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Bird Emoji Review

My dude @zaplayden​ and I couldn’t find a review of the Bird emoji so let’s do this

Pure evil.  Excessive gradients only intensify his evil intentions. There is no sweetness in this child of darkness. 0/5

This is a pure, sweet boy. Absolutely perfect bird child. 5/5

Ancient bird friend of legend. A little stiff and out of touch, but a very reliable friend.  4/5 I would trust this fellow. 

A lumpy bean friend. Kinda smells funny. Vacant stare. He’s a good boy, but needs some vacation time.  3/5

Pure intentions, but this boy looks confused. Where is he? Let him go home. Also kind of looks like he’s made of marshmallows??? 4/5 

Imposter. 0/5  This is a blue fire with yellow lipstick. Stop this. He’s smug about about it too, wtf.

I have high hopes for his future. He is a good boy with good intentions. I would trust this young man. 5/5

A clumsy boy. Something is a little weird about this bird, but he still tries his best. A good friend. 4/5

An eager boy. He wants to fly but needs more practice. I support his dreams and I hope he achieves great things. 4/5

Paranoid fellow. Blames everyone else for his bullshit. Will never find love. 0/5

Eager to impress.  Might be a double agent. A handsome boy, but I do not trust him. 3/5 

The world does not deserve this kind of purity. 5/5  

A prolonged silence is good for any relationship, Rick thinks to himself as he and Daryl sit perched on the steps of the big house at Alexandria, resting off a day’s hard work. Daryl smokes while Rick gulps water, the sunless sky sweltering with late autumn heat. They’ve been seated a good ten minutes without sharing a word, watching as the party for Hilltop readies itself to depart, Maggie leaning back to support her growing belly, flanked by her growing posse of loyal followers.

“How’d you know?” Daryl asks suddenly, and Rick pauses mid-sip. He’s gotten pretty good at deciphering Daryl’s, er, concise way of speaking, but even he will need a little more than that. He waits.

“’Bout Michonne?”

Ah, that. Rick scrubs at the back of his neck, looking between his boots. “I uh…”

He can talk about this stuff with his kids, sure, because you give up any sort of dignity or shyness when you’ve got kids to teach about the birds and the bees. And giving sappy speeches about feelings? Sure, he’s practically got it down to a science, now. But talking it out with a guy friend still falls into the territory of awkwardly clearing his throat and saying the word “buddy” a lot.

Daryl clearly isn’t in the mood for awkwardness, if his “getting down to business” posture says anything about it. He’s staring straight ahead through the meandering smoke of his cigarette, unflinching.

“I don’t know when it started. I guess it wasn’t really even a possibility until I knew she felt something, too,” Rick explains, scratching at his sunburned forearm. “She’d always be family, I knew that. But until I knew, I guess I thought that would be enough.”

Daryl’s jaw tenses as he pulls the cigarette away with an anxious puff. “How’d y’know you felt somethin’?”

Rick tilts back his head. He’s never thought about putting it into words. It’s not something he and Michonne had ever even discussed. The awkwardness of adolescent love was long gone from either of their lives: it was just about deciding to be together, to be as one.

“I guess, lookin’ forward to seein’ her first thing when I woke up, seein’ her smile,” Rick muses. Images and sounds come to the forefront of his mind and soon there’s nothing but that one, radiant woman filling up his entire mind’s eye. “Wantin’ to spend all my time with her, seein’ her first in a crowd…”

“Thinkin’ ’bout him even when he ain’t around,” Daryl pipes, and Rick’s mouth snaps shut.

Oh. Uh…

Daryl’s face is darkened by his bangs that lay heavy over his eyes, hiding his embarrassment. For a moment Rick doesn’t know whether his best friend just accidentally outed himself or if this is his way of confiding, but the way he’s not running away to sulk in the woods says he probably knew what he was saying. And meant to say it. Which means, well, uh…

Rick traces where Daryl’s looking, where he’s been looking for the last twenty minutes, and finally notices Jesus next to Maggie, smiling and chatting and looking his typically saintly self, sun glowing in his hair, cheeks cherubic, the whole deal. He also notices Daryl’s hands shaking something awful.

“Yeah, uh, definitely that,” Rick mumbles, clearing his throat and narrowly avoiding adding “buddy” to the end of his sentence, “there were a lot of things, I guess, but when I knew, I knew.”

