—”

2D: “You mean the pink shirt, black shorts combo you keep ‘rocking’? Or the unblended eyeshadow? Do you mean the cheetah-print bodysuit that you grave robbed from its 1987 casket? Oh sorry, I’m sure you’re referencing that yellow cowboy getup of yours, or perhaps the green sweatshirt that came to you in a dream implanted in your brain by the fashion gods? Are those the fashion innovations you’re talking about? Are those your grand, heavenly gifts you’ve so graciously bestowed on the world of fucking fashion, Noodle? Are they? Are they?


just college things:

  • someone flew a drone into the library’s open windows today. it hovered awkwardly while everyone in the library studying, myself included, stared at it, and then left very quickly
  • one of my apartmentmates had a talk with me around one in the morning where she very emotionally declared that the only thing she’s learned since coming here was how to properly cook ramen.
  • my physics prof brought a miniature pool table into class and set it up at the front of the room and got two volunteers to come shoot balls around to demonstrate collisions. bear in mind, this is a lecture hall that seats around 700 people.
  • one of my apartmentmates and i went out for boba and french fries at around one in the morning. this no longer strikes us as an odd thing to do.
  • i’m sitting in a courtyard as i type this post. on the other side of it there are three people blasting “boss ass bitch” and attempting to choreograph a dance to it. 
  • my roommate had a midterm this morning at nine. last night i made myself tea around 2 am and glanced over to her and saw her scrolling through google results for pictures of young joe biden and whispering i’ve lost control of my life
  • and my all-time favorite: a friend of mine once begged me to let him come over to borrow my clothes iron because he desperately needed to print pictures of his CS professor and put them on a t-shirt.

what good is a cultural phenomenon without a way to monetize it? Within 94 seconds of it taking off, people were posting covfefe-branded merch. It’s incredibly easy to do with sites that print and ship your designs for you, so all you need to do is come up with an object to slap “covfefe” on. Obviously, there was a covfefe mug.

Someone made a hat that says “Covfefe AF” which doesn’t make a lot of sense to me but maybe that’s not the most relevant criticism when you’re starting with “covfefe.”

And of course t-shirts in every lettering and design you could ask for so that your chest may proudly proclaim, “Bow to me, for I am aware of this thing that was an international media sensation. And you shall know it by the letters on my shirt.”

The low-hanging fruit has already been plucked but to really drive this thing into the ground, we need to put it on every piece of conceivable joke merchandise. I haven’t yet seen “Kveep Coflm and Covfefe Onv” posters, so someone should get on that. You could make red t-shirts that say “#Covfefe2012” and become an overnight millionaire. The point is, we’ve just scratched the surface here. The sooner we get a beer koozie that says “I’m not drunk, I can spell ‘covfefe’” on it, the sooner we can put this sweet, sweet meme out of its misery.

We’re Ending The 'Covfefe’ Thing Right Now. You’re Welcome.


Yo folks, here’s me pretending to be a hip fashion model at the ripe age of four-and-thirty!

Anyway I’ve got the easiest T-shirt DIY tip for you. let’s call it a “beach cut tee”:

1. Purchase The Unicorn Moon T-shirt. Design by yours truly. For sizing reference, I have a women’s fitted XL shirt on me and I’m 5′10″. The color here is Tri-Black. You can also get a variety of different colored tees with the same design. Or tees with different designs. (Oh and by the way – today sunday 7/23/2017 you get 20% off + free shipping on everything in my shop. Wink wink nudge nudge.)

2. Take a pair of scissors. Any scissors will do, really. I think I used nail scissors.

3. Cut off the sleeves and neckline. Cut the sleeves below the shoulder seam but you can leave more or less sleeve on the shirt, as you like. No need to measure things or worry about straight lines. Nothing straight over here! The more crooked, the better, actually. In fact your cutting should be no less crooked than Snape’s nose.

4. Voilà! You are done. (:

Does anybody know anything about t-shirt prints?

