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The problems with being in rare pair hell

  • Being so obsessed with a ship but there’s barely any content so you either have to suffer in silence or make content yourself
  • 99.9% of the people in the fandom don’t ship it or don’t even know what you’re talking about
  • “These two were made for each other why does nobody ship them”
  • Looking for fanfiction of it on FanFiction.Net and only finding somewhere between 1-6 stories.
  • Virtually no fan art
Three’s a Crowd (Part 13)

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Member: Taehyung x Reader x Yoongi

Type: Poly Au, Angst, Fluff, Smut

Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4. Part 5. Part 6. Part 7. Part 8. Part 9.Part 10. Part 11. Part 12. Part 13.

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Friends Part 5

Summary: You and Bucky are friends for a long time, but lately you start to develop romantic feelings for him. One day one of Tony’s parties everything changes but maybe not the way you wanted or expected.

Paring: Bucky x Reader

Words: 1555

Warnings: Talk about death (Pietro’s), fluffly, sadness and a make out session that your mother woudnt be happy about.

Thank you @amrita31199 you are amazing.

credits to the gif owners

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

Instead of going outside to cheek the noise, you go upstairs to Wanda’s room have never been particularly good in at dealing with conflicts, and whatever was happening between Dan and Bucky downstairs was a conflict.

‘What are you doing here?” You ask Wanda when you see that she is in her room instead of downstairs enjoying her party “I could ask you the same thing, this is my room after all.” You close the door, sitting by her side on the floor “Yes it is, but I asked you first.”

“I miss Pietro, this party is everything he would ever want but he is not here to enjoy. Now you, why are hiding?” She says taking a deep breath as she leans on your shoulder “Why did you invite Dan?” You ask her instead of answering her question, you are not angry at her you just want to know why she was meddling into this.

“You are not gonna like the answer but we have been friends for two years and I never felt that you liked anyone of your past dates ,it has always been Bucky on your mind. But the day you came back from your date with Dan, I could see that you liked the guy and you need to give this relationship with Dan a chance… a real one.”

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baby sister | jughead jones

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a/n: thinking of making this into another small series!! based on a request!! let me know if you think i should post another part! also this is my first series where  im adding another POV get keen. also ill start a tag list for this so leave a message in my ask box or down below if you’d like to be added!!


it was another busy night at pop’s chock’lit shoppe.

booths were bursting at the seams as they celebrate the win of river dales very own bulldogs. i didn’t even need to go to the game to know that they’d won. 

teenagers and parents hustle into the diner buying burgers and fries by the dozen. me? i sat in my usual booth with my usual oder; cheese burger fries and a chocolate milkshake, with of course my laptop.

i was busy typing up my newest lead that i didn’t pay any attention to the small girl that walked through pop’s doors and ended up at the front of my booth, fries and milkshake in hand.

“can i sit?” she murmurs shifting on her feet

i tilt the lid of my laptop down gesturing with my hands for her to sit, she smiles at me placing her food infront of her as she sips on her drink.

she studies me and i close my laptop completely glance at the small girl, she looked exactly like jellybean.

“everything okay?” she nods pulling books out of her back pack and plugging her headphones into her iPod.

i open my laptop and start typing again inspiration flowing through me. we stay like this for awhile, me working on my story and the little girl writing what seemed like english homework whilst bopping her head to the music that filled her earphones.

she sighs heavily causing me to look up at her “im holly (y/l/n)” i smile “jughead jones the third” she chuckles.

“theres three of you named jughead” she giggles her laugh carrying through the diner, the dinner rush was over and most of the booths were now empty. it was just us, pop and a few local stragglers. 

“you miss holly remind me of my sister” she raises her eyebrows “can’t say the same about you- my sister is way cooler than you” she sass’ and i laugh.

“how old are you holly?” “I’m 10, you?” “17″ i reply stealing one of her fries “hey!” she sulks.

“my sisters 17 too, she steals my fries too” i nod smirking to myself

“her names (y/n) we just moved her from san fransico, how olds your sister?” 

i close my laptop setting it aside “my sister is 10 years old same as you her names jellybean” she laughs again “is there three jelly beans too?” i shake my head “nope just the one and only”.

she pops a few fries in her mouth “can i ask you a few questions?” i chuckle “haven’t you just been doing exactly that?” she shakes her head.

folding my arms across my chest i decide to give in “fine, i’ll bite”

a take a swig from the saucer infront of me “are you writing about that dead kid?” i spit out my coffee choking slightly.

“yes or no?”


“do you ever take that beanie off?” 


“not even when you shower” she pesters

i lean forward “i even poop with it on” she giggles and makes a disgusted face.

“my turn” she nods 

“what are you listening to?”

