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How to fix Storm in the Room.

Have everything play out as it did up until the point where he’s yelling at Rose. That still happens, but he doesn’t end up apologizing. He makes Rose disappear and goes into the burning room to find Bismuth. He unbubbles her and have a brief exchanges that goes into a cliffhanger.

Bismuth: Wha-? Steven?

Steven: I want to know everything.

And then the episode ends. It would’ve been so amazing and this episode would’ve meant so much more than, “Steven talks to himself for awhile”.

And in the next episode we can have 11 minutes of exposition, I sure wouldn’t mind getting answers about everything.

Ok, So this is going to be a more semi-serious post. Please read all the way through.

Right now things suck, a lot of people can ship LGBT+ ships that have little to no chance of becoming canon, and as much as we wan’t these ships to happen.

We can’t change the world in one simple snap, it takes a lot of time for things to truly change. And time can sometimes be painfully slow like it is now.

But I hope everyone of you who ships these kind of ships realizes that you’re showing companies that its okay to like a LGBT+ ship. That they slowly won’t have to worry about backlash with making something like that canon.

That there are people who truly enjoy these ships. So right now it may not seem like anything is happening, that LGBT+ ships are too “explicit” for shows (especially cartoon shows) but I hope you know that just by shipping what you love, it’s changing things (mind you, painfully slow) but its changing.

Years into the future, things will be a lot different. People will be able to ship everything. and there will be no “it’s too explicit for this show.”

50 years ago people would get killed for being gay. 50 years now gay people can get married.
You see the difference? What I’m saying is keep on shipping, ship whatever the fuck you want to ship. Show people that we don’t need to be afraid. ITS GOING TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

We may not be able to enjoy it now, but people of the future will be able to.

There are so many ships, headcanons, theories (ETC) and its all mind blowing.


Exs and Ohs

A/N: My dear, lovely, awesome @cupcakequeen1999 sent me a particularly interesting scenario for me to write and I had a lot of fun writing it! Hope you guys enjoy it!


Hiya! Can you do one where T'Challa is dating the reader and when her ex shows up for dinner or something, T'Challa keeps sending him subtle “she’s mine” signals (kissing her, grabbing her butt, etc.)? I feel like he would be the guy to do that…

Pairing: T’Challa x F!Reader

Warnings: Groping, heavy making-out, awkward conversations, ex-boyfriends, jealous!T’Challa. (Remind me if I forgot anything)

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There is a 90% probability that in this universe, Slav is a character scarf.

I needed to take a break from the monotony of making a dozen Floofs, so I spent this weekend drafting and hand sewing a Slav character scarf. Isn’t he cute? First completed “plush” to sport one of my “Handsewn by ElfGrove” tags too. The head is attached by snaps so I can switch it’s direction as needed.

#Elf Makes Plushes | F.A.Q.

Mshenko positive post

Because reasons.

Here is why I love mshenko:

- it’s a beautiful story about two mission-centric fools who have chemistry together
- the unsaid words are just as important as the spoken ones throughout the games
- they obviously have a kind and caring friendship
- and watching it develop into a deeper relationship is beautiful
- the utter feeling and heartbreak of seeing Kaidan trying to stay by Shepard after getting taken out of commission in the final push because they JUST GOT TOGETHER AFTER ALL THIS TIME DON’T RIP THEM APART AGAIN YOU CRUEL, CRUEL UNIVERSE makes it a classic tragedy story that is timeless, like Romeo and Juliet, Tristan and Isolde, Achilles and Patroclus.
- it’s far more realistic and plausible to me that this is how it would go down
- and I just will never be over these two love struck goons.

anonymous asked:

Dirk Strider is made out of love, prince of my heart, i love him so much.

You didnt ask for this but you put Dirk and love in the same sentence and this is what i’ve been thinking about so lets go

Im gonna ramble about how much Dirk would love John Egbert and Jade Harley like, instantly, he did conceptually before he even met them but the instant they meet Dirk is permanently owned and has that many more people he’d happily die for because: Dirk loves Jane and Jake more than life itself, and John and Jade are…their kids basically. And early on Dirk cannot unsee that. 

