i need to make photosets


When will we get a canon picture of baby Dee?


Best of SinB in Mamamoo X GFriend Showtime

“Swallowed up by the sound of my screaming, cannot cease for the fear of silent nights”

Don’t Starve Aesthetics

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Rules: List 5 or 10 of your favorite Kpop boy/girl groups. Put your very first bias of each group and the name of the MV you first saw them in.

1. BTS (Jimin in Dope)
2. Block B (Jaehyo in Very Good)
3. History (Kyungil in Queen)
4. f(x) (Amber in 4 Walls)
5. TWICE (Jeongyeon in Cheer Up)
6. EXO (Chanyeol in Lotto)
7. SHINee (Taemin in Married to the Music)
8. OH MY GIRL (YooA in Windy Day)
9. GOT7 (Mark in Fly)
10. DAY6 (Jae in Letting Go)

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i love Anna Camp so much i needed to make a photoset of her. (^ major cutie)

i mean 

she’s gorgeous

she rocks any hair style

she’s also aca-adorable

she rocks the duck face like no other 

look at the cutie. who looks this good drinking a smoothie?

she’s also extremely talented

and i just love her.

(Next photo set of her Instagram posts)

(The third shall be her and Skylar Astin)


here’s a compilation of doogi pd’s handsome pics aka ur bias in seventeen aka the answer to all your prayers! ☀