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Have you ever met John Constantine on your travels?

Pal, I’ve met @john-constanmeme on my tumblr

He’s all right! Smokes too much and needs a shave most of the time but a solid fella in a pinch. And it’s not like I never needed a shave in my life, though to be fair I was living on battlefields in war-ravaged Europe and not in 21st Century London. 

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Wait how do we know phil's bedroom is a set. Also that seems super weird????? Why does it matter if we know what the inside of their house looks like, as long as we don't know the outside? It's not like they complained about people finding them or anything. Dnp wtf are you doing.

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my fellow autistic loves i will literally sew you a noise muffling beanie or headband that is all fabric and blocks out 50% of sound for $15 and $10 respectively for plain knit. $20 and $13 for space, plant, or animal themed ones. or $25 and $17 respectively for ones in YOUR SPECIAL INTEREST

also i’m totally willing to accomodate fabric needs. let’s all stay sensory stable my friendos

shipping is free but it takes a month (to the states) or like two weeks (europe) because i live in greece

message me if you want one i’m taking pre-orders!!! i will start making them march 11th, aka tomorrow, and they’ll be ready to ship by the 12th!!!

im trying to support my autistic self and also get this therapy dog that’s a retired greyhound that’s at the end of their life and needs a place to stay so please!!! spread the word because conventional noise mufflers are so uncomfortable.

April 6 marks 100 years since the U.S. Congress voted to declare war on Germany, entering World War I. The war took the lives of 17 million people worldwide. But what’s not as well-known is the role that animals played at a time when they were still critical to warfare.

Horses in particular served alongside troops on both sides, and several million died during the war. The animals were so crucial to the war effort that they also became military targets.

“You need these horses to move, to fight, to exist,” says Christopher Kolakowski, director of the MacArthur Memorial in Norfolk, Va. “It would be like maintaining your car today.”

Hundreds of thousands of horses and mules were shipped to Europe from Newport News, Va., the largest departure point for horses and mules, during war years. The area around the port on the James River is now full of condos, office buildings, and even today — shipyards.

The Unsung Equestrian Heroes Of World War I And The Plot To Poison Them

Photo: Courtesy of U.S. National Archives

Looked Cute -Simon

Anonymous said to simplysdmn: Hey love can I please get a simon imaginewhere you’re in a girl band and you’re friends with JJ and they go around to the sidemen house to film and you and simon are in a relationahip but noone knows. But they all ship you and then they walk In on you and Simon and everyone is so so happy! Love your imagines by the way!!!!!

A/N: Hey babe, I hope you like this, sorry for the wait. I made a tiny change where Y/N is a solo singer but her group of friends still do ship them. I also based this off of the video JJ did with Teala Dunn (Some many POVs im sorry)


I couldn’t get a break from my friends constantly telling me that Simon and I looked cute. Even though deep down I knew that they would freak out when they found out that we were dating, it was better to keep things silent. Being a singer was difficult. I didn’t get to see my friends as much, I didn’t get to see Simon as much but in the long run I got to do what i loved most and that’s all that mattered to me.

My tour was finally over and I had made it home to London. I after taking pictures with fans in the airport, I went home to be greeted by my friends. We all hung out for the whole day. It was around 6 when we decided to go to Stratford to get Nandos. Once we got to our table, we got ordered our food. Half way through our meal, someone had yelled in my ear. I jumped out of my seat and smacked the person behind me.

“Oh my God, I’m so sorry.” I turned around and saw JJ clutching his stomach and moaning in pain.

“Y/N, what the fuck?” He exclaimed.

“You yelled in my ear, you idiot.” I laughed, standing up to hug him. He kissed my cheek and greeted the rest of the girls. I looked behind him and saw Simon. My heartbeat sped up at bit when he caught my eye. He gave me a small smile, which I kindly offered back. I walked up to him and gave him a quick hug so I couldn’t raise any speculations. Despite the fact the fact that it didn’t look like anything was happening between us, my friends were already cooing. I rolled my eyes to make it look like I was pissed off, deep down I didn’t really mind.

“Well, since your back do you want to come over and film a video?” JJ asked me as he pulled a chair to our table. I nodded finishing the food in my mouth. 

“I’d love to. When?”

“What about today? After dinner?” I shrugged my shoulders.

“Yeah why not!” We finished our meal and I hugged my friends and said goodbye before joining the two boys. We walked to Simon’s car and got in and drove home. It took everything for me to take his hand in the car at every red light an drub his knuckles. The tension between Simon and I was evident but JJ didn’t see to notice because he kept yelling and screaming. 

We arrived at their house and I was greeted by Josh, Vik and Ethan. The three of them gave me a tight hug. I smiled once we pulled apart. I didn’t realise how much I missed all the guys and how much I love London.

“Aw guys, I missed you all.” I said as we walked into the living room.

“We missed you too.” They all said. We sat down on the couch and talked for a bit until Simon announced he was going to his room. We all looked at each other in confusion but continued on with our conversation. I was waiting for JJ to finish setting up, so I could sit down and we could start the video straight away. My phone vibrated, I looked down at it. JJ sent me a message telling me that I could go upstairs. I said my goodbyes and ran upstairs.

I passes Simon’s room, making me want to run in and give him the biggest hug I could muster but I had to keep it a secret. The only person that knew was JJ and so far he was good at keeping that secret but I knew soon enough he was going to spill.

I sat down in the chair next to him and  took the headphones put of his hand. “Simon is proper upset that you haven’t talked to him today.” He laughed.

“Well, I can’t blow our cover. I’m not ready yet.” I sighed, he shrugged.

“Understandable, he should know this but we both know how Simon is.” We laughed and he pressed the record button his phone which was connected to his camera.

He did his intro and welcomed me into the video. I introduced myself. We then got into how much I missed home and I was happy to be back. Once that was over with we got into the video. We were going to be reacting to cringe videos. To say I was prepared was the biggest lie. We got through the first couple of minutes, uncomfortable wasn’t the word to describe what I was feeling. 

We got through the rest of the video and decided to order pizza just before I was going to leave. I told him I was going to Simon’s room, just so I could chill out before I could leave. I walked towards his room and knocked on his door.  I waited for a reply until I heard a muffled sound.

“Hey.” I spoke softly, opening the door slightly so I could pop my head in. He caught sight of me and rushed to pull me in and give me a heartwarming hug. I swayed us a little and placed a kiss on his jaw. He carried me bridal style to his bed, making me laugh slightly when He struggled to grasp my legs and almost dropping me. He gave me a smile and plopped us down on the bed, our noses almost touching. My heart fluttered with love and excitement. I full five months without him was painful. I was grateful for the time I was spending with him now. 

“I missed you.” His voice croaked, making my heart break into pieces. 