The biggest treason this fandom has ever committed to my person is ignoring the fact that Dirk Strider would fucking melt himself to death even looking at John Egbert or Jade Harley and deconstructing all the little ways they’re like Jake and Jane and thinking about his typical self-loathing shit like “god those two would’ve been so happy together I’m such an ass for getting in the way look at them their kids are perfect they’re so good–”  

before Jake like puts his arm around Dirk’s shoulders and all thoughts immediately stop if they’re dating again, it’s probably a source of great angst for Dirk before they are and one of the bigger reasons he stays away. Maybe Jake and Jane will get the idea and be happy together. Someone write this for me thanks. 

Anyway that got too sad so back to Dirk’s relationship with the ectokids. 

Early on in Earth C John gets the impression Dirk hates him early on and pranks him pretty hard and often but while it kind of annoys Dirk when all his meticulously set up horsecam figurines get their heads swapped (and john breaks some of them in the process) he’s mostly just reminded that things with him and Jane are still awkward enough that he hasn’t gotten this from HER and he’s a torn up bag of “Fuck I miss her” and “Fuck I can’t believe how much I care about her goober ecto-son already” and NONE of this gets across his stoic demeanor so all john gets is that poker face. It takes them fucking forever to be actual friends and I’m not sure what does it but its probably the formidable teamwork of Jake and Dave who get sick of the awkwardness eventually. 

Meanwhile Dirk is 100% in awe of and terrified of disappointing Jade Harley who he A) cannot stop thinking about as JAKE’S GRANDMA and “OH GOD WHAT IF SHE DISSAPROVES WHAT IF I’M NOT GOOD ENOUGH WHAT IF-”- and B) Cannot stop thinking about as SO MUCH like Jane it kills him. She’s so no-nonsense and down to business and whenever he starts rambling too much about philosophy or some bullshit she just looks at him like … and he’s like “Ok I’ll shut up.”  The way Jade moves in a science lab is EXACTLY like Jane moves in a kitchen (or later, a business meeting) and Dirk knows because he learned the ins and outs of that movement by heart across so many video cam sessions growing up. Everything about Jade Harley destroys Dirk and he thinks she’s the fucking coolest and there’s basically no part of him that didn’t love her from the word go 

Dirk manages to work up the will to keep everyone else (but Jake) out of his private garage but not Jade, Dirk’s got all this futuretech practice and as SOON as Jade catches wind of this she’s like “Hey dirk! Alt!Callie handed me the secrets of the universe and basically i need a bigger workshop and better science can you help me out” and that’s basically his main project for the next two years is catching Jade up on 400 years of scientific progress (Jake tags along) and having to work on his weirdo animatronic shit that he was GOING to use his garage for originally in like, one of the cramped floors of Jake’s jungle globe instead

But it’s fine cause it makes Jade happy and getting to be helpful to Jade is like a dream come fucking true and Jake is so happy whenever he and Jade get to talking about some interesting intersection of philosophy and science or furries or whatever. The first time Jade gives him a friendly smack on the back Dirk jumps so hard he hits the roof.

Give Dirk Strider love thanks 

Weekly Voltron Fic Recs #23

Rules: You can find past rec lists here. This is stuff I like, and I have a huge bias toward Lance, hurt/comfort, and general fluff, in that order. Gen unless otherwise noted. Please comment on the fics if you read and enjoy them!

I have been very distracted with the Primary Big Bang, both reading the other fics and proofreading my own as I posted it, so I think there is less gen this time and more shipfics. Time to go through my AO3 History and see what I like enough to make a post about.

Project G.A.L.R.A. by GemmaRose
Words:  25,101 (WIP 15/27)
Author’s Summary:  Keith has been prepared for the apocalypse for a long time, so when it finally reaches his college campus he knows what to do. Get someone trustworthy to watch his back, grab something to defend himself with, and find a place to weather the storm. Making friends was never supposed to be part of the equation.
My Comments: Eventual Klunk? Those are the tags, anyway. This is an absolutely fantastic take on the zombie apocalypse, starting out with Hunk and Keith on the run. At the point where I just got, they just ran into Lance, so I think it’s about to get a lot more interesting, and it was ALREADY super fantastic. And it’s tagged Queerplatonic Hunk/Lance! That makes me very happy. I’m not the only one.

