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Mute Devotion



Characters: Min Yoongi x Reader
Au! You don’t hear music until you fall in love

It’s been a long time since I actually posted anything, and this has been sitting in my drafts for the longest time. I recently had something bad happen to me so the only way I felt I could at least hold myself together was with some much needed Yoongi fluff (something tells me it’ll turn into angst though, so just beware). It’s not great, I’m trying to get back into my writing, but it’s something, so here you go. 

‘You make me feel something. You make me hear something.’

Piano was his pastime, the one thing that kept him grounded. 

His reasons, while of beauty and heartfelt selflessness, were all the while melancholic. They echoed of a boy who had no hope in himself, so he thrived when putting it into the world. What he couldn’t give himself, he would give others; in regards to hope, and music.

Truth be told, Min Yoongi could not hear a single note he ever played. He couldn’t hear the wonders he created with his fingers upon ivory and pitch black keys. He could only feel them, as if an extension of his own soul. At first, he’d learnt when he was a child. The vibration of a single note sent shivers up his spine, as if it were meant to be. His teacher, a man who had happily been married for a sum of 38 years, was familiar to the chime and the voice of a piano, finding himself rather impressed with Yoongi’s musical ability, despite his own obliviousness. 

Today was no different from the last day, or the one that came before. Sitting in a park gazebo, adorned with flowers of the spring, and a lovely public piano that had been maintained by the community. In a world where music was the representation of love, anything that produced such a blessing was treasured. 

Couples walked past, to and fro, slowly trailing across the path of fine stones, admiring the lush green of the grass and the sweet melody of Yoongi’s talent. They could all hear him, and he couldn’t even hear himself. Sometimes, he would envy them. Purely because he wished to be able to hear what others could, and hated being clueless and deprived. Other times, it would bother him little, or not at all. Because as long as he felt the music, as long as his muscles reacted when he pressed the piano keys, he was fine. 

As a young child, Yoongi had always found confusion in the workings of love. Why couldn’t platonic or family love constitute as a deep enough emotion? He was certain he loved his mother and father, yet no music would fill his ears. He knew he had fallen in love with the way piano made him feel, and he had been certain no person could ever make him feel a romantic love that rivaled that.

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Hi! I'm very curious as to what Hunger Pains actually is. I know it's a book but as far as I know it's Hunky Dory here's some very nice plot, let's get down to business TO DEFEAT.. THE HU- I mean- ANYWAYS I know next to nothing about your book and I have a Need To Know Things.

Hunger Pangs (don’t worry, my husband calls it Pains all the time and I have the draft manuscript On. My. Wall.) was a shit post written just over a year ago after @jeneelestrange goaded me into it.


If you go through my tags #Hunger Pangs and #the vampire werewolf thing, you will finds lots and lots of meta and the occasional snippet of fiction. Some of it is very NSFW, and has been marked as such. I hope to get most of that archived on Ao3 at some point for easier perusal, I just haven’t had the time yet.

I will request that you be careful when typing #Hunger Pangs into the tumblr search function, as the tag is unfortunately used predominantly by eating disorder blogs, often ones not aimed towards recovery. This is something I was not aware of at the time when I started tagging the book and I’ve since started using HPangs (also Phangs) more often and am working my way back through the tags to fix this. If you wish to look at things pertaining only to my work through that tag, the url link is here: https://thebibliosphere.tumblr.com/tagged/hunger%20pangs

By request there is going to be two versions of the book, one with kink, and one without for those who prefer more fluff than smut in their reading repertoire. This is something I plan to do for all my future novels as well for those who are interested in my work, but don’t necessarily want to read about kink. 

The whole thing was supposed to be me just flipping tropes on their head for funsies, with the original draft intended to be a short 10k satire of the paranormal romance trope where Totally-Average-Girl gets sucked into a magical world and becomes the heated love interest of two usually “dominant” supernatural males and a toxic love triangle ensues (among other things). It was a trope I had to work with a lot in the industry as an editor, and became somewhat of a pet peeve of mine. So much so that somewhere along the line this fun little satire turned into a full 60k+ manuscript with happy, healthy polyamory instead, where nobody dies. Because that is also a trope in bi poly romance novels that can fuck right the fuck off as well. I mean, one of them’s already kinda technically dead?? But he’s fine with it.

The focus is on three main characters, a vampire called Vlad, a werewolf Nathan, and a being of as of yet undisclosed species who goes by the name of Ursula, and how they are brought together in a fantasy AU regency styled world torn apart by war and prejudice. If Game of Thrones ascribes to the idea that the world is dark and full of terrors, Hunger Pangs is the weird cryptid fancier asking where you can find them and are they looking to date anyone right now.

It’s ultimately a story of struggle, betrayal and power. But above all else Hunger Pangs is about love, romantic or otherwise, and the lengths people will go to in order to protect what is good and right in the world. It’s love as an act of bravery and defiance. And also punching fascists with your werewolf boyfriend, but that was honestly just a happy narrative coincidence that happened to coincide with the absolute shit show 2017 has turned out to be. 

It’s heavy on puns, satirical commentary and at times, moments of outright defiance.

Author friends who have read the raw manuscript have described it as being, “like reading the queer-goth-punk love child of Terry Pratchett and the Addams Family filled with hope and rage” and honestly I’ve never been more proud or terrified of anything I’ve ever done in my entire life.

I’m hoping to have the pre-order on Amazon up by the end of October, with full release planned for sometime around Christmas, provided my health holds out and I don’t end up needing more emergency surgery. So far the odds are looking good :)

The artwork for the covers has been designed by our very own @whales-and-witchcraft/ @umicorms and is just, I have no words for how much I love it. I can’t wait to share it with all of you. I’m so excited.


