i need to make more connections d:


PUMPKIN: please let me go to prom with you!? i need to make more connections! if you let me i’ll do your homework for a week?

PICKLE: for the last time, no… by the way, when did your teeth fall out??

PUMPKIN: the other day. sold them to that ‘tooth fairy’ character. normally, i wouldn’t sell to an unknown buyer but i got a pretty good deal for them!

PICKLE: really? huh, maybe i should knock a few of mine out!

He would be so annoyed. Not at you but because he feels like the universe is playing a trick on him ;;; would think about you for weeks after briefly meeting, hoping that you were thinking of him too

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Not a problem. Joshua exist as a 24/7 translator dictionary english-o-pedia and 3rd wheel. But to be honest he’d want to teach you Korean more than learn English because I have never heard Jeonghan speak more than three seconds of english.

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Bro. Lowkey would love it because the two of you have private conversations and dirty talk. RIP Hansol.

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Would be really sad about it? And afterwards he’d often think about you? And just sigh? and he just needs a hug and to be tol d it’s okay and he’s doing well.

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Naega Hosh can do anything. He is so hard working and tries really hard to make things work out. But you gotta try hard too mate he deserves someone who can match his diligence

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Wouldn’t be too upset? You guys can do minimal communication but u connect w ur harts. Cutie lives by this until he misunderstands “let’s feed the dukcs” at a park as “feed me ducks” and proceeds to buy u duck meat. It was rlly e x p e n s i v e

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Knows basic english anyway. Acts like language barrier is not a problem and when you seem annoyed at the barrier he gives u this “not my problem so annoying” look bc lowkey woozi is a TSUNDERE AND YOU KNOW IT but goes at night oto take english class lmao

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so much positivity so much faith in the relationship. both of you take ages to translate what the other said in your head. lbr tho, it does not last but it was sweet and full of happy moments and it was more like he was your best friend :’)))

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“i love guys” thats it that was your relationship and brief interaction lmao im sorry but not really

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tries his best to communicate with you and like it’s so endearing bc he just WANTS TO TELL YOU THAT YOU LOOK NICE TODAY AND HE LIKES YOUR PERFUME AND WHY IS LIFE SO CRUEL TO MYUNGHO

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also i really want his thrasher hoodie like this boy has fine taste son

I am Boo Seungkwan from Jeju and I can do anything
lmao cue hansols “low quality english” as long as u follow us i will never stop using this joke it’s not dead meme guys it’s only just been born

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Bro 2.0

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also bc CLC’s Hobgoblin is my S HIT OH MAN THEIR TRACK IS ON FIRE

Lee Chan
who’s lee chan??? i know of lee jongchan but he is a liar, a fugy whore don’t trust this bitch. lmao im sorry again sort of. okay but srsly still speaks to you in korean but then realises and tries again in english :’)

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i love fetus svt so much it’s their tru selves

mod kimchi for the second half and mod velvelt for the first :)))

Discussion on Recent Post on PJ

AKA Answering Ask Time

Ah man sorry for just suddenly disappearing like that guys. Just I had to take a sudden break from tumblr. Anyway – I got several asks over the hours I was not on there… though I did turn it off at one point due to some hate being sent to me, which I will address below. I decided to go ahead and answer all of the asks that are surrounding the situation that happened and the events that happened due to it in this post. Any other questions that are specifically asking about something else (though mentioning a bit of what happened Monday) I’ll answer on their own and appropriately tag them, since I know a few of you were wondering about PJ a bit.

Anyway! On with the show! I hope that with this I can clear up a bit of things as well as give my thoughts on what you have to say about it! And I’ll be going in a random order with the asks… so bear with me! ^^

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I know that I’m not the best there is. Especially not when it comes to words. Someone will always have a smoother way to say it, or they’ll have a better rhythm to their words, or a multitude of other things that perpetually make it “better.” Their words are not my words, though. They are not yours, and that is what makes them special to us. That is also what makes our own so special. The rawness. The passion. The heartache. Whatever it is we convey through our words another will read it, and they will connect with it because of the reasons we say they are imperfect. So write. Write until you’re empty, then write more. The world needs your words, even I’d there are others that have said the same thing because it is your life, feelings, and pain that make it different. That make it relatable.
—  Adrian D Epps

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I'm in a bit of a bind. I've been agender for a while and today I pondered abt the time when I still thought I was a pansexual demigirl. So now femininity and womanhood is starting to feel comfterable again but I still feel partially agender. So i kinda feel like a fake wlw

I don’t mean to disregard any of your feelings, but you can be:

•agenderflux and sapphic

•agender, identifying as lunarian/stellunarian/etc and sapphic

•bigender with one gender being agender and the other being feminine

•an agender lesbian

you make the rules. if you feel connected to and comfortable with womanhood, that’s all you need. you don’t have to prove you’re as much a wlw as anyone else.

oh and one more thing: if you were faking it you’d know.

