i need to make love to him

To the Anon(s) who sent this: first of all, if you are different Anons, then Anon #2, people are allowed to romance who they like and just because you think she looks ‘dopey’ doesn’t mean they shouldn’t enjoy her character. I think Quinn looks great, even though her hair design makes no sense, what is going on back there?

If, however, you are the same anon, first of all, you need to learn the difference between controversial and racist. I’m not sure why you sent me that ask, unless you wanted to because you knew how much I love Sean. He’s on my wallpaper on mobile, I post about him 24/7, and I hosted an Appreciation Week for him not too long ago. Maybe you were looking for a reason to send something like this. Well. Here’s my answer.

This ask above is racist and crude and awful, and here are six points about it:

  1. First, a disclaimer. I am white, I have never experienced oppression based on my race and I do not and can not and should not speak for the black community.
  2. This is disgusting. How dare you propagate racist ideas and language against one of the black characters in this fandom, especially one of the few canon black LI’s. This action you have taken is the lowest form of humanity. 
  3. The writers of Endless Summer listened to us when we said we’d like to spend a more even amount of time with the LI’s in Book 2, and we’ve gotten a much more even balance between Sean, Jake, Quinn, and Estela. However, Jake still has more content than any of the other LI’s, and has upgraded in the relationship between himself and MC faster than the other LI’s. This means that the balance is tipped in Jake shipper’s favors. This means no one has denied you anything that was rightfully yours.
  4. This is actually a very good way for me to say that I’ve noticed people in this fandom saying that they dislike James, Sean, or Mr. Sloan or the black version of the Prince in particular because, and I quote a few of you, “I prefer to date my own race.” That is racist and crude.
  5. Block me. Block me right now if you are the anon that sent this first ask, and reconsider your views on this situation. I do not ever want to associate with you in any way shape or form.
  6. Dear Wider Choices fandom, please be aware that when people call you out and say ‘That’s racist”, “That’s homophobic”, “That’s misogynistic”, that they are most likely right. Take a few steps back and evaluate what happened. Saying “I can’t be racist/homophobic/misogynistic because I have black/gay/female friends” is not an excuse. Please be aware that when people say they’ve noticed problematic behavior in the fandom, they are not making things up. They are not fabricating it, and it is real and it should be dealt with.

I love this fandom, I love it so much that it’s hard for me to describe. This fandom has been the rebirth of my creativity and my adoration and enjoyment of wider media. I’ve made great friends here and been exposed to wider views and parts of the world. Please be aware that our fandom does not exist in a vacuum, and please be aware of what you’re writing and saying and more specifically, doing. Please be kind and please erase this kind of hatred. We’re better than this by so much, so. Love Trumps Hate.

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I am definitely a hardcore Klance shipper, but literally all I want from season 3 is friendship, or at least understanding between Keith and Lance. I want Keith to have support and love from not just Lance but the whole team, ya feel? "Hey man" makes me happy because it's Lance being mature and putting aside the """rivalry""" and being a source of comfort for Keith. He doesn't need romance right now, he needs support from the people he trusts.

YES!! Keith has always been a loner since so many people have left his life and seeing the team really care for him is such a good thing for him

- Mod Keith

When they insist to buy you a lot of new clothes/makeups/etc.


Kim Namjoon :

He would wake you up from your sleep and smiled, “Babe, wake up! I found that Kylie Jenner releasing new product. I bet this color will suit you.” You frowned and shook your head, “no need, I’m okay with the one I used to-” He sulked and pulled your blanket, “come on! We need to make you prettier!” He cheered. 

“What the hell, Namjoon.”

“I love seeing you happy, babe. You are prettier when you’re happy.” 

Kim Seok Jin : 

He would walked towards you who were cooking for lunch. You glanced at him and smiled, “what is it, Jin?” You asked. He crossed his arms and leaned to the refrigerator. He stared at you and stared at his phone. 

“What is it?” You asked curiously. 

“I saw a good dress, it will suit you. Let’s buy it,” he said. You chuckled and shook your head slowly, “no need. I have a lot of dress because you bought it last week.” He scoffed, “but it’s last week, not now. I’m approving your beauty, let’s go buy this dress for you.” He smiled. 

Min Yoongi : 

You were watching a TV show with chips on your hand. You were very focused on the TV and didn’t notice how Yoongi stared at you from his chair. “Are you mad at me or something, Yoongi.”