“music” i roll my eyes gesturing for her to go on “right now- all time low” 

“why are you at a diner asking a stranger at 10pm personal questions?”

her eyes widen “wait your not a murder right?” i cock my eyebrow “maybe”

“my sister was supposed to come meet me here for dinner after she’d finished work that was” she pauses looking down at her watch

“3 and a half hours ago” 

i brush my thumb against my lips “is that true?” she shrugs smirking mischievously to herself.

“do you want to use my phone to contact your sister?” she shakes her head frantically “NO”

i lean back in the booth smiling maniacally crossing my arms infront of my chest “so you sister doesn’t know your here?”

she sinks lower into the booth sipping her milkshake shamelessly 

“she’s probably worried about you”

the younger girl looks up sadly before her eyes drift over to the entrance the bell chiming indicating a new customer “crap!” she ducks underneath the table hiding herself behind my legs.

“hey!” i complain as the girl hugs my legs.

i scoff and turn and see the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen walk through the doors of pop’s. her (y/h/c) was dripping wet from the downpour outside yet it still looked incredible.

her clothes hugged her figure as the water drops from the fabric to the clean tiles. her eyes scan the booths looking for someone.

she walks over to pop worry evident on her face “hey I’m looking for my little sister she’s 10 but this high, brown hair” she gestures with her hands “her names holly” 

i clear my throat pointing to my booth, as the younger girls back pack and homework sprawled out on the table top.

she mutters a thank you before approaching my booth, she breathes a sigh of relief as she realises that the back pack indeed belonged to her younger sibling.

“you must be holly’s sister?” she nods rocking awkwardly on her heels “(y/n) (l/n) I’m sorry if she’s been bothering you- and you are?” she smiles down at me her cheeks tinting red in the warm diner.

“jughead jones-” i pause “the third” she giggles nd boy do i have to contain myself from drooling.

“there’s three of you named jughead?” she continues giggling covering her mouth and apologising “oh god I’m sorry i shouldn’t be laughing” i chuckle to myself smiling up at the girl.

“its fine, your sister actually said the exact same thing” she widens her eyes and drops to her knee spotting her younger brunette sister curled up at my legs.

“holly!” she scolds “get out and leave the poor boy alone” i try and hide my smirk.

“his name is juggie and he’s my friend” she retorts.

“its fine (y/n) honestly i have a little sister the same age, its harmless really” she shakes her had dipping back under the table.

“you give me no choice” i watch as the (y/h/c) girl moves under the table trying to grab her younger sister from underneath the table.

squeals fill the diner until holly pops out of the booth her sister trying to follow suit only to bash her head on the table and aggressively grab my thigh in the process of a line sentence of cussing.

i lean down to her offer my hand “you okay?” 

she clutches her head with one hand and she grabs mine with the other allowing me to pull her up into the seat beside me.

“id like to say that karma for laughing at my birth name?” 

she giggles still wincing in pain “atleast theres no gum in your hair” i muse smiling at the mystery girl.

“this day keeps getting better” she smiles sarcastically

“c’mon holz mums worried sick i need to get you home, so say goodbye to your new found friend and lets go. no more running away” she nods sadly rolling her eyes at her older sister.

“can we come back here tomorrow” she whines as the older girl packs away holly’s books into her backpack.

“i don’t know holly I’m already swamped in school work we can’t be coming here on a daily basis i can’t watch you all the time” the younger girl looks disappointed.

“i’ll be here” i speak up the two girls turning to look at me “if you don’t have the time you can drop her off and illl look after her for an hour or two”

she sighs looking at her sister as she stands on her knees begging her sister 

“please please please”

she looks at me biting her lip “i don’t know holz” 

holly’s face drops disappointment clearly evident on her face.

“you can come too, bring your homework if you feel up to it” she smiles at me before slipping out of the booth “i’ll think about it” 

i nod a smile creeping on my face.

“c’mon holly say bye to jughead” she smiles at me giving me a fist bump before walking to her sister.

“thank you, for looking after her. i know not everyone is wired to be kind to a young lost girl. i owe you one”

“if you come tomorrow ill make it even” he says hopeful wanting to know more about the beautiful new girl.

“maybe, goodnight” she places her hands on her sisters holders and guides her toward the exit looking back one last time to send a small smile my way.

there was something about her and i couldn’t quiet put my finger on it but i had to know her.

