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I’m in love with a boy who isn’t mine. Was never mine in fact, maybe for a small second while he called me beautiful and said that I wouldn’t need those dumb romance movies after him. I don’t believe myself to be so naive—but maybe I lead myself to believe that it was true for a little while. Now—silent passings by – silent classes – silence. Silence itself is so scary, scarier than a definite denial. It leaves the door open, which is currently what I fear the most – open doors. Not open doors, more so doors that are a crack open, where I can see the light from the outside filtering in, reflecting against the wall. I had never seen those shadows on the wall before, maybe I wasn’t looking the right way—but now I can—so what do I do about it?

The Other Monday Couple (Luhan)

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Type: Fluff

Request: Can I request a Luhan scenario (I miss him so much.) where in you’re a new member in Running Man China and he always teams up with you so you two can protect each other and win please ? Thank you.

~p.s I really don’t know too much about the Chinese version of the show~

You had known Luhan since you were in Korea. As an original member of the South Korean hit Running Man many people were shocked to hear you were departing the show after roughly 7 years. You cried as you had been with them since you were about 17 and they became like older siblings to you and treated you like a baby because you were only 24. You love being on the show and meeting idols and working with the cast but like many things it was no longer your calling to be on Korea’s Running Man. Fir some reason you had actually became a rather popular guest on the Chinese version of Running Man. You were told your humor and charming looks and personality won the people over. Your former cast were accepting of the fact you needed a changing of scenery and you promised to come back every now and again for them as a special guest. They even joked before you left you were leaving them for Luhan.

Since you joined the show a joke had become that you and Luhan were more than just teammates. Neither you or Luhan accepted or denied the rumors of an actual relationship between the two of you because even in Korea there were rumors about you guys. You had proclaimed when the OT12 were on the orginal Running Man, you were going to get Lu, but you meant it as his nametag but it sounded as if you were hunting down the love of your life. After you two had ripped one another’s names off at the same time and the show decided to have both of you out. Since then you two had been close. And from that moment on you were teased for your love of Luhan. So to you, you always compared yourself to the once Monday Couple of the original series. But there was a difference because there really was a real affection between you and Han that they didn’t have. ~

As soon as you guys started Luhan grabbed your arm and didn’t even need to ask to work together. “So if we’re the last two left this time. And we have to eliminate one another who gets out this time?” he asked as you sigh. “Are you going to buy me dinner?” you ask him “you always want food” he says “damn right I do” you tell him “you should know food is my only reason to live” “my love should be as well” he jokes as you roll your eyes hitting him lightly. “Let me win I’ll take you on a wonderful date” he offered. “I want a movie and a massage” “I can do that too” he told you as you shook on it.


Luhan smiled as he ripped the final name tag looking at you. After nearly two hours of runnign around you guys were finally finished, well almost. Luhan still had to get your tag to win. You managed to rip one off but Luhan had gotten the rest. He went to give you a hug in victory but you surprised him with a light kiss on the lips, you could hear the dorky music already and the fake bright blush they would put on his face after ‘his other half’ gave him a kiss. He stood there for a moment before he felt a rip as you tugged his nametag off. You jumped up and down in victory as Luhan was still in shock. “I actually won one” you say happily holding up his tag in victory before winking at the camera giving it your normal charms. “Did you actually kiss him?” Zulan asked in shock at the random affection he saw from a distance. Everyone started yelling as you just laughed “did I Lu?” you asked “that’s for me to know and no one to find out” he says as he tried to be cool about what you did.

Once you were done filming Luhan had grabbed your arm “you kissed me on TV” he stated. “Yeah” you tell him. “I didn’t think you would want to be public like that” he states. He looked around as he pulled you into a more private area, he quickly smiled leaning in and placing a solid kiss onto your lips. “There’s gonna be so much posted about us now” he laughed. “You mean more than the article of us entering and leaving a hotel together?” you ask as you guys start heading out of the building happily. “We should go public” he states “yeah?” “I want to hold your hand in public and not when we’re running away” he states as you simply reach over and grab ahold of his hand.