“Spill it.” He chuckled and smirked at you, “this is why I love you.” You nodded your head. He walked towards you and pulled your hands, “let’s buy shoes and bags for you,” he said. You shook your head, “I don’t want it. I have enough shoes and bags for the rest of the years. You bought me a lot of that.” 

Yoongi pouted, “please? I also want a quality time with you, pretty please?” He did an aegyo so you couldn’t say nor do anything about it so you said “yes”. 

“I love doing this for you.” 

Jung Hoseok : 

“Babe, it looks good on you.”

“Let’s buy this.” 

“Damn, that skinny jeans will look good on you too. Let’s buy 2 of it.” You would stood awkwardly behind him because he moved too much and too fast for you to follow. He got excited when you said he can choose you everything that will look good on you. You sighed and pulled Hoseok arm, “I think, it’s enough.”

He smiled at you, “you think so? Don’t you need more a lot of makeups?” 

“It’s enough, let’s eat.” He chuckled and ruffled your hair before he slung your arm into your waist and making the girls inside the mall got jealous. 

Park Jimin : 

Both of you were walking around in the mall, Jimin told the bodyguards to distanced a bit to make space for both of you. But clearly, you guys become the center of attention. 

Jimin saw girls were admiring the new released bag by Balenciaga and Celine but you didn’t turn your head to the store and keep busy with your crepes and the events in front of you. “Babe, you want bags like those girls?” He asked sweetly and pulled your arm softly to stop. You glanced at the store and shook your head, “nah, I still have a lot of bags in the house, Jimin. Don’t spoil me.”

He shook his head, “I’m not spoiling you, I’m spoiling myself. Let’s buy those bags for you, okay?” He smiled, “pretty please?” You chuckled and nodded your head. Damn, it was so precious when you saw the girls reaction because Jimin was so active for picking the bags for you meanwhile their boyfriend were nervous by them buying a lot of expensive bags. 

Kim Taehyung : 

You widened your eyes as you saw Taehyung came home with a lot of Gucci’s shopping bags on his hands. He grinned widely as he saw your expression. You crossed your arms and let him came inside the house, “what the hell, Kim Taehyung? You supposed to save your money for the future!” You scolded him. 

He pouted, “but I thought we could be a Gucci couple and I saw a lot of cute stuffs that we could wear together.” You sighed and shook your head, “you need to think before we bought something, these aren’t cheap. I know that.”

“Babe, relax, if it’s about me spending a lot of money for you it’s because I like that. No need to worry, I have a lot of money you know.”


“Now, let’s wear some and have a date.” 

Jeon jungkook :

You sighed as you went outside the campus, you saw Jungkook leaned on one of his fancy cars and wearing sunglasses, being attractive around girls. You rolled your eyes and walked towards him, “Jungkook, I hope you didn’t buy anything again.”

He grinned, “I’m not. We’re going to the mall and you can choose anything that you want. You buy and I swipe.” You smacked his shoulder, “why don’t we eat outside or something? I’m hungry,” you pouted. 

Jungkook chuckled and lead you to the passenger’s seat, “your wish is my command, princess.” But when you opened the door, you saw a very cute doll along with expensive shopping bag beside it. “Jeon Jungkook!” 

“Aww…relax, it’s not very expensive like yesterday.”

“It’s Hermes you dumbass!” He chuckled and started the engine, “I’m lucky I have you because you rarely spend money instead saving it for the future. But let me spoil you because I have a lot of money and I want to spend it for you.” 


home,” he whispered, needing to hear it aloud. it was a f o r e i g n concept to him, an i m p o s s i b l e dream. it was f r i g h t e n i n g and wonderful all at once, and it set his heart r a c i n g so fast he thought it’d drum out of his chest. 

“welcome home, neil.”

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I love how Jimin had like lounged himself on Jungkook on the bus while everyone else sat normally

IK YEAH, I love how jimin is so comfortably a touchy-feely person so its really cute seeing him like that :’)

Anonymous said: I would not be surprised if Jungkook had a collage of Jimin making derp faces he looks at when he needs a good laugh :“"D

LOL, I can’t imagine how many derp selfies jikook have taken together. Like pls, release them all.

