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The Many Faces of Laura Hollis 

Just some practice drawing some of Laura’s most noteworthy facial expressions because wow she’s one expressive gal 

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Happy To Help

Summary: Cas is an art student who needs to sketch someone for one of his classes. He asks Dean to be his model, but his boyfriend has a hard time sitting still for so long.

Words: 585

Dean x Cas (college!au)

Warnings: none

Notes: it’s been way too long since i’ve written some destiel, so here’s some fluff (so that you won’t yell at me about FISC later oops) also a huge thank you to @cardinalwrites for the beautiful art, it’s absolutely stunning!!

“Hold still.”

Dean let out a long breath, trying to do as Cas asked. “I’ve been sitting here for an hour, Cas, you almost done?”

“Almost.” Cas furrowed his brow in concentration, pencil moving swiftly over the sketchbook he held.

Dean’s nose twitched and he scratched it when he thought Cas wasn’t looking, which earned him a glare.

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Jeffmads and 7 please?

James has never seen Thomas like this; seething, his jaw clenched and his eyes blazing with anger. But it’s the silent fury that has James worried. Usually when Thomas is angry he rants and raves and paces across the floor until James is breathless from just watching him. But he’s never seen him like this.

“Thomas?” James starts gently, not wanting to startle his husband. When he gets no response, James clears his throat and tries again, this time a little louder. “Thomas!”

“Hamilton!” Thomas snarls in response, and it takes James a moment to realize that Thomas is giving an explanation for his anger, and has not forgotten who James is. “That son-of-a-bitch!” 

James raises his eyebrows at the exclamation, not really surprised since Thomas and Hamilton seem to fight every day at work. “What did he do this time?” He asks, still wondering what could have Thomas reacting this way.

Thomas scowls, one of his hands slamming down onto the kitchen table. He’s silent for a few more moments, his jaw working. But then he looks up at James and practically shouts. “He fucking put my paperwork into a carton of ice cream!” 

More silence falls after that, and James blinks a few times before opening his mouth, but it takes a few tries for something to come out. “He what?”

“He put…my paperwork…in ice cream,” Thomas repeats slowly, gritting out each word like it’s physically painful. “You know how I complain about he’s always walking around eating an entire thing of ice cream throughout the day? Well today he decided to be even more of a pain in the ass.”

“By putting your paperwork into the ice cream?” James asks one more time, just for clarification.

“Not just that,” Thomas says with a sharp laugh. “He…” He trails off there, face twisting in anger. “He fucking let the carton of ice cream melt and then took my paperwork, which I just need him to sign, and then just disappeared, and then like an hour later he comes back and just hands me the carton of ice cream.” Thomas laughs again, looking a little crazy, but James would never tell him that. “And there I am thinking this is some sort of weird peace offering, so I start eating the ice cream, and then I find my paperwork fucking frozen in the middle of it!”

James bites at his lip to keep himself from laughing, but Thomas must notice his expression because he practically growls. “Sorry,” James chokes out, holding up a hand. “I’m just…wow.”

“I know,” Thomas snarls, sitting down at one of the chairs and slumping in the seat. “I’ve never been more angry in my life.” He goes silent again, eyes still ablaze and his jaw tight with anger.

James stifles another laugh by disguising it with a cough, figuring he should go into supportive husband mode. “Babe,” he murmurs, stepping behind Thomas and wrapping his arms around his shoulders. “It’s all gonna work out. You probably have copies of the paperwork, right?” He waits as Thomas nods reluctantly. “Then it’s fine. You know Hamilton is a child, this shouldn’t surprise you.”

“He made me look like an idiot,” Thomas mumbles.

James plants a kiss on his cheek. “No one thinks you’re an idiot, darling. I happen to think you’re pretty amazing.” He kisses Thomas again, giving himself a mental pat on the back when he sees the start of a smile on his husband’s lips. “Now how about we eat dinner?”

“Yeah,” Thomas sighs, squeezing James’s hand. “Thanks. What do we have?”

