i need to loose weight asap


Body image is important.
Tonight I found myself staring at these photos finding myself feeling absolutely awful about my body and the way it looks.

I hated that my legs didn’t look defined
I felt like my thighs looked huge and unathletic
I felt like I needed to loose weight asap

Until something clicked.

These photos are from my first meet last weekend. This body allowed me to run sub5 in the mile after a 2:10 800 only a few seconds away from my personal best and now here I am hating this body.

It’s scary and crazy how quickly a few unflattering photos can completely ruin the way you feel about and view your body.
I’m sorry body, you don’t deserve my negative criticisms

anonymous asked:

I've had enough. I want to make them all jealous. Especially the boy who broke my heart and meant it. I need to loose weight. Even my own parents told me so. I need tips and tricks to not eat as much, how to hide purges and it's meal skips when I need to, easy exercises, anything. I'm desperate. I promised myself I'd be 115lbs. by the end of the year. I just finished a cheesecake PLEASE HELP ASAP

First off just don’t purge aa it does more damage than good. It’s not worth it. If you want to lose weigh make a meal and exercise plan. Eat crazy healthy and get some regular exercise. Make good changes to your diet and if you feel like binging, binge on healthy foods. Try strawberries instead of cheesecake Xx