But excited.

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What would a TFA yandere Optimus and MTMTE Ratchet be like?

Optimus Prime

  • He means well, truly he does, but that noble drive of his to protect you and keep you safe sometimes borders on the obsessive.
  • He’s never had this much responsibility before.  He doesn’t know if he’ll make a good leader, or if he can even do this job at all, but you’re in his charge and he’s vowed to protect you with his very life if need be (like a night pledging his service to his lady.)
  • There’s so much about you that Optimus admires – your strength, your passion, your kindness. In his eyes you truly are the best of what humanity has to offer.  You have such a brilliant inner light about you, and he’s going to do everything in his power to make sure no one tries to snuff you out.
  • He’s chivalrous and courteous to you right from the very beginning, treating you with the same respect he would the other members of his team and not shutting down your ideas or telling you what you can and can’t do just because you’re a human.
  • He doesn’t even approach you with romantic intentions for fear of spoiling your friendship.  (You’d have to be the one to reach out to him if you wanted any kind of relationship.)
  • That’s not to say he doesn’t love you – Primus does he love you!  You’re all he ever thinks about!  Your smile sets his spark on fire and when you say his name, it’s all he can do to keep from overheating.  He wants you so badly that his desires have begun to seep into his dreams at night – dreams that he dare not even think about.  
  • He doesn’t breath a word of this to anyone of course, especially not you.  Optimus is very good at hiding his true feelings.  It’s not right, he knows it’s not right for him to feel this way about you.  He feels as though he’s betrayed your trust in him simply by having these feelings.  Even if he can’t have you the way that he wants, at least he gets to see that beautiful smile of yours every day.
  • But worse than his feelings for you are the twisted pangs of jealousy he gets whenever he sees someone trying to get close to you.  Optimus knows he has no right to be jealous, why should he?  He can’t even blame you for flirting back because he knows you’re oblivious to his feelings – by his own choice, no less.  He hates himself for it, and yet he can’t bring himself to stop.  The longer he goes without confessing, the darker and angrier his possessive streak grows.
  • He hides it well, because of course he does.  No bot would ever suspect the esteemed Optimus Prime of harboring those kind of murderous thoughts, that is until they’re backed up against the wall of a dark alley with an axe blade to their neck and Optimus growling poisonous threats into their audials.
  • You’re blissfully unaware of any of this of course; he makes vitally sure of that.  But you can’t help but notice the almost animalistic rage that overtakes him on the battle field when he feels there’s a threat to your safety…


  • His obsession with you stems less from attraction and more from a possessive need to keep you safe.
  • Ratchet often has a habit of “adopting” some of the younger/smaller/innocent bots on the crew, so it’s little wonder that he would take the one human on board under his wing.
  • He really is a wonderful guardian, if a bit overbearing at times.  He constantly nags you to make sure you’re taking care of yourself (getting enough to eat, exercising, taking your vitamins.)
  • Primus help you if you have an erratic sleeping schedule.  You’re going to bed when Ratchet says you are, no excuses!  Don’t make him come over there and carry you!  
  • He’s not what you’d call a cuddly bot by any means, but he does like for you to sit on his shoulder while he works.  He finds your presence comforting.  And Primus knows he needs all the calm he can get on this ship.
  • He’s extremely protective of you.  He doesn’t like for you to be out of his sight for too long.  What if you wandered off somewhere and got lost?  What if something happened and you couldn’t reach him? What if you got stepped on?!  The only people Ratchet trusts to look after you while he’s away are his fellow medics.  (He knows they’ll also force you to eat and sleep regularly when he’s not around.)
  • He’d never tell you who you can and can’t talk to, but he strongly advises you to stay away from bots like Whirl, or any of the larger bots that might accidentally crush you without realizing it.
  • You notice a change in Ratchet when Drift is sent away.  He becomes more frustrated, unfocused and despondent, often ignoring his own advice and forgoing sleep or refueling.  You can tell loosing someone so close to him is taking a mental and physical toll on him.  You just wish there was something you could do to help.
  • He starts becoming more affectionate with you, often sitting you in his lap to stroke your hair and back absentmindedly while he works, or carrying you around the ship in his hands.  You don’t mind the extra attention.  If holding you somehow brings him one small shred of comfort then you’re happy to oblige him.
  • His worry for you also increases tenfold.  It gets to the point where he doesn’t like you to leave the medbay unless he’s there to carry you.  He even offers to help you move some of the stuff from your shared habsuite there so you’ll be more comfortable when he’s working late.  It’s a bit smothering at times, but you grin and bear it for his sake. After all, he’s done so much for you already.  The least you can do is be there for him during his time of grief.
  • It’s only when you awake one morning to find that you’ve been stolen from your bed as Ratchet pilots a stolen escape pod halfway across the galaxy do you realize (too late) just how wrong you had been…
3 Billion Dollars [Part 11] - G Dragon Mafia!AU

Originally posted by peaceminus8ne

Summary: When your father owes 3 billion dollars to the mafia, he must repay his debt. Although things don’t exactly go the way he hoped.

Genre: idk for this one honestly. angst?

Warning: swearing, graphic imagery, probably incorrect medical stuff, mentions of blood, my writing in general

{part 1} {part 2} {part 3} {part 4} {part 5} {part 6} {part 7} {part 8} {part 9} {part 10} {part 11} {part 12} {part 13} {part 14} {part 15} {part 16} {part 17} {part 18} {part 19} {part 20} {part 21}

A/N: I’m so sorry. So much stuff happened this weekend and I got barely any writing done. I swear I’ll work on more stuff I promise. I have a few request I’m working on and will hopefully be posted this week. I also have a very rough draft of like two series so yeah. I’m sorry my life’s a mess. Enjoy! Please leave me stuff in my inbox I love getting things! I kinda really need some motivation to finish my last few scenarios. 