I’M GONNA DO A QUICK LIL INTRODUCTION HERE SISTERS! bc i’m lame and new!!! well i’m not new to the fandom etc but this is a fresh blog and this is the first time i’ve ever posted my writings anywhere for the general public (who happens to be searching for harry styles smut) can read it and I’M GEEKIN TBQH!! anyway, hi hello – i have a name, but im gonna let u guys call me T, even tho my name starts w H. H would get too confusing should this work out the way i’m hoping it will! so i’m T. and i like writing and harry styles and so i thought i, along with everyone i scream about H to in the wee hours of the night, would probably find it beneficial if i had blog where i could do that and ppl who actually want to read about how i want him to spit in my mouth! i’ve been a silent lurker of the tags for awhile now (shoutout to @stylesunchained, @permanentcross, @jawllines, @canistay-haz for the inspo behind me finally making this godforsaken blog) (please be my friend) (i’m very intimidated by all of u). so yeah i hope this works out, and if not then it was fun to share this little bit of a something with all of u! and if it does then i’ll likely post a pt 2 to this!  if u like it like/reblog if ur into the kinda thing ig :) also my praise kink is jsut as alive as harrys and my ask box is always open to discuss either one <3

“Pet,” he starts, and you smile, because after a long moment of just standing there and listening to each other breathe, you hear the familiar nickname and know you’ve got him back. “You are the meanest, most stubborn, woman ’ve ever met. Got a bloke full on puttin’ himself out there in front ‘f thousands, ‘nd you run away. Same bloke tells ya’ exactly what he means even after that, 'nd ya’ tell me I don’t mean it?” He murmurs, just loud enough for you to hear it. “Tell me how I can prove it to ya’,” he adds before you can get another word in, and he seems to already have a good idea, because his nose is brushing against yours already, but you quickly figure out that it’s going to take you asking for it before he does it, because Harry’s humble, but he has his pride, and you doubt he needs you fucking with it anymore tonight.

“’M going to start screaming if you don’t kiss me in the next three seconds,” you state, and he’s laughing as he presses his lips to yours, his hand cupping your cheek, and it’s gentle and soft and everything you ever imagined kissing Harry for the first time would be like.

And that’s how you die.


Harry’s your best friend and then you realize a lot of things, mostly that you’re an idiot

7k+, smut, overuse of the word ‘because’

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Pleasant Surprise

Tony x Reader

SMUT (fingering, unprotected sex WRAP IT UP PEEPS), public sex

WC: 1074

Summary: You and Tony find yourselves alone and things happen.

AN: Not too much of a story line here. The idea popped into my head suddenly this morning, and though I’m writing about three different things right now, this had to come out. I’m tagging my usuals (let me know if that’s okay). I’ve never written Tony so I hope I do him justice.

GIF not mine

Walking through the hallway, you realized you were well and lost. You had just needed a breath of fresh air from the stifling party and tried to make your way outside but after a series of twists and turns you had no idea where you were.

You tried to quell the panic rising in your throat and although rationally, you knew you’d somehow find your way out (or someone would find you), you kept thinking that eventually, someone would find your bones in the building.

You thought the upcoming hallway looked familiar but when you walked through the doorway, a door slammed shut behind you.

You spun around and gasped when you saw Tony Stark step out from the shadows.

“Jesus, Tony!” you let out breathlessly, “You nearly gave me a heartattack!”

Ignoring your words, he stalked towards you. “What are you doing down here?”

Eyes widening, you took a step back. To say that Tony Stark was intimidating didn’t come close to describing his intensity and drive. The man embodied passion. However, right now, his anger was rolling off him in waves and he was a frightening force.

He continued walking towards you, his long strides allowing him to reach you quickly.

“I asked you a question,” he was practically growling at you. “What. Are. You. Doing. Here?” Each word was enunciated.

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“I got lost,” you let out. “I needed a breather from the party and I got lost. I’m sorry.”

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It’s done!!! Sorry I didn’t post anything yesterday, my tablet and computer were both being stupid with the batteries dying but they’re working again. Yay!

THE BLUE SHIRT WAS CHOSEN (RIP 1999, 2017. Loved by many (no one on tumblr (besides me))(RIPx2). you got no votes you poor soul (shirt))

Anyway, this is a gift for @kiekyun because your art gives me so much life. I really love everything you draw, you really are a very wonderful artist and I hope to be as good as you some day! (I’m sorry about no background, I really suck at those) I don’t know if you’ll actually see this but if you do then please let me know what you think! :D

I was originally planning on finishing this for Pride Month but I guess I missed that by a country mile whoops anyway if there’s one thing Lock believes in other than justice it’s having pride in yourself. They believe in you no matter what!!

This was my first ever attempt at soft-shading an entire drawing and…it wasn’t a total disaster? It’s not quite the mood I was aiming for and I think I need to find some better brushes but it’s still significantly better than I anticipated. Onwards and upwards! If people would be interested in a print of this let me know so I can add it to my RedBubble store (or make a run myself) - I’m also planning on doing a traditional version of this and making a  video :)

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Mirror of the Soul: Part 2 (Loki x Reader)

Note: Reader has the power to see people’s souls when they look in their eyes but doing so almost kills them. I love Tony being an adorable uncle. Please let me know what you think or if you want to be added to any tag lists!