Daryl nods as he smudges out his cigarette on the porch. He hefts his crossbow onto one shoulder and his pack onto the other.

“Alright. Best be goin’. See you in a few weeks?” Daryl mutters, getting swiftly to his feet, now that the party to Hilltop appears finally ready to leave.

“Uh, right,” Rick nods, putting out his hand for Daryl to shake before he goes. As he turns and walks across the street, Rick takes careful notice of whom he beelines to. Rick reddens in a way that has nothing to do the heat as he watches Jesus sparkle up at Daryl, smile practically glowing. Daryl says something obviously simple and gruff but apparently it’s the most endearing thing in the world, for how Jesus is looking at him like he hung the stars in the sky.

Rick has a feeling he may’ve bared his soul for nothing, because Daryl knew all along.

One-Shot Master List for Mobile

Bruce Wayne

  1. Cuddles
  2. Big Fight
  3. 5th Anniversary
  4. I Need my Shirt Back
  5. Teenagers
  6. Double Dog Dare
  7. The Picture
  8. Cute
  9. The Opposite of Cute
  10. Bad Dream
  11. Enviormental Hazzard
  12. Out on Assignment
  13. You Get the Car
  14. No More Batman
  15. Fancy Meeting You Here
  16. Not a Sidekick
  17. Failed Birds and Bees
  18. Number One Guy
  19. Running Wild
  20. Burden of the Crown
  21. Mr. Sunshine
  22. Sucked Back In
  23. Secret Revealed
  24. The One With Running
  25. The Original Batgirl
  26. Breakfast on the Patio

Dick Grayson

  1. Chapped Lips and Cold Hands
  2. Let’s Take a Ride
  3. Baby Now that I Found You
  4. Don’t Let Go
  5. Cold Shower
  6. Under the Stars
  7. I Never Thought You’d Ask
  8. You Really are an Idiot
  9. Practice Makes Perfect
  10. Acquaintances with Benefits
  11. You!
  12. Queen of the Klutz
  13. I Can Take Care of Myself
  14. Special Time
  15. The New Nightwing
  16. No More Wasted Timed
  17. The Riddle
  18. Elephant in the Room
  19. Sick Night
  20. Don’t Touch Me
  21. Tackled
  22. Oblivious Identity
  23. Present
  24. Ginger Ale
  25. The Text
  26. The Date
  27. Bed Time
  28. Flying Grayson
  29. Fishy Fishy
  30. Burn Out

Jason Todd

  1. Tax Purposes
  2. Undress
  3. Wonderful Diabolical Woman
  4. Star Gazing
  5. Middle Child Syndrome
  6. I Killed  Somebody
  7. You’re Pre-Med Right?
  8. Water Aerobics
  9. Sister
  10. Mocking Jay
  11. Rings and Boxes
  12. Cookies
  13. It’s Not Right
  14. Bun in the Oven

Tim Drake

  1. Can I have a Cup of Coffee
  2. Did You Have Fun Last Night
  3. Two Orders Please
  4. Hot Topic
  5. Flying Bagels
  6. Kiss in a Bookstore
  7. A Summer to Remember
  8. Smart Choices
  9. You’re My Boyfriend
  10. Nightmare No More
  11. Coffee

Damian Wayne

  1. Sleepy Time
  2. Sick as a Dog
  3. That’s All I Ask of You
  4. Youngest
  5. Home

Alfred Pennyworth

  1. Grocery Store

General Batfam

  1. Sleepy Time
  2. Family Vacation
  3. Sun, Sand, and Sea
  4. Too Far
  5. Kiss Cam
  6. A Stern Talking To
  7. Batmom and Beyond
  8. Delivery
  9. Flash Point Paradox
  10. Son of Batman
  11. 3rd Times the Charm
  12. Stalker
  13. Always a Paradox
  14. The Incredibles
  15. Sleep
  16. Two Worlds
  17. Panic Attack Princess
  18. Bring Her Back

Barry Allen

  1. Puppy Eyes
  2. Doppelganger
  3. Let’s Have a Baby
  4. Cell Migration (Sequel to Let’s Have a Baby)
  5. I Can Live with That
  6. Tell Me a Joke
  7. A Ride on the Nope Train
  8. Apocalypse