~ Admin Brooklyn


You rushed to Ji Yong’s side, kneeling down over him. He groaned on the floor, blood pooling out of his arm. The boys quickly surrounded him. You put your hands on him, lightly holding him down too quickly look at the wound. Ji Yong clutched his shoulder, putting pressure on it as he groaned and shouted out in pain.

“Ji Yong move your arm,” you say, trying to pry his hand away from his shoulder. He glared at you, his grip on his shoulder getting tighter.

“I don’t know if you can fucking tell, but I just FUCKING GOT SHOT. NO THANKS TO YOUR FUCKING EX BOYFRIEND,” he yelled. You rolled your eyes and continued to try to pry his hands away.

“If you didn’t know, I went to medical school,” you say, pulling his arm. He shouted out in pain and you rolled your eyes. “So shut up, let go of your arm, and let me fucking heal you.”

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Quick sketch for @neon–nightmare‘s birthday!! ✧・゚: *✧・゚:* 


[Vinny belongs to @rodsee!]
[Fresh belongs to @loverofpiggies!]

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chrissy!!! ahmoc's anniversary is coming up!!! what a good time to remember how much that fic ruined my life and i loved it

Well damn you’re right!

1) no goddamn way its been a year already time is a terrifying and relentless force

2) the funniest thing to me with AHMoC is that when i was writing it I was h a t i n g how it was coming out. I was writing it because I was procrastinating studying for my final, and I had a whole first draft of AHMoC that I scrapped because it didnt feel right, and then the second draft still didnt feel right, but by that time i’d wasted a lot of the night and needed to study so i was like “screw it im posting it as-is and i a little bit hate myself for wasting my studying time on nothing”

It was a very new style from what I was used to, and I was just assuming I wasn’t doing it right, so i just threw it onto tumblr and put it out of my mind like “whatever ill do something better later”

and then… um…

and then i started actually writing mp100 fic 


Anyone else misses seeing this girl’s face? I sure do! ;o; I miss playing with my bb

Whatever you do, don’t think of a five year old Sally Jackson desperately wondering how her parents could leave her, not understanding why she was now all alone. 

Don’t think about a sixteen year old Sally Jackson having to drop out of high-school and take up several jobs to support her uncle, burying her dream of graduating and becoming a writer, because it was never going to happen now.

Don’t think about a seventeen year old Sally Jackson watching all her friends go on to college, slowly leaving her behind and forgetting about her. 

Don’t think about an eighteen year old Sally Jackson crying at her uncle’s funeral, because that was it, her family was fully gone, and she was all alone. 

Don’t think about a twenty year old Sally Jackson lying on the beach, after she found out Poseidon, the man she had fallen in love with so deeply and quickly, was a god, realising that he too would leave her. 

Don’t think about a twenty year old Sally Jackson finding out she was pregnant, and realising that her baby would be a demigod, and attract monsters… and then running into a man called Gabe at work that day.

Don’t think about a twenty-one year old Sally Jackson crying as she held her newborn baby, because if she was sure about one thing, it was that her baby was going to have a better life than she did, and she would never, ever leave him. 

Don’t think about her kissing her baby’s forehead, and, recalling all the myths her parents had told her when she was young of one particular hero, whispering, “I name you Perseus.”  

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Why are practicing certain things considered "cultural appropriation", can't we practice what we wish and still respect the culture of origin?

Here is my opinion of this, as a white person. 

Cultural appropriation is taking something out of a closed religion or culture - in most cases, in which the people of said religion / culture have asked for their things to be left alone - and then skewing those things past their original context and purpose, manipulating them to suiting our own needs (or just ignoring the needs of why the practice exists in the first place, and trust me this can have just as much impact too), and then still having the audacity to refer to it by the same name.

You cannot be respectful of something if you are using it after someone has requested you don’t. There is no respect in continuing to do someone after you’ve been asked not to, and not only that, by not doing it how it should be. Like, severely taking something out of its context, manipulating its meaning to be for your own purpose, and not actually what it’s supposed to be, is just way disrespectful of the culture, the practice, and the people who live it every day. 

Not to mention, doing shit that way, you’ll never really appreciate the true value of the thing as it’s meant to be done. Butchering stuff like that, you’re not actually doing the thing, and you won’t get the same things out of it, so you’re not even really doing the thing you took in the first place, so why did you take it in that manner? 

(And none of this is targeted *at* you, anon; I’m just using “you” as a general thing to try to get my point across about this.) 

Being respectful of a culture and practice would be making sure it is okay for you to be using the thing; doing copious amounts of research to understand the practice and what it really means and the history of why it’s done; (I think this is important, but others will say it may not be so necessary) finding a teacher from within the culture / religion who has authority on the matter to guide you on how to do the thing correctly; being mindful of the practice’s context / history / meaning and performing it in that context, or at least as closely as you can.

When it comes to things regarding cultural appropriation, here’s what I think it really comes down to: WHY do you want to do that thing? What do you honestly think you’d be getting out of it, as someone who can be seen as “outside” the culture? Do you think you would be getting the same thing out of it, not being involved in the culture / religion as other people are? And, from there, is there nowhere else you can get that thing, at least similarly?

Like, for a very specific example, say you want to smudge. What is it about smudging that you like / makes you want to do it? Oh, you want to burn herbs to cleanse your space? Well, good news for you, there are other practices that do that, without using a term from a closed religion that actually means way more than burning herbs to cleanse a space in the first place. What you want can be found outside of the closed religion, using more respectful terms (i.e. “smoke cleansing,” “recaning,” etc.), so is it really necessary for you to want / use that certain thing from a closed culture?