Words: 1545

You can find the other chapters here: Loki Masterlist

               "Put the knife away, Nat,“ Tony said, his eyes fixed on the magazine in his hands.

Slowly, Natasha did as he said but her muscles remained tight, ready to pounce should she need to. She continued to stare intently at the dark corner of the room in a failing attempt to make out the identity of their unexpected guest.

               "She won’t come out if you keep that up,” Tony groaned, throwing the magazine onto the table. He practically jumped to his feet and reached into the shadows, wrapping his hand around you arm and pulling you into the light. “See? Definitely not an assassin.”

You certainly weren’t what Natasha had been expecting and her cheeks flushed ever so slightly in embarrassment. “Oh, hi. Sorry. You must be Y/N.”

Ripping your arm free from your uncle’s grip you took a seat on the floor, resting your forehead against the full length window and taking in the view. “Don’t worry about it,” you told Natasha quietly. “It’s good to meet you.”

Scanning the city before you, your vision focused in on the bright green light shining in a park blocks away. Even from a distance, amid the millions of others that lived around the Tower, you could sense the complexity of Loki’s soul. It called to you and you wished that it were possible to get closer. Sadly, you knew you’d never be able to join him - a thought that made your chest ache. Being in public was far too dangerous for you.

A hand on your shoulder brought you back to the room with a start. A gentle squeeze told you that you didn’t need to worry, not that it mattered. Your fear had immediately dissipated when the distinct yellow mist filtered into your peripheral vision. You knew the feel of Tony’s soul well. Being family, his aura was almost tangible and it wrapped its way comfortingly around you whenever he was near. You often told him that he was like a warm blanket to you, a description that he was secretly delighted by.

               "Sorry. What did you say?“ you asked, purposely keeping your gaze from the beacon of green. Instead, you lifted your gaze to the sky and watched the planes fly by, half wishing that you could just board a jet and fly away for ever.

               "Nat asked how you were, kiddo,” Tony whispered, sitting himself down beside you and bringing you into an embrace. You rested your head on his shoulder and the desire to fly away suddenly lessened. For a second, you felt truly welcomed in his home and in his life but you pushed that comfort away, remembering how dangerous it was to get comfortable.

               "I’m fine,“ you said automatically. A moment later, in response to Tony’s deep sigh against the top of your head, you added, "My head still hurts but today I’m actually… Well, I don’t feel so numb.”

Reflected in the glass, you watched a goofy smile spread over your uncle’s face. “That’s great, Y/N.”

               "Yeah, I guess it is,“ you said, Tony’s enthusiasm contagious.

Your mind had already begun to wander so you missed her exact words but as you half registered Natasha’s voice you turned to face her. Immediately you regretted it. Even without making eye contact, the strength of the assassin’s soul hit you like a tonne of bricks.

Scrunching your eyes shut, you tried to separate yourself from the vision but the tightly wound crimson ribbons shot at you with a fierceness that you couldn’t avoid. You tried to draw strength from Tony, practically praying for his familiar yellow haze to protect you, however it made no difference.

               "Get me out of here,” you screamed, although it came out as more of a tortured whispered. A strong pair of arms lifted you up and bit by bit the burning crimson bonds loosened their hold around you. As cold air rushed back into your lungs, your fear began to drain away until you once again felt nothing.

Sometime later, you murmured, “I tried… She has to understand… I really wanted to…”

               "I know, I know,“ Tony said, gently stroking the back of your head when you curled up against him. He flung a blanket over you both, wrapping you up to reinforce the atmosphere of safe. It helped. Your muscles relaxed and your trembling finally subsided.

Swallowing deeply to steady his own voice, thoroughly shaken by having to watch you suffer and being completely unable to help, your uncle asked, "Can I get you anything? Tea? A sandwich?”

You shook your head against his chest, immensely grateful that he hadn’t asked if you were okay. In your current state, the answer to that question was fairly obvious but that rarely seemed to stop normal people from asking anyway. “Actually, there is something…”

Surprised by the sudden change, Tony straightened and told you that he’d get you anything you needed. You allowed the briefest smile to tug at your lips at his eagerness. Even though you couldn’t see it, you could feel the small bursts of grey flashing around him; this pure desire to help protect someone else always made your skin feel tingly.

               "You know those biscuits that you hide…“

               "I knew someone was stealing them!” he exclaimed. Placing a kiss on your forehead, he promised to return with a selection of biscuits fit for the gods themselves.

You heard the door close and finally opened your eyes, almost letting out a scream when you saw Loki appear a few feet away. He immediately held his hands up defensively. “It’s alright, Y/N! I’m only an illusion.”

He waved his hands around a little, as if that would help prove his point, before sitting cross legged in front of you. His gorgeous green eyes met yours, the corners crinkled in worry, as he said, “I heard about what happened earlier.”

