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viktor's motivational board still makes me wheeze. (also you and keilattes??? incredible. i never knew i needed this in my life. you're both just so ... good ... i )

ahh thank you!!! I’m glad you liked the random collab thing hahah
and I agree??? @keilattes​ is great??? you can put any of kei’s yuuri’s on the motivational board and it’ll be 100/10. look at this masterpiece


Jeno According to Tumblr Tags

Happy Birthday Jeno!

i thought about death last on a tuesday. i thought about how decay is supposed to smell sweet and i wondered what that meant for its taste. i have no intention to find out, though i know curiosity, like cat to mouse, has a way of digging her claws in.

i thought about life last night. not just the sunrise, or the stars. not just the way the world goes dizzy at the edges when you hold your breath, but the way that the air feels in the aftermath of a storm. particles lightning-charged with the same kind of life that lingers in the synapses of a brain at the edge of discovery.

this morning i thought about you. you. you are hard to fold into words. i find that your curves do not like the way sentences feel when i try to hold them up against you, to see if i caught your image within them. the comparison is as weak as i was when i saw you last tuesday, or when you smiled at me last night.

tonight? who knows. the thing is, i think these days i laugh more than i cry, but i still think about death. i haven’t looked at the stars in a while but i still see them, and i will always watch for storms. you do not complete me as i was a person before you, but i like that we could live alone. it means we choose not to.

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some exclusionists on this site RLY need 2 calm down like u guys are starting to go onto random posts ace ppl r making that have NOTHING 2 do w ace discourse and just being … so unnecessarily mean??? like what do u gain from that???

like some of u guys r freaks and have a weird ego complex like if ur intentionally going into ace Tumblr tags EVERY DAY to start drama then I think its time for u to chill the hell out

and before u say anything yes im an exclusionist and I’ve made my stance on this clear multiple times lmao


56 / 365 days of my sunshine (feat. Tae)

my girlfriend and i were having an argument and it wasn’t until an hour in she was like “this argument isn’t fair!! i’m drunk!”

and lmao i just broke out into laughter cause the argument was going in complete circles and it none of it was making sense until that point like i knew she had drank but i thought she had sobered up by that point

“well why didn’t you just say so ya dope?!”

“i’m not perfect okay?!”

i never got a chance to draw @juuria‘s girls so have this

if you havent watched her video watch it right now here its some bomb-ass shit and i love it 

also sorry this is pretty shitty?? i rushed

edit: why does tumblr make the qualityn so bad alkasdjkladsjlk

please do not repost or edit!

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Lmao that last one of jack saying something dirty to Ashi had me dying XD can't help but wonder if she's a lil' curious to see what happens if she unties him...if you know what I mean lol when the Scotsman is away of course

She doesn’t need to untie him. Jack is crafty. He always finds a way lmao. 

(while doodling this, I caught myself in the mirror and asked “what are you doing?”)


☆ Owari no Seraph & Text Posts Meme part 4/?? ☆

See part 1 // 2 //  3

honestly at this point I get surprised when someone uses the word “ableism” correctly on here.

like other times it’s thrown around to excuse abusive behavior, to avoid consequences after saying something awful, and when used in reference to something like making fun of crytyping or ditching arguments because someone used the word “dumb”.

you’re hurting not helping lmao. so many people already don’t take mentally ill people seriously so you don’t need to redefine terms describing actual oppression and not online discourse.

so while we’re all on the hype train waiting for breath of the wild to come out, here’s link in a domestic apartment setting. cooking is a lot more exciting when you fist pump and your food makes smoke and sparkles ✨✨

(12″x16″, oil on canvas board)

@victuuri-week, Day 6: Soulmate AU! I absolutely adore soulmates AUs (I went through the AO3 tag in a day lmao)! 

After Kubo confirmed they are soulmates, there was no need for making anything different than what they are now, but I’m weak, so have a soulmarks AU where they have galaxy-like marks on their shoulders (All the others stars and marks are just there for aesthetic reasons lmao)

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