Like, do we really NEED these closed practices? Do we not already have alternatives? Why do we need to have *all* of it? 

And I guess that’s what I’ve got to say about this. *shrugs* Whenever it comes down to talking about cultural appropriation, I am always so worried that I’ve miscommunicated something, or left it out, which is why I’m so hesitant to post about this stuff in the first place, why this has been in my drafts for days and I’ve been reflecting on it. 

Especially as white as I am - it isn’t my place to be using my voice to talk over people, the actual people involved in these sorts of things happening to them.

And you’re gonna get so many different answers. You’ll get different answers for as many people as you ask. Even different people from the same culture can have different views on others using their things, and that’s when it can get really confusing. But you asked me, and this is what I have to say. 

Hopefully it’s enough, and I’ll try to talk more about it if anyone has questions. But I’m not arguing. If you’re just gonna come on this post saying “well I still think I should be allowed to use this how I want to because I want to and I’ll do it however I want!”, well… Actually, don’t; don’t come on to this post doing that, at all.

I Have a Gun in my Bag - Min Yoonji Drabble

pairing: min yoonji (fem! yoongi) x reader

genre: fluff

word count: 968

a/n: hi lol um idk I’ve been feeling the min yoonji lately like I keep looking at fanart and trying to find drabbles or one shots but there’s literally like only one ??? this is to fulfil my own needs too pls I’ve made it so that I can continue it on and honestly like I would so if you would like me to please let me know and I’ll get straight on that, sorry I haven’t been posting lolol I suck but I’m going to post more regularly I know I say that all the time but seriously I am I have so much drafted anyways enjoy this lil thing I’ll make the parts longer if you guys want more but :))

Originally posted by jihoomie

“A transfer student?”

“Yeah, she’s coming today.”

I stopped just before the classroom door, recognising the voices of Park Jimin, the class president, and Jung Hoseok, the emo kid who was into literature. I had to admit, I was a little intrigued by this transfer student. This was the first I heard about it, and as I stepped into the room, I walked over to Jimin, tapping on his shoulder. Jimin was the friendliest guy that I knew, he was friends with everybody in the class, and I was sure that he would happily share the details.

“There’s a transfer student?”

“Oh, hey, Y/N! Yeah, her name is Min Yoonji. I’m excited to meet her, aren’t you?” Jimin flashed a signature bright smile, and I nodded my head in response to his question. By this point, Hoseok had begun whispering lines from a piece of literature to himself, no doubt as practice to read them to Yoonji when she arrived. Everybody looked pretty excited, and eager to meet the transfer student, and I was no exception.

I left the boys alone to do what they needed to do, seating myself at the very back of the room, as always. A few minutes later, Jimin briefly left the room, returning with Yoonji. I looked up from my desk, locking eyes with the female at the front of the room. I watched as Jimin instructed her to sit behind Jungkook, the tsundere of the class, which also happened to be next to me. My cheeks flushed as our eyes met once again, and I cast my gaze down to my desk.

Throughout the class, it was no secret that I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her. I kept telling myself to stop, but everytime I did, she would do something else that utterly captivated me. She was, as expected, flirted with by every guy in the class, and she rejected them like it was nothing. Even Kim Seokjin, who had gained the reputation of best looking in the school. I was intrigued, and a little confused by her. Everytime our eyes met, my heart jumped slightly, and it almost felt as if she could tell, given the smile making its way onto her lips each time.

When it was time for break, I stood up from my seat, packing my things away. As I was walking towards the door, Yoonji grabbed onto my hand as I passed her, almost causing my heart to jump out of my chest, and stopping me from walking any further. I turned around to face her, and she pulled me closer to her before dropping my hand.

“What’s your name?”

“M-Me? …It’s Y/N.”

“Cute. I’m Yoonji. Do you want to eat with me?”

“Eat with you? I guess so, that would be nice..”

I was sure by now that my cheeks were bright red, but there was no way to help that. Yoonji smiled at my reply, before walking past me, as I followed behind. She led me outside to a patch of grass, sitting down and pulling me down next to her. I squeaked slightly, surprised, earning a chuckle from Yoonji. She pulled out her phone and headphones, handing me one of the earbuds before we were interrupted by Jimin, trying his hand at flirting once again. I puffed my cheeks, reaching into my bag and pulling out my bottled water and taking a sip.

“I have a gun in my bag. Do I seem like a pushover?”

Well, there goes the water. I spat it out, unable to believe just how Yoonji was so carefree and came up with her words so easily. The water went all over Jimin, but I wasn’t even able to apologise immediately, as I was covering my face with my arm, trying to shield the fact that I was laughing so hard I thought I might cry.

“Jimin, I’m sorry!” I finally said through giggles, looking up to see Jimin looking completely deflated, and covered in water.

“It’s okay, Y/N.. No problem…” He sighed, before walking away, leaving me to finally laugh out loud.

“Do you actually have a gun in your bag?”

“Let’s hope you never have to find out.” Yoonji joked, and I had to double take to realise that she was kidding, earning a laugh from her, which I joined in with.

A couple of minutes later, we were both laying back on the grass, unable to hold in the laughter after witnessing Jimin’s reaction to Yoonji’s rejection.

Yoonji had a unique laugh, barely any sound came out, but she also had the cutest gummy smile. Yoonji was so cold to everybody else, and dismissive, yet she was laughing with me as if we had known each other for years. I wondered what I had done to earn this special treatment from her, but I wasn’t complaining. Quite the opposite, in fact.

