i need to not argue anymore

So… they cancelled that comic to replace it with a 125 page wedding extravaganza, right? I need at least 30 pages of Jack arguing with Gabe over the ratio of black to other colors in the interior decorating scheme before I won’t be mad at Blizzard anymore. 

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So Snape vs james confessions are off limits but racism is fair game? I continually see racist or race baiting confessions on this blog and it's beginning to make it difficult to follow.I don't think people need to be reminded that so many people hate the idea of black people existing in the hp universe. Someone saying they hate having to continually see a character imagined as black is racist btw. Maybe we shouldn't give racists a platform?

I’m pretty sick of seeing it too. Actually, I’m not making them anymore. Any left in the queue will play out, but after that, I’m done. Harry Potter is no place to be arguing about race politics and whatnot. ~Taiga

Supernatural Season 11 Finale Prediction

Okay, so I’ve got a little headcanon/prediction on how the finale might go. Mainly on destiel, but who cares because I’m destiel trash™

Its almost the end if the episode: Amara is defeated, blah, blah, blah…

But Cas still hasn’t come back

Dean is trying to convince him to push Lucifer out, practically begging. “Cas, please, its over now. You don’t have to do this anymore…”

Cas FINALLY realizes that Amara is gone, that his little deal with Lucifer has run dry. That he doesn’t need Lucifer anymore. He starts to argue with Lucifer in his mind, who still wants to keep Castiel as his vessel. Forever.

Outside, Cas doesn’t say anything, but inside his mind is a full-scale argument that could turn into a fight any second. Dean is getting more worried. Why isn’t he answering, he asks himself. Doesn’t he want to come back?

Cas is trying his hardest to expel Lucifer, but Lucifer has an extremely strong hold on him. He says something about how he’s too strong for him, since he’s an archangel. That now that he has Castiel as his vessel, it will stay his vessel until HE wants to leave.

Outside, Dean is tearing up, begging harder. Cas hears him, but after a few seconds Lucifer blocks Dean’s voice out. Cas and Lucifer begin to fight.

A few minutes pass, and Lucifer forgets to keep blocking out Dean’s voice. Dean sounds like he’s crying, or just about to. Cas can’t exactly tell. But Dean IS crying.

Lucifer has an extremely strong grip on Castiel’s arm when we hear Dean’s voice. “Cas, please…We need you…I need you…”

Camera pans back to Dean’s face. “…I love you.”

Back inside Castiel’s mind, we see him with a shocked look on his face. He gives a small, barely audible gasp. He strains harder on Lucifer’s grip and breaks free. What he doesn’t know is that Lucifer let him go. Just before a bluish-white light engulfs him, about to expel him, he smirks and gives a short laugh. Castiel then successfully expels Lucifer from his vessel.

Outside, Castiel collapses to the ground, unconscious. Dean runs immediately to his side. A few seconds pass, and Cas’s eyes flutter open. Dean let’s out a huge sigh of relief and hugs him. “Cas…You’re okay.”

When he breaks away, Cas looks up at him. Dean grins. Everything’s alright, he thinks. He’s going to be okay. He’s going to smile and say my name like he always does.

Cas opens his mouth to speak, his eyes scrunching in his usual way and his head tilting slightly to the side on Dean’s arm.

“Who are you?”


Title: Stubborn

Genre: Smut

Member: Jackson

Words: 1,272

A/N: The beginning of this was originally written for Don’t Lie to Me, but I wasn’t feeling it at that time. I don’t know why I didn’t continue it sooner. Maybe I just really needed a distraction tonight. BUT FINALLY I WROTE SMUT FOR MY ULTIMATE BIAS p.s. I’m too tired to proofread tonight so I’ll do it tomorrow.

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Relationships - Rick Grimes

Requested by anonymous

“Where’s Carl going?” you asked as the young boy walked away from the group.

“I don’t know, he doesn’t really tell me anything anymore,” Rick grumbled before also walking away. You had noticed the growing gap between the handsome sheriff and his son, and you felt terrible about it. Lori had died not too long ago, and they just lost Judith, too; they needed each other. 