               "I thought I could do it,“ you sighed, instinctively lowering your gaze to his hands.

               "Hey, look at me.” Loki went to lift your chin up but stopped just before he touched your skin to save the illusion from shattering. Even though his fingers didn’t actually make contact, the closeness was enough to send a shiver down your spine. “Look at the positive here. You left your room and went out with the intention of getting to know someone else. Even if it didn’t end the way that you’d hoped, it’s a step forward.”

Rubbing the back of your neck with one hand and pulling the blanket tighter around you with the other, you nodded in agreement. “I guess. I just wasn’t prepared for how intense Natasha’s soul would be.”

               "Did you even look her in the eye?“

               "No. It hit me before I got anywhere close. I guess she isn’t one to feel things lightly.” Biting the inside of your lip, you changed the subject, desperate to escape the earlier failure. “How was your walk? I saw you in the park.”

Loki leant forward, intrigued. “You saw me?”

               "I mean, I saw your soul. That shade of green is unique to you. Well, it might not be… I’ve just never seen it anywhere else. And it burns so brightly.“ You took a deep breath to try and calm yourself. You knew you were rambling but Loki didn’t seem to mind. In fact, it made him smile in a way that lit up his entire face. "It stood out in a sea of millions. I couldn’t help but follow it.”

Trying desperately to hide his grin - an action that only seemed to make him smile more - Loki said, “My walk was very pleasant. It is good to get away from this place every now and then. Maybe one day you will accompany me.”

               "I’d love nothing more,“ you said honestly, although you knew it’d never be.  

               "Oh, don’t be sad,” Loki murmured, lifting his hand to your cheek. The amount of control he possessed to hold it so close without touching you was astounding. “My sweet Y/N. It’ll be alright eventually. I believe you are more than strong enough to control this power.”

               "Loki, I…“ you paused mid thought, hearing Tony causing a commotion in the hallway. Your eyes flickered to the door then back to the god. For one long, terrible second you thought that Loki wouldn’t meet your gaze and when he finally did your chest suddenly felt ten pounds lighter. "Will you come back later?”

His intense glare softened and he nodded. “What do you want to…”

               "Bring a book,“ you interrupted, knowing your uncle would clatter through the door any second. "I mean, if you can do that… I’d love for you to read to me.”

Loki nodded, hiding a smirk at the adorable nature of your request. Leaning forward, he planted a kiss on your forehead and the illusion faded just as Tony kicked the door open.

               "Thank you! Oh, god, Tony, look out!“ You squealed just as he tripped over a shoe, lying forgotten in the middle of the floor. He hit the ground with a loud grunt and you couldn’t help but laugh at the sight before you. The two of you were so caught up in hysterics that it barely registered when your gazes met. 

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Run Away Home, 1: Runaway

HEY HI I’ve written four chapters of this and planned a bunch more + an ending so I figured it was… time to start posting.

  1. I don’t know where the ‘David is Canadian’ idea started but being Canadian myself I love it. There are frequent low-key references to his Canadianness that you may not catch onto even if you’re Canadian, but they make me giggle. (Also I do headcanon, in this fic at least, that he comes from my city, just to make some things simpler. It may never come up, but hey. I do live in the waterfall capital of the world, so that’s probably up his alley.)
    1. B) As I am Canadian: catch me constantly consulting Wikipedia to make sure things work the way I think they do in America… but also, forgive me for any mistakes made on that front, lmao.
  2. This’ll be some overarching plot and also lots of general domestic/family fluff. If you wanna drop me some of your favourite domestic tropes and cliches, I’ll take them into consideration for use… I need more fodder! :D
  3. I’ll be using the tag “cc Run Away Home” for anything related to this fic on tumblr, which will include some doodles and other bonus content over time? Watch the tag or follow me if you want to see any of that - I have some floorplans/doodles of Gwen’s apartment I’m working on, for one thing. You can also use the tag if you want to post anything related to the fic (:

Okay I think that’s all the relevant commentary for tonight! Let’s go, and let me know what you think! Comments make new chapters come faster :’)

Run Away Home, Chapter 1: Runaway

Gwenvid, David & Max, Gwen & Max | 6 064 words | T | Max was the last person Gwen expected to find standing outside her apartment early on a Wednesday morning in September. But he had nowhere else to go. And the only logical next step was to call David.

Gwen was at the tiny kitchen table, eating breakfast in her pyjamas and hopefully checking her email for responses to her ‘roommate needed’ ad. She and Cait had only been a month and a half into their lease when Cait got the news about her dad being sick and had to move home. The apartment was way too nice for Gwen to willingly give up, but also way too nice for her to afford on her own for very long. No answers yet, but she would keep her fingers crossed.

She was just finishing her corn flakes when there was a small, hesitant knock on the front door. Wondering who could be at her door at nine in the morning on a Wednesday, she padded quietly into the entryway and yawned as she undid the chain lock.