“I missed you too Si.” I gave him a passionate kiss, it made realise how much I missed him and how happy I was back in his arms. Skype and FaceTime didn’t do me enough justice, especially when I was upset, stressed or when I just need him most. The last time I saw him when I was going through my Europe leg of the tour.

“I watched everyone of your videos and live streams. It kept me going a lot even when I was bored.” I giggled, he smiled.

“Always, my number one fan.”

“Always.” We kept on talking, not running out of conversation. I told him I was going to stay awake for as long as could, so we could eat pizza together and watch Netflix but my exhaustion got the better of me and I ended falling asleep

Simon’s POV

I watched as her chest rose and descended softly just as it always does. Her hair fell to her shoulders, her eyelashes fell on top of her cheeks, the smallest of details all came back into my mind. I missed all the little things about her. I put my arms around her waist and tried my best to fall asleep with her but I could help but take in everything about her.

A couple hours had passed and she was still asleep. Only God knew how exhausted and tired she was. JJ had walked into the room laughing loudly with a pizza box in his hand. “Sorry man I forgot about you guys.” I shook my head and laughed quietly. I pointed at my desk to where he could put the box.

“The girls will be over soon to get her. I don’t know what time though.”  I nodded, he smiled and walking out, shutting the door softly. I ended up falling asleep after about twenty minutes to then wake up two hours later to cooing and aweing at the door.

“He’s waking up, go!” A voice squealed. I groaned and ended up falling back asleep. 


I opened and looked over my shoulder an saw Simon, fast asleep. I smiled and looked over at his desk the pizza box I was supposed to stay up for. I sighed and stood up. I look over at the door slightly cracked open. I walked over and heard giggling and laughter the closer I got the door. I whipped it open and was greeted with the screams of my three friends and JJ clutching his heart. I laughed at their initial reaction and then realised that they all had their camera app open.

“What were you guys doing?” I looked down at their phones. They all made a run for it down the stairs. I called out for them but they weren’t going to come back. I ran back inside, grabbed the box and flopped on the bed. I ate half of the pizza and left the rest for Simon. Once I was done I started scrolling my social media. I noticed that my Twitter notifications were going through more than usual. 

I started through my mentions and saw that all the pictures I saw were of Simon and I. I groaned when I saw the picture that JJ has posted on Twitter. I turned over on my side to wake up Simon. He woke up abruptly and looked over at me.

“What is it? Are you ok?” I shook my head.

“I’m fine but look at Jide’s Twitter.” He grabbed his phone of his bedside table and rushed to Twitter. He looked over to me  his eyes wide and his mouth open.

“I’m going to kill him.” I laughed.

“You’re going to do absolutely nothing! We’re going to talk and that’s about it!” He sighed and gave me a kiss. He called JJ up stairs on his phone. He walked in cautiously as if one of us were going to launch at him.

“God JJ, you can walk in.” Simon laughed.

“Alright, so what is it?” I rolled my eyes.

“You know JJ.” He laughed.

“So I posted the picture, you guys looked cute.” I rubbed my face.

“You should’ve asked first. Next time please ask.” He nodded and apologised before walking out. 

Simon and I talked for a bit more before deciding it was time to officially publicize our relationship. To say we got the best response was a understatement. Majority of the response was good but obviously there was going to be hate. Simon told me to always dismiss it and never listen to it.

“I’m glad he posted that if I’m being honest.” He smiled, lacing our fingers together.


“Now I don’t have hide my love you.” I hid my face in my hands. He pulled my hands away from my face.

“I love you Y/N.” 

“I love you Simon.” 

Business and Pleasure - Part 4

Summary:  Bucky AU. After a major deal falls through, your father’s business almost falls apart. In a desperate attempt to save his livelihood, he seeks the help of his oldest friend, George Barnes, who happens to be the CEO of one of the most influential businesses in New York. He agrees, but on one condition. You have to marry his son.

Word Count: 1,231

Warnings: Swearing

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The wedding was quick, simple, and in all honesty, it was more of a relief to have it over. There was no big fancy ceremony, no stress of finding a caterer, getting flower arrangements, finding a venue,  or creating seating arrangements. It was easier this way. Quick and easy. This was for the best. At least that’s what you tried to tell yourself.

It had just been you, James, your father, and Mr. Barnes at the courthouse. You signed the necessary papers and that was that. You were married. You were now Mrs. James Buchanan Barnes.

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there are a lot of people accusingly asking ‘what are the good Muslims doing about this’. here’s the thing. you don’t see what happens behind the scenes here. There have been many more plots by IS-inspired people disrupted, and many rely on informants or other people in the british muslim community. Like the man arrested at whitehall whose family reported him to the police before that, which is why they managed to stop him before he could hurt anyone. there are also many people running anti-radicalisation initiatives. Dealing with a dispersed threat like terrorism is always more difficult than conventional military threats; the police have to deal with a huge amount of information and it’s challenging to figure out which are credible threats. the fact that someone unfortunately got through doesn’t mean the entire country has its head in the sand or that british muslims have been passively letting this go on. 

these terrorist attacks are a new phenomenon relative to how long the british muslim community has been here. this wasn’t always our image of terrorism. it is not a dramatic clash of civilisations or inherent cultural incompatibility, but a distinctly modern phenomenon spawned by 20th & 21st century geopolitical dynamics and developments. this mentality that it comes down to the inherent nature of islam being inimical to ‘western’ culture completely ignores how this type of extremism can be traced to modern developments. IS may proclaim itself a ‘caliphate’ ostensibly in homage to those of old, but they are distinctly modern in their ideological origins, manipulation of technology and tactics of violence. 

after all, ‘terrorism’ in the united kingdom used to make everyone think ‘IRA’, not IS or Al-Qaeda. and as we saw from the murder of MP Jo Cox, it also comes in the far right nationalist variant. it is definitely the responsibility of all of everyone to be vigilant and report anything suspicious. it’s definitely true IS markets itself as the ‘true’ Islam and tries to recruit disaffected people from the british muslim community. but apart from that? innocent until proven guilty applies. unless we want to throw out our entire system of laws and way of life. there is a problem, but knee-jerk prejudice isn’t going to solve it. precisely when the cooperation and good ties between law enforcement and communities has been very crucial to disrupting past attacks & is exactly what we need now. 

yes, i’ll freely admit i think this way because i live in a very multicultural part of south england & i was born in majority muslim seasia where my family was a minority (they’re christians). maybe people think this attitude is naivete, from being sheltered and ignorant. but you know what? it’s people in the multicultural cities of europe that are themselves at the biggest risk of terrorism in the first place- compared to the more suburban, rural parts of europe that also tend to be more ethnically homogeneous. (IS terrorists don’t check to see that all their targets are only non-muslims do they, when they decide to walk in with a bomb or mow people down?) we live it and we know it. far from being sheltered, it’s often on your mind when you go to a crowded event or step onto public transport- that what if. but we try our best to carry on because we’re not going to change our way of life because of this tiny minority. 