Handbook of Demonology by squirenonny for Pechat
Words:  5,516 (WIP 1/8)
Author’s Summary: This psychic—Lance the Lucid, according to the posters, and Keith wasn’t even going to comment on that—was a charlatan, plain and simple, and Keith kind of wanted to punch him. Sure, Lance knew how to put on a show, but Keith doubted there was anything more to the act than charm and dramatic flair.Pidge sighed, catching Keith’s eyes. “At this point, they’re pretty much our only hope.” – While searching for the truth behind their families’ disappearance, Keith and Pidge hire a pair of amateur witches to help summon the demon Zarkon. They accidentally summon Allura instead.
My Comments: I ADORE everything this author writes, and this one is even more exciting to me than most. Fantasy AU! All of the characters so far have very cool, individual abilities, and I love the way their relationship dynamics have both changed and stayed the same from the show. Wonderful worldbuilding, intriguing plot, fun character interactions, everything I could ask for and more.

Stardust, Silk and Steel by CalicoTomcat
Words: 119,554 (WIP 25/?)
Author’s Summary: Cold and alone, Pidge wakes up after the wormhole collapses to find herself in the last part of the universe she had ever expected to be…Home. Part 1: Cosmic Coincidence (Chapters 1-15)
Part 2: Picking Up The Pieces (Chapters 16-?) (More tags to be added in time.)
My Comments: I haven’t finished reading what’s available yet, since I keep getting distracted with other things, but this is REALLY good. Pidge is a badass, but she’s also a vulnerable kid who needs SO much love. Really cool stuff with the lion bond in this one, too, and a renegade road trip across the US. And great backstories for the Holt family, too. Highly recommended.

A Group Effort by Pale_Faces
Words: 2,971
Author’s Summary: Lance catches the common cold, of which there are no proven ways to cure. The rest of the paladins think otherwise.
My Comments: ADORABLE sickfic in which the entire team does everything they can to help Lance feel better. It’s light and fluffy and sweet and perfect just the way it is.

Homesick by Seliphra
Words: 2,590
Author’s Summary: When he was a boy, Lance would have given anything to get into space and touch the stars. Now that he’s there, he would give anything to go home again.
My Comments: Very sweet little fic, though sad at first. I love Lance and Coran so much.

Chrono Story by yamimitsukai
Words: 14,201 (WIP 2/?)
Author’s Summary: There is usually a reason that weapons are created, and a weapon such as Voltron is no exception. When Lance digs around to find the reason from old data files he found in the Castle, he didn’t expect to find eons worth of a story leading back to the very first Paladins of the Lions. And funnily enough, it’s the Druids who hold most of the answers. An Evillious Chronicles AU of Voltron - Set after Season 1.
My Comments: This story tricked me! I thought it was all going to be about worldbuilding and history, but NO, the second chapter started the PLOT. In a MAJOR WAY. I am so excited for more. Keith and Lance and Hunk’s interactions are fantastic, and I’m trying really hard not to get sucked into the huge, confusing saga that is fused into the Voltron universe here.

Make a Wish by treble_maker
Words: 19,549
Author’s Summary: All he asked for was a hot genie, but when Lance finds a wish-granting alien named Keith inside a lantern, he never expected wishing for an adventure would lead him to Voltron and the chance to save the universe.
My Comments: Endgame Klance, but it’s mostly just a fun adventure fic. This one surprised me with how much I enjoyed it. Lance is super adorable, as is Hunk, and Keith is understandably scared of getting attached. Great fun.

Santa Claus is Coming to Space by yet_intrepid
Words: 822
Author’s Summary: If the Galra attack tomorrow, Voltron’s going to have one angry leg, Hunk thinks, as he heads into the kitchen to do some experimenting. You don’t fuck with Christmas, not even if you’re an evil space empire. You just don’t.
My Comments: This is absolutely adorable and hilarious! I’m so glad it exists. SHIRO.

Stronger Than They Know (The Caretaker) by unfortunatelynormal
Words: 7,583 (WIP 14/?)
Author’s Summary:  Hunk Garrett has an incessant need to take care of people, and make sure that they are safe and happy. It ends up getting him in some precarious situations. (This is kind of a shit summary, but it starts with a Hunk origin story and goes from there).
My Comments: Tagged eventual Klance, but right now it’s just Hunk being adorable and kind and amazing and the best person in the universe. I love it.

