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“TFW you really enjoy your friend’s company but realise you have to go on the damn ferris wheel with him, and you’re terrified of heights”

I FINALLY DID MY OWN SELF INSERT ART, AND I HAD FUN WITH IT. The pose was referenced by THIS POST . Tagging @missmisdreavus and @cobalt-castle because I’m feeling kinda proud lmao and talking to them made me feel more comfortable with going for drawing something for me for a change! I hope you like it! D x

(For the record this would probabibly be Post-B//W 2)

A Coursework List for Magical Education

This is half a list I want to go over with my new learning buddy, and half something I may make in to a master post in the future. Use it as a syllabus to guide learning and fill in all the answers with your own research. Let me know if you would be interested in this being made in to a master post.



Binding enemiesBinding relationshipsBinding yourself


  • Banishing a spirit
  • Banishing a person
  • Banishing an energy
  • Banishing a situation
  • Why do banishments fail?
  • What to do when banishing fails.


  • Protection from energies
  • Protection from people
  • Protection from spirits
  • Protection from situations
  • Balancing and layering protections
  • The consequences of too much protection
  • When do we need protection?
  • Protecting yourself
  • Protecting items
  • Protecting rooms/areas
  • Magical protection circles

Honoring Spirits

  • What are spirits?
  • Building altars
  • Making offerings
  • Maintaining healthy relationships with spirits
  • Working with problem spirits
  • Meeting your spirit companions
  • Making new spirit companions
  • Creating spirit vessels
  • House rules


  • Building your first prosperity altar
  • Money Magic: Your First Spells

Self-Work Magic

  • Uncrossing magic
  • Blessing magic
  • Self-love magic
  • Beauty magic


  • Spell theory
  • Working long-term spells
  • Working short-term spells
  • Different techniques of spellcasting
  • Different spellcasting tools
  • Crafting your own spells


  • What is divination?
  • Why does divination work?
  • Divination with tarot cards
  • Divination with oracle cards
  • Divination with runes
  • Divination with I-Ching
  • Divination with spirit boards
  • Divination with pendulums
  • Creating your own system of divination

Hexes, Curses, and Dark Arts

  • What the heck are they
  • Why do people use them?
  • Dangers of the left-handed path
  • Hex breaking


  • How does energetic healing work?
  • How do crystals and plants aid in energetic healing?
  • Basic energetic healing spells and rituals
  • When to heal

Advanced Magic

  • The problem with teaching next level magic

Paper Fox Army

This tutorial will show you how to make an origami paper fox. Paper folding is something I’ve always liked to do, and I thought I’d post a tutorial on how to make one of my favorite creatures. You, too, will soon be making your own paper fox army once you practice making them (p.s. they will take practice!). 

You need two sheets of square paper to complete one fox. Take note of the picture in the next step to find out what the paper should look like after folding that particular step. Most of these folds are what you would consider a “valley fold” though a few are a combination of mountain and valley, hopefully following the instructions and seeing the pictures will help give you an idea of what direction to fold.

 …and now… on with the tutorial!

For a little history, this tutorial was made in 2008 and was actually constructed so it could be photocopied. The text was typed, printed, cut and pasted next to the illustrations. 

Ship and let ship.
—  What is wrong with people when they feel the need to tell you what to imagine in your own head and share with others of a like mind? IF YOU DO NOT LIKE IT STAY AWAY FROM IT. It’s that easy. STFU AND GO READ SOMETHING ELSE!
If I'm running late, you're gonna be late too.

First time posting my own story on this sub, after following for a while.

This happened last week. I had just got out of class, and the professor had insisted to make us stay for the 15 extra minutes he needed to complete the discussion of the topic of the day. I live relatively far from my university and I need an hour and something for commuting. I had an appointment after class and was running late for it since the professor had made us stay, so I was walking pretty fast on the sidewalk, dribbling any people in front of me when I could, in order to get to the station on time for my train. The sidewalk was quite small, with a width that was barely enough for two people, and had a fence on the side facing the road, so i couldn’t step off the sidewalk, surpass the people in front of me and then step on the sidewalk again. Since it’s this small, it is commonly accepted to walk one behind the other and leave space for people walking in the opposite direction and/or for people (like me) who are walking faster than you.

