i need to name this...hmm

(Me writing a screenplay)

Hmm, I need a name for this character. She’s supposed to be a snake-like character so lets google up a snake glossary and use the first term on the list as her name.

*opens glossary and reads first entry*

Ah yes, her name shall be “Anal plate.”

Writing fanfic with a background in linguistics be like...
  • me, writing fanfic: hmm, I need a name for a throwaway character in this chapter that I'll only ever mention once or twice in the whole work...
  • me, 4 hours later, having constructed the foundation of an entire conlang based on the ~20 names that the canon uses for people/places in the region the chapter is set in: 'Kolkar' sounds nice, let's use that!

Putting your phone in your pocket and carrying on walking down the street with a hop in your step, you had a big smile on your face swinging your arms and humming a song you couldn’t contain the happiness you felt after the interview. After a while you made it home opening the door you were greeted by Emily Lucas and Mau with a congratulations sign Emily came running up to you hugging you “well tell us what happened” she said “yeah we need to know” Lucas said grinning “well…”

The Interview

You sat across from the person who was interviewing you looking through your portfolio nodding every now and then, you sat there fiddling with your fingers feeling nervous, after a while he put the portfolio down on the table. He looked up at you “well miss L/N you might be happy to hear that I am very happy to give you the job” you looked at him shocked “ur pardon?” You said not believing him, he chuckled “I’m giving you the job that’s if you want it?” He ask “yes yes I would love to except the job thank you thank you very much” you said smiling “very good well I would like you to be here tomorrow at 9:00 am I’ll have someone meet you down there and give you the information you need” he said “yes sir” you said standing up and shaking his hand.

Back at the flat

After telling them about the interview Mau suggested that you four should go out to celebrate so you went to your local restaurant called Migabon you all sitting down eatting you all chatted about things you’ve been up to and just enjoying your time together.


Waking up you looked at the clock on your nightstand “7:00 I guess I should get up and get ready for work” you got up and got washed and dressed walking in the kitchen you got your breakfast and sat down watching the tv. As you walked out of the flat you heard Emily and Lucas shout at you “GOOD LUCK” you laughed “THANK YOU” you yelled back walking to work.

Walking in to the building you started feeling nervous taking a deep breath you walked to the reception area walking forward you bump into someone “oh I’m sorry” you said bowing slightly “oh Urr it’s fine” the person you bump into said you looked up and saw a guy about your age scratching his neck a shy bunny like smile and a light blush on his cheeks, all went through your head at that moment was damm he’s so handsome “HEY Jungkook stop flirting and hurry up” someone shouted the guy in front of you looked away at the person “oh I’m sorry I need to go” the guy said running of “hmm was his name Jungkook?” You shrugged and walked to the reception “hi I’m Y/N I’m supposed to meet someone here I’ve started working here today” you said to the women there, she looked up at you or more like judging you “oh well I’ll call the manager to tell him you here” you took a seat and waited.

A women wearing a pink blouse and black skirt with back heels walked up to you “hi you must be Y/N ” the women said smiling “ur yeah hi” you said standing up the women took your hand and shook it “very nice to meet you follow me” she said letting go of your hand and walking to the lift, you grabbed your bag and ran after her getting in the lift she started explaining what you had to do today “so you will get to know the area you’ll be working on floor 7, today you will get the feel of the place and the stuff who will be helping you out and to learn the equipment you will be using got it” she said not really paying attention to you.
“So apparently your good at taking a photo?” She said you looked up at her “ur yeah I guess” you told her she started laughing at you “wow you won’t last five minutes here hopefully I won’t be the one showing you out” she said you looked at her not really sure you heard her right “exuse me?” You said she looked at you an evil grin on her face “ well to be honest your a photographer your work is taking pictures it’s not that hard to do” she said rolling her eyes an awkward silence made its way around you not really knowing what to say.