When we had finally managed to stop laughing, Yoonji pulled out her phone once again, offering me the earbud, which I happily put in, turning onto my side to face her, the longer strands of grass slightly tickling my face. I wasn’t sure what we were listening to, but I didn’t mind. As I took in her every feature, I longed to know more about her. There was nothing more I wanted to do, in fact.

Before we knew it, it was the end of break, and we both sat up on the grass. She stood first, helping me up. I brushed myself off, before picking my bag up from the floor.

“After school. Here. Okay?” She spoke, her voice so much softer than when she spoke to anybody else. I nodded, and she walked off to class.

I had never wished for a school day to end faster.


Request: “Could you do a Alec imagine of being Izzy’s parabati and best friend since childhood and Izzy talks you into going on a double date with her and Simon and Raphael because she knows both you and Alec need a push to make a move and she knows Alec knows Raphael has a thing for you which will make him extra jealous?? And you can’t deny you didn’t have a good time because Raphael is nice once you get past his layers of undead doucheness and you both were sarcastic snarky brats the whole date??”

This has been sitting in my drafts for ages so I decided to finally post it.


Word Count: 1384

Clothes, shoes and a range of other items Izzy deemed ‘necessities’ lay scattered across the entirety of my bedroom floor like that first, crisp layer of freshly fallen snow, or perhaps a more accurate description would be that it looked as though the heavens had unleashed an almighty roar and sent waves of snow cascading down in an avalanche.  In reality, Izzy had come barrelling into my room, her arms laden down with a rainbow of fabrics and all sorts of beautifying concoctions that I couldn’t even name.  Somehow or other, I had allowed myself to be convinced into going on a date with Raphael.

I knew I shouldn’t have let Izzy talk me into it.  It was a crazy idea from the start, and I had somehow, foolishly let her convince me that I was doing this to help her out, and that things weren’t the other way round.  It was just so hard to argue with her perfect,well formed, valid arguments.  I mean, really, what reason was there for me not to go?  Apart from the obvious one which was that it would be a date with a vampire, but Izzy had managed to counter that argument faster than those superhuman bloodsuckers could run.  The one and only good reason I had for not going, was that I liked Alec.  I really liked Alec if I was being honest with myself… but Izzy didn’t know that.  Or at least I sincerely hoped that she didn’t.

Sneaking out of the institute was going to be near impossible.  Sneaking out of the institute without our absence going unnoticed was going to require divine intervention.  I didn’t know how Izzy managed it on a regular basis, especially with those terrifying high heels she always wore. Izzy had insisted that I wear something she picked out, and Izzy could be pretty stubborn when she wanted to be.  I supposed it was a Lightwood trait, it was definitely a huge contributor to all of the arguments she had with her brothers.  Her brothers.  If Alec caught us out here he would definitely kill us, if I didn’t die of embarrassment first.  Perhaps I would just sink down through the ground once and for all into my own grave.

Somehow, we made it out.  That wasn’t to say that we would make it back in, because I certainly wasn’t sure about that, but I was sure that Izzy would be able to sweet talk her way out of almost anything.  Or sweet talk somebody else into almost anything.  Like how she sweet talked me, into going on a date, with a vampire, with Raphael.

To be fair to Raphael, he wasn’t an awful date.  Sure, he could be snarky and sarcastic as hell, and had had a good few lifetimes to perfect the art of the perfect comeback, but that didn’t mean he was worse than me.  One of the good things about this constant bickering was that I think it made Izzy regret her decision to invite me along just a little bit.  I caught her rolling her eyes at Simon more than a couple of times throughout our meal at Takis Diner.  Especially when we first walked in.  
“Well hello there darling.”  Raphael had practically purred, his eyes crinkling with mirth as his lips tugged to the side in a smirk in reaction to the glare I shot his way.  
“Hi.”  I replied, stiff as a robot.  Simon stifled a laugh as he reached out to embrace Izzy in a warm hug.  
Raphael offered me a pout, his arms outstretched.  “Hey!  Where’s my hug?”  
“Same place as that Shax demon I banished yesterday, would you like to join it?”   
“I’m beginning to think that might be a better idea than this date.”  
“Good, then we’re on the same page.”
“Can’t you two be nice to each other for one night?”  Izzy interjected with a frown and a sharp glare. 

As it turned out, the answer was no.  Whilst we weren’t being serious, or at least not entirely with our insults and snippy snide comments, they did carry on for the rest of the night.  They continued through the meal itself, while I watched, with morbid fascination as Raphael and Simon both drank glasses of blood.  “Something the matter dear?”
“Just wondering how that stuff can possibly be appealing to you.”  I frowned, glancing at the deep red liquid.  
“Don’t worry darling, I’d much rather be drinking your blood.”  This was said with a deep breath in, which got him exactly the reaction he had desired.  With my fists clenching around my cutlery I managed to snap back with sickly sweetness.  “Well don’t you worry either sweetheart, I’d much rather be spilling your blood.  Guess we can’t all have what we want.”  
“I have to agree, I certainly don’t think I’ll be getting any -”
“Hm-hmm.”  Simon cleared his throat with a meaningful glance towards Raphael who sighed, leaning back with his drink in hand and a roll of his eyes. 
The bickering also continued along the walk home, although I did notice that as the night wore on, and we spoke more, chatted more, I began to like him more.  Not like like him, I was still head over heels for Alec, but I couldn’t deny that Raphael could be a nice guy.  When he wanted to be.  Or maybe it was just that I had wanted to see it before, or hadn’t looked close enough, hadn’t read between his sarcastic lines.  Either way, for somebody who was dead, he certainly managed to make me feel alive.  He managed to make me laugh and smile, and warm up to him little by little, right up until the moment Alec met us at the institute gates with a scowl to rival them all.  