Playing Catch-Up by 5557
Words: 10,666 (WIP 2/?)
Author’s Summary: “But, Lance…” His voice trailed away as Hunk attempted to regain his composure, too many questions flooding his mind to ignore, “What happened? Why’s everyone in the pods?” Lance’s playful exuberance melted away and he stared blankly at Hunk. “You don’t remember the bomb?” Hunk awakens out of the medical pod to find everyone else still inside, and only Lance is there to take care of them all.He’s glad to be reunited with Lance, but as time goes on, Hunk realizes that things are not entirely what they seem…
My Comments: Can be read as romantic or platonic Hance. This one absolutely broke my heart. Lance needs to be hugged for a long, long time. Fortunately, he has Hunk.

Stay Right Here by Emerald_Ashes
Words: 1,243
Author’s Summary: Hunk can’t sleep. He tries, yet it just won’t come to him. But he’s not the only one having a rough night.
My Comments: Hance. My sweet summer boys deserve all the love and cuddles.

Previously Recced Fics That Updated:

One Week to Say Goodbye by squirenonny (now complete)
Worth of A Paladin by Rururinchan
Someplace Like Home by squirenonny
Aid by Haurvatat
Scattered by avidbeader
Here Stands a Man by awkwardCerberus
Bromances in Space by ptw30
Blood Brothers by ptw30 (now complete)
cough syrup by EmmaLuLuChu
Love and Other Questions by squirenonny
Where No One Goes by earthstar (now complete)

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1) reading & writing. i like that you can just escape when you need too and fall into a world. also, with writing, i love creating something that other people (as well as myself) are able to enjoy.
2) music. just music.
3) stargazing, especially when i have someone i care about lying next to me. we may speak about the world or just admire the intricacies of the universe with no words.
4) hugs, cuddles. lying on a bed and just cuddling in silence because the silence speaks comfort. i hope to experience that one day.
5) i guess there are people that make me feel happy. ‘happy’ is a subjective and relative term but there are people that i can’t help but smile around.
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How to study/ revise for History!

This is an overview of 8 different methods of revision and studying for history assessments. (It can also be used for other humanities based subjects too.)
It is also a basic outline of revision/ study methods, however I shall make more posts on different assessment types and how I do them.

This is based on how I learn.  I(Feel free to change them to suit your needs!) If you have any questions, or I have missed a method, please feel free to message or ask me!

 1 – The Clock Method.

I can guarantee that next to nobody up until now has heard of this method before, mainly because I made this one up when I was 14 … It’s slightly unconventional and can only work for certain time periods, but this method works wonders for me (and I still use it at university too). I’m quite sad because no one uses this method, so please tell me if you like this or would (or do) use it!! :D

What you need: An analogue/ digital clock… Anything that tells the time. You may also want post-it notes to go around the clock, although I personally don’t do this.
When to use: As soon as you have learnt dates, the clock is your trigger.
1- Looking at the clock, tell the time.
2-If it reads, say, 19:15 try and recall all the events and dates for that year (that’s in your syllabus!). So, in 1915 the film ‘Birth of a Nation’ is released; and the British Women’s Institute is founded, etc. 3- Where possible, try and remember entire dates ie. In 1915 on the 1st January X happened…
4- If you have more than one event that you have to remember for that year try and recall all of them as quickly as possible when its ‘year’ comes up.
5- This method is more of a spot-check method. So, when you’re studying for other topics and go to tell the time, use it then. J
Advantages: Quick recall. If you keep this method up you’ll find that it’s easier to recall dates quicker, which can be good as the more precise you are in exams, the higher marks you tend to get. You also begin to do this automatically after a while, which I find very handy.
Disadvantages: Can only go up to years that end in ~~59.. However I tend to do a running commentary in my head of events after years ending in ~~59.

2 – Word Vomit
This method is more-or-less what is says on the tin.