“Carl,” you called after him, running to catch up to him. 

“What do you want, Y/N?” Carl said as he continued to trudge through the woods. 

“Where are you going?”

“I just need to get away, I need some time to myself.”

“It’s too dangerous to go by yourself.”

“I can handle myself!” he argued.

“I know you can. So does your father,” you mentioned lightly.

“No he doesn’t, he just wants to baby me. If he had done that with everyone at the prison, we wouldn’t be stuck out here.”

“That was not your dad’s fault. He did the best he could do. The governor was crazy.” Carl didn’t respond to that, so you continued to follow him in silence. 

“Do you think we’ll get to Terminus?” he asked after a long pause. 

“I think so. I think we need to,” you said thoughtfully.

“Do you think there will be, uh, girls there?” Carl eventually mumbled out. A huge grin broke across your face and you draped your arm around Carl. 

“Girls, eh?” you joked.

“Shut up, just forget I ever said anything,” he said, trying to hide his blush.

“Carl Grimes, do you like girls?” you teased.

“I said shut up, Y/N.”

“No, no this is good. Since you’re asking, I do think there will be girls there. Well at least I hope, for your sake anyways. I mean you can’t just keep staring at Michonne all day,” you joked some more. 

“I do not stare at Michonne,” he said as he playfully shoved you. 

“But you did stare at Beth?” Carl blushed even more. 

“Yes. I did.”

“Dude, she was so much older than you!”

“I know, I know. I kind of like older women,” Carl said with a smile. You tried to hold back your laugh, but it erupted in a giggly snort. 

“Older women? You never stared at me,” you said jokingly offended.

“That’s because my dad’s got that one covered,” he said knowingly. This time it was your turn to blush, which made Carl laugh some more. You laughed it off and placed a hand on his shoulder.

“Let’s head back,” you said as you turned around. You were inches from a walker. Carl shot it before you could even gasp, splattering the blood on your face. You laughed as you tried to clean it off. 

“Hey, maybe my dad won’t stare at you now,” he joked.

“Carl Grimes, I am going to kill you!” you shouted as you jumped on his back. 

“Y/N! You’re so heavy!” he joked as he continued to carry you piggyback style. 

“Oh shut up, when you find your dream girl at Terminus, you’ll want to give her piggyback rides,” you said as he continued to walk back. The both of you were laughing so hard when you got back to your small camp, that Michonne and Rick could hear you for a while.

“Keep quiet, will ya?” Michonne said as she looked around. “If we can hear you, so can the walkers.”

“Sorry,” the both of you whisper laughed. 

“Put me down, Carl,” you demanded. 

“Fine,” he said as he tossed you back on the floor, causing Michonne and Rick to laugh along with you. 

“This isn’t over,” you said as you stood back up and lunged towards Carl. 

“Alright,” Rick said intervening with a slight smile on his face. “Y/N, how about you help me find some water. That way the two of you can stay apart from each other.”

“Fine,” you said as you followed Rick. When you reached a small river, Rick stopped and looked at you. 

“I don’t know how I can thank you,” he said.

“What do you mean?”

“You made Carl smile again,” he said, looking down. “I don’t think I could of ever done that without you here.”

“It was nothing really, we just talked about relationships mostly,” you said.

“Relationships?” Rick asked with a tilt of his head. 

“Yeah,” you said instantly regretting it. “Just, Carl asked me if I thought girls would be there at Terminus, and I said yes. So we mostly just talked about that,” you said, wanting to stop the conversation. 

“What about your relationships?”

“My relationships?” you asked with a snort. “Well, we didn’t really talk about it. But Carl did say,” you paused and saw Rick was just inches away from you. “Something,” you said just above a whisper.

“Something?” he asked at the same tone, moving a piece of hair out of your face. 

“Yeah, he said you, uh, stare at me,” you mumbled.

“Carl sees more that I thought,” he said.

“So you do stare?”

“You’re incredibly beautiful, ya know.”

“I am? I mean, uh, thanks.”

“Do you mind if I stare?” he asked, inching closer to your face, his eyes locked on yours.