Gone - Part 2

As soon as the words leave your mouth you can feel yourself start to panic, you feel everything start to close in, the sidewalk is too loud and strangers too close. You haven’t even realized that you had hit the SOS button on your watch until a car pulls up in front of you and Natasha steps out.

“Птица? What’s wrong?” She grabs your upper arms and locked eyes with you, “Breathe, Y/N, take deep breaths, inhale deeply, hold it, good, not exhale, slowly, breathe with me”

It took a few minutes but eventually you manage to calm down enough to get into the car. “Thank you for coming” you whisper.

You reach out and lay a hand on Tasha’s arm, needing some kind of contact to keep you grounded, to keep you from falling back into a panic.

“What happened back there?”

“I’d rather tell everyone at the same time, I don’t know if I can say it more than that” you murmur, curling up in the car seat.

In the years that you had been with Bucky you had become close to the other Avengers, becoming almost like a Den Mother to everyone else. You were the one who managed to help Steve and Bucky learn that there was nothing wrong with getting seconds, or even thirds. You were the one who dragged Tony and Bruce out of the labs to eat, sleep, and bathe. You loved making sure everyone was taken care of.

After about 30 minutes in New York traffic Tasha was pulling into Avenger’s Tower. Steve and Tony were already waiting in the garage for you two to get back. Steve and Tony each take one of your arms, giving you concerned glances when they see your red eyes. The two lead you up to the common room, where everyone else is waiting.

“I thought you were supposed to be eating lunch with Robocop this afternoon” Tiny said, sitting down next to you on the couch.

You flinch at Bucky’s nickname, “Yeah, we had lunch, and after we finished eating, he-he broke up with m-me, he said that he didn’t’ want to be with me anymore” suddenly the tears that you had been holding back since the café started pouring down your face.

Steve draws you into a tight hug, the super-soldier cradling you gently in his arms as he lets you sob into his shoulder.

“Hush now, doll, it’s alright. Bucky wouldn’t just do something like that, he has to have a reason” Steve whispers, rocking you gently.

You take a deep breath and attempt to stop crying, “That’s not even the worst part” you sniffle and wipe your eyes.

“What else happened?” Bruce asked, he crouched down in front of you, taking one of your hands in his. The others lean in, offering silent support.

You look down into your lap, unable to meet anyone’s eyes, “I’m pregnant, and Bucky’s the father”

After the initial shock, Bruce and Tony take you down to the lab to run a few tests of their own, confirming your pregnancy. After the tests were done you quietly told them that you hadn’t told Bucky about the baby. Everyone agreed to keep your secret, and Steve suggested, more like ordered, you to go to bed, claiming that the emotional trauma had taken its toll on you.

You wrap Steve in a quick hug, “Thank you”

He hugs you back, gently pulling away and holding you by your shoulders, “You know that if you want to keep this a secret you can’t stay in the tower”

Tony piped up from across the lab, “I have houses all over the world if you want to use one of those!”

You nod quietly, “Thank you, Tony, but do you mind if I take a little while to think? I’m gonna need to get all of my stuff from Bucky’s floor, but I don’t really think I can face him …”

“Don’t worry about it. I’ll call Thor, the two of us will move everything into the spare room on your floor while you get some sleep” Steve reassured, he gently rubbed your shoulders.

You smile and squeeze Steve’s hand and leave the cave. Tasha is sitting on your bed by the time you get up to your floor.

“Are you going to leave the Avenger’s once the baby comes?” She asked, watching as you start to get ready for bed.

You lean over and press a kiss to Tasha’s forehead, “And leave you with all of these boys?! Never! You’re my family, Tasha, everyone here is. I’d never leave you, as long as you don’t mind me being here with a baby …”

Tasha gave you a small smile, “Only as long as you let me babysit the little one, I supposed I can allow you to stay”

“I’ll need your help protecting the baby. Bucky and I both have the serum in us, so I don’t know if that will affect the baby. Whether is does or not, this child will have a target on its back. I can’t protect him on my own”


You smirk, “Just a feeling I have”

Natasha crouches down so she is eye level with your stomach, “I will be the best aunt possible to you, little bird. No one will ever hurt you.”

You can feel tears well up in your eyes, and you pull Natasha into a hug, “Thanks, Tasha”

“I’ll oversee the moving of your things, make sure no one breaks anything and don’t leave anything behind. Sleep now”

“Goodnight, Tasha” Once she leave you lay down and pull up your shirt, “You are going to be the most loved and well protected baby in the whole world. Your Uncles and Aunt will make sure that you want for nothing.”

By the time you wake up the next day, it’s almost time for lunch. You stumble out to the kitchen to find Steve, Clint, and Natasha already there. You inhale the delicious scent of coffee.

“I can’t have coffee anymore” you moan, plopping down at the dining room table.

“No, caffeine is bad for pregnant women. I was doing to research last night. A lot of people said that citrus tea is a good substitute, so JARVIS ordered some last night”

“Thanks, Stevie” you mumble, taking the cup, “I’m really gonna miss coffee”

“Don’t worry, Y/N! I’ll drink your coffee for you” Clint chuckles, taking a huge sip of sugared up coffee.

“Thanks, Clint, I really appreciate that” you say dryly, giving Clint an unimpressed look. “Where’s everyone else?”

“Tony’s compiling a list of properties, Bruce is looking into doctors for you and the baby, Sam had to work, Phil was called into SHIELD late last night, Bucky still hasn’t come back to the tower, and I don’t know where Wanda and Vision are”

You nod quietly and start talking to the other about what you plan to do about hiding your pregnancy. By the end of your conversation you’ve decided what you’re going to do.

Everyone gathers in the common room a few hours later, around lunch, even Thor is there. As soon as he sees you, Thor rushes forward, pulling you into a tight bear hug. Natasha is quick to follow, snapping at Thor, “Be careful! You might hurt the baby”

Thor lets out a booming laugh but set you gently on your feet, “Congratulations on your pregnancy, Little Bird. I am saddened to hear that James does not share your enthusiasm”

“He doesn’t know about the baby, Thor, and I want to keep it that way. He didn’t want to be with me, and I won’t tie him to me with a baby”

Thor nods solemnly, “Of course”

Natasha levels serious eyes on you, “Have you decided what you’re going to do?”

You nod, “Yeah, if Tony doesn’t mind” you pause, shifting from one foot to the other, “I’d like to live in one of your houses in Europe. Bucky wouldn’t expect me to leave the country, so that’s exactly what I want to do”

Tony nods, waving his hand, “Of course! You can use as many houses as you want. You can take one of my quinjets, and one of the suits with you”

Natasha marches over until she stands in front of Phil, who’s been quiet so far, with he hands on her hips. “Y/N will need protection, I will be going with her. This pregnancy has never been recorded, there might be complications, and I do not want her to be alone”

Thor’s booming laugh echoes around the room, “Son of Coul would not dare earn your scorn, Lady Natasha! I would also like to accompany Y/N on her journey.”