What you need: Pen/ Pencils; Paper. (A timer if you want to test yourself)
When to use:
Before, during and after studying for a test/ exam/ assessment. Depending on how big your exam is, start 1 month – 1 week before exam(s) (or at the advice of your tutor).
1- With or without timing yourself write as much about the exam topic you are going to answer, and that you can remember. DO NOT LOOK AT YOUR NOTES WHEN DOING THIS!
2-If you have a big topic coming up ie. You’re looking at Russia from 1897-1945, look at things either chronologically so split things up into reasonable chunks, and write about it; or do it thematically. (Chunk things regarding how you’re meant to answer the exam/ assessment where possible.)
3-Try not to learn things thematically when you’re asked to respond to the question(s) chronologically and visa versa.
Ensures you can cover a lot of material. See your weak points before the exam as you have no notes in front of you when you do this, so you know where to put in extra effort.
Can be frustrating when you can’t remember something.

Word Vomit Part Two / Free Writing:
This method can also be used for assessments such as course work/ presentations too if you’re struggling to make a start. Just free write.
When to use: During and after the planning stages of writing a plan.
Method: Free write your ideas for your assessment and see where they take you, especially if the assessment is stubborn and you don’t know where to start. Write your ideas down and watch them take form into sentences.
Advantages: The assessment is finally getting written.
Disadvantages: Tends to need heavy editing.

3 – Time Lines

What you need: Paper (I tend to use A3); Pens (coloured); Pencils (coloured); Ruler; Post-its.
When to use:
Revision for test/ Order events for an assessment.
1- Draw a line across the middle of the paper. The end on the left-hand side is the earliest date of your assessment, the end on the right-hand side should have the latest date needed.
2- Chunk the line into time segments ie. days/ weeks/years/ decades/ centuries – whatever is the most suitable for your needs.
3- If you are a visual learner (like me!): Have 2+ coloured pens/ pencils and assign them a meaning.  For example: Dates relating to people = blue; events = red; legislation = green etc. Try not to have more than 10 colours.
4- Depending on the needs of your assessment, also have key quotes around the edge of the timeline. (This way you’re killing two birds with one stone)
5- If you want to, add pictures.  
You can get all the important dates/ time written down; other people can test you on it; looks pretty; able to put it on your wall/ door so you can see it.
Limited space.

4 – Posters

Okay, so with this one, I find that it tends to be up to the nature of the assessment on whether or not I use this method of revision or how I use it. I used them a lot when I did A-Level Law because it helped me learn the practical elements, whilst I use posters now for exams which include source analysis.

What you need: Pens/ pencils (coloured); paper (coloured or plain); ruler
When to use:
As revision for an assessment. These can either be an on-going project ie. If you’ve got 30 sources to learn for a source analysis so you do them as you learn about the sources; or before assessments.
1- Split subject matter into smaller quantities. I find this method best if done thematically, or if I have split my exam into the chunks in which I know it’s going to appear.
2- Find out all the important information for the test.
3- Fold or segment the piece of paper into reasonable parts for each section.
4- Assign meanings to your colours! Write the information for each section on the paper, use your notes.
5- Write out all the key terms and main points.
6- Try to be concise in your work, but I make one poster per theme / source.
6- Stick them on walls/ cupboards/ doors and test yourself.
Can be used to test yourself with; able to condense important information. If you write it for another person with limited knowledge on the topic, shows good ability in expressing information. They are great for when you have to apply work ie. For Law, or source analysis.
Upsetting when you run out of space (just stick another piece of paper next to it), or when you try to draw and can’t…

5- Brain Storming/ Mind Maps

Brain Storms/ Mind Maps are so useful. I use these for both revision and for assessments and find them super helpful for organising paragraphs for coursework.

I tend to do one mind map per exam topic, or one mind map for one essay, but this is up to you.
When I use mind maps for I only have one colour for all dates/ people/ events etc. whilst my friend gives the centre one colour, the first branch a second colour, the second branch another colour etc.

If you prefer lists over brain storming, write the list. It’s the same concept but a different layout.