Wally West

  1. Big Brother
  2. Hickey
  3. Little Part
  4. Changing Planets
  5. Daily Lessons
  6. Wrong Freaking Hole

Vic Sage Kaldur

  1. The Question
  2. Light a Fire
  3. You Get Holidays
  4. Not Likely

Clark Kent

  1. Supermom: Part 1
  2. Supermom: Part 2
  3. Discovery of Self
  4. Stupid Sparks


  1. Catfish
  2. Escort


  1. Wings: Part 1
  2. Wings: Part 2
  3. Old Life

I draw a lot more than I actually upload, so I want to try posting some sketches as well as finished pictures. I need more practice with loose sketches anyway;;

Wanted to play around with shapes a little bit, so I thought the relatively simple triangular silhouette of Grandma Berd would be a good place to start.

anonymous asked:

May we get something where Prompto develops a crush on a cute farmhand from the Wiz Chocobo Post? He challenges them to a race, wagering that if he wins they have to go on a date with him. Of course he loses spectacularly (they're practically a chocobo whisperer and knows each bird by name) but they give him a kiss as a consolation prize, and flirtily wish him better luck next time ; )

Okay so I made this drabble a Prompto x Artemisia AU, because I tried to write this in second person but then it sounded wrong, and I didn’t want to pair Prompto with a new OC because I love Artemisia too much. So here you go! Something quick and cute. Enjoy!

As soon as the sign for Wiz’s Chocobo Post came into view, Prompto almost fell out of the Regalia. Ignis grabbed onto the back of his leather vest and tugged him down, muttering to himself about needing to be more strict in regards to seat belt safety.

Ignis had barely parked the car when Prompto leapt out, running over to where Wiz was standing near the picnic tables. Wiz greeted the boys with a wave.

“Heya, fellas. Here to come check out the birds?”

“Yes!” Prompto was practically bouncing. “We wanted to see if we could do some races.”

Wiz nodded. “We got a new farm hand around here, I’ll see to it that she gets some of our fastest chocobos ready for you.”

Prompto glanced over to where Wiz had gestured, and his jaw dropped.

He’d never seen anyone as gorgeous in his entire life. Gorgeous wasn’t even the right word to describe her. The girl had long, dark hair that was pinned up in a messy bun, glasses that slid halfway down her nose. She wore denim cutoffs and a red plaid shirt, the sleeves rolled up past her elbows. Her hiking boots were muddy and scuffed, and she wore riding gloves similar to his own. Wiz walked over to her and gestured over to the guys, and she nodded in return.

“Woah,” Prompto breathed. Noctis rolled his eyes and elbowed his best friend in the ribs.

“Get a grip, dude. I thought you were in love with Cindy.”

“And Aranea,” Gladio chimed in.

Prompto huffed. “Well, they’re nice, but…I don’t know. There’s something about this girl that’s different.”

Ignis cocked an eyebrow over the rim of his glasses. “How would you even know? You haven’t even spoken a single word to her.”

He huffed even louder.

“Fine,” he conceded. “I’ll just go talk to her, then.”

He marched over to where the girl was prepping the chocobos and cleared his throat. She turned to face him, her hazel eyes boring into his.

“Hi,” he said with a smile and a wave. “I’m Prompto.”

She gave him a brief once over, and returned a small smile of her own. “Hi. I’m Artemisia.”

He repeated the name, liking how it sounded on his tongue. “You, uh, come here often?”

Artemisia tried not to make a face, but ended up stifling a laugh behind the back of her hand. “I work here,” she said flatly, though amusement twinkled in her eyes.

Prompto scratched at the back of his head. “Heh, I knew that. Uh,” he trailed off, not really sure what to say.

Artemisia looked at the blue chocobo she had been preparing, and it quirked its head at her. She patted its beak affectionately and it nuzzled her hand.

“Hey!” Prompto suddenly got an idea. “How’s about a race? You and me?”

Artemisia slid her glasses further up her nose. “You want to race?”

“Yeah,” he said eagerly, and then did his best to give a charming smile. “If I win, you have to come with me on a date.”

Artemisia blinked slowly at him. “And what do I get if I win?”

“Lady’s choice,” he shrugged.