The door swung open, and she found herself looking down, into the bright blue-green eyes of a tired eleven-year-old.

There was a long pause, and then she asked, “Max? What the fuck are you doing here?”

He was staring up at her, shifting nervously from one foot to the other in the outdoor hall, looking vulnerable and frightened in a way that she hadn’t seen on him since he’d pounded on her cabin door over a year ago, shouting that David was unconscious.

“This– this was a stupid idea,” he said immediately, trying to replace the anxiety with his usual crankiness as he turned back away from the door. Despite the morning chill, he was dressed only in his usual hoodie and jeans, a ragged blue backpack hanging from his shoulders.

“Max, wait,” Gwen said quickly, realizing something was very wrong. “Come back, come inside. It’s okay.”

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what’s in your bag: pansy parkinson

Pansy: Merlin, this is going to take a while… Alright. The essentials…

Pansy: here we go.

Pansy: Madame Moliere’s Melt-Free Dark Chocolate. Every sensible witch should have chocolate in her bag.

Pansy: Eyeshadow. Only the best, obviously. I don’t mess around.

Pansy: A scented candle. You never know when you’ll step into a room that desperately needs some freshening

Pansy: A hairbrush. Looking this good is nothing to joke about.

Pansy: The Elixir of Life (booze). Honestly, how else do you expect me to make it through Draco’s endless ramblings about Potter?

Pansy: Some potions… one of them may be Amortentia… another may be draught of living death… you never know what you’ll need at a moment’s notice.

Pansy: A Music Box that Draco’s Mum gave me for Christmas last year. I happen to think it means that she’s given us her blessing, but he says she gave one to Blaise, too…

And of course… lipstick. Hold on, let me see how much I have in here…

Pansy: my favorite’s in here somewhere…

Pansy: Ah, found it! Knew it was in there somewhere.

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Hi~ can i pls get RFA reacting to finding out mc is a witch? like, real world witch, not fantasy witch. thx!

Listen. Nonny. Friend. Pal. You came to the right place. Also as a bonus, what kind of witchcraft each member might lean towards! Also also as a bonus, V and Saeran because…reasons.

This request brought me back from like a 2-3 month hiatus, thank you! (More to come!) @specialagent–danascully - tagging by request and also because this is right up her alley! :)

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  • really doesn’t know much about witchcraft
  • but when you tell him you are a witch he becomes really curious
  • like…thinks it’s so cool tbh?
  • wants to tell everyone if you’re out of the broom closet anyway
  • loves glamours and beauty spells
    • “Not that I need them, of course.”
    • (he asks for them anyway)
  • lets you make all of his soaps/masks/beauty products bc you enchant them for him
    • but always w/ intent like emotional calm or happiness bc that boy doesn’t need any help to be prettier but he could stand to chill from time to time
  • asks for a glamour spell to keep him hidden every time y’all go out together so he doesn’t get noticed by fans
  • gets really excited whenever you do a spell
  • (always willing to help with them)
  • seriously this boy is your #1 fan


  • he wants to know everything like…everything
  • there’s a lot of explaining how it’s different from TV or movie witchcraft
    • there was a long discussion about Harry Potter and the differences between the two
    • “It’s a lot more…subtle than that.”
  • he loves it though
  • always wants to watch
  • he ends up really loving crystal and candle magic
  • the house always smells good! you always smell good!
  • plus, crystals are pretty! and used as magic items in LOLOL
  • he also loves kitchen magic, but!! is too afraid to ever try it tbh
    • his cooking tends to be…touch and go he’s afraid he’ll cause a magical disaster


  • a little stunned
  • like until you told her, she had no idea it was a real thing that people could just…be
    • she’d heard of it ofc, but only in terms of the past, or books, or musicals
  • research mode: ACTIVATE
  • soon she knows more about witchcraft than you do
  • discovers kitchen magic very quickly and suddenly realizes why you would suggest certain ingredients oooohh
  • asks if you would mind to enchant the ingredients whenever they’re delivered
    • you already do and she’s delighted
  • makes pastries and desserts for all the holidays, even if you don’t celebrate them
  • your bakery gets a very dedicated following of local witches
  • and becomes a very popular after-work stress relief stop (nobody understands how your desserts seem to make everything better)


  • totally clueless about witchcraft but accepts what you tell him immediately, without question
  • buys some books, quietly researches without saying much
  • tbh for a while, you think he’s actually distancing himself from you bc of discovering you are a witch
  • but it turns out he was just so clueless about it all that he didn’t even know what to ask - so he had to study first
  • becomes a super diligent supporter
  • buys you a ton of supplies, meticulously researching each purchase
    • “This wand is selenite, so it doesn’t need to be cleansed. Also, it’s got black kyanite and smokey quartz for–”
    • “Er, it’s gorgeous, Jumin, but you know I was fine with–”
    • “MC, that other one is literally a twig. It still has dirt on it.” he didn’t throw it away, he’s got some common sense after all
  • secretly memorizes tea/herb correspondences and brings you different teas depending on how your day went
    • he thinks he’s being sneaky but you notice and love him even more for it
  • lots of magic theory discussions with him
  • or random semi-related things:
    • “MC, can only witches have familiars?”
    • “…I don’t know, but don’t worry - you definitely have the same kind of relationship with Elizabeth the 3rd as a witch and their familiar, even if it’s not called the same thing.”