What you need: Pens/ Pencils; Paper
When to use:
Start of writing an assessment; studying for an exam.
(You should already have the resources at this point, this is a way to organise your essay plan or research, unless you’re making it whilst doing research)
1- Write the essay question/ subject topic into the middle of the paper and draw a bubble/ box around it.
2- Decide how many branches you need from the mind map, and how much weight they all need. You can either write these subheadings down on a separate piece of paper and write them in when you come to the next point, or give each point an educated guess as to how much room you’ll need. 3- Don’t forget the introduction/ conclusion.
4- Go round filling each branch of the brainstorm – include people of note/ events/ important years/ important works etc.
5- You can also use this as a form of revision too, if you’re using it for essay plans for an exam. Write the question or subject topic in the middle, and then fill out the mind map without looking at your notes.
Advantages: Able to organise thoughts; can get in lots of information; add information;
If revising with other people, they may not understand it; can’t incorporate large chunks of text.

6 – Flash Cards

These are one of my favourite forms of revision, because they can fit anywhere and they’re handy for commuting to university.
Like mind maps I associate 1 colour per topic/ subject. I keep my colour codes across all revision pieces.

What you need: Flash cards (If you don’t want to buy them/ can’t afford them fold a piece of A4 into 4 and then cut on the folds); pens/ pencils; highlighters; rubber bands (or hair bobbles); treasury tags and a hole puncher (optional). Depending on how you learn best, have different coloured flash cards so you can make better associations.
When to use:
Between 1-2 months – 1 week before the exam (I say 2 months because I find flash cards exhausting and time consuming to make…)
1- Admire beauty of flash cards.
1- Go through your notes and find suitable headings for the flash cards, and mark which notes should go onto what card.
2- Write notes onto flash cards – use your colour for key points/ dates/ people etc.
3- Test yourself, or get others to test with you.
4- Whilst you’re making your flash cards label them. They will get dropped and you’ll forget what order they go in.. I tend to order mine in the top right corner. The number is what order number the card is, and the letter is the subject. So my first flash card on topic one is ordered 1A, so my 10th card on my 6th exam topic would be 10F.
5- Restart the numbering for each exam; or module. (This one is up to you).
6- If you have more than 26 modules/topics swap the ‘1’ and the ‘A’ round.

- How to use as revision
7- You can self-test or give it to someone to ask you about the material on the card. I find it easier to study with my course friends as they phrase questions about the material a lot better than people who aren’t on the course.

8- You can also use flash cards for essay plans – aim for one flash card for one paragraph.
Organised notes; portable; effective when used.
Can cost lots of money; notes may only make sense to you. (I tend to write in abbreviations, or put it information that wasn’t taught)

7- Mock Tests

I have changed how I use mock tests over the years. And this is good. Depending on your level depends on how you use them. I have found that questions at university are easier because they’re not trick questions and as long as we bridge the introduction right we can talk about whatever we want (within reason), so I only use mock exams as elaborate essay plans.

Mock exams are best used AFTER or DURING doing other forms of revision. Do not do it before hand because you won’t get very far, unless it’s a multi-choice question… Then I hate you (kidding) because there should be more of those on this side of education…

What you need: Pens/ Pencils; Paper; Mock papers (and answer booklet/ criteria). (Depending on what level, a nice teacher who will mark your mock papers and give constructive criticism)
When to use:
At university, I tend to use these a week before the exam (because that’s when I start to heavily focus on exams). When I did my GCSE’s and A-Level my teachers did mock exams throughout the year, but I focused on mock exams a month before the actual exam.
1- For your first early mock exams, give yourself extra time and have your notes (or at least an essay plan) For your extra time – if it’s 30 minutes, give yourself 40-45 to complete. If it’s a 45 minute question, give yourself 60 minutes. Then decrease the time as you do more essays.
2- Once you’re feeling confident, take away your notes/ essay plans/ aids (unless you’re allowed them in the exam), and do a couple of mocks.
3- Take 5-10 minutes planning. Even if you don’t get to the end of the exam, if the marker can see your essay plan they may be more lenient. It also saves you repeating yourself when you’re writing, which may detract points.

4- If you don’t want to write out essay after essay, write detailed essay plans on the question, using the same timing method. Start with your notes, so you have a ‘perfect’ essay; then take away your notes and write the essay plan.
Advantages: You know your weak points; you know what you’re facing when you enter the exam; you also have a rough idea about how much you can write in the time period given.
Time consuming;

8- With friends/ family/ your plant or pillow or pet
I think that this method is great when you know some / most of the topic material as you can see exactly where your strong and weak points are. 