Your relationship with Luhan had gone public and your cast members were glad to have a true answer about how you two were. “That’s why they work together. So they don’t feel guilty” Chenhe teased “I never feel guilty for beating Luhan in things” you tell him. “I want to win and my affections hold no merit” you continue to babble. “And that’s why you’re on separate teams” Angelbaby exclaimed as she grabbed your shoulders, you knew the teasing was just beginning.

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OKAY FINE I'll watch Little Witch Academia lol (every time I say something like this I end up loving it, i.e. Voltron)

YES! ok but you need to know that there’s 2 movies that came before the tv series that help w/ getting to know the characters beforehand. they don’t tie into the series directly; think of it more as a sort of alternate plotline

but i’m so glad you’ve decided to watch it! it’s definitely a breath of fresh air after that weak thing called kiznaiver from studio trigger

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Just Like Fire

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Word Count: 1.5k

Warnings: some profanity but you’ll survive

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: fluff, slight angst, implied smut

A/N: this was written in memory of fetus kookie, rip you will be missed

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Alien: Covenant

Michael Fassbender has a ton of chemistry with himself, and even kisses himself on the mouth at one point after whispering, “Nobody will love you like I do”, so I’m giving this movie a solid A, despite the fact that the premise is fucking stupid. (Duh we’re gonna go completely against any and every safety regulation to visit a planet we know next to nothing about. Is the air even breathable? We don’t fucking know, but who needs helmets????)

The gore was fun, too. My favorite part was an alien fetus shooting out of one dude’s spine like a wet wad of paper out of a straw.

Katherine Waterson is cute. Not hot. Cute. (Only Ripley is allowed to be hot in the Alien franchise) I also appreciate her casual use of the word fuck everytime something scary happened.

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Tell us about your lgbt+ Narnia headcanons, Wind. Tell us

Look I have a lot so let’s do Pevensies

Lucy: PAN
She doesn’t care about gender okay? She’s one of those people who thinks like I don’t want something stupid like gender to come in the way of love.
Also she probably cares more about soul than physical attraction. I also liked @istillliveinnarnia’s demisexual thing. So like panromantic demisexual. Because she probably loves souls, and needs to get super close to someone to be attracted to them.
Imagine Lucy falling for her best friend, a commoner she sneaks out to meet, and slowly she grows attached and realizes she’s attracted to her.
And she goes to pride with the flag painted on both cheeks and she’s glowing she’s so happy.

Edmund: okay everyone knows this but GAY GAY GAY GAY GAY
He had male suitors in Narnia for sure and he was such a flirt I’m dying
And in au he goes to pride and would probably like paint his entire face/torso rainbow because Edmund is nothing if not extra af

Susan: BI BABE. She’ll kiss everyone, everyone has a crush on her, secretly a romantic. Watches movies and likes everyone. Paints her nails with the bi flag and rainbow eyeshadow for pride. (also DARLENSIE)
She probably had so many suitors in Narnia can you imagine? Like pretty girls and pretty boys and just ahhhhh
And like in canon she probably had so many hookups after the train crash and she’s trying to find comfort in girls and boys but just can’t anymore and for years she doesn’t go back to pride because she remembers helping the others dress up and painting Edmund’s face and she just breaks down
Oops this got sad
Wendy Darling finds her in a bar, her blue purple and pink nails mostly rubbed away because she couldn’t bear to look at them anymore
They are lost souls together, Wendy’s shredded bi flag in her jacket pocket.
There it’s no longer as sad.

Peter: my ace aro king
I love this headcannon and will defend it for the rest of my life
He loves his siblings and his friends but he doesn’t get romantic love, he doesn’t want or need it
Peter is lowkey married to Narnia like his advisors tell him to get married but he’s like ???? I am married? That coronation was not a wedding?
But he doesn’t get romance, doesn’t want suitors. He doesn’t see the appeal.
He doesn’t want to go to pride at first because of aphobia and also he doesn’t feel like he deserves to go
But he goes one year and has an ace flag crown and he loves it
(Ace aro flags have a lot of grey…)(no grey hearts)(my fav headcannon tho)

Anyways if you like lgbtqia narnia check out @narniapride

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Hey palm tree ponty. I need some good movie recommendations and you are like one of the few People that look old movies

If you’ve never seen Ziegfeld Follies, you should watch that.
If you can find a movie called Primrose Path with Ginger Rogers - I highly recommend it. One of my favorites. If you like Singing in the Rain, I recommend “I Love Melvin,” it’s similar cast and a super super cute movie ^.^ Those are just a couple that I’ve been wanting to watch recently.