“I was thinking we could go out, actually,” James starts slowly, a smile creeping onto his face. “To that new place down the road? Maybe we can even…” James leans in closer before finishing, “stop for ice cream afterwards.”

James leaps away with a laugh when Thomas shrieks at him, doubling over with tears in his eyes as Thomas glares at him with an expression of betrayal.

“Why is everyone so mean to me?” Thomas whines, his lower lip pushing out in a pout.

James steps forward and pinches his cheek. “It’s all out of love on my side, doll.”

Axestrid, a how to train your dragon fanfic | FanFiction
One day on Berk, Astrid comes to the forge to get her axe fixed. Hiccup, to bashful to speak to her, watches and notices how much she loves her weapon. So he creates a nickname for her. But what will happen when Hiccup slips up and Astrid finds out what exactly he's been calling her? A one-shot. By animalsarepeopletoo.

Hey… animalarepeopletoo signing in.

So, I found this one-shot I wrote a little while ago, and decided you guys might like it. There’s baby Hiccstrid, after all… :-)


Hiccup peeked around the corner of the shelf, holding his breath.

She was right there.

Astrid Hofferson, the toughest female Viking of this generation, was standing in his shop. Right there. She was only fourteen, but already a legend. Well, to him anyways. Fierce, brave, a true Viking… Hiccup’s dream girl.

Why couldn’t he stop staring?

“Hello?” Astrid called from up front. She had just walked in the forge. She looked bored. Which only made her ten times cooler. “Helloooooo?”

“Oh! Hello, Astrid!” Gobber greeted, coming from a weapons rack in the back room. “Didn’t see yeh there. How'eve you been doin’, lass?”

Astrid shrugged. “Fine, I guess.” She then held up an axe Hiccup hadn’t realized she had been holding. “I can here to get my axe fixed up.”

The blade of the weapon was a little chipped and had a jagged crack running through it. Having worked in the forge for ten years, everything wrong with it rolled through Hiccup’s mind. The problem. The solution. Fixing it. Giving it back to Astrid… her face swelling with pride in him… her grateful look… Astrid’s-

“Hiccup!” Gobber bellowed. “Hiccup, yeh’re friend is here!”

Hiccup ducked back behind the corner, face tight in panic. Oh, no, oh, no, what was he supposed to do? He couldn’t go out there and talk. Now that would be a disaster… Oh, Thor-

“Ah, there you are, laddie!” said Gobber cheerfully, yanking him from his hiding spot. Hiccup gulped, and Gobber lowered his voice. “It’s yeh girlfriend…,” he chuckled.

Hiccup shook his head back and forth before being dragged out to where Astrid could see him. “No, Gobber!” he hissed, trying to fight back, but it was like trying to do something useful. Impossible. “I can’t go out there- not with Astrid-”

“Here he is!” Gobber interrupted, plopping Hiccup out in front of Astrid. “Little thing was back there makin’ somethin’ very interestin’. Hiccup!” He grinned at his apprentice. “Why don’t yeh tell Astrid all about it?”

“No, I-I couldn’t- Go-Gobber, um-”

Astrid shifted, looking mildly curious. “You make stuff?”

Hiccup nearly fainted. Astrid Hofferson was talking to him. And she wasn’t yelling about him spilling her catch of fish or muttering about how stupid whatever he had done was. She had actually said something that wasn’t an insult!

“Well, I- um- sorta- kinda-” he tried, but couldn’t form his words correctly. Blood rushed to his face. What to say, what to say…

Gobber placed a hand on Hiccup’s shoulder. “Oh, yeah, he makes all sorts a’ stuff! Like… the thingamajumper, and the… whatsitflinger.” He chuckled nervously. “Great stuff.”

Astrid’s brows lowered. “Yeah. Well, about my axe. Those muttonheads Ruffnut and Tuffnut made me mad, so I hit it against a rock.” Hiccup and Gobber both winced, but Astrid’s expression was cool. “I need the blade fixed or replaced.”

Gobber studied it once Astrid handed it over. She watched him handle it with a look like a mother may watch a person holding her child. Wow, Hiccup realized. She really loves her axe. Sure, he had seen her stomping around with it. Polishing it. Swinging it. But Vikings took good care of their weapons. After all, they were practically your only defense in battle. But Astrid seemed to actually care about her axe.