What you need: Notes on your topic; a person to speak to; sweets
When to use:
1 week before the exam
1- Find someone to talk to.
2- Give them your revision/ study materials.
3- Get them to question you on all the material you’ve written.
4- If you get a question right, have a sweetie.
5- I’ve found that this method works best with people doing the same exam as you as you can discuss things in more depth.

6- With someone or something that can’t speak.
7- Have your material with you
8- Write a brief prompt – what are you going to discuss?
9- Explain and teach them/ it what’s on the exam.
10- Look at notes if you get stuck.
Advantages: Teaching other people your material is one of the best ways to learn and retain information.

Disadvantages: Can get very frustrating with people who just read the information when you don’t know an answer rather than prompting you.



I salvaged some beautiful tissue paper for my bullet journal this week and I really love this spread. Also, now I have a lot to think about at the moment regarding universities as I really love the university and course at Leeds but I don’t want to give up such an amazing opportunity as Oxford so I’m rather torn. There’s lots of things I need to consider so I think I’ll make a giant pros and cons list this weekend to sort out my options.

Puck Luck - icywind - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
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By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/?
Fandom: Captain America (Movies)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: James “Bucky” Barnes/Clint Barton
Characters: James “Bucky” Barnes, Clint Barton, Natasha Romanov (Marvel), Steve Rogers, Howling Commandos, Peggy Carter
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - No Powers, Alternate Universe - Hockey, This is a Hallmark Movie in fic form, i ain’t even sorry, Miscommunication, Misunderstandings, Deaf Clint Barton, Grumpy Bucky Barnes, Oblivious Bucky Barnes, Clint Barton Needs a Hug, Bucky Barnes Needs a Hug, but he won’t admit that, Other Additional Tags to Be Added

Bucky Barnes is used to the ups and downs of an NHL season. He’s used to the unpredictability of the game, knows that bounces don’t always go your way, but that doesn’t make a broken hand in the final third of the season any easier to deal with. Especially not when he ends up with an impromptu roommate/personal assistant in the form of one Clint Barton - his agent, Natalia Romanova’s (rather attractive) friend he hadn’t known existed before his injury.

It’s just for six to eight weeks - what could possibly happen in that span of time?

24 Sheith fics

Season 2 turned me from a casual Voltron fan into a complete Sheith disaster. The first two steps after that were:

1. Start a Shiro appreciation blog (and spend hours upon hours digging through and queueing up the gorgeous fanart)
2. Work through the AO3 tag and compile a list to rec to others who’re new or who need some extra motivation to fall into this fandom

Here’s the first batch of Sheith fics I’ve enjoyed thus far (it’s a long list, so make sure to view under the read more). Another set hopefully coming soon, as I have the time to continue reading.

Stargazer | Miaou Jones ( @miaoujones ) | 1,020 | Teen | 2016-09-05

Shiro is gazing out into the universe when Keith turns to him, and Keith can’t tell whether Shiro is looking at the stars or the space between them, but he’d bet Shiro has always been a stargazer and always will be.

easy now, with my heart@amillionsmiles | 1,137 | Gen | 2016-06-20

And for a fraction of a—second, tick, whatever it is up here in space—Shiro closes his eyes. His hand circles around Keith’s wrist lightly and then he squeezes, and, for the first time, Keith lets himself hope.

Moment Of | unalignedant ( @likeawarmdrink ) | 1,237 | Teen | 2016-06-29

It isn’t that Shiro is ashamed of his mechanical arm, exactly.

An Open Doorway | Miaou Jones | 1,344 | Gen | 2016-07-15

Keith is going to see Shiro now because he wants to, and not because anyone would call him a coward if they knew anything about it and knew Keith hadn’t done it yet. And also not because Keith wouldn’t be able to disagree if he were called a coward… No, Keith is definitely going to talk to Shiro because that’s always been the plan when Shiro came back.

in this desert land i know some rain must fall | amillionsmiles | 1,777 | Gen | 2016-09-09

Some people, like rain, are worth waiting for.
// or: Keith leaves, and Keith returns.

til you set fire to my atmosphere | amillionsmiles | 2,062 | Teen | 2016-06-22

And it’s like the first punch Keith ever landed on him: quick and glancing, right at the ribs, out of left field and yet simultaneously a long time coming.