She pondered for a moment, and then grinned. “You’re on.” Artemisia took two chocobos over to the racing track as Prompto trailed behind her.

“Hey, wait!” he called. “What do you want if you win?”

Artemisia was already mounting her chocobo, the blue one that had affectionately sidled up to her earlier. “I’ll decide when I win.”

“He’s not ready for it,” Gladio declared as he, Ignis and Noctis stood by the side of the track near the finish line.

“He might be,” Noctis replied optimistically. But then he faltered. “Maybe if her chocobo trips, or veers off the track, he has a chance.”

“Even then,” Ignis interjected. “Artemisia works with chocobos on a daily basis. It’d be a most fascinating upset if she were to lose. And fortune does tend to favour Prompto on occasions such as these.”

“So do you think Prompto will win?” Gladio asked.

Ignis folded his arms over his chest. “Well, now, I didn’t say that.”

The whistle blew and the two of them were off. Prompto dug his heels into the chocobo’s sides and it shot out in front immediately, leaving a trail of dust in its wake. Prompto whooped and kept going as fast as he could.

But then, suddenly, there was a flash of blue from his periphery, and he saw Artemisia zoom past him. Prompto was utterly stunned as her chocobo easily maintained its rapid pace and effortlessly crossed the finish line.

It was a full twenty seconds later that Prompto’s chocobo finished the race. By then, Artemisia was already feeding greens to hers, patting it on the beak and scratching at its jowls.

“Looks like I win,” she said sweetly, glancing over her shoulder at Prompto, who was tying his chocobo to a post.

Prompto couldn’t help but look glum. “Yeah, I guess.”

He looked down at the ground, his cheeks red with embarrassment. But then, he felt a pair of hands on either side of his face. He looked up and Artemisia leaned forward, pressing a lingering kiss on his lips. He was too shocked to respond, and before he knew it, Artemisia had pulled away.

“Better luck next time,” she winked, before taking the two chocobos and leading them back to the barn.

Prompto brought his fingers to his lips as the other guys rounded on him.

“What was that?!” Noctis practically screeched, shoving Prompto out of his reverie.

“All right, pipsqueak,” Gladio put him in a headlock. “Looks like you’ve got some moves after all.”

“I must admit,” Ignis quipped. “That was not quite the outcome I was expecting.”


What if Hannibal let hawks fly…

What if Matthew Brown had what he wanted?
What if Hannibal let the boy transform from the ripper to a hawk?

Would he become a bird-watcher?

-or a bird-hunter…?


Author’s note: Inspired by @wigglywormy post
AS PROMISEEED. Dang, y'all were thirsty for KenHina lol. This was in my drafts for sooooohooo long though omg. I think I started writing this, like, three or four months ago and I was finally able to finish this I’m so happy alsdfjasdfsd

Summary: Hinata keeps losing at his videogame and Kenma has an idea on how to get him more focused.  

Usually weekends were filled with endless hours of sleeping in, hanging out with friends, watching movies, generally pretending school didn’t exist and trying to beat your boyfriend’s highscore. And failing.

Hinata was no exception as he was sitting in said boyfriend’s living room, aggressively pressing the buttons of the PS4 controller and yelling at the screen. The aforementioned boyfriend, Kenma, was sitting on the couch behind him (Hinata had decided to sit on the floor to get closer to the screen), playing his own game on his phone and sneaking in a few glances every now and then.

Both of them were well aware of the fact that Hinata was a very talented person. When it came to volleyball that is. It wasn’t like he was bad at gaming per se—

“Ack! I died again!”

Okay, yeah, he was pretty bad. Hinata was stuck on level 3 and Kenma didn’t really know what else to do other than to sit there and watch. This time he was going to try to figure out why Hinata kept dying in this level so he locked his phone and laid it down on the couch.

Like he did every time he lost another round, Hinata fiddled around with his controller a bit, shook his head, let out a loud battle cry and pressed the “start again” button. His character calmly stood in the middle while the monsters started appearing around him and Hinata did this cute little thing where he leaned closer to the screen as if he was trying to intimidate it and mumbled something along the lines of, “Bring it on, I’m ready for you.”

Kenma barely noticed the corners of his lips curling up at the scene.

