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Imagine Cow Chop/New Ideas/ Imagine James// Imagine Aleks// Ft. Trevor, Joe, and Brett.

“Aleks!!!” you knock on the door loudly, wobbling and dancing outside the door while the shower runs.

“What?!” he yells dramatically, you still have about an hour until you start shooting.

“I have to pee!” you whine, bending over to help alleviate the swelling of your bladder.

“Go downstairs!” he yells over the loud water flow.

“Joe’s in there!” you snap, growing impatient. Aleks laughs from inside the shower and he’s silent for a couple seconds.

“God damnit Aleks I’m going to kick your scrawny ass-!!” the door clicks unlocked and you give him a second to return to the shower before you walk in. Aleks hears you unzip your pants and he smiles mischievously.

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Friendship in Boueibu

Fair warning, I wrote this in 45 minutes and so it may be disorganized and full of too many Boueibu and Enatsu feelings. Anyway,  I felt a strong need to talk about the friendship between En and Atsushi today, so here we go!

I think the best way to touch the surface of their friendship is to compare it to the friendship between Atsushi and Kinshirou in their childhood. We don’t see much of it, but we can see that Atsushi and Kinshirou are decent friends. They go to a meadow to view shooting stars and Kinshirou is comfortable enough to make plans with Atsushi after class. They’re both from wealthier families and so it’s nice to see that what might have been a business-type relationship ended up as a genuine friendship.

We all know that Kinshirou hates curry because in his mind it’s basically food for commoners. He hates the sight of it, but especially the smell of it. And so, when Kinshirou invites Atsushi over to his house after school, Atsushi tells him he can’t because he has something else to do. Kinshirou’s hurt by this, but accepts it.

Atsushi’s “something to do” was to eat curry, and so we can take Atsushi’s unwillingness to visit Kinshirou’s house as him trying to spare Kinshirou’s feelings. At the same time, it’s just curry, and it really shouldn’t be a big deal to tell Kinshirou that he was going to a curry cafe. There could be a lot of reasons for Atsushi keeping it a secret. I think the most likely is that he was embarrassed by wanting to eat food he found delicious, but that Kinshirou deemed unworthy of being eaten by wealthier people.

They’re just kids, but even so it’s a little alarming that Atsushi seems to feel like he’s already walking on eggshells and can’t just tell Kinshirou he wants to eat curry. A good, solid friendship should be based on honesty and trust. Again, they’re just kids and they can’t be expected to have the maturity of teenagers or adults, but wanting to eat curry seems like such a small, unimportant thing that there should be absolutely no problem telling your friend you want to eat curry and that they’re welcome to join you.

When Atsushi leaves school to go to Cocokara Curry, he looks absolutely delighted. He’s so excited that he trips, although En catches him by the wrist to stop him from falling. Coincidentally, En is also on his way to Cocokara Curry and even has the same coupon as Atsushi. They head off together, immediately striking up a friendly conversation about food. Unfortunately, Kinshirou sees them walking together, and understandably gets the wrong impression.

That’s the problem with dishonesty. If Atsushi had just told Kinshirou what he’d wanted to do, Kinshirou wouldn’t have felt so betrayed. From his point of view, Atsushi had made plans with En to go out to eat curry and didn’t want to invite Kinshirou to join them. Even though Atsushi had meant to eat curry alone, by withholding information and not sharing his feelings, it genuinely does look like Atsushi ditched Kinshirou for En.

The next day, Kinshirou gives Atsushi the silent treatment, and when their class is finished, he leaves the room before Atsushi can even talk to him. En wanders over and asks if the two of them had a fight. When Atsushi says he’s not really sure, En suggests that Atsushi should talk to him about it, although Atsushi says it would be better to give Kinshirou space.

Years go by and Atsushi’s friendship with Kinshirou has crumbled away. You can see here and there throughout season 1 that Atsushi still makes an effort to talk to him, like in the very first episode where Kinshirou promptly brushes him off. Atsushi looks sad while he passes by the student council table, and in return Kinshirou looks angry that Atsushi is nearby. They’re both still waiting for the other to come forward, but neither does.

Atsushi’s childhood friendship with Kinshirou was fragile, but he put forth his best effort to repair it, even if he didn’t go about it the right way. It fell apart over something completely insignificant that really shouldn’t have mattered to either of them, and from the look of it they’d been friends for years before the curry incident.

Now to En and Atsushi’s friendship.

