i need to post more yoga pictures

i never liked sports in my life. in january i decided to go to the gym for my health bc i dont want to never be active in my life since that would lead to negative things in the future. i started doing cardio and a little weight lifting. i hated doing cardio and it felt so useless. i started doing only weight lifting and doing free weights as well and i LOVE it so much. i cant believe i actually enjoy going to the gym now and wanting to go bc i find it so much fun!! i honestly believe u just gotta find the kind of excersise u enjoy and just stick to that, whether its tennis, cardio, yoga or weight lifting.

just wanted to share that bc i feel like everyone thinks they need to do cardio… doing weights imo is so much more fun and also helpfull for body toning and stuff like that

if anyone is interested in more about my fitness journey and like pictures i will post more but for now i just wanted to share this


Forgot to post this yesterday, my post- post-run yoga picture and a quick shot of the park I run the trail around. My legs are feeling a little sore today so I’ve iced them a bit and luckily am not running until Sunday. 

Probably going to shoot for a mile depending on how my shins are feeling. I need to be more mindful of what I eat too, I’m noticing I feel better or worse depending on what I eat. I’m thinking of making a lot of changes at the beginning of September potentially? We’ll see. Hopefully by then I can run at least two miles without pain…

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