Simon and Raphael got the message straight away, and scurried off into the night, leaving Izzy and I to approach a gently fuming Alec with dread curling in the pits of our stomachs.  “Heey.”  I greeted as I swung open the gate.  “Fancy seeing you here!” 
“Fancy not seeing you two here!  For the last 2 hours!  Where the hell have you been?  And why were you with that bloodsucker?!”  I took note of how when Alec said that, how he didn’t use the plural.  He was referring to Raphael, and Raphael alone.  
“We were on a date.”  Said Izzy with care.  
“A date?!”  Alec all but roared.  “With a vampire?!”  He was looking straight at me now, and I got the distinct feeling that I was the person his anger was directed towards.  Or perhaps it wasn’t quite anger.  Was it jealousy I was detecting?  “Do you have any idea-”
“It was my idea.”  Izzy butted in, her tone as pointed as her stiletto heals.  Hurt and a hint of betrayal flashed across Alec’s face.  
“Why?”  To me, he directed his next comment.  “I’m sorry she dragged you into that then, although you seemed to be having a very nice time.”  Was I imagining things?  To me, it sounded like jealousy, for sure.  
“I did have a very nice time, but I can assure you it won’t be happening again.  Raphael is nice, he’s funny, but I don’t see him that way.”  
“Oh.”  He seemed to pause to collect his thoughts.  “Well, that’s, good to know I guess.  But, why did you go on a date with him in the first place if you didn’t think of him that way?  You know he likes you-”
“Wait, what?”  
“And,”  Alec carried on regardless, “I don’t understand why you wouldn’t just ask somebody you do think of that way.”  Alec’s fists were now clenching and un-clenching at his sides as his eyes darted about.  He was thinking about something.  And if I wasn’t mistaken, he was jealous, which meant maybe this would be a good time to finally say what I had been thinking for a while.  
“Maybe I wasn’t sure he thought of me the same way.”
“Yeah, well you’ll never know if you don’t ask.”
“Okay then Alec, will you go out with me?”  For once Alec seemed entirely lost for words.  He nodded, still not uttering a single word, even as his mouth opened and closed while Izzy danced beside me.

anonymous asked:

"Call me now, it's urgent." And "Actually... I just miss you." With Midoriya pretty please with ice cream on top?

Thank you for requesting, lovely anon! I’m sorry it took so long, and I would also like to apologize for what you guys are about to read (whoops small tangent about to occur) I am posting this before proof reading and editing it (so it’s basically my rough draft) because I just felt so awful for not posting anything at all yesterday, and felt like I needed to put something out for you guys. Things have just been an absolute mess and I have just been devastated. Remember that all nighter I pulled to write up requests (All the matchups and five word prompts)? All of them got deleted. Every. Single. One. So I have to redo all those, and just ughh. I know it’s a really shitty excuse, but it just made me feel so awful- and just ugh. I honestly can’t explain what I was feeling, but it was something along the lines of frustration with myself for not having backups of my work. Anywho, I hope you guys can enjoy this hastily put together junk. It’s late, so hopefully I can correct stuff tomorrow morning when I have more of a level head.

A soft, unwarranted sigh escaped your slightly parted lips as you exited the bus that had stopped a block away from your house, the grip on your black duffle bag became tighter as you began to walk along the pavement . You were glad to be back, of course. After spending three weeks in America and sticking to a strict training regimen provided by an oh-so merciful aunt, any one would be tired. However, you couldn’t complain too much, seeing as the training was originally supposed to be a month long. Of course you were happy to be back, seeing as you hadn’t really had the chance to talk to any of your friends. You felt kind of bad for not replying to anyones’ texts or calls, but it couldn’t be helped. After all, becoming the top hero was your dream, so you absolutely refused to even spare a moment to glance at your phone, since it would take time away from either training, eating, or sleeping. Not that you got much of the last two anyways.

Having been lost in your thoughts for such a long time, you almost walked right past your house. In fact, you would have had it not been for your mother her happily shouted your name as you came into view.

“Oh, (y/n)! I’ve missed you so much! Did you tell your aunt I said hello? More importantly, why didn’t you answer any of my calls! I was worried sick young lady!” Your mother tsk’d, but couldn’t be too mad. She knew you would be busy, and she knew just how strict her sister could be.

“Yeah, I know mom. I’m sorry. I was busy the whole time! Thankfully, she said I had improved enough to be sent home early. Though, she does want me to return every few months…” Another sigh escaped your lips as your thoughts wondered to your very intense aunt, and how much more brutal would be once you came to visit her again.

Your mom began to walk inside the house, motioning for you to follow behind her. As the two pairs of feet padded in to the small, but comfortable house you couldn’t help the wave of happiness that overcame you due to the familiarity and comfort of being back in your own house.

“Hey, mom,” you began, as you toed off your shoes and neatly placed them on the mat by the door, “I’m just going to drop my stuff off in my room then take a short walk, if that’s okay? I kinda just want to revisit everything before I call it a night. I’ve missed this place.” You glanced up at your mother, who had a thoughtful look spread across her features.

“Yea, dear, that’s fine! Just make sure you’re home before sun down,” she stated as she swiftly turned around and walked into the kitchen, more than likely to clean up after dinner.

You nodded your head before making your way upstairs, passing both your parents’ and sibling’s room before reaching your own. You lazily tossed your bag onto the bed. Walking over to the abandoned bag, you quickly unzipped it and brought out your phone which had gone unused for such a long time. You quickly stuffed it into your pocket before dashing back down the stairs and out the door, shutting it loudly as your exited your house.