You give Thor a shove, note even moving him, “I don’t want to leave the Avengers without back-up. What if something happens!?”

“I can be anywhere on Midgard within moments, and Natasha will not take no for an answer. It would be best to allow her to accompany you”

Steve steps forward, throwing his arm across your shoulder, “Don’t worry about us. Sam and Rhodey agreed to move into the tower while you and Tasha are away. If anything happens JARVIS will be able to let you know”

Indeed, Ms. Y/N. All of Sir’s properties are equipped to support my technology

“Thanks JARVIS, that actually makes me feel a lot better.”

“Will you be returning to the tower after the baby is born? And will you be rejoining the Avengers?” Phil asks.

“I’d like to come back, and I’d like to still be an Avenger. I understand if you would rather I not live here though. I won’t be easy raising a child …”

“A babe is a most precious gift, something to be treasured and loved” Thor murmurs

Tony rolls his eyes, “I would be upset if you didn’t come back! How an I going to prove that I’m a better Uncle than Bird Brain over there, if you don’t come back?!”

Clint snorts, “No way in hell will you be a better uncle”

“Neither of you will be the favorite, that will obviously be me!” Steve calls out as he walks into the kitchen, “I mean wat kid wouldn’t love to have Captain America as an uncle?!”

“You may be Captain America, Steven, however, I am a god!” Thor shouts

Lunch dissolves into everyone shouting why they would be a better uncle. Natasha sits next to you and smirks, already knowing that she’s going to be the coolest out of everyone

Two days later you are waving at everyone as the ramp of the quinjet. You flop into the seat, Thor is across from you, and Tasha is ready to fly the jet.

“Last chance guys, once we take off you’re stuck with me for the next 9 months”

“My comrade may have abandoned you, Y/N, but I intend to stay with you until the child is born, and then after”

“I as well do not wish to leave you in such a delicate state” Thor reached across the aisle and placed a hand on your knee, “Do not doubt your worth to us, Little Bird. We will not leave you unprotected, ever”

You give Thor a soft smile, and a quiet “Thank you”

Turning you look out the window and watch as Avengers tower gets smaller and smaller on the horizon. Soon enough it’s gone, just like you.


Part 3

A few thoughts on self-dx

Why do anti-self-dxers always pretend that everyone who isn’t prof-dx simply doesn’t want to go to a therapist?

Because this is simply not true.

Many people just CANNOT get a professional diagnosis.

For example, getting a professional diagnosis makes a person more vulnerable for instutionalization, depending on the country you might be completely denied a health insurance, you can also lose child custody much easier, you will DEFINITELY be treated worse by doctors who don’t work in the field of mental health… And the list goes on and on.

Not every country offers resources like mine does which allow you to pursue an official diagnosis without all these problems (meaning that you can go to a therapist who is paid by the state and thus not required to pass the information on to the insurance company).
Honestly, if it wasn’t for these services, I wouldn’t have been able to get a professional diagnosis because I would lose all of my chances to get a job ever.

And it’s like that for many people. It’s not like they don’t want to get a diagnosis, it’s just that the price they’d have to pay for that is far too high.

Additionally, there is not a single country on this planet with enough therapists. Because the amount of mentally ill people has become much more (both due to more knowledge about mental conditions and the development of our society. Also, there are more people on the planet then ever before and more people also includes more mentally ill people). Many people have to wait years in order to get into a therapy program and many don’t even have the specialists they would require near them. (I live in the European region with the most cities and people in a single place and in order to get to a specialist for any of my conditions, I’d need to drive somewhere entirely else at least four hours apart from where I live even though we have one of the best infrastructures on the entire fucking continent of Europe).

It’s also really important to form a functional bond with a mental health specialist in order to get better… So even if you finally manage to find a therapist, they might be the wrong person for you and then you’ve gotta search again. (happened to me and almost all of my friends, actually)

Basically, only a small amount of people who require specialists/therapists are even able to get the treatment they need.

Even those who would be able to (just from the infrastructural pov) can’t always get a treatment because they would lose a lot in their life - their job, their autonomy, their insurance - because mental illnesses are heavily stigmatized.

However, I never really read anything by an anti-self-dxer about all of these aspects. I never read any pov of them on the fact that people with mental illnesses lose a lot or that mental health services are not good enough yet to cover all the people with mental illness. For them, it’s always about people pretending to have a mental illness/people too lazy to get a diagnosis/people misdiagnosing themselves (as if professionals would never do that lmao, suck my ass. My first therapist misdiagnosed me as “being an unempatic asshole” while my second actually diagnosed me with the condition I have)…
But it’s not that fucking easy! It’s not such a black-and-white-issue!

Self-diagnosis is an issue both of systemic oppression of mentally ill people, of financial issues, of structural issues in our society today. It’s more than not wanting to go to a professional.

It’s the result of a damn flawed mental health system that is sometimes doing more harm than good to the mentally ill people it’s supposed to protect and it saddens me to know that people would rather attack those who are the victims of this system instead of those who caused this.

PS: I didn’t make this post to start a discussion or to attack anti-self-dxer’s… It’s just really important to me to stress the reasons why I support self-diagnosis if it’s done right and why I think it’s important to acknowledge self-dx as valid. (Of course not anyone who is self-dx did it right, but I don’t think that this is what this debate should be about. It should be about WHY people self-dx in the first place and what we can do in order to remove this reason why)

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Where would the character's like to live in a modern au? Also, I love your blog!!

Mikasa: Somewhere calm, on the countryside, probably central Europe
Reiner: In a city with lots of freedom, probably American East coast or California
Bertholdt: Somewhere calm, but where he still has everything he needs, maybe eastern Europe
Annie: Somewhere where she can regret everything she did all alone, probably a lonely cabin in northern Europe
Eren: Somewhere free and lively, probably in a rather stable city in the middle east 
Jean: In a creative city that gives many opportunities, maybe Japan or USA
Marco: Somewhere calm and nice, cows are a bonus, central Europe or India
Sasha: Somewhere close to nature, eastern Europe or central Asian probably
Connie: Somewhere where he can be of help, so maybe Northern Africa or the middle east
Historia: Some place that gives many opportunities for social engagement, so a bigger city in the U.S. or Central Europe, because that’s where the power sits omnomnom
Armin: Anything with a good university and an ocean, probably Australia
Ymir: On the road

Levi: Someplace that’s calm and he can chill and drink tea, maybe South Asian Islands would be good for that
Hanji: Greenland or Mars
Erwin: Probably the UK or Greece, because History
Nanaba: Anywhere that’s lovely and relaxed, probably northern Europe
Mike: Above the polar circle so he can sleep for almost six months
Moblit: Anywhere as long as people let him be. 