The Body Burns Away | Carrionflower | 2,534 | Gen | 2016-07-04

His arm was gone, replaced by inorganic machinery that clicked and whirred, but the physical memory of its loss remained burned into his nervous system. It translated as a haunting pain that spiked and ebbed but never fully receded, always constant like a needle digging into his brain.

Shiro’s coming apart at the seams and Keith is the only one that can see it happening.

this corner of the universe | amillionsmiles | 2,656 | Teen | 2016-06-29 to 2016-06-30

“PDA in uniform can result in a demerit of fifty to a hundred points,” Shiro murmurs.

“Good thing we’re not in public, then,” Keith mutters hoarsely.

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So after like 80 years I finally remembered to make this post!

My Etsy shop is only available in the UK at the minute because I need to sort out how international shipping works, but I’ve tried to make everything available on RedBubble as well.

If there’s anything on my blog you’d want to see in either shop just let me know and I’ll see what I can do!

Reblogs are appreciated!

Lost In Reality - Chapter 1 - hippopotamus - SKAM (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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Chapters: 15/15
Fandom: SKAM (TV)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Even Bech Næsheim/Isak Valtersen
Characters: Isak Valtersen, Even Bech Næsheim, Jonas Noah Vasquez, Eva Kviig Mohn, Magnus Fossbakken, Mahdi Disi, Noora Amalie Sætre, Christoffer Schistad, William Magnusson
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe, Penetrator!Even, S1!Isak

When Isak first starts at Nissen, there’s a third year boy, Even, who likes to make fun of him, pretending to flirt and taking great pleasure in making Isak uncomfortable.
Isak knows all the rumours about Even’s Russ group, the “Penetrators”, and he knows that he shouldn’t get involved. He still, somehow, gets involved.
But Even disappears halfway through the year, and Isak doesn’t think he’ll ever see him again.
He does.


Since I’m off for the next 2 ½ weeks, I’ve decided to open up ✧commissions✧ !! I don’t know how long they’ll be up, but for now they’re here !!

contact me at makoninah@gmail.com if you’re interested. Label the email “Commission” or “Commission Question”.

In the email itself:

  • your name and paypal email (I’ll be sending the finished commission to the paypal email)
  • commission type (Sketch Option/Flat Colors Option/ Detailed Option)
  • what you’d like !! Send me as many references/general character info as you’d like. The more the better.
  • if you’d mind if I put it on my blog (with credit to you). You’re able to use your commission for non-commercial purposes (with credit to me).

I will draw:

  • suggestive/implied sexual undertones (no full nsfw / sex)
  • ocs / fanart / real people / animals
  • blood / slight gore

General Info:

  • I only accept USD through paypal
  • I need visual reference for ocs, alternate outfits, etc
  • the commission can only be used for non-commercial purposes.
  • I’ll send you a small preview of the sketch to make sure everything’s good, wait for suggestions/alterations, then wait for the full payment through paypal before finishing and sending it to your paypal email !!

Thanks for reading !!

❤ Here’s my art tag if you want to get a vibe of what I do   ❤

boom, boom, boom, boom » 

an introduction to 1990s/2000s eurodance for regulusblacking.

witch doctor - cartoons | boom, boom, boom, boom!! - vengaboys | dragostea din tei - o-zone | blue (da ba dee) - eiffel 65 | poison (radio edit) - groove coverage | the sailor song - toy-box | everytime we touch - cascada | fast food song - fast food rockers | doctor jones - aqua | caramelldansen (speedy mix) - caramell | mr. wonderful - smile.dk | cotton eye joe - rednex


Another thing I really need from a Klance kiss is just…a moment, one that’s slow and so intimate, like Keith and Lance are the only ones who exist in the entire universe.  You can tell they both want to move in, make the first move, but they don’t.  Instead, they just stare into each others eyes before Keith can’t take it any longer, asking, “Can I?” and Lance just throws his arms around Keith’s shoulders and kisses him soundly, mumbling against his lips: “You didn’t even have to ask.”