The blacksmith ran a finger over the fracture in the blade. “Well, with this kinda stuff, you’ll probably need it replaced. It’s in good shape overall, though. I s'pect you clean it?”

Astrid nodded. “Every day.”

“Wonderful. Alright, well, if yeh leave it here, yeh can probably have it fixed and ready within a couple a’ days. Mebbe four. Depends on how far down the list yeh are.”

“But what if there’s another dragon raid?” Astrid crossed her arms, her bangs falling into her eyes. Hiccup watched her in awe that she luckily didn’t notice. “If my axe is here, then I won’t have a weapon.”

Gobber gestured to the rows and rows of Viking armory and weapons he and Hiccup had spent days forging. “Look around, Astrid. Take whatever one yeh want until your axe is done- and try not to ruin another blade.”

Astrid allowed a tiny smile and walked over to check out the weapons.

Gobber turned to Hiccup immediately after. “Well?”

“W-well what?”

“Well, do yeh want to fix ‘er axe!” grinned Gobber.

Hiccup shuffled back, wishing he could just disappear. “I don’t know.” Astrid probably thought he was a fool… stuttering… nervous… and he had had the perfect chance to impress her!

“C'mon!” said Gobber in a whisper. “That’s how yeh win the ladies’ hearts!”

“By fixing their broken axes?”

Gobber bobbed his head, his blonde beard swinging back and forth. “Exactly! If that isn’t the most original tale of falling in love on this island, I’m a dragon’s uncle.”

Hiccup was giving into it as he watched Astrid try out different weapons. “You really think that will work?”

“You betcha!”

The apprentice cast one last look over to Astrid. She was holding a mace now, and seemed satisfied with it. He’d have to make his decision soon. “I… alright, I’ll do it, I’ll do it! I know I’m going to regret this… but, okay.”

Gobber ruffled Hiccup’s hair with his real hand, making the boy protest. “I can’t wait to tell Astrid that at yeh’re wedding… can I be the ring bearer? I won’t forget the rings like last time, I promise!”

As Hiccup glared at Gobber’s teasing, Astrid came back over with the mace. “This one,” she decided. “I’ve always wanted to try one. But I wouldn’t trade my axe for anything.”

“Alright, then!” Gobber gestured to Hiccup. “Well, Hiccup here has just offered to fix yer axe for yeh! And it’s good he did, it’s more like he’s runnin’ the forge… he’s so great… and… well, great!” Hiccup motioned to him to say he was over-doing it.

Astrid looked over Hiccup with a skeptical countenance. “You sure you can handle it?”

What, fixing the axe? Fixing it would be the easiest part. He could do that in just a few days. But returning it to Astrid… that, he wasn’t quite sure he could manage.

He tried, anyways. “Erm- yep. I’ll fix it I-I can fix it right up very quickly. D-d-don’t- d-d-d-don’t worry.”

He felt relieved that he had managed three sentences. Well, more like one and a half; two were so small.

“Good,” she said carefully, then leaned in and spoke in a whisper. “And if you mess it up, I swear the last thing you’ll ever see is my new mace flying towards your head.” She straightened. “Thanks, Gobber.” With a last glare at Hiccup, she turned and left.

“So… no pressure or anything?” the young Viking squeaked.

Gobber chortled. “Nope! Don’t worry, Hiccup. Of course yeh can fix Astrid’s axe.”

Hiccup frowned, scratching his head. “Wait, what did you just say?”

“I said of course yeh can fix Astrid’s axe.”

There it was again. With Gobber’s accent and the weapon name right next to Astrid’s, it was almost like he was calling her 'Axestrid’. Hmm… Axestrid… Astrid loved and used her axe so much, it was almost like a part of her. Axestrid… Hiccup liked that.

“Well,” Hiccup sighed, “I’d better get started. I’ll postpone my others projects and orders. Don’t want Axestrid thinking I’m slacking off.”