“START!” appeared in the middle and Hinata cried out again as he started attacking the buttons with his thumbs. The protagonist ran towards a random monster to the right and started attacking it with their weapon, blatantly hitting it over and over again until it ran out of HP. Meanwhile, the other monsters kept hitting him as well, causing Hinata to constantly lose HP and Kenma frowned.


“Yeah?!” Hinata yelled as if Kenma wasn’t sitting right behind him.

“Use more magic and don’t focus on just one monster.”

“Got it!” 

Eh, at least it helped to a certain extent. Instead of dying after one sloppy minute, he kept dying after a solid two. But Hinata being, well, Hinata, refused to give up and decided to keep trying. Kenma leaned back with a sigh, on one hand admiring his determination but on the other hand annoyed at himself that he couldn’t help him.

… Wait.

From the corner of his eye, Kenma saw a blinking blue light coming from Hinata’s phone and that Hinata kept looking at in between hits. So that was the real reason he couldn’t win this round. It was true that Hinata was easily distracted, hell, sometimes Hinata got distracted when they were kissing because of a bird flying by (“Ooooh! Did you see that, Kenma? It flew by like whoosh, wow! I wish I could fly like that!”).

It was a serious issue so Kenma would probably need to take drastic measures. 

“GAME OVER” bright yellow letters screamed for the umpteenth time and Hinata threw himself onto the floor with a dramatic sigh.

“You’re distracted,” Kenma spoke up and Hinata looked up at him without moving his head, silently asking him to continue. “I’ve an idea on how to get you more focused.”

Hinata practically jumped up and bounced over to the couch. “For real? Tell me, tell me!”

“I noticed that other things keep distracting you so you gotta make sure the game is your number one priority no matter what. It took me a while before I could talk to others and game at the same time and I’m sure you can do that as well, but you’re not at that level yet,” Kenma explained quietly and Hinata nodded every few seconds with a little hum. “So I’m gonna test if you can zone in on the game no matter what. See it as a training of some sorts.”

“You’re so observant, Kenma!” Hinata marveled, his eyes almost popping out of his head. “Yeah, let’s do it! I got this!”

As usual, Hinta was obviously very excited to try this so he sat back down, ready to start a new round. The small smile was back on Kenma’s face as he got up from the couch to sit behind Hinata who seemed confused at this, but didn’t say anything. He made himself comfortable by spreading his legs and aligning them with his boyfriend’s and pressing so close that their bodies were almost touching.

At first, Kenma just watched Hinata play for a while, waiting for the right moment to strike. Just like Kenma had advised him to do, Hinata used some magic and tried to hit multiple monsters at the same time while also jumping out of the way.

Then, Kenma laid his hands on Hinata’s bare knees, startling him.

“O-oi…” was the small mumble he got in response, but Kenma didn’t say anything in return.

Anticipation was also part of his plan, after all. His hands simply stayed there, not moving one inch. Hinata hadn’t lost yet, which was definitely a good sign, and Kenma liked to believe it was because he was trying even harder now since he knew he was being judged.

Very thankful for the fact that Hinata was dressed in shorts, Kenma slowly moved his hands down to the back of the knees, making sure that his nails lightly touched the skin while he did so, and as expected, a loud shriek filled the air.

“Gah! That really tickles!” Hinata huffed and tried to shuffle away, which Kenma had also expected so he quickly wrapped an arm around his middle to pull him back against his chest.

“That’s the point.”

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i cant seem to make myself draw shippy stuff because I’m …. em bar rassed…. but

i’ve mentioned on twitter that I’m pretty sure anghel develops gross crushes on anyone who willingly tolerates his bullshit

its a true no-effort weekend, everything i’ve drawn is a mess, have this sad scribble of nerds tuchin elbows in summer uniforms from the shrine AU

evolution-incarnate  asked:

Looked through your stuff and saw nobody really asked, how does the internal anatomy of some of your dragons work? Like, skeletal and muscular anatomy How does the shoulder joint work in tandem with the wings? How do your dragons produce a breath weapon?