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Oooh but imagine faeformer Megatron! He falls in love with a human(it takes him a while to come to terms with that) and he decides to disguise himself as a hansome gentlemanly older man and manages to lure the human out of their village and into his domain. They get to a certain area where they've already crossed into his fairy ring and the human has no idea and then Megatron offers them like an apple growing on one of the trees. (part 1)

(Part 2 Megatron faeformer) The human eats the apple and Megatron turns back and tells them that since they’ve just had fae food they can’t leave! Human is of course distraught and is beating themselves up cause they should’ve known better than to trust an out of town stranger but gosh he was so handsome,and still is! He’d probably be some kind of fae king so he’d make the human his queen/duke/prince/etc. The human would definitely be spoiled and given the finest gifts! (cont)

(part 3 of fae Megatro) But they do miss their home sometimes and Megs notices this and despite never wanting them to leave he decides to make a deal,if they promise to return on time he will allow them to visit their village for 1 month every 3 months,but if they are late getting back he will hunt them down and bring them back to his kingdom and never let them leave again. Human takes the deal of course. Kind of like a fae Hades and Persephone AU kind of thing!

Oh my gosh!  YES!!!  I love this so much!  I’m screaming!  :D :D :D  I’m in love with the Hades/Persephone aesthetic!  This is so good!  It ties in perfectly with my faeformer Megs headcanons too!  Holy Frag!  <3 <3 <3

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💌 destiel

💌: who is more likely to send cutesy texts to the other?

i think you know the answer to that one ;)

eventually dean would be like ‘cas we need to talk about your goddamn texts’ because they kept making his phone buzz the WHOLE time he was talking to witnesses on a hunt and driving him crazy but then cas sends him back a smiley face and a heart and a ‘i love u dean’ and dean would forgive him ^-^

send me a ship and a heart 


Koth does leave you if you romanced him and then saved Arcann which pretty much guarantee’s that my Koth romance character will never complete kotet. No one is going to leave me over choosing to save a life instead of destroy it.

I had no idea.

I love it.

I now need to make a character just to romance Koth for drama.

or I could just watch playthroughs like normal people.

Scream If You Wanna Go Faster

Alright so I’m too lazy to do a proper writing challenge but I’ve just come up with these…. things with a little help :)

Totally exaggerated obviously but I’d fucking love to see some of these being somehow used in a story. Although for the most part, it would have to be crack lol.

Use them or don’t use them, or come up with your own. Tag me in whatever you write and I’ll reblog to my Cherry Loves Fanfic account and eventually make a Masterlist for them.

Your orgasm shook through you so violently that if it had been an earthquake, it would have devastated civilisations.

You trembled, feasting your eyes on his pulsating meat sword. My that looked…. meaty.

You wanted him inside you. You needed him to fill your warm, wet cavern.

You screamed loudly as you came, him joining in as he exploded inside of you at exactly the same time. Your neighbours sat next door, clutching at their bedsheets as they dialled 911/999 to report the murder they had just listened to.

“Shut up!”
“Make me!”
45 seconds later their clothes were abandoned and the floor was covered in spunk.

They made such a mess of the room it looked like a crime scene. Semen, blood, some feces….

After forty minutes his fingers had cramped up and she felt like her clit had been sandpapered off. No amount of gentle nudging was putting him in the right direction.

“Right, we’re done! Call me a cab and order yourself a copy of sex ed for dummies yeah? And maybe a map…”

“I’m coming! My God, I’m coming!” he collapsed onto the bed, sweat dripping off him. “Was it good for you baby, did you come?”

“Dude, I gave you a tit wank?”

“Ouch Ouch Ouch Ouch Ouch! Mother fucker!” he pulled out of you, his cock covered in blood. “It’s broken! You’ve broken my penis!”

“Um, I haven’t broken anything. I don’t have teeth up there you know.” You moved closer, inspecting it, your suspicions confirmed.

“You’ve snapped your banjo string!”

He slipped inside your blossoming flower, and you knew that within minutes he’d be watering it with his own special solution.

“Baby, you’re so tight,” he whimpered, thrusting away inside of you.

You were far too sleepy to give him a basic sex education lessen and to tell him that tightness equals not massively aroused. You mentally ticked him off your list as a lost cause.

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do you think jer za got an implied happy ending? they needed something way more solid but it gave me the feeling that they'll be happy down the road

I found their ending romantic, if I’m honest. Jellal was pardoned and it was such a relief to Erza that she started to dedicate love and time to her hair – which Jellal named her for and loved – something Lucy states she never did before. That to me implies that she is thinking of him a lot and has hope for their future.

In other words, Erza is working through her feelings and personal growth. In my mind, I see Jellal and Erza working on themselves and reuniting somewhere down the line, free of tension, and picking up where they left off.