I’ve always wanted some cool Ghibli t-shirts, but I’ve never been happy with the thousands and thousands of designs that are out there, hehe. So about a year ago I figured I would simply draw my own vector graphic and get my own design printed. So, I got one printed via Shirtinator, and although the result isn’t absolutely awful, it’s definitely not the quality I am after. The design looks dull and just not the quality of t-shirts you would get from retailers.

So does anybody know what method is best for printing designs onto t-shirts? Or do you know of any good websites? Maybe I need to adjust my design/colours for t-shirt prints?

I can’t use screen printing because my design has about 20 colours and also is used for large batches, and I will only be ordering 2 for myself.

That’s what the design looked like on the site, nice and bright and professional looking. But obviously the reality/result wasn’t as such.


Tom Hardy wrote the amusingly witty and sassy Foreword to Tim Palen’s superb book of photography.
The beautifully assembled photographs focus on the honed athleticism of these very fit muscular men.

Of course the book is aptly titled…The Men of Warrior…

….now read the Forward by Tom Hardy.

“Photographers…I’m making a sweeping generalization here, abhorrent as it may sound, or just unimportant as I am unimportant, but I’ve come into contact with these creatures–these beings, these artists (some). My feelings are subjective, couched simply in jouissance, irrational. Nonetheless, in all honesty, my truth, my absolute truth is: I don’t trust them.

As a breed, on the whole, it’s not that I don’t like them, it’s just that I don’t like a lot of their “fashion concept” art; their wanky installation Blow Up scenario push. It doesn’t float my pickle. I sense a delight in all things masturbatory, their printed f_art not worth a scratch of arse. They’re wallop merchants, creative time-wasters, their crews with “shocking” haircuts, traipsing around an “urban” studio in open-toed trainers they’ve never worked out in, 80’s wristbands, and skin-tight T-shirts or stripey stockings over tight jeans or cut-off dungarees–peering through those clumsy clunky red frames with no lenses that MC Serch might have worn (but he needed to see, he had real lenses…I hope).

The whole ordeal makes me want to puke up my innards and drive a nail through them and jump through the window from the fifteenth floor of the meatpacking district studio we’re in, to feel alive for the few seconds it takes me to hit the ground. Why? It’s just my reaction…these shoots give me panic attacks. Of course, this is irrational. I’ve been told I need to play ball with them.

I come across a lot of these creatures in my line of work. I dread being forced to sit in their fuckin’ tree-over-a-beautiful-brook location they just happened to have happened across whilst wandering through the ass end of Belsize Park that morning, fetching a latte to submit to the lipid colony hanging from their protruding fat ass. Or they might take me to the streets of Hachney, to pretend to read poetry in a stariwell: “It’s so street,” they say, and because I’m a “British thesp,” it’s a “juxtaposition.” I hate being told: “Do that thing your character does, with the fists and all so broody,” or “You’re an actor, act for me. Act a part now, be the character, do acting!” while they flounce ‘round waving Polaroids, nibbling celery and hummus, pretending that class A’s are passé.

And the people they talk about I’ve never heard of–ever. But I know very little…Many of this breed are simply morons, charlatans, and like in all the arts, they’re slinging their wares, talking loud, saying nothing, “contributing.” I don’t have the patience for a photographer who hasn’t been to war or something more…well, something more important than fashion (yawn). Funny, because I love all kinds of photos and I get that people like fashion and to each their own. But I, like many other actors (who are just as irritating, I’m sure, to photographers), don’t like being watched. I don’t belong in front of the camera–as myself.

This guy Tim Palen? He was OK… I didn’t mind him so much. I’d do a silly fashion shoot for him…not that he will want me now.

I also find this true of people with guitars.”