Your feet padded along the warm pavement, a small ‘thud’ following after each calculated step. (s/c) fingers fiddling with the phone in your pocket before finally fishing it out. You stopped walking for a moment as you thought about what to do. No one knew of your early return, except for your family of course. You could send a mass text to inform your friends and boyfriend, but you’d much rather surprise them by being in class the next day. However, since you were feeling a bit on the playful side, you decided to toy with your green haired angel. As you pressed his contact, you were weighed down by a bit of guilt. Seeing all the missed calls and messages you received from him was a bit heart wrenching, but you still decided to go along with your plan. You could only hope the poor boy wouldn’t have a heart attack when he read the first message he has gotten from you in weeks.

To: Izucute

‘Call me now, it’s urgent!’

Your tongue poked out between your lips as you typed that simple, yet alarming sentence out on the keyboard before sending it. After doing so you began to walk yet again, though not even a minute later was your phone buzzing with life.

Your (e/c) eyes shifted to the phone in your hand. The image displayed was one of a smiling Deku, which you had taken right before the both of you started dating. A faint smile tugged at your lips as you pressed the green button, bringing the phone up to your ear.

“(y/n)?! Hello?? Is everything alright? Are you okay?” Izuku began to shoot off one question after the other in his state of panic. He probably would have continued if you hadn’t cut him off.

“Izuku,” you began, an airy laugh fell from your lips, “I’m fine I’m fine. I just got some time off of training, and I wanted to call you! I felt kind of bad since I never got to respond to any of your calls or texts…” The sad tone your voice took on near the end of your sentence was more obvious then you had thought, and Izuku was immediately able to pick up on it.

“Oh! Don’t worry about it (y/n)! I understand how busy you must have been, especially considering how badly you want to be a pro hero.” It hadn’t been that long since you’ve heard Izuku’ voice, but it still sounded so different to you. Deeper, but not by much.

“Anyways! How have you been Izuku? Have I missed much?” You began to pick up your pace, hoping to get to your destination and back before it got dark. You breathing began to get shallow as your speed walk shifted into a jog, and then a run. You were careful not to drop your phone though, which was still pressed to your ear.

“(y/n)? You sound winded? Are you training again? You can hang up now, you know. I wont mind. I’m just glad you were able to call me at all,” Izuku murmured, a bit disheartened that he couldn’t talk with you longer.

“Ah? Okay, but before I hang up I do have something to confess,” your pace slowed back down to a walk as you approached the front porch of a small, quaint house which you had come to know so well. “I kind lied as to why I called you. I actually just missed you.” You brought your balled up fist to knock on the door, waiting for someone to answer, a soon enough a short, chubby green haired lady did.

“Hello, Mrs. Midoriya! Is Izuku home?” You placed your hand over your phones mic, and kept your voice in a whisper-like tone.

seeming to catch on, Inko nodded her head and pointed up. She mouthed ‘his room’ and offered a small smile and she ushered you inside the house and up the stairs.

“(y/n), that’s sweet and all, but I don’t want to distract you from your training! I’d feel so guilty if your aunt reprimanded you for being on your phone while working…” Izuku sighed, his words becoming solemn, realizing this conversation would come to a quick end.

“Yeah, you’re right Izuku…I just felt bad for not being an active part of your life for such a long time…but I promise to make it up to you soon enough.” With that being said you quickly hung up your phone and shoved it into your pocket. You made your way across the top floor to Izuku’s room. A small, smile found it way on your face as you placed your ear next to the green haired boy’s room. After not hearing much, you pulled away and knocked on the door.

“Come in, mom!” he called out.

With a small chuckle you opened up the door and walked up to his desk. His back was turned to you as he diligently worked on some school work.

“I never pegged you as the type to have a mommy kink,” You murmured, wrapping your arms around his shoulders.

“Eh??! (y/n)? I thought you were still training in America!” Izuku whipped his head to the side, straining his neck to see you.

“Well, I got let off early. I missed you a lot…and felt guilty for not talking to you for so long, so I decided to come over. Should I not have?” You murmured as you pressed a kiss to his cheek.

“No…it’s fine. I’m happy you came to see me. I’ve been missing you a lot as well,” he murmured, turning around so he could embrace you fully.

Writing A Musical - Step Four

Pairing: Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

TW: Alcohol consumption

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A/N: Guess who thought they posted this and it’s really been sitting in my draft for four days…. oops! Working on a few different things to make that up to you guys!

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Step Four: Don’t Forget the Music

“Yes, Dad, I understand. Okay, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

As soon as you hung up, Lin was back at the piano, trying to get a melody out before he forgot it. “Rum or Scotch?” He asked.

“Vodka. I need the burn.”

“Well, that’s a bit sadistic, don’tcha think?” He chuckled before directing you to the bottle.

“You haven’t met my father.”

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5 Things I’ve I’ve Learned While Writing My First Manuscript

Hello and welcome to my first blog post! I’m Laura – an aspiring writer, as you may have guessed by the title of this post – and I, like many others, have made a lot of horrible mistakes and revelations with my first manuscript. While I’m only halfway through my first draft, being the masochistic, self-embarrassing person that I am, I thought I’d share what those lessons were.

1.      The first line is hard.

It’s even harder when you put all this pressure on it that you really don’t need. It’s just a collection of words, just like the rest of the novel.

Don’t fret.

2.     Don’t go back and edit.

There were so many times when I finished a chapter or a scene and then realized: Shit. That’s not how I mapped that character. Or, oh my god, I just missed out a HUGELY important part of that character’s backstory.

What I’ve learned is that it’s the hardest but the best thing you can do for your novel to just. Keep. Pushing. Through.

You’ve got to grit your teeth and remember that this is what second drafts are for, because if you go back and rewrite something every time you notice a mistake, you’ll never finish the stupid thing.