“Have a hot cop stare at me? Who wouldn’t want that?” you joked, and immediately blushed at your comments. Rick chuckled a little bit before placing his hand in your hair, on the back of your neck.

“Thank you for helping Carl today,” he said.

“It’s no pro-” you began before being cut off by Rick’s lips against yours. He kissed you softly at first, but once you placed your hands in his hair, and his were on your waist, he deepened the kiss. He lifted you up, so your legs were wrapped around his torso, and laid you down on the grass. 

“Dad?” Rick pulled away for a moment before placing a finger to his lips. He crawled off of you and stood up. 

“What is it Carl?”

“You’ve just been gone for a while. It’s getting dark, you should probably come back. Where’s Y/N?” he asked with a smirk.

“Just head back, we’ll be there in a few,” he said, waving Carl off. Rick turned back to you. He crouched down next to you to continue kissing you but your stood up.

“He’s right, we should go,” you said kissing him softly. He grabbed your hand and spun you around to face him. 


“Rick, we should go. It’s getting dark, and we will have to protect our camp. Come on, you can stare at me on the way back,” you joked as you grabbed his hand and led him back. 

“I love you,” he said when you were almost to camp. You blushed and kissed him quickly.

“Took you long enough,” you whispered.

Okay so obviously I’ve only skimmed the more recent comics, but in an effort to find out what Sega’s new mandates for the comics actually are I ended up finding some forum threads and the like where people were arguing about them and like… man, I just don’t get what some people really expect out of a Sonic comic

Like who cares if Sonic has “plot armor”? Or if they can’t show his parents in the comics anymore? Or if his personality can’t change all that much? There are other ways to tell a compelling story than making Sonic get his ass kicked all the time, or showing his family, or having him grow up. “Character development” comes in many forms. Sometimes a character doesn’t need to actually change all that much if the audience’s perception of them can change. You can see how Sonic reacts to different situations, and that’ll inform how we see him as a character. We don’t need Sonic to hit rock bottom to tell an entertaining story

And of course people always argue about individual little Sega mandates and it’s just. It’s so silly. How mad can people really be about Sega not allowing Emerl to show up in the comics? He’s dead, dude. He died in Sonic Battle and then they made Gemerl, who IS in the comics. Who cares if they can’t call the planet Mobius anymore? Who cares if Amy can’t change clothes? Does that really affect anything?

Also, like. Honey’s in the comics now. That makes them objectively better

Daddy’s Little Kitten

Artist: Sik-K / Kwon MinSik

Genre: Angst / Smut

Word Count: 1711

Requested: No

There we stood, chests rising slowly, breathing loudly, intense stares. That’s all that would do these days. No love. No affection. All we did was argue. Fight over petty little things. And it always ended the same way. One of us leaving, just to come crawling back. But I was done. I still couldn’t figure out what had happened to my sweet, dorky MinSik. He was replaced with this angry man who, sadly, only came out around me. I didn’t need this. I didn’t want this. “We should just bre-“ and that’s when I was cut off. “Don’t say it. Don’t you dare say it, Y/N.” His gaze was stern, fueled by anger. But I didn’t care, not anymore really. I needed to say this. “We should break up.” I stated, tears close to spilling over and on to my cheeks. He rushed to me, his angry expression gone, replaced with a worried look. “No no no…” Grabbing my cheeks, he leaned his forehead onto mine. “Please don’t say that, baby.” I watched as a tear fell from his eye and slid slowly down his cheek. Pushing him away, I shook my head while backing away. “This isn’t healthy, MinSik. Fighting everyday isn’t good, for either of us.” I watched as he shook his head and reached out for me, but I pulled back. “You’re making this harder than it has to be.” Grabbing my things, I ignored looked at him, not wanting to see the broken look on his sweet sweet face. I couldn’t. I wouldn’t be able to leave if I did. “I’ll come back for my things.” And with that I walked out.