Before he could make it out of the room, he heard Gobber laugh.

“Axestrid?” the blacksmith mumbled. “Gods, that boy has an active imagination… Axestrid… heheh…”

And as Hiccup started to work, he smiled.


The axe was done.

It had been two days since Astrid had came in the forge and two days since he had started working on it. It’s impressive, Hiccup thought, unable to stop himself, that I’ve replaced the blade of an axe and gave it the standard cleaning treatment in a mere two days, when it usually takes three or four. He couldn’t keep back an elated smile. Astrid will be so impressed.

Astrid- or Axestrid as Hiccup now called her in his mind- had visited the forge twice a day wondering if her axe was done. It was surprising that she had nothing better to do. But, apparently, she spent most of her time doing target practice with her axe on now unfortunate-looking trees. She needed her regular weapon to continue doing that.

“Hiccup? Yeh still here?” Hiccup heard Gobber limp over to him. “Thor, Hiccup, yeh’ve been workin’ all day, and it’s nightfall now. Yeh should go home.”

Hiccup nodded. “Oh, I will. Soon enough. But, Gobber, look.” With obvious difficulty, he picked up the axe from the table, sagging with its weight. “I’ve finished.”

Gobber looked surprised. “Already?”


The Viking’s eyebrows raised. “That’s very impressive, Hiccup. It’s only been wha’, three days?”

“Two,” Hiccup corrected, setting the axe back down on the table. His arms were already tired.

“Two,” Gobber amended. “So, are yeh gonna wait till Astrid shows up tomorrow, or bring it to her tonight?”

Hiccup became nervous. “Well, I… I don’t know… you’re the one who suggested I fix Axestrid’s axe.” A chuckle from Gobber at the name. “Now, what?”

Gobber patted the axe. “I’d say yeh should bring it to 'er. Shows that you’re a gentleman, I think.”

“But I don’t want to seem like a gentleman,” said Hiccup miserably. “I want to be a Viking.”

“All the same,” Gobber assured. “Go on. She doesn’t live too far from here. I’ll tell Stoick not to worry that you haven’t come home yet.”

Hiccup looked down. “My father wouldn’t even notice.”

“Sure he would.”

The apprentice glanced up with a dubious expression. “You really think that?”

Gobber’s smile faded. “Well… eventually.”

Hiccup sighed. “Alright, I think I’m going to bring the axe to Astrid now. Maybe she’ll think I’m strong and capable for doing that!”

“Whatever yeh need to tell yourself.” Gobber ruffled Hiccup’s hair, and Hiccup yelped, pushing him away. “Go on, then. Go return it to- Axestrid.” He chortled as he walked out of the room.

Hiccup took the axe in his arms.

“You’ve been waiting for this your entire life, Hiccup,” he told himself. “Like Astrid said: don’t mess it up.”

With another heaving sigh, he left the forge.


Hiccup knocked on the Hofferson’s door and nearly dropped Astrid’s axe in the process. “Um, hello?”

A Viking woman- most likely Mrs. Hofferson- opened the door. At first, she seemed jolly, but when she looked down and saw Hiccup’s narrow figure, she scowled.

“What do you want?” she barked.

Anxiousness clouded any thoughts of speaking clearly. “W-well, I- um- I- your daughter’s axe… it’s ready…” He showed her the weapon, cursing himself for stuttering.

Mrs. Hofferson scrutinized it. “I’m surprised you can carry it,” she remarked.

Me too, thought Hiccup.

“Well…” She removed herself from the doorframe. “Come on in. And be quick about it, we haven’t got all night!”

Hiccup scurried inside at the woman’s command. He stood quietly by the door while Mrs. Hofferson turned and bellowed, “ASTRID! YOUR AXE IS READY! GOBBER’S APPRENTICE IS HERE!”

She was responded by a yell with equal force. “FINE! I’M COMING!”

Soon enough, he heard a door slam and footsteps thud their way down the hall. Hiccup awaited nervously.

Astrid appeared, looking annoyed. But her expression lightened when she saw her axe in Hiccup’s hands.