Their relationship wasn’t simple. I think it makes sense that they need time to themselves before they can be together. Jellal will still have guilt to sift through. And Erza has a lot of issues herself. They need time to just be at peace in a world without the threat of Acnologia and Zeref. Plus, Jellal will most likely help the others who were pardoned first and Erza will be dedicating time to the guild. Once that’s out of the way I’m sure they’ll meet again.

Their hearts are connected even when they’re apart. That’s what makes them so special. They have so much patience.

‘My Baby Boy And Me’

It’s three A.M., they’re all asleep,
And no one’s here to see
As we rock slowly back and forth
My baby boy and me.

His little head is feather- light
Tucked up against my chin.
I hold his tiny hand in mine
And stroke his baby skin.

The old apartment house about us creaks and groans,
The clock hands creep around.
He snuggles close to me still
And makes his baby sounds.

I love those quiet hours so much
And cherish every one.
Store memories within my heart
For lonely nights to come.

All to soon he’ll be grown up
His need for me gone.
But until then I still have time
For kisses and for song.

Time for quiet hours like this
With him cuddled in my arm,
Where I wish he’d always stay,
Protected, safe and warm.

And yet I know the day will come
When this tiny little hand
Will be much bigger than my own.
He’ll grow to be a man.

But until then he’s mine to love,
With no one here to see
As we rock slowly back and forth
My baby boy and me.

—  Judy Emery

tbh… I know everyone’s kinda hyped abt the lion swap and shit but lmao….. it’s??? a dumb idea lmfao….

like…. noah fence but imo…….. lance is not….. red…. red??? loves keith y would she give him up?? that’s dumb u spent a fuckign season talking abt how keith needed to earn her trust and shit n then u go n say “ah yes keith is black paladin now” despite writing him to say that he doesn’t feel comfortable leading the paladins??? and saying he doesn’t want to????? but Ok have fun ig. also??? Lance…. like…. ok 2 options u got with this big okld fucking mess (I mean there’s more but 2 obv answers that make sense. 3 mb) u make lance black paladin and allura pink paladin (y do u need to move like 3 people lmao….. just move one and let the others keep their’s jfc) or u make allura (or coran, allura is the only who can fly the castleship im p sure) black paladin and keith can keep his impulsive ass hands away from leading voltron, (arguably) the most fucking powerful fighter thing in the universe.

Like I love Hunk as the black paladin but it’s not very likely seeming as yk he’s still just a fucking joke to the writer’s. Pidge wouldn’t make sense cause she’s a chold???? A Baby???? No??? Keith is (as I already stated) impulsive and has already Refused!!!!! He doesn’t want to do it!!!!!!! Don’t make him????? Lance is the obv choice bc arguably he’s the mc? so it jsut makes sense yk? with allura!! she makes sense cause she’s altean/the princess and I love her. idk? I just want more focus on her ok. With Coran he’s technically like.,,,, a secondary main character? We see him in (almost?) every episode but again he’s more for comic relief and exposition n stuff yk so it’d be kinda weird for him to be kinda the focus/spotlight suddenly.

but yeah either way I think the most viable options should be give allura black or blue and lance black or just make him stay? Keith stays where he is ok he’s sad please don’t make him black.

these r just my opinions? like,,, I’ll probably see what actually happens but yk….

Ok. So. Hear me out.

I think Robert needs to regress to 2015 of Robert levels because that is his comfort zone. Aaron forced him to open up in ways he never did before, that included being himself and love. Now that Aaron will make it very clear that Robert is to get out of his face, he goes back to what he knows well. That 2015 facade. Revenge. Money. Schemes.

While the Robert fan in me LOVES that he is getting revenge on Rebecca and the Whites I also know it will blow up in his face somehow. I’d love for him to play the long game but the show won’t allow that.

Maybe after that big blow up happens he learns he can’t go back to where he was. He has changed more than expected. So, he has to figure out his happy middle. Where we can be himself for himself and not just because Aaron is around. Then he can be a better person for himself and his relationship with Aaron down the line.

Something like that. Still, revenge on the whites (mostly Rebecca? YES.)

J is for Jacking Off

Pairing: Dean

Word Count: 1004

Anon asked: Omg, I just read like all of your ABC Challenge thing and it was so good! May I request jacking off with deanxreader? Thanks so much, I love your writing!