At one point I reached a group of four girls. They were occupying the whole sidewalk and walking really slowing, ignoring everyone around them. All of them were also smoking cigarettes. I approached them from behind and politely asked “excuse me, could you move a bit and let me pass?”. I got no reply. I tried asking again, but again no reply. They did notice me tho, because they kept looking back to check if someone was behind them and “accidentally” exhaled their cigarette smoke in my face. Note that while I have nothing against people who smoke, I absolutely hate people who smoke in my face because I start coughing really violently, I just can’t stand cigarette smoke. Anyway, they showed no sign of letting me pass. I was pretty much furious at that point, because I was gonna be late because of them. Being really close to them, I could hear them talking between each other. They had a train to catch but were quite early for it, so instead of taking a bus to the station they decided to go there by walking. Except they didn’t know the course… so they had the courage to ask me, the person closest to them, who had repeatedly asked them to let me pass, how to get to the station. This is where my petty revenge kicks in. I know that the station was a 10 minute walk from there (in fact, the station was my destination): you just need to turn left, cross the road and you’ll find the station right in front of you. Instead, I told them to turn right and walk for about 10 minutes, then turn left on a certain street and after another 10 minutes they would get there. They didn’t even thank me (figured as much), and happily followed my instructions by turning right.

I hope you were late for your train, assholes.

Okay one thing that I need the YOI fandom to do is to NOT CALL OTABEK X YURIO PEDOPHILIA

I mean this is my own personal opinion on it and something I need to let out so you’re free to ignore it if you want

To me, this ship is NOT pedophilia


Speaking of healthy, you have to admit that this is a healthy ship too. There are already too many posts about how healthy and good the ship is, so I won’t dwell on it, you probably already know what I’m talking about

Also, sorry if I’m wrong, but pedophilia is between a child and an adult right?

To me, when compared to an 18 year old, Yurio isn’t a child. Especially comparing him to Otabek, to me they are quite similar tbh

Compare a 15 year old to a 28 year old (Victor), NOW Yurio can be considered as a child in terms of shipping/relationship (not shitting on Victor/yurio shippers, I know that ships don’t reflect your beliefs and personality, just, like, ship them, but away from me, okay?)

So yeah, to me Otabek x Yurio isn’t pedophilia

“But legally speaking Otabek is an adult and Yurio isn’t! So it’s pedophilia!”

Yeah just like a 17 year old dating a 18 year old, but you can’t really talk about pedophilia

Also I suppose that depends on the countries, since legal age is different in some places (eg: I think in Japan it’s 20??)

Also something I’ve been meaning to say for a long time just for salt purposes, everyone in this fandom ships Guan Hong and Leo (17 and 19) sooooo… Yeah

Anyway what I mean to say is: I think that Yurio and Otabek form a very healthy and good ship despite what people say about it

(Though tbh by opinion might be a cultural thing, in my country people think it’s better that girls date older guys (as long as their age isn’t something like 14 yo dating a 30 yr old which would be downright pedophilia then) bc young guys are commonly thought to be immature and a bit dumb, so older guys are preferable for daughters in some cases. I gave a friend who married a dude 12 years older than him at 17 (religious stuff) and they have a very healthy and happy relationship?? They’re so in love it’s disgusting tbh.

All that to say that Yurio x Otabek is healthy and good currently and that I’d defend it with my life

Korra: I am my own person. 

Korra: I listen to no one.

Korra: I make the rules.

Korra: I am the most powerful being in the world.

Korra: I am the master of all four elements. 

Korra: I am the Avatar and nothing can stop me.

Asami: Korra , can you please come here. 

Korra: Yes, Asami? What is it? Do you need something? Lunch? A snack? Want me to move a mountain? Just ask and I’ll do it . Anything you want.


favorite psych moments: 5x10 “can i just say what i came here to say, please? i have a motorcycle. and you know what? it is the purest form of freedom that i have ever experienced. you zip through traffic, you park anywhere, you never have to take anyone to the airport, you certainly don’t have to help anyone move. easily the best purchase i’ve ever made in my life. and i have never regretted it. not for one second.”
“great. you love your motorcycle. is there a point to this?“

Let’s look at Sala (Sara?) for a moment...

I might have missed other discussion, and I’ve seen plenty of posts trying to ship her with Mila, but my gut says that girl is up to something…

1 - She gets very excited when she spies Yuri outside the elevator, everything in her posture says for just a moment she forgot anybody else was there. 

2 - During Emil’s skate she looks to the curtain for the next group, and is more concerned about somebody backstage than her own brother who would be skating next. 

3 - Specifically thinks something needs to change after Michele’s skate. 

4 - Is the first person to spy Yuri telling Victor to go back to Japan. 