“I’ll leave you two alone, then,” said Mrs. Hofferson, and she stalked off, leaving the two teenagers by themselves.

“Um- I fixed your axe,” Hiccup tried. Yes, I barely stuttered that time!

“Well, that’s why you’re here, isn’t it?” Astrid shot.

Oh. Um…

At Hiccup’s wounded expression, she tried to soften her face a little. “Well… thanks. Can I see it?”

Hiccup handed the girl her axe, and she took it carefully. He refrained from smiling as Astrid started moving it around and testing its weight out. He was beyond relieved when she seemed content with it.

“It’s better,” she said.

“What?” Hiccup had been to busy staring at her to listen.

Astrid rolled her eyes. “The axe. It was sometimes a little too light before. But now, it’s balanced correctly.”

Hiccup flushed with her attention. “O-oh, well, it-it isn’t that hard. You j-just have to-”

“Hiccup,” she exasperated, looking pained. “What I’m trying to say is thank you.”


Had the fierce Astrid Hofferson actually said thanks?

It was all Hiccup could do not to pass out right then and there. “Oh. Um. You’re welcome, Axestrid.”

He realized his mistake all too late. Astrid’s face seemed to fall into anger in slow motion. She grabbed the collar of his shirt, and hissed, “What did you call me?”

Hiccup recoiled. He had only dreamed of Astrid coming this close. But for this particular reason, he would’ve rather stayed hiding in the forge.

“A-Astrid, of c-c-course.”

Astrid didn’t buy it one bit.

“I don’t think you did,” she spat. “It sounded more like… Axestrid.”

Oh, gods. He had been found out. And he knew that Astrid would never back down from the argument. She had heard what he had said, and there was no changing that.

Hiccup sighed. “I- um- could you let me go first?”

Astrid’s grip had become concerningly tight in the last couple of seconds. Now, however, she released him, using her death glare to make him swallow.

“I- well- I did call you Axestrid,” Hiccup admitted.

Her glower harshened.

“But I d-didn’t mean it as an in-insult!” he said. “Just, y-you’re really good with t-the axe, and you u-use it a lot, so I j-just thought… I thought…” He let out an unmanly whimper. “Sorry, A-Astrid.”

The girl frowned, staring at him with some wariness.

She’s going to kill me, Hiccup realized.

But she didn’t hit him with her axe. Instead, she blew a bang from her eye. “Axestrid,” she repeated, making Hiccup flinch. But she didn’t seem as hostile as before. “That’s kind of clever.”

Hiccup couldn’t believe his ears. After he had supposedly insulted Astrid, she was calling him clever? “Um- well- thanks.”

Astrid ignored him. “Axestrid… hmm. I sort of like that. A name to strike fear the hearts of my enemies.” She hefted her axe in emphasis.

“Ahh,” said Hiccup, pretending to be scared. He was beyond surprised when Astrid smiled.

“You know,” she said, “You can be funny. Sometimes.”

Hiccup’s heart fluttered. “Thank you… Axestrid.”

Astrid’s smile disappeared. “Just because I like it doesn’t mean that you get to call me that. Now, I’d get out of here before I change my mind and decide smack you after all.”

Hiccup gulped, knowing it was true. “Okay… er… well… g-good night.”

As Hiccup ran out into the darkness, he could’ve sworn he heard Astrid’s voice quietly say, “Good night, Hiccup.”


maybe like leorio forgot all his money went to suspenders and kurapika laughs but then leorio shows them off and kurapika isn’t laughing anymore

aka me actually just trying to connect random separate doodles that wow are in rly different styles too but uh there

eye practices!

When I Think About You pt.2

Characters: Reader x GOT7

Genre: Fluff, Angst-ish

Summary: After you debut you catch the attention of a fellow JYP idol. But will he have the guts to tell you how he feels before its too late?

Part 1 , Part 3

After leaving JYP’s office you had some time to spare before meeting Jackson and BamBam in the lobby. You took it upon yourself to at least let your manager know where you would be before taking off.

You hopped onto the elevator and pressed the button to the first floor. You hummed to yourself as the elevator began to descend. The humming stopped once you felt the entire thing come to a halt. The doors slid open and you were met with a familiar face you had previously seen.