As the doors opened the women walked straight out once again chasing after her the room had a lot of people all looking at you “this is everyone I’m going to leave you here bye and good luck” she said walking away you looked at her in disbelief “hi you must be Y/N I’m Chan woo nice to meet you” you turned around to see a man who looked a few years older then you “um yeah nice to meet you too” you smiled shaking his hand “I’m guessing Yuna didn’t really help you feel at ease by the look on your face am I right?” You looked at him then at the lift “when you say Yuna you mean the women who just left right” Chan woo laughed “wow she didn’t even give you her name?” You shook your head no “don’t worry about it she acts all smily around people then when they are gone she is a little whiney bitch who trys to act all high and mighty just don’t let it get to you"  he said you nodded slowly still thinking about what she said to you. Chan woo saw the look and smiled "come on ill show you around the room” snapping back to reality you smiled “thank you that would be nice”, Chan woo introduced you to all the people you’ll be working with they all seemed really nice, thankfully no one treated you like Yuna did when you two were in the lift.

The day went quick and you found yourself looking out the window of your flat waiting for Mau Lucas and Emily to get back, today was a little bit hectic for you trying to remember the names of everyone you met then a name popped in to your head “Jungkook” that guy you bump into this morning he was very good looking thinking back to the encounter you had with him “I wonder if I get to work with him?” You asked yourself hopefully you would “who do you want to work with?” Mau ask walking through the door “your first day and you already got a little crush” Lucas said laughing as your face became hot from Lucas saying you’ve got a crush, you scoffed “yeah right” you said rolling your eyes at him “how was your first day?” Emily ask sitting down next to you “good though I did meet someone who was quite rude” you told them about your day and Lucas suggested about take out which you all agreed. Laying down in bed you listened to the traffic outside slowly drifting to sleep hoping not to bump in to Yuna but bump in to Jungkook again.

The girl behind the camera Part 2

Genre : Fluff / Angst / Drama

BTS x reader

Plot : Your a famous photographer who recently moved to South Korea with three of your best friends, you end up getting hired by big hit entertainment to become the photographer for bts. Everything is simple in you’re life, or so you thought.

Drastic Measures

Pairing: Jimin (bts) x reader (ft. Taehyung)

Genre: fluff, light angst, ceo!au

Word Count: 4.3k

Summary: You work. Your life revolves around work. You do practically nothing outside of work. To the point where your friend from work starts to worry, and sets you up with an online dating profile. Things get a little interesting for you when you see a familiar face on your first date.

image from bts0715


Your pov

“So what are your hobbies other than corporate scheming and debauchery?”

“Taehyung!” You allowed your temper to get the better of you for a moment before catching yourself, sighing deeply as you massaged your temples, and lowered your voice once more. This was supposed to be a professional environment, after all. “You are not making me an online dating profile.”

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Tiger Lily - Jason DiLaurentis

Requested by hwukaitlyn

“I’m bored,” you said, lying on the couch in the apartment you shared with you boyfriend, Jason. Jason walked back to the office with a laugh, barely acknowledging you. “I’m serious,” you groaned again, staring up at the ceiling. 

“I’m sure you are,” he said, sitting down at his desk. 

“Do something about it,” you grumbled again, annoyed at how little your boyfriend was caring right now. 

“I am doing something, I’m working,” he said looking up from his work, his glasses on the tip of his nose. 

“How is that suppose to help me not be bored?”

“It’s not, but it helps you not live on the street,” he said, returning to his work. 

“You’re the worst,” you said, standing up and walking to the bedroom. You flopped down on the bed and made a loud groan. You waited to see if Jason would respond to you. When he didn’t you stood up and did it again. You did it two more times before Jason responded.

“I can hear you,” he shouted.

“That was kind of the point.”

“I don’t know what you want me to do,” he called.

“Come join me,” you said. 

“I have work to do.” You stood up and walked into his office. He looked up at you from his dorky glasses with raised eyebrows. “What?”

“I’m bored,” you said, walking over and sitting on his lap, straddling him. 