I remember when I transitioned back nearly a decade ago I was suffering a lot from feelings of shame and guilt relating to my transition as well as feelings of dehumanisation. I’d experienced a lot of homophobic bullying, social exclusion and isolation growing up. My therapist and social worker and doctor all urged me to go to trans support groups and lgbt support groups. Being around trans people was supposed to help normalise it for me and help me start to accept myself.

It didn’t, it made it worse. Being around other trans people made my skin crawl with shame. I felt even more like an alien and a freak. Being in a group of trans people just made me feel more and more “othered” from people who aren’t trans.

What finally did lead me to accepting myself was the realisation that the vast majority of “trans experiences” are just normal, boring every day human experiences catalysed by something unusual but the end result is the same. My dad, cousins and various cis males I’ve known in my life have struggled with looking very baby faced well into their late twenties, with being short, with being self-conscience accessing male spaces (such as bathrooms) because they are small and skinny.  I can openly talk about being on testosterone without ever outing myself to cis people who are also on long term/permanent medication and be able to identify and relate to each other’s experiences around that.  I’ve been open with having operations with people I’m stealth to; nobody is interested in why I had an operation and I can talk about my operations without risk of outing myself. Cis people have operations all the time so people can always relate to me talking about having operations. Struggling with doctors not listening to your needs, not treating you properly, having poor bedside manners is very common in Ireland so I can talk about how horrible my endocrinologist was to anybody that lives in Ireland and they will be able to immediately relate and have a similar story that happened to them or a family member or a friend. The waiting lists for operations and treatments in Ireland are some of the worst in Europe so being trapped on waiting lists for years is again something everyone in Ireland can relate to.

When I stopped trying to create a “trans narrative” and a “trans identity” for myself and trying to relate my experiences to other trans people and instead started looking at the bigger picture and started relating my experiences to cis experiences that’s when I accepted myself. That’s when I stopped feeling ashamed.

My main issue with the lgbt community is the pressure to be proud. The lgbt community tends to have a black and white view when it comes to pride and shame where your assumed to be ashamed of yourself if you’re not proud. Most of the lgbt people I’ve been friends with over the years have had this attitude towards me that I’m ashamed of myself and I’m just in denial about it. You aren’t going to be one extreme or the other. Most people are going to be a bit of both. It’s perfectly fine and healthy to just be in the middle. A place of self acceptance where you aren’t proud or ashamed of yourself.

The absence of pride does not equal shame.


Hi everyone! I am an autistic agender ace 19 y/o living in Europe illegally. I need to get to the UK, and to do that without being caught and deported back to my family in the states, I need to get an employment Visa. Please, is you know of any LGBT+ friendly or autism friendly employers in the UK please message me this is an emergency! I need money and I cannot go back to the US! Please help!

Rhaegar, Elia, Lyanna and the matters of succession

*DISCLAIMER: This post does NOT take Rhaegar’s morality, or the outcome of Robert’s Rebellion into consideration, I judge no one and keep my opinions to myself; I’m merely searching for a reasonable truth about why the writers created this plot. I do not tolerate any kind of hate speech; I am a fan of constructive criticism, though.*

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Gone - Part 2

This is part two of the Gone series. If you have any suggestions for where this should go, send me a message!

@jadedhillon part two for you!


As soon as the words leave your mouth you can feel yourself start to panic, you can feel everything start to close in, the sidewalk is too loud and strangers too close. You hadn’t even realized that you had hit the SOS button on your watch until a car pulled up in front of you and Damian stepped out.

“Ummi? What’s wrong?” he grabbed your upper arms and locked eyes with you, “Breathe, Ummi, take deep breaths, inhale deeply, hold it, good, now exhale, slowly, breathe with me”

It took a few minutes but eventually you managed to calm down enough to get into the car. “Thank you for coming” you whisper.

You reach out and gently tuck Damian into your side, needing the contact to keep you grounded, to keep you from falling back into a panic.

“What happened back there, Ummi?”

“I would much rather tell you and Bruce at the same time, I don’t know if I can say it more than that” you murmur, kissing the top of Damian’s head.

In the years that you had been with Jason you had become close to Damian, become the mother to him that Talia had never been. She would always be his mother, but you were his Ummi, you were the one he would go to when things went wrong and you had fought Talia many times to keep Damian in Gotham. After about 45 minutes Alfred was pulling up the manor. Bruce was already waiting for them on the front steps. You, Damian and Alfred all get out of the car and Bruce leads everyone inside and to the study.

“I thought you were supposed to be eating lunch with Jason this afternoon” Bruce said, raising his eyebrows.

You flinch at Jason’s name, “Yeah we had lunch, and after we finished eating, he-he broke up with me, he said that he didn’t want to be with me anymore” suddenly the tears that you had been holding back at the café start pouring down your face.

Surprisingly Alfred is the one who draws you into a hug, the usually proper man sits down beside you and lets you sob into his shoulder.

“Now, now Ms. Y/N there is no need for your tears, perhaps there is a reason for this” Alfred soothed.

You take a breath and attempt to stop crying, “That’s not the worst part either” you sniffle whipping at your eyes.

“What else happened?” Bruce asked, he crouched down in front of you, taking the hand that Alfred wasn’t holding, Damian sitting close, offering his support.

You look down into your lap, unable to meet eyes with anyone, “I’m pregnant, and Jason is the father”


After the initial shock Bruce had taken you down to the Cave and run a few tests of his own, confirming your pregnancy. After the tests were done you quietly told him that you hadn’t told Jason about the baby. Bruce agreed to keep your secret, and he suggested, more like ordered, you to go to bed, claiming that the emotional trauma had taken its toll on you.

You wrap Bruce in a quick hug, “Thank you”

He hugged you back, gently pulling away and held you by the shoulders, “You know that if you wish to keep your secret you have to leave Gotham, Y/N”

You nod quietly, “Yeah, I had assumed, but do you md if I take a little while to think? I’m also going to need to get all of my stuff from Jason’s, but I don’t think I can face him …”

“Don’t even worry about it, I will handle everything”

You smile and squeeze Bruce’s hand and leave the cave. Damian is sitting on your bed by the time you get up to it.

Damian looked upset, “Are you … are you going to leave me once the baby is born, because the baby will be blood and I am not?”

Your first son looks miserable, so you scoop him up into a hug, peppering kisses all over his face and hair, “No, my little prince, no one will ever replace you! You will always be my son, my first son, my little Robin” you pull back and look him in the eye, “I will need your help with this. The father won’t be there, and I will need you to be a big brother, to love and protect the baby with me. Do you think you can do that?”

Damian crouched down so he was eye level with your stomach, you were only about 10 weeks along, so you weren’t showing but that didn’t deter Damian. He pulled your shirt up and examined your stomach. He leaned forward a presses a gentle kiss just below your belly button.