Jaebum stood with that same blank expression before stepping on. 

“Hi.” you smiled

He didn’t respond as he pushed the button to shut the doors. 

‘What’s his problem?’ you thought to yourself. He hadn’t said anything to you before and he sure isn’t saying much now. 

You stayed facing forward and slightly glanced at him in the corner of your eye.

The remainder of the ride was painfully awkward. You tapped your index finger on the right side of your leg where he couldn’t see while you looked up at the numbers and counted down each floor as you passed it. Time felt like it couldn’t have gone by any slower. 

Upon reaching your floor you were the first to get off. Desperate to escape the silence that was suffocating you.

You saw a couple of your members in the hallway. 

Eun Min noticed you making your way over to them. 

“Hey Y/N!” she said cheerfully 

“Hi Eun Min, Jina, Ha Neul.” you greeted everyone “Have you seen manager Ji-Won unnie?” 

“Yeah, she’s in the dance studio with some others.” Ha Neul answered

“Thanks! I’ll see you guys later!” you called out making your way to the room

You caught your breath before entering. Manager Ji-Won was sitting talking to some staff as you approached her. 

You bowed “Hi unnie. Sorry to interrupt. I just wanted to let you know I was going to grab lunch with some friends really quick.” 

“Alright thank you for letting me know. Just be sure to get back before four o’ clock so that you ladies can practice before we head over to the actual studio for tonight.” she replied

You nodded and bowed once again to show your understanding, and exited toward the lobby.

Jackson and BamBam had taken you to one of their favorite spots to eat meat. You hadn’t been there before so they ordered for you after arguing over what would be best.

“Niiiiice!” BamBam sang as soon as the waiters brought all of the delicious looking food out. 

“Oh my gosh this looks so good.” you said trying to hold back from drooling

All three of you briefly enjoyed your meal for a few minutes in silence until Jackson spoke up.

“So Y/N,” he continued chewing “tell us about yourself.”

“Mmm” you hummed while thinking of how to start.

Swallowing “Well Ive been a trainee for almost three years now, I am the leader of the new girl group, ASPEN. We’ll be debuting tonight actually.” you mentioned

“Oh wow we’re going to be performing tonight too.” BamBam said

“Are you nervous?” Jackson asked

“A little. Not as much as before.” you admitted

“That’s good! It’s not that bad trust me. It’ll be over before you know it. You don’t really have anything to worry about.” he chuckled to himself “That is unless your pretty bad, you might need to get to practice right now.”

BamBam looked at you with a shocked expression with food in his mouth “OOOOo snap!”

You playfully slapped Jackson’s arm. “I’m amazing and you’ll see just how amazing tonight!” you sassed “You guys will be on your knees bowing down to me like ‘OMG Y/N you slayed my existence! I’m sorry I ever doubted you’!” you mocked 

They both burst out hysterically laughing as you fooled around. You all struggled to continue eating as you tried to calm down from laughing. Once you  pulled it together you decided to continue to tell them about your background and your journey to Korea. 

Jackson and BamBam both choked once you mentioned how JYP is technically your uncle. You asked them not to tell anyone, for you didn’t want anyone to treat you any differently if they found out. The conversation then drifted into several others, with time swiftly passing by.

All of you were so full from the meal you decided to walk it off by Han River. The bonding experience continued as you all shared a similarity in being foreigners. You all laughed as the guys chased birds and Jackson showed off some martial arts tricks.

You enjoyed being in the presence of Jackson and BamBam. You enjoyed having new friends. No offense to the girls, you loved everything about them, but you also loved the fresh personalities that you have recently come to know. 

The fun unfortunately came to an end as several fans began to recognize Jackson and BamBam.  

“We should get going. I have to be back soon.” You insisted

After arriving at JYP you exchanged numbers with the two guys before heading your separate ways.