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i think a lot of liberals really see ideology as a battle between logics that will be inevitably grasped by the populous because of their natural truth. but like thats not true at all, the internalization of ideology is luck and influence and manipulation. it and its methods of growth exist whether you like them or not lol and you just need to realize that the power in individual acquisition of ideology shouldnt be ignored just because of the moral high ground of supposedly natural logics

Draco X Reader: I Heart U

“…Filthy Mudblood-”

“Why don’t you quit it, Malfoy?” You sent an icy glare his way and led the poor first year he was torturing away. Turning back to the blond, who was laughing with his friends, you said, “Why do you have to torment little kids? They’re scared as it is. They don’t need you idiots frightening them anymore.”

“Honestly, (Y/L/N),” Malfoy rolled his eyes. “Must you be such a goodie-goodie?” You felt a blush creep up your cheeks as you tightened your grip on the books you held protectively in front of your chest.

“I’m not a goodie-goodie,” you mumbled.

“Better hurry, (Y/L/N). You’ll be late to class,” Crabbe taunted. You would have stayed and argued longer, but you really were going to be late to class, so you scurried away (causing them to laugh more).

By the time you got to Transfiguration, the only seats available were at the back of the class. You sat in the second to last row. Mere seconds before the bell rang, the classroom door burst open and Malfoy and his annoying groupies came in, laughing maliciously the whole time. You figured they’d just hexed some unsuspecting victim. They all sat down in the last row, and you could hear Draco’s snarling voice right behind you.

The more you tried to ignore them, the more annoying they got. They whispered loudly (but not loud enough for McGonagall to hear) and threw little balls of parchment at you, aiming to get them stuck in your hair. Finally, you turned to face them and mouthed, ‘You are so immature.’ This made them burst out laughing.

“May I ask what is so funny, Mr. Malfoy?” McGonagall asked, crossing her arms in front of her chest.

“Sorry, Professor. (Y/N) here has just told us the funniest joke.” You felt your skin crawl at hearing him say your first name.

McGonagall narrowed her eyes at them, but sent you a sympathetic look. You were usually good in class and she felt bad you were stuck near them.

Towards the end of the period, they started to calm down and take notes. You’d actually forgotten they were there until you felt something running down your back. You tried to ignore it, but grew worried one of them was trying to hex you. You turned to find Draco running his long, pale index finger all around your back, but staring to the front of the room, pretending to be unaware he was doing it.

Assuming he was just trying to annoy you, you turned back to your work. Eventually, his movements caused shivers to run up and down your spine and it was too hard to concentrate. You were about to turn back to him and hiss something snarky when he started to write something on your back with his finger.

You felt an ‘I,’ and then he drew a heart, then a ‘U.’ Your blush returned and your eyes widened as he began absentmindedly finger-doodling on your back again. You tried not to tense up, knowing if you did, he’d feel it. You decided he was trying to fluster you. He was only playing a joke. Eventually, he removed his finger and you breathed a silent sigh of relief.

You couldn’t stop thinking about this, but you decided not to give him the satisfaction and you pretended like it didn’t happen. When the bell rang, everyone quickly filed out for a free period. Even McGonagall left quickly. You, however, always had a habit of taking your time to gather your books so not to forget anything.

“(Y/L/N),” you heard from behind you. You rolled your eyes.

“That was a cute little message, Malfoy,” you smirked.

“So, how 'bout it?” He made his way in front of you now, sitting on your desk. “Wanna be my girlfriend?”

“Oh, very funny, Malfoy. I bet your friends will get a kick out of th-” You looked around. His friends were nowhere to be seen. Looking him in his grey orbs, you asked, “Are you serious?”

“Of course I’m serious.” The look on his face was pretty sincere, and you didn’t think he could fake it even if he tried. You sighed.

“Yes. I’ll be your girlfriend.”

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Drivers that know Usnavi asking if the bodega is open and if they have time to stop in, because they all just assume Benny always knows. Normally he does. But because theyve not been talking he just snaps, "how would I know, he doesn't even talk to me anymore" and 1) ow 2) BENNY HASNT BEEN TALKING TO HIM EITHER. So he storms over and they start arguing WHILE THE DISPATCH IS ON until "better go, I wouldn't want anyone to think you were serious about me meaning something to you-" (1)

(2) “oh, don’t start! You agreed!” “I lied! Of course you mean something to me, you mean everything to me!” And benny finally fucking kisses him. Again, with the dispatch on. There are woots in the background from the radio.