“Hello little one. I am your big brother, Damian. I will protect our Ummi while you grow in her, and when you arrive I will love and protect you as well”

You could feel tears well up in your eyes. You pull Damian up and hug him again, “Do you want to sleep in here with me tonight? I don’t really want to sleep alone”

“Of course, Ummi. I will shower in my room, and come back promptly”

You chuckle as he leaves and glance down at your belly, your shirt still up, “Your big brother is going to love you so much, my two children” you sigh.

By the time Damian comes back you have already showered and gotten into bed. Damian climbs up beside you and rolls onto his side so he is facing you. You reach out and take ahold of his hand. That is how the two of you fall asleep, facing each other and holding hands.


By the time you wake up it is almost time for lunch. You stumble downstairs into the kitchen and plop down at the dining room table. You hear the gently clink of a cup being set by your head.

“I can’t drink coffee anymore” you mumble

Alfred chuckles, “No caffeine, Ms. Y/N, just a bit a citrus tea to help wake you up”

“Where are Bruce and Damian?”

“Master Bruce, and Master Damian have gone to retrieve Master Dick and pack your belongings”

You nod quietly and continue to talk to Alfred about what you plan to do about hiding your pregnancy. By the end of your conversation you have decided.


The three boys all arrive back at the manor three hours later with a truck full of your things. As soon as Dick sees you he rushes forward and scoops you into a hug. Damian is quick to follow, snapping as Dick, “Be gently with Ummi! You will hurt the baby!”

Dick chuckles and sets you down, “Congratulations on the pregnancy! But I am really sorry about my idiot little brother, he really messed up, letting you go”

You chuckle and turn to Bruce, “I’ve decided what I am going to do”

Bruce raises a questioning eyebrow, “Already?”

You flush, “Yes, if you don’t mind of course” you pause, shifting from one foot to the other, “I would like to go live in one, or several, of your houses in Europe” You glance up quickly, “Jason wouldn’t expect me to be there, he wouldn’t look for me in Europe”

Bruce nodded quietly, “Of course you can, you can live in any one you want, or even livei n several over the course of your pregnancy. Of course you can take one of the jets with you to be your private transportation, and there are cars at each of the houses“

Damian marched over until he stands in front of Bruce, his hands on his hips, “I am going with Ummi. She will need someone to protect her from threats and she will not be alone”

Dick chuckled, “B isn’t going to say no, Little D! Y/N will need someone to help her when she gets too big to tie her shoes”

You shove Dick and laugh when he sprawls out onto the lawn. You look at Bruce, “I don’t want to leave you here without backup, B”

Bruce gently patted the top of your head, “Dick and Tim will keep me company, and if I really need him, you and Damian are only one call away. We will keep your things at the manor for when you return” Bruce hesitated, “You will be returning when the child is born, correct? You aren’t going to stay in Europe?”

“Yeah, I’m going to move back to the manor after the baby is born, I will only be away for the pregnancy”

“When do you plan on leaving, Ms. Y/N” Alfred called out from the steps.

You glance at him, and then at Damian, “In two days, if that’s alright. That should be enough time for us to pack and get the jet ready”

Dick nodded and grabbed a box from the back of the truck, “I suppose we should get everything inside so you can start to pack!”


Two days later you are waving at Bruce, Dick, and Alfred as the ramp of the jet closes. You and Damian settle into your seats and glance at each other.

“Last chance, Dami, once we take off there is no turning back”

“I would be nowhere else than with you and the baby, I will be there for you, no matter what, Ummi”

You smile and squeeze Damian’s hand as the jet takes off. Both of you looking forward to the newest adventure in your lives.

You watched as Gotham got smaller and smaller on the horizon. Soon enough it was gone, just like you.

anonymous asked:

Wait, you actually think the EU is better than the US? I'm from the USA and we're fine, you should visit sometime. I have actual friends from France and Germany that came here for study abroad and want to stay because of how shitty Europe is. I don't think you can compare the the crumbling EU to the U.S.

😑 Thank you but that’s not necessary I actually have been to the US and I actually live in the EU (UK, so soon-to-Brexit but yeah). Just so there are no misunderstandings, this started because I posted something complaining about people- especially Trump supporters- depicting the EU as a total hell hole on the brink of collapse, overrun with refugees, the very fabric of national culture going up in flames. It’s a condescending and insulting caricature, especially coming from people who don’t even live here? It’s not that we don’t have problems- as I readily acknowledged- but the way so many people distort and warp things to fit their narrative. Yeah, there are some people here who agree with Trump, but there are a lot of us who think what he’s saying about Europe is a lot of rubbish too. But we get written off as people embarked on national suicide and ‘political correctness’ huh. 

How the EU as a political institution copes with Brexit and the other challenges remains to be seen. It has areas where improvements are needed. But…that goes for the US as well? That’s my point. There are protests going on about racism and police brutality, against Trump, over the Dakota Pipleline, the country spends way more than healthcare than the rest of the developed world with much poorer results- but does that mean your country is on the brink of total collapse? Because there are loads of areas the EU performs better and if you think we are crumbling what does that make the US? I’m saying that the day-to-day, our quality of life- what things actually are like is nowhere near as uniformly bad or simple as what you think it is. Immigration and terrorism that’s another hot-button issue in the US, isn’t it? The White House appears to be in quite a mess- your VP even had to come here to tell us to disregard what the President said. So, why is the US ‘fine’ and the EU ‘shit’?

And yes, if you so confidently think the US does everything best, you should revisit that. It’s not even that I think the US is a terrible, shitty place. It’s an interesting and dynamic country. I really liked visiting it. It’s on the cutting edge of a lot of areas especially tech companies and producing cultural products. American popular culture is immensely influential. But I can see clear as day there are areas that EU countries tend to do better. I like my free healthcare, for one. I couldn’t believe how much my sister had to pay when she was at Yale because here it is free at the point of need. I like our lower homicide rates. I like the rigorous anti-discrimination laws built into EU directives that have helped give me, as a woman, far more rights in the workplace and if I should choose to have children- a minimum standard of maternity leave. I like our extensive public transport network across Europe. No need for a car.

None of these mean we have zero problems. But I’m tired of people -especially if you’ve never even been here- oversimplifying it. Especially about immigration or the refugees. Because guess what? This isn’t the first rodeo for Europe, when it comes to immigration and refugees. For the UK in particular? Why, a Tory politician called Enoch Powell even gave a very dramatic speech called Rivers of Blood about immigrants from the (non-white) British Commonwealth. That such people would never ever assimilate and completely destroy the UK’s national character. ‘It is like watching a nation busily engaged in heaping up its own funeral pyre’. He even claims a constituent told him, ‘In this country in 15 or 20 years’ time the black man will have the whip hand over the white man.’