But scroll through my Old Hollywood tag or my Hollywood Musicals tag - any movie that I post there are movies I recommend. 😊🌴

Can I ask you all to do me a favor? Just real quick, right now - tell a friend you love them. Not in a big deal way, you don’t need to write them a letter or do anything extraordinary. Just remind them how much you care about them. Text that friend you haven’t seen in a few months and let them know the silly memes they send you brighten up your day even when they’re far away from you. Send a message to your friend letting them know that you’re really looking forward to the movie night you’ve got planned. Tell someone that they make your life a brighter, happier place. Not because you have to, not because this is a chain mail post that will curse you if you don’t, I’m just asking. Make someone’s day a tiny bit brighter and happier, because that’s really the best thing any of us can do

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How about Griffith and Charlotte ? Can you gif their beautiful french kiss in the movie ?I need Griffith's tongue in my life, please i_i if it doesn't bother you... but if it does, don't worry I understand. PS : I love your shitposts x)

Thanks ♥♥♥ 

Tbh, for some reason, Charlotte and Griff don’t bother me so much, probably because nobody describes them as “a healthy couple” or “a perfect family” and rubs them in my face 24/7. People know their relationship is toxic and don’t romanticize it.

And Griffith is a good kisser too, it seems :o I have been staring at this scene for long >///< Because I’m not used to such well animated kisses in anime (and also as a ref how he kisses … you know for what ship’s purposes ahem O.O)

11 Questions

Round 2! 

I was tagged by @jaygirl987!! Thank you!! 

1.) If you were stuck eating one kind of junk food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Probably Goldfish crackers. I have no self control when it comes to those.

2.) Breakfast, lunch or dinner?

Lately food in general has been such a hassle, but I would say…breakfast? You get some of the best foods for breakfast and sometimes breakfast for dinner is even better! 

3.) Which one of your senses would you be willing to give up?

Gah, none of them? That’s hard. Maybe taste, but it would be difficult.

4.) Would you rather go a year without rain or a year without sunlight?

Year without rain. Need me some sunlight. 

5.) What’s your favorite Disney movie?

Does Force Awakens count as a Disney movie? Jk, it’s Peter Pan.

6.) Favorite beverage?

I love orange juice but soda-wise it’s Mountain Dew (which I haven’t had for 9 months)

7.) Played any good video games lately? If so, which?

Oh goodness. The last video game I played was Heroes of the Storm with my husband for a date and it was pretty fun, but I’m really not good. Before that I played Dragon Age: Inquisition for a brief period of time and again, I sucked, but it was a wonderful game

8.) Bicycle or scooter?


9.) If you could give up your talent for another, what would it be?

I should probably be grateful for the talents I have, but I do wish I could sing better?

10.) Something that makes you gag?

Mold in the fridge. If it’s on any food at all I will stay away from the fridge for days

11.) If you could have any pet, mythological or real, what would it be?

I have the best pet in the world, a little pug mix named Boba :) 


If there is anyone who reads this that is as in love with the new King Arthur movie as I am can y'all just hit me up because I’ve just come out of seeing it a second time, in 3D this time, and I’m actually buzzing off of how much I enjoyed it (it’s the first movie this year I’ve been into cinemas to see more than once)
But like, it’s gotten so many bad reviews and most of the people I know either didn’t like it or don’t want to see it and I have nobody to obsess over it with 😩

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What is your opinion on Disney?

I love the animated movies muchly. The business itself is kind of a scary conglomerate, owning the Muppets AND Star Wars, haha, but oh man, some of my favorite movies are animated Disney films. Robin Hood, The Aristocats, Sleeping Beauty, Atlantis, Tangled… You could leave me no movies left in the world but Pixar and animated Disney and I would be content. (Don’t take my TV shows, though, I need my Voltron.)

(Ask my opinion on anything.)