Warnings: masturabtion (male)

A/N: i hope this is okay !! i did solo!dean because i dont want it to be too similar to the mutual masturbation one

ABC’s of Sex Masterlist

Dean could have kissed Jody when she managed to convince Sam he needed a break. She took him out to get some coffee, and Dean made her promise that she’d make sure Sam ate some lunch with her while he stayed at the bunker and tried to catch a case.

She nodded, taking on the nurturing mom role that she somehow always slipped into when she was the boys. And then she was gone, Sam’s heavy steps trudging after her until he heard the bunker door close.

Now was Dean Time. Him and Sam had stayed in the bunker for the past few weeks straight, leaving him no opportunity to leave and find someone to take home, and no time to go whack off. Now was perfect, Jody ate a bite every twenty minutes - she called it savoring the food. Dean called it sad. She’d keep Sam out with her for at least an hour and a half, giving Dean more than enough time to empty his balls at a leisurely pace.

He downed the rest of the beer that was left in the bottle in front of him until it was empty, then he was quickly walking to his room while simultaneously unbuttoning his flannel. The door was open wide and inviting, and he didn’t even bother to close it after him. He threw the plaid onto the hamper and tugged his t-shirt that he was wearing under it over his head. He threw that in the general direction of it, not bothering to see if it landed with the rest of his dirty clothes.

He stood on the heels of his boots to get them off without having to bend down, and did the same with his socks. He was working manually, smooth motions like a well oiled machine. His pants and boxers were in a pile on the floor before he even realized he was taking them off.

He grinned at the sight of his bed, covers pulled up and pillows fluffy and comforting. Memory foam, no rock hard motel mattress covered in mysterious stains that he didn’t want answers to.

He lay down on his back, head propped up under one arm while the other was reaching down the side and under the frame to where he kept his bottle of lube handy.

He weighed it in his hand before opening it, making a mental note to buy another bottle soon, before he popped the cap open and drizzled a decent sized glob onto his hand. He liked it wet, messy and sticky, in all departments of the bedroom. It was his forte, and he perfected it like it was an art.

His cock was half hard by then, and it twitched with interest as he wrapped his hand around it and slowly moved it up and down it, spreading the lube.

Each time his hand got to the tip, he twisted it and added just a little bit more pressure. He hissed between his teeth at the sensitivity he had under the head of his cock, and he was more than rock hard now.

He took the arm that was cushioning his head and lowered it to his balls. His fingers slowly massaged his sack, rubbing and rolling, going from gentle caresses to decent squeezes. He was playing his body like it was an instrument, wound up and needing release but not wanting it to just end.

He finished playing with his balls with one final rub and brought his fingers to his nipples He circled one before pinching it harshly, grunting while his cock twitched.

He stopped stroking his cock and brought his fingertips to the sensitive head. He ran his index finger under the ridge of the tip, tracing gentle lines and jumping at the sensitivity. Precome oozed out of the tip at the sensitivity and started pooling on his stomach.

When he decided he had done enough teasing he stopped playing with his nipples and head, bringing one hand back to his balls while he tightened the hand on his cock into a fist. He eagerly began bucking up and into it, squeezing his cock nice and tight and picturing a nice ass or pussy being the thing to slowly clench around it and not just his hand.

His stomach was tensing under his ministrations, and even more precome seeped out. He planted his feet on the bed, bending his knees so that he would have a better angle for thrusting. The hand on his balls let go and opted to grab the sheets, hands fisting them tightly while his eyes squeezed shut tightly.

He was letting out loud moans, finding it liberating how he didn’t have to care about his volume.

He could feel the blood pounding through his entire body - more specifically, blood pumping towards his angry red and throbbing dick.

His toes were curling and his arm was flexing and he was right there, just needing that one little push.

He let go of the sheets and brought his hand up to his mouth. He dipped one finger in and sucked on it lightly. Then his hand was drifting down to his ass. It didn’t take much then, with his hand pumping his cock as fast as it was. He dragged his fingertip down to his perineum and added a bit of pressure and then he was gone.

He came with a shout, coming so hard that a spurt of it hit his chin. His chest was painted white and his lungs were heaving for air. It had been way too long. He smiled as he lay back and shut his eyes, perfectly content with just staying like that, naked and on the bed, not even caring about the cum that was slowly drying on his skin.

He only started to move when he heard the bunker door open. He jumped up and grabbed his robe, tying it around his body to cover him up while he practically ran to the shower.