“I have work to do,” Jason said, placing a hand on your waist, trying to push you off. 

“Yes, and I’m bored, we’ve covered this,” you said, wrapping your arms around his neck. Jason smiled slightly. You kissed him softly, Jason being the first one to pull away. 

“I love you, but I really need to get this done,” he said. You groaned and rolled your eyes, climbing off of him. You trudged back to the bedroom and slammed the door shut, a little too dramatically. You crawled into bed, even though you couldn't’ fall asleep. Jason came into the room about an hour later. 

“Y/N? Are you still awake?” You didn’t answer, and pretended that you were asleep. He crawled in bed next to you and kissed your head. You melted like you always did under his touch and rolled over to look at him. Jason smiled and traced your hand with his. “You are awake.”

“I am,” you said, playing with his hand, not looking at him. 

“I’m sorry, Y/N. I wanted to be with you, but I had to finish the work or my dad was gonna kill me,” he said, grabbing your hand and kissing it. 

“I know. It’s just so lonely in the house. I mean, I go to class and you’re not home until much later and you always have work to do. I’m used to being home with  my parents and siblings, there was always someone there.”

 “I know, Y/N. I promise, I’ll find a way to keep you from being bored and lonely. I want to make you happy.”

“I know you do,” you said, curling up into his arms, burying your face in his chest. The next morning, you woke up alone and padded into the kitchen. On the counter there was a note from Jason, telling you he had left early for work. 

“Figures,” you said. 

When you got home from your class, you tossed your bag on the chair and your keys on the counter in the kitchen. You padded into the living room and saw Jason sitting on the couch.

“Oh god, you scared me. I didn’t know you were home,” you said.

“Sorry,” he said with a smirk on his face.


“You know how you said you were bored?”


“Well, I got you something that will help with that,” he said, standing up and walking to the bedroom. “Close your eyes,” he called. You did as he said and held out your hands. You heard Jason enter the room again and felt a furry, warm thing in your hands. You opened your eyes and saw a small orange kitten. 

“Oh my god,” you squealed, bringing the cute little cat closer to you. Jason smiled and laughed. “Thank you so much,” you said, leaning over to kiss him. 

“You’re welcome. I thought she could keep you company when I can’t,” he said. You smiled at him and placed a kiss on top of the kitten’s head. 

“You’re amazing, I love you.”

“I love you, too. We need to think of a name for her,” he replied. 

“Hmm,” you said, eyeing the cute kitten. “I think she looks like a Tiger Lily. What do you think?”

“I think that’s a perfect name for her,” he said. You laughed and kissed him again. You placed Tiger Lily on the floor and watched her run around. She started to run towards the kitchen, so you followed her. You grabbed a bowl and filled it with water, setting it down in front of her. She drank out of it, as you watched her drink from the floor next to her. Once she finished, she walked over to you and rubbed her face against your hand. 

“I love her!” you shouted to Jason. You heard him laugh from the office. 

“I’m glad!” he called back. You laughed and picked up Tiger Lily. You walked into Jason’s office and set her down on top of his desk. She crawled over all of his papers and Jason looked up at you annoyed. You put your hands up defensively and tried to look as innocent as possible.

“Isn’t she just a stinker,” you said.

“I don’t think she’s the problem,” he said. “I got her for you so you would let me do work,” he said slightly amused. 

“Fine, I’ll just take her and leave forever,” you said, picking her up and leaving the room. 

“Don’t leave forever! I like you sometimes!” he teased. You snorted and walked into the bedroom. You sat Tiger Lily down on your bed and went to the bathroom to brush your teeth. When you got back, Jason had joined her on the bed.They were both cuddled up and you could feel your heart melting. 

“Aww,” you said, causing Jason to open his eyes. 