Like Atsushi and Kinshirou, Atsushi and En have different interests, but they also share a lot of core interests, too. For example, they both like to read, but Atsushi prefers to read novels and En prefers to read manga. They both like video games, but En’s not willing to put in the work to do more than is necessary to beat the game while Atsushi is perfectly happy to hit the level cap. They even prefer different New Year’s Eve activities, with Atsushi preferring to watch a DVD boxset and En preferring to watch a more classical genre singing show on TV.

The key is that neither one of them feels like they’re walking on eggshells. They’re honest with each other, and even though En’s lazy and makes Atsushi feel responsible for him, they’re not afraid to be open with each other. Atsushi is willing to tease En, something he clearly wouldn’t have been comfortable doing with Kinshirou; he’s willing to joke around with En, give him some minor jabs and is  even comfortable enough to flat-out tell En when he doesn’t want to do something, like fetching En coffee.

Episode 8, hands down my favorite episode of the series. I feel like up until this point, En and Atsushi were friends because it was convenient. That is to say that they had similar interests and had known each other a while, and so they were friends. Basically, they had a few years of history behind them. This episode really puts their friendship to the test, mirroring what broke apart Atsushi and Kinshirou’s friendship.

En and Atsushi are running late because… well, because of En. Considering that Atsushi is the one who makes sure En gets up for school in the first place, En was probably feeling particularly lazy that day. Anyway, despite running late, En suddenly decides to buy some bread, much to Atsushi’s dismay. Atsushi says he’ll go on without him, but walks slowly so En will be able to catch up, even though it’ll make him late, too.

When En finally does catch up, he’s been affected by the kotatsu monster. He immediately harasses Atsushi about how Atsushi left him behind. The important thing to note here is that Atsushi argues back. He lets En yell at him, because again they have an open and trusting friendship, but once En’s said his piece, Atsushi fires right back. There’s no fear or hesitation—Atsushi knows he can stand up for himself, and that he can call En out for his behavior without ruining their friendship.

Still, while they’re fighting on the way to school, it’s clear Atsushi’s picked up that there’s something wrong with En, even if he doesn’t know what it is.

When Atsushi gets to class, he still looks flustered. Upon noticing En isn’t there (HOW DID HE LOSE HIM?!) he asks to go to the infirmary because he knows that’s where En must be. This is another key difference between Atsushi’s friendships with Kinshirou and En. With Kinshirou, he tried to wait it out, but that completely backfired. He’s not willing to wait it out with En, and besides, he probably feels that since they do have an open and honest friendship that they’ll be able to talk it out.

En pulls a Kinshirou and gives Atsushi the silent treatment, but Atsushi won’t have any of that and keeps shaking him until En finally throws off the covers and loses his temper. En, in the ultimate tsundere fit, tells Atsushi that it’s annoying when he’s so smothering, despite complaining that Atsushi wasn’t smothering him enough less than an hour ago.

It’s at that point where Atsushi loses his will to fight and falls back on his wait and see approach. En’s words were hurtful and cutting—and they both know it. So, Atsushi leaves En alone in the infirmary to sulk.

Later, En is losing his mind in the club room, literally rolling around on the floor in a comical, but childish manner. When Yumoto, Io and Ryuu come into the club room, they’re shocked to hear that En and Atsushi were even capable of fighting in the first place. En very clearly knows what he’s been saying and how he’s been acting has been wrong, but he doesn’t know why it’s happening or what to do about it.

While they and Wombat are trying to console En, Atsushi walks up the stairs toward the club room. Amusingly, En is hyperaware of Atsushi’s presence and actually recognizes the pitch of his footsteps. Not wanting to get into a confrontation, En climbs out the window and onto the roof before Atsushi enters the room. Although Atsushi just came by to retrieve his novel, he notices En’s bag on the floor near the desk and, also not wanting to get into a confrontation, he tries to leave.

Before he can get out of the room, Yumoto asks him if En and Atsushi had a fight, Atsushi suggests that En’s just sulking and that he needs time to chill out. Hearing that, En charges into the club room again, asking how Atsushi could have the audacity to talk about him like that, and why Atsushi doesn’t care about him.

Again, Atsushi is visibly flustered, but it’s once more important to note that Atsushi argues back. He knows that even if they’re fighting, their friendship is solid enough that a fight over something small and insignificant won’t break it. When En accuses Atsushi of liking Yumoto more than him because of the number of emoticons he uses, Atsushi doesn’t hesitant to defend himself, and again calls En out on his inappropriate behavior.