Please reblog if you post about Blackhawks

Hey everyone! I’ve been absent from my blog for most of the season because my depression has gotten really bad. Now I feel better, but I noticed i follow very few hawks blogs and i’d like to follow more of them. I need positivity on my dash and i wanna connect with fellow hawks fans :)

If you post about the Blackhawks please reblog or like this post :)

if you wanna talk just reach out to me, I would love to talk but the depression makes it harder 

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What's the oldest and youngest you'd fuck?

Hmmm…I tend to like older than me, in general. However, it first depends on an intellectual connection, first. If we cannot have a conversation that makes me wet, I am already somewhat apathetic. If I met a Dominant in his 20s and he was mature, worldly, etc., I would consider it. I have never put an “oldest” age limit, as older men are typically more experienced. Also, I don’t just “fuck” to fuck. I need to have the absolute desire to submit myself to someone. 😊

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hi, i'm gonna be an incoming freshman for cinema & tv arts (with a screenwriting emphasis) in a few months. is there any advice you'd give + what you wish you'd known upon entering the industry?

Hello @yourstrulytheliar

One piece of advice I used to get over and over again is to get involved in everything. Any little production you hear about that you are even slightly interested in, do it. You will get experience and make connections with your peers. The more you do, the more you will figure out exactly what jobs you do and do not like. Even though you are a screenwriter, you can be a PA and get to know directors. (Screenwriters need to get connections somewhere!)

That being said, do not overwork yourself. Know your limits and know when it’s time to say “no.” If you over-commit to the point you are exhausted, your work, and more importantly, your health will suffer.

Another tip I got was befriend your professors. They have had actual experiences in the field and are often doing their own projects that they are willing to bring students on. Also, they have an established network and if you ask them, they can put you in touch with people in the industry who share your interests.

And finally, just create things! Write short films your peers can produce. (Build connections AND see your work on screen!) Write feature films that require a budget. Write spec scripts. Write fanfiction. You won’t improve if you’re hung up on getting one script perfect. Make things you’re passionate about.

Good luck and have fun!


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What is your favorite thing about Nazz's friendship with Kevin? Were they meant to be in a relationship?

I don’t know what to mention. They’re seen together sometimes, but there are no noteworthy interactions that could help me understand what their canon connection is.
There needs to be a thing first, then I’ll have something to call my favourite.

There’s nothing about them that makes you think they were meant to date; the movie randomly threw that concept onto its audience.
Kevin’s feelings for her is best portrayed by that one scene where he was drooling at a picture of her in her bikini. He fails to differentiate himself from the other boys. Meanwhile, Nazz’ interest in him was never mentioned or portrayed once in the series at all. She and Double D had more chemistry.

May not make sense to some of you, just my opinion

I honestly like the Emily/Alison Egg storyline. Yeah it may look & sound absurd but it can actually happen. (Jane the virgin connection) obviously A.D did this for a reason. I don’t think Marlene made this the main thing that will drive them together asap. Although I wish Marlene made emison happen sooner, these last episodes aren’t enough. Like I wanna see more action between, Alison and Emily. Our girls need more Love, ezria,Haleb & Spoby had many. A.D is one sick bastard and he/she is obviously messing with them. A.D may be plotting all these surprises in front of them which is only gonna make all the girls even more angrier and stronger, A.D is gonna be the one getting screwed at the end.

I guess I’m real anxious about that because I do admittedly use this Hellsite to cope with the isolation that comes from illness + dealing with a recent disability diagnosis + mental illness, full time school, and demanding theater work. I’d really like to come to a point where I’m a more complete person IRL so I don’t have as much of this fear anymore. It’s just for awful reasons I’ve been held back in a lot of social regards in terms of having time and energy to make more regular connections IRL.

I mean I have friends don’t get me wrong I love them but dear God I need to get out more, y'know. I say this having clocked in a 13 hour day, yesterday was 14 hours, the day before 13, I only have more work piled up. Tomorrow is my first day off in WEEKS and I’m just going to sleep through it all because I’m so burnt out

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I want them to have make up sex meaning like actually make slow passionate love, but then again I don't just to show that their relationship isn't just sex that they have that deep emotional connection and they wouldn't need sex for that because the dominant and submissive relationship isn't just about sex anyway it's about trust right ?