“I know, I’m the cutest,” he said. You laughed and crawled in bed next to him and Tiger Lily. You picked up the cat and rested her on the pillow next to you for a moment. You curled up in Jason’s strong arms, and then grabbed Tiger Lily. The three of you fit perfectly together. You fell asleep almost instantly in the arms of the man you loved, with the cutest little cat in between you two. 

The next morning you woke up and Tiger Lily was asleep on Jason’s face. You laughed and crawled out of bed as quietly as possible. You grabbed your phone and took a picture of your two favorites. You walked into the living room and sat down. Jason got out of bed a few minutes later, bringing Tiger Lily at his feet. 

“I think she likes you more than me,” you said.

“Who wouldn’t?” Jason teased. 

“Certainly not me,” you said as Jason leaned down and kissed you. 

“Morning, babe,” he said.


“Are we still on for dinner tonight?”

“Yep. I should probably get going, though, I have class at 9:00,” you said, walking towards the bathroom to shower.

Jason’s perspective

Jason looked down at the little cat and picked her up, setting her down on his chest as he sat down on the couch. 

“You are pretty cute,” He said. Tiger Lily looked at him, trying to understand what he was doing. “You’re the perfect pet for me and Y/N. She was happily surprised when I showed you to her. I hope she’s surprised tonight, too. She loves you a lot. I hope she feels the same for me,” Jason said, the ring in his pocket feeling heavier than when he bought it. 

People on Tumblr: X ship is disgusting and anyone who ships it is evil.

Me, a classics major: *swilling orange juice from a champagne glass* y’all ain’t seen shit.


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I need KCers to follow, any suggestions?

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After the war, Hermione doesn’t know how to stop her hands from shaking. It’s inconvenient really, not to mention ironic. Hermione Granger, used to being so in control of everything and now she can’t even control her own hands. When it gets particularly bad, Ron holds them in his own and reminds her to breathe. She never wants to speak about it afterwards.

She spends too much time sleeping. It’s just easier than being awake- if she has sleeping draught that is. Sometimes she thinks she’d rather face the nightmares than real life anyway, because at least when you wake up you know it was a dream. 

She’s terrified of heights. Well, to be fair, she’s always been terrified of heights but this is different. She can’t walk up the stairs without fearing they’re going to collapse underneath her, and watching Ron on a broom sends shivers all the way up her spine, making her nauseous. It’s something they’ve talked about (because they’re all about that now- talking,) but no matter how many reassurances are spoken from his soft lips, all Hermione can hear is the tumultuous roar of a dragon or the violent lick of flames.

The nightmares, when they come, are unbearable. All Hermione can see is Bellatrix’s face looming over her, Ron’s form limp on the ground, Harry lifeless in Hagrid’s arms, the ocean rushing closer as she plummets to the ground. Ron is there, when she wakes up, and he holds her as if she’s breaking and he’s trying to keep the pieces together. It helps, but not enough.

Sometimes she thinks things that she probably shouldn’t. Things that creep up on her in the darkest hours of her sleepless nights and terrify her simply for thinking of them. Things she never would have even considered before the war. She tells Harry, one night when they’re both sat at the kitchen table clutching warm mugs of tea in the early hours of the morning. He looks just as horrified as she’d imagined, but he holds her in his arms nonetheless, whispering that it’s not the answer, this will all be over one day. Hermione doesn’t even feel guilty for not believing him.

There are moments were it all feels like it could work. That all the thoughts and phobias inside her head will slow down enough for her to smile and laugh like she used to. Those days are the best sort of days. The worst sort of days are the ones where anything close to a happy thought feels like a sin, because she doesn’t deserve to be happy when some people have had that option taken from them. Those days, Hermione curls up under the covers and waits for it to end.

She tells Ron to believe in himself, believe that it’ll get better, and every time she does she feels like a traitor. Why is it so easy to give other people advice, yet so hard to follow it yourself? Maybe it’s because the only time that she actually feels worth something is when Ron leans on her for support- when his head is buried in her chest and she can stroke his hair and pretend that it helps chase the sobs away.