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Which order do you think all the sneaks we got from 2x18 will be in? I'm so confused bc there's quite a lot right?

it’s 5am so my brain isn’t working anymore ngl

i think it might be magnus talking with alec in the institute where he tells alec that he needs to make hard decisions, then at the seelie court with luke where the seelie queen will probably make him even more convinced that all shadowhunters are just liars, then alec will try to reach out to him in magnus’ loft but magnus won’t want to talk (and then we’ll get flashback/flashback from their moments bc magnus needs to think their relationship over), then max will get hurt and they will all be worried about him and magnus will arrive to support him bc he knows that he loves alec too much

i’ve actually mentioned the last part many times on my blog. i think that despite their problems, they always want to help each other and be there for each other. and max getting hurt might help them actually talk about their problems instead of giving up

but then again, i might be totally wrong so you shouldn’t listen to my exhausted brain lmao

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I miss him so much it hurts me so bad I can't sleep I can't think about anything else but his name and his hands and his mouth on my neck and how he doesn't love me anymore how do I make it stop im dying

You wait it out until you realize that no matter how bad you think you need someone that you need yourself more.

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*kicks door open and storms in the house loudly(clearly disturbing a family dinner) - holding 2 fell ver of handplates skelebros* I CAME FROM UNDERELL HANDPLATES AND I AM IN NEED OF MOTHERLY LOVE, FLUFF AND CARE! *tugs underfell skelekids to toriel , sans and papyrus*

“Oh goodness!”

“are there versions of him in every universe?”


[Fell!Sans and Fell!Pap stare at the three of them, then immediately run into a corner and huddle up as close to the wall as they can.]

“they … seem kinda …”


[Fell!Pap makes a sound suspiciously like growling.]

“somethin like that.”

“Oh dear …” [Toriel gets down on her knees to be a little closer to the level of the two new boys.] “Hello, my children. My name is Toriel, and this is … well, this is Sans and Papyrus.”

[The Fell!bros just keep staring, though they don’t cling to each other quite as much as Sans and Papyrus do. Toriel sighs.]

“I … understand a bit about your universe from what I’ve heard. I’ve heard it is very scary. Very mean. And if what my boys went through was already so bad … I can’t even begin to imagine what you’ve endured. But you’re safe now. I know it’s going to take a long time for you to believe that. But we will take care of you here. No one will ever hurt you again.”

[The Fell!bros keep staring. Fell!Sans is still shaking, and keeps himself low, but he shifts a little closer toward Toriel. Toriel smiles at him. He is technically smiling, but it isn’t a happy smile.

[Papyrus seems to get an idea. He scurries into the kitchen and comes back with two slices of butterscotch pie. He slides the plates toward the Fell!bros without getting too close.]


[The Fell!bros stare again. Fell!Sans is the first to tentatively swipe his finger over the pie and taste it. His eyes light up, and he immediately digs in. Fell!Pap hesitated a moment longer, then scoots forward and digs into his own pie. Toriel smiles sadly, while Papyrus and Sans watch with mixed emotions.

[It’s going to be another long process. But it’s a start.]

//I have even less experience with Underfell than Underswap, so apologies for that. :)//

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Hi!! Thank you for that lovely gif set! *HUGS* I have another gif set request. Can you do a gif set of Sansa, Lyanna Mormont, & the Northern Lords disagreeing with Jon's decision to go to Dragonstone and pair it with Maester Aemon's Kill the Boy quote to Jon saying how Jon needs to do what is right even when it will make him unpopular. He looked so lonely in that scene w/his only supporter being Davos. Jon continually embraces Maester Aemon's advice to "kill the boy." -your gif requester

Supergirl No More

I was already tired of this show but this was the final straw. I was already going to be done because the character of Mon El was a misogynistic, selfish, and sexist character that I cannot believe they put in a relationship with Kara who is supposed to be this strong feminist hero. They focused on that relationship and made it seem like kara always needed him, instead of focusing on alex and Maggie which was a much more healthy and loving relationship where they supported each other through everything. They completely forgot about alex and Karas relationship which in season 1 was one of my favorite parts of the show. I don’t ship Kara and Lena but I could see how people could interpret their relationship that way especially how they play some of the scenes and the fact that those actors felt the need to make fun of people and belittle their opinions in that way was just disgusting and then make excuses for it with half hearted apologies. I’m not apart of the LGBTQ community but I consider myself an ally and I cannot support a show that treats people that I care about and who are already marginalized, like their feelings and opinions don’t matter. Nope I’m done Mon El was enough to make me quit the show but this just made my decision easier. I will watch clips of Maggie and alex and see where their relationship goes but other than that I can no longer support this show.