💁🏻 Hello Anon!!

You’re absolutely right, a relationship involving D/s isn’t just about sex and trust is vital!!

I think it’s pretty clear that Jared and Vivie’s relationship, their connection to one another, is based on far more than just sex… At least I HOPE people see that by now.

Whether a relationship is as vanilla as you can get or hardcore D/s, sex is a natural way for two people to reconnect. That’s why make-up sex is always so incredible. It’s not necessarily the sex but more about the intimacy felt between the two.

Thank you for this message, love!!! 💗💗💗

The Wolves (Act 1 & 2) - Bon Iver

There are things is this world we simply just can’t explain, or things that we wish we knew. Even things we’d rather forget. One nature of being human is that need to find a reason for everything and this leads to the main point. I spent an hour and a half watching a movie it was that sort of movie that hits you and connects with you heart, the sort that you makes you vulnerable. It changes your perspective on the world and your own identity because you feel as if you can do so much more for yourself and the ones around you. I believe everyone needs to see this movie for one reason that is, the moral of the movie which is the huge impact of Loss of life, it is what each and everyone of us on earth are afraid off, its is the one inevitable thing that we will be faced with but can never be ready for it. But it’s the impact on the ones that live each day after the death, the loved ones that had alittle bit of themselves taken because for some reason you were taken. Im not quiet sure where I’m going with any of this and no one is probably reading this but you also probably wondering what the movie is. I am Heath ledger. It’s about a man that was like no other and didn’t do a single thing but try to continuously better himself and the ones around him so that maybe he could have said he lived the life he had wished for. But that’s the worst part about death we will never know if this is true. He was 28 in the year of his death with a soul mate and daughter of his dreams. He was an actor, screenwriter, director, videographer, photographer, CEO of a music company, husband, father, son, brother and most of all a friend. And this is exactly what I spoke of at the beginning how do we explain and make reasoning with what happend when someone that you know is the most alive person on earth and the next minute is no longer. It makes you look at what you’ve done yourself and if you were to leave tomorrow would you have been happy with the impact you have had on others and say I will live on in them. That this is not the end but the next day to be lived. That is how Heath lived, in others each and every day and even now. And he lived by a philosophy that He was able to better himself in some sort of way no matter what he was doing and he always found that time was against him. Maybe he knew when he was going and that’s why he achieved so much with such attitude and standard, maybe that’s why he made such an impact in others lives. Each and every person needs to see that documentary whether you’ve heard of him or not. It’s not just about and actor, it’s about a friend and the legacy that is left behind. It’s about waking up and realising how much there is to living. If you read all the way through thankyou, this is probably the only time I’ll make a post like this but I felt it was needed.

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I love this universe so incredibly much, the quality is beyond anything I've ever read. When I read "Thea dies in 2037" my eyes got teary. How is that even possible?!??!?! Question(s): What's the first official meeting like between Amelia and Felicity? Is there ever an in-depth conversation between Felicity and William about their conversation at the gala where he refers to her as his mom? I'm a little obsessed with Felicity/Will as you can tell. I love their bond.

Thank you!!! I actually have more votes for a flashfic of Amelia and Felicity meeting than… I think anything else. It might be second. I’m definitely doing that relatively soon. I’d think they would have met back when she worked at Moira’s office, before she knew any real connection to Will, but I need to go back and look at the gala chapters to make sure that fits… I think it does. We’ll also see her in some oneshots after she knows Will’s in love with Amelia, but while they’re not together. And we’ll definitely get more of her perspective on that. I should TOTALLY write them talking about the ‘mom’ thing as a flashfic, shouldn’t I? I’ll add that to my prompt list. I really love their bond, too. It feels like such a different one to explore than the others and I greatly enjoy stories about family of choice, rather than of blood.  

help i can’t art and i need critique pls i’m desperate

DERPY: OKKKKKKK SO Palarose needs her arms to be fixed into a floating hand feature kinda u can keep the wing like feature and put it upwards but smaller and skinner.FOR HER body I see how u tryed to put a dripping like water basically have her whole body connected NOT her feet :D and have a lighter part of shade into it so it can be that nice bright gleaming water we know also maybe make her hair more wavy. If u don’t know HOW to do a woman body I would recommend tutorials there nice but I don’t look at them cause I’m a self taught artist SOOOOOOO YEAH XD I’m sorry if this didn’t make ALLL sense cause i suck at explaining things so I really hope this helped BUT if u don’t understand what this means I will be happy to draw what I mean ^^ Thank u for ur time I hope u have a lovely day

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What's ur dream job?