DISCLAIMER: i have 0 idea how anatomy works and biologists are probably going to want to beat me to death but here we go i guess

Ok so to start breath weapons. Most of my fire breathing dragons have an organ in their bodies (usually close to the heart) that synthesizes their respective weapon chemicals and stores them in liquid form, and on a few of the dragons on gaseous form. When they want to breathe them out they can just pump it up their throat and the chemicals should react with the air and produce fire or smth

Rivier, while not a fire dragon, has a similar mechanic, except she needs to eat a certain type of rocks (nonexistent irl) that have the chemicals necessary for her to do her thing
Alex doesnt have this, instead he’s able to break down atoms and produce energy (usually from metals). He breaks them down to hydrogen and then usually breaks the hydrogen down into energy as well. I know physics dont work this way but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
The fire he breathes out is just a secondary result to this process

Ok now for the skeletons (oooh spooky bc i dont knwo what the fuck im doing)
Ok so i put up two different dragons to show differences mostly because as shown Cherokee’s wings are in the front and his arms are behind them, and c’s wings are behind her arms instead

Another disclaimer thing: this change for cher is fairly recent bc something about his design was bothering me before and now im just trying out different things

Anyways. Cher’s wings dont have shoulder blades apparently bc i looked it up and birds dont have them + they would probably bump into his arm ones? idk.

c’s however DO have shoulderblades bc her ‘wings’ can act as arms as well when she’s not using them to fly, while cherokee’s wings as they are could only serve as a bit of ground support if he needed it 

wow more eyeburning ¯\_(ツ)_/¯¯\_(ツ)_/¯
so yeah i have no idea whats going on here to be honest but it looks like it makes the tiniest bit of sense visually (maybe not practically) so 

same here just some generic looking muscles, and the wings would have similar anatomy as an.. arm maybe,,,..

so yeah the truth come out, does windy is an idiot? yes. i have no idea what im doing


For Fandom Bingo, Square 4-4: Apocalypse AU

Fandom: Katekyo Hitman Reborn and Harry Potter crossover

Warnings: Blood, gore, mentioned character deaths

Summary: They called it the Radiance. The day the world lit up. Seventeen years later, in a world hostile to humans, hunter and scavenger Harry Potter just wants to make his way home.

Something is watching him. But then, the Wastelands are never really empty. Just emptier than the rest of the world.

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Lucifer- “Well, Y/N. If i might say so myself. You have got one hell of a teacher”
Y/N- “Ha ha, funny.”
Lucifer- “Well it was meant as a compliment for you too. Your actually not that bad”
Y/N- “Thanks Luci…I do have a pretty alright teacher”
Lucifer- *Does gif above*
Y/N- “….Now i say you teach me Knockin on Heavens door next”
Lucifer- “Unless you want me to impale myself”
Y/N- “Kill two birds with one stone”
Lucifer- “Ha ha, funny. So funny that I need a drink”
Y/N- “Get me one!”
Lucifer- “Oh no, you need to practice. I might be a perfect specimen on more levels than one but i’m no miracle worker, that’s my brother I’m afraid. Back to playing!”

practice makes perfect [victor/yuuri]

yooo i decided to combine these two prompts to knock out two birds w one stone lol anyways happy new year!!!!

“Here, lift your arms up more,” Victor instructs, “Like this, watch.”

He arcs his skates out into a wide turn, and cups his hands together before bringing them up, and then fanning them out above his head where his neck is bared. It’s beautiful and graceful, and Yuuri watches with rapt attention as Victor skates back towards him, hands on his hips.

“It needs to be like water, Yuuri. Elegant, fluid, but a little sexy, yeah?”

“Sexy, right,” Yuuri nods, and Victor laughs.

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King Birb

He’s an Oriole ♥

So why a bird? Because I like birds; they’re pretty. And I need more practice drawing them.

Gaius and Tales of Xillia © Namco Bandai

Art © Autumn Linnet 2015

@backstagebaae approved to become art!

“Thank you for doing this for me, I appreciate it. Do tell me if you’re uncomfortable here or if you need anything. I put a cushion on the platform so you can be comfortable.”

Yusuke finished installing his canvas, before turning around to close the window blinds to have his friend undressed. Abstract art has been more in his work lately, making him suddenly realise in class how he felt like he was lacking in anatomy practice. With how elegant, confidant and expressive Tino was, he believed him to be the perfect subject to ask. That and… well, all his other friends seemed pretty much against the idea.

“What do you think are your best body attributes? I believe given it’s you you’d know, it can give me tips to how I’d like you to pose.“