Eventually, En and Atsushi go their separate ways and Yumoto and the others make an effort to find out what happened to cause such a huge shift in En’s personality.

Once Atsushi finds out that En’s been acting this way because of a monster, his expression is a mixture of relief and sadness. By this point, En’s behavior has probably made him think about his fight with Kinshirou and how their friendship had ended. Atsushi certainly didn’t want to have a repeat of that fight. While he’s glad that En’s just affected by a monster and doesn’t actually hate him out of nowhere, I imagine he’s devastated he didn’t realize it sooner. Even though En has plenty of bad habits, and even though En can sometimes be a little mean with his jabs, I don’t think there had ever been a time before this point where En ever insulted Atsushi, on-screen or off-screen. I think Atsushi assumed, especially after their fight in the club room, that his friendship with En would end the same way his friendship with Kinshirou had ended.

The Battle Lovers go confront the monster of the week, and Atsushi is incredibly determined in this fight. He wants his lazy friend who can’t be bothered back, and he makes sure the monster knows it. The monster gets the upper hand and nearly makes a Final Blow on Atsushi before En swoops in to save him.

En’s still affected by the monster, but no matter how irrationally angry he is, his friendship with Atsushi is what’s most important to him. En admits how stupid he feels and how upset he is that he was nearly responsible for ruining his friendship with Atsushi, and he uses that anger to give a beat down to the monster. When it tries to affect En again with its radio waves, Atsushi defends him. Even though they’re both under the effects, their friendship is important to both of them and they’re able to overcome the effects together.

Once the monster’s defeated, En doesn’t even Love Out before dropping to his knees and bowing as low as possible as he apologizes to Atsushi. Even though he said and did those things under the influence of the monster, he’s still willing to take responsibility for his actions. They’re both an emotional mess, with En apologizing profusely and Atsushi being unsure how to handle so many apologies.

Later at the Kurotama Bathhouse, they’re trading apologies back and forth for pretty much every indiscretion there’d ever been between the two of them. Amusingly, when En apologies for snooping through Atsushi’s phone—something he’d done before the monster incident—Atsushi tells him that yeah, he shouldn’t do that and En agrees.

The contrast between Atsushi’s friendships with Kinshirou and En is so strong. Again, I understand that Atsushi and Kinshirou were just kids and it’s not particularly fair to compare it to Atsushi and En in their final year of high school.

The thing is, even though Atsushi and Kinshirou eventually do reconcile, their friendship is kind of awkward afterward. They’re both afraid to talk to each other as if any small thing could send their newly patched up friendship tumbling into the garbage heap. Still, I think that by the end of season 2 and the OVA, the friendship between Atsushi and Kinshirou has strengthened considerably. The two of them will probably go to university after graduation, although most likely not together. I have a feeling Atsushi would settle for a local university, although maybe not if his parents wanted him to go somewhere specifically. It probably depends on En, because I can’t see either of them being willing to have a long-distance friendship.

As for Atsushi and En, I really like how subtle everything is with them. They’re so happy just to sit next to each other and do different activities; all that matters is that they’re with each other. En is willing to do just about anything for Atsushi if he thinks it’ll make Atsushi happy. And sure, sometimes it’s not a big deal, like waking up early on the weekend to make a cake for Atsushi, or orchestrating his elaborate scheme for the Christmas party so Atsushi can get that photo of the student council. On the other hand, even in the game he has more consideration for Atsushi than the does the MC, even if the MC is on the love route for him. He makes Atsushi a cake on his birthday, but he can’t even remember the MC’s birthday or be bothered to ask when it might be.

I really do think that En and Atsushi complement each other incredibly well. It’s fitting that their elements are water and air, the two elements that flow, with water representing emotional adaptation and flexibility, and air representing compassion, wisdom and open-mindedness.

I’ve been testing out some exposure blending and different editing styles lately, I think this one turned out pretty well. I blended 3 different exposures in this image. This was my campsite at the Agua Fria National Monument before going up to Sedona for the weekend, I was lucky to have such a beautiful sunrise that morning. I wasn’t planning on shooting anything in the morning, just heading to work, so I was scrambling to find a decent composition before this amazing light disappeared. I was hoping to get some star-scapes in Sedona the next night, however the clouds rolled in. Milky Way season is back now so I’m hoping to get some more pictures and some much needed stargazing. 