That was in 1968. It’s almost 50 years now. And it was a lot of rubbish and racism. I would know, because I’m from the British Commonwealth myself and I speak English as my first language. No doubt, there were difficulties for many in the first generation. But their kids were born here and it becomes the only country they know. They become British, in their own way. Some even become Mayor of London. And during the Brexit referendum, I found myself beseeched by the Leave campaign to vote Leave, that no, they were not xenophobic- see? They didn’t mind immigrants like me who were ‘British’ enough, that we are different because we integrated after all, why being from the old British Empire must have helped, all those connections to jolly Britain. Just not those Eastern Europeans and Syrian refugees. I couldn’t help but chuckle at the irony.

Integration and all those other challenges aren’t shit that get solved with a snap of the fingers. I don’t know for sure what the future holds for the EU and Europe. But what I know is I’m sick to death of the hysteria. It’s massively over-simplistic, centred around distorting and warping things and is more concerned about scapegoating certain groups of people and scoring political points than offering real solutions. Which, unfortunately, is not only being spread around by the European far right but now also American politicians for their own agenda. 

P.S I think it’s rather quite daring of those French and German friends of yours  to want to exchange their excellent universal healthcare for the US system. 

Back On Track July!!!

You can count these as July goals (well up until the Europe trip) and they are starting off this week:

1) No sweets—no candy, ice cream, etc. This has gotten back into my system badly and I fee the addiction hardcore.

2) No fast food (with the exception of Subway, but really try to not).

3) Track my points from morning to night.

4) Suffer through the food cravings during dinner and suck it up and eat at home. I’ll live—just need to get the other stuff out of my system.

5) Exercise at least 4 times a week

That’s it! I need to do this for myself! Also, I am not going to weigh in till the second Monday of this month (after vacation). I will use that as my true July weight start. Reasons: because I said.

i spend a lot of time daydreaming about my other lives

about the me who lives out in the middle of the new england countryside, where i’m quite lonely, but i have a couple goats and cows and chickens that i look after, and i like to make jam and i have an enormous huge crush on my beautiful neighbor who trades me her honey, and i invite her over for tea a little too often to not be super obvious

the me who was born and raised in new york city, who’s sharper and angrier, yet still so kind, with a fire in her eyes and shards in her words, who lives in a awful gross 2 bedroom apartment with 4 other people and loves the people in her life fiercely and is obscene about her art and smokes too much and doesn’t sleep enough, ever, 

the me who went on a backpacking trip through europe after graduation with a desperate need to escape but it was a lot harsher than she thought but she fell in love halfway through france and lives in a tiny city with the love of her life and doesn’t talk to anyone she used to know; she still calls her mother sometimes, but no one knows where she is and she has never felt so free (she is still working on her french)

the me who is on the road to her first oscar, who manages to dodge out of all the gossip rags, who gets to do beautiful work in a city that she hates but she endures and she is not sure if this is what she wanted but it’s what she has so maybe she’ll run with it for now 

the me who lives in a tiny studio somewhere in stockholm, a me who paints and draws her nights away and spends her mornings kneading bread and folding dough for hours and hours and she never wears makeup and the city is both so busy and so quiet and she works as an english tour guide on the weekends at the palace (her swedish is almost perfect, though)

and the me here, with a loud head and a messy kitchen and a giant heart who spends too much time thinking about all the things she is not instead of focusing on the wonder of what she is

Bad Liar- Chapter Two

Hello! Here is chapter two finally. I’m also going to quickly adress a question I got, which was “why don’t you say any korean words like Hyung, Maknae, etc. in your story?” The answer is because i’m not skilled enough, and far too lazy. I really would rather keep my writing in english because I don’t want to miss-use words, or just screw something up. I’m also not the best with Korean culture, and may make a few mistakes. So please be gentle, i’m soft and fragile. I hope you enjoy my story regardless. I also suck a tumblr so I’m not sure how to attach a link to the first chapter. Please send help. Though if you search Bad Liar GOT7, it will come up. Thanks Xx

Genre: Fluff, Angst, and a little suggestive.

Jaebum/JB (GOT7) X Orginal Character

Collage/University AU

Warrnings: May cause slight heart break, and rage towards characters.

May contain: Brief mentions of BTS members.

Maybe I’m in over my head, or maybe I was just trying to be a good friend, a wing woman. Though all I know now is that I’m sat on the floor of my room surrounded by half emptied boxes, drowning myself in hard lemonade at 10:30pm. I’m not a drinker, and most alcohol repulses me, but since the vodka was so weak tasting, it felt as if I was just drinking lemonade with a buzz. It was the stress of moving, of reconnecting with an old friend, and some off-putting feelings about how I totally volunteered to set up my two best friends, one of them being my ex. In all honesty, I don’t know why I even did that. I just wanted Amie not to feel repressed around me. I mean, JB and I aren’t together anymore. We haven’t been for 2 years… We don’t even have feelings like that for each other. He did date that one girl a few months ago? Whatever. The past is the past. Now it’s my job to make sure he finds someone who will make him happy, since that’s what best friends do.

I got to my feet, slipping some baggy sweat pants over my spandex shorts. I was a little tipsy, but sober enough to hide the fact that I had been drinking. I finished unpacking a few more boxes before walking into the living-room. Amie sat on the couch watching some K-Drama which I really had no interest in. We hadn’t talked to each other much because we both needed to settle in, and she was busy calling her parents who still were living somewhere in Europe.

“Hey Micah” she smiled, pausing the TV.

“Hi, what’s up?”

“Not much, just tired. I order some food from some noodle place a few blocks away. I wasn’t sure what you’d like but they said their Toyko glaze udon was good, so I got that for you.”

“Oh shit, thanks. How much was it? I think I have some spare cash in my room.”

“No, it’s my treat. I mean, you moved into a dorm with me, even though your family home isn’t very far from here,” she smiled. Her hair was braided long down her back, with still a full face of makeup. She sported a pair of black booty shorts, and a red sweater. She looked like a model who just finally put on some comfy clothes; while I stood in the open kitchen wearing baggy sweat pants, and an old baggy white V-neck, makeup free, and wearing my “frameless” round glasses. I never wore my glasses out in public, and most of the time wore contacts.

“Are you okay?” She asked, pulling my attention back to reality. “Yeah I’m just fine.”

“Come sit with me, we haven’t talked in a long time!”

I grabbed my takeout box, and plunked myself beside her, digging my chopsticks in the box while crossing my legs.

“So, tell me, how is your family doing?” She smiled.

“My parents are fine. My dad works as a pharmacist, and my mom still works as a dental assistant. Gee doesn’t want me to call him Gee anymore now that he’s 15, but I’m never calling him by his first name. He thinks it makes him uncool having a nickname like that, but I’m turning 23 in just over month and I’m still addressed by my nickname. That’s mainly because it’s easier for people to call my Micah, instead of Michaela… No one knows how to pronounce it since it’s more of a foreign name, though how hard is it to say ‘ME-KY-LA’ or 'ME-KAH’?”