Cuphead Fanart I Need To See

-Radical 90’s redesign made to appeal to the teen demographic

-Off-brand gangster T-shirt print

-Early 2000’s poor attempt at rebooting the series to be dark and edgy

-The movie made somewhere between the 80’s and 90’s that nobody dares to speak about

-Design that holds the truest to the original but is adjusted to feel more “modern”

-Newer design that does the same thing but in a way that nobody likes and gets scrapped after a couple months

-The true to the series reboot where it’s been like 50 years but they managed to get as much of the original content as possible and restoring it for the modern age while taking subtle artistic liberties

-Cover/Box Art made by a completely different company in another country where their only frame of reference were vague pictures of the character and their surroundings

I have something to say to you, my dear followers...

Today, I’ve learned about something and it made me ashamed… Truly ashamed. 

I’ve been told someone had repost one of my comic page without credits on their blog. This is something I find very sad, but this is not why I’m ashamed. 

I’m ashamed because, on my behalf/without telling me first or for some reason I can’t even explain, some people have sent death threat to that person for the only reason my art wasn’t credited. And I feel very bad about it. VERY BAD. 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it’s ok to repost art without crediting or asking the artist. I, myself, don’t like when people repost my art for reason I’ll detail later. But I can’t agree with that and let people harassing other because they think they are some kind of justice warriors or I don’t know… We are all humans behind our laptops and computers and words can hurt a lot, you never know what the person you’re harassing is going through at the moment IRL or not and it can make so much damage on them… I just can’t accept that!!!!

There is nothing in this behavior that is related to the way I see modern witchcraft or the way I want to make you feel by drawing this comic… This is against everything I believe in. 

Come on, be human for a second. 

I’m feeling really bad about this… Really… Even if it’s bad to repost art without credits or approbation of the artist, this action doesn’t deserve death threats, like… seriously guys! WTH? I don’t like reposts and art theft AT ALL, but there is no way you can say something like that to someone because they did it! 

I support artists who’s art is being stolen a lot or reposted all the time without credits on a lot of website or social media. It’s happening to a lot of my friends and it’s always sad. 

I post my art directly on Tumblr so it can be reblogged from my blog Modern Witches Daily, with the proper credits and source. I feel uncomfortable with reposts on Tumblr because I created my blog to share my art with everyone not for other people to share it for me. And most of the time, nobody asks me before doing it. Even if the intention is good, it kinda hurts, especially when you see a repost with more notes than your original post and where you’re not credited. You can all understand that, I think. I put a lot of energy into that comic and notes are like… a reward, yes, kind of, it’s like… something telling me that people love my work and, as an artist (who is sometime going through phases of I-don’t-like-my-art-anymore), it’s very important! But how can I know it if other people share it instead of me and without credits? 

But still, it’s doesn’t justify in ANY case that someone receive death threats in their ask box because they didn’t credited me. Ear me well, here and now, I don’t want you to defend me/my art by harassing other people on Tumblr or anywhere else, not on my watch! If you see a repost or anything, send me a PM on Tumblr and I’ll handle this myself! Alright?

I never asked for that kind of “defense”, and it hurts me more than anything to see how rude people can be because they think they are doing this for me or for the art community… But I refuse to be related to this kind of violence! I find this terribly wrong, no matter what the problem is here, death threats are not the way and never will be! 

The day I’ll need your help will be when big companies or t-shirt printing websites will have their hand on my art without my agreement, and sell it. Then, I’ll need you to signal these actions, but I’ll never need you to send death threat to anyone, because this is very serious, terrible and shameful.

Thank you for reading this and I hope it won’t happen again! 

You’re supporting me a lot and I don’t want a group of my followers to hurt other people for this kind of stuff. Please, contact me first before being rude to any other human being if you see uncredited reposts! May this be a positive lesson for all parts of this story! 

Sorry for all those who aren’t concerned, I needed to be clear on that! 

I send you a lot of good and peaceful vibes,


Vicky from Modern Witches Daily ~ 

Companion piece to You Can Do It.

I recently rewatched Civil War, and that line in the last act reminded me of how resilience Steve is, how he never really just gives up. It feels like such a good attitude to have for when you are struggling to accomplish whatever you’re doing.  If Bucky’s You Can Do It is a call to action, then Steve’s I Can Do This All Day is a “keep-on-going”. That is the kind of vibe I totally need right now - don’t ever give up, because you, too, can do this all day. 