She looks out on the horizon and she can only see stormclouds ahead. Somewhere along the line, she decides that that’s okay. Hermione is a clever girl, and she knows that nothing is permanent. She knows there will be a time when things start to get better, and even though she can’t see it now, doesn’t mean it’s not there. She’ll just have to wait it out. 

“It was just a firefly.” A Liam Dunbar Imagine.

Do you think you could do an imagine where the reader tries to make Liam jealous to see if he likes her and it works??? Ily

Being friends with Liam was great. He was so cute and protective and always up for adventure. The two of you had agreed to go on an adventure in the forest in the middle of the night. It was actually Liam’s idea, he had asked if you were up for it, but the thought of running around in the middle of the woods at night scared you. He had convinced you by saying that he’d just ask Hayden instead then, but you liked Liam and didn’t want him to spend time with another girl so you had agreed. What Liam didn’t know was that you had invited Brett. You were tired of not knowing if Liam liked you back or not, so you invited Brett so you could try and make Liam jealous. 

You were currently walking ahead of the boys, following a firefly. Liam and Brett were walking out of your hearing when Liam broke the silence. 

“Why are you here Brett?” He said, keeping an eye on you as you walked carefully through the woods. Brett sighed. 

“Because Y/N invited me. What was I going to do? She’s cute I couldn’t say no to those eyes, even if it meant hanging with you too.” He stated, causing Liam to turn around and glare at him. The two wolfs stopped their intense staring at each other when they heard a yell of triumph. You came walking back to them, smiling as Liam couldn’t help but smile back. 

“I caught it! It’s so cute.” You said, slightly opening your hand so you could look at it. Brett came over and placed his arm around your shoulder, trying to get a peek at your new pet. 

“What are you going to name it?” He asked, stroking your arm causing Liam to almost growl at him. You noticed the tension in his body and smirked to yourself. 

“I don’t know. It was fast though, and it’s still battling against my hand. I need to name it after someone strong and brave. Hmm.” You said, looking up at Brett with a slight smile. “I’mma name him Brett.” You said smiling as you set it free. 

“Bye Brett.” You whispered to the small firefly. It was getting late so the three of you walked back towards where your cars were parked. You hugged Brett goodbye and got into Liam’s car. Liam was silent the whole way back until he couldn’t take it anymore. 

“Do you like Brett?” He asked bluntly. You looked at him weirdly. 

“Liam, it was just a firefly not a human.” You said jokingly. Liam sighed.

“You know what I mean. “ He said keeping his eyes on the road. You sighed as you looked at him, how his hair was styled, how his jaw was clenching and how his hands were tightly wrapped around the steering wheel. Liam stopped the car outside of your house and you got out, walking around to his side where the window was rolled down and Liam sat head hanging out slightly. You smiled as you leaned in and kissed his cheek. 

“Next time, it’s just you and me, I won’t have to bring Brett to see if you like me or not. I know you do.” You whispered knowing he could hear you as you walked away and into your house leaving Liam both stunned and blushing. 

  • Baby Holmes: *lying in bed, holding the sheets high* Is it there?
  • Sherlock: *crawls out from under the bed; sighs* Nope. No ghosts or monsters tonight.
  • Baby Holmes: *shivering* Promise?
  • Sherlock: *rolls his eyes* I'm not going to leave you in a room with a monster, am I?
  • Baby Holmes: *looks to her wardrobe* Mummy?
  • Molly: *closes the wardrobe* Empty. Dark, empty and full of jumpers *smiles* Nothing to worry about, sweetheart.
  • Baby Holmes: *confused* But I heard it! Over there *points at her toy chest, pushed against the back wall*
  • Molly: *kisses his cheek* I'm sure it was just a bad dream.
  • Sherlock: *looking to where his daughter pointed; frowns* Isn't our bedroom-
  • Molly: *quickly pulling Sherlock out of the room* Goodnight, darling. Sweet dreams.