I kinda hope I’m wrong, but I really expect that girl to throw a serious test into the Victuri relationship while Victor is away. I think she’s gonna try to make a move on Yuri, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s aggressive about it. 

Now I don’t think for a minute she’ll be successful, but it’ll already be a stressful time so her attempts will definitely add to that. 


30.11.16 / Wed

the past few days have just been me trying to find the motivation to start revising amath since I have a paper on 19th dec. motivation has been slow-going but is now picking up speed!! my friend and I went shopping for a file and cute stickers to keep all our amath notes which helped lots + DIY-ed my own phone case which turned out super cute so I’m in a really happy mood now ✨✨

Y'all need to grow up

I rarely do my own posts on tumblr. I just repost everyone’s amazing artwork. So this is something new.

I felt the need to post because, what the hell you guys? I’m sure I’m not the only one who loved season 4 for what it was. The Final Problem was one of the best episodes from season 3 and 4, and let’s face it, I believe they’re the weakest seasons.

The writers gave what they promised, and never was that once a relationship that was jokingly alluded to. It’s comical, a seemingly asexual man who gets high off of solving cases and his sidekick doctor, both living in a small flat and protective of each other. For those of you that look into that and find evidence for TJLC, good for you go have fun with that. It’s not the end of the world if one thing wasn’t confirmed.

But the negative reaction to TFP, the hate for Mark and Steven, is making me ashamed to be part of this fandom.

The fact that you’re all shitting on a magnificent show, a magnificent episode (give or take some gaffes // mind control? Really?) that dealt with the human heart and stripped Mycroft and Sherlock to the core of who they were. It was an interesting episode, it was a great episode; suspenseful, hilarious, interesting and just, well not really perfect because mind control???, but as close to a perfect episode as you can get.

Moving forward, a lot of you are acting like petulant children because something that was never promised to you didn’t happen. I find Johnlock amusing in the way that there’s evidence for it AND against it, and take it as you will but there’s love there, platonic or romantic.

It’s not the end of the world if it wasn’t confirmed guys. So stop throwing a tantrum and appreciate the episode for the suspenseful genius that it was.

This disjointed rant doesn’t make sense to me because I’m so pissed off at this fandom. I’ll write another one that makes sense and flows, but for what it’s worth, what I said still stands.

Johnlock wasn’t confirmed, it was never said to happen, there was no plan for it to happen, and the folks saying they’ve been let down need to poke their chin up because you’re getting mad over something that wasn’t promised. You’re creating this negative aura, not the writers who didn’t deliver on something that wasn’t promised, but you.

Season 4, for the most part was perfect.

Youtubers are not your Responsibility!

This topic has been on my mind for a while. Pretty much ever since the whole thing with Mark, Matt, and Ryan.  I rarely rant on here but this needs to be said.

When this started I kept seeing fan pages on insta hashtaging things like Areyouokaymark, Markhaschanged, or something along the lines like that. It’s all well and good to care about a youtuber and wonder if they are okay. What isn’t good is posting things about it and making your own assumptions. Anyone ever heard of the phrase “Assuming makes an Ass out of you and me”? I see people constantly starting rumors and assumptions if a small change happens. This really bothers me to no end because you don’t know the whole story. That’s the way youtubers lives work. They show you what they want to show you. They don’t need to tell us everything that goes on with their lives.


This means they are human. They have their own lives, their own personalities, they make their own choices. Some good, some bad. We can’t control what they do, nor should we be able to control what they do. Some are grown adults and can handle themselves. It is not our responsibility to try and “protect” them. The most we should do is tell them how much we love them and make them feel good about themselves. I know a lot of you are probably reading this and thinking “BUT SCRIBBY THEY ARE MY BABIES AND I MUST PROTECT MY BABIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOOOOOOVE THEM!!!!!!”

You can love them! I’m not telling you to stop loving them. What I’m asking everyone to do is to stop spreading rumors, lies, assumptions, and nasty comments to another youtuber about the youtuber or tubers you are tying to protect. They are big girls and boys and should be able to handle themselves like adults. Which brings me to my second point.


This also goes for youtubers girlfriends! You make yourself look like the ass hole instead of the youtuber you are attacking. If there is a conflict going on between two youtubers don’t attack one or the other. You are allowed to have an opinion, but there is a difference between voicing your opinion and trying to be an ass hole. If you attack another youtuber because you think they are hurting your favorite one, make sure you have all your facts right like oh I don’t know… MAKE SURE YOU KNOW THE WHOLE STORY FIRST!