Available as print and mug and t-shirts on Society6. 

Heeeey everybody!

First of all, Rocket Girl #10 comes out TOMORROW!

Secondly, I WILL be at New York Comic Con this weekend!!  It’s my favorite time of the year!

You can normally find me at my Artist Alley table M32.  Next to me will be Brandon Montclare!

In addition to books, prints, T-shirts, and sweet “making of” books, we’ll be selling the new Rocket Girl coloring books for $15 a pop!

If you need to catch up, we’ll have a special discount on Rocket Girl–the first trade plus issues 6-10 for only $20!

I will also be bringing Rocket Girl original pages along with a few other covers, things I’ve never before sold–NYCC attendees get the first dibs before I make the rest available online next Monday!

I will be on one panel…
FRIDAY the 6th
Image Comics: The Future of Genre
6:45-7:45pm room 1A21

Brandon will also be on a panel…
SATURDAY the 7th
Marvel Comics: Jack Kirby’s New York
4:00-5:00pm room 1A02

I believe that’s it…for those of you attending, SEE YOU THERE!! And for all of you, READ ROCKET GIRL 10!!!!!


My commissions are fully open for the summer!⭐️✨

Please send your full request to my email: thetictactician@gmail.com

OR discuss it through with me over tumblr private messages. NOT through tumblr asks or twitter please.

To help the transaction be as smooth and quick as possible, It would be great if you could provide these things for me in your email/messages:

  • Username
  • The character’s name/s
  • Commission type
  • Any extras you’d like
  • Lots of clear references, especially for OCs
  • The pose and/or expression you would like OR a snippit of the character’s personality to help me think of one myself

Of course you don’t have to send these all in one go in the first email/message, especially if you’re asking for a quote about a non standard commssion, but I will ask for all of these things eventually. c:

Full Terms and Conditions are under the cut OR here!

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I went to our Comic Con

It was called APCC 2017 and I was really happy with it because for once a convention where I live had things like western stuff, and Netflix shows, a panel with some of the cast of Stranger Things,  and FINALLY SOME FRICKING DAMIAN WAYNE AND BATBOYS. Needs more Jon tho, and I definitely told the Damian sellers to include him next time! One of them loved my Super Sons T-shirt and said that she’s trying to do Jimenz’s style :D The con wasn’t even a fraction of events like SDCC but it’s the closest thing we have and I just thought I’d share some pics with y’all.

Firstly, the stuff I bought - keychains, prints and stickers (50% of which was forcibly requisitioned by my little sister).

Second, a super amazing Netflix panel with a sneak peek of Punisher episode 1, other previews, and a dedicated panel for Stranger Things, featuring the incredibly adorable Noah Schnapp, target-of-the-fangirl’s-squeals-around-me Joe Keery, and upcoming season two highlights Dacre Montgomery, and Sadie Sink. 

These were two pics I took from where I was.

Yeah, but here are a couple of official pictures that aren’t blocked by a hundred people taller than me.

There were also tons of amazing cosplayers. These were only a couple of the ones I managed to take pictures of.

Then of course, dozens of talented artists promoting and selling their art.


Pairing: Hercules Mulligan x reader
Word Count: 880ish 
T/W: None!
A/N: Guess who’s getting sick…and writing a paper. #yaycollege 
Also who else sits sideways on their couch, is this normal, should I see a doctor?

You rubbed your eyes letting out a groan, your head was killing you. Looking at the clock near the T.V., it read 10 o’clock, you let out another groan flopping back on the couch that you were sitting sideways on. You sniffled, why oh why did your body betray you? It was your last final, then you were done! Done with finals and done with college! And your body goes and gets sick. You sat back up huffing as you began to type.

At about 11:30 your boyfriend, Hercules walked through the door, after going over to his friend John’s house to watch a basketball game or something like that with the guys. He always made sure he was home before midnight though, he didn’t want to make you wait up for him, or even worse go to bed without him by your side. You didn’t look up from your laptop afraid you might lose your focus on the article you were reading for research.