Honestly? I don’t think I have any one specific dream job!!! Right now my short term goal is to work up to assistant manager (or manager itself?) at the pet supply store I’m currently working at!!!

but overall…I’d be happy with a lot of different options!!! illustrator, full time taking commissions, working on video games, storyboarding…those all sound wonderful!!!! however it’s a long road to get to any of those and I definitely need some more practice in the art department before I can get there.

I’d like to get back to school at some point in order to improve my art faster/form more connections but it was a lot on my mental health when I went so it could be a while before I head back. I wanna make sure I’m ready to do my best before going back!!!!!

but in the end I’m really happy where I’m at now honestly?? so even if that stuff never happens, I’m fine as long as I can keep drawing and stay happy and be with the wonderful people in my life!!!!


VaneEleanor Appreciation Week 2015
 ⤷ Day 1  |  Why do you ship them?

I ship them because their dynamic is probably one of the most interesting, fair and refreshing in television. They are anything but a cliché: she’s not the damsel in distress just waiting for him to save her or come back to her and he’s not any less brutal, sugarcoating things for her or unfair to her just because she’s a woman – quite the contrary. Even if they know each other and share a deep kind of love, they don’t spare the other anything and we don’t get to see that very often in a couple dynamic. They both hold power and they are not afraid of it. They crave it, they want it and sometimes they share it. But they’ll never give it up, not when it would be like denying their very essence, what makes them who they are in the process. That’s why when it comes to business and their interests they treat the other as if they were anyone else. Not because they don’t care about each other but because they respect each other, they believe in the other enough that they don’t feel the need nor the necessity to spare anything. In this relationship, no matter the nauture of it, they are  e q u a l.

And they respect the other even when they are at their worse, even when they are conscious they are hurting the other. They love exactly because of  it, because of this ability to never yield when it comes to their views and morals. They love each other for who they are, even if it hurts.

And you know why? Because they are fighters living in a brutal world, who had to face each their own demons right from the beginning, when they both were young children. That’s why even when their different ambitions and views come between them, they always get pulled back together at the end. Because they can  u n d e r s t a n d  each other, they get where the other is coming from even when they disagree with the taken course of action. And this is why the connection they share will ultimately never truly cease to exist.

And this connection I talk about, something they built in all the years they’ve known each other, makes it so they don’t need much words to communicate either. They can read the other just with one look, their body language speaks volume, more than a thousand words ever could. Their feelings are known, there’s no need to waste time with useless declarations. They know how the mind of the other works, they can understand it because even though they are different when it comes to their vision of the world, they are still alike when it comes to will and determination and that’s why even if they do the worst to each other, nothing will change the kind of connection they share. It is actually so strong that they themselves are reluctant to acknowledge it and hesitant when it comes to it and consequently around each other when in an intimate situation. Two of the most ruthless people in Nassau are rendered defenseless around the other when they realize this same notion. At the same time, watching them clash back together feels like coming home everytime: the undeniable sense of familiarity is always there, no matter how hard they try to fight it.

They are a paradox, complicated, sometimes destructive. They are their worst enemy and the love of their lives. They are a man and a woman trying to find their own place in the world while being unable to truly let got of the other.

Their love is a dichotomy, black and white, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Week 1, part 1