This is my last point. If you don’t know what’s going on, don’t bug the youtuber about it. Writing the same question over and over isn’t going to get their attention. What you think is meant to be caring, they take it as annoying spam. Obviously if they don’t want to talk about it right now, don’t force them too. It is not your Job to find out what is going on. Just let them work it out by themselves and let them tell us on their own.

Now the reason I brought this up is because now I’m seeing rumors about how Jack and Mark aren’t apparently friends anymore because they don’t make as many videos as they used to. Both have super busy lives now. Now that Tyler is there and Jack tries to be everywhere at once, I’m sure it get’s harder and harder to find time to make videos with each other.

So with all of that being said. Do not spread rumors, Don’t assume that the youtuber is having problems with other youtubers, Don’t attack other youtubers without understanding the situation, and finally It is not your responsibility to protect the youtuber.

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Bruh, Sportarobbie first date. Lay it on me.

Robbie was at a loss. Sportacus had foiled yet another one of his plans, and all he could do was sit there and watch while Sportacus affectionately shooed the kids away, saying something about needing to talk to the villain.

“Robbie, are you ok?” He asked softly, grabbing Robbie by the arm and pulling him from the hole he’d managed to get himself stuck in.

“Yeah, just dandy, Sportakook. Now, if you’ll let go of me I have places to go and people to ignore.” But Sportacus didn’t let go, instead he grabbed Robbie’s other arm and forced the taller man to pay attention to him.

“I was wondering, Robbie. Would you like to do something with me?”

Robbie just gaped, what was the hero implying? Did he want to try and get Robbie to exercise or make him eat healthy?

“Why would I want to do something with you, Sportaflop?” His tone was a mixture of disbelief and disgust. Sportacus just looked away, the smile on his face faltering.

“I wasn’t meaning anything strenuous, maybe just a picnic. You can even bring cake if you’d like! I’d like to do something away from the kids for once…” Robbie’s disgusted expression fell as he noticed the Hero blatantly avoiding eye contact.

“So it’s not some trick to get me to be healthy?”

“No, Robbie. I’d like to spend time with you.”

Robbie had no idea how to respond. He couldn’t respond. Was… Was Sportadork asking him on a date!?

Slowly, Robbie nodded his head.

“I, uh, y-yeah ok, sure.” He choked out, feeling a lightness in his chest as the hero’s face seemed to light up.

“Ok, Robbie! I’ll see you at 7!” With that, the sports elf flipped away.


Robbie was pacing. Why was he pacing? Why was he nervous? It was just dinner with that stupid elf! He’d probably just stuff his face with cake while the idiot did push-ups. Groaning, he ran his hands over his face and turned back to his Automatic Wardrobe to re-pick his outfit. For the third time.

Finally he decided on a light purple shirt with a navy blue blazer and plum coloured pants. He didn’t understand why he was going to the trouble of dressing up, but he felt the need to. Maybe he just wanted to one up the hero. Ha! That must be it! He just wanted to make sure he looked better than that muscular pretty-boy of an elf.

Just as he was gathering the cake he was planning on eating, he heard a knock at the hatch.

“I’m coming, Sportadoofus!” He called up, grumbling as he shoved the cake in a container and made his way out of his lair.

“Hey, Robbie! I brought some blank- Oh.” Sportacus was standing there in his usual attire, minus the vest and arm braces. In his arms were a picnic basket and a pile of fabric that Robbie could only assume was a picnic blanket.

“You look… You look good, Robbie.” Sportacus said, smiling softly.

“Let’s just go already,” Robbie huffed out, container of cake tucked under one arm.

The two men made their way up to the top of the hill before Sportacus set everything down. He spread the blanket and pulled out the food he’d brought for himself. Apples, potato salad, and a container of strawberries.

Robbie made himself comfortable on the blanket beside the shorter man, and cracked open his cake container.

They didn’t speak much as they ate, the occasional comment from Sportacus and a sarcastic reply from his villainous date. Robbie reached over and grabbed a strawberry, almost tempted to throw it at the hero after a comment about falling in holes more often, but instead shrugged it off and dipped it in icing before popping it in his mouth.

Sportacus froze, eyes wide and mouth slightly open before a hearty laugh bubbled up from his chest.

“Is that all it takes to get you to eat sportscandy? Dipping it in sugar?” Robbie gave him a pointed look and did it again, much to Sport’s delight. He’d never admit it, but he liked seeing the hero acting like a normal person; not ready to run off at the slightest sign of trouble to save the day.