“Yeah, I’m going to stick with Micah…You have to admit though, saying it as 'ME-KAH’ is defiantly easier” Amie laughed.

“Ha-ha, it’s okay. Anyways so…” That’s when I was interrupted by a knock at the door. Amie covered up her lap with a blanket, and the both of us just stared at each other.

“We’re you expecting someone?” I asked getting up and walking to the door. I looked through the little peephole to see JB standing with his hands in his black pants pockets.

“Uh hey? What are you doing here?” I said after opening the door to a nervous half smile on his face as he pushed his way in.

“Just in the neighborhood, wanted to come say hi and see how you two lovely ladies were doing?” JB took off his shoes and crossed to the couch sitting down directly beside Amie. She slid the blanket off her lap, and tucked it beside her.

“You’re always in the neighborhood. You live like 3 blocks away” I replied walking over to the couch as well. Our couch was only a two-seater, because there are only two roommates and the school doesn’t have to supply anything bigger than what was needed for two people. Awkwardly sitting on the floor in front of the couch, I began to sulk a little. Still feeling the effects of 3 cans of alcohol, but less intense as time went on.

“Well I thought if we’re going to be hanging out more together, since I’m Micah’s best friend, I should probably get to know her other best friend so it isn’t awkward when the three of us hang out.”

Amie blushed a little, turning her body to face JB a little more. He took off his black bomber jacket and placed it on my head, not even turning his attention away from Amie’s face. I blew the hair out of my face in frustration, and rolled my eyes. I love that at one point I thought “maybe she isn’t his type, maybe he doesn’t like her” but holy crap, was I wrong. This asshole showed up at my dorm, unannounced, to totally hit on my roommate.

I felt a little hint of anger burning in my cheeks, going a little red from all the weird feelings. I know I said I would “set them up” but they seem to be doing a good job hitting on each other all by themselves. JB was quick to chat her up, trying to find all the information I had already known a million times over, “I’m an only child, I lived all over Europe, blah-blah-blah.” It was already getting late; I was tired, and I just wanted to be alone. I was just tired of hearing them giggling with each other, and leaving me in the dust to sit and just listen to them Yet not even a consideration for the fact that I was sitting on the floor, somehow getting a cramp in my left butt cheek.

“Fuck it, I’m going to sleep. Night” I said coming off a little angrier than I intended. I really tried my best to hide the fact that I was annoyed, but after a long day, it really didn’t work. Amie was a little stunned, and JB got to his feet following me into my room before stumbling out an apology.

“She’s just tired, don’t mind her. I’ll be right back.”

“No, take all the time you need. I’m getting tired myself, just let yourself out when you leave. Goodnight JB! Night Micah!” Amie half smiled, picking herself off the couch and walking to her room. JB closed the door behind him, as I flopped onto my bed with a loud groan.

“Hey what’s wrong with you? Why are you being so aggressive.”

“I’m not being aggressive, I’m just tired” I muttered rolling my eyes. He grabbed my hand and pulled me up into a sitting position.

“You’re usually grumpy when you are tired, not rude to others, besides me.”

“She’s my friend too, I can be a little rude to her.”

“Yeah, but you haven’t seen her in forever, you wouldn’t be rude to her on your first day.” He glanced over at the trash can in the corner of the room before glancing back at her. With a more aggressive tug he pulled me up to my feet, a hand sneaking around my waist, and pushing my mouth towards his. His eyes lingered over my lips before he placed his other hand on my chin. His thumb pulled at the side of my mouth, parting my lips a little before closing his face to mine… and taking a whiff of my breath. “You’ve been drinking.”

“No, I haven’t” I said defensively, pushing him away by his chest. “Then why are there 3 empty cans of vodka lemonade by your trash can, and why do you smell like it?”

“There is no way you can still smell that, I ate food!”

“Your breath doesn’t but your shirt does, miss 'I can’t even drink from a can without wearing it somehow,” JB huffed, letting me go and flopping back onto the bed.

“I hate you.”

“No, you don’t, you’re just saying that because you become stubborn and a little angry when you drink.”

“Go away.”

“I’ll go soon, but first let’s get you into bed. I’m not letting you go all hulk in the dorm hallways. I’ll leave when you go to sleep” he smiled, moving the bed sheets and taking the glasses off my face.

“You know I’m just tipsy, not drunk, right? I can function perfectly fine on my own.”

“Yeah, but then I wouldn’t get to spend this wonderful alone time with you. Now take off your sweat pants or you’re going to die of heat in these bed sheets.” I gave him an angry glare, and crossed my arms.

“I know you wear shorts all the time under your sweatpants you weirdo, and either way, I’ve seen you naked like 1000 times, why are you being stubborn now?” He winked as I slid my sweatpants off and threw them across the room.

“Wow, sexy” he mocked. I gave him a light slap on the arm, as he just laughed and threw the covers over me. “Just go to sleep, I’ll lock up on my way out.”

JB wrapped me in a tight hug, squeezing my arms to my side so I couldn’t resist. I felt my body relax a little as he sat himself on the edge of the bed and let go of me. “JB?”


“I’m glad we’re friends, I don’t think I could function without you.”

“Yeah, you’re quite a mess, what would you do without me?” He smirked.

“I’m fine on my own, I’m going to have to find a way when you find a girlfriend. Then you can’t always be with me acting like this.”

“Acting like what?”

“Well first of all, you’re tucking me into bed, even though I’m perfectly capable of doing it myself,” I laughed.

JB just rolled his eyes, shaking his head in response. “You’re my best friend in the entire world, besides the guys. Even if I have a girlfriend, I’ll still love you a lot. Nothing would change, even if I had a girlfriend.”

“Well in that case… Amie likes you.”

JB pulled his hand away from me, sitting up straight and tilting his head. “Wait, she likes me? How do you know?”

“You can totally tell, plus she kind of admitted it earlier after you left” I said shrugging.

“Oh… okay.”

“Do you like her?”

“I mean she’s beautiful, and she seems like a really nice person. I wouldn’t say "like” yet, but I really don’t know her well.“ There was a little pit in my stomach that slightly dissolved at his answer. He wasn’t one of the guys who just instantly falls for her looks. "You’re sure she likes me though, right? I’m sure she could like any guy, but like me? Are you joking with me, because if so that’s not funny…”

Okay, well I spoke a little too soon. He’s definitely interested in her…

“Whatever, just forget it.”

“Yeah, we can talk about this another time, just get some sleep,” JB replied as I closed my eyes. I could still feel his presence in my room, sitting not even a full foot away from me. I knew that once I was snoring away he would get in his car, and drive home. Though a little part of me screamed, “Don’t go; please just stay with me a little longer…”