So I’ve been in Alaska a week now and already have some pretty interesting stories about this place and the people I’ve met. I’m gonna need to post more often during the week because I’ve already forgotten a lot of the details, and I’m actually upset at myself for that. Anyway, here goes. So as you know I work in guest services and I hear that last year there were a lot of young people in that section. This year..not so much. I was a little bummed about that, I obviously came here to make new friends and new connections and didn’t think I’d get that from a group made up of mostly people in their 50’s and 60’s, fortunately I was wrong! I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people. The First Lady I really talked to was from my home state of Georgia. Her name is Susan and you can follow her Tumblr at susanworkinginalaska.tumblr.com notice the similarities between the name of our blogs? Susan is an adorable older lady who isn’t as tech savvy as the millennials, so she found out I had a blog so she had to make one, and then found out my name and one upped me lol. She’s great though, I’ve already had deep conversations about back home and even teared up at times. I think Susan is great because she is, but also because she thinks I’m great. My confidence has grown here because the people here are constantly complimenting me. To them I’m handsome, easy to talk to, smooth, respectful, and fun. I wish younger people saw me the way these older folks do. I like to mess with the older people, another good older friend I’ve met is the guy Marcus. Marcus thinks I’m pretty cool which is great because I literally think he has the coolest life. He has this amazing Mercedes van that he customized and made into a little small traveling apartment and is just enjoying the fruits of his labor. He’s a project guy, owned start up hotels back in the day, built them up and sold them and now he’s working small jobs like these just to have something to do. Rumor has it he’s about to purchase another hotel and there’s lots of opportunity there, he takes care of his employees, so between me and you, I hope I get to work for Marcus once this is all said and done. I’ve become his little wingman and have been trying to hook him up with some laaaaaadieeees (shoutout to bill burr) and I’m doing an alright job with that too. Marcus has lived an amazingly cool life, dated billionaires and high ranking government officials, one day he gave me a ride home and we talked for about two hours just about his experiences in life and he actually tried hooking me up with his daughter! Then I had to drop the bomb on him, “sorry man I’m taken”. “Oh so you have a girlfriend?”. “No, I’m actually Gay.” 😳was close to the face he made lol. He was cool and all, later that night at dinner he and Susan told me that I was “too pretty to be gay” still confused by that, and not sure if it was a compliment lol. Right after dinner I went for a hike with my friend Callie, the one Louis knew from last year. We were hiking and there were these dudes smoking cigars in their car. I hadn’t had a cigar in a while so I asked them to share and they did. Boy, people in Alaska suuure are friendly. (Hey Arnold reference). Anyway the hike was amazing, we went to this river bed where the river is actually glacier fed, which I hear is rare. I asked Callie if she thought it was okay to drink, and she said it was and the best way to do it is to use your tongue like a dog to avoid drinking the silt. I passed because it was too cold to be sticking my head in glacier water but I’ll definitely be taking a sip later this summer.It was snowing on one of the mountains, we couldn’t see the snow falling but could see the snow gradually getting thicker and thicker. When it snows on a mountain clouds do the craziest thing, they like get sucked into the mountain, so I’m standing there, next to the gently flowing river, in the dry parts of the river bed, at sunset, watching clouds race to the top of the mountain. I had to cry, I stood there and got a little choked up. At that moment you just realize all the little stupid shit you stress about doesn’t matter, the earth has so much beauty and I think it’s complete perfection. I was standing there playing a game with myself like “okay Sebastian let’s see if you can find something to be upset about” I sat there and I thought hard and nothing I could come up with could ruin that moment. Debt, family issues, dying friendships, the government and all its affairs, none of it mattered. We kept hiking and I realized I wasn’t taking it all in, Callie walks kinda fast, but eventually I just stopped and looked down and noticed all these amazing rocks, like ones you’d buy in a store. I’m just wandering around and theres this turquoise and red boulder just sitting there shining in the sunlight. The river was making sounds that you would buy to help you sleep. Also for the first time I could really see as far as my eye could see, no matter where you go back home there’s always something in the way. This was just clear and spacious I felt like I was the only person in the world, well me and Callie. And of course, in a situation like that you get introspective and start sharing life views. Callie shared an interesting one..she doesn’t believe humans should live past the age of 40, and that the human race is a waste of the Earths resources. And the 40 rule applies to herself as well, she has a plan to commit suicide at the age of 36. Just a short 9 years away. She isn’t depressed, or upset with life, she’s actually a very happy, perky girl who’s easy to get along with. She’s been through a lot growing up, being abused by her father and by a couple of relationships, but none of that is a factor as to why she wants to die. She says pretty much everyone she meets knows about the plan, her friends have accepted it, and she isn’t scared. It’s a sure thing. I personally think she’ll chicken out, but she really doesn’t see that happening…see, I told you she was interesting. There are so many different people out there with so many different ideas and views on life, it’s arrogant and idiotic for any one person who thinks they know all the answers, as far as religion, and life in general. I really think people who think their way is the only way are the same people who haven’t had a chance to experience other lifestyles, other cultures and never been exposed to other ideas. Tragic when you think about it. Because what I think life is all about and if not at least what I want my Life to be about.That’s why I came here, to learn about people, to learn about myself, and to learn about the world we live in. And I’ve been here 8 days and I think I’m ten times better for it. The more I learn the more I realize how much I don’t know. Which is exciting because I have a huge desire to learn it all. There’s still a long way to go on this journey and I can’t wait to see the rest of it unfold. “There’s more to see, that can ever be seen. More to do, that can ever be done.”

cafeleningrad ha risposto al tuo post “secretagentofcaos ha risposto al tuo post “I have no idea what…”

ahem “Latinamerican” was a term based on the initiative of Napoleon III to win the support of Middle- and South America by saying they were connected to Europe by the Latin-rooted language. (more or less)

well half of the people behind the italian unity were best pals with NIII because we needed his help to kick austrians out of lombardia so it makes perfect sense that we’d end up using that more xD