Who needs Spanish soaps when you have these damn losers running around the heights.

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lmao, Louise basically confirming she thinks johnlock shippers are just dull trolls twitter(.)com/Pandamoanimum/status/841223144497115136 like, how much time people need to understand it makes no sense to expect ANYTHING from the cast and crew and argue with them because they all openly despise us? she's not even hiding it anymore, sherlock is over, so she can openly say what she's thinking of us.

But people are in mourning and demand answers! We won’t get them from the cast, I’m rather sure - still, it helps to voice how hurt we are. They took our money and loved us when we pliantly followed them - but social media has two sides, as has communication. Now that some speak up, we are all suddenly trolls. There is such a thing as a culture of debate. And it might help if both sides would listen to one another. Fans are not a mute mass you can milk for their money. We love - and we criticise. As everyone else. And we criticise the hardest what we loved the most. It’s not nice to be criticised - but is it important to voice criticism. As a feminist, Ms Brealey should know that.

And once again, we argue. We argue about stupid things, like who we are hanging out with or how you spell a word in a different language. It has become a natural thing, arguing. And to be honest I am not happy anymore. I am not pleased with our relationship. I need someone who I can laugh with about stupid mistakes, who actually give my friends a chance and don’t talk them down before they’ve even met them. I want someone who will love me for who I am, and apparently you can not.
—  Excerpts of stories ill never finish / #84

General annoyance that’s been happening a lot while in town. When people inquire if you plan on having anymore children. That is perfectly fine. Whatever. They’re curious. But, when I reply with a no and they insist on my answer is wrong and that we will because “you need to have a boy”. I’m going to get pissed. I can’t tell you how many people have literally argued with me on this. It’s intrusive and rude as fuck. We have never had any desire to have more than two. We don’t feel like we need a specific sex of a child to complete our family. Our family is whole with two we were blessed with.

Expressions of Love

Character(s): Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester

Warning: None

Word Count: 548

Request:  Can I get something like “Baby Girl”? I just need some angsty teenage girl and her dad working through some stuff (maybe a little uncle moose in there), nothing too specific. Thank you


    “Aren’t you going out someplace tonight?” Dean, your dad, inquires from his position at the motel dining table.

   “Not anymore, I’m not.” With a huff, you take the seat across from him.

   “Why not?”

   “I canceled because I thought we were skipping town.”

   “I wasn’t planning on leaving until tomorrow morning.”

   “You texted me earlier and said you were ready to hit the road.”

   “I didn’t mean tonight.”

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there’s not enough bluesey headcanon’s for my liking so;

•gansey gives blue his overcoat when she’s cold and it drowns her but it’s adorable af
• they still ring each other in the middle of the night when gansey can’t sleep
• blue makes gansey a tshirt with a transfer saying ‘death, maybe third time’s the charm’
• when they argue (if they ever do) she’ll use the “shut up or i’ll kill you again, dick!’
• blue sticks bumper stickers ALL over the Pig and it annoys tf out of gansey so when she’s not looking he peels the more obnoxious ones off
• late night sleepovers in which they sit and paint the model henrietta together!!!
• gansey has a pot of blue’s hair clips next to his bed bc he always finds them around monmouth and keeps them incase blue needs spares

i can’t think of anymore rn but i just love these idiots

The Kick

Anon Request: Dean x reader in which they are arguing, until they feel their baby kick for the first time.

Word Count: 741

A/N: Loved this cute and fluffy request! Hope you love it too! XOXO

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I think Emmerdale (and most shows for that matter) think fans won't be interested if the ship couple is constantly happy so they think they need to add drama. But we're easy to please in reality. I would rather watch Robron spend their time arguing over how to fold laundry and who is doing dishes, whether they're getting a dog, or why they don't live at the pub anymore but Robert's shower gel keeps disappearing. Like let them argue and fight over stuff like that, not stuff that causes us pain 😂

OMG this is so true, nonnie. I’d happily watch them be a domesticated, bickering couple forever. We’re not asking for a lot ED, just their happiness hahah!