  • you manage to surprise him, which is really hard to do
    • “Okay but how did I not know?”
    • “There are still secrets to discover about me after all!” okay he loved that a little too much tbh
  • p much unfazed though
    • “Well, if you don’t have one already, we should get you set up with an online grimoire. So much easier!”
  • spends free time doing extra research so he can understand this side of you more
  • loves cosmic witchcraft! researches the shit out of it
    • after all, he’s always felt a connection to the stars
  • witch memes, witch puns, ~witchy humor in general~
    • “You’ve got me…under your spell” *eyebrow waggle* said at least once a day
  • hacks your phone to send you crazy emoji spells that he made up
    • “Saeyoung…they’re emoji spells. You can send them in a text instead of hacking to…”
    • “Aw, but hacking is how I charge them!” gotta love this boy 
      • he only slows down when weird things keep happening because of his spells
  • tbh he starts making everything about magic and you love it
    • “Saeyoung…what are you doing?”
    • “I’m cleansing!”
    • “…you are literally covered in empty chip bags. Eating chips.”
    • SALT.”
  • like he makes jokes all the time but he’s 100% supportive
  • also always makes sure your wards are in place and working no way is he gonna let your home go without magical protection once he learns this is a thing


  • he’s surprised but doesn’t really show it
  • asks a lot of questions, very intrigued!
  • you start to talk to him about spirits and astral travel
  • and he particularly enjoys that!
  • you introduce him to some spirits
    • turns out his energy just attracts genuinely kind and gentle spirits
    • he can sense them but not much else - he does feel very happy and at peace though
  • you two bond over energy work!
    • he’s really good at it, his loss of eyesight makes him extra sensitive to the energies of objects and people alike
  • he ends up getting you a little black kitten cliche, i know, fite me
  • he loves when he comes home to you doing a spell bc it almost always smells wonderful we don’t have to talk about what it smells like when you’re using valerian root okay


  • totally unsurprised, tbh
  • the things he’s seen - why would that, of all things, seem strange?
  • curious, but doesn’t really ask questions
  • just kinda…quietly observes
    • once you notice, you start to talk about it without him asking
    • you can tell he’s really happy
  • total fan of chaos magic you drew a sigil on him once and he was hooked
  • he is the best at creating sigils, they look amazing and always work
    • you tell him it’s because he has an amazing will, to go through what he did and make a full recovery - he believes you sometimes
  • he’s all about the witch aesthetic though he won’t admit it
  • turns your grimoire into a work of art with his illustrations
  • ends up lowkey becoming a witch himself, grabbing bits and pieces of different magic to suit his own craft
    • (his grimoire is a masterpiece)
    • (y’all are the first in a long line of witches in your family, tbh)

When I find myself in times of trouble, RDJ speaks to me.

Speaking words of shipping, let it be.


Light-kun Observation Diary continues! Link to Part 1 / Link to part 3

To anyone who commented about how you were reminded of Peridot’s logs, I think that was an influence for sure :’D and now I want to try reading in her voice…

Also, I was thinking of making an ask blog for these. If anyone would be interested in that, make sure to let me know!

Falling Slowly 1

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader, 

Warnings: swearing, sass, slow burn, nothing else yet

Word count : 1.1k 

A/N: this is my first steve fic and au I hope you guys like it also it starts out with a bit of rumlow x reader but it’ll be worth it (hopefully). also not my gif

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On a night we won’t remember - Montgomery de la Cruz (part 3)

<< Part 2  I Part 4 >> ????

Word count: 1226

a/n: I don’t like it at all, i’m sorry if this sucks but i didn’t see another way to develop the story. Hope y’all still enjoy xxx

The sunlight woke you up from a deep sleep. You were still stretching out when you came to the realisation the bed you were sleeping in wasn’t yours, but you weren’t clueless. You were sleeping in Montgomery’s bed. The boy probably ditched you because you were alone in his huge bed but he couldn’t be far away. Your eyes start wandering around the room when you realize you’re completely naked. Memories from the night before start to pop up, about the two of you getting drunk and him taking of your dress and, oh god, his mindblowing naked body on top of yours.