“Hey baby,” Herc kissed the top of your head.

“Hey…” you said in a groggy voice.

Herc stared at you for a moment. He walked away from you without saying anything. You heard rummaging coming from the kitchen, but once you heard the sound of glass gently tapping against each other you looked up.

“What’re you doing?” you asked, reaching for a kleenex.

“Making tea,” He placed two coffee cups onto the counter, before turning back to the cabinet to pick out your favourite nighttime tea.

“No, babe, I’m fine, I’m not sick-” you managed to get out before a sneeze.

“Really, your body is telling me otherwise.” Herc continued preparing the tea, turning on the hot water, before sitting on the couch behind you, except he sat like a normal person. 

“My body doesn’t talk to you,” you sniffled, typing vigorously.

“Believe me, your body talks to me,” Herc ran a gentle hand up and down your back placing a kiss to the back of your neck.

You relaxed a little at his touch, there was just something about it. Even though he came across as a big toughie, he was really a sweetheart. If you were sick, he was there, if you were sad he knew exactly how to comfort you without even using words. His touch was his was of comforting, he didn’t always have the words, but you just enjoyed being in his embrace. And somehow he always knew when you needed it, even before you knew.

Soon the tea pot whistled, and Herc got up to get it. You slouched forward a little at the loss of him rubbing your back, but he soon returned with tea in hand. He handed you your cup and you smiled up at him. He kissed your forehead before sitting back in his place on the couch. You sipped at the tea, setting it down as you continued to do research, he closed his eyes and leaned his head back against the couch, listening to the soft tapping you were making.

Herc opened his eyes when you started coughing. You once again reached for a Kleenex as you continued coughing. He looked at his watch it was almost 2 o’clock in the morning. You let out a groan once you stopped coughing. After that, he decided it was time for the two of you to go to bed. 

Standing, he took the coffee cups to the kitchen, turned the kitchen lights out, made sure the apartment door was locked and came back to you, “Is that saved?” 

“Y-yeah, why-”

He suddenly shut your laptop and took it from you, placing it on the coffee table. 

“Herc, I have to-”

“Nope. You’re sick and that paper isn’t due for a week, you’re just stressing yourself out because of finals…you need rest. We’re going to bed, young lady,” and in one swift motion he picked you up off the couch and to the bedroom.  

Herc sat you down on your side of the bed, and he left to change, you sniffled a little, dangling your feet off the edge of the bed. You were already in a baggy t-shirt and a cute pair of corgi print pajama shorts Herc had gotten you for your birthday. After three years of dating the man, you still smiled when he got you cute little gifts. 

“Here, take this,” he returned, holding some medicine and a glass of water. 

“You’re so pretty,” you smirked placing a hand on his bare abs, admiring that he was just in pajama pants.

“And you’re sick. Take the medicine, baby,” you frowned a little at his response, snatching the medicine out of his hand and taking the glass. “You’re supposed to be resting, and that would be the exact opposite.”

He made his way to the other side of the bed, you placed the water on your nightstand, and threw back the covers tucking yourself under them. As soon as Herc was under them you cuddled right up to his side, he put an arm around you, pulling you close. 

“Thanks for taking care of me baby,” you said sleepily resting your head on his shoulder and a hand on his chest.

“Someone’s got to.” He said in a soft voice, hand rubbing your back once again. 

“Well I’m glad it’s you,” you sniffled, he watched your eyes flutter shut, “I love you.”

Herc clicked the lamp off, “I love you too.”


fuukotober for #inktober days 7-15 (some days are skipped intentionally)

still stuck in assignments hell; I still need to do my HDR photo but I already returned my cousin’s DSLR for yesterday’s event, my kinetic typography assignment is due this tuesday and i only started working on the storyboard today.


ps: i might consider making some mini-prints out of some of my inktober doodles, if you’re interested :3c