Practice didn’t run long. After an hour your group was then transported to the TV studio. As soon as you entered your dressing room you were instructed to get your hair and makeup done right away. Afterwards you went to change into your outfit. Inspecting yourself in the mirror you were completely satisfied with the outcome. The clothes weren’t like your average girly girl-group attire. It was more urban where everything was loose, but hugged you perfectly. Especially your butt. 

Since you were one of the first ones ready you sat listening to your songs through your headphones and thought you should warm yourself up. You began with vocal warm ups. Starting off with singing different octaves. You then practiced singing an important high note you had to perform without straining your voice. After a while you went out into the hallway to stretch. You then practiced your moves, but you didn’t go all out since there were people passing by you. 

“Y/N noona!” you heard someone shout. Looking to your left you saw BamBam, Yugyeom, and Youngjae coming down the hall. 

“Hey you guys!” You hugged all of them “What’s up?”

“We were just walking around the building, exploring.” BamBam answered 

“Yeah exploring! Let’s go man!” Youngjae said in english making you giggle

“You look great by the way, noona.” Yugyeom pointed out 

“Thanks Yugyeom!” you smiled

You listened as they all spoke about their own personal experience when they debuted. Yugyeom then showed off his dancing skills as him and Youngjae battled one another. You and BamBam held onto each other trying to steady yourselves from falling to floor crying from laughter.

“Well it’s almost showtime! We better get going.” BamBam insisted “Good luck out there Y/N!” 

“Thank you guys so much. I’ll see you later.” you said

They all gave you a group hug. Soon disappearing around the corner.

The MC was out on the stage giving the opening to the show. You stood out in the wings with your group as you gave them a little speech before you all went on.

“Okay ladies this is it! All of our blood, sweat, and tears were shed for this moment right here. I’m just as nervous as every single one of you, but I’m also just as excited… I just wanted to say that I’m happy and proud to have you all here by my side… I’m proud to call you my sisters. I’m proud of you all in general and I believe in you.” you sighed as you looked at all of them “Now, who’s ready to kill this?”

Your members cheered as you all faced the stage and waited for the MC to call out “ASPEN!!”

You took a deep breath as you began to walk toward your position on stage. It was during that moment when you looked back as you heard Jackson who was cheering for you in the wings. After finding him your eyes locked with another pair. 


He was focused on you.. and you only.


Felt like doing some quick fast sharpie sketches to wind down while watching The Incredibles. I need to practice drawing expressions traditionally so I can transfer it to how I draw digitally. On another note, The Incredibles is one of my all time favorite animated films. I love the writing, the cinematic shot choices and the storytelling, and this was the first film that I saw as a youngin in which I went “Wow! You can push animation to this level?!? That’s awesome!” :) Also inspired me to pursue animation.


I was so hoping someone would ask for this oh my gOD I LOVE drawing expressions like this especially on very smol nerd lawyers <3 wow I’m sorry I can’t draw Apollo better but hopefully with more practice it’ll be a thing…eventually.

klaviertrash THANKS FOR THE ASK DUDE <3 (it’s up to you what he’s doing tbh but my mind went klapollo places lmao)

Also I’m still accepting requests for this meme because I need expression practice and the original thing is here.


I love how they wordlessly express their admiration for each other’s looks with Jane only being able to utter “wow”. There’s delight, one can tell they feast their eyes on each other and they are so proud of each other, too. Who knows how much time they spent getting everything ready to look impeccably as they do on their wedding day. I imagine how Jane first chooses and then does up his tie being out of practice and trying to cope with his nervousness because his fingers won’t obey. Tying and untying it because he needs it to look perfect as he wants Teresa to like the way he is dressed. And she’s so impressed. It’s another illustration of how they change for each other, suffice it to think how little Jane cared about his looks before they got together. He manages to stay faithful to his habits but also has a motivation to change something, and even a desire to do so. It’s beautiful how love breathed new life into him.

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Ho, your cosplays are so amazing *_____* I wish I could be like you c: How dou you meet other cosplayers? And isnt it very expensive to visit all these cons? Do you have any tipps for cosplay beginner in general? Im curious xoxox

I go through answering these individually like, all year long but maybe I can answer it all together and just link back to this post next time someone asks

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