Sportacus looked away from him, a goofy smile plastered across his face. It was starting to grow darker, the Sun slowly inching towards the horizon. The sky was painted in hues of red, pink, and orange; clouds glowing the colour of embers.

“The sky sure is beautiful, isn’t it Robbie?” Robbie just continued to stare at the man beside him; features painted gold in the half-light.

“Yeah. Yeah it is,” he replied softly. Slowly, he reached across and rested his hand over the elf’s.

“I can’t think of a better view.”


Happy belated birthday, dear Joker/Jakob~~~!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ @jakorrinweek

I wanted to give him as much love as possible because he’s always so good to me (aka my avatar MUs)~ ;v;)/ My Corrin is giving Lily of the Valley to him because it means “you will surely be happy”.

I prepared a little something else for his birthday. I’ll post it sometime for my fellow Jokamu fans~!

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I’m so full of power, I feel like I can see without opening my eyes. Like I could go nova if I wanted to and have my own galaxy. Is this what it’s like to be Simon Snow? To have infinity in your chest pocket? - Carry On, Rainbow Rowell

a project for noticing

if you’re like me and you’re just mentally a mess sometimes, days can go by in a kind of indistinguishable haze. something that helps me is finding one thing to focus on and just observing it. photography is especially good for holding on to that observation. i guess it’s a grounding exercise. 

so for my own practice, i’ve started this blog, @a-glance-each-day, where i’ll share my focus pictures (hopefully daily).

if this sounds fun or helpful to you, please join by tagging #glance-each-day project or @-ing me in your post. you can post however often you want - it could be daily, weekly, or whenever you feel like you need it. i’d love to reblog your pictures here.


What an incredible tiny goblin she is. Again we haven’t had THAT many character moments with her but that’s okay. I think her next arc will come whenever they have to encounter Homeworld again. After all she does need to reform with a star soon.

As for this season, she got a new power to call her own, something that I’ve… explained to be not my favorite development, but it’s cool nonetheless. She also has her own place to live and has created the closest thing to an art display along with Lapis in the middle of nowhere.

Now that’s one relationship I never thought would work, but then again maybe our lime green pie can win over anyone with her adorableness. I do think we could’ve seen more of their development but honestly Beta was so adorable I don’t care much. I do believe that Lapis and Peridot are only friends, but that’s debatable.

Anyway, Peridot is adorable and I love her and I can’t wait to see more of her.

I am still working on my full Shady House analysis, but I have discovered something potentially huge that I think needs its own post.

Upon close inspection of this very large painting hung on the wall when you first walk up the stairs, I noticed it appeared to be a portrait of someone. A portrait of someone with long blonde hair, a round head and pointed chin, who is presumably female. A portrait of someone who could easily pass as Lusamine.

However many years ago it was before Aether built their island, Lusamine (and Mohn) had to live somewhere. They were probably also already very wealthy and had a nice house. The Shady House is a very nice house.

What if Lusamine still owned the house, but of course no longer lived there? The portrait is very large and placed in a central area of the whole mansion, visible right from the front, which is a typical location for a portrait of a wealthy homeowner.

What if she allowed Team Skull to take the property as part of their deal? That doesn’t really explain the rest of Po Town, but hey, it’s interesting food for thought.

(I have a rambling explaining what I theorize is the deal with Po Town posted here if you’d like to read it, as well as a detailed analysis of Guzma’s Shady House room posted here.)

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I'm glad you've been taking more asks, it definitely makes you/your blog more personable and approachable. thank u 4 being u

Thanks hun, I don’t know why I haven’t done it before.
I actually enjoy replying questions, like expressing my own opinion about something, giving advice to people in need, and so on.
I’ve also been asked several times to post pictures of myself, and i might do it in a couple of days, just the time to take a decent picture without looking like a freaking potato.
(And hopefully people will stop asking me if I’m a boy or a girl smh)


hello every1! here is a little sorrythatihavebeensoinactivelately-gift for all of my followers out there. i’ve been messing around a ton lately in S4S with skin-making, recoloring build and CAS objects, etc., and i actually finished something! they are technically “mens” underwear, but i haven’t tested if they work with the whole transgender update, so let me know if they work!

you will need THIS mesh by @lumialoversims

tou: pleeease be a decent person and dont claim these as your own. they took me about 5 hours in total to make!! if you use them in game and post about it, TAG ME!!!!!!!! i love seeing my content in other people’s games. it actually motivates me to make more ;)