3.     Outlines can be really fun. Or they can be torture.

This lesson is kind of unavoidable as a newbie writer. If you’ve never outlined your book before, you won’t know what sort of outline you like. So you could get 20,000 words into the story (like me), realize you screwed up your outline because you did it on Word instead of post-it notes, and lose your damn mind.

“Why is everything so disorganized!?” You scream, before slamming your head against the keyboard for the millionth time.

Take a deep breath. Stop writing. Redo your freaking outline.

4.     Finish ALL character construction before you start writing.

I didn’t take this step seriously because I didn’t take my writing seriously in the beginning; it was just something I was dabbling in which I hadn’t done in years.

But if you’re considering writing a novel, you have to finish all your character construction 100% before you can start the novel.

A lot of my characters have half-finished outlines. So sadly, I’m gonna have to take a break from all the fun writing I’ve been doing to map them out halfway through the story.

5.     Don’t be too hard on yourself.

I’m actually pretty good at remembering this lesson, but I think every writer finds it invaluable.

You don’t need to be the next F. Scott Fitzgerald in the writing world to have an incredible work in your hands – or, well, your head.

Remember that it’s okay to make the above mistakes, and many more (seriously, I could list hundreds). Just push the negative thoughts away for a moment, and keep tapping at that keyboard. Good things are bound to come out of it if you work hard enough.

So that’s all I’ve got to say on the subject. I’m sure I’ll have plenty more to talk about once my novel is finished and once I move onto the editing phase for my novel. Thanks for reading this far and I’d love to hear some feedback!

“I’m the biggest asshole you will ever meet. I will tease you about things and make snarky comments. My first language is sarcasm. But if I decide I want you in my life and you make me happy, I will do whatever it takes to keep you. If I know you’re having a bad day I’ll go to the store and buy your favorite ice cream and surprise you with it. Need a ride somewhere? You got it. Let me buy lunch today just because I want to. I’ll send you funny memes or pictures of baby animals to cheer you up. Lets sit and watch your favorite show even though I can’t stand that one actor. I’ll gladly proofread your paper at 2am the night before it’s due. I’ll call you just to tell you about something I saw that reminded me of you. I’ll send you a random paragraph about something you did three weeks that I found adorable and can’t stop thinking about it. I will keep a running list of things you mention you want, so I can get one for your birthday. I’ll make a playlist with songs we both like so we can listen to it in the car. I will draw you a picture everyday for a month and then cover your walls with them. I’ll read your favorite book in a day just so I can see what it is you love about it. Want a list of the things I love about you? Great it’ll be about 60 things long. I’ll write you a letter when I’m bored and mail it to you even though I see you in class. I’ll learn how to make your favorite meal. I save every picture you send me, even selfies, so I have something to look at when I miss you. If I see something that I know you will like I’ll buy it for you without a second thought. I will go ice skating with you even though I can barely stand up. I’ll drive 20 hours round trip just to see you for 2 days. Need help with your homework? I’ll do my best. You’re performing in something? Great when is it. I’ll go to that concert with you even though I have no idea who the band is. I will love you with my whole being. And I will still be the biggest asshole you ever meet.”

moriarteaparty  asked:

Your posts have helped me reevaluate the way I write, both as an academic and as a fiction writer. I'd like to echo the question of another ask, regarding transitioning from first to second drafts. Since following your advice, my first drafts are much more open and free-flowing, but I'm not sure how to edit without spending endless amounts of time trying to make it perfect, often rewriting the whole thing, so it often just feels like I'm doing the first draft again, and from scratch.

I really need to write that post on second drafts! But in the meantime, a couple of things:

1) Personally, I do have to rewrite it—by which I mean, open a new document and type the second draft clean. If I take really rough prose full of fragments and notes in brackets and try to edit that into something cleaner and tighter, I end up with a big mess. It’s much easier, for me, to write out the second draft fresh, using the first draft as a guide—almost as if I’m translating it. This seems like it would take extra work/time, but at least for me, it produces a much stronger second draft with far less agony and tying of my brain into knots. I just put the two documents side by side and refer back and forth between them as I go. (Arguably, I guess, my “first draft” is more like a .5 draft. But then, the second draft I produce feels more like a 2.5 draft…if that makes any sense.)

2) When I write out a second draft in a clean document, of course, I’m tempted to return to my old habits and get super fussy and cramped as I try to make everything perfect. So I have to remind myself to work fairly quickly, even though I’m no longer in the messy-first-draft phase. I can always nail it in the third draft, I tell myself—whether or not I end up writing a third draft. This is really just a way to trick myself out of slowing down and obsessing over every detail. On the other hand, sometimes I do write a third draft. This whole way of writing produces more drafts and more documents and more overall words, I guess, but ultimately I find this much easier than endlessly noodling with the language of a single document, and I like the results a lot more.

hey, it’s leesh aka @mackabees, and this is my new fic blog.

for quite some time, i had felt a little overwhelmed when it came to all things fic, so i took a much needed break from the fic world while i thought things through. my conclusion? starting fresh. as you can see, this is a brand new blog. it’s no longer just a side blog that sits there and haunts me, it’s a blog i can log out of and sit aside should things become a little too stressful again. plus, it feels kind of nice to have all fic things contained in one place only.

that being said, i will slowly be posting my fics onto this blog, but i will not be posting everything. most of the fics i will be posting are already on my fics page, but if you have any questions about anything else, please don’t hesitate to ask because not everything has been sorted yet.

i’ve spent most of the weekend organising this blog and getting everything ready (eg. chapters are in my drafts and ready to go), but there’s still lots that needs to be done so bare with me. until then, i hope you all understand and hopefully there will be some new chapters for you all soon!! <3