I’m a Walking Travesty

Genre: Fan Fiction
Pairing: Jai Courtney/OFC (Roo)
Warnings: Language
Rating: PG13
Length: Short Story
Disclaimer: a strict work of fiction, I own nothing except the original characters and the plot line. In no way am I affiliated to any of it.

A/N: I can’t wait for everyone to see what I have planned for these two :D 

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anonymous asked:

Thinking of getting a Rock island 10mm 1911 double stack, heard you have one, could you do a review? Would like the option of full loads but don't plan on anything excessive, just need a 1911 and a 10mm, why not both together


I own the PRO Match Ultra 10mm (Armscor 52000)

So far, I currently have roughly 1100 rounds of various 10mm thought it. Ranging from weaker Magtech & Armscor to hotter Buffalo bore & Underwood, and it hasn’t choked up yet. Only mechanical issues I’ve had so far are mag related (slide not locking back).

It is the softest shooting 10mm pistol I’ve encountered and is extremely accurate. From a ransom rest, it regularly groups ~2in at 50 yards with decent ammo, with the best group being 1.6in and worst being ~2.5in. 

The trigger is pretty decent, with very little creep or grit. Nothing that will “wow” anyone used to nice 1911 triggers, but decent nonetheless. 

The parts fitting is decent. Tolerances between slide and frame rails, beavertail grip safety and frame and grip panels and frame are looser than you’d get on something like a Dan Wesson, Les Baer, or some other higher end 1911, but still very nicely fit.

The large size & heavy of the pistol can makes it a royal pain to carry, if you were planning on doing that. Along with some of the parts (mainly the safety) being rather “sharp”, making it even less comfortable to carry. Also, the size of the grip might be too large for some people's’ hands

With it having a bull barrel, take down can be a little annoying. Essentially requiring the use of tools (or a paper clip).

Also, these guns are quite hard to find (only 50 or so are made a month) & aren’t exactly cheap. I got lucky & found mine for 950 bucks. Most tend to go for $1000+, if you can find one. It uses para 16.40 mags, which also aren’t exactly cheap nor easy to find, as well.

Overall, I don’t have too many bad things to say about it. It’s actually one of my favorite pistols that I’ve bought in recent memory.

Any questions, just ask.

10 Ways Rebel of the Sands Gives Us Han and Leia Feels

Rebel of the Sands is a desert fantasy that follows the escapades of Amani and Jin, two rebels with a relationship that’s hotter than the sun but not exactly candy hearts and roses. In fact, they totally remind us of another romance on the run – Han and Leia from Star Wars…except they’re gender-swapped. Read on for the 10 reasons why:

1. They’re technically on the same side. But one of them is a little bit more committed to the cause.

“So which one of those countries are you blowing up factories for?” I prodded the sun on his chest. The Xichian symbol.

2. While the other is a bit more focused on their own survival.

“I just need help getting anywhere that’s not here. Somewhere with a train or a decent road. Then we can call it quits.”

3. And doesn’t really think before acting.

“Do you have a death wish?” Jin sounded almost impressed.

4. And definitely shoots first.

My gun was in my hand in a flash, ready to execute some half-formed plan.

5. They seem to object to using each other’s real names.

“So, ‘Blue Eyed Bandit,’” I opened my eyes as the foreigner sank down next to me, propping his arms on his knees. He didn’t look at me when he spoke. “It’s better than ‘Eastern Snake,’ at least.”

6. They fundamentally seem to be at their best together when firearms are involved.

My shoulders felt tight, like my arms knew I couldn’t bear to miss a shot. But he was trusting me. So I nodded ever so slightly.

7. And when they’re bickering you can’t help but think “JUST KISS!”

We stood close, anger pulsing between us. My heart was beating fast – or maybe that was his.

8. But kissing always seems to happen in the middle of peril anyway.

There was no time to run and even less time to think. We needed to hide. Only there was nowhere to hide – except exactly where we were standing. I yanked Jin back towards me.

9. And it doesn’t mean that they’re any better at properly admitting their feelings for each other.

“You don’t believe in God,” I said. It came out half a croak just as he closed the last of the space between us with a kiss.

10. And finally, one of them is occasionally unclothed for no real reason, but no less badass.

“I can get you a clean shirt.” I managed. I was having trouble keeping my eyes on his face when there was so much else of him on show.

Gif credit: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

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