Yours and Mont’s clothes were spread randomly across the room. So finding your bra and panties was a little problem. After searching them and Monty not entering the room you decided it would be the best to sneak out. After all he still dumped you, it was fun for one last night and as much as wanted to be with him it seemed like it was time to let him go. You clearly didn’t remember him telling you how he missed you.

You took your shoes in your hands so you didn’t make too much noise. When you came down and  walked as slow and quite as possible outside keeping your eyes on the kitchen where the radio was playing. Without looking you walked against a table in the hall what made you scream out in pain.

“Aah fuck, stupid table, fuuck.” Monty heard you and walked out of the kitchen.

“Were you leaving? I made breakfast for you.” Fuck you thought by yourself, the fact that last night happened made things already awkward enough you just wanted to get out of there before he broke your heart again, he was probably going to tell you about how drunk he was and this wasn’t going to work anymore and blablabla. You just wanted enjoy the last memories. But since your stomach started to rumble you decided to follow Montgomery to the kitchen where you saw an extensive breakfast with pancakes, coffee, fresh orange juice, fruit and everything else you can imagine.

“What is happening? These are the things you should’ve done when you called me your girlfriend Mont.” You say a little stunned with all the effort he put in the breakfast.

“Yeah see I wanted to talk about that. I made a mistake y/n, a big mistake. The last two weeks were like hell for me. I should have never let you go.” He said while walking closer to you.

“So with one hook up you think everything is fixed? Maybe start with telling me why you broke up with me in the first place and please give me some water my head is pounding.” You said while sitting down, as much as you wanted to look cool and all that you were hungry and honestly the food he made smelled incredible. Monty filled a glass with water and sat in front of you.

“I can’t really give you an explanation. Well I can but I figured out myself it’s ridiculous. Bryce was telling me you got a crush on Zach during our relationship which made me insanely jealous. I wanted to ask you when he told me but when I found you, you were with Zach, so I guess I just assumed things. He kept repeating it so after a couple times I really believed him.” He said while looking at the ground, obviously feeling ashamed about the reason he was giving you.

“Do you hear yourself Mont? You just assumed Bryce was right and you didn’t feel the need to, even after your stupid assumptions, ask me? So I could tell you about how Zach has been my friend long before you even knew Zach or me?” you started to get angry, this had to be a joke. You knew Montgomery could make some pretty dumb mistakes but this was something next level.

“My jealousy just took over. I already figured out how stupid I’ve been, really. I want to be with you”

“Maybe you should have considered that before you listened to Bryce. As much as I want to be with you again Mont I don’t want you breaking my heart again over a stupid rumour. It’s obvious you don’t even trust me.” You start picking up your things and begin to walk to the door you felt so disappointed by all this, maybe if he gave you a good reason forgetting all this was easy but he dumped you because of a fucking rumour.

“No, y/n wait!” Monty screams “You’re right, about the trust. I should have asked you and I should have never listened to Bryce. I’m really sorry. I think I understand if you want to go now but just so know I’ll fight for you.”

“You better do Mont, you better do.” You say while walking out the front door while looking at the ground. He made you feel even worse than you already felt. Breaking your heart was one things but not trusting you and believing you? You’ve had a one year relationship where the hell was that build on? When you were walking home the rain starts falling out of the air. You had another 30 minutes to go so you decided it would be better to get back since you’re already soaked. You run back at Montgomery’s place.

“Okay I’ll stay here, but just because of the rain!” You say when Montgomery opens the door while your teeth are clattering against each other. Monty shows a wide smile.

“You want a shower to warm up again?”

“That would be very welcome.” You walked upstairs and started to undress when Montgomery suddenly came in.

“Here I got you some- oh sorry I didn’t knew you were already taking you clothes of.” He said before putting one hand in front of his eyes and one hand filled with clothes.

“Nothing you haven’t seen before Mont.”

“I’m trying to be a better person okay!” he said while his hand came back down from his eyes.

“Trying is something.” You laughed. Montgomery wasn’t a ‘good’ person but you looked it that way, not that you needed a bad boy in your life but he made things different and excited.

“Can I shower now?” you asked

“Oh yeah of course, I’ll drop the dry clothes here.”

“Thank youuu.” You said before undressing further and walking in the hot shower. You only now realised how much you loved Montgomery, before the two of you broke up he was so good to you. He took care of you every time you needed it, supported you no matter what, he knew everything about you and you about him, but he also hurted you a couple times, very bad. When you told your friend about it they said you should already break up with him but you never felt like that was the right thing to do. You felt like you found your soulmate and he found his but he didn’t understand. He wanted to be though and from the moment you came to close to the deeper inside he pushed you away. Even tho you had been heartbroken the couple weeks you also thought a lot about your relationship. Montgomery was what you wanted but was he what you needed?

Let me know what you think and if I shoud continue? xxxx

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